Another call for help

I’m pleased to announce two new members to the phuturephillies staff, Jeff who will be giving the Clearwater weekly report, and Gregg, who will be giving the Reading report. I still have an opening for someone interested in writing a once a week report on Lakewood, so if interested, or if you know someone interested, get in contact via email. I’d also like to ask for help of a different kind. I’m looking for a way to make tables to present statistics, and then save the table as an image so I can upload it and insert it into the middle of a post here. I don’t need anything elaborate, just a simple table that allows for columns and rows. If you know how to make something like this and would be willing to help, drop me an e-mail at phuturephillies at hotmail dot com. Finally, you may start to notice that posts are shorter with a “Click here to read more” link. I’m going this route because I want to make the first page easier to read. Thus, shorter posts with a link to read the rest of the writeup. This seems like a win-win type thing, but if it doesn’t go over well, we’ll revert back.

And just a brief thank you to those who keep coming back every day. This has been an enjoyable process, I have a lot of cool ideas for future development, and it should be fun. Thanks to those who just found the site, thanks to those who keep checking back, and please pass along the link to the site to anyone who you think may be interested.

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