Around the System–OF

The second trip around the system, looking at the progress or lack thereof, of the OF’s in the system.

Lehigh Valley

John Mayberry, 26, .284/.346/.503 in 183 AB’s. 9HR 32 RBI; 7 SB 0CS; .326 vs. LH, .271 vs. RH, .232 with RISP, .271 in May; 8% bb rate; 23% k rate. 1 assist, 1 error.  Mayberry has been solid all year with his splits looking much better then in years past.  He still strikes out alot and his average with RISP needs improvement but I expect to see him in the majors outside the Phillies organization by this time next year.

Rich Thompson, 31, .276/.333/.366 in 145 AB’s.  1HR 10 RBI; 12SB 1 CS; .125 vs. LH, .306 vs. RH; .286 with RISP; .298 in May; 8% bb rate; 15% k rate. 1 error, 2 assists.  Thompson continues to do everything asked of him and do it well (except hit lefties).  I am admittedly biased on Thompson, as his hustle makes up for his shortcomings.

Chris Duffy, 30, .242/.305/.379 in 182AB’s. 3HR 23 RBI; 6 SB 1 CS; .342 vs. LH, .215 vs. RH, .412 with RISP; .219 in May; 9% bb rate, 21% k rate.  2 assists, 1 error. Duffy slowed down after a concussion kept him out of the lineup for several games, but having watched Duffy, he plays all out.

Willy Taveras, 28.


Domonic Brown, 22, .308/.386/.604 in 159 AB’s; 10HR 29 RBI; 8 SB 4CS; .282 vs. LH, .317 vs. RH; .233 with RISP; .296 in May; 12% bb rate; 19% k rate.  0 assists, 3 errors. Brown continues to impress and has been maybe a shade under excellent. He now has a bit over 300 AB’s in AA and is hitting right around .300 with 13HR 49 RBI and 16 SB’s.  I would think the Phils will want another 100-150 at bats under his belt before a promotion.

Quintin Berry, 25, .193/.299/.261 in 119 AB’s.  0HR 6 RBI, 14 SB 2 CS; .222 vs. LH, .188 vs. RH, .250 with RISP; .198 in May; 13% bb rate, 18% k rate.  2 errors, 3 assists. After missing nearly the first month of the season with an infection, Berry has done nearly nothing absent stealing bases.  Speed is his game and he does that well, but with an average below .200 and poor defensive skills, Berry is quickly becoming a one tool player.

Mike Spidale, 28, .276/.317/.378 in 156 AB’s.  2HR 22 RBI; 9SB 5 CS; .279 vs. LH, .277 vs. RH, .323 with RISP; .264 in May; 5% bb rate, 13% k rate. 0 errors, 2 assists.  Spidale continues to give a professional at bat, and has speed which he uses well.  His arm, however, is a liability.

Tyson Gillies, 21, .247/.291/.351 in 97 AB’s. 2HR 6 RBI; 1 SB 2 CS; .182 vs. LH, .267 vs. RH; .190 with RISP; .357 in May; 4% bb rate, 23% k rate.  1 error, 3 assists. Gillies was just starting to hit when he injured himself in early May and has been on the DL for 3 weeks with hamstring issues.  He had not been using his speed (possibly because of injuries) and that is a huge part of his game.


Anthony Gose, 19, .259/.3231/.394 in 216 AB’s.  1HR 11 RBI; 21SB 15 CS; .292 vs. LH, .243 vs. RH; .218 with RISP, .276 in May, 8%bb rate, 23% k rate.  3 errors, 9 assists. A mixed bag this season so far for Gose who needs to learn to use his speed better and continue working on keeping his strikeout numbers down if he is to become a top of the lineup hitter at the next level.  That being said…remember is still only 19.

Steve Susdorf, 24, .260/.340/.409 in 181 AB’s. 6HR 30 RBI, 4 SB 2 CS; .218 vs. LH, .278 vs. RH, .320 with RISP, .230 in May.11% bb rate, 23% k rate. 0 errors, 0 assists.  Susdorf was a guy many on here were in love with last year, and has come back down to Earth, while remaining productive. Now with over 325 at bats in CLearwater, he may be a guy moving along to AA in July.

