Huppert Not Coming Back to Lehigh Valley

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Dave Huppert, the manager of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs has been told he will not be back to manage Lehigh Valley in 2011 after three sub par seasons. Although minor league managers are not judged solely on their won-loss record, a cumulative record of over 60 games below .500 in his three years at the helm was difficult to look past.  Huppert will be managing Lehigh Valley in their final game of the season against Scranton on Monday and then will begin his search for work in another organization.

23 thoughts on “Huppert Not Coming Back to Lehigh Valley

  1. This matter points out all the bad things I see in the Phillies organization. Fix the team don’t look for a scapegoat.

  2. Position Guide: We do all the hiring, we can remove/replace anybody @ anytime, we tell you whom to play, where and for how long. You can’t fire anybody, but you’re responsible for the final outcome. Pretty much defines a no-win situation. By all reports he’s a great guy and I wish him well.

  3. Well said!
    He did well in managing the safety of young pitchers and isn’t that the modern problem. Can’t wait for the winter meetings where they can screw up again and have to repair the damage during the season. As long as the Mets and Marlins have worse management I quess we are ok.
    BTW add Washington management. Would it been too hard to figure that yes Strasberg would fill the house when he started but if they had put him in the pen for a inning here and there. they might of added the same number of fans hoping to see him only in smaller batches each game. Hell it would of been nice to see
    SS next year for the sake of the sport.

  4. I love how we start blaming the “organiztion”. The AAA team has struggled. This year they are 28 games under 500.

  5. AAA has seen just a few real prospects in the time he was there. Brown for a cup of coffee, Taylor fora cup of coffee, Marson, Carrasco, and Donald. They didn’t win with dreck. It isn’t his fault, but who really cares what the AAA team does. As currently constituted, they are there to provide bodies for when the bigs get hurt. They have done that well this year.

    Maybe he isn’t a guy that can develop the studs that are in low A ball, but they are one or two years away from him so it doesn’t really matter.

    Put another puppet in his place and hope for the same results while tricking the people that waste money attending the games

  6. Only question with Huppert is if the players were getting better under his leadership. Again, the minors is about developing players and if his players weren’t showing progress, correcting mistakes, etc. then its time for a change.

    I would say the fact the the Iron Pigs are attrocious in 1-run games tells me that the team doesn’t play good fundamental baseball, especially since the bullpen was the one strength of the team. IF AAA players are still not playing fundamental baseball, then that would fall on the manager.

  7. LV has had no real prospects – so I guess they could have Drabek, Taylor, Cardenas, Marson, Carrasco, and Donald right now, maybe D’Armaund and Gose next year, maybe we should send the Roy’s back so we can AAA prospects.
    Second point, we’ve traded these high level prospects but continue to have one of the best systems at the lower levels right now with regards to prospects. Its not an Iron Pig conspiracy, its just the way its worked out.
    Third point, while the Pigs haven’t provided any prospects really, keep in mind the contributions of a few veteran AAA guys this year – Valdez, Hoover, Sardinha, and Ransom.

  8. LV’s competition in AAA suffers from the same disadvantages mentioned above, maybe even more so since the other clubs don’t have World Series rosters and the better players move up sooner. If LV plays poorly against teams with similar talent limitations, the manager will inevitably suffer. This would be especially true if whoever evaluates the talent at LV for the Phillies felt that the talent level exceeded the performance level. Huppert obviously failed to provide the Phillies with something they felt he should (whether that something comes out in a press release or not). Most of the comments offer excuses as to what it wasn’t his fault. None of the comments offer positive reasons (other than he seems a nice guy) why he should be retained.

  9. Trick people? Not everybody cares about prospects. Some people just want to see a pro ballgame. Or, take the family out for a fun night.

  10. Taking the family out for a fun night shouldn’t be ruined by losing a AAA game. Based on the number of 1 run games they played this year, I’m sure there was a lot of competitive baseball.

