Update (7/4/2022)

Happy Fourth of July.

A few weeks ago, I included the following in the final Open Discussion –

I’ve wrestled with the next decision for several days and have decided that this will be the last Open Discussion I publish.  I think it is timely since the Phillies look like they have turned things around, and we fans shouldn’t have anything to complain about for a week or two.

As I expected, my decision did not go over well.  Most were initially sorry that I had come to such a decision and thankful I had kept the site going for so long, especially Romus who remembered the editor timeline pretty closely.  I remember Matt leaving after the 2014 draft, Brad leaving after the 2014 season, and Gregg leaving early December 2014.

Gregg returned but I had taken over the Box Score Recaps and General Discussion that Brad had been posting.  I ran a Top 50 to keep interest in the site until spring training opened in 2015.  (In a What Next article I published in early December I expressed these intentions and a loyalty to Phuture Phillies even though other sites had tried to recruit me.)  Gregg later walked away again without a word.

I haven’t felt the desire to write for a while now.  Every time I feel a topic is worthy of discussion, I make the mistake of viewing the comments and the feeling leaves.

I detect a feeling of entitlement in the comments, that Phuture Phillies owes you something.  There are plenty of sites that offer Phillies’ discussions.

This is a prospect site.  I had promised to provide coverage of the games I watch.

The articles for Hinkie are written and queued up through the draft.  I’ll still provide our extensive draft coverage and the subsequent signings.  And, I’ll report on the FCL and FSL games that I attend.  Maybe after a few months, the bad eggs will go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen many games to their conclusion these past several weeks.  The Threshers aren’t as interesting as the Phillies.  When I thought I would return to Threshers’ games, the Phillies called up Darick Hall.  I postponed my return to Threshers’ games yet again.  Heat, humidity, and weather have kept me from the Complex or caused me to leave before games are completed.

However, I have arranged to use the writing of a friend who watches most Phillies and their affiliated action every day.  Many of you are already aware of Steve Potter’s site.  He is an avid Phillies’ fan and watches 4-5 games most nights.  He has subscriptions to MLB and MiLB and follows the Threshers on GameDay when they are not televised.  He also attends most games and workouts at the Complex.  However, he does not allow comments.  He said I can post a link to his site from Phuture Phillies each night, and I can deal with your comments here.

So, Recaps will return this week.

I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing the history of Phuture Phillies.  I would like to provide the type of content that James provided.  At some point, I will probably bring back a General Discussion.  But, I am probably going to block at least one person.

I’m sure most of you don’t know or care about the things I have to deal with as an administrator.  So, here is a taste.

These are the names used by one person who tried to get around being blocked.

  1. Freddy
  2. Inky
  3. Jeff
  4. Joey
  5. Nancy
  6. Paxtonsucks
  7. Rocky
  8. Rocky is dead
  9. Rocky Still here
  10. Rocky still here
  11. Roxky
  12. Steve

I can’t just exclude by name because anyone named Joey for instance would also be banned.  Comments that included Jeff would be blocked.

I could block by e-mail address, but this person entered many, some were typos others were obviously intentional.

  1. djdggsgs@gmail.com
  2. dnsjjs@gmail.com
  3. feedroxks@gmail.com
  4. feerocky@gmail.com
  5. fredjiend@yahoo.com
  6. fressmirh868@yahoo.com
  7. hartsteve90@gmail.com
  8. hartsteve900@gmail.com
  9. hdbdbdb@gmail.com
  10. hebshehdh@gmail.com
  11. hehehdb@gmail.com
  12. ilovejim@yahoo.com
  13. ilovejimmy@yahoo.com
  14. ilovejimmyotyon@gmail.com
  15. ilovejimpayton@gmail.com
  16. ilovejimpeyton@gmail.com
  17. ilovejimpyton@yahoo.com
  18. iloveJP@gmail.com
  19. ilovjimpeyrin@yahoo.co
  20. iluvjimpayton@yahoo.com
  21. jeffetone2828@gmail.com
  22. jeffstine2626@gmail.com
  23. jeffstone@yahoo.com
  24. jimoayton@yahoo19.com
  25. jimpeyton@yahoo.com
  26. jumpayton19@yahoo.com
  27. lovejimpayrton@yahoo.com
  28. namcydrew@yahoo.com
  29. paxtonsucks@gmail.com
  30. phuturephilles@gmail.com
  31. rhegdgd@yahoo.com
  32. rishhs@gmail.com
  33. robertsinger914@yahoo.com
  34. rocky0099@yahoo.com
  35. rockypo@yahoo.com
  36. ronnie.smith@yahoo.com
  37. susantores@aol.com
  38. yebberb@yahoo.com

He even took a guess at my personal e-mail.  It’s practically the only time he spelled my name right.

