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Hi everyone. As a special treat, frequent reader of the site jkearse123 (Jordan) has had the opportunity to conduct a number of interviews with Phillies prospects. His first interview is with Golden Spikes finalist and recent draftee Chris Duffy, who has already signed and gotten into the system. So, enjoy this interview and look for a few more from Jordan down the road. I’m going to log all of his interviews in the * interviews page on the left side of the site. Below is Jordan’s interview with Chris Duffy, enjoy!

With the 801st pick in the 2010 MLB Draft, the Philadelphia Phillies select Chris Duffy, 6’2 200 pound OF/3B/1B from UCF. What? The Phillies selected yet another left handed hitting OF to add to the plethora of them in the minor leagues? Don’t the AAA Lehigh Valley Ironpigs already have a Chris Duffy? However, Chris Duffy is a lot different than some of these outfielders. He finished as a top five finalist for the USA Golden Spikes Award, given to the top amateur player, in a class that includes first round picks like Bryce Harper and Chris Sale. Scouts rave about his plus/plus raw power, and that’s what Chris believes can get him to the major leagues one day. Obviously, his skills are still very raw, especially fielding, but he has the ability to hit his way through the minors. He’s a very mature kid with a good understanding of the game after spending four years at college, and as his skills develop with a little bit of luck, he has a definite chance to make it to the minors. I thank him for his time!

jkearse123: You were drafted in the ninth round of the 2006 MLB Draft by the White Sox out of high school. What made you want to go to college, and how do you think the college experience changed you as a player?

Chris Duffy: My parents encouraged me to go to college out of high school because they wanted me to have an education and a back up plan in case baseball did not work out. Also they wanted me to mature more as a person and a baseball player and they felt like college would help me benefit in both of those aspects. Also, playing at UCF which is close to home, had impact on my decision so my friends and family could come watch me play for a few more years. I think college helped me to mature as a person. The biggest thing I think it helped me with was time management. Managing school and baseball and social life was a bit challenging at first but it definitely prepared me for life in general. Baseball wise I feel like I seen all different types of pitching and been through a coaching change and had sucess and failure in college. So with all these things I feel like I am more ready to move on to my professional baseball career.

jkearse123: The USA Golden Spikes Award is given out to the nation’s best amateur baseball players. The five finalists included Bryce Harper (#1 overall), Drew Pomeranz (#5), Yasmani Grandal (#12), Chris Sale (#13), and Chris Duffy (26th round pick). What does being named a finalist mean to you? Does it surprise you that you were drafted that low after being in a class with other first round picks?

Chris Duffy: Well it’s an honor to be up for the Golden Spikes Award. I feel honored to get recognized nationally as one of the best college baseball players this season. They are taking the five of us to Anahiem for the allstar game so I am definately excited for that. As far as the draft I feel that its an honor to get drafted period rounds 1 though 50. So I am grateful for the Phillies picking me up and I will work hard to get to the Big Leagues. I feel that the round doesn’t always truly grade a player. All that matters is what you do after the draft to get to the big leagues, as thats where it counts the most. I truly believe that I can play with and be the best.

jkearse123: What are the best parts of your game as a hitter? The rankings have you as a plus/plus raw power, so would you consider yourself a pure power hitter?

Chris Duffy: Yes, I am a pure power hitter..homeruns and doubles and RBI’s….that is what will get me to the big leagues.

jkearse123: What parts of your game do you feel you need to work on as a player?

Chris Duffy: I feel I can work on all parts of my game. But I will pay much attention to my defense. The Phillies have me working out at 1st base which is a new postion to me. In college I played out field and third base. But I’m working hard on my defense at 1st now.

jkearse123: Who was your favorite player growing up, and do you try to model your game after any players?

Chris Duffy: I grew up watching Ken Griffey Jr, Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard. Everybody on the Phillies calls me “Big Papi” So I guess I remind them of him! But I model my game off a little bit of all of those players. Hopefully my name will be in that category one day.

jkearse123: The Phillies actually have another Chris Duffy in AAA who has played in the majors before with the Pirates and the Expos. Obviously it’s out of your control, but what year would you like to play in the MLB?

