Williamsport and GCL Weekly Report

It’s that time of year again. The draft has ended and the short-season leagues in Williamsport and Clearwater have started. The Crosscutters and GCL Phils are giving us our first looks at some new prospects. After the first week plus of games, both teams sit tied for the lead in their respective divisions.

Williamsport  – 5-4, T1st Place in the NYP Pinckney Division

 The Crosscutters are tied with Auburn and Jamestown atop the division while Mahoning Valley, Batavia and State College each sit 1 GB at 4-5.

Williamsport beats State College 5-3

Domingo Santana stole the show after being reassigned from Lakewood. He went 3-3 with a 2B and 2 HRs, collecting 4 RBIs on the night. Center fielder Miguel Alvarez was 2-3 with a 2B, BB and R while Jeff Cusick knocked in the other run for the Crosscutters. Kelly Dugan was 0-2 but reached base twice on a BB and HBP.  Julio Rodriguez got the win despite a shaky outing. He gave up 3 ER on 5 H and 4 BB in 5.1 IP. He struck out 5. Chase Johnson recorded the save with a perfect ninth inning.

Williamsport beats State College 5-3

The offense saw six players have multi-hit games. Santana, Alvarez, Cusick, David Doss, Cesar Hernandez and Jeff Lanning were the contributors with Lanning knocking in two runs. Kevin Angelle got the win after giving up 3 runs, only one earned, over six innings. He allowed 5 H and 1 BB while striking out 4.

Williamsport beats State College 4-2

Santana continued his strong start with a 2/3 night while adding a BB. Hernandez also had two hits while Alvarez, catcher James Klocke and shortstop Edgar Duran knocked in runs. Eric Pettis got the win. He tossed five scoreless innings while giving up 4 hits and 0 BBs to go along with 4 Ks. Johnson picked up his 2nd save with a scoreless ninth.

Jamestown beats Williamsport 6-1

Kyrell Hudson went 1-2 with an RBI and 2 BBs. Dugan was 1/2 with a R and BB while Santana struck out in all 4 ABs. 2010 2nd round pick Perci Garner took the loss. HE gave 4 ER on 3 H and a BB in his only inning of work. Craig  Fritsch struck out 3 in 3 innings of relief.

Williamsport beats Jamestown 6-5

Lanning was 2/4 with a 2B, HR and 2 RBI. Dugan was 2/4 with a 2B, R and RBI while Hernandez and Alvarez also added two hits each. Mario Hollands gave up 4 ER on 6 H in 2 IP while striking out 2. Jesus Pirela picked up the win in relief. He allowed 1 ER on 2 H and 3 BB while striking out 7 in 4.2 IP. Johnson earned his 3rd save after a shaky ninth,

Jamestown beats Williamsport 9-4

The Cutters surrendered 6 runs, only one earned, in the ninth inning to lose this NYPL game. On offense no player had more than one hit. Santana was 1/2 with 2 BBs. Hudson, Alvarez and Carlos Alonso each had a 2B and RBI. Rodriguez gave up 2 R (1 ER) on 4 H and 2 BB in 6 IP. He struck out 4.

Auburn beats Williamsport 1-0 in 11 innings.

Cusick and Duran mustered the only two hits for the Cutters on this long night for the offense. Angell struck out 8 over 8 scoreless innings. He surrendered only 2 hits and 1 walk.

Williamsport beats Auburn 3-2

Santana went 1/3 with a BB and R while Hudson was 1/4 and had the only RBI for Williamsport on the night. Pettis had another solid start. He allowed 1 ER on 4 H and 1 BB while striking out 7 in 5 IP. Johnson recorded his 4th save after another shaky ninth.

Jamestown beats Williamsport 11-1

Hudson was 1/3 with a BB and RBI. Klocke and Alonso had the other hits as the Cutters managed only 3 hits on the night. Garner’s second start was another rough one as he gave 4 ER on 5 H  in 3 IP while striking out only 1. Julian Sampson surfaced and didn’t fare well either. He gave up 2 ER on 3 H in 2/3 IP.

GCL Phillies, 4-2, T1st in the GCL North

Phillies beat Blue Jays 2-1

Aaron Altherr and Matt Payton each went 2/4 while Geancarlo Mendez and Nerio Rios knocked in runs in the 8th inning to pick up the win. Lisalberto Bonilla had a fine start. He gave up an unearned run on 6 H and 1 BB in 6 IP while striking out 8.

Phillies beat Blue Jays 2-1

Chris Duffy, Luis Beltre and Luis Unda had the only 3 hits of the game for the Phillies with Unda picking up an RBI. Ervis Manzanilo gave up 1 ER on 2 H and 4 BB in 5 IP. He struck out 6.

Pirates beat Phillies 5-1

Unda, Beltre and Maikel Franco had the only 3 hits for the Phillies on another poor day at the plate. Colin Kleven took the loss, giving up 5 R (4 ER) on 4 H and 2 BB in 4 IP. He struck out 3.

Pirates beat Phillies 11-1

Franco was 2/4 with 2 2Bs and Patrick Murray added 2 hits for an offense that had scored only 6 runs through 4 games. Lino Martinez got the start and gave up 4 R (2 ER) on 4 H and 2 BB in 4 IP. He struck out 4.

Phillies beat Yankees 4-3

Altherr was 2/5 with a 2B, 3B and 2 RBI. Mendez was 2/3 with a BB and 2 R. Jesse Biddle was impressive in his professional debut. The Phillies first round draft pick tossed 3 hitless innings, walking one and striking out 3.

Phillies beat Yankees 3-2

Murray was 2/3 with a 2B, BB and R. Franco added a 2B and R in 4 ABs while Mendez picked up the only RBI for the Cutters. Bonilla had another nice start despite not getting the win. He pitched 5.2 scoreless innings giving up 4 hits and no walks while striking out 6.

