And, Then There Were Ten

The Phillies are off on Monday, then close out their season with a ten-game road trip.

They had a fairly successful homestand, splitting a two-game series against Toronto and closing out their home season with a four-game split against Atlanta.  They got some great September pitching from Aaron Nola and Ranger Suarez to start the Atlanta series, and it was a little disappointing that they couldn’t take a third game from Atlanta.  But, three wins against two solid playoff teams was a respectable outcome. (Damn wild pitch.)

The Phillies are 14 games over .500 with an 83-69 record.  Their magic number is eight since they hold the tiebreaker advantage.

The National League Wild Card race is still a three-team race.  Atlanta has clinched a spot.  San Diego is 1.5 games ahead of the Phillies who are 1.5 games ahead of Milwaukee.  The Phillies hold the tiebreaker advantage over both teams.

The remaining schedules of the three teams vying for the two remaining wild card spots each have their plusses and minuses.  Go Cardinals!


Phillies (83-69): 10-game road trip to close out the season.

  • 3 at Chicago,
  • 4 at Washington, and
  • 3 at Houston.

Milwaukee (82-71): 9-game homestand to close out the season.

  • 2 v. STL at home,
  • 4 v. MIA at home, and
  • 3 v. ARI at home.

San Diego (85-68): 9-game homestand to close out the season.

  • 3 v. LAD at home,
  • 3 v. CWS at home, and
  • 3 v. SF at home.

Key Dates: some are guesstimates.  Bold dates are pretty much confirmed thru announcements, some digging, and some extrapolation from previous years. Italics are those dates that can’t yet be confirmed.

  • October 3, 2022: Opening Day for the Arizona Fall League
    • November 5, 2022: AFL Home Run Derby
    • November 6, 2022: AFL Fall Stars Game
    • November 11, 2022: AFL Play-in Semifinal
    • November 12, 2022: AFL Championship Game
  • October 5, 2022: Final scheduled day of the MLB regular season
  • October 11, 2022: Opening Day for the Mexican Pacific League
  • October 15, 2022: Opening Day for Dominican Winter League
  • October 22, 2022: Opening Day for the Venezuelan Winter League
  • October 28, 2022: MLB World Series begins (FOX)
    • October 7-9, 2022: NL Wild Card A/B (ESPN)
    • October 11-16, 2022: NLDS A/B (Fox or FS1)
    • October 18-25, 2022: NLCS (Fox or FS1)
  • November 2-6, 2022: Trading resumes the day after the World Series ends.
  • November 6-10, 2022: Five days after the conclusion of the World Series is the deadline for teams to make qualifying offers to their eligible former players who became free agents.
  • November 12, 2022: Start of the Colombian Winter League 
  • November 4, 2022: Opening Day for the Roberto Clemente Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League
  • November 10, 2022: Opening Day for the Australian Baseball League
  • November 16-20, 2022: Fifteen days after the conclusion of the World Series is the deadline for free agents to accept qualifying offers.
  • November 18 or 21, 2022: Deadline to submit 40-man rosters before Rule 5 Draft
  • November, 2022: GM Meetings 
  • November, 2022: Owners Meetings
  • November, 2022: MLBPA executive board meeting
  • December 1, 2022 – Non-tender Deadline – The last day for teams to offer 2023 contracts to unsigned players (pre-arb and arb eligible) on their 40-man rosters.  Non-tendered players become free agents.
  • December 4-11, 2022: The 2022 Baseball Winter Meetings will take place in San Diego, California.
    • December 9, 2022: Rule 5 Draft
  • December 9, 2022: Opening Day for the Panamanian Baseball League
  • December 15, 2022: Close of the 2021-2022 international signing period
  • January 15, 2023: Opening of the 2022-2023 international signing period
  • January, 2023: Deadline for teams and players to submit salary figures for arbitration
  • February 2-10, 2023: Caribbean Series (Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Curacao)
  • February, 2023: Voluntary spring training reporting date for pitchers, catchers, and players recovering from injuries
  • February, 2023: Voluntary spring training reporting date for position players
  • February, 2023: Mandatory spring training reporting date
  • February 24, 2023: Opening Day for Spring Training Games
    • February 25, 2023: (SS) v. New York Yankees (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • February 25, 2023: (SS) at Detroit (Lakeland), 1:05 PM
    • February 26, 2023: v. Minnesota Twins (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • February 27, 2023: at Pittsburgh Pirates (Bradenton) 1:05 PM
    • February 28, 2023: v. Toronto Blue Jays (SS) (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 1, 2023: at Minnesota Twins (Fort Myers) Time TBD
    • March 2, 2023: at Boston Red Sox (Fort Myers) Time TBD
    • March 3, 2023: v. Detroit Tigers (SS) (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 4, 2023: v. Pittsburgh Pirates (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 5, 2023: at Toronto Blue Jays (Dunedin) Time TBA
    • March 6, 2023: at Baltimore Orioles (Sarasota) Time TBA
    • March 7, 2023: v. Tampa Bay Rays (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 8, 2023: OFF DAY
    • March 9, 2023: v. Baltimore Orioles (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 10, 2023: v. Pittsburgh Pirates (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 11, 2023: at New York Yankees (SS) (Tampa) Time TBD
    • March 12, 2023: v. Toronto Blue Jays (Clearwater) (SS) 1:05 PM
    • March 13, 2023: OFF DAY
    • March 14, 2023: v. Atlanta Braves (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 15, 2023: at New York Yankees (Tampa) Time TBA
    • March 16, 2023: at Detroit Tigers (Lakeland), 6:05 PM
    • March 17, 2023:(SS) v. Toronto Blue Jays (SS) (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 17, 2023: (SS) at Toronto Blue Jays (SS) (Dunedin) Time TBA
    • March 18, 2023: at Atlanta Braves (North Port) Time TBA
    • March 19, 2023: v. Boston Red Sox (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 20, 2023: v. Baltimore Orioles (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 21, 2023: at Pittsburgh Pirates (Bradenton) Time TBA
    • March 22, 2023: at Tampa Bay Rays (Port Charlotte) Time TBA
    • March 23, 2023: v. Detroit Tigers (SS) (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 24, 2023: at Toronto Blue Jays (Dunedin) Time TBA
    • March 25, 2023: v. New York Yankees (Clearwater) 1:05 PM
    • March 26, 2023: at Baltimore Orioles (Sarasota) Time TBA
    • March 27, 2023: at Toronto Blue Jays (Dunedin) Time TBA
    • March 28, 2023: v. Toronto Blue Jays (Clearwater) 12:05 PM
  • March 30, 2023: Season Opener at Texas Rangers
  • April 6, 2023: Home Opener v. Cincinnati Reds
  • July 2023: Rule 4 Amateur Draft
  • December 15, 2023: Close of the 2022-2023 international signing period

This gives you a place to talk about the Phillies for the week.

Here are the transactions that were reported (or uncovered) this week.

9/25/2022 – Phillies designated 3B Johan Camargo for assignment
9/25/2022 – Phillies placed LHP Brad Hand on the 15-day IL retroactive to 9/22, elbow tendinitis
9/25/2022 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Chris Devenski from Lehigh Valley
9/25/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Jace Fry from the 7-day
9/21/2022 – Phillies activated RHP Zack Wheeler from the 15-day IL
9/21/2022 – Phillies optioned RHP Sam Coonrod to Lehigh Valley
9/21/2022 – Lehigh Valley transferred RHP Jack Perkins to the Development List
9/20/2022 – Lehigh Valley transferred RHP Francisco Morales to the Development List
9/20/2022 – RHP Matt Seelinger assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading

375 thoughts on “And, Then There Were Ten

  1. I didn’t see the Phillies (or Eagles) game live yesterday. I was at a wedding (BTW … Moshulu is a pretty great venue for a wedding/reception). I stayed away from my phone so I could watch (and not know the outcome) when I got home.
    For me, that was probably one of the most annoying games of the season. Even after Marsh’s lost ball in the sun (cost then 2 runs), Segura being called out at home when he appeared safe on replay, and Robertson’s 52 foot wild pitch that tied the game up, the Phillies were still in a great spot when Zach Eflin didn’t allow the ghost runner to score in the 10th inning. IMO, there was no excuse for Rob Thomson not to call for a bunt with 1st and 2nd, nobody out in the bottom of that inning. I don’t care that Alec Bohm is your clean up hitter. He’s a double play threat. He didn’t ground into the DP, but he struck out, and that was the beginning of the end of that opportunity to end/win the game.
    Thomson also has to be questioned on his decision to pitch to Ronald Acuna Jr in the 11th. He had Ser-Ant’ny walk him in the 9th inning, yet let Andrew Bellatti throw to him two innings later. The clock has definitely struck midnight for Bellatti. He threw an 0-2 meatball right down the middle of the plate that would have made Aaron Nola laugh. Forget about it. I wasted about four hours of my life sitting through that.

    Thank you, Cincinnati. The Reds (and the Eagles) were the only good news Sunday.

  2. If Phils go 5-5, Brewers have to go 7-2. Yesterday’s game was just another painful loss in a season full of them. Meanwhile, we have 83 wins and 88 seems possible. It’s going to be tight. The entire bullpen except for Alvarado has hit the wall. So has Stott. It’s nice to see meaningful baseball in late September…

  3. We need Harper and Castellanos to do their jobs and carry us. I agree with Hinkie on managerial decisions, and the Moshulu. We owe the Cubs payback, we need to dominate in Washington because I can’t count on a W in Houston. 5-2, minimum in the the next 7 games is what we should be able to get done.

    1. matt……Phillies and Dodgers are the only two teams that started the season with 8 players making approx. $15M AAV or more on their active roster of 26 players..
      (The Phillies-Harper, JTR, Wheeler, Nola, Segura, Schwarber, Castellanos and Didi)
      Yankees had 7, Red Sox-6, Mets-5, WSox-5, Astros, Cards Jays -4, and Rangers and Angels with 3 apiece.

      Eight players in this bloated lineup….and who had to carry them on so many occasions……the guys making a lot less in salary.
      They better make the play-offs….if not, Dave D will be making some definite changes

      1. That’s a great stat Romus. Everyone was pushing the owners to go over the cap pre-season and they did with Castellanos and while there is still plenty of time for it to work out, so far he has been a negative WAR player and hamstrung our roster. We desperately need him (and Harper) to catch fire to make any progress in the post season.

        1. I am beyond frustrated with this team.
          As much as people have complained about Middleton….he has put out the money to the star players..

  4. Phillies play 10 on the road while Padres and Brewers each play 9 at home.

    Phillies are 36-35 away on season so going 5-5 is in line, however why does anyone believe the Brewers can’t do better than 6-3 at home, given 4 vs Mia (which they could sweep) and 3 vs Ari (who has cooled down).

    Yesterdays blown win means we need to go 5-2 at ChC and Was to feel safe. Then likely need at least 1 of 3 vs Houston.

  5. One other thing to note: Houston will be playing for absolutely nothing those last three games, so hopefully they have all the scrubs in and we can take advantage. Could help us!

    1. Frank….Stos will have four days off before their first play-off game.
      You really think they will play all their scrubs?
      I bet at least one game , maybe two, they start with their starting regulars for most of the game.
      Sure their pitchers they will go easy with…but they do have go releivers.

  6. I agree with all of you. It’s time for the big $ guys to carry us. There is no guarantee we win on the road and the Brewers lose at home. But if we win our games, and I am not suggesting that 5-5 is good enough, we control whether we get in. And I agree 100% with Romus. There are zero excuses for this team to not make the Playoffs. Castellanos thinks he didn’t need rehab ABs? Great. show us the guy we paid that $ to. Bryce has had a terrible September. Can he carry us for 10 games? He sure can! Schwarber and JTR and Segura, Rhys Hoskins, who believes he deserves the big $ and a LTC, fine, get hot for 10 games. Realmuto has been really good this month, and with an off day today, I have no idea why he didn’t play yesterday. “Load management” ended, IMO on September 1. Time to show up, fellas. Let’s see what you are made of.

    1. Matt, I am afraid that if the Phillies make the playoffs, it will not be on the backs of the $$$$ guys. Most likely some of the Day Care guys will make winning plays if some wins come about. We have seen these same guys do the same thing each year now. Think the Phillies lost like 6 of their last 7 to end the season last year.
      I agree on JT. In a game you really need to win you must play your guys who give you the best chance to do that. In a week or so they may have all Fall and Winter to rest.

  7. The Mariners, the only team with a longer Playoff drought than us, blew a 9 run lead to the Royals by giving up an 11 run inning. I am frustrated enough with my team, can you imagine being a Mariners fan?!

