Lakewood Weekly Report (6/7-6/13)

Recap:  The ‘Claws are surging going into the final week of the SAL first half, going 4-1 and moving ahead of Hickory and into first place in the SAL North. Sebastian Valle led the way with a monster power week, while the starting pitching was consistently good across the board.  Their record has improved to 37-26.  They close out the first half with seven games at home, including three with Lexington then four with Kannapolis.

Hitters:  Valle led the way with a 4 HR week including the ‘Claws first multi-home run game in years.  Jiwan James also had his best week of the season, and Jonathan Singleton did what Jonathan Singleton does.

  • Adam Buschini:  1-15, SB, E, average down to .237, another week like this from falling off the list of guys I track
  • Leandro Castro:  6-17, 2B, 3B, 3 RBI, SB
  • Anthony Hewitt:  7-22, 2B, 3B, HR, 2 RBI, 10 K / 0 BB, E
  • Jiwan James:  8-23, 3 2B, 3B, 2 RBI, 2 SB, E
  • Domingo Santana:  0-6, RBI, 4 K / 0 BB, I’m handing the baton to whoever writes the Williamsport recaps
  • Jonathan Singleton:  8-24, HR, 7 RBI, 5 K, 2 BB, SB
  • Sebastian Valle:  7-21, 2 2B, 4 HR, 12 RBI, average up to .251
  • Jonathan Villar:  4-18, HR, 3 RBI, 2 SB, E

Jeremy Barnes went on the DL with a knee tweak…Villar’s homer was his first since 2008 in the DSL…Jake Blalock was the last BlueClaw with a multi-homer game (2004)…Jiwan James is now second in the league in runs scored…Hewitt and Santana have actually been surpassed on the strikeout leaderboard as Kyle Skipworth (the 6th overall pick in the same draft as Hewitt) has moved to the top/bottom.

Pitchers: Matt Way’s eight shutout innings constituted the best of several good efforts by the starts.  Colvin, Cosart, and Shreve all had fine starts as well.

  • Brody Colvin:  7 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 8 K, 1 BB
  • Jarred Cosart:  6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 7K , 3 BB
  • Jonathan Pettibone:  3 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 K, 3 BB
  • Julio Rodriguez:  2.2 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 3 K, 3 BB
  • Colby Shreve:  6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 7 K, 2 BB
  • Matt Way:  8 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 7 K, 1 BB
  • Josh Zeid:  3 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 4 K, 1 BB

Cosart should get two more starts before the half ends as he’s scheduled to start on Monday…still haven’t seen an update on when Nick Hernandez will return.

NOTE:  Next week’s report will be delayed until midweek.  The first half ends on Sunday and I plan on doing a lengthier writeup recapping the first half.

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  1. This is actually a very good test for the young Claws. The players really want to make the playoffs. Let’s hope their recent fine play continues.

  2. Line of the year so far ‘Jonathan Singleton did what Jonathan Singleton does’. The mania will overcome us all if he keeps this up.

    Why was Pettibone’s outing so short? He is a guy I still have a lot of hope for.

  3. I’m assuming Pettibone had a short outing because he is still working his way off the DL.

    Thanks for the write-up, davput. I love this team.

  4. Your summaztions and indepth write ups are phoenomenal and help me to dream about the future in lieu of the dismal first half by the “parent club”. I would appreciate any more scouting input you could get in reference to Singleton. It really helps the Psyche

  5. Tried through all my usual online sources as to the reason for Pettibone’s short outing but couldn’t find anything. Saw nothing to indicate it was anything other than a coaching decision (and not a new / recurring health issue).

  6. -If Colvin keep outpitching Cosart, I’ll start to wonder which of them is our #1 pitching prospect. Cosart just displaced Trevor May with his dominant start, but Colvin is really coming on strong. James was correct when he separated those three from our next tier of pitching prospects. They seem to have similar size, velocity and throw similar pitches, so a comparison of the three would be nice.

    -Hewitt’s sustained improvement is definitely encouraging, but has he shown anything that doesn’t appear in the box score?

    -Is Valle still catching? How is that coming along? Any plans to move him to 3rd?

