End of Season Review–Corner Infield

A look at the Corners Infielders in the Phils system in 2010, what they did, and what we can expect in 2011. Next up: Middle Infield most likely over the weekend.

Lehigh Valley

Andy Tracy, 36, 425 AB’s; .275/.373/.492 with 21 HR and 80 RBI; 2/3 SB; .286 vs. LH, .272 vs. RH, .247 post all star break; .263 with RISP. 14% bb rate, 23% k rate. 6 errors in 87 games at 1B (.992), 8.38 R/F.  Tracy has been a mainstay in Allentown since the inception of the Lehigh Valley franchise, however the combination of injuries and the emergence of Matt Rizzotti most likely will lead to Tracy’s off season departure.  Even with a banged up shoulder for most of the season, Tracy put up very good numbers, continues to give you a very good at bat, and can only help a team with his attitude.

Cody Ransom, 34, 394 AB’s; .261/.333/.467 with 18 HR and 63 RBI; 5/7 SB; .221 vs. LH, .272 vs. RH, .320 with RISP; 9% bb rate, 25% k rate. 19 errors in 81 games at 3B (.899), 2.10 R/F. 2 errors in 10 games at SS (.920), 2 errors in 4 games in the OF. Ransom produces runs, however strikes out a ton and his defense is below average.  I would be very surprised to see him back in the organization.

Neil Sellers, 28, Reading: 16 AB’s and hit .125 with 1HR and 3 RBI; Lehigh Valley: 394 AB’s; .236/.305/.350 with 6 HR and 39 RBI; 0/3 SB; .262 vs. LH, .229 vs. RH; .227 with RISP; .162 post all star break; 8% bb rate, 18% k rate.  1 errors in 38 games at 1B (.997), 8.63 R/F. 6 errors in 66 games at 3B (.960), 2.18 R/F.  A very unimpressive year for Sellers who came in with some expectations after crushing the ball for two years in Reading.  His defense, which many considered to be his liability entering 2010, was actually pretty good this year. Sellers is a free agent going into the 2011 season.  I would be surprised to see him back.

Matt Rizzotti, 24, Clearwater: 109 AB’s, .358/.426/.477 with 1HR and 10 RBI; 11% bb rate, 18% k rate; Reading: 266 AB’s, .361/.452/.635 with 16 HR and 62 RBI; 13% bb rate, 18% k rate; Lehigh Valley: 45 AB’s; .200/.308/.267 with 0 HR and 4 RBI; 13% bb rate 27% k rate. TOTALS: 418 AB’s; .343/.430/.574 with 17 HR and 76 RBI. 3 errors in 72 games at 1B (.995), 8.32 R/F. Rizzotti must be Rule 5 protected in the off season and he has most likely forced the Phillies hand into doing so.  He should be the starting first baseman in Lehigh Valley next year.


Tagg Bozied, 31, 355 AB’s; .315/.402/.631 with 27 HR and 92 RBI; 1/4 SB; .327 vs. LH, .311 vs. RH, .371 with RISP, .357 Post All Star Break; 12% BB rate, 21% k rate. 3 errors in 48 games at 1B (.991), 6.90 R/F.  8 errors in 33 games at 3B (.906), 2.33 R/F. Even having missed almost a month injured, Bozied had a fantastic year at the plate. Bozied, a free agent, will go wherever he gets the best offer I assume, but with a good number of corner positions available at the upper levels of the Phils organization, I would hope they consider him.  Although somewhat of a defensive liability, he flat out hits.

Cody Overbeck, 24, Clearwater: 215 AB’s; .302/.380/.553 with 11HR and 41 RBI’s; 11% bb rate, 21% k rate. Reading: 275 AB’s, .255/.333/.440 with 13 HR and 41 RBI’s; 8% bb rate, 28% k rate; .305 vs. LH, .233 vs. RH, .319 with RISP, .277 post all star break. TOTALS: 490 AB;s, .276/.354/.490 with 24 HR and 82RBI’s.  25 errors in 129 total games at 3B (.927), 2.46 R/F. Overbeck struggled initially struggled mightily with his call up to AA, but seemed to be adjusted as the year wore on and had himself a very good year all in all.  Expect him in Reading as their starting 3B to start next year with a mid season call up to Lehigh Valley not out of the question.