There is another way to block a person.  It is usually the best way.  It involves parsing information from the packet header and getting address and device information attached to the sender, but I won’t go into that.

Now, why would I bother?  Here’s why, listed from most recent to earliest.  This is not a complete list.

  1. “I don’t Insult you and if I had in past I apologize. It’s just so many one sided options here and people need a lot of attention here I can see.
    It’s ok for me to be called troll and stupid and uneducated. If I post facts number comments from writers it’s not accurate too.
  2. You all must not spend anytime at Citizens Bank Park if you did you really would not like the behavior of the fans.
  3. Plus I am not the only one who pints out there are favorites and this is a one sided site. I have seen many many people post about it.
    Jim should really just set up a private site for his 5-6 people who feel they are baseball pod cast people and need the attention I did bash Jim a long time ago but never really bashed anyone else.
  4. Thanks Mr V1 yes of course the clique doesn’t value my comments truth hurts. You have a real big head nice ti know your so knowledgeable about all facts and everyone fells your so cool and knowledgeable. I bet you have alot of friend. Hahahah
  5. As for me I do go to other sites and will no longer come here or post. I do wish Jim well and realize he does alot of work here. But he should just set up a little site for you five guys who love to tell each other how smart you all are. Yes you were all so right about the Mets too lol. They look much better then the Phil’s. Vi good luck with you sons baseball hope he makes it too.
  6. Take care happy 4th. Bash away on me like you all always do. Jim open up the other part for the site I am done with it. You all jaut want to hear yeah Phil’s are great and doing all the way. I hope they do but you need to be realistic.” (#1 thru #6 were all part of his last comment after one reader told him to get lost that nobody wanted him here)
  7. Yes in those games a 125 BA very productive hahahahhaha. The only thing you’re right about is the Phil’s are a 500 team
  8. Hey Matt us MM playing? Oh no he is not that’s why they are winning.
  9. Good things happen when MM on the branch. Yeah
  10. And I will still follow his lame ass. Have a great day mark
  11. The Phillies were determined not to give the former top pick a chance in 2021
    0-3 and another K
  12. Oops Jim Salisbury won’t be aloud on this site now as he posted the following about last nights game:
  13. Why is it so terrible. It is true and the owner better not go to citizens bank park. He may hear people saying mean things to players. Gee it was so bad at CBP they had to move the Phil’s dugout to the bottom one.
  14. He stinks and so do yuh a Jimmy lol (This was posted about ten different times)
  15. Oh well they stink and are the worst ownership (Posted about twenty times)
  16. Hey here is a idea for you genius …
  17. You are a Asshole …
  18. Wow I met Steve Potter at Phillies phantasy camp maybe I should call him??? Your a asshole Jim. Happy New Year and Bryant will never be a Phil. They won’t do anything and Mets who I hate won’t finished fourth.
  19. Lol yes I was in Canada when I voted for your fav the piece of shit MM
  20. Lol yes I was in Canada when I voted for your fav the piece of shit MM
  21. Wow no mention of Buck going to Mets??? And you didn’t fix your big mistake in the other thread. Someone is losing their fastball. I bet Mets will finish better then the Phil’s this year
  22. WtF Jim get your facts straight lol. What are you talking about Logan O’Hoppe???
  23. Wow my facts were right I stated MM batted 238 in triple a and you said my facts were wrong. Wow You need to check yourself.
  24. Hahahah dummy you pulled off an innocent poster. Lol you have such a hard on keeping me off the site you’re making worse by pulling post off and denying people.
  25. It’s funny how paranoid you are.
  26. Hey lol here is an article from a real sports writer that actually has a job doing it not a pretender like you!!! Hahahah I am right MM is a piece of shit and I will tell Mike that too
  27. Philadelphia Phillies center field candidates: The weak in-house choices like Mickey Moniak
  28. Mickey Moniak could go down as of the biggest busts in MLB history. Drafted first overall, his professional career has been unmemorable. His future in the big leagues looks bleak.
  29. The Phillies have no business starting Moniak anywhere in the field in 2022. Even giving him a 26-man roster spot can be a bit of a stretch
  30. So you and all your buddies who say he should be on the roster are totally wrong. Phillies won’t do anything. They may get one guy but it won’t move the needle.
  31. How dumb is Romos Didi for Stanton lol come on typical Phil’s trade hey maybe throw in MM and it will get done lol
  32. How dumb is Romos Didi for Stanton lol come on typical Phil’s trade hey maybe throw in MM and it will get done lol
