Open Discussion: Week of June 5, 2022

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.

Back on April 17th, I wrote the “I have a solution” portion of the weekly Open Discussion.  Surprisingly, only a few thought that ten games into a season was too early to call for a managerial change.  I countered that it wasn’t ten games into a season, but rather two years and ten games into a manager’s contract.

I am not happy that Joe Girardi was fired this week.  Certainly, the players bear most of the responsibility for the team’s poor play so far this season.  I was surprised that Bobby Meacham was also let go.  I am happy though that the change was made with as little turnover as possible.

In the wake of the change, the Phillies are enjoying a four game winning streak.  They need to win most (if not all) series in order to make up ground in the races.  The sweep this weekend was both satisfying and exhilarating.  They negated Ohtani (2-10, 2 runs scored, one double, 3 walks, 4 K, and a caught stealing) and Trout (0-11, run scored, one walk, and 4 K).  But, let’s not forget that the current winning streak started with a win in Joe Girardi’s last game.

The FCL and DSL start their seasons Monday.  I plan on attending the FCL Phillies’ home opener against the Blue Jays.

Hopefully, the Phillies’ staff responsible will finally update the FCL and DSL rosters and bring their transactions up to date.  I know of 4 players on the FCL roster who have been released, are playing on independent teams, and are still listed as active in the Phillies organization on the FCL roster.

I’ve wrestled with the next decision for several days and have decided that this will be the last Open Discussion I publish.  I think it is timely since the Phillies look like they have turned things around, and we fans shouldn’t have anything to complain about for a week or two.

I have not enjoyed keeping this site going lately.  I probably got too close to players and families as Romus articulated in the comments last week.  I do not enjoy reading the relentless criticism of players whose families I know.  Especially when the person doing it keeps it up even when he doesn’t get the response he’s looking for.

I can’t control who comments without making the site private.  I don’t believe that is what James had in mind.  I don’t want to have to block commenters and have to personally filter comments to keep blocked individuals from coming in under another name.  You don’t see the extra work that entails, but I see all those comments and do not enjoy all the names I’ve been called by people hiding behind made-up names and made-up email addresses.

So, no more Phillies talk.  There are plenty of sites that encourage Phillies discussion.  Just not here for the foreseeable future.  This was created as a prospect site.  So, just prospect stuff.  And, “breaking” news.  Like a managerial firing or big trade on an ad hoc basis.

The articles for Hinkie are written and queued up through the draft.  I’ll still provide our extensive draft coverage and the subsequent signings.  And, I’ll report on the FCL and FSL games that I attend.  Maybe after a few months, the bad eggs will go elsewhere.

Key Dates:

  • June 6, 2022: Opening Day for the Florida Complex League
  • June 6, 2022: Opening Day for the Dominican Summer League
  • July 15-19, 2022: All-Star Week in Los Angeles
  • July 17-19, 2022: MLB Draft
  • August 2, 2022: Trade Deadline (6 p.m. ET)
  • October 5, 2022: Final scheduled day of the regular season
  • December 4-11, 2022: MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego

Rosters and Stuff


6/05/2022 – Phillies activated Didi Gregorius from the 10-day IL
6/05/2022 – Phillies placed SS Nick Maton on the 10-day IL retroactive to 6/4, shoulder
6/05/2022 – CF Roman Quinn elected free agency
6/05/2022 – Phillies sent CF Roman Quinn outright to Lehigh Valley
6/05/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Braeden Ogle from the 7-day IL
6/05/2022 – Clearwater activated LHP Rafael Marcano from the 7-day IL
6/05/2022 – SS Albert Jerez assigned to FCL Phillies from Clearwater
6/04/2022 – Reading activated CF Hunter Markwardt from the 7-day IL
6/04/2022 – Reading transferred RHP Noah Skirrow to the Development List
6/04/2022 – Clearwater placed CF Yhoswar Garcia on the 7-day IL retroactive to 6/3
6/04/2022 – Clearwater activated RF Jadiel Sanchez from the 7-day IL
6/04/2022 – SS Randy Vasquez assigned to Clearwater from DSL Red
6/02/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated 3B Will Toffey from the 7-day IL
6/02/2022 – Clearwater activated CF Yhoswar Garcia from the 7-day IL
6/02/2022 – RHP Oswald Medina assigned to FCL Phillies from Clearwater
6/01/2022 – Phillies designated CF Roman Quinn for assignment
6/01/2022 – Phillies placed SS Jean Segura on the 10-day IL, right index finger fracture
6/01/2022 – Phillies recalled LHP Cristopher Sanchez from Lehigh Valley
6/01/2022 – Phillies recalled SS Nick Maton from Lehigh Valley
5/31/2022 – Phillies sent C Rafael Marchan on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
5/31/2022 – Phillies sent SS Didi Gregorius on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
5/31/2022 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Damon Jones on the 7-day IL retroactive to 5/30
5/31/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Tyler Cyr from the 7-day IL
5/30/2022 – Phillies activated CF Mickey Moniak
5/30/2022 – Phillies optioned LHP Bailey Falter to Lehigh Valley
5/30/2022 – Phillies traded RF John Andreoli to Minnesota

698 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 5, 2022

  1. apologies because it is probably obvious, but can anyone explain Roman Quinn’s current status, listed above under transactions as “electing free agency”. By which I mean, did he opt out of his Phillies contract or will he be playing for Lehigh Valley until such time as he is able to sign another contract?

    1. He opted for free agency meaning he’s free to sign with any organization and will not be reporting to LHV.

  2. Thanks for keeping the site going for so long, Jim. It has been a great resource for Phillies talk. Even with a few comments wasting everyone’s time now and again, this is one of the few blogs out there not inundated by crazies and ridiculous partisanship. I really enjoyed reading even when I didn’t comment much.

