46 thoughts on “April 26th Box Score Roundup

  1. Colby Shreve is finally in the boxscore for a Phils affiliate.

    What are people realistically hoping for from Shreve this year? Because of all the time he’s missed, what would everyone consider to be a success for him, assuming just getting back to the mound isn’t enough?

  2. hehe – I agree with NEPP there. Really, my expectations for Shreve are small – log some innings. get himself back on track.

    Hewitt had a couple of hits and a homer. That K:BB ration is frightening, but he looks like he is finally starting to produce and show some pop with an ISO just over .160

    Bushini has my attention too. Granted, he’s almost 23 so he should be hitting really well. Keep it up, get a promotion to Clearwater and he could be our next Jason Donald. Does anyone have a scouting report on his fielding, since the Phils moved him to 3b?

    – Jeff

  3. My only hope for Shreve is that he takes a regular turn in the rotation for the entire season and logs 100-120 innings. Once he proves to be healthy I’ll start worrying about his performance.

  4. Guess I should add with Shreve that I hope he actually gets into a rotation somewhere and takes a regular turn first!.

  5. Ya I was a little disappointed that Shreve relieved. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstaticed that he is alive and in fact real, but thought that he would take the place of Cosart in the rotation. Does anyone know who will start for cosart’s 1 or 2 absences?

  6. How come scheonberger is not getting much game play but seems to have a decent bat and speed?

  7. I’m not a doc but I think 100-120 innings for Shreve seems like an awful lot…but I am not sure if he pitched at all last year? I thought he was floating around at the end of the year but I could be mistaken.

    And I am definitely in the camp of “he’s pitching – so if he stays healthy, no matter starter/reliever/innings that’s a ood thing if he stays healthy”.

  8. 70-80 IP would probably be smarter than 100+ He’s coming off 2 years of inactivity following TJ surgery in May 08.

  9. Alan Schoenberger is one of the Aussies. He’s a switch-hitter who weighs slightly more than a baby calf (160 lbs). This is his 4th season in the organization and he’s still only 21. He’s versatile playing 2nd, SS, 3rd and LF in his time in the organization. He’s barely hit his weight until this year although he hasn’t played in more than 40 games in any season. His best average was in Wmspt last year and it was .228. I’d say the Phils don’t think too highly of him because he doesn’t play enough to get a read on him. He intrigues me with the .500 BA but it’s such a small sample that everyone on this site would lambaste me if I said anything more. He’s Bruntlett light.

  10. I can just picture NEPP in some dark bar all bombed, like someone who claims to have seen sasquatch, telling everyone who will listen “COLBY SHREVE IS REAL!! (slams glass with some of the jack daniels sloshing over the side) The Phillies DRAFTED HIM!! I’ve seen him, he is real. I’m telling the truth. (followed by a few drunken sniffles) You’ll see, YOU’ll ALL SEE!!”

  11. Pettibone just got his third strikeout in the third this morning at Greensboro. Fastball reported at 88 on the radio play by play. Schoey just picked up a 6-3 assist spelling Villar at SS. Gotta like him as a utility guy. Has nice pop from both sides when he makes contact and he has cut down on his strike outs as he is getting better recognizing the breaking ball.

  12. Pettibone just picked up his 4th strike out on a curve ball in the 5th. Fastball sitting at 88-90 with it topping at 93 on the stadium gun.

  13. With the Phillies 2012 payroll already at 80 million for 7 guys, either they are about to enter Yankee territory, as far as payroll goes, or they are as excited about this group of prospects as we are.
    They seem to be betting on a home grown bullpen, a couple of starters and some of the outfield talent to break through succesfully into the majors.

  14. toddzilla: “COLBY SHREVE IS REAL!! (slams glass with some of the jack daniels sloshing over the side) The Phillies DRAFTED HIM!! I’ve seen him, he is real. I’m telling the truth. (followed by a few drunken sniffles) You’ll see, YOU’ll ALL SEE!!”

    Post of the year…I outright busted out laughing when I read that just now.

