Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/17/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (73-66) beat the Rochester Red Wings, 4-3.  Cristopher Sanchez (3.58) pitched four innings giving up 3 runs (2 ER) on 3 hits and a walk.  He struck out seven.  Five relievers each pitched an inning.  Michael Kelly (5.36) struck out two.  Taylor Scott (0.00) gave up a hit and struck out one.  Jonathan Hennigan (5-3, 3.58) gave up a hit and struck out two.  Chris Devinski (1.35) struck out two.  Nick Duron (2.96) walked one, struck out two, and picked up his 6th save.

The IronPigs tied the game with a run in the third inning on a bases-loaded walk to Dustin Peterson.  They took the lead in the eighth on a game-tying 2-run HR by Josh Ockimey and a go-ahead solo HR  by Rafael Marchan.

Peterson (.246) went 1-4 with a walk and RBI.  Ockimey (.224) went 1-4 with a HR (8) and 2 RBI.  Marchan (.236) with a double, HR (4), and 2 RBI.  Ali Castillo (.253) went 2-4.  Madison Stokes (.333) went 2-4 with a double.  Scott Kingery (.222) went 1-5.  Darick Hall (.255) went 2-4 with a walk.

The Red Wings had a ceremony before Friday’s game honoring Daniel Brito.  Hr threw out the first pitch (to Hall).  Red Wings fans and the organization took Brito to heart after his collapse last summer.

IronPigs player makes pitch at rejuvenation after life-saving measures, rehab

Reading (60-77, 31-37) lost to the Altoona Curve, 6-1.  Mick Abel (1-3, 3.52) pitched 4.1 innings and gave up 3 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out five on 78 pitches, 46 strikes (59%).  Andrew Baker (0.84) stranded 2 inherited runners and pitched 2.2 scoreless innings.  he walked 2 and struck out three.  Tyler McKay (6.47) pitched the one inning and gave up 3 runs on 2 hits and a walk.  He struck out two but gave up a HR.

The Phils scored their lone run on a throwing error in the ninth inning.  Jack Conley (.239) went 2-3 with a triple.  Kevin Vicuna (.270) went 1-3.  Carlos De La Cruz (.274) went 1-4.  Jhailyn Ortiz (.234) went 0-3 with a walk.  Johan Rojas (.261) went 1-3 with a HBP and a caught stealing.

I don’t know why it was necessary to send Painter and Abel out for one more start.  They could have allowed both to go into the offseason with good feelings after their penultimate starts. Instead, they sent them out for innings well above their season highs.

And, wtf is Darick Hall still doing with Lehigh Valley?  Recalling Donnie Sands on September 1st was supposed to give the Phillies more flexibility, allowing them to play Stubbs in the outfield if needed or allowing them to use Stubbs (or Realmuto if Stubbs started) as a pinch hitter.

Since September 1st, Stubbs has started once on September 10th, and Sands has gotten into two games – he replaced Realmuto in a lopsided loss on September 2nd.  He was used as a pinch hitter on September 3rd.  Realmuto was not used as a pinch hitter in the game Stubbs started.

So, with Castellanos out of the lineup, Hoskins out for a few games with a bruised hand, and Harper banged up after fouling a ball off his leg (knee?) why isn’t Hall with the team?  He was DH while Harper was on the Injured List with a hand injury earlier this year.  He is a better defensive first baseman than anyone on the 26-man roster.  He played LF in the Mexican Winter League.  There have been plenty of times when a left-handed bat with power coming off the bench could have been an asset this month.

Seems to me that Thomson and the organization aren’t immune from making roster decisions and then misguiding the press and fans afterward – shades of recent managers and execs.

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23 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/17/2022)

  1. Awesome story about Danny Brito’s recovery, and it raised the possibility of him returning to the field.

  2. If Hoskins is on the team for his arb4 year in 2023….then Hall more than likely will be in another organization next season. His value has not declined, and Dave D including him in a package is not out of the question.
    Or they may just let him go the Rule 9 (formerly 55) route. An unsigned minor league player is automatically declared a free-agent at 5 PM (Eastern) on the 5th day after the WS….and with 2022 complete, Hall has now had his seven seasons in with the Phillies.

    1. There’s actually a chance that Hall makes the playoff roster, should they make them. The needs change in a playoff setting with the starters playing every day.

      1. Yeah that is true and a possibility….I am just not sure they will have the confidence to do that however….unless injuries dictate it, and forced to do it.

