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Update 3:00 p.m. Since this post was published about two hours ago, both Andrew Carpenter and Ryan Vogelsong have been sent down to Minor League camp.

As the Minor League Exhibition season begins and with many of those in major league camp being sent down to compete in the Minor League phase of Spring training, here is a look at how those players that have seen time in Major League “A” games fared thus far in the Spring.  Included are only those who will start the season in the minors and those who are competing for final roster spots in Philly.


Starters-Kyle Kendrick:  9IP 4H 0ER 0BB 2K; 0.00 ERA, 0.44 WHIP; Andrew Carpenter 8 IP 5H 1ER 1BB 9K; 1.13 ERA, 0.75 WHIP; Ryan Vogelsong 3IP 7H 4ER 3BB 1K; 12.00 ERA; Phillipe Aumont, 2.2 IP 2H 0ER 1BB, 0K; 0.00 ERA; Joe Savery 3IP 4H 3ER 2BB 1K; 9.00 ERA; Drew Naylor 2IP 1H 0ER 0BB 2K; 0.00 ERA; Yohan Flande: 3IP 6H 2ER 0BB 1K; 6.00 ERA, Jesus Sanchez, 1 IP 0H 0ER 0BB 2K; JC Ramirez: 4.1 IP 6H 4ER 3BB 3K; 8.31 ERA 2.08 WHIP.

Relievers–Scott Mathieson: 2IP 2H 1ER 1BB 4K; 4.50 ERA 1.50 WHIP;David Herndon(Rule 5 pick), 5IP 1H 0ER 2BB 1K; 0.00 ERA 0.60 WHIP; Mike Zagurski, 2IP 0H 0ER 1BB 2K; 0.00 ERA, Brian Rosenberg, 2IP 1H 0ER 2BB 2K; 0.00 ERA; 1.50 WHIP; Antonio Bastardo 2IP 5H 3ER 0BB 4K; 13.50 ERA 2.50 WHIP; Ehren Wasserman 3IP 2H 0ER 1BB 4K; 0.00 ERA 1.00 WHIP. Bill White 1IP  2H 4ER 2BB 1K, 36.00 ERA; Sergio Escalona, 3IP 8H 5ER 1BB 1K, 15.00 ERA, 3.00 WHIP.

Of the pitchers, Kendrick, Herndon, Zagurski, Rosenberg, Bastardo, Wasserman, and Escalona remain in Major League camp.

Hitters-Brian Bocock: .417 avg. 0HR 2RBI 1SB; John Mayberry, .280 avg. 1 HR 6 RBI 1SB; Ozzie Chavez: .333 avg. 0HR 2RBI; Cody Ransom: .308 avg. 3HR 5RBI; Paul Hoover: .250 avg. Freddy Galvis, .182 avg. 1RBI; Domonic Brown : .333 avg. 4 RBI’s; Tyson Gillies : .286 avg 1HR 2RBI 1 SB; Wilson Valdez: .636 avg., 3RBI; Andy Tracy, .250 avg.; Quintin Berry; 1-1 in only at bat; John Suomi: 1-2 (.500); DeWayne Wise: .333 with 1SB; Kevin Nelson: .333 avg., Dane Sardinha: .000

Of the hitters: Bocock, Mayberry, Chavez, Ransom, Brown, Valdez, Tracy, Wise and Sardinha  all remain in Major League camp.

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  1. To me, the big surprise is Carpenter and, more specifically, the ability to generate strikeouts. If the changes we see in him are real, that takes him to a whole different stage of development and reinforces my theory that his upside (again, upside, not likely destination), is as another Joe Blanton. Let’s wait it out, but the initial results are extremely encouraging. Keep going on the new shoulder strengthening program Drew!

  2. Cody Ransom is another interesting guy. If you’re looking for the next Chris Coste for this team, it could easily be Ransom. The most interesting thing about him is his incredible strength and athleticism (check out the UTube videos – his verticle leap is entirely insane). He could be an extremely late bloomer who’s experience catches up with his athletic talent and how nice would it be to have another guy come off the bench who can play the infield has a little pop in his bat. Very interesting. . . . .