  8. Hi guys. Lots of the same thoughts I had last night when I got home. I only got to see the bottom of the 9th. Nothing unusual there. However, I did read article by Zolecki on MLB later. He had Thomson comments. Two stood out to me. BTW I am as old school as many here. More than some. The extra innings may have shown why the Braves are defending WS champions and the Phillies are 11 years from being in the playoffs. Thomson said he never considered having Bohm bunt. Said he doubted Bohm could bunt. Whose FAULT is that? BTW Braves walked Harper. He meant nothing on base plus if no K or hit he was likely to pull ball to right side. Smart Manager.

    Romus and v1 can give figures but last time I checked it is easier to score from 3rd than from 2nd.
    PB, WP oh we did that in 8th, Infield must come in, error, base hit, Sac fly. Maybe a squeeze play. BTW when I played and most of you the object of the game is to WIN however you can. Phillies IMO did not try to win in the 10th. They had to win then. You are not going to keep the Braves from scoring as you go deep into BP. As Hinkie and others have said you MUST get that winning run to 3rd. That is on Thomson and only Thomson. It is too bad Vierling was not up after Harper. He would have got him over to 3rd. He plays to win. Not for stats.

    I think now it will be a big challenge for the Phillies to make the playoffs. I have seen this movie before. Not sure this team has guys wanting it bad enough. Hope I am wrong.

    1. I missed the part where the Brave’s used the bunt to get their guy to 3b with less than 2 outs. Difference was their guy (Acuna) got a hit to score the run and the Phillies didn’t.

      I question the decision to not walk Acuna is that spot like the Braves did with Harper but don’t pretend that the Phillies are the only team that doesn’t bunt in that situation.

      No one bunts anymore.

      1. One big difference. Bottom of the inning you WIN.
        Top of the inning you simply go ahead.
        I too agree not pitching to Acuna.
        But two complete opposite scenarios.

      1. v1 I knew you or Romus could find the probability.
        I would think almost 50% is pretty good.
        Maybe even higher for a game winning chance.
        38 is slightly higher than I would have thought.
        The big point for me is you are trying to win the game.
        The runner on 3rd puts lots of pressure on the defense.
        There is no margin for error on their part.
        Grandson had 3 successful suicide squeeze bunts last Spring in high school games. Travel coach missed an opportunity to win against a good Tennessee team with same chance in the Summer.
        I realize a good bunter has to be at bat and a good base runner at 3rd.
        I am guessing Rhys was the lead runner yesterday since he made the last out in 9th.

      2. That assumes Bohm actually gets the bunt down and they don’t force the runner at 3rd or turn a Double play on a bad bunt.

          1. Guys I fully get that something bad can happen and sometimes does.
            My only point is I am going to try my best to win the game in that inning.
            I know that the backend of the BP is not going to keep the Braves from scoring for too long.
            Maybe he makes a bad bunt, and they throw the ball into left field trying to get the lead runner. Anything can happen. I fully get that.

            1. Don, In a perfect world I agree with the idea of bunting in that situation.

              Problem is that very few players know how to bunt anymore and the chances of something bad happening is much higher than Bohm getting a successful bunt down.

              Just noting that very few teams bunt with the ghost runner on 2nd. I think the overall analytics don’t support doing so.

            2. Forget about bunting in that situation. Try moving up the hands on the bat and shortening the swing…oh, wait – nobody does that anymore either. Horrible what’s been done to the game.

  9. Don, I am absolutely on board with Bohm bunting. If he can’t, put in someone who can. You have to get the runner to 3B no matter how bad we are with RISP. With the ghost runner, you don’t have to swing for HRs, even in an analytics world. We blew the Save on a WP, just 2 innings before. Robertson’s pitch was 10 feet short of the plate! I don’t blame Bohm if he can’t bunt, I blame the organization. You find a way to win the game, no matter what you have to do. Either the guys we paid the $ to step up, or there needs to be major changes.

  10. The game yesterday was exasperating. Not to score in the 10th was death knell. I was a little confused that Thomson didn’t trot Eflin out for a second inning. Also Robertson should not be used in high leverage situations. 2 out walk, double then a wild pitch. Gimme a break. Only bright spot in late innings was Seranthony. Hopefully he has righted the ship, because he, Eflin, and Alvarado are the only guys I trust late. Need to pay the Cubbies back from the earlier sweep or we will only have the Eagles to root for in October.

    1. I understand the 40-man implications, but if I were Dave Dombrowski, I’d give some serious consideration to promoting Griff McGarry. The BP is running on fumes at this point. As Tony mentioned above, you can’t rely on anyone other than Alvarado, Ser-Ant’ny, Eflin, and maybe Robertson. A four man BP rotation may work in a 3 game WC playoff series, but the club is going to need more for this 10 game road trip. McGarry could give the team a shot of energy/help them win a couple of games this week.

  11. Is there something in Schwarber’s contract that mandates that he has to lead off? 42 homeruns to date and 28 of them are solo shots. Dan K (auditor) keep me honest, Dan. Is there a record for solo homeruns in a year? Schwarber has to have it. On the subject of homeruns, glad to see Pujols hit #700. I hope he gets a few more and I hope Darrick Hall gets at least 2 more.

    1. Funnily enough, I don’t think Schwarber is even in the top 3 for most solo HRs in a season… yet.

      As far as I can tell, Bonds and Richard Hidalgo share the record at 35. Bonds also has another season where he hit 29 solo shots.

      But considering the only people ahead of him are from the steroid era, and he still has more games to play… sheesh.

  12. In the last ten games the Padres went 7-3, the Brewers were 6-4, and the boys in red pin stripes went 3-7. Raise your hand if you think the Phillies are going to blow this.

    Romus, what exactly is Dombrowski going to do to shake things up. All these contracts are for multiple years. No one’s taking them so what can he possibly do?

    The lesser guys will be dumped, not the “stars”. Hoskins, Segura and probably Robertson won’t be back. If they resign Robertson, I hope it’s for no more than $3M.

    1. ciada…I am not very confident at this point. I mentioned long ago last Spring that the games the Phillies blew in April and May count just the same in the standings as those last 10 do now. They sure could use 3 or 4 of those they gave away early in the season at this point
      I will honestly be surprised at this point if they beat out the Brewers. Recent history says it is unlikely to happen. Clutch guys just not a term for many here. I think last year Phillies had Nola and Wheeler pitching in those last few games twice each and lost both times. I may be wrong on that but think it is right. Those 2 simply must have a couple dominant games in these last 10 games for a chance.

    2. You could make the argument that Hand, Knebel, Bellatti, and now Robertson and Syndergard have been OK / serviceable, but not lights out. All were acquired this year. Bullpen remains huge issue.

      Harper / Castellanos / Hoskins need a big week.
      JT / Segura / Schwarber need consistent week.
      Nola / Wheeler / Sanchez need 2 plus starts – 6 games
      Falter / Gibson need 2 competitive starts – 4 games
      The youngsters need to find a second breadth…

      This is more than achievable IF folks play to their ability.

      And there is also huge pressure on Padres thanks to their payroll and trades.

    3. ciada….like yuo mentioned….Segura, maybe Hoskins and Robertson could be on Dave D’s agenda this off-season.
      To trade either Schwarber or Castellanos, which I am not sure I would do, but Dave D may have other ideas, you will need to add value in terms of prospects to either of those two to get another team to buy in.

      Hoskins situation has really changed this year….he is having the best year of his career going into Arb4…….at first thought prior to the season, I thought he would be a $10 or$12M arb4 guy….that will now tick up…maybe to $14/15M.
      Boras will ask for more, and also, may want the Phillies to buy put his arb4 and offer him a LTC.

      1. I think there is little chance we extend Rhys. Boras won’t sign a team friendly deal and we have enough DH types going into their 30s. Play out his deal unless someone will give up a young pitcher for him this offseason.

        1. Maybe that is what the Philies plan on doing…have Boras reject a LTC offer…a team friendly type… it gives the Phillies reasons to move on, and dangle him in a trade.

        2. Agreed regarding Boras. If he had his way he would never allow any of his players to sign a long-term extension.

          Players sign with Boras because he’s the best in the business at maximizing contractual value for his clients. He does it by advising his players against signing extensions, instead allowing the free market to create more opportunities and money. This requires nerves and most importantly, the ability to continue playing well enough to justify a large contract. However, most of his clients are high profile and possess a lot of self-confidence and are willing to bet on themselves. More often than not the bet pays off, although there are examples of players getting burned by waiting too long.

          There have only been a couple exceptions over the years of players going against Boras’s advice and signing a team-friendly extension instead. We’ll know relatively soon about Rhys and what path he decides to take but the odds are strongly in favor of him refusing any potential extension offers, provided the Phillies offer one in the first place. But if they do and Rhys turns it down, the club will have two choices – Keep him one more year or trade him.

          Certainly, there are luxury tax implications by keeping him one more year but the flipside is that he doesn’t hold much trade value. Given that he’ll have a relatively large arbitration number, it will definitely limit the amount of potential trading partners. Additionally, 1B is typically not a great position of need for most organizations, as you can slide a number of players there. Same goes for DH.

          I have more thoughts about him, as well as a number of other possible player moves but will save those for the off-season.

          1. Like I said previously…if Belt does end up leaving the Giants, then perhaps Dombrowski and Zaidi/Harris can work out some agreement involving Hoskins. They do have some pitching prospects at the AA level that could be interesting.
            Plus Giants will have the money for any Hoskins arb4 deal or LTC if Boras ever goes that route.
            Giants are going big time this off-season….Judge is in their cross-hairs.

            1. I’ve been on record that the Giants are a potential match for a variety of reasons. I don’t see Belt returning. I think the Padres and Yankees are also possibilities if Bell and Rizzo aren’t re-signed, respectively.

              The Giants will be very active and Hoskins might not be the only Phillie that they’re interested in.

              FYI – Scott Harris is now running the show for Detroit. I think he’s going to do well there.

  13. Very depressing comments on here. Phil’s are in a pennant race with 7 games coming up against two bad teams. I think we would all have taken that back in April. 88/89 wins would have looked good to me when the season started.
    Make or miss the playoffs, the off-season plans will probably be the same. I don’t think these last few games will make a difference. I think they’ll try to sign one of the elite SS and move Stott to 2nd, letting Segura go. Hoskins will most definitely be back. I think they’ll sign a SP and give Falter the 5th spot until McGarry or Painter show they’re ready for it. And they will once again overhaul the pen, bringing in more arms. The bench guys are already here in Vierling, Sosa, Maton, and Stubbs and they have the top 3 SPs already. This feels like 2007 to me with our big run next year.

    1. Can you explain to me how ……they bring back Hoskins at, say $14M…..sign Turner or Bogaerts or Swanson at $24M AAV for 6 years……and then sign another SP at , who is worth anything, $10M plus AAV. ….and not break the luxury tax again….of which there goes more draft selections, not to say losing another 2nd rounder when signing one of the QO shortstops
      Oh, Nola’s option is $16M for just one more year……so a LlTC will come his way at $20M plus or more.
      And all this, just by letting Jean Segura go and his $16M salary.

  14. Murray, I am just speaking for me. I didn’t have a # of Ws when the season started, just making the Playoffs, however many Wins that took, was my goal then and now. Not making it is a failed season, whether we miss it by 1 game or not, it changes a lot. I think the Owner feels the same way, Playoffs is a must. I think it matters to the Manager’s job, also. Yes, we have 7 games against 2 teams that we should beat, and 3 against an Astros team that most likely will be resting some starters, and their top SPs, for 1, maybe 2 of those games. Even more reason that the $ players need to step up and get us to the Playoffs.

  15. I agree Matt on the season if no playoff. With all the $$$s spent I think that is a must for JM.
    The same is probably true for Thomson. It seemed he pushed all the right buttons initially but some misfires recently. No playoffs would most likely bring a change there as well.
    Phillies are better than Cubs and Nats but they have young guys who have nothing to lose this week. Plus, some are playing for jobs next season. Astros are anyone’s guess. But they want to be ready for the 2nd round so who knows how they approach those last 3 games. Those may be make or break for the Phillies.

  16. Trust me, the Astros are not going to lay down for anyone. This is a professional team that competes to the end. They are used to winning games. They would be vilified, if they “rested” their stars while having an influence on the outcome of the wild card race. Those three games will not be gimmies.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Bob. I’ve shaken my head at text after text about this until yours. The Houston Astros are elite. They want to play and win every game. Their goal in that final series is to KEEP THEIR EDGE! Not lose it before having to take 4 days off!

  17. Why does everyone feel Schwarber would have no trade value? We’d need to “include prospects to trade him. Really?!
    Personally, I’m pretty confident that a 42 HR player would be attractive on the market. Remember, every mlb team now has a DH! And there are many teams that don’t already have a half-dozen DHs like the Phillies.

    Kyle’s line with 10 games still to play is…
    93/42/87/8, w/.314 OBP. And he had similar projectable power stats in ‘21 along with much higher BA & OBP.

    Btw, I would not trade Schwarber. (Though I’d be open to a sweet offer.) Like many have stated, he should bat 5th/6th. You could practically pencil him in for 35-40/100-110. We need that!