Note: Kevin Mahar will be considered in the OF.


Jim Murphy, Soon to be 25, 397 AB’s; .239/.316/.363 with 6 HR and 43 RBI; 2/2 SB; .198 vs. LH, .257 vs. RH, .234 with RISP, .231 post All Star Break; 7% bb rate, 29% k rate. 75 games at 1B with 2 errors (.997); 8.37 R/F. Also played 13 games at 3B, committing 3 errors (.912). A 17th Round pick in the 2008 draft, Murphy struggled most of the year.  He strikes out a lot and hasn’t produced many runs, something expected out of the 1B position.  2011 projection: I would be somewhat surprised to see him back.

Darin Ruf, 24, Lakewood: 115 AB’s; .330/.443/.548 with 4 HR and 17 RBI; 15% bb rate, 17% k rate. Clearwater: 368 AB’s; .277/.335/.421 with 5 HR and 50 RBI’s; .270 vs. LH, .280 vs. RH, .271 with RISP; .280 post all star, 7% bb rate, 22% k rate; TOTALS: 433 AB’s; .293/.373/.457 with 8 HR and 59 RBI’s.  87 total games at 1B, 9 errors (.988); 8.86 R/F.  A very consistent year for the 2009 draft choice out of Creighton, although fielding needs work. 2011 projection: No reason based on his production and age that he shouldn’t be starting at 1B in Reading next year.

Carlos Perdomo, 20, GCL: 47 AB’s, .255/.357/.383 with 1HR and 5 RBI; Clearwater: 108 AB’s, .237/.295/.237 with 0 HR and 10 RBI; 6% bb rate, 6% k rate. 6 errors in 25 games at 3B (.895), 2.04 R/F. ALso played 17 games at 2B, committing 2 errors (.974) and 4 games at SS, without an error. After signing as a free agent in 2007, Perdomo has not embarrassed himself in his first year in the U.S. While a limited sample size, he has shown that he is making consistent contact with High A pitching.  


Stephen Batts, 24, 273 AB’s, .278/.334/.425 with 5 HR and 30 RBI; 6/9 SB; .177 vs. lH, .308 vs. RH, .282 with RISP; 7% bb rate, 28% k rate. 1 error in 18 games at 1B (.993), 8.17 R/F.  6 errors in 33 games at 3B (.933), 2.52 R/F. Batts, a 19th round pick out of East Carolina in the 2009 draft had a nice year after an awful 2009 in Williamsport.  Still, a very high k rate for Low A.  2011 projection: High A Clearwater.

Adam Buschini, 23, 302 AB’s, .219/.310/.328 with 2HR and 28 RBI; 16/22 SB; .291 vs. LH, .190 vs. RH; .227 with RISP; 11% bb rate, 16% k rate; Has not played since July 20th (DL). 82 games at 3B with 19 errors (.912), 2.40 R/F. Buschini was the Phils 4th round pick in 2009 and has struggled both in 2009 and 2010 with injury, his bat, and his glove, albeit recognizing this was his first year playing third base. 2011 projection: Lakewood

Jonathan Singleton, Soon to be 19; 331 AB’s; .293/.392/.483 with 14 HR and 69 RBI; .263 vs. LH, .303 vs. RH, .288 with RISP; 8/15 SB; .239 Post All Star Break; 13% bb rate; 16% k rate.  4 errors in 95 games at 1B (.995), 9.27 R/F. Although a very slow second half compared to a fantastic first half, Singleton has a ton of raw talent and is ready for the challenge of High A ball.