  3. brown just went deep today against Verlander. no chance of sticking with the big club because he needs his ABs, but he is having one hell of a spring training

  4. I don’t believe Cody is a late bloomer. He’s 34 years old, and with 300 career minor league appearances his triple slash lines are .233/.321/.401. I believe that is a fair assessment of his hitting ability. Now having watched him play every day in Scranton, I think he is a very capable defender at three infield positions. If you were to ask me who the best candidate was for the utility infielder slot in our system, I’d say Ransom.

  5. i want drew carpenter to win the 5th starter job, or at lest a spot in the bullpen. i mean, do we really need another lefty? can’t we just use the best pitchers we have?

  6. Both Andrew Carpenter and Ryan Vogelsong have been sent down to Minor League Camp as of about 230 p.m.

  7. So, maybe Rube & Co were completely right to keep Brown over Taylor. Brown seems to be reaching for his ceiling so far this Spring. Granted its early but its nice to see. Taylor is 3 for 23 so far…

  8. He’s in big league camp in Oakland and struggling, not that it has much meaning.

  9. Nice to see Rosenberg pitch. Has a nice slider/fastball combo. Perhaps a guy who can slide into Durbin’s role next year.

    I was also very impressed with Bastardo’s slider to lefties.

  10. We all pretty much know that Bastardo is going to the majors and Escalona has no shot at opening day, right? Any disagreement with that assessment?

  11. I agree that, generally, at age 34, what you see is what you get. But I am throwing open the possibility that Ransom clearly has so much raw athletic ability (in surprising power) that he might be the rare, rare exception to this rule. In a group of, say 1,000 players, maybe 3 or 4 improve notably into their early to mid 30s – Ibanez did. The fact that he can man the infield is just that much more of a bonus.

  12. Browns spring is a bit of a shock to me, I honestly didn’t think he was nearly as close to ML ready as he is appearing to be. Perhaps the phillies should seriously consider having him be the opening day starter next year… we shall see… if he puts up a .300 .380 .500 line between AA/AAA like I think he is capable of, then I see no reason he shouldn’t. The only issue is I would rather see them move Ibanez then Werth and Ibanez has another year left.

  13. Catch, Ransom does have tremendous natural ability, but he’s simply never been a good contact hitter. His best full season batting average in the minors was .260. Now his ISO is close to .200 and that makes him a dangerous hitter. But if he can’t make consistent contact with major league pitching at this point, I doubt he ever will.

  14. Nice to see the Phils had Korey Noles in the bullpen for today game with the Tigers. He was the winning pitcher in the game clincher for the 09 SAL Championship. They must be impressed with him so far this spring to give him that honor.

  15. sending brown down makes sense. they want to get the gys who are gonna make the club more at bats, and they want to get the gys who aren’t more at bats. but i wish they left carpenter up. he’s become my new favorite minor leager

  16. Taylor is a slow starter at ever level he has been to,, so the slow start means nothing, Brown hits two homers and the writers say the first one he was struck out but umpire blew call, and second the fan clearly reach over the wall to catch it, so he has two tainted homers why do they do that, he clearly is not ready to start for this team but dont taint his accomplishments.

  17. Why is Brown over Taylor a question? Both would of been nice.
    any number of subs were possible since the Jays didn’t want him. Wallace was obtainable to sub also. He had no place with the A’s.

  18. The Jays wanted Taylor because they knew the A’s wanted him (as he was asked for last summer in a potential Holliday deal). They weren’t gonna be able to sub out Taylor in that trade. It was essentially a 4 team deal with the A’s flipping Brett Wallace for Michael Taylor.

  19. This is the way I see it:

    1. Brown has to be on the team next year.

    2. If you think Gillies will be ready next year, don’t resign Werth. If you don’t, resign him at all costs.

    3. Tell Ibanez he’s going to hit off the bench, then trade/release him when he complains. There’s no way Ibanez stays on the Phillies in his third year. I’d also like to see Ibanez hit 7th or so this year because you waste Victorino in the 7th spot.

  20. “Tell Ibanez he’s going to hit off the bench, then trade/release him when he complains”
    Dr Steve
    The Phillies and I both wish we had your money…

  21. 1. It would be nice if Brown is on the team, but I don’t think he ‘has to be’. If he rakes in AA gets promoted and rakes then he has a fighting shot.