  11. “Can’t wait for the winter meetings where they can screw up again and have to repair the damage during the season” … this is the new refrain of the woe-are-we-for-trading-Cliff-Lee crowd. It has replaced the “Roy-Oswalt-is-no-Cliff-Lee” refrain by necessity as Oswalt has matched and, in some ways, surpassed Lee’s performance during his first eight games as a Phil. (Lee: 6-2, 3.11 ERA, 55 IP, 51Ks, 53 hits; Oswalt: 5-1, 2.30 ERA, 54 IP, 48Ks, 38 hits)

  12. Maybe they have a young, up and coming organizational guy in mind to take over to get some managerial experience? No idea whom that might be but it seems to me there is probably a reason beyond the performance on the field for this move.

  13. maybe some of Huppert”s less that professional comments playes a role… calling minor league veterans “whores for hire” and complaining about them in a press conference…

    Also the Brown situation just day or two before his call up, saying he didn’t think the Phillies would want to “start his clock”, I’m sure upper management loved they way he was speaking for the orginization. He also refused to answer when someone asked his if Brown was ready for the majors.

    All I can say at previous places that I worked if I would speak for the orginization in this context or about our product I would have been canned as well.

  14. Jeremy, I agree with you in that some of Huppert’s comments were not well thought out especially the “whore” comment. Maybe Huppert was getting frustrated but then maybe he should have left earlier. The Ironpigs showed a lack of discipline in not advancing runners over well, fielding blunders and not developing prospects like John Mayberry.

  15. Any time I went out to an IronPigs game, it was competitive. They might not have won the game, but the only blow-out I’ve seen was an extra inning explosion by the Yankees.

    That’s not the same thing as saying the IronPigs played good fundamental baseball, though. I’ve seen plenty of sloppy play. I’m sure that was due in part to the players on the club. But if the Phillies feel Huppert did not develop players well to serve the big club, then he probably didn’t. Aside from a few homers by Sardinha, I can’t really think of a replacement making a difference. So, I’m pretty ambivalent to Huppert being let go.

  16. Cat Stoker
    Thank you for proving my point. Please add names like Eaton, Garcia and Baez to any future comments.

  17. Nowheels, you like to use selective memory in choosing the players you did. However; you convienently forget Durbin, Contreras, Polanco and Valdez who have contributed and were signed as FA’s. In my short time on the board I can’t help but notice how negative you are about everything the Phillies do. You act like we are New York Mets with very little talent in their farm system and no playoffs since 2006.

  18. “Can’t wait for the winter meetings where they can screw up again and have to repair the damage during the season”

    Well let’s see … let’s assume for the sake of argument that the Phillies had done nothing in the off season. By your logic, I guess they would have been better off? Doubtful. Aside from the minor but valuable signings noted by philabaltfan, umm, I think there was a starting pitcher they traded for. Would Lee have been better than Halladay this year? Obviously there’s no way of knowing, but for what it’s worth his ERA is a full run higher than Halladay’s this year. Halladay is the Cy Young favorite at this point.

    But we’ve seen this movie from nowheels before. On and on and on about the mistakes, no credit for the many many many good moves over the years. (And philabaltfan bends over backwards to be fair – if we went as far back as nowheels (Eaton, e.g.) did, we could create quite a long list of good moves by the Phillies, both off season and during the season.)

    And of course nowheels does not even an attempt to explain how such a horrible organization could somehow have so much success over the past few years.

  19. … Nowheels, you do realize that they also play teams outside of their division? In the regular season and especially the post season? And that Atlanta is in their division as well?

  20. I presume nowheels thinks the pickups of shane and jayson off the scrap heap were bad moves as well? Even those that criticize the ibanez signing forget to mention how he carried the team for a few months last year and got hot during Utley and Howard’s dl stints.
    Some people will never be happy…maybe nowheels prefer it be 1988 again…

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