Organizational Releases, Carpenter Heading North

The Phils have released a number of Minor Leaguers over the last couple of days, a combination of 2009 mid to late round draft picks and others by whom there is little surprise.  The names are as follows: Pitchers Miguel Matos, Mark Doll, Jason Standridge, Angelo Sanchez and Walter Tejada; SS Jesus Vilegas Andino and Evan Porter; 1B Gaby Martinez as well as Outfielders Carl Uhl and Javis Diaz.

Early reports out of CLearwater also indicate that Andrew Carpenter will head North with the Phils to take Blanton’s roster spot.  Kyle Kendrick will join the rotation in place of the injured Blanton and Carpenter should fill the role of Kendrick as he is capable of pitching multiple innings in relief. The 24 year old Carpenter pitched very well in the Lehigh Valley rotation last year going 11-6 with a 3.35 ERA in 25 starts over 156 innings, with a WHIP of 1.34.

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  1. Does anyone else want Mathieson in the pen over Carpenter? I like Carpenter but think Mathieson has the makings to become a great reliever and don’t believe he needs much more seasoning. Obviously Carpenter would be an ideal long man but I don’t think its that necessary since the majority of our relievers can go multiple innings. I wouldn’t mind Rosenberg either but I would have to assume Mathieson has a leg up on him and he still needs a little more time.

  2. They seem to be under the impression that Mathieson needs some time in the minors to fine tune some things before he gets thrust into the bullpen. I’ll trust them, but I don’t expect it to be long until he’s in the bigs.

  3. In the long run, of course. However, Mathieson needs innings right now, and it’s better that he gets them in AAA.

  4. Alan FTW! (See previous thread)

    There’s my man Carp, adding value to the ML team. Going back to the prospect rankings, I don’t know how one can value a bunch of guys who will never play in the majors over him.

    My bet is Carp only gets in a game if we’re losing by a tremendous amount or every other reliever’s not available.

  5. So what’s the book on Carpenter? I’ve been thinking of him as a lifelong AAA-MLB shuffler kind of guy, but his peripherals are better than Kendrick’s.

  6. Wasn’t hard to surmise Boston Phan. It was doubtful they would add a player to the 40-man just for a three week vacancy and Carpenter was the only seasoned AAA arm.

  7. What is this obsession that everyone seems to have with Mathieson? Mathieson was not great before all of the arm surgeries. After 30 innings in AAA, last year, he is now great?

  8. As someone who saw in the neighborhood of 7 or 8 Carpenter starts live last year, I would say that while I was in attendance, he did in fact throw the ball very well and I was impressed. That being said, he does have fringe stuff and gets by often on knowing how to pitch rather then the strength of his offerings

  9. The “obsession” with Mathieson could be explained by understanding that he represents a major league ‘FEEL GOOD’ story…for those who know about his perseverence in the face of two arm surgeries to get back.

    He was close to joining the big club more permanently when he came down with his first arm injury, followed by unsuccessful surgery, and then another surgery for correction.

    Out 2 full seasons…seeking to come back at age 26 (?).

    When first called up to the bigs, his fb was close to 98 (?), combined with his slider; both were keys to an entre to the staff.

    Now, he apparently needs some fine tuning, and represents back-end relief help down this season’s road.

    I suppose many here are rooting for him. Why not?

  10. mathieson was considered a very good prospect before the surgeries, thats why people are excited by him. the injuries add some intrigue but thats really it. when he was 22 and in reading he went 7-2 in 14 starts with a 3.21 era, 7.0 H/9 and 9.6 K/9. He was looked at as a closer of the future type guy.

    Mathieson was ranked the 5th best prospect by in 2005 so its not like he wasn’t hyped at all coming through the system originally.

  11. Here’s Carpenter’s shot at becoming an average major league reliever. I think he can do it!

  12. Kevin G. over at BP said that scouts have started comparing Gillies to D. Brown in a favorable way. I’m happy to hear it.

  13. Having watched Gillies in ST, he appears to be the real deal and everyone will be excited to watch him play.

  14. Like others who’ve posted, I disagree that Carpenter pitched very well last year. He pitched okay. Probably not the worst thing in the world having him on the roster for 3 weeks that contain several off days.

    That said, I would’ve preferred Mathieson. He’s an injury waiting to happen and he’s in his prime so you might as well use him before he hits the DL again.

  15. For the role that the team needs, which is a long reliever, Carpenter is definitely the right choice. He’s also already on the 40-man roster, so it’s pretty much a no brainer. Congrats to Drew, and good luck!