    With that said, where will the intelligent Phillies fans on this thread be spending their time next? I’d like to keep reading…

    1. I imagine most of the regulars will still be here. The conversations will just revolve around the prospects almost entirely. There are a decent chunk of us who have been here since before Jim took over, and once upon a time there wasn’t even weekly discussion threads for the major league team.

      Personally, I only started using this site to talk about general Phillies chatter because Crashburn Alley shut down. Before then, I was perfectly happy to frequent here and only mention what was going on down on the Pharm (with occasional mention of the big club if it had to do with possible promotions or trades). I can go back to that if it helps Jim out.

      1. I do not post often but have been reading this blog daily since James started it. The purpose was to discuss the farm, analyze the prospects and keep up with their progress. That is why I loved the blog. I think re-focusing on the farm system will be a refreshing change. There are several commenters on this site, as well as Jim, who have the knowledge to analyze mechanics of hitting and pitching. I am always interested to hear from them. It would also be nice, if we have those who follow minor league baseball in general, to put a perspective on our players vs. those in other farm systems.

        In any case, Jim, you deserve a world of credit for all that you do for this site and the integrity with which you run it.

        1. the problem is that we don’t watch the minor league games. so all that we can go off of is infrequent scouting reports and box scores. that’s why, if you look at any minor league post on here, there are very few comments.

  3. Jim – it’s a lot of work for you and I’m sure all the regulars appreciate what you do. I’m totally fine with this being a prospect only site, that’s how it started. To that end, any word on Lee’s injury? Thanks!

  4. Well I woke up in a great mood from another Phillies win and I just read Jim’s news which has me bummed out. I respect his decision and I’m sorry what started as a labor of love became a burden due to some bad apples. I don’t know where I’ll go for Phillies discussion or just bag it..

    Thank you Jim for all your hard work and dedication..

  5. Jim, I am sorry to hear that. Hopefully after a break you change your mind! I know ole Rocky tends to let it rip in here, mainly with Mickey in mind. I would consider myself a seasoned vet when it comes to taking shit from people in all my life’s journeys til right now. So with that being said , I think it’s actually comical to be honest. Rocky ( and others that go through life being negative and tearing others down ) should read the online read called “The Tao of badass..” It’s mainly about understanding women but it also has a lot of life lessons in there. Try not to be a 6 or 7 in life . Negative people tend to be just that. Anyways , i digress. With that being said, . I am EXTREMELY confident Mickey is going to live up to all his expectations and the “burden” of being 1/1. This is going to make me so happy. I have lived EVERY one of his at bats, whether it was watching the box score in rookie ball back in 2016, listening online in A ball or watching ever since AA til now. So to say it’s been a journey is an understatement and negative people are just a speedbump to me that I run over in life .
    Thanks again Jim and I hope you change your mind! And also thank you to 99% of you on this site. I always appreciate everyone’s insight. GO PHILLIES.!! ⚾🇺🇸

    1. Matt, a high school teammate of my son was a first-round draft pick (not 1-1, but still), currently in the minors, and this year a little-league teammate (actual little league team, not all-stars) will be a first round pick. I always try to keep in mind with respect to high draft picks and their families, they’re just regular folks, pulling for their kid like anyone else. (and in these two cases, the kids were great teammates and the families are great, too).

      On this site, 98%+ of the posters are pulling for Mickey and the others . . . I know I am.

  6. Some upcoming moves this month:
    Marchan to be activated and likely assigned to AAA / Segura moved to 60 Day IL
    Sherriff & Emanuel start rehab in next week or so.
    Coonrod & Romero (can’t wait) to start rehab maybe a week later.

    This could provide depth and possibly push some in bullpen in majors to perform better. Most likely they will find themselves in AAA for awhile.

    1. He could be a future MLB player some day.
      It must be so much fun and enjoyment for you to see your sons play ball and develop. Who knows someday you could be sitting in the stands on the back fields at the Clearwater Complex talking with Jim Peyton and Steve Potter watching your sons practicing on the fields..

      1. lol. I doubt that he gets drafted, but who knows. Just enjoying being a dad watching his son in his happy place. He loves catching and baseball.

        1. Congrats. I coached for many years. I was lucky for our guys to throw anyone out in a game. Our guys ran crazy on the bases too.

    2. Love the quick feet. That’s one of the things which makes Logan so good at throwing out baserunners, he gets rid of the ball quickly. Well done by your son.

      1. Thanks Mitch. really appreciate it. Yes, their mutual instructor preaches quick feet. no long strides to second. just get the feet down as fast as possible.

    3. Awesome Vi. The kids are so much fun to watch and see them develop. Enjoy all the time you get to do that. I enjoy my time every game I get to see. Good luck.

    4. My 12u travel team just played NJ rising rebels this weekend…It was a really GG seems like a nice organization…this just caught my attention…

      1. Yes, a great organization. We are loosely affiliated with Delbarton. The guy who runs the Rising Rebels is an assistant on Delbarton’s varsity program and we practice at Delbarton. Delbarton is the program that produced Anthony Volpe and Jack Leiter. Great private high school baseball program.

  7. Dear Jim

    First, thank you for all of your hard work. I know it can be exhausting and also feel like a chore sometimes. Managing a big community is hard. We all appreciate what you do.

    The Open Discussion threads was created by James because people were posting MLB content in the minor league threads. So not sure killing the Open Discussion will solve the problem that you correctly referenced. I agree it is a problem and I apologize if I contributed to that problem.

    May I humble recommend that you reconsider killing the Open Discussion threads with two changes:
    1. Explicit defined commenting guidelines. Many communities have defined community rules. Pin these rules so everyone can see them.
    2. Tap 1 or 2 regulars (not me, but Hinkie comes to mind if interested) to help you manage. Make them an admin so they can delete comments. Putting it all on your shoulders can be exhausting.