    2. I think the PHillies see gillies as more of a 2012 player. He will likely break in as a 4th outfielder type with vic there.

    3. If they release Ibanez they still have to pay him, but what if he has another good year this year?? I would love to keep Werth over him too but it might not be easy to move him with his no trade clause(ibanez that is)

  22. Wait. Is your outfield for 2011 Victorino in left, Gillies in center, and Brown in right??? I dont think charlie would put that much trust in two rookies, but holy s*** that maybe the most athletic outfield in history.

  23. If you watch the video of Brown’s first home run, two things are very (pleasantly) surprising.

    First, he just smoked that ball. That was like a 450 foot or so homer. Howard hit a nice homer in the game too (in just about the same place), but Brown’s went much farther. In my view, the length a player hits his home runs is very important. To me, what it means that a player can get that much less of the ball and still hit it out (meaning that it’s more likely that he’ll hit a lot of home runs) – it’s one of the first things I look at in a potential slugger.

    Second, if you watch his swing carefully (there’s a slo mo instant replay as part of the Phillies website clip), you will see that Brown’s entire swing was not a full, natural swing. Right before he hit the ball, he pulled his arms in, in an attempt to get better wood on the ball. This shows both the special ability to make an adjustment mid-swing and, also, the ability to still hit the ball a ton, even when he is not just swining all-out.

    It was a small thing moment, but it showed me a lot.

  24. There is no way on earth Gillies is promoted to the majors at the beginning of next season. Gillies is 21 years old and just starting AA. He will be 22 in AAA, IF he passes AA. 2012 would be the absolute earliest the Phillies would put him in the lineup. That would be at age 23, which is still very young for the Phillies.

  25. OT: At this point I do not see the Phillies re-signing Jason Werth. The best scenario to replace Werth, in that case, would be a breakout season from John Mayberry (275/330/550) at AAA, while Domonic Brown reaches and rakes at AAA. Domonic Brown and Mayberry platoon in 2011 to replace Werth.

  26. Got my first look today at Jonathan Singleton playing for the the Group 3 team. A Blue Jay lefty jammed him and he grounded out to third.

    Interesting infield for the Group 4 team with Buschini at third, Duran at SS and Barnes at second. The outfielders for different parts of the game were Castro, James, Hewitt and Santana. Valle was the starting catcher.

    Watched infield practice this morning for Group 5. Must say that Maikel Franco is a real project at third. Couple of his throws to first were a bit wild. Porter looked okay at short, Cesar Hernandez was smooth at second and Ryan Bollinger was a long lean target at first. None of the catchers Mitchell, Diaz or Davalillo stood out with there throws.

  27. Mike77 I think Ben Francisco is much more likely to be in that platoon with brown. He is a decent enough major league starter and doesn’t require a huge breakout season like mayberry will. In a perfect world mayberry will explode this year but count me as a skeptic.

  28. There’s no way they have Brown platooning. They want him to get as many ABs as possible, and it’ll either happen in the minors or the majors. And, I love JMayberryJr as much as the next guy, and he was the better player in that trade, but he’s a future bench player at best.

    Resigning Werth is an important move. On one hand, he’s expensive. Money that could be spent elsewhere, especially considering the outfield depth in the minors. On the other hand, he is a great power hitter and doesn’t mess up in the outfield – and he allows you to put Brown in LF and really have a powerful outfield.

    It’ll be an interesting offseason next year. But I really, really doubt Ibanez will have a good season. Maybe it was the injury, maybe he’ll play great this year and next year. I just have my doubts, like putting Briere in a shoot out (wrong sport just PISSED OFF over it.)

  29. The Phillies platooned Utley his first year. There is nothing wrong with Brown being a platoon player in 2011. He is the Lefhanded part of the platoon. He would get 400 abs. He would probably have to be platooned anyway, if he replaces Jason Werth. If not, the team would have a middle lineup of Utley, Howard, Ibanez and Domonic Brown facing LH pitchers 1/3 of the games in 2011. They are not going to do that.
    If Brown does not make it to the Majors until 2012, then he will not have to be platooned, since he would be taking Ibanez’s spot.

