Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/15/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (72-65) lost to the Rochester Red Wings, 2-1 in 10 innings.  Michael Plassmeyer (2.49) pitched a scoreless five innings navigating 3 hits and 4 walks.  He also struck out six which also contributed to his elevated pitch count of 91.  Griff McGarry (5.40) pitched two scoreless innings allowing just one walk and striking out three.  Jake Hernandez (3.66) allowed a save-blowing run on a solo HR and struck out two in two innings.  Nick Duron (4-7, 3.02) gave up the unearned run that gave the Red Wings a walkoff.  After a successful sacrifice bunt, the next two batters were intentionally walked.  Duron unleashed a one-strike wild pitch to account for the losing run.

The IronPigs took the lead in the sixth inning on a sac fly by Johan Camargo after the Red Wings walked the bases loaded.  Madison Stokes (.286) went 2-3 with a triple, walk, and 2 stolen bases.  Darick Hall also stole a base.  The IronPigs only managed one other hit, a single by Dustin Peterson.  They did collect 8 walks, struck out 13 times, and went 0-8 with RISP.

Reading (60-75, 31-35) beat the Altoona Curve, 9-0.  Bullpen game, two innings each for the first four pitchers.  Taylor Lehman (3.66) allowed 2 hits and struck out one.  Adam Leverett (5.62) allowed one hit and struck out four.  Brett Schulze (0.00) allowed 2 hits, a walk, and struck out two.  Matt Seelinger (3.54) allowed one hit.  Billy Sullivan (4.11) struck out the side in his one inning.

The Phils opened the scoring in the second inning on a solo HR (1) by Ethan Wilson and an RBI single by Johan Rojas.  They broke the game open in the fourth with 4 runs on a bases-loaded walk to Carlos De La Cruz, a two-run single by Wendell by Rijo with a run-scoring throwing error, and an RBI single by Jhailyn Ortiz.  They tacked on 2 more runs in the seventh on a force out and a sac fly by De La Cruz.

Rojas (.265) went 1-3 with 3 walks, an RBI, and no stolen base attempts.  De La Cruz (.283) went 0-3 with a walk and 2 RBI.  Rijo (.268) went 3-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  Ortiz (.236) went 1-5 with an RBI.  Wilson (.233) went 2-4 with a walk and solo HR (1).  Aldrem Corredor (.243) and Kevin Vicuna (,270) had 2 hits each.  Herbert Iser (.254) and Sal Gozzo had one each.   Rijo had the team’s only SB.  Gozzo-Vicuna-Corredor turned 2 DPs.


Spent another three hours or so at the Complex watching drills and batting practice.  The drills were a little different from what I’m used to seeing.  The coaches were offering individual instruction to one player at each infield position.

The player at third was working on release time.  It appears from what I overheard that they were trying to acjieve a four-second interval from the moment the player caught the ball until it hit the first baseman’s glove.  He was 4.0 and 3.9 on most throws.  He got one at 3.7 seconds.

At the same time, a coach was working on the stretch of the first baseman at the bag.  Couldn’t hear any of the instructions.

Lee was at shortstop and used a smaller disc glove for a part of his drills.  Pouaka-Grego was at second.  Couldn’t make out what he was told individually.  Both were involved in a scoop and flip toward the bag for turning a double play.  Some of that time was spent on collision avoidance.

About 3 outfielders were in left field working with coaches out there.

Two catchers were in right.  It looked like they were long-tossing from the foul line to CF.  But there was a coach in front of each who rolled a ball for the catcher and the throws were intentionally bounced.  Later Coach Ricker explained the purpose.  They are trying to change the spin when catchers throw.  The idea is to stop the natural side-spin that anyone generates when they throw and change it to intentional backspin.  A bounce indicates how much of the spin is being removed.  The ultimate result is a throw to second base on a bounce ala JTR.  Middle infielders find it easier to apply a tag on a bounced ball than on a ball caught higher up.  Interesting.  I hope I properly explained what I heard.

On another field, infielders would lay face down on the infield grass with their heads toward the dirt (one at a time).  On “Go!”, they would pop up, turn, and field a ball that was launched to one side or the other.  A quick reaction drill that displayed how quick these kids are.

