Fall League Update; Quick Notes

A couple of quick items before we take a look at the end of the week in the Arizona Fall League.  Infielder Brad Harmon, who spent some time in Philly in 2008, and was the everyday second baseman in Reading this year was released.  Harmon, after showing a good deal of promise, had fallen off drastically over the last two years, barely keeping his average above .200. 

Notably, Scott Mathieson, currently pitching in the Arizona Fall League was added to the Phillies 40 man roster.  Mathieson has fought back from two Tommy John surgeries and appears to be very much in the mix for a spot in the Phils bullpen next year.

Scottsdale took a 3-2 loss on Tuesday, with Steve Susdorf getting the start in LF and going 0-4.  Domonic Brown came in as a picnh hitter and doubled in his lone at bat. Michael Schwimer threw a scoreless ninth, allowing a lone baserunner on a walk.  Another loss on Wednesday, this time 10-5 to Surpise, with Domonic Brown returning to his normal starting role in R and going 0-3 with a run scored. Tuffy Gosewisch caught and continued his surprisingly strong performance at bat, going 2-4, while Scott Mathieson was touched up, allowing his first runs in the Fall League season in a 3 run ninth inning, which included two homers allowed.

Scottsdale pulled out an 8-7 victory over Surprise on Thursday evening, a game in which Domonic Brown went 1-3 with an RBI, and the Fall struggles of Steve Susdorf continued with an 0-4 effort. Edgar Garcia was less than effective once again, giving up a run on three hits in his inning of work. The Scorpions closed out the week with an 8-4 win over Pheonix on Friday.  Domonic Brown took an ofer, going 0-4, with an RBI and 2 strikeouts.  Troy Hanzawa remained hitless, going 0-3 with a run, rbi, and his 2nd sb.Michael Schwimer threw his second scoreless inning of the week, with a 1-2-3 ninth, striking out one.

Hitters:Domonic Brown; .256/.330/.451 in 82 AB’s.  2HR and 15 RBI. .250 with RISP. Troy Hanzawa; ..000/.071/.000 in 12 AB’s.  0HR and 3 RBI. 2 SB. Steve Susdorf: .190/.292/.357 in 42 AB’s. 2 HR and 5 RBI. .133 with RISP. Tuffy Gosewisch: .345/.367/.345 in 29 AB’s.  0 HR and 2 RBI.

Pitchers: Mike Cisco, 0-1 with a 3.86 ERA in 4 games. 11.2 IP 11h 5 ER 5BB 11K, .234 opp. avg. 1.37 WHIP. Edgar Garcia, 2-1 with a 6.57 ERA in 7 games. 12.1 IP 20H 9 ER 4BB 7K, .370 opp. avg., 1.95 WHIP. Scott Mathieson, 0-0 with a 3.12 ERA in 7 games. 8.2 IP 8H 3ER 4BB 11K, .250 opp. avg., 1.38 WHIP. Michael Schwimer, 0-0 with a 3.38 ERA in 8 games. 10.2 IP 8H 4 ER 7BB 7K, .211 opp. avg., 1.41 WHIP.

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  1. I think it’s a little premature to judge Susdorf yet. He started last year in low A ball and is now playing with the best and often most advanced prospects in the minors – he’s gone an awful long way in very little time. I, for one, am cutting him some slack.

  2. To all those on this blog who did not think the Philles would retain Pedro Feliz I say I was wr… wr… wron…wro… wrong (sorry, tough time getting it out). It looks like Ruben wants to change out a couple of guys every year and it just might be Feliz. I do think he will pay more for someone else, unless it is Melvin Mora, who would seem to be a good fit.

  3. AFL all star game today set up on the DVR. Phils might look to sign Beltre although I still think Figgins is a possibility.

  4. Hopefully, Mathieson takes that decision out of Rube’s hands with a strong spring. I’d love to see him force his way into the bullpen. His stuff (and injury history) screams future closer.

  5. Shame about Harman, he seemed like a good guy, but his time had come. It just goes to show what a big jump AA is, and we should temper our excitement until guys have success at that level.

  6. if you don’t get the mlb network the AFL’s future stars game is online at mlb.com/live Phillies prospect Dominic Brown is in RF batting 7th

  7. Maybe it’s the place the camera is, but Brown looks really tall. And he has that weird way of following through with his swing with only one hand.

