2010 Minor League Workout Groups

Most of you who visit this site regularly already know this, but for those who don’t, keep in mind that these groups, especially this first list, are very fluid. Where players are listed now is not likely to be where the player will end up playing the 2010 season for a large number of these guys.

CLICK HERE to view the 2010 Phillies minor league workout groups. Theoretically Group 1 would be Lehigh Valley, Group 2 would be Reading, Group 3 would be Clearwater, and group 4 would be Lakewood. There will eventually be a group 5 added to the list with Extended Spring Training and Williamsport guys on it as people on this list slide down the rungs over the course of Spring Training. Usually this list is updated each Monday or Tuesday so I’ll try to post the new list each week as they become available.

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51 thoughts on “2010 Minor League Workout Groups

  1. If a player from the VSL and/or DSL is listed in 1 of the groups, does that mean they will probably be staying in the US this year? Because I saw a handful of players who last year played in 1 of those 2 leagues listed, just wanted to know what they chances are that they stay here in the US for the beginning of the season./

  2. Thanks for posting this. I’m catching a flight in a couple of hours and plan to be watching these guys tomorrow morning and this helps. Lots of potentially good outfielders with James interestingly in Group 2 which probably means nothing.

  3. If it’s the same as last year # = switch hitter and * = left handed.

    I hope E. Garcia, Susdorf and Hanazawa stick at AAA and H. Garcia sticks at AA.

  4. There’s a 97.3% chance I’m reading way too much into this, but a couple of observations.

    In general, I think it’s interesting to see where groups of guys who finished at similar levels are placed in relation to each other, as it might give some indication of: (a) how they performed in instructs; and (b) how the organization feels about them. For instance, Santana and Dugan are in Group 3, while Singleton and Hudson show up in Group 4; Jiwan James is in Group 2, while Collier and Hewitt are in Group 3; and Villar finds himself in Group 2 (whereas no one else who played in the GCL last year is placed that high). Food for thought anyway.

    Some other random thoughts… I’m assuming the catcher in Group 4, Maiker Franco, is the Maikol Franco that Jim Salisbury had the scoop on last week; he was listed as a third baseman then, so it looks like the Phils are trying to move him behind the dish. No sign of Miguel Nunez, another recent Latin American signing, though Lino Martinez pops up in Group 4. And it’s nice to see Colby Shreve back in action.

  5. I am heading to Florida tomorrow and am planning on catching a couple of Phillies games next week. Where can I go to see the prospects that are not with the major league club? Thanks.

  6. Ken, They work out at the Complex which is right adjacent to Bright House Networks Field (where the spring training games are held). I went last spring around this time and the minor leaguers were just reporting and doing physicals so they weren’t even working out yet. Last year’s spring schedule was thrown off a bit by the WBC though.

    If you go into the office in the middle of the workout fields they can give you an idea of workout schedules and minor league games going on that day/week. Sometimes they have B games in the main stadium as well.

  7. PhillyFriar-

    You might be over analyzing. However, it is hard not to see the Jiwan James assignment as pretty aggressive especially since he seems to have jumped Hewitt and Collier. I’m sure that he won’t stay at the double AA level he is currently plugged at, but even an A+ assignment seems pretty aggressive. I hope they don’t rush him.

  8. Castro is also in Group 2 with James, so a sort of double-jump for him as well.

    Nice to see Schwim in Group 1. Go Schwim!

    Interesting to see Julian Sampson in Group 2.

    I echo PhillyFriar’s sentiment on Dugan and Santana in Group 3; they must really like Dugan.

  9. My random comments:
    1. At this point there are so many guys in major league camp that I think its best to look at Group 1 as Reading, Group 2 as Clearwater, Group 3 as Lakewood and Group 4 as Extended Spring Training. Once guys come out of major league camp they will expand to 5 groups. As always we have signed 8 kabillion minor league free agents and probably 30 guys will need to be cut before minor league rosters are set.

    2. Matt Rizzotti is mis-labeled as Mike Rizzotti

    3. Salisbury reported that Maikol Franco was a 3B but he is listed as a C. Not clear who is correct at this point.

    4. Was hoping that SS/OF/3B Nevri Jiminez, last year’s Phillies star in the DSL would be on a roster but he is nowhere to be found.

