Phillies add Francisco Rosario

Ahh, some good news. Per the Phillies website, the Phillies acquired Francisco Rosario for cash considerations. Baseball America ranked Rosario, now 26, the Blue Jays #5 prospect, which more an indictment of the lack of talent in Toronto’s system than Rosario’s prowess. That said, he throws hard, he pitched well in AAA last year after being converted to the pen, and he’s a cheap option to chew up some innings in what already looks like a suspect bullpen. He’s out of options, so we won’t see him in AAA I don’t believe, but since he is still a “prospect”, I felt I’d pass this along to those that haven’t seen it. Last week, I did a write-up on Rosario, you can check that out here if you missed it.

3 thoughts on “Phillies add Francisco Rosario

  1. This guy (Rosario) has good minor league numbers. I think something is fishy. Toronto doesn’t have that much pitching…why would they float this guy ?

  2. Probably because he’s very similar to Accardo, and both are out of options. This move costs the Phillies only cash, nothing in players, and we had an open spot on the 40 man roster. Really it’s a no risk, all reward type of deal.

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