  16. For what it is worth, Mathieson is on the 40 man roster as well. That being said, I have no problem with Carpenter getting a shot to contribute. He pitched very well – this Spring.

    Regarding Mathieson’s value prior to his injuries, Johnny2times mentioned his Reading numbers in 2006. He also pitched very well as a 22 year old in AAA that year as well. Combined, he was 10 and 3, with a 3.40 ERA, 1.087 WHIP & 9.6 K/9. He was a highly regarded prospect at the time for good reason.

  17. I am really excited about Gillies. I’m not really sure about the stats but I think he’s hitting like .380 or .390 in ST for the AA games. It seems that every recap mentions that he did something tremendous. Reading is going to be hoppin this year. He clearly has more power than we were led to believe when he originally came over.

  18. I have no doubt that Charlie and Milt having him use his lower body more now then before. I was watching old video of him and he wouldn’t move his lower body AT ALL while swinging. Most of robbed him of a lot of his power.

  19. Gillies allows the Front Office to move Gose for an area of need sooner than later. Just think a ML outfield of Brown, Gillies and Victorino for 2012 or sooner. When Vic walks after his three year contract is up Santana might be ready.
    The lineup maintains balance in the future if a righ handed bat replaces Howard at first when he walks. I am keeping and eye on Jim Murphy. He was my surprise player of the minor league camp. The ball was jumping off his bat in AA games in ST. Let’s hope we see big Jim at first in Reading by mid season.

  20. I agree that Anthony Gose is the most likely trade chip this year. The Phillies always make a deal for pitching at the deadline and if Gillies keeps producing big OBP numbers, Gose could easily be the guy that gets moved, especially with Jiwan James right on his heels.

  21. Gillies to be–assuming he continues his amazing self–SHOULD be our CFer after next season, i.e., in 2012.

    Vic’s contract ends after 2012. We have NO 3rd baseman (OR catcher) to replace PP after his contract ends in 2012, too.

    With Gillies coming up during the 2011 season(?), Vic can then be traded to fill 3rd base with a good player for this Center Fielder who is an All-Star…and maybe a catcher prospect thrown in.

    That is my take on good possibilities forming as Gillies fulfills his promise of leading off…and attaining an OBA of better than .370…plus a ton of stolen bases…also allowing our super SS to hit lower in the lineup.

    Possibilities abound if Gillies is the real deal!!

  22. Rickey Branch, do you really think Santana might be ready in three years? We don’t even know what he is yet. He is a specimen, but has a VERY long road ahead of him. I would think five years would be a realistic time table IF he even makes it.

  23. On Gillies: They are saying he has some power potential, but for a centerfielder with plus plus speed and a plus arm to go along with good hitting tools, he is going to be a very nice player.

  24. That’s fine, I always thought Brown profiled as a possible 20-25 HR guy whereas Gillies was at 10-15. I don’t think Gillies needs to hit that many homeruns with his other skills but the Brown comparison made me curious.

  25. I doubt Gillies is a 10-15 HR guy. He probably has a ceiling of 10 per year. But if he can produce a .370 OBP with 50 steals and double digit triples, he doesnt have to hit HRs.
    I can not wait to see him put up good numbers at AA, to quiet the CAL league skeptics.

  26. Santana- I see Santana has started to play regular in the A Spring Training games lately. So, he may start there. Yesterday they had Hewitt in LF , James in CF, Santana in RF, with Castro the DH. They had Ruf at 1B, so if they decide to work in Singleton there and to DH, that might be an influence. It seems like that whole line-up is hitting and they have put up double digit runs the last few games. Last lineup had Villar leading off, Hewitt batting 9th ( been getting alot of hits lately, though).

  27. I can’t believe they released Jesus Andino on Good Friday.
    He’ll be back by Sunday though…

  28. If Gillies can turn into Juan Pierre with a decent arm, then that is a good ceiling. That is a great ceiling actually as Pierre used to be brutal to play against when he was younger.

  29. I assume the Phillies still covet Gose, so not sure they’ll move him just yet. Heck, the BJs wanted Gose, but we included the near ML ready Taylor instead. That’s how much the Phillies like Gose.

  30. I can’t figure out why the Phils didn’t substitute Gose for d’Arnaud in the Halladay trade. It should be very hard to draft a catcher like d’Arnaud again. Those types don’t grow on trees.