  30. why would brown play any ball at reading? next years outfield ibanez lf victorino cf brown rf.

  31. Playing a while at AA and then AAA hurts nothing and gives him two looks at different pitching. Unless you picture Brown
    on the Phils this year.

  32. NEPP
    It would not of taken much to obtain Wallace from the A’s and sub him for MT. His stock was down for the A’s

  33. Apparently it would have taken someone of equal value as Michael Taylor otherwise why wouldn’t the Jays have just traded a “not much” player to Oakland instead?

  34. nowheels: It would not of taken much to obtain Wallace from the A’s and sub him for MT. His stock was down for the A’s

    That’s one theory…a theory that assumes Billy Beane is an idiot. Do you think Beane is an idiot? I dont.

  35. I am not saying it would not of taken a player just not MT.
    And I have a lot of respect for Beane. He obtained Mt for a player he didn’t need since he elevated Barton.

  36. There is no way in the world that, if the team does not sign Werth, Brown starts every day next year – without further changes to the team, that gives them the left-handed line-up from hell. How do you have Utley, Howard, Ibanez and Brown hitting consecutively? They’ll be eaten alive by lefty starters and lefty relief specialists. I suppose you could have a platoon, but I agree they probably don’t want a prospect as valuable as Brown sitting on the bench that often.

  37. Wallace recently netted the Cards half of a season of Matt Holliday. Sure, he might have been down a little recently but he’s no joke. I’m not crazy about him as he’s stuck at 1B but my opinion doesn’t really count.

  38. Is the Phillies lineup of Utley, Howard, Right Handed, Brown any better? Or does that one right-handed cog in the machine really upset things?

  39. Dr. Steve – yes, big problem. A good left-handed specialist could come in and eat the team alive. As it is, having three of 4 of your power hitters bat lefty causes problems as was evident in last year’s WS – there was a lot of flailing going on. It got pretty ugly.

  40. By the way, and this is a general question to the entire group, is it true, statistically, that left-handed hitters have a harder time with lefty pitchers than right-handed hitters have with righty pitchers. That has always been my distinct impression and, while I’m not sure it’s true, there are several reasons I can think why it would be true (for example, lefty hitters face fewer lefty pitchers and most lefty pitchers tend to throw with more of a 3/4 pitching motion than right-handed pitchers, which makes the ball that much harder to track and hit as the ball sweeps away from the hitter as it travels through the hitting zone).

  41. ****How do you have Utley, Howard, Ibanez and Brown hitting consecutively?****

    Both Utley and Ibanez have reverse splits…or are at least as good against LHP as they are against RHP. Utley for his career and Ibanez for the past 2 seasons now. Howard is the only guy that really has a huge split. Brown does have a classic split but its not really a huge one:

    Vs LHP: .273 AVG, .345 OBP, .739 OPS
    Vs RHP: .295 AVG, .378 OBP, .818 OPS

    He also killed LHP last year posting a .933 OPS in 143 PAs.

  42. @NEPP

    “Both Utley and Ibanez have reverse splits”

    Domonic has reverse splits as well. His ’09 stats:

    vs LHP (128 AB): .313/.386/.547, 5 HR, 15 walks
    vs RHP (271 AB): .292/.371/.468, 8 HR, 34 walks

    While I’d love to have a power righty in there to force the opposing manager to make a decision, only Howard is a liability against LHP so it may not be as big of a problem.

  43. Typically, I don’t trust any batting line with less than 1,000 PAs, so I’m always cautious about single season LH/RH splits. For what it’s worth, here’s the composite splits for the National League last year.

    Overall: .259/.331/.409/.739 (99,531 PAs)
    RHB vs. RHP: .254/.317/.401/.718 (37,819 PAs)
    LHB vs. LHP: .234/.310/.364/.674 (7,324 PAs)

    So yes Catch, righties do fare better against same side pitching than lefties. Your theory that it is possibly because righties see righties more often is also probably correct. Right handed pitchers took the mound 75% of the time in 2009. And consider this percentage is probably much higher in youth baseball.

