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The Phillies have signed OF Willy Taveras, as assigned him to Triple A Lehigh Valley, filling in the hole created by the departure of DeWayne Wise.  Taveras was most recently in the Nationals organization and hit .200 for the Nationals in 37 plate appearances this year. Taveras, still just 28, is a .274 major league hitter in over 2400 at bats.  Additionally, he has stolen over 20 bases five times at the major league level. 

On the injury front, reliever Brian Rosenberg, who has struggled with injuries all year was placed back on the DL with a Right Lat Strain by Reading.   Taking Rosenberg’s spot on the Reading roster is Pitcher Ty Taubenheim.

Pitcher Nelson Figueroa, has accepted his assignment to Triple A and will be shortly reporting to Lehigh Valley.  This will leave the ‘Pigs with a roster decision to make on their pitching staff.

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  1. Willy Taveras is a good pickup and will add depth for the Phillies with his major league experience , good speed and defense.

  2. Hell be a nice guy to have in Sept too, although Berry is on the 40 man already and can do the same type of things

  3. Taveras is a better insurance policy than DeWayne Wise and that’s what AAA is, an insurance policy for the major league team. It’s got to be frustrating, but I guess it beats a real job.

  4. Willy Taveras is not a good enough player to be considered a great pick up for the Phillies. He is good enough for the Iron Pigs though.
    I am suprised that his career avg is that high, but considering he never takes a walk, it is not high enough.

  5. Spent the afternoon over at the Complex and watched the the Phils and Pirates in extended spring training games on Ashburn and Roberts Fields. J.A. Happ pitched a couple of innings on Ashburn and was judged to look “healthy” but his change.up looked “rusty” by those there in the know. The line up behind him was Mitchell C, Bollinger 1B, Fidel Hernadez 2B, Franco 3B, Rios SS, Perdome LF, Torres CF, Undo RF with Murakami and Balantien DHing. The lefty Martinez came on for Happ and pitched the rest of the way.

    Franco is still struggling at third as he pulled “Bolly” off the base on an easy throw to first but in his at bat I saw he hit the ball hard. First base coach Roly DeArmas yelled to Bolly to “get it ready” when he was at the plate with runners in scoring position and with his late lefthanded swings on fastballs he lined two balls off the third base bench screen before grounding a single in the hole between short and third. Rios also lined a run scoring single up the middle in the inning.

    Over on Roberts the second team took on the Pirates coached by Tom Prince. The lineup was Diaz and Doss C, Mendez 1B, Hernandez 2B, Duran SS, McConnell 3B, Dugan LF, Altherr CF, Dabbs RF and Alverez DH. A couple of guys I never heard of pitched for the Phils by the names of Pirela and a big lefty Carr. The big lefty got the ball over the plate and gave the inexperienced lefthanded hitters problems with his slider. Doss showed off a strong arm throwing out a runner at second.

    Duran, Dugan, Mendez, Alverez, and Dabbs all had hits while I was there. Mendez hit the ball hard in the three at bats I saw. Dugan dropped the barrel head on a ball and drove it to right for a base hit. That’s about it but it was good to get out of the 94 degree heat and even higher humidity.

  6. I’m surprised to see Taveras has virtually no AAA experience. He was great in AA. He’s not a guy you want every day in a major league lineup. But used correctly he could have some value.

  7. saw him play for the Astros. Lots of speed but you have to get on base first.

  8. Taveras becomes good insurance as a defensive OF and offers speed of the bench come September when rosters expand.

    He may not be great but he’s a better option than Berry in an injury situation.

  9. Taveras to me is like a young bourn was, love speed off the bench, pinch running and defense.

  10. Well, Mr. Branch, that’s some good information, and it might say alot. Don’t see any mention of Kyrell Hudson, maybe he had the day off. Pitchers must be Kyle Carr and Jesus Pirela, Only thing I know about Carr is he is on the XST roster above and there are some stats on BA, Pirela is a rather youngish find who had been on a Latin American roster a couple of years and he should be added to the XST roster before it is too late. I believe the squad you referred to as “second team” given the experience level of those involved might better be considered first team and are the likely sendees to Williamsport. The surprise might be, it seems Geancarlo Mendez might be ahead of Bollinger, if these indeed are the alignments, and they both might get to play at 1B at the 2 levels , if they do not make 1B a draft priority. Objectively looking at stats, Mendez was one of the top last season, and it might be good if he gets an oppotunity to start at Williamsport.

  11. Nice stuff Rickey. If the Carr guy is Kyle Carr and he’s the 6’5″ 200 lb lefty who pitched in the Minn. organization, he’s a man among boys. He’s 23.

    I’m wondering how Inch, Sasaki, Angelle and Kleven are lining up? Who’s going where?

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