    There is so much goodness that comes in these Open Discussion threads. It would be a shame to throw the baby out with the bath water.

    1. I agree with v1, this site has been great for both prospect news and Phillies discussion. I hope that you would reconsider not closing the Open Discussion thread.

  8. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for all of your hard work. I am sorry to see this end. I have never commented, nor have I ever read the comments section. I agree that complaints should be fair and civil. I listen to my share of Philly sports radio and while the hosts are knowledgeable, they at times insult the players which I find distasteful. It is one thing to say that a player is struggling, or to discuss their strengths and weaknesses, it is another thing to insult a player who is trying their best just because they aren’t getting many extra base hits. Please don’t let this discourage you. I am turning 60 this week and I have watched our country turn into a nation of violence and complaints. I can hardly even listen to comedians anymore because all they do is complain with hardly any jokes whatsoever. Please know that there are still some of us out here just looking for some insight on the up and coming Phuture Phillies who don’t need to read insults in order to be entertained.

  9. First of all jim, I thank you. I have been here since James ran it, and as you can tell, I am on the site all day. There are so many of those who post here that I really look forward to reading, and I will miss those thoughts and observations. This is still where I will get my draft and prospect info.

  10. Agree with V1 and others that ending the open discussion threads is not going to solve the issue, just move the conversations to other threads and cause more issues.

    Yes, there are sometimes foolish discussions but for the most part, the conversations are civil. I can only recommend that you try to resist the desire to monitor the open discussions and allow the overall group to help bring the conversations back on track.

    I can only urge my fellow commentators to resist the urge to feed the trolls.

    1. Not like Painter didn’t deserve it, but going on past history, this is aggressive by Phillies standards. That JS rotation is going to be a monster. I hope somebody will be able to go to the games and give us updates!

      Also Tyler McKay has been promoted to Reading.

    2. Nice! The Phillies don’t usually push prospects too aggressive but Painter if he continues to dominate he could push it himself. If that is the case the plan could be for him to get to AA end of July/August time. Not very likely he would get to AAA or majors this year but we have seen teams fast track some players – usually into the bullpen. But if he ends up in AA by end of year then he would enter into the talk of making his ML debut in 2023. But everything has to fall into place just right and I’m sure there may be a pitch/innings limit on him. But this is good progress

    3. When Dombrowski came in it made me think of guys like Bonderman and Porcello who were moved up the ladder so aggressively back in Detroit. It doesn’t surprise me that the Phils might be a little quicker to promote guys. Painter certainly seems ready for the jump.

      1. OMG, there’s aggressive, and then there’s craziness. Bonderman was drafted out of HS at age 18. He pitched at High A at age 19. He was in the ML rotation at age 20. That’s right, he bypassed 2 levels. I don’t think that helped Bonderman at all.

        Porcello was in the same boat. Drafted at age 18, high A at age 19, ML rotation at age 20.

        There is no way that the Tigers can say that these 2 guys were ready at age 20. Not only that, if these pitchers weren’t ready, you’re starting their clock early and getting middling WAR during their pre-arbitration years. This is not helping the pitcher and it’s certainly not helping the Tigers.

        But you have to give some credit to both pitchers, they both got their cash, especially Porcello. But the teams certainly didn’t get value back:

        Bonderman 9 years, 5.2 WAR
        Porcello 12 years, 18.8 WAR

        1. Yeah I definitely think they were over aggressive; neither guy ended up fulfilling their potential. I don’t think the Phils would do that with Painter but I could see him moving more quickly than we’re used to seeing Phils prospects move.

          1. Yup, and you also have to consider that the Tigers were very bad and rebuilding, so having those guys going 4-16 for a seasons at the big league level was fine if it got them assimilated. The Phillies are not in that boat. Having said that, you have to keep advancing these guys if they force your hand. Painter was so dominant that he was going to get bored eventually. Gotta keep challenging the kids. Either way, this is a very positive development. If I can find a weekend series with Abel and Painter scheduled to pitch, I may have to take a mini weekend vaca down the shore.

  11. I love the site.I dont comment a lot but coming here to read the comments section is the reason I come here in the first place. The is no better place for Phillies content on the internet. I hope you reconsider and have the weekly discussions continue. As far as the negative posters or the ones who make whatever problems you mentioned, I dont know, just ignore them, I know I do. I just scroll past them. I ask you not to punish the majority of fans here just because a few bad apples make problems. I get not wanting to hurt the feelings of families of players. But, as a dad of two players who are headed off to play Division 1 baseball in the fall, I get that part of that is seeing your children get criticized. Its the nature of the beast. I assume most parents of the Phillies players who read this site understand that too.

    I hope you reconsider.

  12. Jim … I appreciate all the hard work that goes into running the best (and most civil) Phillies site on the internet. 99% of the people who post here are very respectful (and extremely knowledgeable). It’s a shame a couple go over the top. I read the comment that sent you in this direction. It’s fine to have an opinion, even if it’s not a positive one of a young player/prospect. However, there is a right way, and a wrong way of expressing it (especially when it comes to a kid whose parent has been very generous with their time/posts information here). I understand the grind you go through to police PP, and respect whatever decision you make.


    v1 … so happy for you to get to enjoy the time you’re sharing with your son. Like I told you before, enjoy every day with him/them because time really does fly. No matter what becomes of his baseball career: HS/draft/college scholarship, you’ll always have the memories you’re experiencing now.

    And finally … the Phillies!!! Replacing Joe Girardi with Rob Thomson has been a psychological do-over for the team. When the club went to sleep Thursday night, they were seven games under .500. When they woke up Friday morning, they were still seven games under .500, but they must have felt like the season had started all over again. So much of baseball/all sports has to do with the mind. Same players. Better mind set. Ride the wave!