  44. First caveat: we’ve got a year to go, and Werth is one season removed from being a platoon player himself. He’s a great athlete, and we have every reason to think that his 2009 performance is replicable, but the nice thing is that the Phils won’t have to make that judgment until after this season is over, when they will have a lot more data to make that judgment. Even if he does put up comparable numbers, I think it’s unlikely that the team signs him to a Jason Bay type long-term contract. I think that’s the clear implication we can draw from Brown untouchability in trade discussions and his HUGE amount of playing time this spring. (You really had to be down there to appreciate how much Brown was out there–one day, they had him play both an A and a B game.) I’m no GM, but if I’m the Phillies looking at the situation next year I think: find a veteran right-handed hitting right fielder, either via trade or free agency who will take a lower cost/shorter term contract, and work Brown in fourth outfielder/platoon role. (Maybe someone like Magglio Ordonez? Even with declining power numbers, I’d like his batting average in our lineup.) It wouldn’t even have to be a one-year deal, necessarily–said veteran could potentially shift over to left when the Ibanez contract runs its course.

  45. ****Domonic has reverse splits as well. His ‘09 stats:****

    Only for 2009. Overall, he’s a bit better against RHP than LHP so far. Its a small sample size so it could just be that. I did mention how he killed LHP last year though.

  46. If people want to track the games every day, http://blog.blueclaws.com/ has put up a recap of the past two days of games and looks like it will do the same every day. Most notable thing I saw was that Colby Shreve took the mound in a game, which is a good sign.

  47. Does anyone know where I can find the workgroups for other teams like the Blue Jays, Yankees and Blue Jays that are going to play the Phils Minor league groups this coming week? I have looked all over the internet and cannot find them.

  48. The righty/lefty split argument’s main flaw is that there’s a big difference between a Left-handed starter and a left-handed specialist coming out of the bullpen.

    The guys in the pen are most times there specifically because they have huge split differences of their own. The all left-handed lineup becomes a problem when you get into the 6th-8th inning of a close ballgame and the opposing manager isn’t forced to play match-ups because their loogy doesn’t have to face a right-handed batter.

    Barring injury, Dominic Brown won’t see the Phillies line-up (besides a Sept call-up) until the 2012 season when Ibanez’s contract expires. If Werth doesn’t resign, they will sign a stop-gap FA to take his spot.

  49. Assuming Brown has a great year, Brown would have to come up next year if Werth leaves. No sane free agent who can actually play will take a one year deal when he has a three year deals offered by other teams. And the Phils aren’t going to trot some stiff out for a year when they are trying to compete when they have Brown ready to go.

    If Werth leaves, they would be crazy not to bring him up in May.

  50. According to Fangraphs, lefty hitters do have a better average platoon differential than righty hitters. “From 2007 to 2009, the average wOBA split for left-handed hitters was about 8.6%, and for right-handed hitter, about 6.1%” and “left-handed hitters display more variation in platoon skill than right-handed hitters” http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/index.php/estimating-hitter-platoon-skill/

    I suspect the greater variability for lefties is because left-handed hitters who never get to face left-handed pitchers are much more common than Right-handed hitters who never get to face right-handed pitchers. Players with that type of opportunities will naturally have much larger splits than if they were play regularly.

    I think I recall work by Bill James about 15-20 years ago in one of his Baseball Abstracts showing that for major league regular starters, the platoon differential is the same for lefties and righties, but James’ work may have been crude and only with batting averages

    Alan, you need to show RHB vs. LHP and LHB vs. RHP and compare that difference to the .044 OBP difference you did show to complete your evidence.

  51. Catch 22 f/k/a/ H Man wrote “We all pretty much know that Bastardo is going to the majors and Escalona has no shot at opening day, right? Any disagreement with that assessment?” I disagree. Given the way spring training has started, I think Zagurski has an excellent shot of taking the job away from Bastardo. All winter I’ve been hoping that Zagurski wins the job, because I think Bastardo has still has more to learn in the minors, although he has a greater upside. Also, various projecting systems predict Zagurski would have an average or better ERA in the major leagues, so I believe as long he shows he is completely healthy he deserves a chance in the major leagues. I think Herndon will be on the Phillies opening day roster, taking a spot that Escalona might otherwise have filled, but unless there are several new injuries to pitchers, Escalona is a very long-shot right now.

