Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/14/2022)

Here are Sunday’s results.

The big news yesterday was the announcement that the Phillies will be promoting Mick Abel and Andrew Painter to Reading.  Both have been moved to the Development List over the past couple of days.  Don’t be surprised if the transactions don’t post until just before the day each is “scheduled” to pitch.

Lehigh Valley (61-50) beat the Charlotte Knights, 3-1.  Colton Eastman (5.83) opened with three shutout innings allowing no hits, one walk, and striking out six.  The bullpen went on to limit the Knights to 2 hits.  The IronPigs managed just 4 hits, but one was a 2-run HR by Yairo MunozDalton Guthrie (.281) had 2 hits including a double.

Reading (48-60, 19-20) lost to the Harrisburg Senators, 7-6 in ten innings. Reading blew a 3-0 lead giving up single runs in the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings.  Then, after scoring 3 in the tenth, allowed 4 in the bottom of the inning for a walk-off.  In a bullpen game, Eric Miller (2.23) collected half of the team’s 4 strikeouts in two perfect innings.  Wendell Rijo (.261) had 3 RBI.

Jersey Shore (41-67, 16-27) beat the Greensboro Grasshoppers, 4-0.  Dominic Pipkin (2=6, 5.43) pitched five shutout innings allowing 3 hits, 3 walks, and 3 Ks.  Drew Baker (.5.80) struck out 2 in one inning.  Jason Ruffcorn (4.66) struck out 3 in 1.2 innings.  Jared Carr (.209) went 2-5.  Rixon Wingrove (.270) went 2-3 with a walk and 2-run HR (9).  Baron Radcliff (.217) went 1-3 with a solo HR (11).

Clearwater (49-58, 14-28) lost to the St. Lucie Mets, 8-2.  Josh Hendrickson struck out four in four rehab innings allowing no runs, one hit and no walks.  Lee Hao Yu (.294) went 1-3 with a double and a walk.  Cade Fergus went 1-3 with a walk and 2-run HR (2).

FCL Phillies (19-28) no game scheduled

DSL Phillies Red (32-20) no game scheduled

DSL Phillies White (32-19) no game scheduled

The Affiliate Scoreboard


8/14/2022 – Phillies traded LHP Ricardo Sanchez to Detroit for cash
8/14/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated 2B Daniel Robertson from the 7-day IL
8/14/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Zach Warren
8/14/2022 – Reading Phils LHP Josh Hendrickson on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
8/14/2022 – Jersey Shore transferred RHP Andrew Painter to the Development List
8/13/2022 – Jersey Shore transferred RHP Mick Abel to the Development List

55 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/14/2022)

  1. Pipkin with his best start. There’s still some potential there.
    Congrats to our top duo, let’s see what Reading holds for them.

  2. Phillies seem to be having luck recruiting Aussies….Wingrove may be one to watch at the higher levels, Chris Burke has yet to get unwind but he has played quality ball as an under-age in the AuBL in the past, Curtis Mead is well documented already and may be Nikau Pouaka-Grego will be the latest in line.

  3. Would someone please remind me, again, of what the process is for trading someone now that the “trading deadline” has passed?

    1. If a player has played the entire season on a minor league contract without spending any time on a big league roster or big league injured list, he is eligible to be dealt after the August 2 trade deadline.

      That’s why the Phillies were able to trade Ricardo Sanchez to Detroit.

    2. There’s no trading anymore after the deadline. The only thing that can occur is that a team can DFA a player, and as usual, the player is subject to the waiver wire, that’s it. There is no compensation and you can’t rescind the DFA request i.e. take back the player.

  4. Player A: (age 19), 13.1 K/9, 3.5 BB/9, 0.99 whip, 1.34 ERA

    Player B: (age 19), 14.1 K/9, 2.7 BB/9, 0.863 whip, 1.19 ERA

    Both at same minor league level at time of stats…who are they?

      1. You got it. Well done Romus.

        I believe that Andrew Painter is the best Phillies pitcher draft pick ever. It’s obviously early as he is only 19. But his dominance and stuff are off the charts.

        1. He certainly has a chance to be that and he, along with Cole Hamels have been our best pitching prospects. Essentially, Painter has been one of the best pitching prospects in the minor leagues over the last 40 years or so. His numbers at this age are reminiscent of what Dwight Gooden did in his first full minor league season (except they control innings more closely now).

          I have also said that we have never had 3 starting pitching prospects as good as these three at the same time and that it isn’t close. The scary thing is that McGarry actually has the best stuff of the three right now. But, of course, McGarry doesn’t have the same control as Abel or, especially, Painter and he doesn’t have the same physical projection. Once Painter fills out he could essentially be a Gerrit Cole clone in terms of velocity (sitting 97-99), but young Gerrit Cole didn’t approach Painter’s numbers in the minors even though he was drafted from college.