    1. Trading Schwarber or Castellanos, with their current contracts , and limited defensive options, and age30 seasons ahead of them….WILL require more for another team to want to have them….I can name 15 small market teams that would be reluctant to take them on without added value.
      And most of all the large market teams already have players like that on their active.
      My goodness….Schwarber with all his HRs, also leads the league in strike-outs with a tremendous 1.3WAR……Castellanos is even better, he has a negative WAR.

      If you want a prospect in exchange for each of them….then that probably happens.

      1. I think Schwarber has trade value. We may need to eat some contract but he has some value as a DH.

        Imo Castellanos has no trade value until he returns and starts hitting.

  18. Those of you calling for McGarry he gave up a hit tonight, walked 3 and was charged with 4 runs and took the loss.

    1. Yeah. Imo I am still not sold on McGarry. His command is poor and in the show, it doesn’t matter how good your stuff is if you can’t command it.

  19. Jim … take care. It looks like you are probably going to get an up close and personal look at Hurricane Ian.

  20. Looks that way at moment. Be safe all of you in its path.
    Matt 13, Romus, v1, Hinkie. A quick tidbit on grandson.
    This week is Homecoming for their high school. He was picked by his classmates to be in the Homecoming Court. One boy and one girl in grades 9, 10, 11. Then several in grade 12. Kind of nice for him to know he is well liked by his peers. He is a very good student. Very quiet and reserved. Matt, he is still 6’2″ and around 150.
    Let’s hope for a good week for Phillies.
    One generic question. Is it normal for teams to have so many home or away games to end the season? Pads and Brewers 9. Phillies 10.

    1. At Don 53 – remember the last 3 Astros games were added to the back end of the schedule due to the lock out. Ordinarily there would have only been a 6/7 game road trip at the end of the season for the Phillies.

  21. I think those of you that would be disappointed at not making the playoffs will be fine if you think 5-5 gets us in. I actually think we go 6-4.

    I never had a number of wins in mind in April I simply had winning the division or competing for it up until the end as a benchmark for success.

    We’re sitting 13 GB so I am already disappointed but at the same time optimistic that next season could be much much better. I have a wild imagination and without naming them I see ways to trade for what we need and pare down the payroll and sign what we need to get over the hump.

    1. I hope you are correct.
      Here is a question. Phillies were 21-29 when Thomson took over.
      I forget what Mets were. How are they in relation to the change of manager time?

      1. As of now, since June 3rd the Phils (61-40) are 1 game worse than the Mets (62-39), and 9.5 worse than the Braves (71-31). We have the 6th best record in baseball since then. LAD, ATL, HOU, CLE, and NYM are 1-5.

        That’s pretty good company even though we’d still be third in the NL East.

  22. Great stuff, Don, I enjoy getting caught up on your Grandson, and I hope he is having a great year. It sounds like academically and personally he is doing great. Looking forward to you sharing news of his baseball season.

    1. Thanks Matt. Will do. Basketball 1st. They will be good but got moved up a class to 3A. 2nd highest in Indiana. Tourney will be tough. Baseball stayed in 2A. Should be one of top 5 teams in it the next couple years. Should be really good this year barring injuries.
      Are you going to be affected by hurricane? Hope all stay safe.

  23. My son is in Ft. Myers, and my daughter in Cape Coral, near SWFLFrank. They are getting the shutters up and the supplies are ready. the schools are closed today and tomorrow, so far.

    1. I hope the best for all of them.
      We have some friends from here who spend Winter there and are down there now. I think I heard the TV say it is moving South some. Is that good or bad for them? Tampa was originally the key point.

    2. matt:
      Good luck and safe keeping to them…..understand Tampa/Clearwater/St Pete could be hit the hardest.
      Assume the Complex will be buttoning down the hatches

      1. Not baseball related, but just a little English enhancement for those who want it:

        The phrase is actually, “batten down the hatches” (don’t worry, it’s one of the most common mistakes in modern English). “Batten” literally being a strip of wood or metal used for fastening; the verb form meaning to strengthen something with battens.

    1. Ciada I don’t believe a trade of any guy on the 26 man right now would be out of the question. I doubt it would be any of the guys that are low on the payroll totem poll.

      I believe the only one you probably rule out is BH. I don’t believe a trade of any top prospect occurs either meaning no Painter, Abel or McGarry.

      As Jimmy said over a week ago they will be quite a bit under the cap to maneuver as needed.

      But if Dave D is looking to me to figure this out we are in trouble LOL.

  24. Thanks guys! Nick Castellanos is reinstated today. My 2 hitters that I am looking to carry us the most are Bryce and Nick C. Starting tonight. If I say it enough, it will happen!

  25. Fun fact: if the Braves don’t lay down a sac bunt in the next 8 games, they’ll be the first team with none in a 162-game season. Ever.

    They’re also 3rd in MLB in runs scored. I’m not saying the two things are related, but those are the facts.

    1. Ha, but they ARE related. The Braves do the math. They don’t give away runs. As good as he has been for the Mets, Showalter does sometimes give away runs through bunting, including, as a recalled, an early inning bunt in a game against the Phillies. I was pretty shocked.

      1. I tend to think so, too. But correlation doesn’t mean causation, so it’s possible it’s a coincidence.

        Math suggests sacs are bad, though.

  26. Saw this on Aaron Judge’s next contract…… more than a dozen MLB executives, agents and insiders were polled to find out what it will take to sign him.
    …. the 14 predictions from lowest to highest total dollars committed:

    7 yrs for $259M…..$37M AAV
    10 for $265M………$26.5M AAV
    8 for $280M………….$35M AAV
    8 for $280M………….$35M AAV
    8 for $300M…………$37.5M AAV
    7 for $301M…………$43M AAV
    9 for $320M…………$35.5M AAV
    8 for $320M………….$40M AAV
    8 for $328M………….$41M AAV
    9 for $333M………….$37M AAV
    9 for $335M………….$37.2M AAV
    10 for $340M………..$34M AAV
    10 for $341M………..$34.1M AAV
    10 for $375M………..$37.5M AAV
    …do not think Phillies are in play.

    1. I certainly hope they are not. Judge is not going to age well at his size. Will be a full time DH in a few years.

  27. Phillies have a real chance to knock off 2 games from their magic number (8️⃣➡️6️⃣) tonight. Wheeler pitching for Phils over Stroman. And Miles Mikolas favored to beat Adrian Houser in Milwaukee. Could also gain a game on the Padres. They’re beginning a three game series vs the LADs.

    1. Hinkie…Phillies are now 10-11 in Sept… are so optimistic …especially with 10 games on the road…..their road % this year is .507.
      It is pressure time for them…now or never….backs up against the wall, and all those clever clichés
      Will it be 5 years in a row…or will they throw off that yoke of choke?

  28. Matt and Don, thanks for the well wishes on Ian. We’re as ready as we’re going to be for what looks like it will be a direct, or nearly direct, hit. Sitting on the lanai now and wind already picking up.

    Meanwhile, Matt, let me know if you’re down to visit your son and daughter. Maybe we can get together at Zirilli’s and get some genuine water-ice and talk Phillies baseball (and Eagles football of Mr. Zirilli is in.)

    1. Looks as though it is about time to hit the coast.
      Be safe.
      Matt, I heard Cape Coral mentioned this morning.

  29. That rbi “double” against Brogdon is the quintessential example of why our team is struggling to make the playoffs despite our huge payroll. That should have been an out. Our defense is atrocious. We absolutely have to fix our defense at several spots this off-season.

  30. Also need to find some hitters who are patient enough to swing at strikes. 9th inning was embarrassing by JTR and Bohm. 2 pitches and 3 outs

  31. Once again, I gotta question Rob Thomson. Why remove Wheeler after 6 innings/64(?) pitches?
    Phillies basically have 3 reliable SPs and 3.5 reliable relievers. Should have gone another inning with Wheeler then used your top BP pieces tonite.

    1. And Phillies bats go to sleep at the most inopportune time. Cubs BP is terrible, yet Phillies refused to work counts.

      1. Schwarber, Hoskins, Bohm, Segura and Marsh were no shows with the bats. This game is on the hitters. Personally, I think Wheeler was done. It won’t surprise me after the season is over that he has an issue. I think he’s gutting it out.

        1. The team showed no urgency. They may have taken their cue from the manager,, who absolutely showed no urgency. Ten games to go, he needs to rely on his best pitchers. Can’t lift Wheeler with another inning left in his arm. Can’t use Brogdon instead of Alvarado or Ser-Ant’ny or Eflin or even Robertson. Is Thomson saving these guys for November?

          1. He’s saving them for games we’re losing or for when our long reliever strikes out the side on 9 pitches in his first inning.

    2. This is an easy one – because Wheeler was out for a month and has only built up to pitch that many innings/pitched. That was the right thing to do.

      1. Wheeler threw 58 pitches on September 21.
        Wheeler threw 62 pitches last night.
        Increasing his pitch count by four isn’t really stretching him back out IMO. That’s keeping him stagnant. I could see if he was getting rocked, but Wheeler was throwing well: 6 IP, 1 R, 5 H, 1 BB. I might even be less upset if the manager followed Wheeler with one of his three or four more reliable relievers (instead of Brogdon).
        This isn’t June 27th. It’s September 27th. The team is in “do or die” mode. If they don’t win six of these final road games, there’s a good chance they miss the postseason for the 11th straight year. That would also probably seal Thomson’s fate. He’ll be gone because he didn’t show the type of urgency needed to get this club across the finish line.

        1. Yeah, but innings matter too. The warm-ups between innings matter and are part of the toll. His velocity was already down and six innings is a full start. I know they need him now, but they will need him if they make the playoffs too. In any event, pitching isn’t the reason they lost this game and I think Thomson should be back and will be back.

  32. Yes, our D isn’t good and you get no argument from me that the hit off Brogdon needed to be caught. But this team was put together to hit, and this performance fell way short. 9 games left, and I would bet we win none of them 1-0, so we need the bats. Jim, SWFL Frank, be safe!!

  33. Have family in Orlando so I am concerned but not scared. I am worried about all of you living near the coast – this storm is not joke. Good luck and God bless to all.

    1. Good for him. An opportunity he would not have gotten for a couple more years in Philly.

      Would be nice if he can get that first big league hit before the season ends.

    2. This O’Hoppe trade – yeah, I’m not getting over it soon. And, no folks, his being around is entirely consistent with the Realmuto contract and the team’s future. Realmuto is 31 and O’Hoppe is 22. I get everything that’s been said about Marsh and I hope Marsh surprises all of us, but the odds are this is going to be a bad trade at the very least and it might turn out to be a really horrible trade.

  34. Always helps to be on a roll at the end:
    Sept records:

    Hinkie……the way it looks , if this is the fifth futile year, Phillies will be drafting 18th or 19th depending on what the Mariners do.

    1. Question: Would you rather miss the postseason again if you knew the Phillies would win the first ever MLB draft lottery, and get to pick Dylan Crews? Or would you rather snap the decade long playoff slump, and take your chances with the Mets, then the Dodgers, then the Braves?

      The odds of the first team out of the postseason to win the lottery is just 0.23%, but for the purpose of this exercise, I’m guaranteeing you the 1-1 pick.

      1. Easy for me let’s skip the playoffs again and get the better pick

        We can’t sit here and post about all their flaws and not believe that Fuld and DD aren’t comprehending the same thing.

        They took a shot it didn’t work out. I’m ok with that if they signal a change in direction this off season.

  35. Thomson is beginning to lose the luster he had, in my eyes. His matter of fact approach to these losses drives me crazy. I don’t want a guy that panics, but the “flush this one”, and “we will get it going” is growing old and stale. Treat every one of these games like a Playoff game, and score runs any way we can. Segura’s ABs were particularly awful, swinging at pitches not even close to the plate. Finally, Harper “said we have to stop talking about it, and go out and do it.” I’ve been saying that all month.

    1. Matt, he has a laid back personality that’s just who he is. What do you want him to do “slash his wrists”? The players are the ones that need to get this thing going, it’s on them. DMAR is right, DD and Fuld see the same thing we see! The money spent on “big bats” didn’t produce the results they envisioned, time to reshuffle the deck, it’s just the way it is.

      1. no, skeet, nothing like that at all, and I am assuming you are engaging in a bit of hyperbole. What I want him to do is have the team manufacture runs, anyway possible, not sit back and look at the back of their baseball cards. Castellanos, for example, would need the season to run another 100 games to reach his baseball card. And, it doesn’t matter what his personality is, failing to make the Playoffs will cost him his job.

    2. Matt. I agree on the luster part. Seems like some of Joe’s moves of late.
      But I thought Girardi would do well with Phillies. I was so wrong.
      I just do not see the down in the dirt kind of guys on this team.
      Lots of the better teams have those guys.
      Maybe both Phillies can go 4-6 now. Is that good enough.
      Also, it seems Rangers and Cubs are the Marlins of old. Phillies are 0-8 against them.