  33. Hey Jimmy why don’t you like Bohm? I mean you’re so knowledgeable. Lol. Oh yeah Bohm’s dad dose not lick your ass. Lol. Oh by the way I hae been posting thanks for accepting my new account and password.
  34. Hey Jimmy why don’t you like Bohm? I mean you’re so knowledgeable. Lol. Oh yeah Bohm’s dad dose not lick your ass. Lol. Oh by the way I hae been posting thanks for accepting my new account and password.
  35. Your such a baby lol it’s funny.
  36. Your such a baby lol it’s funny.
  37. Jimmy why is it Manfreds lockout? Did the owners have no say in it???? …
  38. In a childish move??? Yes Jim your not childish at all as long as Matt kisses your ass.
  39. You are unreal
  40. Jim question – Do you think players are making too much money…
  41. In reply to jimpeyton19.That is a flat out dumb trade Jimmy. Bad bad bad idea nice to know you a player now too lol Reynolds’s not worth it at all will be a big mistake.
  42. Wait and see I was right about everything I ever said like I was right about the Braves the race deadline the Phil’s playoff chances they won’t spend DD isn’t able to do his job. People leave Phil’s ad do and get better
  43. Hahahahah Jimmy love that you did that with your pic just like the player are on twitter. lol so funny
  44. Wow Jim are you reading what this Trollu is saying I like him. He is right in with his views. Funny I got banned and he is more negative then me
  45. Haseley he is over looked because his dad isn’t on the site kissing your butt
  46. Hey we may go bargain basement with your favorite player MM in left field. Also who is Trollu Nice name I like it. You seen to let the troll on a longer leash then you let me on hmmmmm.  (Posted about 15 times)
  47. Matt doesn’t like my opinion MM sucks and is a bust will never amount to any type of productive MLB player maybe just a fourth outfielder. So many many articles about redrafting 2016 call him a bust. So I guess during spring training Matt hangouts where the scrubs who won’t make the team work out????
  48. Yeah I agree Jimmy hard pass on that trade Surprised Hinkie made that suggestion oh yeah I made sure to spell Hinkies name right I know how you don’t like names spelled wrong. Also Jimmy Gee wonder why people like Rocco and others are having problems getting posted maybe your too paranoid about making sure I don’t get passed. After all we both know it’s easy for inky and Thompson to get through.
  49. Jimmy please I think your a real bully and you don’t tell the truth at all. You just want to have your five or six people here who agree with you. I didn’t go after Murray or anyone.
  50. Light years behind the Braves. Bye Chou I am gone for real this time. You really are a good guy I abused the privilege.
  51. Is till don’t get it Jimmy. I wasn’t going after Murray at all. And I don’t think my posts are any better then his I said it’s not fair because his comments were same as mine especially when it deal with MM. and others made comments like mine yet they are still here. Also I don’t have fifty email accounts and I never went after your wife. What I said was I can’t believe someone would marry you. You’re very unfair and you even lied about the things I had done. No way did I ever go after Murray or yo ur wife. at all. (He went after my wife in #64 below)
  52. Wow Murray lighten up. Why you have to be so negative all the time?
  53. Wow Murray lighten up. Why you have to be so negative all the time?
  54. Wow Murray lighten up. Why you have to be so negative all the time?
  55. Wow Murray lighten up. Why you have to be so negative all the time?
  56. Wow Jimmy you’re losing your fastball. Murray more of an ass then I was. Where is the ban??
  57. Wow hey Jimmy Murray is just as negative as I was but you don’t ban him ????
  58. Hmmmm. Hey I guess you think Biden is doing great too. (Politics, now?)
  59. Omg Romus made a spelling mistake and more comments like mine wow. Will you ban them???
  60. Hey Jimmy oops Matt spelled something wrong time to ban him too. Why isn’t Murray banned. More things very similar to what I had said is on your site too.
  61. OMG don’t say Phils are bad you will get banned
  62. In reply to jimpeyton19.Hey I go to spring training every year looking forward to seeing you there. I bet I am correct about everything I said. I will see you  (This is the comment I took as a possible threat)
  63. Loser Jimmy pussy
  64. Your wife is ugly loser
  65. Jimmy your a loser
  66. A stupid comment is sayin to have a 238 AAA hitter platoon in LF or play CF. Sorry people who don’t agree with you upset you and you like your ass kissed but wake up.
  67. In reply to TrollU.I have been banned. Lol guess you don’t like assenting opions. Do you realize this is America people are entitled to their opinions.

These are just a portion of the comments I have to review in the Trash and Spam folders.  These folders have to be checked because a couple of readers’ comments are routed here for no particular reason.  And, any comment that includes 3 links is assumed to be spam by the website.  You may see why this can be depressing.

I’m not accepting comments on this.  Recaps will be back Tuesday, and comments will be open.