Chris Duffy: Shoot man I would like to play next year, but whenever I get there, that’s when its meant to be. I’m just working hard to get there. My dream is one day they call it “the city of Duffy-love!”

17 thoughts on “Interview with Chris Duffy

  1. Welcome to the Phillies Chris! We wish you the best and as fans are thrilled that one of this year’s best college players will be a topic of discussion on this site.

  2. Thanks to Jordan and Chris. Best of luck Chris! Wait for your pitch and then hit it where they can’t catch it.

  3. Thanks for the interview.

    I note that the pre-draft write-up says that this guy has power and did well in his pre-draft season…as a “slugger”/hitter, BUT also said that he hadf put on weight and is “bad-bodied.”I take that to mean that he is flabbily unconditioned, and overweight.

    So…what is the truth here? Is he a one-trick pony?


  4. This is the part of scouting that interest me, A kid is one of the five best college hitters, yet he last until 801 pick . Why? what do scouts see in him that says he is not going to hit or be able to carry his bat to the pros. interesting.

  5. Thank you Mr. Kearse and Duffy. If Chris is still available or will read this and respond , I have a couple of questions:

    The University of Central Florida website lists your height and weight as 6’2 240, while the MLB Draft Tracker had you at 6’2 200, which is it?

    What is the criterion for the selection of the Golden Spikes award finalists? If there are 5 finalists, would they be considered as the best 5 players vis-a-vis all of College Baseball overall by the “selection committtee” or would there be any kind of NCAA stipulations inserted as to Conference representation , levels of play representation , and/or character/behaviour prerequisites, or whatnot.

  6. Not being critical of him or anything, but if you watch any video from the past season, it is obvious that he is close to 240.

  7. I’m a student and watched Chris play at UCF almost every game, he is definitely not “bad bodied.” Seeing him up close he is a beast, a lot similar to a Jason Heyward, tall, muscular, definitely not a Big Papi or Barry Bonds. Not out of shape or overweight. You guys will be impressed, as a fan of a rival but also of the game, I am sure he will do some big things in Philly.


    A Braves fan who wishes they had drafted Duffy.

  8. Chris, very nice of you to participate.

    Honestly, and with no disrespect to Mr. Duffy, I didn’t know anything about him until this interview. That having been said, I love the idea of us picking him. What I am really enjoying about the Phillies now is, in the old days, you would see OTHER teams pick players like Chris Duffy, guys that got somewhat overlooked, but you knew might be able to really play. Now it is the Phillies who seem to be the team that gets these players. I LOVE IT!

    Good luck, Chris.

  9. You won’t be worrying about his weight when he’s hitting bombs over the right field fence. Kid is a beast, tear it up Duff!

  10. He is about 220 not bad bodied at all, very muscular. I know him personally and he is one my best friends. I think the Phillies got lucky picking him in the 26th round because he should have gone much higher! I think he is really going to prove his abilities in the Phillies!

    Good luck Chris!

  11. Even if he has a body like prince feilder i think it will be overlooked if he hits like prince feilder. on a side note i have no idea what he looks like so i am no way saying he actually looks like prince feilder.

  12. I played high school with him at cypress and he is the furthest thing from flabby man, kid is a beast with raw talent. Give him a chance, he is a beast, he will do big things.

  13. Duffy has an MLB bat and will get better with time in the outfield. Has a GREAT head on his shoulders and the drive to be great. You won’t get a harder worker or nicer kid.

    Absolute STEAL.

  14. I know Chris personally. He is a big boy, but not due to flab. Once he gets the things right he needs to, he will light up the majors. I already have from him a bat and ball autographed cuse I got it like that. lol

  15. I know Chris personally. He is a big boy, but not due to flab. Once he gets the things right he needs to, he will light up the majors. I already have from him a bat and ball autographed cuz I got it like that. lol

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