    1. That’s my mindset with both of my boys. I enjoy every moment. Don’t care what level they get to beyond HS. I cherish creating memories with them.

  13. Hi Jim,
    I agree with v1 and hope that you would consider his suggestion. Thank you for keeping this site going for so long. This site is the first thing I read everyday. I have been doing this since before Jim took over. Being able to check the site every hour to see if there is any new Phillies news sure helps me pass time and enjoy my retirement years. I love this site and think of you as my family. I hope you reconsider.

  14. Dr. Jimmy/ Mr. Jim – A shout out to The Who. I appreciate all that you’ve done for the years I’ve had the privilege to have a voice on this, your, site. I respect your decision about how the phuture of this site should progress. We should be better at policing ourselves and by policing those who are nay sayers. Maybe that’s what we can do: pounce immediately on those who create the problems by telling them to cool it or go home.

    Seeing that we are talking minor leaguers only now, I’d like to give Matt Vierling some credit. Yesterday, he had a double, a home run, and two singles in five at bats. His batting average is up to .271. He’s getting his confidence back. Maybe he’ll only ever be a AAAA player but it’s nice to see him being productive. If he started the season as the right handed platoon in CF, maybe things would have worked out for him a little better than being thrust into it full time.


    1. ciada, it would be great to see Vierling/Moniak play their way into a CF platoon and as a quality back up for corner OF. I had given up on Moniak at one time – but I think he has turned the corner and may have a good future, at least he intrigues me again. Vierling can hit.

    2. Ciada, I am a big fan of Vierling. Not that I think he’s an All-Star, but I believe he can be a Major Leaguer. Looking at his swing at the beginning of the year, he was getting around the ball and rolling over on most of his swings. I’m glad he seems to have found his swing.

      On a side note. I hope the discussion forum stays open. I find this site quite different than all of the other Phillies sites. Definitely a higher level of conversation.

  15. Jim — thanks for the hard work and the years that you put into the open discussion thread.

    I for one, enjoyed the shared information, discussions and the banter on the Phillies that ensued with the regular posters. Since, I’m close to LHV and Reading I generally make up my own mind concerning the up and coming players in the minors. Really, don’t pay too much attention until players hit AA as many are weeded out by then.

    I usually begin the day reading the “open discussion” and close it out doing the same. Looks like I’ll need to fill some gaps in my day planning.

    Anyway Jim, thanks for all the time you spent on this service. Hope your back is better and wish you the best!

    … all you posters, who provided me with wonderful and incite-full information for years, take care and may God Bless You.

  16. I’m pretty sure the Phils hoped Painter would force a promotion. The idea of Abel and Painter being together is good for lots of reasons. Abel has been ok but certainly not great there. I think high A will be much tougher for Painter initially, which is not a bad thing. The kids at JS have struggled so far with Wilson showing some recent life. It will be very important to see some improvement as we’re now into June.

  17. Jim-Thanks for all your time and work. I ussually don’t post but come to the site everyday to see what new is going on. My son only tells me so much. You know sons don’t like telling dad what’s up or want to hear from me what I think. He stopped listening to me after I was done coaching him into High School. Best thing to happen to him was for me to step aside. Anyway thanks for listening and thanks for all your hard work.

  18. Jim – like many before me, thank you for all your efforts to keep the site running at full speed despite your own family’s health issues. While I post infrequently I have always enjoyed this site and the many frequent commenters – Romus, matt 13, Hinkie, V1, 3up… et, al. You have provided much thoughtful and interesting Phillies chatter that I will genuinely miss in many regards. Best to you all – thanks again, Jim !

  19. Rocco – You hit the nail on the head. If Jim had banned Romus years ago, things would’ve been different today.

    1. ciada…..rocco is a card,
      …thrice-banned and ever so thankful for every new Phillies big free agent superstar signing…Jim lets him back on board..

  20. Jim

    Visiting this site has been at the top of my daily “must do” list for many years. Your hard work, diligence and patience maintaining the site have enriched the lives of the many posters who comment here, both regularly and occasionally (like me).

    For those reasons I hope that you will reconsider the decision to close down the weekly Open Discussion forum. I learn so much from the many posters who share their thoughts and insights about the team which I have followed almost religiously since 1950. I will turn 80 on Sunday, and the best birthday present I could hope to receive would be to see an Open Discussion post for the week of June 12.

    Thanks again for all that you do for devoted Phillies fans everywhere.

  21. I miss LarryM. He provided a lot of interesting posts over the years. I wonder what happened to him? v1, I can imagine how much fun you are having watching your Son. My granddaughter plays Softball, and made the travel team as the youngest player on the team. She is 9, and plays with 10 and 11 year olds. She loves to Catch, and although she needs to grow and gain strength, what has amazed me is how quickly she has learned the game, and knows where to go with the ball depending on the runners and outs. She has really taken to it. Anyway, all of you on here I consider friends. I love hearing about your kids, and I really enjoy, and respect, your opinions. I know sometimes the discussions take a wrong turn, and I can appreciate the difficult job jim has. If there is any chance to keep an open discussion, even on a limited basis, somehow, I am all for it.

    1. matt13…..LarryM, an attorney, and a Villanova grad, moved out to Colorado about 7, maybe 8 years ago.
      Remember his way to get away from the madness of the world, was mountain hiking….and last time I heard ..which was about that long ago….he was enjoying the Rockies.

      1. Thanks, Romus, I knew he was an attorney. I didn’t remember he was, as I am, a Villanova Grad. Thanks for the update, and I hope he is well. I remember many discussions about the value of a Cole Hamels trade, in particular.