    2. I don’t think Hoskins is on the team for 2023 and I don’t think they will let him just walk away under the rule 9.route. Agree with Jim, I don’t understand why he isn’t up playing 1B, but having said that we are getting a look at Bohm at 1B. Imagine DD is moving the puzzle pieces around in preparation for 2023.

    3. Romus, I share your concern regarding Darick’s future with the Phillies. However, I think that his inclusion on the 40-man roster (the Major League Reserve List in legalese) delays his free agency until December 2nd, the date major league clubs must tender contracts.

      Murray, Playoff rosters revert back to 26 players (13 position players). With one spot reserved for Stubbs, that leaves 3 spots open for position players. Such a limitation may affect Hall’s chance of making the playoff roster. I agree that the Phillies should consider his inclusion. At the very least, he should be kept close in case of injury.

      1. Ok thanks Jim for that info on the 40-man and the Dec 2nd tender date.
        I assume they will continue to keep him on the 40-man roster come Nov21st

      2. I think they could possibly drop Syndegard from the playoff roster and they might not keep two backup IF.

  3. Your opinion on Painter and Abel would be different had they had good last starts. I like the idea that they pitched to the end of the season. They both unfortunately had a clunker at the end and that might not be the worst thing as both still need to improve quite a bit to be major league starters.
    Also if Hall had been called up yesterday would have been the only time he would have played after two lefties pitched against them. With a DH, there are very few pinch hitting opportunities and Hall is not playing RF.
    I’m sorry Baker is not going to the AFL. He is such an intriguing arm. He’s figured something out and he’s a big guy who throws very hard.

    1. Baker is definitely an interesting arm but he doesn’t really need more innings right now, so I get why he’s not going to the AFL.

    2. If they aren’t hurt or experiencing a dead arm then no reason to not get their normal starts. Also don’t understand why Hall isn’t up if they aren’t going to use Sands/Stubbs. Start of 9th vs Janson was perfect time to use LH in place of Veirling.

    3. But, they didn’t have good last starts. Don’t presume what my opinion might be.

      Abel has thrown 108.1 innings plus all the extra throwing between starts this year after being completely shut down after 44.2 innings last year.

      Painter has thrown 103.2 innings plus all the extra throwing between starts this year after throwing just 6.0 innings last year. Plus the report I saw showed a considerable drop in his FB velo in his last start.

      The tease of their possibly helping out the Phillies’ playoff push may have blinded some fans to the actual development of promising prospects, but the extended work this season always gave me cause to be concerned as the Phillies kept pushing their innings limits upward for these guys.

      And, Hall’s callup goes well beyond just yesterday. There have been 14 games played this month. The reasons given for Sands being recalled over Hall have been shown to be questionable at the very least.

  4. Abel and painter get a little more motivation in the offseason. That’s fine with me. The Hall thing I agree with.

  5. This was kind of under the radar. For all the talk about Baker, Schultz and others BA went with Tommy McCollum as the farm’s best reliever. I had to look up his stats. Of course he’s been out injured since the end of June but the numbers stick out:

    31 IP, 52 Ks, 16 BBs, 11(!) hits allowed with Clearwater.

  6. As for First Base with Hall and Hoskins, the Phillies do not need to make any changes for next year. They are not pressed to make a move. I would think both will be here next year. It gives them one more year to play Hoskins, let Hall continue to be an option, and it also gives the team time to see Bohm either claim third base or work his way to the right handed option to platoon with Hall at first base in the future.

    1. Look….if Hall is not on the 40…he is a free agent.
      If he is on the 40 next April, then Dave D probably has a poorly constructed and restrictive roster. Teams do not carry two only first basemen/DH players…and especially in the Phillies case, they already have a surplus of ‘no-field corner OFer/DH/1B types’
      Then throw in the Harper situation….will he again have to start 2023 as the DH!

      1. poorly constructed and restrictive roster is exactly right. I thought so when we started year with Harper, Schwarber, and Castellanos in corner OF/DH and Bohm, and Hoskins in corner IF whom both could be DH. Hall can be on 40 man but would likely be out of active roster as odd man out (barring injuries)

  7. Glad the Phillies are shutting down Abel and Painter. Great season!! They should have done it with McGarry. He looked horrible today.

  8. As for Hall, he would have played as much as Sands played. He’s getting to play every day. If Hoskins went on the IL, Hall would have been called up and would have been ready to hit. Hall had Sat a but before he was sent down and stopped hitting in that role. He went down and didn’t hit there for the first week or more. He needs steady at bats obviously. That’s why he’s not up sitting on the bench and not playing.

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