Minor League Free Agents

Here is a quick look at the Phillies Minor League Free Agents, with the beginning of the signing period 48 hours away.  The level which they are mentioned below is the level at which they ended last year.

AAA– RHP Jason Anderson, RHP John Ennis, RHP Steven Register, RHP Gary Majewski, LHP Cedric Bowers, AAA Gustavo Chacin, LHP Brian Mazone, LHP Jake Woods, LHP Jack Taschner, C Paul Hoover, OF Jason Ellison, OF Rich Thompson, 1B Andy Tracy, 3B Mike Cervenak, ss JJ Furmaniak, 3B Terry Tiffee, SS Carlos Leon, 2B/OF David Newhan

AA–RHP Alex COncepcion, LHP Jason Mackintosh, C Kevin Nelson, OF Mike Spidale, OF/1B Kevin Mahar, OF Brian Stavisky, 2B Brad Harman, SS Fidel hernandez, C Orlando Guevara

High A–OF Javis Diaz

Low A–RHP Santos Hernandez


10 thoughts on “Minor League Free Agents

  1. The Phillies hold an option on Gustavo Chacin. I expect they will want to keep him. He’s a lefthander, under 30, with former major league success and possibly next year he will be completely recovered from his knee and shoulder surgeries. I was a bit surprised they didn’t protect him in the MLB Rule 5 draft, but perhaps they don’t have to. What are the rules for his situation? When does his option have to be renewed? If it is renewed can he be exposed to the MLB Rule 5 draft? Can they not renew his contract now because they left him off of the MLB roster? What about the AAA Rule 5 type draft? Here’s an article with more details about him.

  2. Chacin- if you read the above list it is of players granted free agency, so nobody holds an option. He is not subject to any draft because he is a free agent.

    More Free Agents- from Baseball America- on the day Flande, Berry and J.Sanchez were added to the roster, the Phillies released C’s Luis Ramon Arzeno and Tim Gradoville.

  3. Gradoville was a player/coach, right? Perhaps this is a formality to allow him a job in another organization.

  4. Gradoville was a coach who was forced into duty as a backup for the last couple of weeks of the season due to injuries in the minor league system. I would expect him to be back in the organization as a coach.

  5. The Philliea did in fact hold a team option on CHacin for a second year, in a very unusual type of minor league contract.

  6. Why would the Phillies not exercise the option on Chacin? Seems like he’d be a cheap emergency starter option. And, now they have to go find someone else to fill out the IronPigs pitching staff. Someone that won’t likely provide even any hope for major league help.

  7. Thanks to BA.

    “Philadelphia Phillies
    Signed: RHP Jason Anderson, RHP Alexander Concepcion, 1B Andy Tracy, SS Wilson Valdez, OF Rich Thompson, OF Dewayne Wise

    Valdez and Wise, a pair of minor league free agents who had notable big league playing time in ’09, signed early and provide quality insurance for the Phillies to stash at Triple-A.

    Wise, who will be 32 next season, appeared in a career-high 84 games for the White Sox, batting .225/.262/.366 but serving mostly as a defensive replacement. He single-handedly saved Mark Buehrle’s perfect game in July, and in ’08 he started three playoff games for Chicago, belting a double and a homer against the Rays.

    Valdez, 31, served a similar role for the Mets in ’09, garnering playing time mostly as the result of being the only ambulatory shortstop in New York after Jose Reyes and Alex Cora went down with injuries. He batted .256/.326/.337 in 86 at-bats. ”


    Wise and Thompson in the same outfield will give a nice boost to our AAA pitchers.

  8. Looks like half of the “10” AAA infield, Tracy and Valdez, are in action tonight for the Gigantes in the DWL. And Sellers probably will be at third for the Iron Pigs. Thompson, Wise, Taylor, Mayberry, and Berry look to be the outfield candidates with Taylor and Mayberry doing the DHing.

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