Phillies release Jesus Sanchez and Yohan Flande

Per Matt Gelb on the twitter.

I would imagine this is to clear space in case they see someone they like in the Rule 5 draft.

I have no issues with letting Flande go, but I think Sanchez had some potential as a reliever. Maybe they can bring him back on a minor league deal. I’m sure they’ll try to, actually.

63 thoughts on “Phillies release Jesus Sanchez and Yohan Flande

  1. This is good. I was thinking this morning that Flande was toast and that another player would be sacrificed as well. I thought that player would be Zagurski, but Sanchez was my second pick.

    I like that the team remains interested in picking up good Rule 5 guys. It makes sense for them to try to do that.

    On another note, I hope the player they pick (and they will probably pick a player), is a young guy who can hit. I am very worried about the offense and losing a really good number 5 hitter does not make me feel any better. I hope Ruben understands that he has a real problem and that he needs to add depth and potential to his bench and his farm system and, no, John Mayberry is not part of the solution.

  2. Why is Bocock still on the team?
    I agree that Sanchez is a little too soon, maybe they hope to get an extra non-40man year out of him? Flande is a lefty but does not have strikeout stuff. Escalona and Naylor are also dangling at the end of the 40-man but I see both of them as slightly better short term options than Sanchez and Flande.

  3. What team is going to leave a good hitter unprotected in the Rule5 and where would the Phillies stash him? Speed and defensive guys (like Victorino) and some wild relievers are really the best fliers in my opinion.
    Mayberry is likely a much better player than anyone available in the Rule5. He has some ability to play CF and can hit for some power against lefties to go along with his huge K rate. I would be willing to have him as the 5th OF if Dom starts in the minors.

  4. You say that and, yet, every so often, really good players do become eligible in the Rule 5 draft including Dan Uggla. But, yes, even if it is a hitter, I don’t expect that player to become an important contributor next year.

  5. not surprised at all by FLande who seems to have hit the wall, but I hope they resign Sanchez. Only two years in on the mound and almost every start he has made has been between solid and outstanding, albeit at the A level.

  6. I’m stunned that they chose to cut Sanchez. I think he has major league ability as a reliever. I can’t see how they’re keeping a guy like Bocock over him especially considering they just picked up another minor league SS a few weeks ago. Maybe they’ll try to resign him. I’m going to have to go back to review that 40 man list. Flande has no major league future and was easy to cut. I’d argue that Escalona is worthless too.

  7. yeah who would want the marlins two recent world series when you can have only one or even none!

  8. Uggla and Santana were drafted before MLB changed the eligibility requirements of Rule 5. With an extra year before players are eligible, the best players are now out of the pool. It’s really hard to find any Rule 5 players worth getting excited about. And any true talent is not going to last 20+ picks to the Phillies.

  9. Marquez Smith: 20 HRs in 2010, double digit HRs prev 2 yrs. Defensive Player of the Year in Hawaii Winter League 2008. Hmm . . . 3B . . . power . . . good fielder . . . .371 minor league career OBP.

    From a blog:
    ( … pects.html)

    “If defense is your cup of tea, look no further than Marquez Smith, who may be one of the top glovemen at third base in the minors. Scouts love his D almost as much as metrics do (+15 runs in 2008, +22 runs in 2009 according to TotalZone).

    While he can hold his own with a bat, he isn’t on the same level as the two other guys (Vitters and Flaherty), and that combined with his age hold him back from being a top-notch prospect. Smith got a late start on his pro career after 4 years at Clemson, and his clock is ticking as his peak draws nearer. There is a possibility he could try out second base, where his bat would actually be above-average.”

    Will he be available? Can Phils get another team to draft and trade for a player?

  10. Please no more mayberry talk, we seen him play he is not a outfielder on a pennant team or for that matter any team in contention.

  11. Releasing Flande and Sanchez makes no sense to me. Baseball rules do not allow you to release a player on the 40-man roster until he first clears release waivers. If you are asking for release waivers on a player who has an outright left why would you not ask for outright waivers instead. With outright waivers you can then send that player to the minors and remove him from the 40-man roster but still retain control of that player in the minor leagues.

    Unless the Phillies front office made a blunder and missed the Thursday December 2, 2010 5:00 p.m. deadline for asking for outright waivers, this move makes no sense. Both Flande and Sanchez have their first outright remaining.