        1. rocco……down at the lakes they do they some of the preliminary games for the Carpenter Cup……last year saw Pirates draftee Eustace’s LHP Anthony Solometo pitch….what an arm.
          Jersey kind of dominated last year …both Jersey teams in the final.

  22. As many others are repeating, Jim appreciate the efforts you have put in over the years. Not easy, I’m sure it’s a PIA at times. If this is the end of the open discussion, I’ve enjoyed it, Lots of good baseball talk. In my age range, it’s harder and harder to find. Either way, I was here for the minor leagues in the beginning. So Looking forward to Painter, Abel, and McGarry developing.

  23. Thanks Jim. It’s only baseball, not life and death. I appreciate your perspectives as a Phillies insider, as well as many of your subjective takes. Be well and may God bless you!

  24. Kris Bryant …

    Goose egg in the HR column … wow… AND playing at Coors field. That’s gotta be a terrible feeling. I’d go in the 10 -day IL as well to shade that type of performance. Looks like the Phillies may have dodged one there.

  25. With the potential injury to Camargo and the 40 man situation, if Camargo has to go on the IL, do we think the Phils a) call up Kingery and create a spot on the 40 for him?, b) acquire a utility IF from outside the org, or c) a totally different approach of calling up Hall and giving him 2-3 starts a week at 1B and just see how he does?

    1. if Camargo and Maton are both unavailable for a short time, I would expect them to bring up Garcia who is the last remaining middle IF on the 40-man roster. If it’s longer term for both, expect them to find a cheap, veteran IF (Torreyes anyone :).

      Hall is not getting called up to replace Hoskins no matter how much some want that to happen.

      1. Think outside the box? Vierling experience at 3B & 1B, or activate Marchan or Sands and have Stubbs play OF, 2B, or 1B as needed.

      2. Not replace Hoskins, but get him in the lineup twice a week for 1-2 weeks and just see what happens

        1. Only way to get him in the line-up is to replace Hoskins. They already have a roster full of DH’s so adding another just makes the bench even shorter.

  26. Bob D – When has Stubbs ever played infield other than 6 games in 2021 and 5 games in 2019? They were both in the minor leagues. That would really big “outside the box”.

    1. yup it was minor leagues. And Yes it is really outside the box. Vierling is a real possibility – I doubt Luis Garcia with a 147 BA in high A gets the call. Other options are place Segura on 60 day IL and add a player – but Marchan will need a spot soon on roster

      1. Luis Garcia is on the 7 day IL, the person to get is from LHV , Yairo Munoz who can play every infield position and has 521 MLB at bats with a .274 average. He is hitting .317 at LHV and played good in spring training.

      2. Garcia would be like Muzziotti was earlier in the year. He’s a stop-gap until they get one of the injuries back. But didn’t realize he’s been on the IL since April.

  27. Jim, like so many others I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this discussion site for many years. A year ago, I got brave enough to sign in. I did not even know how to do that. Still do not know how to post a photo.

    Here in Indiana, I have always thought I made up a handful of Phillies fans over the years.
    But I am so glad I did and so appreciative of all the hard work you have put in. I have got to know a few of you somewhat and have enjoyed your thoughts on many topics discussed.

    I will continue to check in from time to time but I will miss Romus, my stat man, Vi, Matt13, Hinkie who has my 90 win pick and anyone else I am forgetting.

    I hope the Phillies can zero in on one of the WC spots Let the Mets take care of the Mets. Just get in and roll the dice. Lots of teams have won who did not have the best record going in to playoffs. I think the Cardinals in 2011 won only like mid 80s or so. I could be wrong but I thought something.

    Thanks to all of you who have been so nice to me when I have made some comments on the grandson and his baseball fortunes.

  28. Jim,

    Thanks for everything but please don’t shut down the discussions. Like others have said, this site is one of the daily things I look forward to. Consider adding some help and let’s keep this thing on track. Thanks!

  29. I just looked at the NL standings. Looks like at the moment the Pads and Cards are kind off out of reach for Phillies at the moment.

    But the other 3. SF, ATL, Az are all well within reach at this time. If my Math is correct a 4 1/2 game deficit to SF. Just win and see what happens. Go Phillies. One game at a time.

    1. Don….the Brewers are in first in their Division by a 1/2 game over the Cardinals….maybe however the Phillies are catching them like they did the Angels….in a slump….they have lost 5 of their last 6 games…lets hope the Phillies can keep it going.

      1. Brewers have a +26 run differential; the Phillies have a +18 run differential. You wouldn’t know it by their records, but the two teams have been comparable this year in scoring/preventing runs.

      2. Romus a lot of posters, Have mention intelligent comments, Did i ever make one, i dont thing so,

        1. I can tell you, rocco, that you have made me chuckle on so many occasions, I lost count. And, if I have neglected to specifically mention you as someone whose posts I enjoy, I apologize!

  30. Correct Romus. Someone mentioned the Phillies really have to start winning series if they are going to make a move up the standings. I just think at this time they should just put the Mets in the rear-view mirror and concentrate on teams in the WC race. Like Smoltz said Saturday night get in the tournament. Then let things fall as they may. Maybe six weeks from now the Mets may fall back to the pack some. Maybe not.

    I am so in favor of giving the young guys a chance. Energy is so important. I watched that all Spring with the kids on the high school team. A lot of the time the kids do not know what they do not know. They just play hard. Playing hard is something the Phillies most certainly can use going forward.

    Let’s hope the Phillies can have leads going to the 9th. Brewers have Hader. Phillies do not.

  31. Good Evening Jim,

    I am a infrequent poster but usually a 4-5x a week viewer. You hard work especially though you family issues is and will continue to be awesome. It is really appreciated.

    I actually prefer the site for just minor league information. I do get appalled at the negative comments given by some posters regarding the prospects. They should only be so lucky to have a child make not this far.

