Reading Report 6/1-6/28

Back again with another Reading Report after 4 weeks.  I’ll try to make this a bit more regular for the rest of the summer now that work has settled down.

Reading has been on an unreal offensive run this month.  They’ve played 26 games.  They’ve scored seven or more runs in 15 of those games.  They did, however, manage to lose three of those games, scoring 26 runs in those three losses.

Domonic Brown had a great June, earning him a well-deserved promotion to Lehigh Valley. He hit .345 for the month, with a .404 OBP and a .631 SLG. His seasonal OPS versus lefties is actually higher than it is versus righties.  Lots of people in the know think he’ll be named as one of the top 3 prospects in all of baseball if he keeps this up in AAA.  Maybe even number one overall.  Good luck to him going forward, he really left his mark in Baseballtown.

Matt Rizzotti was a huge part of the offensive explosion, hitting .389/.433/.656, even better than Brown for the month. His 1.356 OPS at home in Reading is historic, and certainly won’t be maintained.

Freddy Galvis’s contribution to this month’s scoring run can’t be underestimated–he went from being an 80% out to actually being a productive hitter for a SS this month.  .276/.315/.437 will play with his glove.  It’s very interesting noting that Galvis is hitting .345 this year with men on, and .168 with bases empty.  It suggests his approach is very different in those two situations, and he might not even know it.  Nobody who doesn’t throw from a 12 inch hill hits .168 in 155 ABs, especially if he can hit .345 in 110 ABs in other, possibly higher pressure, circumstances. Add in Tuffy Gosewisch, who, since changing his approach at the plate, has batted .375 for June, with a .537 on-base percentage and a 1.162 OPS (Reading Eagle) and the team has few offensive weak spots.

The starting pitching has had an inconsistent month, but with Aumont now in CLW (and throwing a bit better in long relief stints) and Fogg released, it’s settled down to becoming a bit more consistent.  Naylor, Flande, and Worley were 6-4 for teh month, with an ERA in the mid 3’s.  If JC Ramirez and Ty Taubenheim can also give the RPhils quality starts, the team may be able to make a run at the playoffs, even given the 9-game hole they’ve dug themselves into.

With BJ Rosenberg still injured, and Sergio Escalona (based on performance–June WHIP of 2.05) probably hurting too, the key relief roles have gone to Michael Schwimer, who has, for the most part, been up to the job (3-1 in June, with 3 saves).  German, Brummett, Anderson, Ennis, and Chapman have done their share as well.

Reading would be benefitted by the returns from injury of Tag Bozied (.933 June OPS) and Tyson Gillies, who was just getting hot prior to injuring his hamstring, which has kept him out pretty much for 8 weeks.

Time is getting short for these guys as a team.  It’s really get on a run now, or start playing out the string. Coming off of a 15-11 month, they’re starting to believe they can actually make the run.

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  1. I was wondering what happened to Bozied. He disappeared from the box scores but wasn’t put on the DL. With Spidale, Brown, Bozied and Rizzotti, Reading had a murderer’s row. With Brown gone and Tagg out of commission, it seemed to slow the team down a little bit. Sellers will help partially fill the gap left by Brown.

    Reading will be up in my neck of the woods next week and I hope to get over to see them. Unfortunately, my busy time starts the end of this week and all next week. If Brown was still there, I’d make sure to get over to New Britain to see them.

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