          1. Painter is the dominate one, Abel is the work horse, and McGarry limits hits but a bit wilder than the other two.

            1. Yeah, it’s interesting.

              When I watched all of them pitch this past week (I watched the videos of their last starts), I expected Painter’s stuff or command to stand out in a big way over the other two and I was surprised to see that their stuff is all very close. Painter’s big edge right now is that he has really good command and can throw his breaking balls for strikes routinely. He also has much more physical projection. For all of his height he is actually a thin kid who looks like he’s going to gain 20 to 30 pounds over the next 3 or 4 years.

              Right now, the guy Painter resembles most is probably Zack Wheeler – their stuff is very similar right now, but of course Painter has a ton of room for development.

              Don’t kid yourself on Abel. He’s not just a workhorse, he’s a potential ace. He could develop into a Curt Schilling type of pitcher or he could develop into a solid 2. Either way, he has a big upside.

              McGarry’s raw stuff is the best of the three right now (which seems impossible, but, really, it’s true). He has excellent velocity and insane ball movement – like Aaron Nola’s type of movement. His upside is a modern day David Cone. Another great 5th round pick for the Phillies (so that makes Ryan Howard, Rhys Hoskins, Bailey Falter, Matt Vierling, Mickey Morandini and Griff McGarry – all in the 5th round – wow!).

            2. And, okay, let’s say Painter doesn’t get any better or just develops a little more and turns into another Zack Wheeler. That’s a pretty good less than optimal outcome, don’t you think? And if he does improve, you’re perhaps looking at a generational pitcher – perhaps the next Justin Verlander.

        2. He very well could end up, being just that.
          The only thing that could slow him down would be an UCL or shoulder issue.

  5. McGarry, Miller, Abel, and Painter all at Reading. Reading comes to Hartford for a series Aug 30 – Sep 4. Maybe I’ll get to see a few of them pitch.

  6. I wonder how many more Innings they want each to get. Andrew is at 75 and Abel is at 85 IP.

    1. I’m guessing Abel will be around 110 innings, and Painter will be around 100.

      The references I found were Ethan Lindow getting 110 innings back in 2019 when he was a 20 year old, Falter getting 114 innings when he was 20.

  7. Josh Hendrickson seems like a pretty good LH starting prospect from Australia. Any thoughts on him?

    1. These are the data that Matt Winkleman has on him:
      Josh Hendrickson
      FA 2021 87 90 90
      FA 2019 86 90 91
      CH 2021 80 84 84
      CB 2021 71 73 74
      Not a very impressive heater, even for a lefty.

  8. catch22hman…while I agree that the 3 Untouchables are very talented, to suggest they compose the best 3 minor league hurlers in the Phillies system at once is simply not true. One of the mistakes people make is to believe history started in the 1980’s or so. In fact, in the early 60’s the Phils were famous for developing young hurlers.

    I submit for your approval…in 1962, Ferguson Jenkins, Ray Culp and Dennis Bennett were all twirling successfully in the minors. Not to mention that Chris Short, Art Mahaffey and Rick Wise were all either in the system or already succeeding at the major league level.

    Jenkins was a Hall of Famer 300+ game winner, Culp became the NL Rookie of the Year in 1963 and won 122 games in the major leagues and until he was injured in an auto accident, Bennett might well have been the most talented of all of them.

    I am as enthusiastic as any on this site about the Big 3’s potential but right now that’s all it is, potential. I know this much…if you could guarantee to me that the 3 Untouchables would enjoy major league careers akin to Jenkins, Culp and Bennett, I would glad accept it!

    1. California.

      Thanks, yeah, I should have added that my statement covered the time period I’ve followed baseball beginning in the early/mid 70s. I haven’t assessed before that time period. I actually did mean to say that at some point, so glad for the call out. But however you slice it, this is a phenomenal group of pitchers.

  9. catch22hman…more than fair enough! Although I would add that at one point the Phils had Cole Hamels, Gavin Floyd and Scott Mathieson in the system in the early 2000’s at the same time. Hamels was an All-Timer, Floyd had a very solid major league career and Mathieson was the hurler mentioned on this site last week as the former youngster with the 100+ MPH fastball.

    One mistake made however about Mathieson. It was mentioned that he was a reliever and in fact he came up with Hamels in 2006 and both were put into the starting rotation, a spot that Mathieson maintained until he injured his arm in an early Sept start against the Braves. Sadly he was never the same after the injury but up to that point he was considered to be only a tiny notch below Hamels in talent and future potential.

  10. here I still lament over the O’Hoppe trade and then CD brings up the Fergie trade. worst Phils trade of all time??? Culp was very good that rookie year and Dennis was better than Dave Bennett. I remember seeing Matheison a few times here in Reading and he looked real good. shame he got injured. Excited to see these new 3 close out the rest of the season. looking forward to it.,

    1. Good, I was waiting for this move. As a reliever, he aced Double A and is ready for LHV. I could see him go to Arizona League also.

        1. I would keep him as a reliever. Maybe an Andrew Miller type where can pitch multiple high risk innings

        2. I have no idea. He’s pitched only 36 innings this season. He’s not stretched out at all. He’s pitched only 85 innings in 3 minor league seasons. I’m leaning towards reliever.

