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Here is where we can discuss the Rule 5 draft tomorrow. Will any Phillies prospects (Savery, Myers, E Garcia, Brummett, Kennelly) be taken? Will the Phillies take anyone? I’m sure they will. Here are the guys that interest me. My assumption is we’d take another possible bullpen piece, as there won’t be much room on the roster to carry a position player who won’t really get a chance to play.

Wynn Pelzer, RHP (BAL)
Aneury Rodriguez, RHP (TAM)
Michael Dubee, RHP (PIT)
Josh Wall, RHP (LAD)
Zech Zinicola, RHP (WAS)
Dylan Axelrod, RHP (CHW)
Yohan Pino, RHP (CLE)

Full list of eligible guys here.

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  2. I watched Aneury Rodriguez pitch for Durham against Scranton. I’m trying to rack my brain as to what his pitching looked like that day. Rogriguez to me though represents the best ideal of the Rule 5. A guy in an organization simply stacked with starting pitching and no room for further advancement, getting a shot elsewhere.

    When is the Rule 5 draft today anyway?

  3. Adam Miller would be a great pick as someone you could stash on the DL. Actually I bet he gets 6 years of service time and becomes a free agent before you actually had him on the active roster the required number of days.

  4. I’m going to guess that the Phillies fail to take anyone in this morning’s draft. I just don’t see am unprotected minor leaguer being able to stick with the big league roster for a full season. Herndon was more the exception than the rule. Now, if they could get a minor leaguer with exceptional speed and base-running skill (remember having Bourne on the bench in 2007?) I would certianly applaud the move.

  5. Steve,

    While it’s unlikely anyone drafted today will stick on the roster, that won’t stop the Phillies from trying to catch lightning in a barrel. Sometimes you even get lucky and the original club refuses to buy the player back (see Victorino, Shane). For reference, every Rule V pick costs $50,000. If that player is waived within the next service year after being drafted, then the original club may pay $25,000 to get him back.

    We always seem to end up with some sort of backup catcher candidate, so I’m expecting a reliever that has one strong pitch (like Herndon) or else suffers from the yips and a catcher.

  6. Brad – for a Spring Training interview, perhaps. But with the last pick, it’s difficult to imagine a Rule V type sticking like Herndon did last year. The 2010 bullpen was vert shallow although somewhat protected by the strength of the starters. Guess we’ll see in a few hours.

  7. My definition of super utility is a guy who plays more positions than your standard utility infielder. He played five positions last year, third base in the past and pitched twice. That’s super utility.

  8. Martinez looks like an interesting pick. He’s not disciplined at the plate but has a little power. He can cover outfield and infield. (We really never had a true backup CF last season.) He can pinch run. For a team with middle infielders both playing 150+ games a season ideally, he could stick.

  9. BA .325 Triple AAA Syracuse. Interesting. 5th Bench Spot over Valdez?

    Or 5th Bench Spot with no Righthanded RFer signed.

    Francisco RF (R), Gload RF (L), Snyder C (L), Valdez IF (R), Martinez IF (S)

    Makes sense in that we need an infielder, there are none in the upper levels of the org, and what would happen if J-Roll goes down again. Interesting.

  10. I’m not gonna bash the pick because I don’t know much about the guy. I wish the phils woulda pick a pitcher. There is potentially a bullpen spot available and I think they had a opportunity to pick up a guy like herndon ( a pitcher with a good arm with some upside) I look at utility inf/of as a dime a dozen. If all goes well the starting pitchers should give us innings and taking a shot on a arm in spring training to see what he’s got I think would of been a better idea.

  11. Slabs, by the same token mopup relievers are a dime a dozen as well. To be frank, I didn’t see much available talent that was potentially better than just going north with Scott Mathieson or Michael Schwimer.

    Jim Callis via Twitter:
    15. #Phillies: Michael Martinez, inf, Was. Utility type with good glove, strong arm, average run but light bat.

  12. In Alumni division news, seems the commenter on here going on about Quinton Berry being an MLB possibility was at odds with the San Diego organization which placed him on a class A roster and 28 other MLB teams which did not select him in the MLB phase or the AAA phase. He was, however selected in the AA phase. Time will tell on this move.

  13. Have to think they are to giving Martinez a look as a possible cheap option for Valdez. Can’t see them keeping Both Valdez and Martinez on the 25-man roster.

  14. Oh yeah , they’ll save a king’s ransom over what Valdez would make. They’d have to simply renew Valdez for the minimum salary he made last year which, as an MLB vet would be $650,000, while Martinez with no MLB experience would only pull $400,000. So, they could save a whole $250,000. Maybe they can nickle and dime their way back into that Cliff Lee thing.

  15. Though usually broad minded, I don’t get or like any of these picks.
    Martinez, they list at 5’9 140 , so at around that not a power threat and production doesn’t dispute that. I don’t see him besting Valdez or any of the other 4 SS capable types on roster, and if kept as 2nd Infielder he’d have to fill as 2nd RH hitting option in OF (switch hitter, yet) or they plan to keep only one OF reserve (plus Gload) or they place Francisco as starter in RF with one OF reserve, and if they ever decide to call up Domonic Brown , then this guy’s roster spot is in jeopardy.
    In the AAA phase the pitcher Friend looks like he might have strikeout potential, but then Oakland didn’t protect him on 40.
    The OF from Astros , Frye, looks like they owed Ed Wade a favor. $25,000 worth I guess.
    But the minor league phase types are most always of little import.

  16. All we hear is that galvis is a great fielder with light bat, is he any different then a 28 year old utlily type like we took today. Don’t understand the reason behind taking this guy.