  8. I see Brown went 1 -4 with a 2B and a BB. East squad scored 7 runs in the 1st and then stopped.

    Further south, Mayberry’s been hot in Mexico. He’s hit in 7 straight and is 11 – 29 over that stretch. Harold Garcia, who was hotter than a pistol early, has really cooled. He’s hitting .194 in his last 10 games. Interesting stat on him is he stole 42 bases this year but has only attempted 1 steal so far in 20 games in VSW. He was caught the 1 time.

    Monasterios is playing well south of the border. He’s 5 – 0 with a 2.45 era. He was unhittable early but has given up 3 runs in each of his last two outings. He’s been starting too. He’s 23 and came over in the Abreau trade. Where do you think he’ll start the season? I’m thinking Reading but will he be forced to the bullpen?

  9. I think that you could very well see Michael Taylor given a chance from the get go or in May at least. That means that they will trade Shane Victorino for quality starting pitching. THe other 2 OF’s wont be traded, no chance.

    Do people feel that Taylor is ready this year? I think its the best way to get another RH bat in that lineup. And the cheapest way. Imagine all of the dynamic combinations with something like (no special order here):

    DeRosa, Rollins, Utley, Howard, Werth, Ibanez, Taylor, Ruiz…Figgins? Dobbs, Francisco, LH Power PH, backup catcher

    There are tons of combinations and matchups you could create there. Thats a diesel, power lineup even more than with Victorino here. IM hoping to see Taylor get his chance this year.

  10. I do believe that if the Phils deem Taylor ready, Victorino would be the movable piece. You cannot move Ibanez or Werth. I love Victorino, but he and Rollins are too similar at the top of the order. They really hurt our offense in the WS, by not getting on base. If you got Figgins and DeRosa and mixed Taylor in on occasion, with Werth in center, now you have your leadoff guy in Figgins, plus he and Derosa can play many positions. You have added power from the right side too. I just think the Phils will look to move one commodity for salary purposes. Maybe Vic plus an arm brings you a bullpen piece??

  11. I highly doubt the organization would ever entertain thoughts of trading Victorino. Not that I’m personally against it in the right move, but I think he’s way too popular with the fanbase.

    We have to remember that the average Phillies fan has no idea who Michael Taylor and Domonic Brown are. The front office is not going to trade such a charismatic guy like Victorino and expect people to be complacent because they all know how good Taylor can be.

    What will likely happen is that Taylor doesn’t hit the big leagues until age 26 or 27 when Ibanez is gone. Unfortunately we’ll miss a couple year of Taylor in his prime, but it’s the just the our organization does things. Look at Utley and Howard.

  12. I’m finding it a little hard to fathom us signing both DeRosa and Figgins. DeRosa has had 500 ABs the last 4 seasons I wouldn’t expect him to sign for a team where he wouldn’t be a starter.Can someone explain the reasoning behind both coming here?

  13. Risp numbers are really, really stupid. they tell you pretty much nothing. over a guy’s career, they tend to even out to his normal numbers.

  14. I think Taylor is a candidate to be traded, since he’s obviously ready to be an every day outfielder in the majors and there is no room for him on the major league squad, especially considering Dom Brown’s age and potential.

  15. If I’m the GM I go get Roy Halladay. If I have to trim salary to do it I trade Raul, I think you can trade him with out eating any of his salary but I may not receive much in return player wise. Thats 11 million off the books. I platoon Francisco w/ Dobbs or a cheap FA LH OF if they don’t perform then Taylor arrives. I trade Cole (another 7 million coming off) Brown (because he’s further away) and another prospect or 2 and I get Roy and another bullpen piece League maybe.

    I love Raul as much as anybody but when comes down to a 7 game series do I want Raul in LF with guy like Pedro or Blanton starting or Ben/Dobbs/Taylor in LF with a Roy on the mound.

    I think having Roy and Lee with 4 starts between them is as close to a guaranteed 3 wins as you can get. That means you just have to win 1 out of the other 3 games they don’t start.

    If we don’t get Halladay I’ll be disappointed, I don’t really care whose manning 3rd or LF. I care about who’s on the mound.