  15. Pettibone 71 pitches after 5 innings. Just picked up his 5th K on a change up to start 6th. Now 6th K’s after 80 pitches with two outs in the 6th. 3 up 3 down on a 5-3 to end the 6th. Wonder if Pettibone will come out in the 7th with a pitch count just over 80?

  16. Is that where Pettibone’s fastball normally sits? That seems pretty marginal for a pitching prospect (I realize he’s only 19) especially a righty. Also, I noticed that Aumont’s fastball seemed slower then I expected (low 90-93 as opposed to 93-95 ish). Is that a product of the changed mechanics, the early season, recommendation from pitching coaches with the changes in mind, or just who he is as a starter?

  17. If I recall correctly, Pettibone was left off Baseball America’s Phillies Top 30 entirely, and I have to think it was due to his velocity. As PRD noted, it’s still early in the season, and Pettibone is still only 19, so it’ll be interesting to see if he can add any velo going forward. If not, 88-90 leaves him precious little margin for error.

  18. Nice effort by Pettibone today. A 99 pitch, 7 strike out, 7 inning effort but a wild pitch on a curve ball that Langley was unable to block in the dirt scores a run from third to give Greensboro a 2-1 lead after 7 complete innings.

  19. I think/thought that Pettibone had a “projectable” frame and that he was expected to gain low 90s velocity when he matured. I’d have to go look back through his draft notes to verify that though…and I sadly probably dont have the time to do that right now.

  20. I’m sure this is Pettibone’s best ever professional outing by a large margin. Let’s hope he can build on it now. Colvin’s outing was certainly better than his two bombings so that’s good but he also needs to develop some consistency as the seaosn goes forward. I’m assuming the organization wants Shreve to start but throwing him out there for an innning to get his feet wet is not so bad. Cosart won’t be out too long, he just needs his finger to heal and get tougher. After that, if Shreve is in, somebody is out.

  21. I don’t know for certain, but I was at Cosart’s monday game and the stadium gun had him 91-93 but I think PP was reporting him a few mph higher off a different gun he was watching. Maybe the stadium gun is a bit slow?

  22. Shreve is expected to take Cosart’s start on Thursday according to Greg. Yesterday’s one inning was Shreve’s side session. Should be interesting to see what he can do.

  23. sorry. If iIam not mistaken didn’t phuture phillies say he didnt understand pettibone pick after the draft. Seems to bear out if these kid is 88-90 righander what did the phillies scouts see to take him so high????????????????

  24. It seems like Nick Hernandez should be getting a promotion pretty quickly as he’s really dominating the SAL. As soon as that happens Shreve should be in the rotation fulltime. Also I’d be surprised to see Way in Lakewood for an extended period of time.

  25. Looks like Lakewood has found a closer. Relying on a low 90’s fastball Josh Zeid got out of a bases loaded, no out situation in the bottom of the 9th by getting a pop out and two strikeouts to pick up a save in a 3-2 win.

    Sidewinding Jacob Diekman showed why he may never be a prospect. With the scored tied at 2-2 the lefty had an easy 1-2-3 in the 8th. But in the 9th attempting to protect the 3-2 lead after the BlueClaws scored a run in the top of the inning on a clutch double by Buschini, Diekman then could not find the strike zone. He walked the first two batters including a lefthanded hitter to put runners at first and second with no outs. Diekman was yanked in favor of Zeid who wild pitched the runners to second and third. Manager Mark Parent then ordered an intentional walk to load the bases with no outs. Showing why he might be closer material Zeid bore down and retired the next three batters to pick up the save.

  26. I’m really disappointed to hear those velocity readings on Pettibone, especially since I was one of his biggest boosters during the Top 30 exercise. Makes one wonder how he strikes so many people out. Last year he had some starts that were equally as good or better than today’s start, so he’s done it before. I suppose one thing he has going for him is that he is generating more ground ball outs (I counted 8 gb outs versus 5 fb outs today).

    I’d like to second what Murray said about Colvin; he bounced back pretty well yesterday. Interesting that Colvin is only a month younger than Pettibone.

  27. A minor note. This was the second outing for Ebelin Lugo. He must have been activated or promoted from XST earlier this week. He has always been young for his level but adjusted very well over the course of the season. I am interested to hear some scouting reports on him to see if he is a sleeper prospect.