            1. Denny…do not think his shoulder is up to holding his velo for more than 50/60 pitches. Same ole story for many former – starters- turned- relievers.
              The very good to great pitchers can hold their max velo into their 90 plus pitch counts

        3. Denny, the plan was for Miller to return to strength facing live hitters rather than a prolonged rehab at the Complex with the hope he could reenter the rotation next year. All indications are that they have decided on a future relief role and plans as a starter have been shelved.

  11. If not, who is our young starting LHP of the future? We currently have Suarez but other than Miller I believe only Damon Jones is a LHP. Abel, McGarry and Painter are all right-handed. The Phillies will be very exposed if they don’t trade for a LHP or as I believe they will still look at stretching Miller out in ST for a starting role..

        1. Didn’t realize that Lindow has been in our organization 5 years and is only 23. At Reading in his last 9 games, all starting, he has a 2.09 ERA over 48.1 innings, 10 BBs and 31Ks. In his career he has started 64 of his 85 games. 1.19 WHIP over the last 9 games.
          He was the org’s Pitcher of the Year in 2019 with this summation:
          “He’s a special pitcher,” farm director Josh Bonifay said. “He attacks the strike zone. He mixes all his pitches in the zone. He limits hard contact. He’s able to spin his fastball where it gets above barrels. He’s able to put hitters away with his offspeed pitches.”

    1. It’s not ideal, but I don’t think the Mets are complaining about having a all RH starting rotation.

    2. It’s always nice to have a couple of lefties, but they will be fine and do have a very good lefty in Suarez. The “handedness” of the Phillies’ rotation is among the least of my concerns.

  12. Kiley McDaniel has an updated top 50

    Players of note

    #15 Curtis Mead – thinks he will be an every day player in majors next year

    #32 Andrew Painter – huge velo spike this year – interesting that he says Nationals tried to get him included in Soto trade with side/3-way deals

    #46 Mick Abel – Article written before the recent promotions. Interesting that he says Painter was the consensus top pitcher below AA and that Abel was #2

    At the end of the article, he lists the next best prospect for each team … was expecting to see Griff McGarry for the Phils, but he listed Johan Rojas.

    1. Just read the article and I agree, was shocked that Abel was #2. Abel’s numbers haven’t been stellar but he’s been steady and like Painter, he’s a big kid.

      Yeah, not sure why Rojas over McGarry. Rojas’ minor league career has been peaks and valleys. There’s no consistency.

      1. I find it hard to believe there are 10 prospects in the minors better than Andrew Painter. What else do you want a starting pitching prospect to do or flash? He’s got it all, he’s executing almost perfectly on the mound and he’s only 19.

        1. The only other young pitchers that’s performing as well as Painter is maybe Eury Perez of the Marlins and Ricky Tiedemann of the Blue Jays.

        2. I wonder how many pitchers below AA were ranked ahead of him. That would kind of explain whether his ranking is heavily factoring proximity or if we’re just getting ahead of ourselves with him.

          Aside from that, how’s his change up coming? Is his slider that great or is he just overmatching lower level hitters with fastballs that big leaguers can turn around?

            1. Pitchers ranked ahead of Painter

              #7 Grayson Rodriguez (age 22) – AAA – Orioles
              #11 Eury Perez (19) – AA – Marlins
              #12 Daniel Espino (21) – AA – Guardians
              #25 Shane Baz (23) – MLB – Rays

              Jackson Jobe is not ranked

  13. I would love to be able to read the reports the development folks filed on Mead. Multiple people missed the boat.

      1. This is in the past. If the Phillies are constantly worried about traded prospects becoming superstars, then we will never make any trades.

        I still think Sanchez could be a viable LH option out of the bullpen. Throwing 95 sinkers, not too many teams have that.

    1. Yep, yet again….but if they let him stay at Reading for the next 6 weeks, they may be able to let him go unprotected and not get selected.
      Last year…2021, he was left unprotected, and it worked out for the Phillies since he was at a lower level.

  14. Looks like the pitchers ranked ahead of Painter are considered by proximity to the majors. All are AA or higher which means they most certainly have more innings pitched than Painter.

      1. There are many ‘lists’ generated out there….ESPN, Fangraphs, BA, BP Prospects1500 and not sure how many more……along with Keith Laws own rankings.
        I lean Callis and Mayo’s….they more or less work for MLB, with close ties to the MLB.Network organization.
        Not sure they are very keen on actual observable talent evaluation, but they seem to have inside scoops form the teams scouting people and evaluators. They all work for the same boss, so my guess is they get info that others cannot get access to.
        I noticed it at first many years at the annual Rule 4….they were uncanny in accuracy in what teams would pick what prospects..
        Maybe it is luck, who knows, but they always seem to be the closest in the ballpark.
        They may however, have unfair advantages ..sort of like insider trading… along those regards.

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