Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (7/23/2022)

Here are today’s results. 

Lehigh Valley (50-42) beat the Scranton RailRiders, 7-6.  Nick Duron (2.37) stranded 2 inherited runners and tossed 1.1 perfect innings with 2 K.  Mickey Moniak (.345) went 2-3 with 2 walks and 2 RBI.  Donny Sands (.333) went 0-2 with 3 walks.  Nick Maton (.251) went 1-5 with an RBI.   

Reading (40-49, 11-9) lost to the Somerset Patriots, 6-3.  Griff McGarry (3.24) tossed six, shutout innings allowing 2 hits, one walk, and striking out four.  Erik Miller (1.35) threw one scoreless inning.  The save was blown and the game lost after that.  Logan O’Hoppe (.278) went 1-3 with a HR (15) and 3 RBI.  Simon Muzziotti (.194) went 0-3 with a walk.  Jhailyn Ortiz (.253) went 1-4.

Jersey Shore (31-57, 6-16) lost to the Brooklyn Cyclones, 9-7.  Andrew Painter (2.16) lasted 4.2 innings.  He gave up 4 runs (only one was earned) on 5 hits and a walk.  He struck out five.  Andrew Baker pitched one inning and gave up one run on 2 hits and struck out three.  Carlos De La Cruz (.267) went 3-4 with 2 HR (7), a walk, and 2 RBI.  Herbert Iser (.234) chipped in with 3 hits.  DJ Stewart (.230) and Freylin Minyety (.242) had 2 hits each.

Clearwater (43-45, 8-15) lost to the Bradenton Marauders, 7-3 in seven innings, rain.  Gunner Mayer pitched four, shutout innings.  He allowed 2 hits and a walk while striking out nine.  The first two guys out of the ‘pen couldn’t hold the lead.  Lee Hao Yu (.288) went 1-3.  Marcus Lee Sang (.268) went 1-3 with a walk and double.  Andrick Nava went 1-2 with a walk and 2 RBI.

FCL Phillies (12-18) v. FCL Yankees postponed, rain.

DSL Phillies Red (21-13) lost to DSL Colorado, 2-1.  Pedro Reyes (0.00) allowed a hit and a walk in 2.1 innings of relief with 3 Ks.  Marco Soto (.314) went 1-4 and had one of the team’s 3 hits.  Check out his photo on his MiLB page.

DSL Phillies White (22-12) beat the DSL Brewers1, 8-4.  William Bergolla (.400, second game) played second base and went 1-3.  Jorge Garcia (.347) went 2-3 with a double and RBI.  Leonardo Rondon (..373) went 2-4 with a walk and RBI.

Steve Potter’s Minor League Roundup from his Phillies – A Fan’s View

Steve does not allow comments.  So, you can read his reports and come back here to comment if you want.


7/23/2022 – Lehigh Valley released RHP Jake Newberry
7/23/2022 – Lehigh Valley released RHP Joe Gatto
7/23/2022 – Lehigh Valley released LHP Jeff Singer
7/23/2022 – RHP Bubby Rossman assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
7/23/2022 – Reading activated RHP Griff McGarry from the 7-day IL


33 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (7/23/2022)

  1. Great to see Griff put you 6 zeroes, OHoppe hit a bug homer, and to see Mayer bounce back with 4 shutout innings also. I’m worried that Muzzioti has missed too much playing time over the last few seasons and can’t find his swing.
    Sorry to see local guy Jeff Singer get released but congrats on a nice run for an UDFA.

    1. Mayer actually seems like he’s taken a real step forward this year, unfortunately his innings are low due to injury. I think he’s a guy to watch.

      Speaking of injuries, Muzziotti has started to give me Roman Quinn vibes; he’s missed a ton of development time. And not always because he’s hurt but it’s damaging just the same.

  2. 7/23/2022 – Lehigh Valley released RHP Jake Newberry, RHP Joe Gatto
    & LHP Jeff Singer.
    Minors starting to adjust for new drafteest to enter system.

  3. What were the Reading coaches thinking last night? They were cruising with McGarry and Miller and they only let Miller pitch one inning-13 pitches? His ERA is down to 1.35. Is Miller getting the competition he needs at Reading?

      1. Six of his last eight games has been in relief.
        The Phillies have not yet allowed him to throw 50 pitches in any of the 16 games.
        This season seems to be a relief role primarily, until whatever is going on with his arm’/shoulder’s durability is corrected.
        Worrisome I suppose since next season is his age25 season.

        1. Jim said earlier in the year that the plan was to basically take it easy with his workload this year and revisit the possibility of him being a starter later on. Maybe next year. No idea if they’ve come to any conclusions.

          1. Just hope he can keep his velo up longer…saw what happened to Seranthony 4/5 years ago and what happened to Spencer Howard the last few years.
            One of the factors why starting minor league pitchers eventually become relievers.
            I guess not every pitcher can go 90 plus pitches with hi-velo sustainment like those of Verlander/MadMax/deGrom

          2. The Phillies are definitely babying him. He only pitched 12 innings last season and now he’s up to 26. He’ll be 25 next season so durability shouldn’t be a question and yet it looks like it is.

