Phils Call Up Bocock

The recent injury to Jimmy Rollins turned into an opportunity for Lehigh Valley SS Brian Bocock as he was called by the Phils today to add some insurance up the middle.  Bocock, 25, is known for his defense which is among the best I have seen up the middle.  While he is still less than adequate with the bat, he has improved greatly throughout the season (and with the help of Greg Gross) and finished the year in the neighborhood of .240 having been on base in 26 of the ‘Pigs final 29 games. Look for him to act simply as an insurance policy should Rollins/Valdez fall prey to continued injury woes.

19 thoughts on “Phils Call Up Bocock

  1. At the halfway point in the season who wudda thunk it. Lets see if the guy can take advantage. Very interesting story.

  2. Is there any technical reason not to place Moyer on the 60 day?
    If so, does this mean they found out something bad in the last few days about Carrillo?

  3. I admit that I do not entirely understand the mechanics of the 40-man roster and how it factors into September call-ups. That being said, I think everyone’s reading a bit too much into the Bocock call-up. His call-up is exactly the same type of call-at as the 3rd string catcher. While Rollins is hurting, if Bocock is around, the Phillies can pinch hit Rollins for Valdez without worrying that there’s nobody left to field the position. It’s not that big of a deal. However, if Bocock impresses, so much the better.

  4. Moyer is already on the 60 day DL.

    ***If so, does this mean they found out something bad in the last few days about Carrillo?***

    Probably nothing more than the fact that Jimmy’s injury is worse than they originally thought and Carrillo was the easiest guy to get rid of.

  5. according to the toronto sun he is supposed to make 3 starts one against baltimore one against seattle and one against the yankees.

  6. Gotta give Bocock credit though………..for hard work and perseverance after a head down, very rough start to the season. I’ve enjoyed watching his progress and now he sparkles / projects confidence, even at the plate. I hope he’s back next year. Good for you Brian!

  7. If Rollins is injured worse than the Phils admit(first time ever) and Polanco get can’t play because of his elbow,then Bocock COULD be the WS starting SS. Wouldn’t that be odd. Trouble is getting him into a game now.

  8. Mike not happy but it would be odd and you know how baseball turns on a dime.
    You also know how the Phils understate injuries.

  9. Bocock’s stats for July and August:
    July 0.309 0.368 0.485 0.853
    August 0.284 0.437 0.333 0.770

  10. For those were saying that Heavy B was worse than Kendrick, where are you know? Pitching to a 3.65 ERA in his last 10 starts.

  11. I’m assuming that Jayson Werth will not re-sign with the Phillies. Either the Phillies will go withDomonic Brown in RF next year from Opening Day onward, thus opening a spot for an outfield reserve or they will get a decent free agent outfielder (such as David DeJesus or trade for a soon-to-be free agent that is unlikely to re-sign with his current team after 2011 (such as Nick Markakis) to start or split time withBrown, thus bringing Brown along slowly. (Not a bad idea).
    They’ll need help in the bullpen too. Michael Stutes had a good year in relief at AA and AAA and he should be added to the 40 Man roster this Winter, and given the chance to make the team in Spring Training.
    Perhaps 2B Harold Garcia, who had a Florida State League record-setting 37 game hitting streak at Clearwater, from late May to early July, and then also enjoyed success after his promotion to AA/Reading, PA/EasternLeague, could be added to the 40 Man roster this Winter thus enabling him to be called up more easily in case of injuries to Phillies infielders, particularly Chase Utley. Chase has seemed to be increasingly, injury-prone the last three years.
    What other moves do fans think can be made to strengthen both the 25 man and 40 man rosters for 2011? 2011’s main problem for the team may be the same as it experienced this year. Too much minor league too far away from the big leagues and not in a position to help the big club as a result of a number of 3 prospects for 1 star or established major leaguer deals. Only David Herndon, Brown, and Vance Worley made MLB debuts as Phillies in 2010, and Herndon as a Phillies’ Rule 5 pick last December, hadn’t even spent any previous time in the Phillies farm system. I look for that situation to improve a bit in 2012, but 2013 could really yield a “bumper crop of rookies” debuting in the majors as Phillies, after a number of propects work their way up from the low minors, where they played this past season.

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