Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (7/6/2022)

Not much action again today.  Although, there were 4 games played.  Two teams were no-hit into the sixth.  Two teams were shut out.  All four teams lost.  Here are today’s results. 

Lehigh Valley (43-37) lost to the Rochester Red Wings, 4-0.  The IronPigs got their first hit with two outs in the sixth.  Red Wings’ pitcher Cade Cavalli was perfect until that point. 

Reading (33-44, 4-4) lost to the Richmond Flying Squirrels, 5-2.  Reading got their first hit with one out in the seventh inning.  In addition to the 3 hits they collected, they drew 11 walks and a hit by pitch. 

Jersey Shore (27-49, 2-8) lost to the Hudson Valley Renegades, 9-3.  Interesting sequence in the third inning.  Leadoff hitter reached base on catcher interference on Freddy Francisco.  Second batter struck out.  Third batter struck out, runner was ruled out on steal attempt on batter interference. The double play was simply scored – Francisco.  He then led off the bottom of the inning with a strikeout.

Clearwater (37-39, 2-9) lost to the Dunedin Blue Jays, 7-0.  Yonamine had 3 hits including a double.  Simmons had 2 hits.

FCL Phillies (8-12) no game scheduled.

DSL Phillies Red (14-7) no game scheduled.

DSL Phillies White (12-9) no game scheduled.

Steve Potter’s Minor League Roundup from his Phillies – A Fan’s View

Steve does not allow comments.  So, you can read his reports and come back here to comment if you want.

Rosters and Stuff


7/06/2022 – Jersey Shore activated SS Luis Garcia from 7-day IL


By my count, there are 60 players on the IL.

  • 31 on the 7-, 10-, 15-day ILs
    • 6 Phillies
      1. Brogdon
      2. Camargo
      3. Eflin
      4. Harper
      5. Maton
      6. Suarez
    • 6 IronPigs
      1. Bedrosian
      2. Crouse
      3. Jones
      4. Maggi
      5. Moss
      6. Williams
    • 4 Fightin’ Phils
      1. Garcia
      2. Markwardt
      3. Stokes
      4. Tatum
    • 4 BlueClaws
      1. Quirion
      2. Matera
      3. Schulze
      4. Vargas
    • 9 Threshers
      1. Azuaje
      2. Yhoswar Garcia
      3. Hayward
      4. Lee Hao Yu
      5. Mayer
      6. McCollum
      7. Nava
      8. Jadiel Sanchez
      9. Wynne
    • 1 FCL Phillie
      1. Tonkel
    • 1 DSL Phillies Red
      1. Ibarra
  • 24 on the 60-day IL
    • 5 Phillies
      1. Coonrod
      2. Emanuel
      3. Romero
      4. Segura
      5. Sherriff
    • 1 IronPig
      1. Phillips
    • 7 Fightin’ Phils
      1. Bettencourt
      2. Blake Brown
      3. Cesar
      4. Hendrickson
      5. Kroon
      6. Lehman
      7. McArthur
    • 4 BlueClaws
      1. Killgore
      2. McGowan
      3. Sutera
      4. Van Scoyoc
    • 6 Threshers
      1. Aldegheri
      2. Andrew Brown
      3. Encarnacion
      4. Phelan
      5. Pina
      6. Segovia
    • 1 DSL Phillies White
      1. Colmenares
  • 5 on the Full-Season IL
    • 1 IronPig
      1. Daniel Brito
    • 1 Fightin’ Phil
      1. Stephen
    • 2 BlueClaws
      1. Antle
      2. Mezquita
    • 1 Thresher
      1. Ottenbreit

There are likely more, the FCL and DSL aren’t particularly good at keeping transactions up to date.  For instance, Nikau Pouaka-Greco and William Bergolla are both likely injured but not on the IL.

21 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (7/6/2022)

  1. When the system is already thin to start with it really stings to have guys on the IL with little to no info about their statuses. 5 of the team’s top 10 picks – and 5 out of 6 highschoolers- from the 2021 draft have spent most or all of the season injured (Jose Pena is listed as active but hasn’t seen much action this year; I’m pretty sure he dealt with an injury at some point).

  2. Thank you Jim for providing this daily information and supplying uswith Steve’s link. Much appreciated as alwsys.

  3. My quick pass notes

    Marchan DH’d last night he was 1 for 3 and hitting 245

    Muzziotti hitting just a buck 76 ouch…I really thought he would excel at Reading.

