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The Phillies’ entry in the Dominican Summer League finished the 2006 season in 2nd place in the Santo Domingo North division with a record of 40-26. The Phillies have had relatively strong teams in the league over the past few seasons, though they have not turned out a huge number of prospects. Many of the Phillies better players turned out to be several years older than the team had thought. Last year’s team was a little younger than in the past, so hopefully the positive record is being fueled by real prospects.

This post will go through some of the better prospects from last year’s team. As usual for the Phillies, there seem to be better prospects on the pitching side of the ledger as opposed to the hitters. Here are the prospects with performance (mainly statistics) that stood out.

Hitters (age as of April 1)

Ambiorex Rincon (age 20) – Rincon is a 20-year-old switch hitting infielder (likely 2B/3B) who put up by far the best offensive numbers on the team. Rincon hit .320 with 5 HR and 31 RBI. He had a total of 28 extra base hits and more walks than strikeout (28/27). His OPS was a healthy .862. Add 12 SB and you have a well-rounded set of stats. Rincon is among the players with a shot at playing GCL this year.

Santos Mathiw (age 21) – Mathiw is an outfielder who hit .256 with mid-range power (15 2B, 3 HR), patience (30 BB), and speed (8 SB). His OPS of .766 was second on the team. None of the stats stand out as well as they do for Rincon, however. Mathiw turns 21 in March, so he will need to improve in 2007 to be considered a prospect.

Others of Note – Juan Mejia (age 21/1B) is a little old to be considered a prospect, though hit hit .263 and led the team with 40 RBI. Vladimir De Los Santos (age 20/OF) hit only .246 but with decent speed (15 SB). Luis Santa (age 19/SS) is one of the younger players on the team and held his own as the starting SS, hitting .272.


Antonio Florentino (age 19) – Florentino is young and projectible (6’4″, 180). He dominated the league last year, going 7-2 with a 1.44 ERA and posting outstanding peripherals (81 IP, 47 H, 27 BB, 65 K). While the strikeout rate is a little low, Florentino is clearly a prospect to watch if his age is correct.

Daury Luna (age 21) – Luna is a relatively small LHP (6’1″, 165) who has posted good DSL stats the past two seasons. In 2006 he went 5-4 with a 2.59 ERA and good peripherals (87 IP, 65 H, 27 BB, 88 K). Luna’s age and the fact that he repeated last year in the DSL put up a couple of yellow flags as to his prospect status. Left handed pitcher at the low levels often pile up quality stats simply because the hitter there have not seen a great deal of left-handed pitching.

Yohan Flande (age 21) – Flande is another lefty like Luna that put up a good season as a starter. A little bigger physically than Luna (6’2″, 170), Flande went 6-1 with a 2.08 ERA. Flande had great control with a 5-1 K/BB ratio (65 IP, 55 H, 12 BB, 60 K). Like Luna, his age is a concern regarding his prospect status.

Miguel Matos (age 19) – Matos pitched all of last season at age 18 and went 6-1 with a 1.71 ERA. Matos is also very projectible with decent size (6’4″, 178) and solid stats (52.2 IP, 40 H, 8 BB, 54 K)

Others of Note – Jose Perez (age 22) was a solid 5th starter (3-3, 2.45 ERA) but is a little old to be a top prospect. Kenny Fernandez (age 20) was one of the team’s closers and went 1-4 with a 1.67 ERA. Edwin Bernabel (age 21) had good peripherals in limited time (30 IP, 24 H, 8 BB, 36 K). Several other pitchers also had decent stats, though the team tends to give the innings to the starters who are the better prospects. Also note that the entire team had a 2.51 ERA. Most likely the Phillies play in a large park that favors the pitchers greatly.

2 thoughts on “DSL Prospects

  1. ugh, so many ‘over-20’ players, they just seem to translate to ‘filler’. Sure wish they could more with position prospects out of latin america. The prospect that stands out the most to me is Matos- good numbers and size at a good young age.

  2. I wouldn’t completely dismiss the 21 year old prospects, though you are right that very few of them make it. Age is this year BTW. Last year the Phillies brought over a couple of similar almost-21 year olds in Antonio Bastardo and Walter Tejeda. They were not great, but they at least held their own. As lefties they may have enough for bullpen jobs in the future. Florentino and Matos are the pitchers to watch, however, with their age and size. Hopefully both make it over to GCL this year. We should try to post the minor league roster groups this year if anyone down in Clearwater has it.

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