    Whatever you decide to do with this site I will accept and appreciate the work you do. I too have been here when James was running it He and you have done an exceptional job.

    Look forward to the site continuing and keep learning as you and some of the posters have so much knowledge.

  32. Jim, Along with others who have posted today, I very much appreciate all of your hard work and respect whatever decision you make in regards to the Open Discussion section.

    Like others, I hope you keep it open though I understand how upsetting it is to deal with those who make personal attacks and I understand the burden of responsibility you have for what is after all, a non-paying volunteer job.

    Honestly, I would like to see more comments on Phuture Phillies as, with the Open Discussion, the site is more of a Phillies site than a Phuture Phillies site. Not having an Open Discussion section might encourage more minor league discussion.

    Having said that, I do hope the Open Discussion remains.

    Finally, what draws me and others to this site is intelligent and informed commentary of the posters.

    Thanks again.

    1. To add to my comment above, I’m drawn to Phuture Phillies by the intelligent and informed discussion, but also by the civil tone of the discussions and debates and for that we have you and your hard work and conscientiousness to thank.

  33. Jim,
    As an avid reader, (2-3 times a day), infrequent poster I’d like to first thank you for all the effort and hard work you put into this site. I feel like I have learned so much from many of the regular posters over the last six years. It’s a shame that in today’s world the loudest voices are frequently the least informed. I understand your decision but I am saddened by it. Most of the regulars here offer lively, opinionated but responsible discourse. It is too bad that a few knuckleheads are spoiling something good for the majority. In my former life as a principal I always found that 5% of the kids and parents caused 95% of the problems….true in all walks of life I guess. Again thank you for the time you have put into this project.

  34. Jim,

    As a long time reader, and a virtually never poster, I appreciate all you do for this site and community. I learn something about the team every day.

    Thanks for everything.

  35. I am also a poster on a big-time college basketball site. It is in Indiana. I have been for like 20 years or so.

    Most posters are good. But there are those who abuse the site and complain about the coach and players as well. This site has some Moderators who simply make decision to leave or delete a post based on content. Really no questions asked. If you cross the line the post is deleted. I am not sure what is done to repeat offenders on this site. Usually, they learn that civility is a must to post.

    I am not sure how it is done or how many Mods there are, but it is noted on their posts that they are a Mod. To me Hinkie, Romus and some of the other regulars would be great Moderators for the site. I am sure there are many others who post all the time that would do a great job. It works very easily. If a Mod is opposed to post it is gone. Sometimes the violator vents some but it is rebuffed quickly. This type of system might be worth a try.

    Jim if this would be of interest, please email me and I will give you the site and who to contact
    My email is always same. I am not one for phony anything. Just a little kid from Indiana in the 60s and 70s who became a lifelong Phillies fan. I love this site because it gives me the most up to date things going on. I respect whatever you decide going forward.

  36. A quick mention. Phuture Phillies is great. But really not an option for me. Here in Central Indiana I receive no info on Phillies minor leaguers. I receive basically none on Phillies other than national sites.

  37. I think about how much my life has changed since I first found this site in 2006. I’m amazed at the tenacity of all the generations that kept it going and also very appreciative.

    My enjoyment of the site is in 2 parts. the first its intended responsibility to inform us about prospects and their progress through the system.

    The second is the banter amongst us good fellows that really enjoy the sport and rooting for the Phillies. However it proceeds I will tag along.

    Unless I’m mistaken Jim you are the longest tenured publisher and for that I congratulate you on a job well done and a sacrifice of your time that was appreciated by many.

  38. Ditto on a lot of things being said here. I love this site because there really is no good place on the internet for good Phillies discussion, even if that was not meant to be the main purpose here. Overall, I actually think that compared to other messaged boards, it is quite civil here. I have had discussions with members recently about a few things we disagree on: if Odubel is any good, Knebel being removed from closer, even going back to when is too early to fire Joe. But it never got disrespectful IMO and in the end of the day, we all just want want is best for the team, and for them to succeed. I do hope you reconsider your decision here, but if not Ill still check back for prospect talk and try to find somewhere else to discuss the big league team. Either way, I respect the decision, it is your site and you have done a hell of a job with it since taking over the reigns.

    1. DD I am not disagreeing more so agreeing, and I don’t say this to in any way imply that you do this, but IMO a huge problem is when posters say, and I paraphrase what happened last week, a player “stinks”. Can you imagine what would happen in almost any workplace if someone referred to an employee that way? My employer has specific training for dealing with “abusive customers” who come in and act or speak that way. Readers of a website, which could include players and their relatives shouldn’t need that type of training. And more to the point, it obviously is not accurate.

      1. I get what you are saying, but sports are a completely different animal. Keith Law has actually addressed this multiple times, Im not sure if you are familiar but hes been a MLB prospect guy for a long time, used to write for ESPN, etc. The fact is, pro sports are different than lets say accounting or accounts receivable. We have to have discussions about things like this. And he said at times he would be confronted by family members of prospects that he had said negative things about and he has to have the awkward “its not personal” conversation with them, and it is never fun.

        But at the same time, some talk like that is needed when discussing sports. For instance, while his career is not over and he could turn it around, for his time in the majors, Scott Kingery has “stunk.” Pretty sure his family isnt on this site, so hes a safe example. But to say anything else would just be lying. Its part of discussing professional sports. Jalen Reagor has stunk for the eagles. DeAndre Jordan stunk when Doc played him in the playoffs. To not be able to have discussions in which things like this are stated would mean we dont have true sports discussions. Are we really here to mute our conversations just in case Jalen Reagors dad is scrolling through? To be fair, the one family member we KNOW posts here, MM’s dad, has been the coolest poster ever, and i think the whole site is rooting big time for his boy. But at the same time, if we want to have real conversations about players, we have to be able to point out the bad along with the good, and 99% of athletes and those related to athletes know that that is a part of the business they chose (handshake emoji)

  39. Jim,

    I will echo what everyone else has been saying. Thank you for your time and effort on this site. It has been my goto site for intelligent discussion of all things Phillies. If you decide to end the open discussion thread it is understandable, there is a group of people out there who seem to take joy in being a**hats and they are tiresome to deal with.