    O’Hoppe OPSing 905 is terrific and seemingly our lone shining star for position players

    Our Luis Garcia still can’t find his footing he’s hitting 139 I remember Jim once saying not to be too excited about him back when he was hitting over 300 in the GCL

    The highest OPS at CLW last night was Sang at 719 Dunedin OTOH has 3 guys OPSing over 814 including their 19 y/o Gabriel Martinez who’s sporting a 911 OPS.

  4. Griff McGarry’s initial Double AA debut was a little less than what he expected I am sure.
    Control was just not at his greatest with only 53% strike/pitch rate to the 12 batters he faced, along with the two wild pitches..
    Perhaps he was getting squeezed by the ump, before the trainer had to come out in the third and take him out of the game….the other teams total BBs was 11 so the Fightin’s did have runners on all night….22 LOB, whoa!

    1. Hard to know what to make of Griff he’s already 23. IMO he’s not likely to be a starter as the command just doesn’t seem to be there.

      K rate is however off the charts. Other than the K rate at Jersey Shore he just wasn’t that dominate. 1.2 HRs per 9 and 4.6 BBs per 9 and only averaged 3.85 IP per start.

      1. Yeah…..he may end up being a reliever/closer long term.
        I hope Phillies can work with him and get his control better in-check.

        1. If the Phillies are even a little bit scared that he may be a reliever long term, they should trade him now to upgrade the current roster. The difference in value between Griff if he is a starter and Griff if he is a reliever, even a good one, is monumental. If they think the control is a real long term issue, his value is pretty high right now, maybe use him for a CF

          1. Can we get Andrew Bentetendi for CF? Trade McGarry, Moniak, Morales and Marchand.

            1. I like him a lot too, but im pretty sure his contract is up after the season. You might be able to get him for a little less than that since hes technically a rental unless the team resigns him. McGarry and Marchan alone could do it.

              Bryan Reynolds would cost more since hes under team control, biggest issue there is Pittsburghs’ top prospect is a catcher, so Marchan/O’Hoppe probably dont interest them

            2. Miller, McGarry, Rojas and (gulp!) Abel should get you Reynolds. But yes, Benintendi would come for a lot less. I’m not convinced Dombrowski wouldn’t move Abel in the right deal, to the chagrin of some here. I think they value Painter more, however.

          2. DegDan………I do not think the Phillies will make that determination on him for awhile. Obviously his highest value , even as a trade chip, is as a starter. They probably will let it play out for him in that role. His last two years at UV and in the minors he has been used a starter…..his freshman year at UV he was in relief , but that is not unusual for freshmen pitchers.

            Right now…have to see what his status is after last night, where he was taken out in the third.

  5. Aren’t Damon Jones and James MacArthur on the Phillies 60-Day IL?
    And Tatum is on the JS 7-10-Day?

    Or are those listed incorrectly?

  6. Matt Gelb interviews Preston Mattingly.
    Good stuff ⬇

    1. Mattingly on injured prospects:

      * Micah Ottenbreit and Christian McGowan are recovering from TJ.
      * Yhoswar Garcia is out until mid August w/a severely sprained ankle.
      * Hans Crouse is throwing BPs @ the complex after suffering shoulder issue.
      * Erik Miller had been out w/COVID.
      * Jadiel Sanchez has been out with a hamstring injury. ETA 3 weeks.

      1. Was thinking to myself yesterday how long before we hear from Preston as much of the system doesn’t seem to be improving…

        I want to give a special shout out to my friend Romus for sticking by one Darick Hall…what breath of fresh air he’s been for that LU. Such a happy fella and giving us some much needed production when we need it most

        I have noticed he has a hole up on the high heat but then so does most everybody. Key for him is he’ll have to start laying off that pitch

        1. DMAR…..the kid has finally got his chance. Hope he makes the most of it.
          He definitely is a TTO guy and when he barrels it, look out.
          So far the pitchers have not plucked him yet, but it will come.

  7. O’Hoppe and Erik Miller to play in the Futures Game. Congrats to both.
    McGarry will have some initial struggles at AA but that was the point in promoting him. At 23, he needs to be challenged to improve his “pitching”. He has the stuff but needs to improve his command and how he sequences his pitches.
    He also may not be in the organization in August…

    1. He was removed after 50 or so pitches last night in the third inning after the trainer came out …..will have to see what is going on there.

      1. They were looking at his hand, so a possible blister. Could explain some of the extra wildness.

        1. That is good to hear,
 respect to it being a forearm or elbow issue.
          He might miss only one start.

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