Jeff Cusick, 22, 210 AB’s; .233/.271/.305 with 1 HR and 12 RBI; 1/3 SB; .215 vs. RH, .241 vs. LH, .119 with RISP; .310 since August 1; 4% bb rate, 8% k rate. 6 errors in 59 games at 1B (.989), 8.93 R/F. Cusick, the Phils 18th round selection this year out of UC Irvine has been coming on during the last month of the season, but still marginal numbers at best.  2011 projection: Williamsport or Lakewood.

Carlos Alonso, 22, 147 AB’s, .265/.347/.415 with 3 HR and 14 RBI; 2/3 SB; .364 vs. LH, .237 vs. RH; .273 with RISP; .310 since August 1; 9% bb rate, 14% k rate. 3 errors in 41 games at 3B (.969), 2.32 R/F.  Alonso was the Phils 32nd round selection out of the University of Delaware.  He came on very strong during the last month of the season and may have earned himself a trip to lakewood in 2011.

Jake Smith, soon to be 23, 91 AB’s; .132/.165/.198 with 0 HR and 6 RBI; .167 with RISP; 2% bb rate, 37% k rate.  The Phils 15th round pick has been simply overmatched.

Ryne White, 23, Hitting .219 with 2 HR and 14 RBI’s in 64 AB’s. White was the Diamondbacks 4th round selection in 2008 and showed a bit of promise in Short Season Ball last year before his release.


Christopher Duffy, 22, 169 AB’s, .272/.384/.450 with 6 HR and 32 RBI; .241 vs. LH, .287 vs. RH, .275 with RISP, .292 in August, 15% bb rate, 19% k rate. 23 games without an error at 1B. 8.91 R/F. Duffy was the Phils 26th round pick out of UCF this year.  He has done what has been asked and is ready for the next level.  2011: Williamsport

Patrick Murray, 23, 192 AB’s; .313/.385/.442 with 2 HR and 26 RBI; 4/5 SB; .390 vs. LH, .278 vs. RH, .243 with RISP, .267 in August, 8% bb rate, 16% k rate. 29 games at 1B, 4 errors (.983); 8.09 R/F. Murray was the Phils 34th Round Pick out of Lewis and CLark Univ. in the 2010 draft.  His 2010 line suggests he is ready for Lakewood in 2011.

Maikel Franco, 18, 194 AB’s; .222/.292/.330 with 2 HR and 29 RBI; .143 vs. LH, .254 vs. RH; .310 with RISP; .209 in August; 8% bb rate, 22% k rate.  50 games, 10 errors at 3B (.937); 2.96 R/F.  No reason to rush Franco who still needs work in the GCL.


41 thoughts on “End of Season Review–Corner Infield

  1. Bozied should go. It was criminal to leave a hitter of his talent in Reading all season. He’s capable of better and with Rizzotti (and possibly Tracy) in Lehigh Valley, there is no room for him.

  2. Really like Maikel Franco. Strong arm, quick power bat, glove in progress in the two GCL finals games I saw. Next year’s Singleton? XST. Lakewood in May.

  3. Tagg’s a minor league bat for hire. He’s on his sixth different organization in six years so it’s not like the Phillies are devaluing him. He was brought in to be protection for Domonic Brown at Reading. When Brown got promoted the Phillies already had Andy Tracy and Cody Ransom at LHV so he just stayed at Reading. Based on the year Domonic Brown had and later Matt Rizzotti I would say that Tagg certainly fulfilled the role the Phillies signed him for.

    I feel kind of bad that he’s never had a MLB at bat. Probably since he’s a minor league bat for hire he gets signed for that purpose so he doesn’t wind up on a teams 40-man roster to get a potential September call-up with expanded rosters.

  4. Mattair is enrolled at Boise State and will be a walk-on basketball player for them this upcoming season. So the answer is probably yes.