  36. I do not see Thomson back as manager in 2023.

    If the Phillies don’t get a SS in FA, would you offer Segura 2 and $20M?

    I think we’d agree that Nola pitches his best with the extra day of rest. They are pitching him tonight, I believe, and jumping him over Suarez who will have two extra days and Nola is back to regular time. I hope I’m wrong but this could be a “recipe for disaster”.

    1. I would not. I’d like to move on. Not that Jean is a bad guy (I have no idea) but the team needs to infuse some different energy into the club house for starters…

      For instance you could put Maton and Sosa there and yeah maybe their offensive numbers don’t meet or exceed Seguras but the results could still end up being better.

      1. Mostly concerned with Segura’s health. His body type is susceptible to muscle pulls, age will not benefit his injury probability.

    2. I would be very surprised if Thomson isn’t back. The team, I believe, won’t extend Segura. Next year Maton and Sosa are going to fight it out or Stott will move to second if the team signs a big time SS.

      1. I agree I think Thomson has done a good job, his first at the helm. I think Segura has done a good job for us overall, but I think we need to get younger and cheaper at 2B and we have the youth who can handle the position. Personally, I am ready to move on from Hoskins, if this is his best year ever as Romus reported I am underwhelmed. He is also becoming too expensive and can be replaced by people currently under contract or in the organization.

        1. I believe it was a natural reaction for the players to play better after Girardi was ousted but a handful of them continue to show their true colors. A few weeks ago I said you ride out Hoskins and then let him walk but I think it may be time to move that eventual change up a year.

          Unfortunately I don’t think there is a manager out there that can handle this current group. It needs some turnover. Mattingly is out there and with his son in the org he’s intriguing to say the least.

          I’m not pitching for him as manager but I would like to see them add some people like him in the scouting/FO.

          I’m pretty sure the Mets are going to get Dayton Moore as their president soon with Alderson announcing he is not coming back. If he doesn’t end up there getting him in some capacity would really help.

          I think we need a fresh set of eyes on our own talent and then someone who may have different perspective on some of the other clubs talent.

          1. I hope the Mets get Dayton Moore. He is far from the sharpest tool in the drawer. Net with for the Phillies – Alderson is very competent.

            1. Dayton Moore took a small market team, that rarely spends on big free agents, and went to two World Series and won one.
              He may not be the sharpest tool but he seems very serviceable

            2. He is a B- GM. So if the Mets get him, that’s a win for us. He’s not Andrew Friedman or one of the sharper, young GMs, that’s for sure.

          2. A fresh set of eyes on our own talent wouldn’t help much without a radical change of philosophy by the owner. Build from the bottom up not top down. Stop with the year after year “buy” mentality in a desperate bid to just get the last wildcard anyway possible. Stop losing draft picks year after year.
            Get a new LA director. Sal has done a better job of scouting NYC area talent than Latin talent. Keep him as the NYC area scout. I could go on and on but it is all Middleton.

  37. Hinkie, with a guaranteed first pick, sure, I would give up the Playoffs. Unfortunately, here we are. The oddsmakers don’t have 60 plus years of Phils fandom behind them. I would put our chances of holding on at about 50/50. Yes, moving on from Segura, seriously going after Trea Turner and moving Stott to 2B.

    1. v1. Hinkie and I predicted 90. Looks like we are going to be a few games short. Couple weeks ago, I thought it was possible.

  38. We still need 6 to hit 89. I would take 6-3 the rest of the way. Don’t know if I have a ton of confidence we can do that, but we sure need to win tonight with Nola on the mound.

  39. So Kyle Wright wins 20 games this year for the Braves. I knew the last SP who did that for us was Doc, and I thought it was 2011, but it was 2010. I could have sworn we had a couple of others between Doc and Lefty, but I was wrong. 1982, Steve Carlton won over 20, and no Phils SP from 1982 until 2010. Hoping we have someone do it before 2038!

    1. Matt the Astros have 102 wins Verlander has 17 of them; Valdez 16

      A couple guys sit at 17 wins after Wright. Point is its likely Wright ends up the only 20 game winner this season. It is a very rare occurrence these days.

    2. What’s really odd is that Fried has more IP, a lower WHIP and a lower ERA yet he’s only figured in the decision in 20 of the 29 games he’s started.

      Wright OTOH 25 of the 29 he’s started.

      One thing I noticed about Fried as good as he is he’s usually into a really deep pitch count by the 5th or 6th inning. My take is he’s going up against the opposing teams #1 quite often and not getting the run support that Wright is.

  40. I get it, I was just engaging in some wishful thinking. The Braves have another good one in Strider. I don’t know if one of our young guys can make a contribution as soon as next season, but that would sure be nice. I am not sure about McGarry gaining command, and I think that Painter is our #1 prospect, but I still really like Abel, and hope all 3 become good Major Leaguers.

    1. Honestly I believe Painter from a pitch-ability standpoint could probably do it. However I’m not sure he’s physically ready to log 170+ IP

      and maybe you don’t need that many from him.

      Abel too…

      McGarry is probably physically ready but as others have mentioned the command is still too erratic. Not sure you can clean that up in an off season.

  41. They’re going to wait until there’s less than 10 games but Phillies are once again going to have a Sept collapse. Schwarber and Harper both wilted like an unwatered flower. Nola’s Sept struggles came back to rear it’s ugly head.

    Crappy team. Yay for the eagles!!!

  42. Scroll up to Sep 28, at 9:59 AM to see what I wrote. Shades of Gene March in the 2nd biggest collapse of all time. The Red Sox coming back from 0-3 against the Yankees is number one. This Phillies team will be number 3.

  43. No recap on tuesday because the game was cancelled. No recap tonight because we lost power at 7:37 pm.

    We are okay otherwise. Watching (on wife’s device) the phillies’ hitters wonder why 2 runs isn’t enough to beat a major league team.

    1. Jim … Happy to hear you are doing OK. Here’s hoping you get your power restored soon.

      And Matt … hope your kids made it through the hurricane safely. Same with you SWFL Frank

  44. Where do you start?

    ▪︎ Bryson Stott is badly in need of a game (or two or three) off. He cost the Phillies runs in the field and at the plate again tonight. Give Maton or Sosa PT.

    ▪︎ Is there anybody on this team who hits with runners on base? Their two runs were scored tonight on a ground out and sac fly. They had many opportunities to blow the game open. Never did.

    ▪︎ Aaron Nola failed in September again.

    ▪︎. In the words of the immortal Terry Murray … “We’ve got a choking situation going on here”.

  45. What a pathetic bunch
    Harper is nothing but a stats collector. No fire and seems to disappear every September. Someone change my mind if I’m being too harsh.

    Another year of a missed playoffs.

    8 games left and they can’t score or hit, so yes, season is 100% over.

  46. What a joke of an effort from this lifeless club. Oh, and we will be regretting the O’Hoppe trade for 10+ years. Kid will be a star

  47. Nola was shutdown for 5 of his 6 innings but unfortunately he imploded in one. Can’t do that. Btw, he’s reminding of Kershaw in playoffs – which I’ve always felt was overblown. Like the negativity towards Nola.

    Nola is not why we lost. Once again it was our inconsistent, too-often-disappearing offense.
    2-16 RISP says it all.

  48. The 3 run homer that Nola gave up was on a 94 mph fastball at the top, inside corner of the zone. It was a good pitch. It wasn’t a mistake pitch. According to his Fangraphs’ Heatmap, that is cold zone for Morel. He is a low outside hitter. The kid just barreled up a pitcher’s pitch. Happens. Meanwhile, the MLB winning percentage for teams that scored 2 runs is ~ .240.

  49. 10-13 in Sep…….no one has ever stopped an avalanche, just ride it out, and see what is left after it settles.

    1. They all just look like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. I know losing isn’t fun and all but my word loosen up men…

  50. It’s so bizarre with this September thing….

    And Nola’s one bad inning thing is even more peculiar.

  51. Usually you hope for a pitcher to step up and stop the bleeding. Today that would be Suarez. The problem is the pitching hasn’t been bad it’s our inconsistent offense. if we get o’fer’d in Chicago oh’ boy…..

  52. I know this is repeating myself, but this team was put together, at a very high cost, to hit. 2-16 with RISP is not hitting. That isn’t just 1 game, that is this team, horrible at scoring with RISP, except for a couple of outliers. A lot of their futility is terrible pitch selection, getting themselves out by swinging at pitches that are not close. Harper has the 3 RBIs in the 2 games, but not exactly by powering the ball. Every team is tired, every team has struggled with injuries, this is simply not stepping up when it matters. Thank all of you for the good wishes. Fortunately, my family is safe and doing ok. I hope Jim and SWFL Frank and all of you with family in Southwest Florida are doing well.

  53. I tried to take a quick glance at comments. I too hope all are safe in Florida.
    I turned game off after no runs with bases loaded.
    Here are some numbers for those into that.
    Phillies are 5 and 23 vs the Mets, Cubs, and Rangers.
    That is 18 games under 500 vs 3 teams.
    It is a miracle they even have a chance though that could change in a couple days.
    It was also mentioned that Nola is 0-4 and Wheeler 0-3 vs Mets this year on Cubs broadcast.
    I do not see this ending well at this point. Has a lot of the prior seasons look to it.

  54. If you think you’ve seen this movie before …

  55. It’s never been, for this team, about the Brewers losing, it is on us, and has been on us, to win games. And, win games by outhitting the other team. We have failed miserably. Failed to stop swinging at pitches in the dirt, failed to stop looking at Strike 3 with RISP, just like yesterday. Coming up small, September after September, no matter how they try to sell us it’s not the same team, they sure swing the bats like the same team. 8 games left, they are welcome to shut me up and prove me wrong. I sure hope so. No matter how disgusted I get, I still root for them, like a fool. Unlike the Flyers, who, for the first time in their existence I am hoping to lose, I keep hoping I am wrong about the Phils.

  56. Logan O’Hoppe is Kieth Law’s prospect of the year:

    Prospect of the Year: Logan O’Hoppe, C, Los Angeles Angels
    The 22-year-old O’Hoppe got off to a strong start this year in the Phillies’ system, where the 23rd-round pick from 2018 hit .275/.392/.496 with Double-A Reading. It’s a great hitters’ park, so you could have been a little skeptical – and perhaps the Phillies were, as they traded him at the deadline to the Angels for outfielder Brandon Marsh. O’Hoppe went to the Angels’ Double-A affiliate, Rocket City, and took off like … never mind, he just hit .306/.473/.674 with 11 homers in 29 games after the trade. He finished 16th among full-season players this year (minimum 400 minor-league plate appearances) in strikeout to walk ratio, with 74 strikeouts and 68 unintentional walks on the season. He’s an offensive catcher with strong OBP skills and power, but good enough to stick behind the plate, and now he’s the Angels’ top prospect.

    I know that that will upset some here, but not me. I am a huge Logan fan and I am rooting for him to have a great career. I think Brandon Marsh is a good player too and I love the progress he has made while here. I think it is a Win-Win deal.

    1. Completely agree. We got a guy who has looked great on both sides of the ball and is still very young, and they have a future everyday catcher and likely all star. Both teams did well. I hated the trade when it was announced but I thought Marsh was kind of a lost cause. He seems to have his act together now with the bat. Will always root for O’Hoppe, and Moniak for that matter.

    2. Ah . . . not so fast.

      In a perfect world, it’s a win-win scenario and I am hoping for that too. But more likely than not, we lose that trade and perhaps lose it in a very ugly, telling stories about it 30 years from now (like we do about Ryne Sandberg) way.

      My problem isn’t just that we may lose the trade in an ugly way but that first division regular catchers are rare, rare commodities and, like future aces or shortstops that hit, you hold onto those prospects for dear life. I am also upset about how this team is going about its business and I blame John Middleton. He is so desperate to make the playoffs that he is missing the bigger picture. It’s not just about making the playoffs, it’s about building a championship organization. If he was thinking bigger picture, he doesn’t make that trade, which I think would have been the better, long-term move.

      And, when I said that O’Hoppe could easily become one of the top 5 catchers in baseball. That statement was correct and I stand by it.

      Think about it in some other ways. First, what would the Phillies have to give the Angels to reverse that trade? A hell of a lot more than Brandon Marsh – so yeah, we are behind the 8-ball there. Second, would an organization like the Eagles trade a young player like that who could be a cornerstone for a decade at a key position? No way.

      Look, it’s not the end of the world, the team has some good prospects and the bigger picture is improving the whole farm system. But a team on the edges of the playoffs like the Phillies should not be in the business of losing trades like this. That’s what the mediocre organizations do.