Then they started hitting.  It was just BP (Practice? I’m talking about practice?).  So I tried to focus on stuff at the plate – footwork, weight shift, hand quickness, bat speed, stuff like that.  Most impressed.  But, I’m not a scout or coach.  I’m easily impressed.  This IS instructs.  I’m sure that the coaches will take the video and start breaking down most of the approaches and begin suggesting improvements.

Several kids had very quick hands and the bat speed that usually follows, like Crawford for example.  Moore, an older player, had a nice weight shift and the power that comes with it.  Boyd has a wide stance and a toe-tap that shortens his original stance a little at impact.  This doesn’t strike me as optimum, but I don’t know.

One thing I noticed is that the kids are really physically built well.  For instance, the DSL kids we are used to seeing are shorter or skinnier than their American counterparts.  Not the ones I saw today.  The guys I saw today were in really good shape.  In fact, most of the American kids were in good shape, too.  The high school kids like Crawford and Boyd have thin legs and will be working on that, I’m sure.

When I paid attention to swing results, there were more than a few balls hit over the fence.  Plus an equal amount off the fence.

No pitchers out where we could see them.  I particularly want to see Jonh Henriquez.  He’s 22 I think, but walked up to the Dominican Academy and asked for a tryout.  They gave him one and he blew them away with some triple-digit speed.  He sits 95-97 in extended outings now.  I gotta see this guy.

It was fun to watch.  I cant wait to get back tomorrow.

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17 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/15/2022)

  1. Thanks Jim, I love hearing about the Instructs and I bet it was lots of fun for you watching it all.

  2. Plassmeyer definitely has to be a candidate for the rotation next spring…..he will get his chance.
    To have Falter, Suarez and Plassmeyer , all lefties, competing for rotation spots will be interesting.

    1. Tradebait to me , along with Ortiz.
      Unless you believe Plassmeyer is ahead of the big 3 prospects… or they go to a 6 man rotation, they don’t have enough spots now

      Painter, McGarry, Abel, Falter, plassmeyer
      With Gibson,Efflin, and Synguard possibly in play if they don’t get the contracts they want. I could maybe see Gibson back on a decent deal.

      I will say, Painter is taking one of those spots by mid season at the latest. It’s really 1 spot open in my view

      1. Falter has pitched well enough to get first crack at a rotation spot, unless he implodes in ST.

        Plassmeyer is depth and/or a placeholder for the big 3. The big 3 are not ready yet now. The big 3 might show something in ST so who knows. If McGarry can lower his walks, he’ll be the first to get a shot. Painter will likely be coming in by midseason. Abel is close, but if he pitched another season in the minors, I don’t think anybody would complain about that.

        The emergence of Falter has I think made Gibson obsolete so he won’t be coming back. Somebody is going to make a multiyear offer to Eflin and he won’t be coming back. Somebody is going to give Thor #10M+ so he won’t be coming back.

        I’m curious to see if the emergence of the big 3 will tell the Phillies to let Nola walk after 2023.

  3. I wouldn’t complain if any of Eflin. Thor a Gibson don’t comeback next year.

    IF I had to choose one, I would go with Gibson, he is consistent for a fifth stater or depth.

    1. Eflin and Gibson have plenty of similarities…both sinker guys, both tall with optimal downward plane to enhance their sinker….both pitch to contact and can eat innings….when healthy.
      Eflin can run it up 2 sometimes 3 mph more on his velo FBs….but Gibson has plenty of experience .
      I hope the Phillies do not have to choose between the two to keep next spring…like them to keep both if possible.
      Thor…..not sure I would offer him right away….let it play out in the free market…..if his velo does not come back to at least 95/96T97, I would pass.

  4. Phillies Arizona fall league roster announced. Johan Rojas, Johan Ortiz, Francisco Morales, Brent Schucze SP?, Tyler Lehman, and De La Cruz

    1. Looks like the Phillies are not sending any of their MiLB starters to the desert.
      No biggie….normally, .the most innings a pitcher will get there is 25
      Glad to see the OFers out of Reading going there.

    2. And Guthrie I believe. Lots of OFs going. I’m surprised Morales is going. To me he looks like a guy in need of a reset.

      1. It’s a lower ceiling group (with certain, notable exceptions) than one might have expected. I think many of the placements are to evaluate who should be on the 40 man roster this fall, don’t you think?

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