Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/16/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (72-66) lost to the Rochester Red Wings, 5-1.  Hans Crouse (0-3, 13.14) tossed 2.1 poor innings allowing 5 runs on 7 hits, 2 walks, and 3 wild pitches.  James Marvel (6.29) stranded one inherited runner and pitched 1.2 clean innings striking out two.  Erik Miller (8.38) pitched two scoreless innings walking one and striking out three.  Trevor Bettencourt finished with two scoreless innings allowing 2 hits and a walk and striking out three.  

The IronPigs scored a run in the sixth on a solo HR by Daniel Robertson (5).  Scott Kingery (.222) went 1-1 with 3 walks and a SB (14).  Dustin Peterson (.246) went 1-3 with a walk.  Robertson (.229) went 1-4 with his solo HR (5).  Josh Ockimey (.224), Jorge Bonifacio (.228), and Madison Stokes (.273) each went 1-4.  Stokes stole his 2nd base.

Reading (60-76, 31-36) beat the Altoona Curve,5-1.  Andrew Painter (2-1, 2.54) pitched four innings and gave up 5 runs on 7 hits and no walks.  He struck out five and gave up 2 HR.  He threw 73 pitches, 51 for strikes (69.8%).  Mike Adams (5.28) pitched three scoreless innings allowing 2 hits and a walk and striking out three.  Andrew Schultz (2.45) pitched one scoreless inning loading the bases on one hit and 2 walks striking out one.

The Phils scored a run in the eighth inning on an RBI triple by Jhailyn Ortiz.  Wendell Rijo (.269) went 1-2 with 2 walks.  Aldrem Corredor (.244) went 1-3 with a walk.  Herbert Iser (.257) went 1-3 with a double and walk.  Ortiz (.236) went 1-4 with a triple and RBI.  Kevin Vicuna (.270) went 1-4.  Jonathan Guzman (.170) went 1-3.  Johan Rojas (.260) went 0-4 with 4 K.

Arizona Fall League

The AFL begins on October 3, 2022.  Today, the Phillies announced that six of their participants will be Carlos De La Cruz (listed as an infielder), outfielders Jhailyn Ortiz and Johan Rojas, and LHP Taylor Lehman, RHP Francisco Morales, and RHP Brett Schulze.

Clearwater hitting coach, Jake Elmore, is one of the coaching staff.  He was hired by the Phillies in February 2022.  The Phillies still have one more pitching slot to fill and it’s possible they add another position player.  League rules allow for an additional player who can play under certain restrictions.  I think a couple games per week.  They have taken advantage of this in the past.

De La Cruz as an infielder is interesting.  I assume they want to get him more reps at first base.  Here’s an idea! sent Castellanos and or Schwarber there to play first base.  Just kidding.


Spent another three hours or so at the Complex watching drills and a batting contest.  The drills were similar to those on Wednesday but with a different mix of players.  Individual instruction remained the recipe for Instructs.  One player at second (Pouaka-Grego), two at short (Rincon and Soto), and on at third (Alifano or Penner), and four outfielders (Crawford, Jorge Garcia, Dariam Gutierrez, and Raylin Heredia).

The fielders were working on taking balls on their backhand – balls on their natural backhand, balls hit at them, and balls on their forehand.  I remember coaches working on this with Crawford several years ago.  This is the first time I’ve noticed a concerted effort at more than just short.  Couldn’t really make out what was going on in leftfield.

Pitchers were throwing on the Seven Mounds, two at a time.  They had their cameras set up to record their motion and delivery.  At the distance we were from them, we could only make out Eduar Segovia.

The action we were watching took place on Roberts Field.  At some point, a couple infielders “snuck” onto Carlton Field and took ground balls.

The catchers were obviously on the Mounds with the pitchers who threw today.  Pitchers not scheduled to throw were gathered watching those who were.  I think the position players who weren’t on the fields we watched were working on Schmidt Field.  It’s the field we have the least visual access to.