    Waivers take 48-hrs during business days (Monday thru Friday) to clear. The deadline for outright assignments before the Rule 5 Draft was Monday December 6, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.

    If in fact Flande and Sanchez were released, (they are still listed on the 40-man roster and no transaction are listed for either) they had to have cleared release waivers. If they cleared release waivers they would have cleared outright waivers. All waivers are for $25,000. A claiming team must immediately put that player on their 40-man roster but they do not have to put him on their 25-man roster and retain for a full year.

    If not claimed on waivers, the Phillies could then assign them to any of the minor league teams.

    If the Phillies put that player on their 38-man AAA reserve roster they would effectively be protected from the major league phase of the Rule 5 draft because nobody would draft that player for $50,000 and put the player on their 25 man roster when the could have claimed him on waivers for $25,000 and only have to put him on the 40-man roster. However, the Phillies might not have room on the 38-man AAA roster since they signed a number of minor league free agents who had to be put on this 38-man AAA roster.

    If the Phillies put that player on their 37-man AA reserve roster and was claimed in the AAA phase of rule 5, then the Phillies would get $12,000 which is more than the $0 they get for releasing him.

    If the Phillies put that player on their 35-man A reserve roster and was claimed in the AA phase of rule 5, then the Phillies would get $4,000 which is again more than $0 they get for releasing him.

    If the player was not claimed in rule 5, the Phillies would then retain him in the minors.

    I would be very surprised if the Phillies missed the deadline because they have been one of the best teams in baseball managing baseball transactions under both Gillick and Amaro.

  12. Why give up on Sanchez when Naylor is eating a spot. We’ve seen all we will from the Aussey. At least Sanchez still had potential.

  13. Marquez Smith seems like a good shot, but if he seems so interesting, he should be gone by the time the Phils pick.

    However, why not make a deal with one of the first pickers for them to choose him and then trade him to the Phils? Shouldn’t cost much. Plays 2nd base as well as 3b.

    Good thinking….Thanks.

  14. Art D: If he is such a good fielder, then Smith ought to be able to fill in in LF in an emergency, so could be used as the RH bat/IF/OF guy Phils have mentioned they’d like to have. While Cubs had 2 better 3B prospects in their system, 20 HR last year and .371 career OBP is fairly promising for a very good fielding type, enough to try some sort of gambit to get him. They need a guy like him to develop. His profile is as good as or better than Dave Hollins with the bat and a much better fielder. That’s quite intriguing to me.

  15. How about some of these names for getting someone to draft and trade Smith for us: Savery, Carpenter, Cisco, Flande, Brummet, Escalona, Naughton, Hanzawa, Diekman, Sanchez, Way, etc. That level.

  16. .371 was Smith’s OBP last season. His career OBP is .358. Seems like an interesting player, though he’s rarely played anywhere besides third base. It would be risky to give a roster spot to an untested player without a lot of defensive versatility.

  17. The release of Sanchez surprises me. Like some others, I thought he might have a
    future role in the pen. Flande is a soft tosser.

  18. Alan, thanks for the correction. Another nice thing is he got better in AAA. Always a good sign.

  19. Every franchise makes mistakes. But the way Larry Beinfest operates and keeps the Marlins competitive on such a shoestring budget shows that he’s one of the best GMs in the business.

  20. Alan
    They don’t even spend their “small market money”. They have drafted early forever. Remember the five first round pitchers when mounting a defense.

  21. “PhxPhilly says:
    December 7, 2010 at 6:29 PM
    Why is Bocock still on the team?”

    Bocock looked like an entirely different hitter after the all start break. Personally, I’d like to see him back for another year at AAA to build on that potential. You’ve got to agree that his defense is exceptional.

  22. I assume everyone saw that Diaz signed with the Pirates. The Phils did make a signing though. They signed yet another 4A infielder/outfielder from the Angels. I’m assuming they’ll bring all these guys to ST and cut several of them at the end because there’s not enough spts for all of them. Meanwhile, I read that RAJ hopes to resign Sanchez but I’m doubtful that he won’t be picked up by someone else.