22 thoughts on “Williamsport and GCL Weekly Report

  1. When the Phils drafted Garner very high and Hollands relatively high, everyone said huh? I know it’s early, but it’s amazing just how awfully they have begun their professional careers.

    I know they can’t draft all high ceiling high school tough signs. And they can’t take all the top college players with eligibility left. But for goodness sake, is it that hard to find the kids like Cosart and Colvin and Singleton who will be the basis for the big club for the next decade and take them within the top ten rounds? I guess what I’m wondering is this: Why these guys in those spots, when it’s highly likely that they’d have been there long after they were picked and if they weren’t, who would have possibly cared?

  2. Yes, it’s very difficult to find guys like Cosart, Colvin and Singleton. How do you tell Jared Cosart from Julian Sampson?? There is a great deal of luck involved It’s even more difficult to judge a draftee after one or two appearances. They may be trying things they’ve never done in their lives, like Garner is with a 4 seam fastball. Relax. Remember, Colvin started off this year worse than anyone v

  3. The baseball draft is the biggest crap shoot of them all. Even a good start is no indicator of future success.

  4. Hollands surprise me the most, for a top ten pick, he doesnt really throw hard and is older. where is the potential in this kid? but your right the draft is a crap shoot.

  5. the truth is, they are drafting weaker players, slower starters, so that there will be more comments here. They are in cahoots with PP to get more site hits. I heard they past on Cosart clone because they thought he would start too strongly.

  6. Anything happen to Kelly Dugan? He was playing a lot early on but I haven’t seen him in the box scores (or in the above report) for the last few games.

  7. I think format is fine. Short summary of prospects for each game in one spot. I do not have to check the daily box scores because they are provide here. Love this site.

  8. thanks Cody, excellent work!

    I think Garner needs more than 2 starts before the Phillies release him…. (sarcasm)

    1. Middle infield prpcoest depth is looking pretty good. In no particular oderSS: Galvis, Duran, Miramontes, Black, Nerio Rios, Greene, Gustavo Gonzalez, Villalobos, Hanzawa, VSL also has Jair Morelos, Deiber Olivera. DSL has Berroa, Cardoza, Angelo Mora.2B: H. Garcia (remember him?), C. Hernandez, Schoenberger, Alonzo, Perdomo, Asche, Valenzuela. VSL has Astudillo, Chavez & Alexander Perdomo. DSL has Fernando Rios & Robinson Torres.There is also Mitchell Walding and possibly Roman Quinn, if he ends up in the Infield. I don’t think so but he could.You start slotting them or releasing them. There is a pretty big void at the top of the minors. Galvis and Garcia are the only guys in AA or better. Garcia’s been out the whole year. That sets him back. Hanzawa is not looking like a guy who will ever move to a top prpcoest but his glove is supposed to be very good. It will be interesting to slot A+ all the way to GCL.Cesar will go to Reading, if not at the start of next year then quickly thereafter. Garcia will be pushed early. In A+ Schoenberger will have to prove himself or be gone. Alonzo intrigues me. He’s batting .333 with a .452 OBP. He has 23 BBs to 14Ks. You don’t see that often. He can play 2B or 3B. Where do you slot him? Will Asche end up in LKW? Should he? Where do you put Valenzuela? Do you push him to LKW? Perdomo goes wherever a utility guy is needed or he’s released.Duran will go to CLW. I’d like to see him settle in as a good hitter and reduce the errors. It will happen. Who opens in LKW next year? Black, Rios (if he’s healthy), Tyler Greene? Does Miramontes get a further look? I like his story and wouldn’t mind giving him another year. Looks like someone has to step up. Down lower there are a lot of guys for a few slots. Walding has to be played. Villalobos has done a good job, Gonzalez gets another look. how about some of thise young infielders in DSL and VSL. Cardoza and Mora are 17 and 18 respectively. They are both switch-hitters. Will they be pushed to GCL Berroa is older but has shown some ability. How about Astudillo? He batred .361 in 52 games but weirdest stat is he only K’ed 2 times. Can they find a spot for him somewhere? Some of these guys could end up at 3B or possibly 1B or the OF. But there are some interesting guys in there. Too bad they aren’t all fighting for spots at Reading and LHV. Disclaimer: Sorry if my name spelling is not quite accurate.

  9. But for goodness sake, is it that hard to find the kids like Cosart and Colvin and Singleton who will be the basis for the big club for the next decade and take them within the top ten rounds?

    Yes. Yes it is.

  10. I read an article that says that Garner used to throw a 2-seam fastball and now the Phillies have him throwing a 4-seamer exclusively and he’s not used to it yet.

  11. Any chance you can site that article online? or is this just something you stumbled across

  12. codyrhoads, any info on Nerio Rios? Did he get a meaningful bonus? Seems like he could be interesting.

    Also, any word on Ryan Sasaki? He didn’t pitch all that badly last year. Curious that he has not been starting for the GCL team or for W’port.

  13. Rupp had a game yesterday that I’m sure he’d love to forget. He was 0 – 3 with 2Ks but it was in the field where he left a mark. He had 2 Es (throwing), a PB and there were 6 SB against him. The SB could be associated with the pitchers but it wasn’t pretty yesterday. He’s 0 – 12 on the season with 6Ks. He might need a rest since he came straight from the College World Series to Wmsprt. I think he’ll be a solid player long-term so I’m not saying anything other than he had a bad game.

    I saw Miguel Nunez is on the GCL roster. He’s the 6’6″ 17 year old that was signed this year out of the DR. He started the year in the DSL where he was 0 – 3 with a 10.13 ERA. He had 13Ks in 13 innings. I guess they want to try him in the States.

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