    5. Some VSL/DSL guys seeing their first U.S. camp I think (Lino Martinez, Maikol Franco, Felix Cespedes, Lisalberto Bonilla, Luis Unda, Marco Davalillo, Juary Gomez, Carlos Perdomo, Ervis Manzanillo)

    6. Some VSL/DSl guys seeing their 2nd U.S. Camp (Nerio Rios, Bernardo Solarte, Rudney Balentien).

  10. Surprisingly, there were no unanticipated names. There were only three I expected to see but they didn’t show up anywhere:

    Brad Wilkerson (IN/OF) and Rick Guttormson (RHP) – both are recent signees, I assume they show up on the next list

    Ely Izurriaga (LHP) – he started last season in the VZL but was promoted to Gulf Coast midseason. I’m guessing he’ll be back in the VZL this year and that’s the reason he’s not in camp.

  11. There were a couple of other DSL names I expected beyond Nunez as well. Nevri Jimenez as Squire mentioned and also Daniel De La Cruz. A few of the VSL guys they brought over like Juary Gomez and Ervis Manzanillo did not have good years last year, so hopefully they have better stuff than stats.

    If Izurriaga is back in the VSL then he might as well be released. He is getting to the age where he needs to move up or out.

  12. “If a player from the VSL and/or DSL is listed in 1 of the groups, does that mean they will probably be staying in the US this year? Because I saw a handful of players who last year played in 1 of those 2 leagues listed, just wanted to know what they chances are that they stay here in the US for the beginning of the season./”

    In most cases, but not all, the new VSL/DSL guys will start at GCL. Usually they cut a couple of them because of roster sizes to get them regular playing time in the VSL/DSL. They also might outright release one or two. But of these 12 new names, we will probably see 9 or 10 at GCL. They went to the trouble of getting them work visas if they brought them to spring training.

  13. Keep in mind that there are many factors going into work group assignments for each individual. Generally it indicates a level. But players may be assigned for motivation, level of rawness, wanting a guy to work with another particular player (double play combo, for example), and many, many other reasons. At this point maybe half or two thirds are at the right level, and others just being experimented with.

  14. I think the most important thing to gain from these groups is how they change when the next ones are posted. Guys moving up/down is more relevant than where they start I think

  15. Thank you Jeff from your mate downunder. It’s a great post to be able to see what level the Aussies in the minors system might be playing.
    I see Drew Naylor pitched OK in the ST exhibition match but I imagine he will end up in AAA or AA again.

    In the recent Aussie Nationals, Al Schoenberger was one of the better players during the series as was Tim Kennelly.

  16. MiLB lists Jiwan James as a Switch hitter. Is he going to be a righty only? Villar is also listed as a switchy but not on the workout groups. Was TJ Warren released?

  17. The main surprise for me is Santana in group 3. I believe he’s 17 this year, right? If he makes the cut to Clearwater that’ll make him one of the youngest there.

  18. yes, TJ Warren was released.

    Looking at the groupings – it seems more like Group 1 would be Reading, and everything would be shifted down – so many players are missing from this list that would seem to be destined for AAA. Namely:

    Brad Wilkerson, Carlos Leon, J.J. Furmaniak, Mike Cervenak, David Newhan, Jorge Velandia, Terry Tiffee, Jason Ellison, Gustavo Chacin, Mike Stutes, Cedrick Bowers, Tristan Crawford, Gary Majewski

    Also – obviously there are a ton of players currently in major league camp that would be destined for AAA (or lower) as well – enough that it could be assumed between these two lists, you can basically fill the Iron Pigs roster.

  19. JJ is with the Rays, Cervenak is withthe Mets, Velandia is coaching for the Phils low minors, Bowers is with the A’s, Majewski is with the Astros, Chacin I know is with another team just forget who. Figure I’d cut down a few from your list there.

  20. hey mate from downunder, i was wondering if you might have any info on angus roeger. is he still phillies property? playing baseball? he sounded promising when signed. i’m surprised he hasn’t come over to play yet. any info you or anyone else has would be appreciated. thanks.

  21. The team must be contemplating jumping Castro and Jiwan James to Clearwater since they are in group 2. Seems unlikely but Castro did spend some time in Lakewood already. Baseball America said Jiwan James really turned heads in instructional league. He must have been terrific, in order to be considered for a jump from 100 ABs in short season to Clearwater.
    Santana in group 3 is a shock. He would be 17 in full-season ball if that holds up.

  22. Spent some time at the Complex this afternoon. The most impressive guy in BP was Zak Farkes. The ball seemed to jump off his bat. Franco spent time catching bullpens for the pitchers. Collier was walking around with his wrist bandaged. Susdorf spent time taking throws from the infield at first base during BP. Pitchers worked on fielding drills in addition to bullpen sessions . The position players took BP on Ashburn field working on bunting, hitting ground balls and finished with squaring up the pitches from the coaches in hitting groups of four under the watchful eyes of Sal Rende and Frank Cacciatore.