    That makes two former Phillies prospects who will be playing hoops next season (CJ Henry the other)

  5. What a “disgusting” group. Excepting Singleton, there seems nobody as a real prospect in this category. Clearly this should be a priority in the June ’11 draft. Loading up with several 3rd basemen in the first several rounds: they’ve found a need, now to fill it. Overbeck is an outside possibility; his fielding would remain a problem even if his HRs continue with a higher OBA. The org hates poor infielding. Not likely to accept a lousy fielder at 3rd.

    Outfielders abound in the system, showing skills to name many prospects, mainly in the low minors. Pitching? Yes, always a priority, but the stars are well aligned through the mid and lower teams with a few, largely relievers, about to compete for MLB roles in ’11.[Personal favorite to add to his resume for starter sometime in ’11: Hyatt]
    Catcher position: needs a season or two to see what we have, with Valle now the only real candidate with a possible Rupp backup…whose straight-armed swing needs amendment. The other catchers recently drafted will need some time ( 1-2-3 yrs) to see what we/they have.

    “Utility infielder” can be satisfied by Garcia and Barnes, in ’11 for Garcia and ’12 for Barnes.

    The big 5 at Lakewood (righties May, Colvin, Cosart, Pettibone, J-Rodriguez) would be “supplemented” by lefty Biddle, a year behind.

    In June ’11 we will have four (4) draft choices within the first two rounds. And the ’11 draft is said to be “loaded” with superior prospects. A good time to have 4 picks.

    3rd base, please! How about two 3rd basemen and two pitchers in those 4 picks? Just figuring.

    Now, on to the playoffs and WS!

  6. Matt Rizzotti, 24 – 1B AAA Lehigh
    Darin Ruf, 24 – 1B AA Reading
    Cody Overbeck, 24 – 3B AA Reading
    Jonathan Singleton, 19 – 1B A Clearwater
    Stephen Batts, 24 – 3B A Clearwater

    Nice to see 5 of 6 of these slots to have players who have a pulse. That was not true this year. When people talk of drafting Middle Infielders and 3rd Basemen the last few drafts, there were just not that many top shelf infielders in the last 2 drafts.

    Hopefully this year 2011 (which is projected to be rich) the Phillies will draft a few in the first 2 rounds.

  7. The Perdomo thing was kind of odd. Jumped from GCL straight to CLW where he surprisingly held his own. I assume it was supposed to be some kind of rental agreement, and they let him hang on with the Threshers since he was actually hitting .250

  8. Werth is an eligible free agent at season’s end. We know he is looking for a big payday for several years, maybe up to 4-5.

    The Phils don’t have the salary funds available to resign him. Besides, Brown seems very likely to be starting in RF in ’11.

    The Phils WILL offer arbitration for a one year deal–which they must, in order to get TWO draft choices when he signs with another team–and he will turn them down to sign a longer term deal. Those choices will be theirs in addition to their own two choices in the first two rounds, including the supplemental round following the first and before the second round.

    That’ll make happy hunting, and fill PP, and others here, with anxieties that they could “blow” these opportunities. Given their recent draft choices, blowing it is not on the agenda. Let’s get meanly talented third basemen!

  9. Durbin is a type b free agent if the phils offer him arb and he walks they could pick up another pick that way.

  10. They will offer Werth arb, and won’t offer Durbin arb, because they can be pretty sure Werth won’t take it (and he would be tradeable if he did), whereas there is a good chance that Durbin would take it (and would be rendered untradeable with an above market arb contract).

  11. Brown should not start inRF in’ 11. Brown is not ready for the majors. Other guys like Jackson with Detroit, Castro with the Cubs, Heyward with the Braves, and Mike Stanton withTampa Bay are consistant. Where as Brown is not Brown’s routing is still bad, he has poor defensive skills and since he’s been in the majors he has not hit. He cant not handle it up there. Some guys are better ball players in the minors he is one of them. There are other guys in the phillies org that are better and deserve the chance.