    -Has Matt Way’s velocity improved or does he still work in the 80s?

  7. Would be hard-pressed to say Colvin is outpitching Cosart, or to crown him as the top pitching prospect in the system, but he certainly has gotten on track and gives them a good arm.

    Would also be hesitant to be encouraged by Hewitt. His HR rate and K rate are pretty much in line with his career. OBP is “improved” and still doesn’t sniff .300. Also, Hewitt’s numbers have really improved over the last week to ten days after a 30 to 45 day stretch of really poor baseball.

    Valle has been used exclusively at catcher save for a few starts at DH. If anyone has seen updated scouting on his defense, please reply. Impossible for me to judge a catcher’s defense by aggregating box scores.

  8. I think Valle’s defense is better than his original scouting reports and believe he can become at the very least an average defensive catcher in the majors. He’s thrown out 31% of baserunners this year which I have assume is well above avg. for low-A ball since I feel pitchers aren’t very good at keeping runners on. Also I think that some credit should go to him for almost all of our pitchers pitching exceptionally well. Of course the staff is incredibly talented but it’s clear he’s handling the pitching staff well.

    For the record Valle has played 49/53 games as catcher this year. The other 4 were at DH. I have heard that Valle could become a 3B down the line but I think that was before we traded Marson and D’Arnaud. Now that there are no other real catching prospect in our system Valle is destined to stay at catcher.

  9. Petibone looked outstanding when I saw him in Greensboro and has had other good starts. He was throwing hard and had good control after he settled down in the second inning. Since then a wheel or two has fallen off. Either he is hurting or his mechanics/consistency/control have broken down. Sometimes the two go together.

  10. just listening to the first inning of the lakewood game cosart was hitting 97 with the fastball

  11. I have noticed when Cosart has more than 5 days rest his control is not as good as it is with just 5 days.

    I would would consider Valle an average to below average defensive catcher.

  12. I’m listening to the Lakewood game as well. The announcer just mentioned that Cosart is still hitting 96 mph with two outs in the 6th inning.

  13. Claws Fan,

    I’m not necessarily disputing your opinion on Valle’s defensive ability but I’m just curious as to why you think that.

    31% CS is pretty good for A- ball. 4 Passed balls isn’t great but it’s really not that bad. Buster Posey, who may be considered the best overall catching prospect has a 7.38 range factor compared to 9.08 for Valle. I know defensive stats are viewed as sometimes being irrelevant but so can scouting reports because they usually don’t update them year to year.

    I’d say Valle started off as a very raw catching prospect but I believe he has become above avg. defensively when compared to other 19 year old catching prospects.

  14. This is quite random because I know it’s not even close to fitting into this discussion but I was curious if anyone knew how calculate a pitcher’s FIP/xFIP. Also I don’t really know the difference between the 2.

    The reason I ask is because before tonight J.C. Ramirez’s era is 4.55, but his K/BB is 3.20 and his HR/9 is 0.3. If I had to guess that would probably be in the 3.3-3.6 range.

  15. Valle stuck his glove up on a high FB and the ball hit the top of the mitt for a passed ball. Don’t like that kind of mistake. Indicates a less than crisp and energetic catching style. Not saying that’s true, but you don’t see that high school mistake in pros too often. Maybe in warmups with a hungover catcher. I like Valle, but you have to take that as a data point.

  16. I was about to say, “OMG! Singleton catches the 0-fer” and then he goes and hits a double.

  17. JC’s FIP is 3.08. has FIP as well as plenty of other good stuff, including GB%, batted ball distributions, etc. I do not know any site that lists minor league xFIPs, and I can’t find the formula for calculating it in a quick web search. I would say your best bet is to check out Tom Tango’s blog and search archives if you are really interesting in finding out the formula

    I would guess xFIP is not very kind to JC with his very low HR/FB rate (2 and change percent)

  18. You guys can find FIP on JC’s is a solid 3.49. Good call Johnny.

  19. Actually here is the formula for FIP

    (13 * HR + 3 * BB – 2 * K)/IP + 3.20*

    *League factor

    And as far as I know, the HR/FB used in xFIP is set to 11%. So you can take the number of FBs allowed (Batters faced minus (BB+K+HBP) * FB%), multiply by .11 to get the expected homers, and plug that into the FIP equation