  23. Hopefully Sanchez can be resigned…someone said earlier about cutting Naylor instead…I’m guessing the Phillies see him more of a emergency starter in 2011 (reminds me of Drew Carpenter) while Sanchez is 2-3 yrs away. So I’m guessing Phils not making any moves till after Rule 5 Draft. Would they pick up Dubee’s kid?He had a good year at AA. Looks like they will trade for outfield help (Diaz w/Pirates and Frenchy to go w/KC). They are talking Rivera or fan favorite Rowand.

  24. The marlins are a smart organization two pennants in a short time and they are competative on a small budject, and when they make trades its usually value back for value. Abbreau for nothing is not smart, schilling for junk isnot smart, not signing a first round choice (j.d drew is not smart). cant knock what they done with no money to spend.

  25. I’m alright with letting Flande go, but how could you let Jesus go! This guy was supposed to be the savior of this franchise!
    By the way, it looks like Ryan Doumit might be expendable now that Matt Diaz has signed with the Pirates. Maybe they’ll do one of their characteristic salary dumps for us. His average has been pretty bad the past two years but he does have some pop. Playing in Pittsburgh has to take its toll.

  26. Rowland for 1/2 price and at the cost of a ham sandwich to the Giants would be kind of interesting.

  27. Sherill to the Braves gives them three lefties in the pen which they will use against the Phillies. Dennys Reyes looks like it will get done but I’m not real excited about it. Its not like the Phils have any minor league lefty arms either. After Bastardo, the cupboard is empty. Neither Zagurski nor Escalona are major league caliber. I’m guessing they’ll use Matt Way in the bullpen at Reading and watch him closely. Any other lefties?

  28. Heard on a radio station an interview with Scott Boras about Adrian Beltre and he stated there is a team with a veteran 3B that is in big time on Beltre but cannot be identified because a trade is in place if they sign him to trade their existing 3B. I have no reason to believe it is the Phillies but seems similar to what they did with Lee / Halladay last year on the same day so wouldn’t shock me if that team was the Phils.

  29. Great write-up on Julio Rodriguez and Colby Shreve (at least a bit) from Scouting the Sally:

    BTW, I can’t figure out how anyone can tell that Dennys Reyes is any better than Mike Zagurski. Certainly not better than Bastardo. Hope we don’t sign him.

  30. That would be darn interesting if it was the Phils in on Beltre. Especially considering what they might be able to get in return for Polanco.

    Reyes over Sherrill is a mistake IMO. Sherril at $1.2, one year is a decent deal for a need. Reyes, career wise handles lefties, but he got raked by them last year.

  31. The comparison to Hollins makes no sense since he added something to his training regimen which would be illegal today.

  32. Reyes is a step up from Zagurski. Zagurski simply hasn’t shown the command needed to be a successful Major League pitcher.

    Murray, the Phillies have given NRIs to several lefty arms, including Ryan Feierabend, Dan Meyer and Juan Perez.

  33. Wouldn’t believe Boras if he told me the sky was blue. More likely, he’s trying to give the impression of an expanded market.

  34. 3up, Was told it’s the Rangers on another site. They’re trying to move Young to the Rockies to make room for him. I think they know Lee will go to the Yankees.

  35. Reyes has pitched over 600 games…Bastardo and Zagurski have pitched about 60 games….Reyes is not my first choice…I like Feliciano but still better than Bastardo and Zagurski

  36. I would not want to replace Polanco with Beltre. Polanco was one of the two bright spots in the Phils’ lineup in 2010. Although Polanco’s OBP is not great, it is better than Beltre’s. Polanco also hits for better average than Beltre, and his K rate is much lower than Beltre’s.

    In a lineup like the Phillies, with high K rates and low OBPs, Beltre in place of Polanco is not the answer.

  37. mikemike
    True the Marlins have a raw deal with Wayne but they had to meet with the union because they weren’t spending the small market money. THAT is when they signed JJ. They stuff their pockets and cry ala Bill Gilles.The Marlin could of won two more if they were interested.

  38. As of now the Phils will win or lose on the strength and health of their middle infield.

  39. Thanks Santa I asked for Crawford and you gave me Reyes. How about a coal in YOUR stocking. FATSO

  40. Wow the Sox are really heavy on the Left Side of the plate now. You know the Yankees will give Lee whatever he wants and then some.

    What does it all mean for us I’m not sure. I just wish there was a RH bat with pop available.

  41. …they would be eligible for 6-year FA upon outright anyway – this was a 40-man or bust (unless they players consents to not testing the market first) situation.

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