  31. Watched Santana in the minor league camp, he has a tall, lean build. At 17 he is still growing into his body. Already he has shown all the tools in ST. In a few years he should be ready for the Show. If he goes to Lakewood with Castro, James and Hewitt in the outfield with one of them alternating as the DH that team will be more than interesting. Probably means that Ruf will be the everyday first baseman there and Singleton will start in extended ST then Williamsport.

  32. The replacement for d’Arnaud was Andrew Susac, a 16th round draft choice last year. Alas, the Phils didn’t get him signed. I’m not sure he was even listening to offers. Most everyone on this board thought he was a must sign because they’d already given up on Jaramillo and Marson was in every trade talk imaginable. He’s only batting .125 for Oregon State right now.

  33. If I remember correct the Jays were really high on D’Arnaud, even were targeting him in the draft until we picked him right before they could. From what I’ve read, it didn’t sound as if they would’ve been willing to sub Gose in for him.

  34. On the Baseball America site today they have their minor league positional rankings. For catchers they have D’Arnaud ranked 9th and Vale ranked 15th – so I think that’s the reason the Phils were ok moving D’Arnaud (9th to 15th in these rankings is like “throw a net over them”.) Obviously D’Arnaud is further advanced at this stage but that’s my guess – Blue Jays wanted D’Arnaud and we felt we had some backfill.

    And I may get in trouble for saying this, and I am Catholic, but I found Jumpin’s comment quite funny:)

  35. “Heck, the BJs wanted Gose, but we included the near ML ready Taylor instead.”

    I’m almost certain there is a 0.0% chance that is true. I’d love to hear the “source” of this though.

  36. B, I do remember hearing that the Jays requested Gose in the original trade talks. Not sure to what extend they wanted him but he was in the trade talks from the Jays side.

  37. All of these guys were released over a week ago – BA just got around to reporting them yesterday. They were not included on the last work group listing which means they were gone some time ago.

  38. Phils do not value Gose higher than Taylor. Just the opposite. By a good margin. The question with Taylor is whether he is a good major league OF, an All-Star, or the next coming of Dave Winfield. The question with Gose is if he makes the majors at all. His bat is by no means guarnteed to play even at AA or AAA. It looks good for hi, but no guarantees on him until we see him in AA.

    Gose was simply one of the names BJs were interested in, in general.

  39. I’ve heard that rumor of Toronto wanting Gose more than Taylor before. I have yet to see it substantiated anywhere and do not believe it for one minute. Why would the Blue Jays or Phillies covet a Low A, player with a .670 OPS, and contact issues over a Major League ready AAA player that has hit at every level. Does not make a bit of sense, so as far as I’m concerned, it is not true.

  40. I Guess we all read the same article. Gose I thought was originally the one Toronto wanted along with Drabek. In any Halladay deal.

  41. The whisper down the lane phenomenon. One person hears something, tells it a little different, a writer tells it different again, a reader misinterprets, etc. etc.

  42. Anyone with half a brain must know that the BJs had to be talked into MT if the turned around and traded him for a guy who didn’t make the Sonar charts.

  43. Still think Valle will turn out to be a better all around catcher than d’Arnaud. Saw both in the minor league games this spring. The Jays always seemed to be the opponents. Valle seemed to be still filling out physically and continues to get better at the bat and behind the plate compared to last spring. While d’Arnaud appeared smallish and does not seem to have alot of development left .

  44. Rickey since you saw Valle,what do you think of his bat, do you think he will be a power hitter or average hitter .

  45. I am getting encouraged by Anthony Hewitt this spring. Seems he has been getting 2 hits each day in The spring. Lakewood on a whole looks like the new ‘Lumber company’. They seem to score 8 everyday.

  46. I don’t know if anyone is following the Phillies/Pirates exhibition. Chase D’Arnaud just got into the game on the Pittsburgh side.

  47. If Hewitt starts to hit, I’ll take back all the nasty things I said about him. On the Taylor versus Gose thread, it didn’t matter what the BJs wanted, it mattered what Oakland wanted. Taylor was flipped for Wallace.

  48. Just the point Bellman. I didn’t see where Wallace even played in ST. How important could he have been to ANY team

  49. ricky b. if you remember last year i loved j murphy. i think he makes it. look for barnes to show good stuff again. but this system really needs to shake itself out for a year. too many unknowns aon.

  50. Based on what Valle did in the Mexican winter league and in the minor league camp this spring he will hit for power. Check the BlueClaw blog. They have hit 7 homers in their last two games. That opening day lineup will be loaded with pop. But more importantly Cosart struck out eight in 4.1 innings in yesterday’s game. In an earlier preseason game against the Pirates he struck out eight in 3.1 innings.