      1. Imo way too early to declare that we lost the trade. I love both players but we really have no idea what they will become. Logan has 3 MLB at bats. We have no idea what kind of player he will be. And Marsh has made huge strides since KLong’s swing changes. He could easily settle into a .280/.330/.450 line. While also being a great defensive CF. All while being on a rookie contract. Those are not easy players to acquire.

        Imo it will turn out to be a win-win. Maybe a Win-win. But I don’t see a Ryan Sandburg type trade here. But who knows. We need more data.

      1. I find it interesting that all it took for a national guy to notice how good O’Hoppe is that he be trade out of the Phillies’ horribly ranked development system.

        1. Yes…it is rather interesting.
          And for a guy like, Logan O”Hoppe, who never cracked anyone’s top 100

  57. Its funny how jim hinted that there is clubhouse drama that we dont know about, and we didnt really take his comment super seriously. Now the team looks like they cant stand ball and want the season to be over. Looks like the guy knew what he was talking about. Also odd how a certain team won a WS when a certain guy left a clubhouse. Then when that player left our clubhouse due to injury, the team looked great and looked loose and fresh. Then he came back and they look tight and miserable again. At some point, where theres smoke theres fire. Cant keep chalking everything up to coincidence.

    1. I’ve been in denial because Harper really seems to say all of the right things. There has to be something there though. If that’s the case, we are screwed. I don’t see any team willing to take on his contract even if he agreed to a trade. I just can’t fathom what the issue is with him. Does he expect special treatment? Does he ooze smugness and is spoiled? That would definitely rub me the wrong way…just be a good teammate and play ball. How hard is it?

      I’ve been on the get rid of Hoskins train for quite some time. I was hoping he was the issue….

      1. Okay, please stop it. You guys are caught in the insanity of the moment. The Phillies have a lot of problems but Bryce Harper is not one of them. If he went on the open market, the Phillies could get rid of his contract and get some very good players for him. Why? Because he’s freaking fantastic player and he’s worth his contract and a lot more. If they get rid of him, they might as well go into a full rebuild. If you think Bryce Harper is not good, I don’t know what to tell you except that you’re entirely wrong.

        1. It has nothing to do with how good he is. First of all, I never said I wanted them to get rid of him. What we are commenting on are the rumors in the clubhouse. When he is going good, I think it’s all roses. If he is struggling, he seems to carry a very negative vibe.

          Regardless, if they choke this away, I anticipate a big shakeup by Dombrowski.

          1. Well you said “I don’t see any team willing to take on his contract even if he agreed to a trade.” That statement is wildly false. Harper has been one of the biggest bargains in baseball and he has one of the few really fantastic (for the club) contracts.

            As for Harper being a problem, I am sure some teammates don’t appreciate that he is calling them and really everyone out. He is honest about that. He is correct. He is trying to get them out of their comfort zone. If asking everyone to perform makes him a problem, I have a problem with that. We don’t need a player who just wants to get his stats and take his money. We need a leader who demands more and wants to win. I have no problem with that at all and, I’m sure, neither do the other guys on the team who are aching to win.

            1. Catch you seem to be really irritated about this and I understand and had the same sentiment earlier in the season. I’m starting to come around to the possibility that it is a real thing. Right now, the only thing Harper should worry about is his performance which has not been good at all. He cares a lot. There’s no doubt about that. It may not be anything and I hope you are right.

            2. Agreed. His $25m AAV pays him like a 3 WAR player. He won the friggin MVP last year. Maybe his year 12/13 aren’t attractive but plenty of teams would want him. That said, he is not going anywhere.

        2. Hey Catch, it is fine for you to say that. But lets look at the facts here:
          -Numerous Nats sources said having him out of the clubhouse was a boon to the morale and they won the WS as soon as he left after never making a deep run with him

          -Our sources on this very site have been hinting cryptically that theres a problem all season

          -When he left the team due to injury, the team played extremely well and more than that, looked enthusiastic and energetic

          -He comes back and all of that goes away. They look miserable. They are tight. They dont look like they want to be on the baseball field.

          There is absolutely zero denying he is a great player. Hes playing very poorly now but hes a great player. But you have to at least consider that this is all not just a coincidence. It seems like he makes the environment for those around him less pleasant. Im just using the consistent trends that occur, not just making stuff up.

          1. Yeah, and when they go on a 4 game winning streak, everyone will be talking about what a great leader Harper has been. I just think this is a bunch of nonsense and is not about Harper at all. The 1970s Yankees despised one another and were fantastic. Bryce Harper should not be the scapegoat for players just not playing well. This isn’t basketball or football where the performance of the running back is about the offensive line or the shooting guard doesn’t score because the point guard isn’t getting him the ball. The poor performance of the hitter is on the hitter, not Bryce Harper.

  58. All I know is, vibes are a real thing. Look at the Eagles. Talent is great and the most important factor but you also have to have vibes. This team has just horrible vibes. Not sure how you fix that. They are a team of talented players overall but who shrink and get scared when the moment gets too big.

  59. I just don’t get what he could possibly be doing to these guys that makes him a Clubhouse problem. And, let’s not forget that Stott loves him. Realmuto never told him to shut up when he was advocating for JTR’s big contract. That was hardly selfish. I don’t dispute Jim’s sources, but if I am a player on that team, and see that Schwarber is a lousy lead off hitter, but has to bat lead off because he “is more comfortable there,” I wouldn’t be thrilled about that. Players taking strike 3, and swinging at balls in the dirt, and coming up tiny time after time with RISP, and failing in September, is not on Bryce Harper. I don’t care if they hate him, they have a job to do. Harper is responsible for his own lousy September, and deserves criticism for that. Any failures on the part of other players is strictly on them.

  60. Matt. I agree. This is not on one or a few players. This is a team issue. For whatever reason and I am sure the Phillies brass would love to know this team has NOT performed well in September for several years.
    I think I am correct that the year the Nats won the WS they and the Phillies both had the same record of 58-53 sometime in August of that year.
    Septembers have just been Black Holes for this team for quite some time.

  61. .

    And Thomson finally doing something I agree with: sits Bryson Stott in favor of Nick Maton. Can’t worry about players’ feelings at this point. Stott is killing the club right now. Maton (or Sosa) can’t do any worse. They could even provide a spark.

    1. Have to agree with Thomson.
      Maton, even Vierling or Guthrie insert them in….and see if it generates a spark.
      The team appears lifeless and seems to come to accept the annual Sep collapse.
      By the end of the nite…the Brewers could be in that last play-off spot.
      Then we can see how this team responds.

  62. And the narrative the Nola chokes in September . . . this September he has a 2.93 ERA for the month. 27 and two-thirds innings pitched, 22 hits, 36 strikeouts, 7 walks. Like a sub-3.00 ERA is the problem . . .

    The reason they are losing is because the offense has dried up.

    1. Totally agree. I made the point as well. Nola is our Kershaw. I’m good with that. The negative narrative is an exaggeration in both cases.

      Phillies problem = underachieving, inconsistent hitting.

  63. 5 more futile innings of lackluster hitting. So hard to watch. Castellanos is resting? After 3 hits yesterday, and being out for a month?

    1. matt13… on, what is that all about! Less than a week to go and he is out. Watching them playing with little life is so frustrating.
      Dave D is getting another first hand look at another Sept collapse….and I am positive it does not sit well with him.

  64. Harper is 2 for 2 today and knocked in both runs last night. Blaming this series on him is not smart.

    1. Yeah, at the moment he’s 6-16 in the last 5 games including this one (4 losses and down 2-0 right now), with 6 RBI. Imagine if everyone had done that . . .

  65. The pressure is palpable. Under the incoming fly ball, Brandon stood camped as if he were in a Marsh. Helplessly and to his disbelief, the ball fell just in front of him. Frozen, like a deer in headlights the Phillies stare on. What, oh what will it take to get them to displace the fear that has engulfed their psyche?

  66. The uncomfortably smug — or something — Harper is 3-3 today and 6-16 (.375 batting average), with 6 RBI, and with 3 BB (.450 on base percentage) and 2 K, during this almost five game debacle (4 straight losses and down 2-0 right now after 6 innings). We could use a few more problems just like him!

    1. Baseball is an individual game played with a collection of teammates. Each action is an individual action. There is only one batter in the box. Only one pitcher on the mound. Only one fielder making a play.

      It isn’t like football, which needs the offensive line to block, the WR to beat the DB and the QB to place the ball correctly on a play.

      All that Harper can do is hit the ball hard and he has done that. Harper is what is good with this team. The Phillies issues is their poor defense. Over a large sample size, their offense is good and their pitching is excellent. All hitting goes up and down. That’s why the stats are averages. Some times you hit it hard and it is caught and some times you hit it soft and it is a base hit. That’s baseball.

  67. Zero chance Rob Thomson returns as manager in 2023. Can’t sit in charge of this mess and walk away unscathed.

    Team is gripped in total fear.

    1. Really,…..6 of the starters are offers for the game, the CF can’t catch but we should crucify Thomson.😂🤣😅🤣

      1. For better or worse, the manager wears the outcome. Why do you think Girardi is no longer in charge?

  68. for sure, mark, I wish I wasn’t pessimistic when the Month started. I wish they proved me wrong. Hoskins, with 2 runners on, looked a Strike 2, a CB up a bit in the zone, then K’d on a letter high 94 MPH FB. Not picking on him, I have seen everyone else do the same thing. Meanwhile Robertson Walks the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th.Despite our inability to beat the Cubs, they are not very good. On our way to 3-13 over the last 16 games in a Playoff hunt has to impact the Manager, unless, by some miracle, we still end of making the Playoffs. But, I don’t see how. I have no confidence we can beat the Astros bench unit, and the storm is moving the games around vs. Washington. We will need to sweep them. Not something I am betting on.

    1. Matt13 – Dusty Baker said that he will not be resting his starters. They will be playing the rest of the way.

  69. Sorry, Rafe, I had read that. He wants them sharp for the Playoffs, especially with a Bye. I was being sarcastic. I had read somewhere earlier in the month when someone, I don’t think here, was talking about our “easy” schedule, and mentioned the Astros having nothing to play for, so that would help us. We just are not good enough.

    1. Matt13 – No need to be sorry. I agree with you. We aren’t good enough to beat anyone right now.

    2. I don’t see them sweeping a double header tomorrow, even against the Nats. The way they’re looking, a split over the weekend, then losing 2 of 3 in Houston. 86 wins won’t get them in with Milwaukee hosting 7 games versus Miami and the Dbacks. That should be 4, maybe 5 Ws right their. Season over. Can you say 1964 2.0?

      1. That was the year I first started following the Phillies.
        Mauch pitched Bunning and Short every other day till they lost the 6 and half game lead.

  70. It’s one thing to get shut down by Marcus Stroman. It’s a whole nother thing to look impotent against Hayden Wesneski, Javier Assad, and Mark Leiter Jr. Lamest offense stooopid money can buy.

    Anyone know what the Brewer’s magic number is?

  71. In this Cubs series, Harper was 5-12 with RBIs on all 3 of our runs scored. If you blame him for our team only scoring 3 runs then you just don’t understand baseball.

    Any player who is thinking about Bryce Harper when they get into the batters box is a loser and will never be a good player. But I don’t think that actually happens. Bryce may or may not be a jerk in the clubhouse, but that doesn’t impact anyone else’s ability to hit the baseball. Bryce is by far the best player on this team. By far. He is not going anywhere. And if other players don’t like him, then let’s get rid of those players.

  72. You’d think that if they were playing all these games at home that there would be incredible booing. But that’s probably not the case because they would be playing to an almost empty stadium. This is a very sad time for our boys, the fans, and the front office. Difficult to deal with. Oh, well. Wait till next year.

  73. Few things.
    A positive. No late-night game to stay up for the ending.
    First time in the history of these 2 teams that one has swept the season series. They said like 139 years. Good job.
    Could the Phillies go 0 for 10 to end the season. No way. Could they?
    There is no margin for error now. It might take 6 and 1 to make it now.
    That seems impossible.
    Is there a September jinx? There is something wrong.

  74. Losing is just coded into the DNA of this roster (and this franchise). Even if they make the playoffs, so what? First time I’ve ever thought they need to really think about now quite blowing it up but identifying the source of this loser mentality and getting them out of town.

    1. Frank….the overall team mentality is probably not what one would what to carry a team thru the play-off ordeal….nor even getting them into a play-off.
      Only a few on the team have experienced play-off baseball……Harper, Schwarber and Castellanos (5 games), Thor in 2015 and Hand for 3 games…not sure if any others.
      Not even sure it makes a difference.

      Perhaps Dombrowski may have to do what Pat Gillick did in 2006…trade a 9-year 45WAR Philly player and change the clubhouse chemistry.

      1. Romus I think you’re right. Dombrowski may have to get creative and ship out one star or maybe more…

  75. What’s worse than watching the Phillies get swept out by the Cubs? Watching them get swept out in person at Wrigley Field. Beautiful stadium, embarrassing performance. I froze in the cold for this?