  12. So Mike, just who in the organization “are better and deserve the chance?”

    That aside, 62 PA is an absurdly small sample size to make any conclusions about how good he’ll be. He will be fine.

  13. He hasn’t hit because he hasn’t played, is my theory. And I’m not sure I’m really looking forward to a Victorino, Francisco, Ibanez(/Mayberry?) outfield next year.

    Yuck. Tell me “mike,” who are these other players in the organization that deserve a chance to start?

  14. What other players deserve the chance over Brown? It is tough for a kid like Brown to come off the bench when he is not use to it. Stanton, before this series, was like 7 for 50. I believe you will see Brown/Francisco next yr if they can’t sign Werth.

    Oh year Lakewood wins big tonight..May just awesome…Pettis has a succesful debut and Zeid closes it out

  15. Sorry Mike, I disagree with you. The aforementioned players receive consistent playing time. Domonic rarely plays, except for a pinch hit opportunity. He has tremendous athleticism and needs time to “grow into his body”. Its been mentioned that he will play Winter Ball and get the at bats to further his development. Jayson Werth will be missed but I’m perfectly content to give the youngster a chance.

    Let’s face facts, the team is getting older and needs to incorporate younger players into the mix. Having said that, who would you choose over Brown? Mayberry? Rizotti?

  16. ok, not a group that looks wonderful, but it doesn’t have to:
    1. Ryan Howard
    2. Free Agents at these positions will want to play at CB Park
    3. If you have pitching, trading for these spots can be done

  17. I cringe every time someone who has only seen Brown play consistently for 2 weeks say hes not ready. Strong sample size.

  18. It’s hilarious that anyone would say that Brown can’t hit consistently when he hasn’t been able to play consistently!

  19. He just isn’t “consistant”. I dare anyone to try and disprove a word that doesn’t exist. You can’t do it. It’s implaussible.

  20. Brown’s strikeout to walk ratio is a little concerning. He’ll be a great player but I do wonder if he’s ready yet.

  21. I think Brown’s swing is long, he misses a lot and I’m not a big fan of how high he holds his hands prior to the swing (just that much more space to cover before he hits the ball), but all of that being said, guess what, this is how a lot of guys who develop into great hitters look when they come up. But there’s a lot of upside including the following: (a) Brown has outstanding power – if he comes close to reaching his potential he will be a 30-40 homer a year guy – the only rookie I’ve seen recently with more power is Stanton and Stanton is a freak of nature; (b) although he hasn’t generated a lot of walks yet, Brown tracks the ball to the plate extremely well – he has a good idea of the strike zone and should develop tremendous plate discipline – he looks to me like a guy who will end up walking 60-100 times a year – a HUGE plus; (c) he has unbelievable hand-eye coordination in his swing including an uncanny ability to put the best part of the bat on the ball – it is this one skill, as much as any other, that tells me he could become a superstar; (d) he’s raw in the field, but he’s got a rocket arm and can run very well; and (e) he is, by all accounts, humble and hard working – a perfect fit for this team.

    So, everybody, calm down, he’s going to be fine. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he came on strong the last week or two of the season and in the playoffs. He’s going to be inconsistent for a while – perhaps two or three years – but he’s going to be productive and fun to watch during that time and the finished product could be one of the best players in the league. Does he need another month or two in the minors? I don’t know – we’ll see after ST, but he’s not far from being a valued contributor at the major league level.

  22. How does an end-of-season review of corner IF’ers in the system become a forum discussion on Dom Brown?

  23. Don’t know if brown will hit or not, but he does have a long swing, looks to the naked eye like he is trying to hit a homerun every at bat to me.

  24. I am hopeful for Brown, but it does interest me that the organization is at minimum talking about sending him to AFL to get more at bats…

    Frankly, I’ll take Brown maturing into a better player from day 1 2011 instead of dumpster diving.