  16. Geoff-
    Would you envision Werth moving to center and have Taylor start in RF? I agree Taylor/ Brown give us a great opportunity to move either Victorino or Werth but I thought we would retain Shane. I think right now Werth’s stock couldn’t be higher, and I would rather deal him for pitching/prospects even though he’s yet to reach his potential.

  17. An Outfield of Ibanez, Werth and Taylor would be among the worst defensively in baseball. Theyre not going to do anthing like that.
    Jason Werth has played himself into a superstars contract, and they will let him walk. Taylor will come up in midseason ’10 and take some of Raul’s AB’s against lefthanders, then start in place Werth in ’11. Dom Brown will take over RF in ’12. Taylor will move to LF in ’12.

    Those 2 guy’s presense (and relative cheapness) will enable the Phillies to extend Utley, Howard, Lee and/or Hamels.

  18. The organization is going to start next year with Ibanez, Victorino, and Werth in the outfield. Taylor will start at Triple-A and be available should anyone go down with an injury, and Brown will start in Double-A. There’s no use discussing elaborate trades involving the starting outfielders at this point, because there’s simply no way it’s going to happen.

    Re: Monasterios, I’ll bet he starts in the Reading bullpen. He induces grounders and stays away from issuing too many walks, but his stuff plays up much better out of the bullpen. If all breaks right, he could wind up a useful 6th or 7th inning reliever — a worthwhile piece to have, but nothing to get too excited over.

  19. since its very hard to actually find AFL updates in the AFL thread, can someone tell me how brown did in the all star game? thanks

  20. Werth is a monster defender in right field, and should be above average in center field. Ibanez this year was about an average fielder in left, and victorinoo came in at costing the phillies 5 runs below average this year, according to UZR. ibanez is probably worse than that, and victorino is almost certainly better that he was this year, but without shane they would be far from the a bad defensive outfield. Werth would definatly be better than rowan ever was, he was terrible. reports on taylor say that he’s above average in the corners. Its not like we’d become as bad at defense as minnisota ( one of the 5 worst fielding teams in the majors for a while.) Taylor, Werth, and Ibanez would probably be at least average defensively, and it should be a big gain in offense. shane is far less valuable than Werth, and if we need to get rid of one it should be shane.

  21. I’m sure that Ruben is going to look at all possible scenarios. If we can get better both in the short and long term by trading either Raul or Jdub, then he will do it. I doubt that there are going to be many teams looking to shell out much for an aging Raul, but anything can happen. There are no shortage of American League clubs looking for a DH with his pop.

    Werth is a different matter. He’s going to be VERY expensive when he hits the market. I really don’t think going out and trading 36 Hrs is a good move, especially considering he is a right handed bat in a lefty heavy lineup, but if we can get the farm a bit more pitching and infield talent I wouldn’t just ignore the offers.

    It’s hard to see us getting something THAT substantial for Werth that wouldn’t make the loss of SO much production hurt less.

  22. I think Mike 77 has it right. Trading Victorino won’t get you what you need and will weaken the defense. Jayson Werth, with another good year, would attract a lot of attention in free agency and probably bring a top draft choice or two as compensation. One more year with the current core intact, then start looking at 2011 as a transition year.

  23. If you do not give Taylor a fair share of time ,you will face 2011 with two rookies in the outfield. Subbing defensively for Raul helps both add in one third of the starts especially when it gets hot works for me,Raul and MT.

  24. Does anyone know how to find out when the minor leaguers report to spring training? Im looking to book spring training now that the schedule is out. Thanks

    By the way, there is no chance that the Phils will let Taylor sit on the bench in Philly. If he;s up, He’s there to play but that will probably only be in the event of a trade. My money is now on Beltre for 3B although I was hoping for Figgins. Beltre replacing Feliz with the rest of the lineup intact. Rotation will be unchanged from what it looks like now but they’ll add a bullpen piece like Soriano if they can get him to sign.

  25. Steve Jeltz,

    You really think Victorino (plus another arm) is only worth a BP pitcher?

    He’s a gold glove center fielder who hit .300 with decent power and good speed on the bases. He also has a great arm.

  26. I would be shocked if any of the outfielders get moved in the offseason. Even though Raul had a monster year, he’s still 37 and he’s coming off surgery. There are ZERO indications that Michael Taylor is ready for the bigtime.