  52. If Brown rakes at AA in April and May he will be promoted to AAA. If he rakes at AAA in 2010, he has a chance to be on the big team in 2011. He will not staart the season with the team. Teams do not work like that anymore. No matter how well he hits in 2010, he will not start 2011 oon the major league team because they do not want to start his arbitration clock too early.
    If Ibanez is still performing at replacement level by the end of 2010, Brown stays on the farm until at least June 2011.

  53. Guys, just relax on Brown. Give him a chance to get his AA at bats and maybe some AAA at bats before we rush him to the majors. I don’t think he’ll start next year in the majors and the phils cerainly won’t eat Ibanez’s contract unless he falls apart this year which I seriously doubt will happen. You can’t forget how good he looked last year when healthy. Brown needs time to improve. Before yesterday, most of his hits this spring have not been hit that hard. Charlie worked with him yesterday on using his power and Brown showed a quick study. He has so much talent but it needs to develop fully before he’s in the majors.
    Note: Q Berry played with the AA guys yesterday and Cisco pitched out of the bullpen. Ransom has done pretty well in camp but I’m curious what will happen when he gets sent down because Sellers is already hitting at AAA. Lots of guys need to be cut just due to the numbers.

  54. “Alan, you need to show RHB vs. LHP and LHB vs. RHP and compare that difference to the .044 OBP difference you did show to complete your evidence.”

    Gladly. First let me clarify that it’s a difference in OPS and not OBP. Last year the OPS for left handed batters against righties was .762, and the OPS for right handed hitters against lefties was .764. Let me link to the entire data set rather than cherry picking statistics.


  55. If Brown is called up in 2011 he will bat 7th. Victorino will bay somewhere ahead of him in the lineup.
    Other than Howard (who is terrible), is it better for our excellent lefties to face one-dimensional lefty specialists rather than possible better ‘closer’ type pitchers? No way I want Dobbs up there but Ibanez against a Feliciano type?

    On the initial topic, what do the Phillies do with Herndon? Kendrick deserves to stay in the pen (though I would send him down as a LHV starter) and some lefty will take Romero’s spot.

  56. Never been a fan of Kendrick, but he deserves to be in the starting rotation on the major legue team. I still have my doubts about him, due to his ridiculously low k/9, but maybe he has discovered his inner John Garland. Imo, he has shown enough to get Moyer’s spot. Jaime Moyer should be nothing more than mop up man reliever at this point.
    Someone mentioned earlier that they believe Zagurski should be given the lefty spot in the bullpen. Why? He has not been healthy for 2 years, and he could not throw strikes when he WAS healthy. If Zagurski is the best LH option the Phillies have for the bullpen, they are in trouble.

  57. No…the outfield would be:

    Brown, LF; Gillies, CF, Werth, RF!

    Vic trade would get 3rd baseman/catcher.

  58. Zagurski had a stretch in ’07 where he was very composed. 5.1 innings over 7 appearances. 1 run, 1 walk, 5 hits. 61% strikes.

    Extremely small sample in between some struggles, but he impressed in that time

  59. Hopefully the phillies have someone righthanded have a big year. Who i can’t imagine to put in the middle of the lineup when Werth leaves, I believe the only way Werth stays if they realize they will lose Howard for sure.

  60. They have the entire season to decide who plays next year. Let’s enjoy this year first. They could win 100 games this year if they stay healthy. also, I really want to see Reading play well this year because they have a fair amount of good talent and should compete well.

  61. Jonathan Singleton went 0-2 in the high-A game yesterday. I love that they are throwing him up that high already. Of course I’m not expecting them to put him in Clearwater this year but I think that means he will be in lakewood from day 1 this season which is what I was hoping for. He seems like he could handle the SAL even at 18. I’m really excited to see him play this year.

  62. After today’s games it looks like they are converting Korey Noles, Tyler Cloyd and Mike Stutes into relievers after starting last year. This explains why they were in the bullpen for the Phils-Tigers game yesterday. Today they each worked an inning of relief. After Worley and Naylor worked three innings each in the AA game Noles pitched the 7th and Cloyd pitched the 9th. Both were impressive in pitching clean innings. Noles kept his pitches down to pick up a strike out and Cloyd relied on a big sweeping slider to right handed batters to pick up a couple of strike outs. Stutes was throwing hard with control but gave up a few hard hit balls in his inning in the AAA game.