  25. If the Phillies needed a RH power bat so much (which they do), why not Bozied? Why waste time with Mayberry? Tagg’s numbers were insane when you think about it 27 HR’s for the season in incredidible when he missed 31 games due to injury plus he lost a lot playing time when Rizzotti and Overbeck came up. In that context you’re talking about a guy who could have hit 40 HR’s this year. Plus throw on top of that the high avg. The guy just plain hits. Its not like he’s a kid, and he’s put up 5 or 6 seasons now where he’s hit near or at .300 with 20 or more HR’s. With a lot of the experience in AAA. He can play 3rd, 1st and corner OF, and at the bare minimum could have been a bench bat. I know he’s not on the 40 man but there are people on the 40 man that I don’t understand why they are. To me its all about filling the need you have with the best possible person that is available and to me Tagg was it. I know he was protection for Dom and he did that, but I think he was capable of more in this orginization, at least for this season, this month.

    I know it may be r-phils phan boyism, or maybe its knowing about his past (the walk off injury or his wife’s accident) I just root for the guy to make it and its not like he doesn’t have the talent. Regardlesss its a heck of a inspirational story that he just won’t give up.

  26. “How does an end-of-season review of corner IF’ers in the system become a forum discussion on Dom Brown?”

    Because I’ve got A.D.D. – mea culpa.

  27. I agree with mike. I think Brown is a minor league player and should stay there. He needs more time to mature. He is not ready for the majors. Why is it that we are talking corner infield but we are talking Brown? He is overated. I know he still can’t field. I saw him play in the minors and I saw him play in the majors and he miss plays too many balls. His swing is too long and he strikes out to much.

  28. All these conclusions about a guy who was brought up out of a need to cover an OF spot, not to be a force for the playoffs. Conclusions drawn out of longing for a Heywood success immediately.

    He has played “spottily”…in and out of the lineup plus pinch hitting.

    A “final”, conclusive diagnosis being offered based on the infinitesimal plate appearances; meanwhile, Heywood was given a starting role out of the gate playing every day. That’s a LARGE difference.

    My wager is that he’ll attend spring training with a similar start as the
    H-MAN in ’11. A finished product will then give what we’ve waited for: a superior OFer with star potential. It just doesn’t happen immediately. All those “pundits” who rate him that way need to be listened to, including the Phils own people.

    He’ll be fine.

  29. People seem to think there wont be growing pains. The truth is Brown has outgrown minor league pitching. Stanton has struggled big time, Heyward and Posey both have slumped. Brown hasnt even been given a chance to get his feet wet. Carlos Gonzalez batted .240 in his first year. Brown isnt going to get any better by playing in Lehigh Valley.

  30. Brown deserves to be in the big leagues for 2011. There’s nothing left for him to prove in the minors. He’s 23 already.

  31. Bob, I’d actually like to see Brown get more AAA time. I mentioned his MLB K/BB ratio but that ratio also looked iffy in AAA. Despite the batting average the plate discipline wasn’t there and he probably needs a bit of polish yet.

  32. Whether the front office believes his time has come could be hinted at by how the team approaches acquiring outfielders over the off-season. Should they go for a full-time player with recent success as a starter, then they’d be breaking Brown in slowly.

    As fans of the up-and-comers, we understandably want to see graduates of the farm system succeed as soon as possible. A judgment has still to be made. If he does go to winter ball, I’m sure they’d be there to check on him.

    Then there is spring training, itself an indicator.
    Thus, IMO, no decision has yet been made by the brass.
    Viva Brown!

  33. Did these for the other positions, might as well.

    1. Jon Singleton
    2. Matt Rizzotti
    3. Darin Ruf
    4. Christopher Duffy
    5. Tagg Bozied

    1. Cody Overbeck
    2. Carlos Alonso
    3. Neil Sellers
    4. Adam Buschini
    5. Tagg Bozied

    Just getting to five is a painful effort sometimes. I like Alonso as a sleeper candidate for next year.

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