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Thanks to e-mailer BC for sending me this article on Rashad Taylor, our top draft and follow prospect. The article talks about the hardships Taylor had to overcome as a child, losing his father when he was only 5, as well as his impressive run this season at Skyline Community College. Taylor also hinted that he’s looking for “Top 12 round money” from the Phillies if he’s to sign, or he’ll return to Skyline next season. Top 12 round money really doesn’t tell you much, as only the first four rounds or so garner big bonuses. A large bonus for a DFE is normally in the 750k to 1 million range, so if Taylor is looking for something in the 250K to 500K range, I think he’d be more than worth it. The Phillies have until June 1st to make a decision.

Also, check out Jeff Crupper’s Threshers Blog, very well done. I’ve added a permanent link to the right in the blogroll. Nice work Jeff.

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  1. Despite his age and labrum, Taylor looks worth a gamble in the
    250-500K range. The Phillies more guys with that kind of

  2. Not sure what kind of numbers we are looking at when he says he wants Top 12 round money. In last year’s draft the slot bonuses for the 10th round were in the 50,000-100,000 range. Its always difficult to tell what the Phillies think with regard to pursuing their draft and follow guys. They didn’t sign any of them last year. The previous year they signed two guys who were kind of off the radar in McEnaney and Raulinaitis. They year before they signed an off the radar guy in Barb. This is our last bite at the draft and follow apple. That may have an effect on their thinking or it may not.

  3. Small (and encouraging) blurb about Ty Manumaleuna in the free section of

    –After losing four straight games to No. 21 Southern Idaho in a key Scenic West Conference showdown two weeks ago, No. 24 Southern Nevada rallied to win nine games in a row to retake the conference lead. The Coyotes were getting big production out of their freshman, particularly strapping DH Tylien Manumaleuna, whose seven homers were more than double any other player in the wood-bat conference. “Ty was 260 pounds when he got here, and now he’s down to 228,” said CCSN coach Tim Chambers. “It’s made all the difference. He’s still very powerful but he runs better now, and his swing has gotten better. He can still hit the ball out of any part of the park.” Manumaleuna is under control to the Phillies.

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