    One thing you may consider if you want to keep going is making a small onetime charge for the right to post comments, say $5. Casual trolls won’t pay and while it is easy to change e-mail accounts, credit cards are a different matter so banning certain people is much easier. Besides you may get enough to buy 1 or 2 beers at CBP, you have earned it!!

    Thanks Again

    1. While I wouldn’t mind paying a bit to help out with keeping the site going or making Jim’s job easier, this idea would be more trouble than it’s worth.

      Speaking as someone who works on websites as part of his job, making a website compliant with the regulations to allow charging credit cards is a pain. In addition to that, banning someone based on their credit card requires storing that information indefinitely, which in turn requires A LOT better security than I imagine this site uses (because it wouldn’t need that heightened security otherwise). That security alone would probably end up costing Jim more than he gets in any “contributor fees”. Otherwise he’d be liable for any time someone’s credit card inevitably got stolen.

      There’s no perfect answer when it comes to public internet forums, unfortunately. Making it private doesn’t stop the trolls from harassing Jim; it only makes their harassment less visible to us readers. Which is good for us, but would just add to his work and fatigue.

      Personally, I think the best option if he wants to keep the General Discussions going is to enlist another person or two to help run the site. Ownership of the website has changed multiple times at this point, and having an extra person or two who can help shoulder the burden is probably the best way to prevent further burnout.

      1. Venmo or quickbooks, If Jim wants to go this route there are workarounds some more painful than others that more internet savvy people than me may know

  40. I agree with this, and if it would help, at all, I am happy to pay a “membership” or “comment” fee. I agree with DMAR, part of the enjoyment, for me, is the almost always respectful disagreements. I have been wrong more than once, and have learned a lot from being on this site all these years. So, Jim, whatever you want, I support, and if some fee helps, I am in.

  41. Matt13. I do pay a fee for the basketball site. But that gets what they call Premium info. They also have a Free board as well. Both are policed in the same manner. The Mods who the owner of the site has entrusted basically control the board. Overall, it works really well. There have been times most frequent (coaches changes or proposed coaching changes where things get a little testy one way or the other. But very infrequent does this take place. The posters know who the Mods are. It is right on the screen when they post. They are members as well. I too would have no issue paying a fee. They have either an annual or monthly option available. I mentioned that Jim is free to email me if he chooses to do so.

  42. Romus, Vi, Matt13 and anyone else I may have missed.
    Grandkid starts another tourney tomorrow at GP. This one has both Pool and Bracket.
    I missed that flyer last week. Simply a showcase where all played 4 games.
    These kids play about like MLB. Pool W-F and them Bracket or knockout Sat-Sun.
    Two teams that beat his last week were 1 and 4 in final standing. So not awful though I thought his coach might have done a little different. But he is new so we will see going forward.

    He only let any go 3 innings which I totally agree with on many levels. Looks like 4 quality pitchers and then …hmm. We will see. I think like around 50 teams this week. You really need 6 or 7 top flite kids to go deep on the weekend. Reason the Bulls Black has to be knocked out early. Too many arms available as the tourney draws on. A team frequently has to play at least 6 and often 7 games to win. Plus, pitch counts and days between come into play. But I thoroughly enjoy watching every game the kids play win or lose.

    Barring any weather issues grandkid should play around 65 to 70 games high school and travel. They go to Nashville next week. The only guy not real pleased is the Varsity basketball coach. Kid does both as much as possible. But there was a tug of war between coaches a year ago and expect more this next 6 weeks. As the Summer Turns. LO L.

    1. Don, am I reading this correctly? They are going to Nashville, TN from Indiana? I didn’t know they went out of State?

      1. Matt13…the travel teams go everywhere. It is very expensive to be on these top travel teams. Every weekend at Grand Park there are teams from all over the Midwest. I believe it is Nashville next week. I start with our concession business so this weekend may be last one I get to squeeze in this season. They run till about the end of 3rd week of July here in Indiana. Football then

        There are around 50 teams in 15U this weekend at GP. I would guess two thirds are out of state. Plus, it is 8U-17U. More teams in the older groups. My daughter has not given me a schedule, so I just check Game Changer. That is the program all teams must use for the pitch count rules that each tourney has in place.

        1. I believe there are 32 all turf fields at GP. There are either 4 or 8 identical fields in Kokomo about a half hour North of GP. Plus, tomorrow he is playing on another turf field about 4 miles from GP. They use everything. Wednesday morning till Sunday afternoon it is baseball all day every day. Only LIGHTNING keeps games from going on. They play constantly in the rain.

    2. Better have the kids bring a basketball along, with their baseball bag…shoot hoops between baseball games..

      1. So funny Romus. The kid already has about a half dozen gloves for all the positions he may play plus he lugs his catchers gear along. I doubt he catches any but who knows. He caught 2 Varsity games this Spring. I am fine if he never catches.
        Summer basketball is Monday-Thursday so there are conflicts. He plays tomorrow at 12:30 and Thursday at 8 a.m.

        1. Don….8AM!……whoa.
          Coach probably wants the kids there by 0715…..grandparents in the stands by 0700. Sounds like a Mickey D’s breakfast at 0600.

