Threshers Win Big in Season Opener

Fidel Hernadez got off to a strong start with 4 RBIs in the game, while Brian Gump and Troy Hanzawa each had 2 RBIs. Matt Rizzotti picked up the Threshers’ first HR of the year going 3-4 on the night, and Austin Hyatt held the Jays hitless going into the 7th until giving up a 2-run HR.

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Appologies first thing for my lack of Clearwater coverage the past year. I’ll try to participate as I can….

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10 thoughts on “Threshers Win Big in Season Opener

  1. jeff its great to hear from you again. Thank you for the update on the game, and im sure i can speak for everyone when i say any contribution your able to make in keeping us informed is appriciated.

  2. On Hyatt, it might be pointed out that J.C. Romero started and pitched a clean 1st inning. So Hyatt did 6 innings and had 7 strikeouts.
    Brian Gump started in the opener and played RF, and D’Arby Myers DNP. Gump 2 for 4 , so he is not terribly overmatched or a sacrifice yet.
    Fidel Hernandez played over Melvin Dorta at 2B. 2 for 4
    Kennelly was the catcher 0 for 5 w/ 2 K’s.
    Susdorf played left.
    Rizzotti DH and Hanzawa SS were the top hitters on the night with 3 hits each.

  3. I’d like to chime in with a big “welcome back Jeff”! I look forward to your updates this year.

  4. I just wanted to chime in and say this is why I read this site. Great recaps of the games and some cool insight into the system. I have been a lurker for a long time and never post but had to say Thanks!

    Looking forward to seeing how the 3 pitchers do tonight.

    thanks again for running this site.

  5. I’m pretty sure Harold Garcia is on the Clearwater roster but is DL’d. Anyone know what the injury is or when he’ll be back?

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