  17. I called this a few weeks ago – we have no depth in our upper levels for middle IF prospects so I suspected we would take a guy that the front office deems as having a bit of an upside – in this case someone who could turn out to be a good ML utility player, or possible platoon guy in the middle infield (although not on our team obviously). I suspect he will compete with Valdez for a spot and the Phils hope to either keep him or offer him back and Washington passes and they can send him to AAA.

    There is no reason we would draft a pitcher this year in the Rule 5 – we have plenty of very capable young arms to compete for a very limited number of jobs.

  18. What kind of outfield/starting pitcher talent would be worth giving up for him if Nats claim him back? Carpenter? Way?

  19. Nice little insurance policy. Martinez is a wise pick and his little hitting surge at the end of the year is noteworthy. Sometimes skinny middle infielders develop very late as hitters. For $50k it was a great pick – there is no downside.

    Kudos also to the front office for setting the 40 man roster in such a way that no players were picked. I am sure some toyed with the idea of Savery but concluded that he’d never get in a game as a pitcher and is just too far away as a hitter.


  20. Good point Catch, very unusual that a team this good doesn’t end up losing players, although we have traded away alot of quantity the last few years. Despite that, agreed that the FO played this very well, especially if we can resign Sanchez.

  21. RULZ, given that Martinez is 27 years old he has no more real upside. If he doesn’t stick with the club I wouldn’t bother giving up talent to Washington, outside of say a AA/AAA veteran they might need to fill a hole.

  22. I think they should run, not walk, to get Sanchez re-signed. Hopefully, they will.

    By the way, what the impetus for the release? Was there a roster crunch somewhere? I did not fully understand the rationale.

  23. I believe they were at 40 and due to the Reyes signing and the Rule 5 pick, they needed to remove 2 players from the roster. I don’t disagree with dropping two, but Sanchez being one of the two seems confusing to me. There are clearly others on there that you would think are lower risk of losing than Sanchez.

  24. Agree with Catch that Martinez is a good insurance policy. What if there is an injury to a middle INF in Spring Training? Mike appears to be the perfect 25th man. Can play any defensive position and fast enough to be a pinch runner. His bat could at least have some more power than Nunez. It would be better if he was a true base stealing threat as he is caught quite often.
    Likely he will be offered back during the Spring and then the Nats can decide if they still want him. I do not see how he beats Valdez’s defense for a roster spot.

  25. On the draft itself, surprised that no OF or C were taken. 12 of 15 selections were pitchers. Highlights the ongoing desperation to find any pitching.

    How far has Quinten Berry fallen? I really thought he would be a 2010 Sept callup for his speed and defense, even if he was not much of a hitter. Now he is a A-ball caliber player?

  26. John Manuel of BA on Marquez Smith:

    “Smith just is a tough profile guy, and to me Emaus was the better pick. If Smith ran better he might have been in the Phillies’ mix, but obviously they preferred Martinez for his speed and energy.”

  27. I doubt that Martinez will make the squad but I’m sure he’ll be in the mix with the other 4A guys they signed plus we don’t know how the RF situation will play out. Valdez has the team made after last year but there are still two spots open. One will be Dom or another OF and depending on whether that person can back up CF (Dom can’t), the last spot may need to also play CF. As far as taking a pitcher today, the Phillies would rather look at in house guys although if they sign Durbin, or a reasonable clone, there won’t be any spots open if Baez makes the club and everyone starts healthy (odds?). The Baez or injury replacement spot would be an open competition between the Worley/Kendrick loser, Matheson, and Herndon. My guess is that they’ll keep Matheson, send Worley down to start at LHV, and release Baez if everyone is healthy to provide Matheson a spot if he pitches well in ST.

  28. Marquez Smith might be available in a trade….Why not get him to at least start in AAA LV and be available should Polly need some time on the DL. Cubs shouldn’t want much since they allowed him to be available in the Rule 5.

    Of course, I’m only evaluating him based on some commentary and stats, but why not try for him? We KNOW that 3rd base is empty in our system and he is a superior fielder supposedly.

    A cheap “get” for him.

  29. With all the Worley hype, we forget that he only had eight starts at AAA last season. I think the best thing for him is to go back to Lehigh Valley and be ready if Kendrick falters or some other injury strikes the club.

  30. Would rather allow Worley to start the season in the rotation with Kendrick being the fall back position if Worley struggles. Worley has the chance to be a good 5th starter while Kendrick has proven to be barely adequate..

  31. Phillies already signed a few minor league vets for 3B and SS at Lehigh. I would think they might have a better chance of helping in an emergency. Smith might have some upside but also carries more risk.

  32. Martinzez makes up for his lack of power (a 2 or 3 HR guy per yr before 2010) with a lack of speed (23 SBs last year, but one description said simply “he can’t run.” That’s 2 strikes, then you consider he does not walk.

    He seems like a versatile no-bat guy. Seems like it’s all about the immediate needs of the big team lately. Marquez Smith doesn’t run well either, but he can hit for some power, walks and is a ver good 3B-man. Can’t see why he wasn’t drafted at all. I don’t get it. The Rule 5, to me is all about finding the jewel in the bead box, a la Uggla or Santana. You can pick up a more experienced and better hitting version of Martinez at the corner store.

  33. Well we also signed a leftie who couldn’t get left handed batters out last year after years of effectiveness. So who knows.
    But at 140 lbs and a strong wind in south Philly……

  34. And remember, the OF taken in the Minor League portion was Chris Frey , CF, from the Colorado Rockies organization, and not Chris Frye, CF, from the Houston Astros organization.

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