Derrick Mitchell,23, .235/.299/.461 in 115 AB’s.  6HR 21 RBI; 10SB 0CS; .323 vs. LH, .202 vs. RH, .279 with RISP, 7% bb rate, 22% k rate; .257 in May.  0 errors, 2 assists. Mitchell has shown something over the last six weeks after really struggling for quite some time. After hitting just .208 last year, Mitchell has been swinging the bat better, showing both speed and some power.  Whether this will last long enough for a promotion, only time will tell.

Brian Gump, 22, .197/.271/.262 in 61 AB’s. 0HR 6 RBI, 1 SB.  .242 in May.  Gump has received very limited playing time, but has received a few more AB;s lately.  With that has come a few hits.


Leandro Castro, 20, .258/.287/.439 in 221 AB’s.  5HR 40 RBI; 7SB, 7CS; .278 vs. LH, .248 vs. RH; .271 with RISP, .217 in May; 4% bb rate, 17% k rate.  0 errors, 6 assists. The free swinging Castro continues to show raw talent, which more AB’s should help develop.

Anthony Hewitt, 21, .220/.277/.345 in 177 AB’s. 4HR 24 RBI; 6SB 1CS; .175 vs. LH, .246 vs. RH, .246 with RISP, .179 in May; 4% bb rate; 35% k rate.  4 errors, 2 assists. After a start that caused some excitement, Hewitt has reverted back to his form the past couple of seasons with a massive strikeout rate. As a first round draft choice, Hewitt will continue to receive every opportunity to succeed.

Jiwan James, 21, .241/.295/.332 in 220 AB’s.  2HR 32 RBI; 12SB 4CS; .222 vs. LH, .250 vs. RH; .224 with RISP; .246 in May; 6% bb rate; 24% k rate.  0 errors, 4 assists. Still very rough around the edges, James has started showing what he capable of at the plate and is using his speed well.

Domingo Santana, 17, .194/337/.316 in 155 AB’s. 3HR 15 RBI; 5 SB 6CS; .196 vs. LH, .192 vs. RH; .120 with RISP, .198 in May, 16% bb rate; 39% k rate.  2 errors, 1 assist. What can you expect from a 17 year old, playing his first baseball in the States?  He needs work, and has plenty of time.  Walk rate is very impressive.  K rate isn’t.  Expect him to play in Williamsport once their season begins.

Zach Collier, 19, has been on the DL the entire season thus far.  Look for him to make his season debut sometime this month.

14 thoughts on “Around the System–OF

  1. Lots of talent but not much in the way of results except for Brown. There’s still plenty of time though and James and Gose are hot now so lets’s see how they do. Waiting for Dugan, Hudson and Altherr to play.

  2. Probability of seeing the bog leagues (in order from most likely to less likely:

    -Brown 99.999% (only injuries can stall him)
    -Mayberry (will see 4th/5th OF time)
    -Gillies (once healthy, I give him 1.5-2 years to make the scene)
    -Gose (much less likely than first three, but a decent chance)
    -Berry (could see backup time)
    -Susdorf, Castro, James, Santana (we are lucky if one busts through)
    -The rest (2 chances, slim and none–hold onto the slim for your favorite)

  3. For being so talented, the results are below expectations. Only Brown and Mayberry have decent ‘numbers’ and Mayberry has already shown his majors potential.
    Gillies, Gose, and Berry have not shown the leadoff potential hoped for.
    And none of the Lakewood toolsheds is looking good. I was at least hoping for one of them to breakout, but, as has been stated, all of them are years away and have time.

  4. d’arby is suposed to be back in clearwater in the nxt week or two he was suffering frm heat exaustion

  5. Given the lack of productivity among our minor league outfielders, maybe Singleton should be tried in left field! Right now, every outfield prospect other than Brown comes with at least one disclaimer.

  6. Yes, let’s move Singleton to the outfield so that everybody can begin complaining (again) how there are no IF prospects in the system and we have to draft about 20 of them.

  7. Well, let him play in LF until the next evaluation of corner infielders on this site.

  8. In your around the system OF, there are five outfielders, you did not list Myers. he like Gump has had limited playing time, but Gump was mention, so should Myers.

  9. Gump is on a current roster. Myers is not. Therefore, no metnion. When he returns to a roster, he will be mentioned.

  10. Prep outfielders most often need 2 full seasons of pro ball to get their feet on the ground…and their real development, with rare exceptions, then begins.

    Each of them–5-6 in all–aqre 20 or younger.

    Excepting rareties like Singleton, they will need those full two seasons to begin to “get ir.”

    Patience is required for almost all prep picks.

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