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Check it out here in the Toronto Sun. Basically, its been a best case scenario since Aumont got to spring training. In my Top 30 writeup and everything I wrote after the Halladay/Lee deals, I indicated that I’d love to see Aumont moved back to the rotation, and that his mechanics/arm action be cleaned up. So far, the changes appear to be taking, and Aumont seems to have a great attitude toward everything. This is obviously extremely promising, and had I known the Phillies were going to follow this plan, I’d have probably ranked Aumont a few spots higher in my Top 30. Good stuff.

Also, keep an eye on the Reading Phillies website. They’ve been posting recaps of the minor league games being played between the Phillies and other AA affiliates. In the 8-1 win yesterday there were solid performances from Tyson Gillies and Michael Schwimer, among others.

Update –> Thanks for the mention in comments, the Blue Claws Blog has updates from all the games. Check it out here.

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  1. The blueclaws blog actually has a short recap on all 4 games daily. Aumont was lights out over 3 innings. Something certainly seems to be kicking in and that’s great news. Early spring training results: One bad thing is that Deikman’s results have been very bad compared to the second half pitcher of last year. Some good things are May, Shreve, Colvin, and Cosart were all lights out and Gose homered in his first game. Cisco and Cloyd pitched in relief at AA, Stutes pitched in relief at AAA, and DeFratus pitched in relief in Hi-A and all pitched very well. Lots of the pitching decisions that we’ve been talking about for months are taking place. Hyatt started was lights out also. Jim Murphy appears like he may be double bumped to Reading to see if he’s for real. Great stuff to follow.

  2. On the website thing, you can also find a recap on the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs site. Reading used to post all the minor league ST recaps the last few years, but regressed to just their own this season. Did not see the Blue Claws thing. I don’t think where the players are playing now means much as they move around among the levels through the spring Training. Often a player may play at more than one level in a day, or move through all levels in Spring Training ( I think Galvis played at all levels as an 18 year old. I see Jeremy Barnes is playing 2B at Lehigh Valley and had a whole game Thursday. That would be a jump.

  3. The Aumont article is very positive. A guy named Halladay came up for Toronto years ago as a 4 seam guy that the Jays had created. However, after a short period of time, they scrapped that and sent him down to work with his former coach to drop his arm to 3/4 to regain his sinker. How has that worked out for him?????

  4. Do the reports of these adjustments change phuture phillies’ mind that Aumont may be a superior prospect to Jason Knapp?

  5. This is not your father’s Phillies franchise.
    We should come to reassess our viewpoints in evaluating moves made by management:

    This group of Phillies’ baseball professionals is probably the most superior group in the franchise’s history. Reviewing their player choices, from draftees through MLB player trades and acquisitions, we can see just how well they’ve chosen guys who turn out well…with just a few exceptions.

    Thus, IMO we need to give more credit to moves made, and, without being Pollyanna-ish, give any benefits of any doubt to the decisions made as is shown with mostly excellent player judgments over the last several years.

    The worst viewpoint could justifiably be that these people know what they’re doing, and we should be open to a wait-and-see approach.

    Congratulations to the insights of the owners respecting the opinions of some of the “best” baseball people in the game that they have hired.

    This could be applied to such as Aumont. His acquisition may be a whole lot better than foreseen by kvetching phans here. Give mgmt their due…but still allowing for discussion, Yet, keep in mind the quality of the people making decision for the club.

  6. good article ice-9. i enjoyed reading it as well as the cosart article posted the other day. very excited for the season to start!

  7. Nepp I didn’t interpret that from the article. Dealing with something every day doesn’t translate to discomfort every day.

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