Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/13/2022)

Here are today’s results. 

Lehigh Valley (60-50) beat the Charlotte Knights, 9-7.  Jake Hernandez (3.22) picked up his 4th save with one clean inning.  Simon Muzziotti (.313) went 2-2.  He beat out an infield in his second at bat in the first inning and left the game with an unspecified injury.  

Reading (48-59, 19-19) lost to the Harrisburg Senators, 2-0.  Griff McGarry (0-2, 2.01)pitched six innings and gave up 2 unearned runs on 3 hits, a walk, and 5 K.  Andrew Schultz (0.00) pitched two scoreless innings allowing just one walk and striking out two.  McCarthy Tatum went 3-4 with a triple.

Jersey Shore (40-67, 15-27) beat the Greensboro Grasshoppers, 8-0. Andrew Painter (3-0, 0.98) pitched seven scoreless innings allowing 4 hits, one walk, and striking out nine.  Marcus Lee Sang (.310) went 2-5.

Clearwater (49-57, 14-27) lost to the St. Lucie Mets, 8-1.  Lee Hao Yu (.294) went 2-4.

FCL Phillies (19-28) beat the FCL Tigers, 10-6.  Samuel Aldegheri (1.93) pitched the final two innings and gave up one run on 3 hits and 2 walks with 2 K.  Nikau Pouaka-Grego (.293) entered the game as a defensive replacement and went 1-1 with a 2-run HR (3).  Emaarion Boyd went 2-4 with a walk and SB.  Justin Crawford went 1-3.

DSL Phillies Red (32-20) lost to DSL Phillies White (32-19), 3-2, in eight innings.  Jeffrey German (2.43) pitched five shutout innings for Red allowing 3 hits, a walk, and striking out four.  Juan Amarante (3.08) struck out 4 in two innings for White.  William Bergolla (.340) went 0-3 with a walk.

The Affiliate Scoreboard


8/13/2022 – RHP Jack Dallas assigned to FCL Phillies
8/13/2022 – C Adony Mejia assigned to Jersey Shore from FCL Phillies
8/13/2022 – Jersey Shore transferred C Andrick Nava to the Development List
8/13/2022 – Jersey Shore activated 1B Rixon Wingrove from the 7-day IL

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  1. It’s crazy how the Phillies have 3 prospect pitchers (McGarry/Painter/Abel) who are getting close to the bigs and showing they will all need opportunities very soon.

    Now all of sudden, most of the top prospects in the lower levels are hitters:

    Lee Sang

    1. Aside from Ricketts, I think that list includes 8 of our top 10 hitting prospects (Rojas and Muzziotti being the others – maybe throw Sands in there too).

      It’s been par for the course for Phillies prospects that show promise in the low minors to crash once they get to A or Hi-A so hopefully this group will largely avoid that.

      1. Of the list, Lee Sang is the only one at high A now . He has actually done better at each level he has moved up which is not usually the way we have seen it. It means he is improving and developing with more experience instead of just being more talented than the competition at the lower levels. It is really hard to tell who will be a true prospect when looking at 18 year olds perform at low levels. Development is the key. The important question is: can they get better so they can compete when the talent level rises? I am not interested in who is the best at FCL because that is so far away. Can they perform and get better as the talent gets better and they get closer to the level of play you will see in the MLB. Its the job of the minor league coaches/teams to develop these talented young men. Seems they got a good crop to work with now. We will just have to see who is who as they rise through the system. Lee Hao Yu is one of the most promising and he certainly looks like the real deal. He has done it at FCL and now at A and ready for the next challenge at high A.

  2. One word, Painter….
    He has clearly passed Abel at this point and might get one or two Reading starts to end the season.

      1. I think AA is actually better than AAA and Painter will skip triple A and go straight to the bigs eventually. Painter should get a taste of AA this year (though we only have a month left) and start there next year but might see action in the bigs by year’s end IMO. Dombroski said this last month when talking about his young pitching talent “It’s a fun situation to be in,” Dombrowski said. “Once they get to Double-A, I’ve never had a problem jumping Double-A to the big leagues”

      2. No..I’m excited as the rest of us about Painter’s possibilities but I want to see him face hitters a little more seasoned than HiA and learn to adapt when hitters wait for their pitch to hit and not the ones Painter wants them to swing at.

  3. Jacob Hernandez has quietly had a great year. Since April he has pitched 30 innings and given up 16 hits and 7 runs (2.1 era).

    1. Looking at”the back of his baseball card”, his career has progressed like an MLB player. Each year he was promoted, did well except for 2021, which is a Covid year. Looks like a standard LH reliever but with a better career WHIP.
      Anyone have his vitals; i.e. pitches, speeds, etc.?

  4. Three natural hitters it appears:
    Hao Yu Lee
    Marcus Lee Sang
    Nikau Pouaka-Grego
    …will be fun watching them progress thru the system.

    1. Nikau Pouaka-Grego is so young. He is listed as only 17. He give me Curtis Meade vibes. I don’t know if its the coming for NZL or being a SS or coming to the system as a 17 year old or his ability to handle the bat so young. He is an exciting young player to watch for sure.