    1. Guru,……I always like the Wrigley crowd they seem to enjoy baseball the way it should be enjoyed. Casually eating peanuts, having relaxing conversations, drinking beer, etc. On top of that they looked like, with very little emotion like they expected to win and like they were having a good time without the rah, rah!

      1. The fans were very respectful. I caught zero heat wearing my Phillies cap and hoodie.

        I will be back to Chicago in the future when the Phillies visit the White Sox. Chicago definitely has their share of good food.

  76. 27 innings and 1, just 1, XBH. Pathetic, and Don already had my stat of the over 100 years and neither team has swept the other. Simply awful hitting, and worse, these games were not “hard hit, right at someone, bad luck” games. No, this was dull, lifeless and awful. I like Rob Thomson, I do. But, he can’t come back after this September choke. And, I know, 7 games, maybe, left. 1 game vs Washington, if rained out, would get played after the regular season ends, if needed, and I doubt it would be needed. What could Thomson have done? Fair question. I would have started by moving Schwarber out of the leadoff spot, just to mix things up. I would have bunted Bohm in the 10th inning vs Atlanta, and had runners on 2d and 3rd. I believe the chances of scoring by fluke, WP, error, dribbler, were much greater than a hitter actually getting a hit with a RISP. And, I could be wrong. I just don’t think if it continues like this, and we don’t, by some miracle, make the Playoffs, he can survive the stink that will be attached to this team. And, I kept watching, and rooting, like a dummy! “If Marsh can get on, and steal 2B, Segura has had some big hits…” Even Patrick Corbin, who we have been crushing lately, and the Nats, who we beat up all year, can win playing us the way we have been playing. What are we? 3-13 in the last 16 games, while trying to make the Playoffs! I apologize for the rant.

    1. Matt,…..If Thomson can’t come back because of atrocious hitting wouldn’t we be better served getting rid of Kevin Long the greatest hitting coach of all time who is gushed about weekly or better yet why not get rid of the guys that can’t hit………hey there’s a thought!

  77. Romus, on September 15, we had a 4 1/2 game lead. 2 weeks later, and if Milwaukee beats the Marlins tonight, we are a half game out. That is incredible. Some gallows humor from Jim Salisbury. When Segura got picked off/thrown out because he didn’t know the count, and thought it was Ball 4, Salisbury says. “he could have been confused when he saw the Bat Boy come out. Maybe the Bat Boy is Chico Ruiz’ nephew!” I got a kick out of that.

  78. In their final two minutes this evening, ESPN Sports Center totally trashed the Phillies. Once again the laughing stock of MLB.

  79. Good Lord what was my forecast for the last two weeks, they would win nine games? Can I go back and hopefully get five?

  80. This was my fear …. The Phillies would rebuild, but not as well as the other teams, especially within the division. I fear we are closer to the 2007 Mets than the 2008 Phillies

  81. Okay, trying to remain optimistic. So, some good news…

    Brewers lost today too!

    If Phillies make postseason they will not have to face the Cubs!

  82. On the Bryce stuff, other than Jim, I have not seen a single word about clubhouse issues anywhere from anyone. Serious question – has any reporter or source even hinted at this since Bryce has been here?

    Second, someone above mentioned Nationals players mentioning some improved morale in the clubhouse after he was gone. I only recall their players defending him after their ownership offered him a very significant offer to stay and seemed beyond upset when he chose to leave. What were the sources of the player comments saying things were better without him?

    Lastly, Schwarber and Castellanos are both veteran guys who chose to come here. It’s been reported over the years that JTR and Rhys were and are very close with Bryce, not to mention Bryson.

    I mean could there be something real here? Sure. But is it likely that a $325M player causing problems in a clubhouse in a sports loving city with a tough media has somehow slipped through the cracks of getting called out for it beyond one anonymous source reporting it to someone running a Phillies blog? I doubt it. If Howard freaking Eskin isn’t even making it up? Ha. Let’s all remember that LOOOOOOONG before anyone even could have imagined Carson Wentz was a locker room problem, there were hints and mentions coming out all over the place suggesting it. There’s been NOTHING on Bryce beyond this site.

    1. Agreed.

      I have been listening to Bryce Harper very carefully for these last 4 years and I don’t think he’s ever said anything I disagreed with. When he speaks I usually find myself actively nodding my head “yes.”

      More importantly, I’ve watched him all four years and he’s hustled the entire time and I don’t recall anytime he crushed his teammates or did anything but work hard and hustle and produce.

      As for any Abreu comparison, I am not going to slam Abreu because he was a very, very productive player. That said, Abreu often seemed to lack a sense of urgency and attention to detail and that was frustrating. There is little doubt in my mind that Abreu was moved so that the Utley sense of urgency could permeate the clubhouse – and it turns out it was the right thing to do. Harper never lacks a sense of urgency and he takes ownership over the situation. Any comparisons to Abreu are, to my mind, lazy and largely irrelevant.

  83. MLB has forced a change on the Phillies vs Nationals schedule this week due to the effects of hurricane Ian. I think I read it right, now a DH today. If the weather is too bad tomorrow a DH on Sunday. Then off to Houston.

  84. Six to Sanchez to have shoulder surgery again and Mickey Moniak on the IL after getting hit on the hand……again. MLBTRS

    1. Skeet…I think that will be it for Sixto…..probably will be DFA by the Marlins after he is medically cleared for recovery. And the Marlins are chocked full of prospect pitchers.
      Depending on the shoulder surgery, they normally do not have a success rate that enables a pitcher to come back at his past peak.
      Two I can think of….Schilling and Clemens…did but do not the type of shoulder surgery they had.

      1. The article ends by saying he won’t have thrown a major league pitch in 3 years. I guess we got the best of that deal, though people were really upset at giving him and Alfaro up. Funny, you really never know til years later if you hit paydirt or not.

        1. Exactly…otoh, I remember when Gillick traded Abreu for thee Yankee prospects, some fans were vocal in opposition to the trade, others were happy to se him go… Yankee prospects CJ Henry and three other pitching prospects……none of the prospects panned out.

          1. Romus, if I remember correctly, when Gillick traded Abreu, I don’t recall any positive spin on what we acquired. It was to allow the younger guys, Utley and Rollins, to take ownership of the team. I don’t see a parallel here. I like Stott and Bohm, but neither one is Utley or Rollins. And, reviewing the myriad of missteps in yesterday’s loss, looking at hittable pitches, yes, Hoskins and Schwarber, losing the ball in the sun for the second time is 3 games, yes, our plus defensive CF, Segura’s not knowing the count really stands out. First, you are a Major Leaguer. We had it drilled into us in Little League to know the count and score and circumstances before every pitch. And, where was the 1st Base Coach? The rules do allow him to speak to the runner. Well, an afternoon and an evening DH today. We will see who shows up. And, I know I am not in the dugout, but I did see a number of shots of it. Did anyone see enthusiasm or energy, because I did not.

            1. matt…..we all know why he was traded…the team was under.500 at the mid-point and the GM had to make a move and correct, let the young guys take it from there…JRoll and Utley to become the defacto voices and leaders of that team.
              On this team, you are looking for that personality to make the players accountable…there is no Dutch, JRoll/Utley or a Pete Rose…Schwarber seems to be the closest to be able to do that….but he is only been here a short while.
              If this team does not clsoe it out with a play-off appearance….I think Dombrowski will go out and try to find a guy to do that.

              New Flyers coach John Tortarella said it last week….he does not want a happy friendly locker room…he wants someone in the locker room to hold others accountable. Why he has not picked a captain yet.

          2. Romus, I get the sense that Schwarber is a supportive teammate, someone the young guys can go to when things are tough. But, I don’t get the sense he is the type of leader like Dutch was. Dutch could and would get in someone’s
            face, I think Schwarber is more of the “pat them on the back, let’s get them tomorrow” guy

  85. Maybe somehow the Phillies back into the playoffs somehow.
    Brewers had a chance last night to take control and failed.
    There are not many games left now. Two or three wins might get it done with the tie breaker. I can see a tie between these two now. Being positive. I am not sure Phillies can have a game lead, but a tie is a win in this case.
    Then maybe the bats come alive for a week or so in the playoffs. These things have happened before in the playoffs. Trying to be positive. Remember I go back to 64.

  86. It is hard to understand just how bad Castellanos and Schwarber are as outfielders unless you go to the game live. You can’t see it on tv, because the camera follows the baseball. So you just see the ball drop in front of them. They get horrible breaks on the ball. So late. So slow. They cover no ground. They are absolutely atrocious defensively.

    This is not hindsight…I said this on March 18th, when the rumors broke:

    I said that it was a bad allocation of money to have both Schwarber and Castellanos. I was in the minority on that pov, but it has proven to be true. This team will never, ever compete with those guys as our corner OF. We have to find a way this offseason to move them to the DH and 1B or trade them.

    1. Totally fair. You have been saying that for 6 months. Though I think the idea was to have one DH, and the other in LF. Harper’s continuing arm issues fouled up that plan.

      1. Yes, nobody wanted Castellanos in the field except when it was absolutely necessary. He also just had a bad year at the plate. I am hoping he can bounce back next year. I think he was just pressing all year and there’s a better hitter there – probably not a hitter worthy of a $20m a year contract over 5 years, but a better hitter nonetheless. We had better hope that’s the case or the contract will be a disaster.

    2. Harper’s injury made this worse. Along with prospect struggles for an everyday CFer. Granted Bryce is not a GG, but he is more than serviceable. Going forward you need:

      Harper – -RF
      Marsh – CF – not impressed w/ D so far
      Schwarber in LF
      Castellanos to DH … but hes gotta kinda hit too


      RF- Harper
      CF – Marsh
      LF – Castellano
      1B – Schwarber
      DH – Hoskins

      Or trade Hoskins and start reshuffling.

      This team is built to be at best Okay defensively, with a top 5 offense, top 10 pitching staff. That’s the blueprint, players gotta do it . Even after the offseaon moves, I don’t see them improving much on the defense side.

      1. You just can’t put Castellanos in the field unless Harper can’t play – Castellanos is the worst fielder on the team by a lot, which is saying something because we have some bad fielders on this team.

        The one guy the team needs to consider moving while his value is higher is Bohm. I think the industry as a whole thinks there’s a lot of upside there. But is there? He’s not a good fielder and despite a good batting average he’s not all that productive as a hitter, so I don’t know. If the team concludes there isn’t they may want to move him and get value while they can.

        1. I still think there’s more power to tap into but I’d consider moving on in the right deal. Stott could play 3B if they sign a SS.

        1. That is something I would do.
          You may have to offer to them that idea…..moving to first base that is
          If Castellanos is amenable to that move, I’d gow ith .
          He has the size and reach, and assume as a former third basemen for over 700 games, he can field a grounder
          Schwarber seems to be comfortable in LF for the last 6/7 years.

        1. I read the thread you posted? See multiple comments agreeing with your remarks, including mine directly below yours.

    1. Good to hear. It’s too bad Sosa is out. He had been a nice sparkplug for the team before he was injured. He might have been the difference in one of those Cubs games.

    1. This like a 7 game postseason. If they can’t make through this, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

  87. The first game today might be the only game played this weekend, with a real outside chance they get tonight’s game in. Thomson should treat any baseball played today like we have 1-2 days off after this. All hands on deck minus 2-3 starting pitchers. Brewers lose to Alcantara tonight and we win Game 1, we are back in a real good spot. No saving bullets today for tomorrow.

    1. Agree with what Buddy just posted above. As a matter of fact, I came here ready to post almost the same thing. Nor sure they’ll get a second game in tonight, and certainly won’t play tomorrow. The storm is now moving faster so there’s a chance they may be able to play Sunday. Probably no chance the league and/or union would ok a triple header so the Phillies might have to return to DC on Thursday if the last WC spot is decided by then.

      And the Phillies next manager may already be helping the club. Don Mattingly has a chance to do some more serious damage to the Brewers playoff chances this weekend.
      At this point, Rob Thomson is going to have to win a playoff series to keep his job. Backing into the postseason isn’t going to really instill any confidence in Thomson’s ability to get the job done here.

      1. Nah, I doubt it. If the Phillies make the playoffs the most likely scenario, by far, is that Thomson is back. If they don’t, who knows what will happen?

        1. But, admittedly, John Middleton is a man of occasional snap judgments. If the way the playoffs go down (assuming they make them) makes the team appear to be hapless or incompetent to him, he could move on from Thomson, but I still think it’s unlikely.

      2. I think if they can’t get the second game in today, they’ll just move the series to a neutral site and have a double-header tomorrow or Sunday.

        The White Sox are on the west coast until Monday. Maybe they’d lend us Guaranteed Rate Field.

          1. I wasn’t sure if Pitt was far enough away to dodge the rain or not.

            The other Chicago team is also on the road until Monday, but if I were the Phils I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near Wrigley for a long while.