  28. @rocky…I believe PP was surprised by the Pettibone pick because he was taken with the compensatory pick the Phils got for not signing Brandon Workman the year before. Meaning, if they didn’t sign him, they didn’t get another compensatory pick the next year. He didn’t doubt his stuff, if I remember correctly.

    Also, let’s not get all excited about radar gun readings. As we’ve all seen, the readings are not always accurate and vary greatly from stadium to stadium. The important thing is the 7k’s in 7 innings. So, even if he is sitting 88-90, he must have incredible movement.

    I’m also a huge Pettibone supporter who’s never seen him pitch in person, so take this as solely one opinion.

  29. I like Pettibone alot and he has done well so far. Lets hope the 88-90 is really 90-92

  30. Can someone remind folks what the deal is with Colby Shreve? History, upside, etc? Thanks!

  31. Shreve was a high potential guy going into the 08 draft. He got injured that year and the Phillies drafted him knowing he had just went under the knife. He would have been a Sandwich round/2nd round talent had he been healthy IIRC. The hope is that he bounces back 100% from TJ surgery. His recovery time was the full 18 months so that might be a warning sign against him at this point. The Phillies also paid him a good amount of money to rehab with them instead of playing college ball.

  32. “He’s Bruntlett light” – That’s kind of like saying he’s an anorexic version of a runway model; in other words a really bad version of a really bad player. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

  33. PP’s writeup on Shreve from after the 08 draft: “Shreve was looking like a first round pick, so to get him in the 6th round and sign him was gravy. $400K was the recommended slot value for the 94th overall pick, which came in the third round this year. So it was an above slot deal by a nice margin, and it showed real ambition on the Phillies part. There’s no doubt in my mind this was a pre-draft deal, and they just had to hope he would get to them in the right spot. If he fully recovers, the Phillies essentially got themselves a 1st/2nd round caliber arm in the 6th round, for 3rd round money. How can you argue with that?”

  34. Reading
    Wow on Strasburg!
    Good news: Lidge 2.0 IP, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K
    Bad news: Gillies avg now down to .196

  35. As far as Pettibone goes he’s 6’5 so him adding velocity isn’t all that much of a stretch, remember that this would be his sophomore year of college if he had gone to USC. So he’d have a year

    The things that stand out to me so far are:
    A- he gets ground balls 1.88 GO/AO across two levels.
    B- he’s strikes out a decent amount of batters 52 in 56 innings above rookie ball.

    Control hasn’t been great, and he’s given up too many hits but his BABIP is way high.

    He’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.

  36. If anyone familiar with Reading enough to say what’s wrong with Gillies?

    Is he hitting them at guys or simply being overwhelmed by better pitching at AA?

  37. Original draft notes on Pettibone (from this site): “Pettibone is a long, lanky righthander who projects well to add strength. He pitched in the upper-80s most of the spring and occasionally touched 90 mph. He has more of a finesse pitcher’s mentality right now, and tries to work the ball around the zone and change speeds rather than overpower high school hitters. He throws both a 2-seam and 4-seam fastball, curveball, split-finger and straight changeup, although none of them is true out-pitch at the moment. Pettibone can throw strikes. He walked only 17 hitters in 50 innings this spring, but also struck out 45, a low number for a high school pitcher with his stuff. He 5-3, 2.92 overall.”

    James was down on him but did comment that the Phillies clearly wanted him by them busting slot to get him.

  38. PP- Calm down. It’s still way to early to get concerned about Gillies. He will pick it up and be back to where we expect him to be. In his last six games(up to this point) he is batting .348 with an ops of .869. He isn’t drawing the walks but this is still the guy scouts loved a month ago.
    Instead enjoy Domonic Brown and his current .987 OPS. Gotta love not getting rid of him in all of the trades this year

  39. NEPP- I haven’t seen them play, but I think Gillies just had a dreadful first week and a half and is trying to dig himself out of a hole. The 10-2 SO/BB ratio is nothing to worry about as far as i’m concerned due to the fact its so early. Last six games .348 with an ops of .869

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