  27. Trade discussions on this board always end up a mess— people, there is no way the Phils are going after Halladay. There is no way they are trading Victorino or Werth or Hamels or Ibanez or Howard before next season. Its just not happening. They are shedding enough salary to keep the nucleous of a WS championship team together without spending very much more money, so why the hell wouldn’t they do it?

    They are going to make a few minor Tweeks- upgrade the bench, replace Feliz with a different underperforming 8 hole 3rd basemen, add a few bullpen arms from the minors and from FA and either create an internal competition for the 5th starters role or resign Pedro to another 1 year deal. But I would bet my ass they don’t make any huge splash.

  28. Oh and Steve Jeltz, you sir need to stop smoking crack. The only bullpen arms I would trade Vic for are Broxton, Rivera or K-Rod.

  29. Since somebody asked, and nobody has commented about it to this point:

    Brown looked pretty solid in the AS game. His double was part of the 7 run first where he swung at the first pitch from a LH pitcher from the Braves org (I forget the name). He looked smooth in that AB. The other time he swung at the first pitch (5th AB I believe) he put a charge in the ball to the opposite field but right at the LF.

    In his other at bats, he was working deep counts, including walking on a 3-2 pitch. He was caught stealing on a superb throw by the catcher after reaching first on a FC on his second AB.

    There was only one play where his defense was questionable as it look like he took a bad route to a ball that wound up going over his head for a double at one point.

    I hope that helps.

  30. The Aussie Claxton Shield tournament opened this past weekend. Tim Kennelly went 6 for 14 in the three games with a homer and picked up an assist on a double play throw to the plate on an attempted sac. fly playing right field for Perth. Interesting to see what plans they have for him since he turn 23 next month. He is about as close to a complete player that Australia has produced. Though it does appear that the Phils are no longer active down under since Todd Van Steensel, who pitcher two clean innings in relief for New South Wales over the weekend, was the last player they signed back in Feb. 08. The Phils former scout down there left to work for the Tigers last year when Amaro took over.

  31. I’ve seen the comments about browns’ fielding that he takes bad routes..etc. But wasn’t he playing CF and can he stick in the majors in cf. he has a gun apparently and is athletic enough to run down balls ala griffey jr/hunter. he has more value for us staying in cf allowing taylor to play one of the corners, then let vic go in a few years or trade him. btw trading a stud of for a bullpen arm is just plain stupid. but enough with the trade talk. how many more days until the mlb draft?

  32. the comment about shane and an arm for a bullpen piece is the one that stood out to me the most of all these comments. Vict. would bring back much more just by himself. Taylor will be a rookie in 011 and brown in 012 that’s almost set in stone. Brown is showing in the AFL that he is at least a year away.

  33. PP: The Hot Stove talk as related to trades in my opinion is valid. They DO involve prospects and the direction the organization will take in terms of what prospects are blocked, untouchable, etc. The Phillies OF situation, organizationally speaking, is VERY interesting. You have two blue chip stufs coming up through the system and they are sort of blocked unless someone is traded or is allowed to walk in Free Agency.

    Now, Free Agency Hot Stove talk has less bearing here, so I can understand your frustration at that. Do you not see it this way? Or do you just feel it clutters up the board?

  34. Sibs…I saw all of those comments too, which is why I tried to pay special attention during the All-Star game. He was in RF for the AS game and I believe he has been for most of the AFL in general, although I may be wrong on that last statement.

    At any rate, the ball that did get over his head was probably going to be a double anyway, but it just seemed like he should’ve been “closer.” I don’t know. At any rate, He is definitely a stud athlete, I just think he defense needs a bit more seasoning.

  35. Geoff, I’m as guilty as anyone about talking about Hot Stove stuff. A while back James set up an area where this could be talked about in detail. It hasn’t been used in a while but if you want to kick it off. Go to the top of screen and toward the right hand side is the “Message Board”. Click on that and there’s a link to the area that was set up for this kind of discussion. James partitioned it so you could talk about anything (hopefully baseball related). If people want to try that, please do so.

    I agree with you that sometimes a discussion about openings caused by trades, releases or even speculation on the big club are appropriate, if it involves making room for a prospect. Make it like the “in the vicinity” play at 2nd base you see so much when turning a double play. You have to be able to touch the bag.

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