    So there you have it. I expect full xFIP reports for all our minor league levels by tomorrow

  20. ^Edit for above post, just realized that they list the FB allowed number on minorleaguesplits. So you can skip that work, just multiply by .11 for the “expected HRs” and plug into FIP for the xFIP. Won’t be perfectly accurate since the league factor will not be based on the FSL, but still better than nothing

  21. Cosart’s splits are pretty freaking impressive.

    .187 avg against.
    .87 whip.
    1.79 BB/9.
    10.41 K/9.
    .33 HR/9.(This is probably unsustainable)
    54.8 GB%

    Those are pretty good splits right there and back up his number 2(?) prospect status.

  22. last 10 cosart 52.2 ip-3.08 era-59 k- 13bb
    last 5 colvin 31.1 ip- 1.73 era- 31k- 9bb

  23. Thanks for all the FIP assistance. I feel it beneficial when I’m able to personally compute the stats.

  24. joe de, you are right it probably is unsustainable, but Cosart is definately a ground ball pitcher so who knows>?? plus his avg with risp is ridiculously high witch is definately unsustainable.

  25. JoeDE is right. When I checked and Singleton was 0-2 with a K I was like WTF. Then 2 doubles and I am able to step back from the cliff.

  26. Singleton went 2-4 with 2-2b’s and 1So and is now hitting 411 for the year.

  27. i know this is a lakewood thread, but dont look now…Freddy Glavis is starting to hit.

  28. Opps. That’s what happens when you don’t refresh before posting, haha. I didn’t even notice that James hit the walkoff.

  29. At what point does Singleton get the call to Clearwater? IF he keeps this up I’d say they give him a shot at it August. Although if Lakewood is playing well still they might let them win a championship together.

  30. im all for not rushing a kid, but at the same time if he is batting 400 after 150 PA’s I think we would be doing him a disservice to hold him back

  31. Singleton is by far the most enjoyable person to check the box score for in my years of minor league following. Every night he does something. His last two 0’fers were 2bb game and a 3bb game.. this is getting ridiculous. I know sample size and everything, but he can’t be this good can he??? I’m not saying 1200 ops good, but i mean even 1000 ops is amazing soo… what I am asking is he really this incredibly awesome???

  32. At his age, I wouldn’t see Singleton getting more than a cup of coffee at Clearwater. Maybe final week or two. That would be similar to what Braves did with Heyward. Seems like a good blueprint to me

  33. Pat,

    I keep trying to compare Singleton to Heyward as Heyward did very well in A- and stayed there for the entire season but it wasn’t until the next season that they shot him through the system. But Singleton is doing so much better than Heyward at this age/level that a promotion is almost overdue at this point. I know he’s only 18 but the SAL isn’t even close to challenging him. And the SAL is supposed to be a pitchers league if I’m not mistaken.

  34. I agree with 2 times…if u check their stats Singleton is WAY ahead of Heyward for the SAL league and at no point did Heyward have a 100+ PA with similar stats to Singleton. I’d give him 175PA’s and them move him.

  35. Yeah. I think taking it slow with him THIS YEAR would be very beneficial. Remember, he’s an 18 year old kid. Getting him used to the routine of professional baseball is probably almost as important as performance at this point.

  36. Why would you want to move Singleton up when there is a good chance Lakewood will make the playoffs and play in September? They can’t win it all without him in the lineup.
    Ed Wade was at the game tonight since Lexington is a Houston affiliate. Probably trying to charm Ruben into taking Oswalt for Cosart, Colvin and Singleton. The Peter Principle is at work here on both sides.

  37. I mentioned that in my original post that that would be the only reason they didn’t move him up in August.

  38. What do you guys think about this Luke Wertz…era 0.36 thru 25 inn …i guess he is kinda old for this league…are they just trying to get him to close some games?