    The bats came to life for the AA team against the Pirates. Domonic Brown blasted a three run homer to deep right center in addition to making a diving catch in right. Catcher Tim Kennelly and third baseman Cody Overbeck went back to back with homers to left later in the the game. Freddy Galvis picked up a couple of base hits picking up an RBI. Tyson Gillies singled to left and made some good catches in center.

  63. if D Brown is ready next yr and Ibanex is still serviceable, here is what you do….trade Victorino, sign Werth and move him to CF and D Brown in RF.

  64. Trading Victorino would be the best way to minimize disruption to the big club’s lineup. However, I am not sure there will be a big market for Victorino.
    Not sure the Phillies would want Werth in CF full-time for over half a season either. An Ibanez, Werth, Domonic Brown outfield would probably be well below average defensively.

  65. @PhxPhilly

    To me, you gotta bring Herndon on. Delay Lidge, put Romero on and off the DL, remove a pinch hitter for a game or so – do whatever it takes to keep him on.

    If he starts to struggle hard, release him. If he doesn’t, find a way to keep him because the Phillies need him.

  66. uzr hasn’t been kind to vic the last couple of years. it has him around -5 each of the last 2. UZR loves werth though. I’m also skeptical about him in center. i think that you trade vic when tyson gilles makes the big club though.

  67. Everyone trade victorino why? He is good outfielder hits around 280,has speed, and no way they can pay werth 15-18 million,unless they find a taker for ibanez and use that salary to help keep Werth, plus have kendrick replace the expiring contract of moyer,I Really believe and hope I am wrong that the braves will give the phillies a run this year for title. heyward is a monster and if chipper stays healthy plus there upgraded there pitching in the bullpen and starters.

  68. I have to agree with you Dr. Herndon done well and I have
    zero faith in Lidge and his lies.
    KK looks like a winner. The “Palm tree Ron Stone effect” will be very interesting this year. Is our starting pitching this good?

    PS. Blanton seems to be in great shape. He may of finally got it
    and gave up the milk and cookies.

  69. I don’t think this Moyer/Kendrick issue is anywhere close to being resolved yet. Kendrick does look good, but it’s a small sample size and he’s not striking anybody out. Moyer had one bad out – big deal.

  70. Monastrious has pitched 8 innings in 3 outings for the Dodgers. He’s given up 2 hits, 0 runs and has 5Ks to 2BBs. I can’t believe LA will have a spot on their roster for him so will the Phils take him back? If so, where do you put him? I like him a lot and his stint in the Winter Leagues raised his stock significantly. I hate to lose a good arm but there are so many like him already in the organization.

  71. From Catch 22:

    “If the changes we see in him are real, that takes him to a whole different stage of development and reinforces my theory that his upside (again, upside, not likely destination), is as another Joe Blanton.”

    “Cody Ransom is another interesting guy. If you’re looking for the next Chris Coste for this team, it could easily be Ransom. He could be an extremely late bloomer who’s experience catches up with his athletic talent and how nice would it be to have another guy come off the bench who can play the infield has a little pop in his bat.”

    Ah spring, when a young (ahem) man’s fancy turns to…prospects and future stars.

    Not a criticism. I participate wholeheartedly. Why not? A time to dream.

    Wonder what the stats are on how many of these come through? Once in a while it happens. I’m with you Catch. Let’s get one or two of these guys going to be the next Dobbs or Condrey this year, if not the next Werth or Romero.

  72. Regardless of who stays and goes, I have no problem with Brown getting 400+ ABs against RH pitching his first year, which I think is doable. It also has the advantage of getting the talented Francisco more playing time. (They need to get him into more games this year for Ibanez.)

  73. The AA team looked good again today easily downing the Blue jays AA team at Schmidt Field. After Lidge pitched the first inning Aumont came on for the next three innings and retired all 9 batters he faced striking out 4 and getting 4 ground ball outs. He kept his pitches down in the zone and displayed a couple of knee buckling curve balls. Schwimer pitched the 5th and 6th innings and struck out five of the 7 batters he faced giving up one hit..