      1. I am also puzzled on how a kid from NZ, at that age no less, is able to hit and play American baseball at such a very high skill level.

        I mean, does NZ even have a Little League team that ever competed from the Asia Theater in the Williamsport Little Leagie WS!

        I know they go over to Australia, like Glogoski has done, but still at 17-years old NPG seems so advanced at the plate. Who knows, perhaps it is the Wedderspoon Manuka honey.

        1. Romus, this website below lists the kid as attending Williamson School in Melbourne. It has a bunch of interesting stats on his bat speed, etc.

          Here’s a comment with link below: Nikau Pouaka-Grego is a 2023 SS/2B, 3B with a 5-10 165 lb. frame from Melbourne, VI who attends Williamston. Medium athletic build with good present strength for his age. Left handed hitter, has a short and compact swing with good hand quickness, very accurate barrel and made consistent square contact, hits to all fields and flashed some pull power, polished hitter for a freshman with an idea how to hit. 7.68 runner, showed good athleticism in the middle infield, works behind and through the ball well with soft hands, showed very good raw arm strength for his age and can make plays in the hole. Also pitched, has a loose and athletic delivery on the mound with good rhythm, high 3/4’s arm slot and the ball comes out of his hand well. Fastball topped out at 82 mph with good running life. Showed quality to his off speed pitches, can spin the ball well and had surprising feel for his change up while throwing strikes with all his pitches. Interesting young athlete with diverse tools and skills.


  5. Last time we had a pitcher in the minors with so much juice, and that I followed so closely, was Hamels. Painter’s A and A+ stats are better than Hamels at those levels. Cole’s ERA was in the 2.3 range at A and A+. He averaged about 9.0 K/IP.
    Painter is far outpacing those numbers. Interestingly, Hamels sharpened up and put up “Painter-like” numbers at the higher MiLB levels.

    1. Painter is an absolute stud. He is only 19 but has great size, maturity about pitching ,mental make up and “stuff”. He doesn’t seem to let errors or the situation impact him. I can really see him getting a taste of the big leagues next year. I hope they don’t rush him too soon though and allow him to fully develop. He has time.

  6. Painter has surrendered one earned run in his last seven starts at Jersey Shore. Not one run per game. One run total.

    1. They need to get him to the bigs.. if he can handle AA in the nearly the same manner. With the Phillies offense … he can learn on the job. If it was a team that couldn’t score runs … It would make it harder for him to learn on the job… you need to throw this kid into the fire once he does this at AA. Don’t waste those bullets in then minors

      1. Hamels didn’t spend long in the minors and he still accumulated around 200 innings in the minors (not including rehab starts when he was in his 30s).

        Painter is at 81.1 innings and will be headed to Reading very soon I think (hopefully by the start of next season at the latest). He might come close to 200 (50 innings in Reading, 50 in Lehigh) but I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.

        Even Clayton Kershaw threw 200+ innings in the minors.

        1. Color me naive, but I take Dave Dombrowski at his word when he says all of McGarry/Painter/Abel are possibilities for the Phillies rotation in 2023. IMO, McGarry or Painter could be on the opening day roster. I’ve posted this numerous times … Dombo doesn’t believe in wasting bullets on MiLB hitters (and I’m all in on that). I also think any of Francisco Morales/Erik Miller/Andrew Shultz could be a part of the Phillies BP next season. Even Andrew Baker could be fast tracked, and find himself throwing at CBP by next summer.

  7. I have Painter and McGarry ahead of Abel. I don’t see Painter skipping AA to go to LHV, but I can see him skipping LHV after he does well at Reading. I fully expect at least 1 to be in the Rotation mid-2023.

  8. For sentimental reasons would really like to see Appel be a permanent part of the 2023 BP.

  9. Jim Salisbury said in pre-game that he spoke with DD about an hour ago about Painter and moving him to Reading. They “are discussing it.”. It may not be right away, but he will finish the season at AA

    The Phillies POBO means it when he says McGarry/Abel/Painter are all possibilities to be a part of the Phillies rotation in 2023 ⤵

  11. Excellent news!!! Let these two face much better hitters the last month of AA ball. One issue is this will create a log jam at AA that frankly the Phillies have been slow to clear and maybe it starts at LHV. Way, way to many long in the tooth AAAA guys at LHV. There has to be either cuts or promotions at Reading for the pitching staff. Miller should have been at LHV in June. To soon to promote McGarry LHV. Phillies/DD likely need to move pitchers out.

    1. Kicking pitchers out at the minor league level is very easy to do. Usually 3/5 of a rotation at any level are filler.

      At Reading, the rotation should be McGarry, Painter, Abel, Skirrow, Lindow. Once Hendrickson is back from rehab, promote Skirrow. Any other starter, move them to the bullpen.

      And yes, this Reading rotation is the most talented I’ve ever seen.

    2. Reading has about 30 games left in their season.
      They may get 4 or 5 starts apiece before the season ends.
      I do not see Reading in any play-offs this year.

  12. If Painter isn’t listed as a top 10 prospect then there’s something wrong with the list. What more could you want from a starting pitching prospect?

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