At the end of drills, all the position players began congregating on Roberts.  Pitchers and coaches, too, for the hitting contest.  They ran one the other day where Coach Zach Jones would assign scores to individual batters based on their ability to successfully perform certain things at the plate.  Those that I could make out were HR, line drive, and I think hit to the non-pull gap.  It appeared that down the line was important, too.

Today, the players were divided into teams and competed against each other in March Madness bracket fashion.  It was cool watching personalities emerge as the competition heated up.   It was also cool to hear the frustration emoted by some players after they failed in their one-swing at bats.  Sorry, can’t repeat here.  But, they are competitive athletes, so you can guess the intensity levels of these guys.

They had what appeared to be quarters and semis on Roberts and Carlton, and finals which were held on Carlton.  The large crowd around the cage made it difficult to see the final participants.  I climbed to the top of the bleachers and was able to see them from the chest up.

Lee Hao Yu was particularly animated.  At one point he launched a bat flip on a result that put his team ahead.  He later did a victory run out onto the field in celebration when his team won.  He and teammate Darium Gutierrez happily told the losers to collect the balls in the outfield.  And, they were sure to say “losers”.  Bryan Rincon and I think Raylin Heredia were also pat off the winning team.

During the whole competition, there were quite a few balls well struck as line drives and home runs.  I lost a lot of balls in the grat sky overhead, but I’m certain that Crawford, Kotowski, Lee, Leitch, and Viars cleared the fence.

Half day tomorrow.  Don’t know if I’ll make it.  If not, I’ll be back there on Monday, weather permitting.

The Affiliate Scoreboard


9/16/2022 – Phillies placed 2B Edmundo Sosa on the 10-day IL, right hamstring strain
9/16/2022 – Phillies recalled 3B Yairo Munoz from Lehigh Valley

I don’t want to belabor the point, and I like Marsh, but I saw this after publishing and, well,  wanted to share  …

19 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/16/2022)

  1. Thanks Jim, great stuff from the instructs. Lee might be the real deal.
    Of course, I’m happy for O’Hoppe but it’s depressing that he looks to be so freaking good and we traded him away.
    It’s good to see Miller settling down at AAA. Also good to see Schultz (and Schultze – I can’t keep them apart) pitching so well. Both were high picks with potential but with injuries and Covid it has taken both a long time to get back to this point. Both could be future big league arms.
    Also I think Guthrie was in the initial AFL list but he’s staying in the big leagues until Castellanos comes back.

        1. Denny….each MLB team is limited to 7 or 8 players….if one should get injured then they can sub a player. The positions are negotiated by the teams in that grouping. Pirates must have insisted on Davis and Rangers for Freeman

  2. Trading O’Hoppe is going to be one of the biggest head-scratchers ever. There was a path to him in Philly. Good thing we won’t have to face him often when he starts raking at the MLB level. Speaking of raking, hope no one on here has looked up Curtis Mead’s season stats recently. It’s too depressing.

      1. AAA next year with a cup of coffee at MLB level. Then you give him starts in 2024 with JT rotating at 1B/DH/etc. Bottom line – you find room for guys who hit. Look at our lineup last night. Horrific.

        1. JT’s value at catcher is primarily defensive. Hoppe may have had a path at Philly but it would not have been at catcher. Therefore a question is his ability to compare at another position be it in the field or designated hitter.

          1. They are both only valuable as a catcher. As a DH, their stats would pale to other team’s. JT will never be a DH

      2. There was a long series of posts about this by me and Jim and others. There was a clear and definite path for O’Hoppe, even with Realmuto’s contract. It’s nonsense that O’Hoppe had no path forward at catcher.

  3. Reading Phillies season coming to a close, sorry to see Painter have such a hard ending. Amyone see/hear what happened?

    1. You mean Painter is actually human? He had a bad outing and to be honest, he needed to have it. AA is not meant to be easy. Painter needed to have some adversity.

      1. Silver lining……Painter issued no walks, and just came out cold in the first…..and giving up a 3HR to much older and top prospect Davis is nothing to be ashamed of.
        Overall It was not as bad as the numbers look.

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