    The first minor league spring training games will take March 15 against the Blue Jays. with the AAA and AA squads at the Complex and the A+ and low A squads at the Jays Englebert Complex in Dunedin.

  23. Angus Roeger did play in the recent Aussie Nationals for his home state South Australia and also attended the MLB academy downunder. Not sure of his age but some very young signed Aussies elect to spend another season at the Academy before playing Rookie League in the US.

    I can only assume he will be in GCL this year or has been cut.

    At last count I believe there are about 7 Aussies in the Phillies Minors ???

  24. My recollection is that Roeger was released mid-season last year. Australians in the Phillies system include RHP Drew Naylor, C Joel Naughton, C/3B/OF Tim Kennelly and RHP Todd Van Steensel, INF Alan Schoenberger so I think its just 5 now.

  25. Is it true dugan is in group 3 because Collier had surgery on his hand or wrist a week ago

  26. didnt mean anything bad toward the Dugan kid , He may be well deserving. Just heard today that Collier had surgery and with Hewitt in Cf it just made sense. Heard the Oklahoma state Outfielder Dabbs swung the bat well so far.

  27. Spent the afternoon watching Group 2 position players on Schmidt Field and Jonathan Villar in particular. I was not disappointed. In BP Villar hit the ball hard especially from the right side. He took infield and made it look easy at SS showing great range, a strong arm and great athleticism. He appears to be a five tool prospect. Can’t see how Freddy Glavis, more of a one tool glove prospect, will ever be better at SS than Villar will be soon if not now.

  28. Something tells me that Jonathon Villar will be the breakout player of the year in the system. He has the most plus qualities of any player not ranked in the consensus top 14 Phillies’ prospects.

  29. Is Santana on a fast track? Is he THAT good? Is he even being groomed to replace Raul?? Stay tuned for the answer by midseason. Is it possible?

  30. Any word on Jimenez? Based on the his position(s), the spot they had him in the lineup and the numbers he put up at a reasonably young age, I rather aggressively had him at #16 in my top 30, and was pretty excited to see what he could do stateside this year.

  31. Has anybody, that’s in Clearwater, seen Aaron Altherr? How does he look, how does he hit? Any info would be appreciated.

  32. Just wondering how things were going, I was there Monday for the workout and bp. Seems to be alot of tallent in each group. Stumpy is not a real phillies fan he set my web site up and is just a friend of the family. My son is in group 3. Do they start spring training games on Monday?

  33. This afternoon the minor league camp had three intrasquad simulation games taking place on 3 of the 4 fields at the Complex . Basically they had an ump calling balls and strikes with three outs a side but no base running and the infielders played standing on the the outfield edge just fielding but not throwing the balls in play. It was a great opportunity to see the pitching and see how much the hitters need to catch up at this point.

    The most interesting spectators in attendence were Amaro, Looper, Green and Gillick among others from the Front Office. Amaro was focused on Jarred Cosart who after striking out Kelly Dugan with a wicked curve ball headed back to Brighthouse Field to catch the already started Phils Twins game. The others stayed the rest of the afternoon but still made it back to see the last three or four innings of the Phils game.

    Pitchers who also stood out in addition to Cosart were Julio Rodriguez and Lino Martinez who each picked up a couple of strike outs. Aumont received alot of attention from the Front Office types in an inning on Roberts Field.

    Of the hitters, aided by the wind Brian Gump took Julian Sampson out to center at Schmidt Filed . Jonathan Villers inside outed an Austin Hyatt pitch for what would have been a double just inside the chalk down the left field foul line. And Aaron Altherr was congratulated by the bench after he hit the ball hard to left field on Ashburn Field. Edgar Duran hit the ball hard twice for line drive hits but for the most part the pitchers were way ahead of the hitters in today’s simulation games. The minors league spring training games start Monday as the Phils minor leaguers open with the Blue Jays.

  34. Thanks for the update RickyBranch. I am very interested in how Lino Martinez progresses. Good to see one of my “intriguing” players, 19 year old Jonathan Villar get a hit off 24 year old Austin Hyatt.

  35. Does anyone have a schedule of the minor league games starting this week? I will be there from Thursday thru the following Friday. I think they play the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Pirates ML teams but I don’t know when. Thanks!!

  36. There will be games every day at 1:00 pm. AA + AAA at home against Blue Jays. While A teams are playing away.
    Tuesday the A teams at home and AA + AAA at Blue Jays.

  37. Some of the minor league team web sites (Reading and Lakewood usually) put up game summaries. No box scores and stats, though those are pretty meaningless in these games.

  38. Thanks Jeff. Did any other of the Latin American players arrive a little late? I was curious if Nevri Jiminez ever made it over here after the stats he put up last year in the DSL.

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