      3. Hinkie, I haven’t really paid that much attention to Mattingly as a manager, but my distant impression has been one of mediocrity. Would he really be better than Thomson?

        1. No Don Mattingly, thanks. Let’s see how his son fares with the farm system before making this a family affair.

          I’d like to think Dombrowski will look for a younger, sharp but lesser known baseball manager from another organization than bringing on a familiar name. Don’t ask me who…

          1. I think Don Mattingly will definitely be a top candidate. I’d love to see Eduardo Perez get serious consideration. I wouldn’t rule out Carlos Beltran either.

            1. And … how is this for an off the wall candidate: Ruben Amaro Jr.
              Not saying RAJ will get the job, but he may get an interview. Dombrowski hired him to be a part of the Red Sox coaching staff in 2016.

  88. It’s almost as if MLB changed the playoff format by adding the third wild card just so the Phillies and the Mariners would have a better chance of breaking their playoff droughts. Well, the Mariners have taken advantage of it but will the Phillies?

  89. We will know a lot this afternoon. If our bats don’t come alive vs the Nats and Corbin, if they are not just juiced to get to the Ballpark, then this team has nothing inside.

  90. I don’t think you can dismiss any reason this group collapses in September. You do have to look mostly at the constants. We’ve seen a number of managers, pitching coaches and hitting coaches and a GM change yet it still occurs.

    1. Because . . . we don’t have a strong farm system, we don’t make huge value/plus trades (obtaining more value than we surrender), we aren’t very good at international signings, and the team is more focused on making the playoffs than they are in building an elite organization so we sacrifice long-term success for hopeful short-term gains.

      Things may be changing slowly, but this has not been a very good organization, top to bottom, for a long time.

  91. i’ll be complete fedde up if they cant hit Erick today, but in the middle of all my negative feelings- #30 for Hoskins ties him for 18th in league with Arenado, Vlad and Olson- and at .817 he actually has the second highest OPS out of the 4.
    Now going back to negativity thinking about if we had Arenado for 25 mil at third instead of either Schwarber or Castellanos in the outfield.

  92. So, they switched assignments and Fedde is going in game 1. Hinkie, I think they announced if either tonight’s, tomorrow’s or Sunday’s games are rained out, it will be made up after the season ends, if it matters. Maybe we can get into the Playoffs with only 161 games played!

  93. They have Falter mostly scheduled against the weaker teams, but he’s been very good for the Phillies for the most part. He’s their 4th best SP right now IMO.
    Bryson Stott had a nice bounce back game. He was excellent in the field.
    Need more from Schwarber. And Ser-Ant’ny has to straighten himself out.

    Let’s go Sandy Alcantara!

    1. Alcantara’s last two games, in the 17 innings he has given up only 2 runs……the games were against the Nats however.
      He is building his case for the Cy Young and he is one of the finalist, so the motivation is surely there for him

  94. We are now up 1 game with 6 to go. If we only play one more game this weekend, we’ll need to finish Wednesday up 1 game to not replay the 2 in Wash. so if Milwaukee goes 4-2, we’ll need to go 3-1. Here’s a scenario – we end tied with Milwaukee, have to go back to Wash to play a DH but we win Game 1 and clinch – do we have to play Game 2 or can we head to the airport?

  95. Okay, so from the off season discussion above, I would think this way – Hoskins may get traded if only to make room for either Schwarber (more likely) and/or Castellanos at 1b. The other would DH, of course. I would strongly consider moving Bryce to LF to alleviate any stress on his arm. While Marsh has yet to prove himself, I might move him to RF and allow Rojas a shot at CF in the spring. This would definitely improve the D markedly. As for Bohm, I would entertain offers if other clubs see upside. He’s probably at a sell-high point right now. Still lacks requisite power and a position as far as I’m concerned, but a GM who doesn’t have as many DH’s on his roster as we do might offer a fairly good return.

    1. Assume then, Stott goes to third base if Bohm is moved in your plan or maybe someone else like Sosa?

      1. Yes, Stott at 3b. Would at least give Maton a shot at 2b, assuming the Phillies go hard after either Trea or Bogey.

        1. Ok,
          ….will be an interesting off-season, wonder how Dave D will approach the roster make-up for 2023.
          Hoskins and Nola are two that could see LTC offers….or not.

          1. Regardless how this turns out, whether we wilt or go to the show. I am looking for major changes to the infield and outfield. New additions have to be able to enhance our ability to score runs. There aren’t many sacred cows that I’m protecting other than the guy behind the plate. Whoever you want, I’ve got 1B covered by someone, if you need a DH, I’ve got it covered by someone. Make me an offer, “come on down”.

            Looking for an outfielder and, 3B, ss in particular.

            1. Skeet….if they go after Turner/Bogaerts or Swanson and sign one of them….the dominoes will fall into place after that.
              One player I do not see them exercising their option is Jean Segura….$16M AAV savings for 2023.

  96. Really great post, thanks for sharing, Denny. I fondly remember Ryan Howard’s “get me to the plate, boys!” Hoskins showed up yesterday, and I can’t say enough about Bailey Falter. I know he had a poor outing vs Atlanta, but he has been a huge boost to us. I don’t know that we get 2 in today, but I am sure they will find a way to play at least 1 game, even if it takes 6 hours to complete.

  97. Well the Astros are pitching McCullers, some guy named Verlander, and Valdez. We need to win every game vs Washington.

    1. I doubt Dusty lets them go much longer then 5 innings, maybe only 4, with the AL first place seed wrapped up……as the No. 1 seed, Houston will play the winner of the AL Wild Card Series between the Nos. 4 and 5 seeds
      He may want to get hos relievers some work in also.

      1. Agree. The bad news is the Phillies will see McCullers/Verlander/Valdez. The good news is none of them will likely throw more than 5 innings.

  98. I hope I have seen the last of Kyle Gibson. 2d inning, we are down 4-1. I am sure we can find someone to eat innings at a 5.00 ERA.

    1. The phrase “innings eater” means nothing if the pitcher can’t pitch. If you are going to get the moniker of innings eater you need to be at least decent. Gibson went six innings which I guess is the definition of an innings eater. BFD. He gave up seven runs.

  99. After Segura’s half-assed defense in the 2nd inning I am happy to wave goodbye to him after Wednesday. I have absolutely no idea what to do with Bohm. You can’t win a 3b who can’t make a relatively basic play with the season on the line.

    In the pregame Salisbury was saying Hoskins’ salary could really escalate after this season. Can’t see keeping him

    1. Tom Petty…

      Phillies = Free Fallin
      Eagles = Learning to Fly
      Sixers = Runnin Down a Dream
      Flyers = Don’t Come Around Here No More

  100. LOL! Love that, Buddy. Well, this was a really great performance. We should be beating them 13-4

  101. Embarrassing. How does a club playing to snap a decade long postseason drought lose by nine runs to the worst team in baseball/a AAA squad?

    One HR in the last 5 games vs guys like Hayden Wesneski, Javier Assad, ErickFedde, and Anibal Sanchez. WOOF.

    Time to give Alec Bohm a mental health break. He (like Bryson Stott earlier this week) is costing the team runs at the plate and in the field.

    And … not to beat a dead horse … gotta’ spend your FA dollars on pitching, not bats. How much better will the Phillies be with a guy like Justin Verlander or Carlos Rodon pitching every fifth day instead of Kyle Gibson?
    A 2023 rotation of:
    SP1 Verlander
    SP2 Wheeler
    SP3 Nola
    SP4 Suarez
    SP5 homegrown arm (Falter or Painter or McGarry or Abel or Crouse)

    That staff would be much better equipped to overcome these offensive slumps.

    1. And I love the job Stubbs has done this year, but we are really going to rest JTR in Game 2 after losing Game 1???????? I mean seriously – he had a day off Monday, he’s getting another day off either tomorrow or Thursday next week, or maybe 6 months, and he can’t play two games today?

    2. Not to beat a dead horse, but here is our fWAR ranking:
      – Starting pitchers: 2nd in MLB / 1st in NL
      – BP: 9th / 4th
      – Offense: 8th / 5th
      – Defense: 27th / 13th

      One of these is not like the others…This isn’t complicated.

      Starting pitchers are not the reason that we are struggling to make the 3rd wild card spot. Kyle Gibson has a winning record and a 1.9 fWAR. Getting a 1.9 WAR from your #5 starter is very good. If we invest all of our FA $ in another SP and don’t fix our defense, we will be in the exact same spot next year.

      1. Maybe you and I aren’t watching the same Kyle Gibson. He’s been bad for a lot of the season (especially down the stretch). He’s got a 1.0 bWAR (and that was before today’s latest disaster {against a AAA squad}).
        Not disagreeing with you on the team’s defense, but you can do that through trades. You don’t have to do that thru free agency. Castellanos and Schwarber are going to be next to impossible to move. But they both could be transitioned to 1B and DH if Dombrowski trades Rhys Hoskins (and there could be a market for him). At 30 YO, Harper is probably a (slightly) below avg defender in a corner, but will still be much better than Schwarber & Castellanos.
        The Phillies can use Hoskin’s money and maybe Segura’s money (if they want to start Sosa at SS and move Stott to 2B) to add a difference making arm, whether it’s Verlander or Rodon or even Edwin Diaz to end games after 8 innings.
        I understand everyone’s fascination with Trea Turner. I think he’s been an outstanding player. But he’s going to demand an 8 year contract, and you’ve got to judge him on his future not his past. IMO, betting on guys who succeed with their legs as they move into their 30s is usually a losing wager. I mean if Dombrowski/Middleton only care about the immediate future, then fine. But the club will suffer in the long run. I love the idea of Verlander because not only is he a top 10 (maybe even top 6 or 7) SP, but he’ll only require (probably) a two year deal, even if it’s at a high AAV.

        1. Hinkie….if Verlander resigns with the Astros in Dec, and I hear on KYW news an unidentified man, wearing a Phillies hat and jersey is walking to the top of the Walt Whitman Bridge, I will know who that unidentified man is!

        2. Kyle Gibson has 15 quality starts this season. Tied for 38th. And one QS less than Rodon, Wheeler, Scherzer and several other great pitchers. Kyle Gibson is not the problem with this team.

          You can not have Edmundo Sosa as your starting shortstop. No way. He is a utility guy. And if you make Schwarber and Castellanos the DH and 1B you now need to replace a LF. Upgrading our 5th SP is a luxury. We need a massive overhaul of our defense and you can’t do that with bandaids like Sosa.

          1. bWAR ⬇

            Kyle Gibson … 1.0 (before today’s latest catastrophe)
            Carlos Rodon … 5.3
            Justin Verlander … 5.5

            You can make #s say a lot of different things to win a debate. These #s show that having Verlander or Rodon throwing every 5th day instead of Kyle Gibson is likely the difference between the Phillies making the playoffs or missing them for the 11th season in a row. And having Verlander or Rodon in the Phillies rotation probably increases their odds of winning a post season series substantially.

            1. No one is suggesting that Gibson is as good as Rodin or Verlander. No one. Gibson is a #5. Clearly if you swap your 5th starter for an ace that helps your team. No argument there. The real question is what is the best way to spend the limited capital. Imo improving the defense helps every pitcher.

          2. I view Sosa the same way. A very valuable player off the bench and filling in for an injured player or a late inning defensive replacement. Getting a quality LF that can play defense (if Schwarber is moved to 1B) is necessary IMO and can be done with minimal fuss.

        3. No offense, but this obsession with Verlander is just bizarre. Free agency is a two way street and the player has to have interest in a club as well. The Phillies would need to offer a contract way beyond any other club to even remotely be considered (which isn’t going to happen) because anything close and he’s going to stay with the Astros or sign with the Dodgers or Mets, IMO. While I admire your attempt to manifest this into reality, this is wishful thinking at best. Same applies to Edwin Diaz (Mets will re-sign him) and I don’t think the Phillies will spend what it will take to get Rodon because I believe a team like the Rangers will vastly overpay for him.

          IMO, V1 is correct on the priority. Until the defense gets fixed, it really won’t matter how much pitching they have. You mention that you can improve defense through trades, which I don’t disagree with. But you can also improve pitching with trades and I think it’s entirely possible that’s the route the Phillies take this offseason.

          Your comment worrying about how Turner will age out while simultaneously voicing the praise of acquiring a pitcher who will be 40 next season is funny. Turner is exactly what the Phillies need in terms of improving the batting order/offense, defense, and roster construction. Everyone keeps talking about the Phillies’ current window for their top players. Well, the bulk value of any long contract comes in the first half of it, so it seems Turner’s contract would merge nicely with the current window.

          I’m not suggesting Turner is the be all/end all for the Phillies to move to the next step. More is needed and after signing him (or a near comparable SS), the priority IMO should be 1) to improve the defense, 2) acquire another starting pitcher, and 3) shore up the bullpen, which every club needs to do each offseason.

