Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (7/5/2022)

Not much action today.  I’ll probably take off on Mondays when the full-season teams are all off.  Until then, here are today’s games. 

Lehigh Valley (43-36) v. the Rochester Red Wings, no game today.

Reading (33-43, 4-3) v. the Richmond Flying Squirrels, no game today.

Jersey Shore (27-48, 2-7) v. the Hudson Valley Renegades, no game today.

Clearwater (37-38, 2-8) v. the Dunedin Blue Jays, no game today.

FCL Phillies (8-12) lost to FCL Yankees, 5-4.  Unusual scheduling, back-to-back games in Tampa against the Yankees.  Perfect rehab innings by Lehman and Schulze.  Not so by Pina let two walks score on no hits.  Oscar Medina struck out 4 in four, 2-hit innings.  Diego Gonzalez had 2 hits, a double, and an RBI.

DSL Phillies Red (14-7) v. DSL Tigers2, postponed.

DSL Phillies White (12-9) beat DSL Texas Blue, 4-2.  Manolfi Jimenez had 2 hits, a double and a triple.  He’s hitting .314 and is one of this year’s international signings (January 15, 2022).  Saul Teran, signed in 2021 but didn’t debut until this season, picked up his 4th save.

Steve Potter’s Minor League Roundup from his Phillies – A Fan’s View

Steve does not allow comments.  So, you can read his reports and come back here to comment if you want.

Here’s a little bonus.  Tuesday morning, Steve watched 3 live bullpens at the Complex, Aldegheri, Bedrosian, Coonrod.  He wrote the following article based on what he saw.

Rosters and Stuff


7/05/2022 – Phillies optioned LHP Sam Clay to Lehigh Valley
7/05/2022 – Phillies recalled LHP Cristopher Sanchez from Lehigh Valley
7/05/2022 – Phillies claimed LHP Sam Clay off waivers from Washington

13 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (7/5/2022)

  1. Any news on Nikau Pouaka-Grego? He’s been out of the FCL Phils lineup for a couple weeks. The kid was off to a hot start.

    1. Steve Potter had an update on him in his recap. He was hitting off one of the rehabbing pitchers. Steve had a photo of him. Looks developed for a 17 year old.

    2. NPG got spiked a couple weeks ago, blood drawn. I saw him in full uniform last week. Heard he may have had an infection from the injury. He did bat yesterday during live BP off Coonrod, et al.

      1. Thanks Jim. He was putting up impressive numbers before getting hurt. 17 yrs old. In the FCL is encouraging.

  2. Jim – have you had a chance to watch Rickardo Perez yet? He’s only 18 but hitting 310 and catching and batting 3rd in the lineup, after getting big money to sign I recall. It’s very early in his career but so far so good. Any opinion formed on him yet? Thanks

  3. All eyes on Griff McGarry’s opening Double AA start, tonite, away vs Richmond.

    1. All this talk about 23 year old McGarry at Reading reminds me how good Nola was when he made his ML debut as a 22 year old. It’s almost like we take Aaron Nola for granted. Nola has easily been the Phillies best draft pick of the last decade.

      1. I remember I didnt want anything to do with him. I thought he was a guy who would be ok in the majors but little upside. I wear that one on the chin, even if he has been frustrating at times especially in Septembers, hes certainly been worth the pick. Also makes you wonder, do you think the organization has any hope that McGarry makes the majors this year. 23 is not crazy young, and depending on Ranger and Eflin, you really can’t throw Sanchez and Falter every 5th day against non nationals teams. Also, Gibby has been very sus, if he keeps getting hit around his spot could be in jeopardy too.

        1. The Phillies have let McGarry develop, and I would find it highly unlikely that he would be pitching for the Phillies in 2022. Heck, I would give Noah Skirrow a look before McGarry.

          Gibson is going nowhere unless he gets hurt. You could do a lot worse than Sanchez and Falter. They are perfectly acceptable as depth options for now. The Mets had to lean on David Peterson and Trevor Williams for starts. The Cardinals had to lean on Andrew Pallante and Matthew Liberatore for starts. The Dodgers had to lean on Mitch White and Ryan Pepiot for starts. Every team has starting depth issues.

          1. The one guy who the Phillies I think were hoping and keeping their fingers crossed, to come around this year and provide some back-up for the rotation around mid-season or later , was big RHP James McArthur.
            But he has not progressed the way they were hoping.
            He may still come around once he is healthy and gets back out there , but placing him on the 40 last November may have been a year too early.

        2. Forgot to mention that putting players on the 40 before you have to is a calculated risk. 40 man spots are always a juggling act. Sure, there are always some players on the 40 that you figure can be easily removed (Michael Kelly) but for the most part, you treat those spots like gold.

  4. I saw a tweet then later pulled back on the MLB Futures Rosters and saw Philadelphia’s representatives were Logan O’Hoppe and LHP Erik Miller Like I said; it seemed like a Twitter MLB slip-up..

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