          3. For now I’ll take two innings of Miller’s stuff at the MLB level. He regularly hits high 90’s and made per Baseball America the best hitter at the Futures Game Yankees Diaz look like a HS batter. That tells me he’s ready.

            1. Not sure what is going on with Erik Miller….June 8th faced the two batters after a dozen pitches and had to be taken out and did not pitch again until two weeks ago.
              The shoulder issue may have resurfaced……and could be the reason he just cannot go longer in games.
              Structurally things may be fine, but like Spencer Howard or Seranthony…..they do not have the durable strength in the shoulder to make it last.
              Happens to many pitchers.

    1. He hits a lot of crush jobs. I’ll be sad but not surprised if he’s traded in the next week. They need a SP badly and could use a CF but I’m ok with giving Vierling the every day role too.
      What happens when Segura is back in two weeks?? Didi released? Stott sent down?

  4. With the departure of Jeff Singer, the ILPAA (Independent League Pitchers Alumni Association), Phillies chapter, he ,as was Michael Mariot will be missed. But active members Mike Adams, Bubby Rossman, Nick Duron, Michael Kelly, James Dykstra and Andrew Bellatti keep the chapter relavant.

  5. Great outing for Griff. I hope he is still in Reading August 3. I know the pitching is much better in the Bigs so is that the only reason Mickey is doing well, or is his approach any different?

    1. People don’t realize how good the talent is at the ML level. Just look at Wheeler for example. He’ll paint the sides of the plate with his 97 fastball. A lot of minor league pitchers can’t even do that. Then when you think you’re got him figured out, he’ll throw a slider that’ll make you look real bad. And you better hope there isn’t a hole in your swing. The pitchers are good enough to consistently exploit that weakness until the hitter adjusts. Most minor league pitchers can’t.

      1. Matt … happy to see Mickey doing well at LHV again. Hope he keeps it up, and gets another call up soon.
        Also saw Mickey was in Wildwood with Alec Bohm, and Garrett Stubbs earlier this month playing wiffle ball on the beach with some vacationing kids. Love to see MLB players take time for kids. Very cool! You and your wife did a great job raising him.

  6. Take a look at Falter’s stats in both AAA & ML and we can see he has been quite effective. He may not be flashy with SOs or such, but he is getting the job done. The key for him is control and limiting walks as he will allow hits and home runs but he is keeping the team close to give them a fighting chance. Sanchez is also giving the team similar results with more walks but less hits. They are perfect pitchers to fall back on for the just in case times when needed. It would be great to add another pitcher for Eflin’s spot and have Falter and Sanchez the back ups to the back up.

  7. Fair enough, Matt. Clearly, I follow what he is doing and continue to root for him. If my question seemed at all critical, I apologize. It was not meant to be and not meant to be sarcastic. I was genuinely wondering if his approach had changed at all.

  8. Matt M,

    Every day I check to see how Mickey did the night before.

    So many rooting for him.

    Same thing with Mark Appel.

    Always love to see commitment and dedication payoff especially for one of our guys.

  9. Yeah Moniak crushes it in AAA, the red flag for me is the high K rate. I’ve learned by reading this board that high milb K rates rarely lead to positive long term ML success. With that said everyone but 1 person here is pulling for him.

    1. Yes, needs to cut down in ks and walk a little more . he’s always been a swinger and never saw a pitch he didn’t like coming up from little League etc. Just a little different with major league talent! I will say, in almost 100 minor LG plate app, he has struck out 21 xs which is def below his long term ave. Also watching those breaking balls in the dirt he was swinging at esp with Phillies in beginning . hitting over .360 which he has never done over first 100 ABs so hopefully will bring that consistency to big leagues at some point. I know he will given the at bats. Ok, I’ve held court! Chatty today!

  10. Matt13, I didn’t think you meant it startcastically. I think I was just more taking a shot at the phillies! Haha. Just can’t understand how they expect him to excel when he is worried about being sent down every other game. He needs 100 straight at bats playing 25 straight games with maybe one or two games off and he will do what he is doing in aaa. Kid needs to have some at bats to get in a groove. And yeah Hinkie, they were at my cousin’s house who has a really nice place in Avalon. Quite a few of his teammates went with him over the All-Star break as well. I guess the kids didn’t believe it was them until their parents showed up! Good stuff. And Willie I know most root for Mickey I get that. He just needs that bats and he will excel. Just not sure where that’s going to be!

    1. Your son really needs to get traded to a bad team who will just let him play. The Cubs look like a good fit. Good luck this coming week. We’ll miss you and Mickey but we’d like to see him succeed somewhere, if not with us.

  11. Matt, I didn’t know you have a connection to the Jersey Shore!! Now you aren’t just Mickey’s Dad, you are family! Continuing to root for him, always appreciate your posts, looking forward to seeing him back up!

  12. Matt M – I think all of us on this site with one exception are rooting for Mickey. Certainly can’t disagree that two-three weeks of consistent at bats would be a little more indicative of ability than being yanked around.

  13. Matt M,

    While I know it is not the same, not even close…but I have an autistic son that is a pretty good athlete. I have seen what he can do when a coach gives him a chance, spends the time to understand how his brain works. I see how his confidence grows.

    Unfortunately, some coaches don’t have the patience. Instead they ignore him.

    Again, not the same but I understand ur frustration with not given a chance. This is why I root for Mickey.

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