    At the bat Freddy Galvis continued his hot hitting with a rbi double that bounced off the wall in right center and a rbi single going 2 for 4. Jim Murphy went 2 for 2 with a double off the center field wall, Derrick Mitchell drove in an run with a triple and Cody Oberbeck doubled on a one hopper over the left field. wall. Tyson Gillies laid down a perfect drag bunt between the mound and first and beat it out for a base hit and eventually scored on a wild throw as he was stealing third.

    Over on Ashburn Field Mathieson look strong in his one inning of relief for the AAA team and Jeremy Barnes was rewarded for his torrid hitting at the lower level games this spring when he came on as a late inning replacement at second base.

  74. Ya Barnes was drafted out of ND last year. Saw him at Williamsport and he absolutely wraked. Good hitter and he really put up some good stats in college. 70 RBIs and 1.097 OPS. I know it’s college but thats still pretty promising.

  75. Let’s hope Freddy is hitting the weight room big time! And doing a core program for flexibility and strength. Talk to Ryan Howard about his program! But don’t be tempted by any banned or borderline substances to beef up!

  76. Hope that Barnes was adjusting to wood bats last year. With his good year, that would mean he has even more to offer. Can he play SS. Seem to remember someone saying he will likely be moved to 2B. Good to groom someone as emergency replacement for Utley or utility role. What would Phils give today for a cheap, decent fielding infielder with SS experience who can handle the bat significantly better than Bruntlett/Castro?

    At age 22, I want to see him do well at Lakewood and move to Clearwater at mid-season. Then play at Reading next year, staying ready as an emergency replacement. Assume he can be acceptable at all IF positions with a little practice and game time. All depends on his bat staying potent up into Reading/Allentown.

    Hard to tell. Harman had two very good minor league seasons, but hit the skids in alternate years and especially when he got to Reading.

  77. Thanks for the updates Rickey Branch. One of the things I look forward to most about Spring Training is your updates on the prospects.

  78. Agreed on RB’s updates. Nice work. I can’t get enough info on Aumont, so thanks for the providing the details.

  79. I, too, thought Jeremy Barnes had a solid summer in short season last year. He should start in Clearwater next month.

  80. Rickey – thanks for the updates – great stuff.

    On Galvis, I don’t know if he’s filled out, is bigger than I always thought he was or just looks bigger on TV, but the guy I saw batting on television was a much stronger-looking, commanding presence (I kept excepting a Mark Belanger type – scrawny) than what I expected to see.

  81. I think Freddy is done growing taller but has filled out in his upper body.

    Today was an interesting camp day with AAA vs AA and A+ vs.A- in intersquad games on Ashburn and Schmidt Fields . It was a marquee matchup with Way vs Colvin starting in the battle of the A level teams. No two pitchers could be more different: Lefty Matt Way with his great change up keeping hitters off balance and righthander Brody Colvin throwing overpowering high heat for the most part. With Dubee, Kerfield and someone mention Dallas Green was up on the observation deck looking on, two of the top arms at the A level faced off. Way relied on his patented change up to strike out Barnes, Dugan, Quiroz, and Santana from the A- team. Colvin reached back and threw high fastballs by A+ players Myers, and Naughton to strike them out and got Gose on a strike three with a low inside pitch.

    Several pitchers were hit hard in the game. Kissock and Massingham were roughed up in the game for A+. Catcher Ryan Gugel who came on for Valle was the hitting star with a single to left and a line drive home run to right. Stephen Batts also went yard to left for the A- team. Valle doubled to right center and Dugan doubled off the base of the wall in left center. Buschini ,Hamilton, Castro, and Santana had solid base hits. For A+ Gose beat out a drag bunt for a hit. Rizzotti caught up with a hanging curve ball from Arroyo for a double. Also Hanzawa, Myers, and Mattair had base hits.

    Notes: Centerfielder Anthony Hewitt went hitless and struck out a couple of times for the A- team. Julio Rodriquez struggled a bit for A- gving up a walk and an rbi single to Troy Hanzawa.

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