  39. Its logical to think Singleton will slow down, but he must be very illogical.
    Soon the league will stop pitching to him. Then you will have to move him. July in Florida seems fine. Like I always say “there is nothing to fear but fear itself

  40. if the phils think moving up singleton is beneficial then i think they will do it, I don’t think they really care if Lakewood makes the playoffs or not

  41. Sam Soap, Wertz was a 2007 College draft choice. He missed all of 2008 to injury. He also missed a month earlier this year with injury. He’s been very good when he can pitch. As you said, he’s very old for the league but he’s pitched less than 70 innings since 2007. I think the Phils would like to see him get healthy for a long period of time and then they can accurately evaluate him. He’d have to move all the way to Reading this year, to see what they have in him. I’m not sure he’s going to get there.

  42. Domingo Santana just told me that he, Julio Rodriguez and Siumlan Lebron are going down to Williamsport tommorow.

  43. With that I guess Julio Rodriguez and Perci Garner will head the Crosscutters rotation. Their OF will be packed. Santana, Dugan, Hudson, Aaron Altherr and Gauntlett Eldemire. Somebody will have to sit every game.

  44. Is it possible that Eldemire starts in the GCL, if only to get him used to pro ball and give some other players time in the Of at Williamsport? Just wondering out loud here.

  45. Singleton isn’t a good comp for Heyward because they much different players, with different skills (Heyward has a much broader skill set) who play different positions, and have different body types. I’d prefer to just let Singleton stand alone and keep hitting his way to glory because, right now, I’m just in awe, but want to see if he can keep it up over an entire season. So far, so good.

  46. Singleton is the obvious focus but it is worth mentioning that in the last 4 weeks or so James has raised his average almost 50 points and Valle roughly 30 points.

    It will do a lot for the system if one or both of them turn the corner and make some progress towards clearwater.

  47. EC, thanks for the info. I’m a little surprised to see that about Rodriguez, since he’s been pitching so well. He’s going to tear up the NYPL. I suppose this news also means that Collier will be back soon.

    Catch, I agree with you on Singleton. On Eldemire, I can’t imagine they start him at GCL. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge for him. Of that OF crew that mike77 mentions, Altherr is the most likely to play in the GCL. I personally would have chosen Hudson to play there, but the Phils have already said Hudson and Dugan will play in the NYPL.

  48. Does anyone really really want to know what Singleton’s Sonar score would be right now? I’m super curious, PP, any way you could do a “top 5 prospect” sonar score update?!?!?

  49. I thought Siulman LeBron went to Williamsport a couple of weeks back. I did not see anything that said Eldelmire even signed a contract yet, and/if when he does- how about the 4th OF/DH position at Lakewood. Don’t see the necessity of promoting anyone from XST for that role.

    Hewitt now has a higher batting average than Buschini. Don’t see that mentioned. Just all the walk/strikeout stuff. I think the Kyle Skipworth , (6th pick in Hewitt’s draft year) now exceeding both Hewitt and Santana in Striking Out, and likely in percentage of Strikeouts per Official At Bat and/or Plate Appearance as well, though not specified, is far more noteworthy than the previous commentors have placed it.

  50. Agree with Nobody: Best reason to promote Singleton is so that he starts seeing pitches again and is less likely to go fishing on the far side of the river. So far, his patience has been good, but after a while (refer to Ryan Howard), you just want to start swinging at anything close to the plate, Singleton has a more disciplined mind, but he is still a young kid.

  51. Good to see James hitting the ball. But those guys hitting before Singleton are going to see FBs. Pitchers will force them to hit their way on. No way they want two or three guys on with Jonathan up.

    James has to learn better plate discipline. .301 OBP ain’t gonna hack it.

  52. Was Chad Poe released? I don’t see him listed either on the Lakewod roster or any of the others.

  53. Just checked Poe’s stats page at and he is listed as “assigned to new team/level”- just what is not listed.

  54. Poe was sent to Extended back when Cosart was activated off the DL. I expect him to go to Williamsport.

  55. maybe Hernadez is coming of DL after Allstar break.

    Didn’t Rodriguez replace Hernandez?

  56. Williamsport’s rotation will have Rodriquez and probably Lebron but it will also have Inch, Angelle, and possibly Cespedis before they have high school guys just drafted. The new high school guys will start in GCL. College relievers could fill out staff though.

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