          1. I have no problem picking up Jean Segura’s option. It’s a one year commitment. I mentioned Sosa as an option if the the team wanted to save Segura’s money.
            I’m not claiming to know what’s going on inside Justin Verlander’s head. There were a lot of people who thought he was likely going to sign with the Dodgers or Angels last year. My point has been Verlander would provide the greatest impact for the Phillies. Verlander has a relationship with Dave Dombrowski (drafted him and played for him) and Nick Castellanos (teammate). The Phillies have other star players, and he might like throwing to the BCIB. Middleton hasn’t been shy about spending money. So IMO (and again I [like you and V1] have no idea what Verlander is actually thinking) it’s not crazy to believe Verlander could be had.
            In response to your comment about the ages of Turner vs Verlander … Turner is going to command 8 years. Verlander will land a two year deal. And Verlander is proving that age is barely slowing him down. He’s still a rock star SP. Turner succeeds with the help of his legs. IMO, those type of players regress more rapidly into their early 30s. I love the player Turner is/has been. He may have another couple of 4 WAR seasons left. But when you compare Turner’s 4 WAR against Segura’s 2 WAR and compare that to Verlander’s 5.5 WAR vs Gibson’s 1 WAR, the upgrade to the rotation is going to provide the greater impact.
            Finally, I’ve never disagreed that the club needs to upgrade it’s defense. If you look at the thread v1 posted above, you’ll see I said, “LOL. DD is trying to assemble the worst defense in the history of MLB”. You can upgrade the defense through trades.

  102. I am wondering how many Phillies fans care anymore. Their one home wildcard game (if they make it) should be sold out considering they haven’t been in the postseason in eleven years. I would bet they have nowhere near a sellout.

  103. It is now a 5-game season. We just have to wait and see what happens.
    Baseball is crazy. Cubs have now won 10 of 11. Phillies ????
    I agree with v1 on the defense. Some of the worst. How does our new supposedly good defensive CF simply miss two routine fly balls. We know about all the other positions other than C.
    I think of the early games in April and May given away and the 19 games under 500 vs Mets, Cubs, and Rangers. Wow. 2 or 3 wins there would look big now.

  104. Can’t for the life of me understand Bohm batting 4th in the nightcap. He’s not hitting at all right now. Would have started Maton at 3rd in the second game.

    1. Those were #28 and 29. So he’s moving up the leaderboard. I doubt he breaks the record still, but my goodness.

      The weirdest thing is… it’s not even much of an aberration for him. 120 (!) of his career 197 HRs are solo. That’s almost 61%! For his CAREER. So his 69% this year is only sort of elevated.

      1. I made a post with some comparisons that didn’t go through for some reason. I’ll wait to see if Jim has to approve it, but if it just didn’t post at all I’ll try again tomorrow.

        But notable point from that post: Aaron Judge is actually the new solo shot king. He’s at 40. I didn’t even think to look at his numbers before.

  105. Line up construction baffles me.
    IMO it is misusing the power of Schwarber (44Hr) and Hoskins (30Hr) at the top of order
    If I was manager:
    Marsh or Stott
    Stott or Marsh

  106. If Gibson makes another start for this team (barring unforeseen circumstances) then the Phillies’ coaching staff has failed them.

    I thought it was odd to boot Thor from the rotation while keeping Gibson in. Now it’s becoming indefensible. Syndergaard definitely hasn’t looked like an ace for us. But he’s only surrendered 5+ runs once in all of his starts for us (5 runs against Pitt on 8/28). Gibson has given up 5+ runs three times… in his past three outings. Nine times total. Gibson has surrendered more runs in September (31) than Syndergaard has since the trade (26).

    Gibson’s entire appeal was supposed to be that he was a steady, if unremarkable, presence in a rotation. Well he’s no longer steady (if he ever was for us), and he’s definitely remarkable. But not in a good way.

    1. Falter with 15 starts and only 2 are clunkers July 24th: 5 Innings 4 runs on 3 Hrs and Sept 24th: 3.2 Innings 6 runs on 2 Hrs. The key is to not let him start on the 24th of the month

    1. Fish score 2 in the 9th to beat Milwaukee. Tomorrow’s game is huge for Phillies. Win tomorrow and 1 win in Houston is probably enough.

    2. 1 game lead with four to play…. however with tie breaker to the Phils its a 2 game lead with 4 to play

      1. Marlins set up tonight’s win last night when they forced Devin Williams to throw 27 pitches to save that game. That workload took a lot out of him. The Fish made Williams throw 21 pitches before De La Cruz delivered the game winning hit in the 9th inning tonight.

        1. Plus that probably makes Williams unavailable for tomorrow. Even more good news for the Phillies.

          1. Hinkie…looks like it may come down to the Nats and As in the lottery for the Crews Sweepstakes….come on As.

            1. Romus … looks like the Nationals, A’s, and Pirates (as of now) will all have the same/best odds of landing the 1-1 pick. The worst three teams get a 16.5% chance. The 4th worst club (Reds) have a 13.25% chance.
              IMO, the owners/union implemented a pretty weak lottery in terms of deterring tanking. I would have either given every non-playoff team one ping pong ball, or I would have even used a system that would have rewarded teams for almost making the postseason.

  107. What a pivotal game today Mets vs Braves with WS implications.
    Both are 9-9 against each other.
    Braves win they are up 2 with 3 to play plus tie breaker. Almost home.
    Mets win things are tied with 3 to play and they own tiebreaker.
    A lot on the line.
    Who here would have thought the Phillies go 2-4 to start this trip and still have a game lead plus tiebreaker. Doubt many.
    Brewers might have liked having Hader last night in the 9th.

  108. I’m happy. I have now seen the Phillies 1)actually try to bunt and 2)be successful at it. and 3)try to steal home and 4) be successful at it

  109. I saw Rob Thomson’s comments about the double steal. He fid not call for it, Harper did. He seemed, although happy it worked, not a big fan of the risk and “will have a conversation about it.” I don’t know how all of you feel, but I am thrilled we tried something different. I have seen us fail to score so many times, I just can’t stand to watch them sit and hope someone gets a key hit when they have failed to do so time after time. We got lucky and scored on a Balk just very recently, or we would have wasted a lead off triple. I wish it had been Thomson’s call.

  110. Schwarber.

    Let’s take a step back and really look at him.

    44 HR. 2nd in mlb! Career high.
    98 R. 10th in mlb! Career high.
    89 RBI. 23rd in mlb! 2nd high in career.
    10 SB. Career high.
    83 BB. 7th in mlb! Career high.

    Yeah his BA is low but not crazy off career avg, and his BABIP is way below career avg.

    If he was worth a 4yr/$80m contract entering this year, to me there’s no doubt he’d be worth AT LEAST a 3yr/$60m contract this off-season.

    I’ve read some comments here lumping Schwarber and Castellanos as bad signings and untrade-able. I’d say Schwarber has done all or more that we should have expected.

    I reiterate what I’ve said before, If we want to get rid of one of our DH and add financial flexibility for improved defense or pitching, then Schwarber can be traded. And I believe we could even get a prospect back.

    Btw. I’m calling big bounce- back year for Castellanos. He’s too good a hitter not to.

    1. Schwarber wasn’t a bad signing by itself, but it was part of very poor roster construction that blew up worse once Harper got injured.

      Between Schwarber, Castellanos, Bohm, and Hoskins you had four people for two positions DH/1B. And then Harper had to play DH and you had two people in the outfield that had no business being there and they never got the centerfielder/lead-off they needed last off season.

    2. JohnK….and yet with all those outstanding batting stats, KS is only a 1.7bWAR player and a 2.2fWAR player.
      Other GMs may notice that and probably would low-ball the Philies on any return value.

        1. Fair point…though more than likely it will have to be a large market team , doubt a small market team will pay $20M AAV for primarily a DH

        2. Made a more in depth post that isn’t showing up. But by measure of wRC+, Schwarber would be only the 20th best DH with 100+ PA. 19th if you remove Harper in this hypothetical (since he would be in RF).

          I’m satisfied with Schwarber’s offense. But would you give a 3/60 contract to the 19th best DH this offseason? And even if you would… would you TRADE for that. 3/60 AND a prospect seems like quite a stretch.

          It’s an even more murky question for us because one of the people above him is… Darrick Hall.

    3. Schwarber and Castellanos are not in the same category.

      Schwarber, offensively, has been fine. Most people only lament that he’s hitting leadoff. I don’t know if that’s his fault or not (not sure if he’s insisting on doing it or being thrust into the role). But offensively, he’s been pretty good. His defense saps a LOT of that value, though. It’s so bad that I’m not sure we can even properly conceptualize it.

      Consider: among every player to man LF this year, Schwarber is LAST in defensive value according to Fangraphs. #261. Two hundred and sixty one. He’s also dead last among those with enough innings to qualify for UZR stats. And Range Rating. B-Ref agrees. His only redeeming quality in the field is he has a decent arm, which makes sense since he used to be a catcher.

      So he’s not in the same category as Castellanos because Schwarber is having a decent offensive year. But let’s not ignore how little value he’s providing overall. Oh and, he’d be an above-average DH. But not by that much. By wRC+, Schwarber would be 20th among all DHs with 100+ PAs. 19th if you want to remove Harper from this hypothetical (since he’d be playing RF).

      Would you want to give 3/$60M to a DH-only player that’s barely in the top 20? And before you answer that, consider that two of the players above him on that list are teammates (Harper and Hall). It hasn’t been a good signing for us. Would a team desperate for DH help take the contract off our hands? Maybe. But there are equal or better options out there, so I imagine only if they think there’s untapped potential still.

  111. Can I just say, even with us acknowledging him as the best catcher in baseball… We do not appreciate JT enough.

    There’s a lot of worthy candidates this year, but if the Phils make the postseason he should be MVP. We’re simply not even a winning team without him; let alone breaking a decade long playoff drought.

    1. You may say it and you would be right. JT is low key and doesn’t beat his own drum or when he goes 4-4 no one mentions it. He’s my MVP.

      By the way, my granddaughters were at the game Saturday night and interviewed on the Jumbotron. They made them take-off their Phillies paraphernalia for the interview! ,😂🤣😅😂

  112. Phillies magic number on it’s way to shrinking to 1️⃣.
    Phillies look like locks to win, and Marlins beating Brewers again.

      1. Yeah Don, one is all they need now…but I still like to see them get to 88 wins….2 of 3 in Houston.

  113. Hinkie was a little quick. I have been watching the last 3 innings. Both teams have had lots of chances. Some good defense and good pitching by both teams.
    Still 3-3 Top of 12.

    1. Appropriate that Miguel Rojas got the game winning RBI. He’s been killing the Phillies for so long.

      1. He and Wendle came through.
        Also the young reliever in the 11th. Bases loaded and one out and he got out of it. Marlins deserve credit for not mailing it in. Only game they did not win was the Alcantara game and he was awesome.

      2. Hinkie- when I saw that he had been put into the game I thought — for once, kill a team other than the Phillies !! Even announcers for Brewers said, “this batter (Rojas) and Wendle are the last 2 batters you want to face with the game on the line – because they make CONTACT.” Voila !!!

    2. I believe Zac Gallen goes tomorrow for the DBacks…he is vying for the Cy Young….so maybe a little luck on the other side.
      But still rather see Phillies win a game or two in Houston and prove it themselves.

  114. Agree Romus! Let’s just go out snd win the game tomorrow. Wheeler was really sharp today, and Schwarber cleared the bases by going the opposite way, thrilled to see that. Re: the prior posts about Schwarber. I liked the signing and appreciate 40 plus HRs and his leadership role. My only issue has been him leading off.

    1. Plus, too many Ks for leadoff. Stott was big today against Corbin.
      Also, Matt Schwarber is and IU guys. LOL.

      1. Sorry Don …as a LIon, the Hoosiers are not on my favorite list….unless they are playing the Buckeyes or Wolverines in football , then they are numero uno on my list for an upset win….which seldom seems to happen

        1. Funny Romus. Do not lose any sleep over the Hoosiers knocking off Buckeyes or Wolverines. IU did beat Michigan a couple years ago.
          Mets and Braves are really good.
          BTW who in MLB played the most difficult schedule based on opponents wins and losses. NL East has to be right there.
          Romus, you seem more like a lamb. LOL

          1. Going to have 2 100 win teams and 1 with 86/87. AL East is only other division that might be better.

          2. Are we talking teams or divisions?

            For teams it’s probably the Red Sox or Nationals because they were in the same division as 3-4 good teams. For divisions, it’s easily gotta be the AL East because their worst team is still pretty close to .500 whereas our worst team is last in all of baseball. And the two eastern divisions were the only competitive ones all year (NL Central also was for a while, but we all know how that’s gone for the Brewers). If I had to guess, either the Cardinals or the Astros have had the easiest schedule.

  115. For the health and sanity of us all, let’s not have this go down to the last game of the regular season.

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