  51. Yeah Lakewood looks like they will be impressive. It says on the blog Hewitt has 3 or 4 hrs this Spring and I know Santana has hit 2 in the last 2 days. It is looking like Santana may get some ABs with Lakewood this year. I thought he would just go to extended Spring and then Wiliamsport. If Cosart continues to pitch well that may take the sting out of trading Drabek

  52. More releases courtesy the Phillies’ Press notes from yesterday.

    C Zak Farkes, C John Purdom, C Jorge Guerra, INF Eric Campbell, INF Yonderman Rodriguez, OF Freddy Guzman, RHP Pat Overholt, RHP Santos Hernandez, RHP Eryk McConnell, RHP Darren Byrd, RHP Jared Simon, LHP Jason Salers and RHP Jessie Zuber

  53. Eric Campbell and Yonderman Rodriguez released. OK, now the 3B at Reading thing either Sellers go back down to AA, again , or they Use Pinkcney there, who I didn’t think would make it, or they call up Overbeck there and re-instate Mattair(which one might highly doubt) or they try something else there, because I don’t see much else.
    Looks like Rich Thompson might do another year at LVIP.

  54. Stavisky, Mahar, and Spidale can all hit, but are OFs or OF/1Bs. Can any of them stand at 3B and catch balls hit right at them?

    j/k, I think…

    I’d bet on Sellers repeating AA yet again, I think, with Overbeck at CLW.

  55. Stavisky, Mahar, and Spidale can all hit, but are OFs or OF/1Bs. Can any of them stand at 3B and catch balls hit right at them?

    j/k, I think…

    I’d bet on Sellers repeating AA yet again, I think, with Overbeck at CLW.

  56. Sellers looks like decent emergency depth if some combo of Utley, Polanco, Dobbs get injured. Now that I think of it, if Utley twists his ankle, do they mess with Polanco at 3B or do they use Castro at 2B and bring up a utility guy like Bocock? For that matter, if Bocock is hitting, do they bring him up and leave everything else as is. Just trying to get a read on infield depth. Not sure I want Castro batting for 2-3 weeks, but we will see how he hits for us.

  57. I saw Carpenter pitch last night at CBP. I could not make anything of the breaking pitchers (no way you can do this at a game unless you are sitting directly behind home plate at ground level and my seats aren’t there), but he was hitting 88-89 on the gun. Pretty much same old, same old from last year. Nothing special. Kendrick, however, appeared to be a completely different pitchers with a full arsneal of pitches thrown at varying speeds. It was very impressive AND he was missing bats. Nice.

  58. If Anthony Gose develops legitimate power, he becomes a completely different prospect. Nice to hear about Santana – he’s my pick for our next superstar, unless Dom Brown beats him to the punch.

  59. Any velocity reports on our young guys from today. How fast was Stutues on the gun? If he’s low 90s, he becomes an intriguing prospect.

  60. Stutes fastball was between 90-93. He hit 95 once. He was all over the place though. He only threw a fastball and a slider.

  61. Diamond,
    In the case of extended injuries, I’d think Ransom at 3B, Bocock at SS (if he’s hitting), Valdez at 2B. Castro’s the utility/Cairo guy this year. He may find himself here in Allentown, too, if one of those other guys proves more useful. Anyway, I have Ransom over Sellers right now…

  62. Not happy about the command issues, but the velocity was just what I was hoping it would be. I think the idea for Stutes is for him to become another Chad Durbin – a useful bullpen option. I’m fine with that – he was not a high draft pick, so it’s all good.

  63. I was at the game today. Stutes got up to 93 mph today. He was a little wild with the slider (maybe nerves) but he got 2k’s. Herndon gave up a run but pitched well.He gave up two seeing eye hits and one infield hit. He had 2Ks. Bastardo struck out the side after allowing two on.

  64. dom brown is light years ahead of anyone in the minors. the rest of the system is imo a land of confusion. it’ll take a year for the tree to shake out. right now i dont see how anyone can say anyone else but brown is legitimate. a year from now yes but not now.

  65. John – I don’t know about that. I think we’re going to get a lot of help from the bullpen this year – we’ve got a nice, solid group of young relief pitchers and several should help this year and next. After that, in 2011, it’s Brown, then, in about 2011-12, it’s some of the young starters and, after that, probably 2012-14, it’s the young group of talented outfielders (Santana, Gose, Gillies, James, etc. . . – a few of those guys are going to be super players – we’re just not sure who) and Valle. We could sure use a hotshot middle infielder – perhaps that will be where the next big trade comes.

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