Overbeck Promoted

Just a very quick note that Cody Overbeck was promoted from Clearwater to Reading the Reading Phillies announced today. Overbeck, 24, was hitting .302/.380/.553 with 11 HR and 41 RBI in 215 AB’s with Clearwater and is coming off a Florida State League All Star appearance.

23 thoughts on “Overbeck Promoted

  1. Let’s hope he plays everyday and does not get benched the next game if he has a 0for the previous game like Rizzotti is this morning. Glad I did not make the trip to Reading this AM to see a six year free agent at first and a former ML 30 something journeyman start.

  2. This is what we were told would happen some time ago.

    Let’s see how the rest of the year plays out. If they are smart, he will get an awful lot of playing time. This guy clearly can hit the ball extremely hard – the questions are whether he can adequately field his position (reports on this are fairly favorable) and whether he can handle higher level pitching.

  3. Sincerely doubt Rizzotti was benched for having an Ofer. Fogg’s trying to come back from an injury. Overback should get most of the playing time at 3rd.

  4. Just don’t think Overbeck has the range at third to play there in the MLs. More interested to see how Harold Garcia handles third base at Clearwater. In his one game there he did handle a 5-3 assist in his only chance Thursday night. He has something like a 17 game hitting streak on the line.

  5. The Phils give too much time and attention to fillers and has beens, Its time to ditch the weight.

    Good luck to Overbeck. More time on the field and instruction may help him improved but I am willing to bet he can play 3rd better than Dobbs (who also needs a bus ticket).
    If Riz keeps hitting, I would promote him in July to be what he has. In this case slow doesn’t apply.

  6. Congratulations to Cody … of course I don’t think will do anything to help Clearwater prevent setting a franchise record for futility tonight. Looks like it could be 10 losses in a row. I guess the good news is that they’ll be playing the last place team.

  7. Pleasantly surprised to see Overbeck appear in today’s game. Given the timing and the early start, he may not have been settled in Reading in time to start the game. Watching Tagg Bozied out there it is obvious that Bozied is NOT capable of playing third base full time.

    The game itself was a let down. But anyone who has made a couple stops in Reading can attest that the gameday atmosphere is incredible there. It’s impossible not to go and enjoy yourself really.

    FWIW, Michael Stutes hit 94 on the stadium gun.

  8. Could this possibly mean Bozied to the big club/Dobbs put on an iceberg towards Antarctica? Bozied has been mashing

  9. The Phillies have gotten good results by promoting AA pitchers when they have had in-season needs (Kendrick and Happ). Is there any AA sleeper this season (Naylor??)

  10. 94 on the stadium radar gun is really 96-97 mph at Reading, everytime I walk behind the scouts I compare the numbers and its always plus 2 or 3 on thir guns

  11. It’s possible the Phils are advancing Overbeck in hopes that he’ll hit the ball well at Clearwater so that they could use him as a piece in a trade for a starting pitcher…

  12. I’m wondering how they plan to play Overbeck? I think his promotion was well deserved but Bozied’s been playing 3rd and has been on fire. He was moved to 1st late in yesterday’s game and Overbeck played 3rd in the 9th on a double switch. But if Bozied is going to play 1st then what do you do with Rizzotti and Mahar. Mahar can play LF but Riz, Tagg and Cody will be sharing 2 positions.

    Maybe they move Bozied up to LHV. Maybe they release him (I’d think not)? Maybe they use Overbeck like they’ve handled Rizotti… move him in and out of the lineup? Maybe they bat Riz against righties and Overbeck against lefties with Bozied playing 1st or 3rd depending on who’s in the game? They can also alternate at DH when they’re using it.

  13. Where can I find the probable starters for Reading and Lehigh for this weekend? Its not on their websites.

  14. Ya gotta move Boz up to find out if he is for real. If he isn’t what is the point? Overbeck and Riz at least have a shot at the future.

  15. Boz is a career minor leaguer. Sometimes those guys find their niche and make it to the next level but, right now, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a bit of an afterthought.

  16. Congrats to Cody!

    Bellman, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Bozied, but he is not going to play over Overbeck or Rizzoti. Regarding Riz, I looked at the last ten games and Riz started nine of them, 5 at 1B and 4 at DH. He’s an everyday player and I doubt his playing time will go down due to Overbeck being promoted and Bozied now needing somewhere to play. Considering that Riz and Overbeck are both 24 and Bozied turns 31 next month, my guess is Bozied will likely find himself learning the OF or spending more time on the bench. I don’t think the Phils want to promote younger guys to AA only to see them play 2/3 of the time.

    I feel bad for Bozied since he’s been raking in May and June, but I suppose that’s the life of a long-time minor leaguer.

  17. They don’t need to do anything with the Reading roster at the current time. Overbeck went up as a result of the Paul Hoover injury for LVIP. Went up when Suomi was promoted..They have usual number of position players. I hope Overbeck will play 3B and not be Bozied’s caddy. Bozied likely to 1B, and when Tyson GIllies returns, supposedly any day now, they will likely have to move one of their now 3 1B’s Rizzotti, Bozied , or Mahar. I guess Mahar. I suppose if they wanted to, they could use Mahar as OF reserve and move Spidale, but a reserve OF who plays CF should be better. I would hope if they promote a 3B before the end of the season, It would be Cody Ransom, not Overbeck. Likewise they would likely take the 1B from LVIP, Andy Tracy for any fill in role, ahead of Rizzotti.

  18. As to the Reading Roster move when Gillies returns, it is made. Off of Scout.com or something, it says Gillies activated and Brandon Pinckney was released. It may mean that Ozzie Chavez plays 2B and Overbeck 3rd and Bozied, Rizzotti, Mahar play 1st. Or it may mean Bozied stays at 3B, Overbeck to 2B and Ozzie is MI back-up . Or it might mean Harold Garcia moves up to play 2B, Overbeck 3B and 3 guys at 1B. Then one of the new Draftees they will/have signed goes to Clearwater. Or it might mean a lot of things or not much.

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