          1. Romus…12:15 tomorrow.
            They have lots of 8 a.m. games. Almost all diamonds begin at 8 a.m.
            Probably by 7 for the 8 a.m. game. Some live a good distance. Grandson about an hour from GP.
            Friday is sleep in. 12:45.
            Grandparent gets there about 10 minutes before 1st pitch.
            Plus, I have Game Changer so if late I can watch it like the MLB thing that looks like a video game. Pretty cool. I use it when I am working, and he is playing. I can follow every pitch of game.
            McDs is possible for Thursday. There is a McD and Wendys on way for me.

            1. Don, it’s a full time job being a Grandparent of an athlete! Enjoy it all, and I am hoping your Grandson plays great! I look forward to your recap.

            2. Matt and Romus.
              Matt I just looked and at least 10 of teams in 15U are out of state.
              Romus I just looked and 9 games in 15U begin at 8 next 3 days.
              Matt, Romus threw up the GP link. Bullpen Tournaments are where all the games are listed if you want to look sometime. 8U thru 17U. Games, games and more games.

  43. Jim,

    Whatever you decide, just wanted to reiterate the indelible impact this website has had on folks. I first discovered this website in college, during the nail-biting days leading up to the Cliff Lee trade. The insightful discussions generated on this blog are unparalleled in the Phillies community, and will leave a gaping hole in the body of knowledge concerning Phillies prospects. All good things must come to an end, eventually. But if that is the case, here, just know that your work hasn’t gone unappreciated. Thanks for stewarding this PHantastic resource over the years!

  44. (Not sure if my initial attempt went through, so posting again)


    Just wanted to reiterate the indelible impact this website has had on folks. I first discovered Phuture Phillies in college, during the nail-biting lead up to the Cliff Lee trade. Though many things in my life have changed since then, this site has remained a constant, a truly invaluable resource. The insightful discussions generated here are unparalleled in the Phillies community, and, if closed, will leave a gaping hole in the body of knowledge concerning Phillies prospects. Of course, all good things must end, eventually. But if that is the case with this discussion board, just know that all your hard work has not gone unappreciated. Thanks for stewarding this phantastic platform, and to all thoughtful commenters who contributed to it!

  45. Joe Maddon fired, Phil Nevin interim for Angels.
    The Angels and Phillies passed over Buck Showalter for sexier names. In both cases, the owner essentially picked his man. Not good…

    1. ….in other words, Buck is head and showalters🤣 better than either Joe…


    2. Thought Joe would go ….two Joe’s gone within 5 days.
      Moreno and Middleton both pulling the trigger.

      1. Thought maybe one more should go…….better not say it. Hey buddy, I’ll miss you, it’s been great conversing with you and Rocco, I’ll miss you both. Truth be known I’ll miss you all, everyone of you!😩😢

        V1 and Don53 “carpe diem” with the kids, it’s the best time of your lives and it is fleeting, it all passes too soon, enjoy!

        1. Yeah Skeet feel the same way also…nothing lasts forever.
          It was good while it lasted.
          Felt the same way with Crashburn Alley…..then poof it was gone.
          Though Corrinne Landrey, who ran CA for awhile, is now one of the few women in the Phillies org who is a baseball/analytic savant.
          Adios amigo.

        2. Thanks Skeet. Very nice of you. I do enjoy each day I get to see them. So true on fleeting. Oldest already going to be Sophomore. Goes so fast.

  46. Camargo placed on 10 day IL, Scott Kingery’s contract has been selected and added to big league roster.

    Jetpax is back!! (And this could be his do or die opportunity to stay with the organization.) My expectations are realistic. But what if he turns it around with the rest of the Phillies bats?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he never plays. He’s just up as an extra IF in case of another injury, until Maton or Camargo are back. When he’s then released no one will pick him up because they would have to take his contract and he’ll go back to LHV. That sort of makes this a minor league conversation.

      1. My thoughts as well. I don’t think he’ll get on the field much unless more injuries are coming but in theory he takes Camargo’s place as the utility guy who can play wherever.

  47. Vierling also up, Wheeler on paternity leave. No word on if he misses Friday’s start.

    1. matt…they are home on Friday, so should be no problem for Wheeler coming in pitching the game, and then going back to the home and new family member,

  48. I see Hector has been suspended 4 games for 9th inning last night. He has done well for Astros. Most appearances in MLB. 3.00 and 26 ks and 5 BBs.
    Good for Hector. He always seemed like a really nice person.

  49. just fitting for Kingery to be called up the last week of open discussion here.

    I’m an infrequent poster here but definitely have enjoyed when i have time, checking in on the comments and getting some good information and entertaining posts. Always felt it was easy to just skip over the stupid posts.
    I’m certainly not going to any other sites if this option is gone.
    Jim, thanks for all your time and effort over these years, and definitely understand the frustration.

  50. Header’s 0.00 era is no more after leadoff HR by Bohm!!
    And HR by Vierling too!!

  51. Good things happen when Moniak is on the bench. Can we please just send him down and let Herrera and Vierling fight it out for the majority of the time?

    1. This is why you’ve got Jim shutting down the site. Unnecessary. It was obvious to PH for the righty there anyway, so it doesn’t say much about Moniak.

      1. While I completely disagree with Eric D’s comment, let’s not get crazy. What he said would be the nicest comment you could find on most sites each day. He didn’t call him names or anything of the sort. It’s just a bad opinion

        1. Buddy, while it is generous of you to stick up for Eric D and obviously his comment could have been more insulting. Moniak went 1/3 (333 BA) in this game – not bad, right? At the same time 3 other Phillies starters went Ofer in this game. The 65th, IMO was correct to call out the comment when all the Phillies did was the standard procedure of pinch hitting with a RHB. But it was generous of you to stick up for Eric D!

          1. He also scored our only run up to that point. Implying we did better because he was on the bench is just inane. The same people complaining that Quinn or Herrera never play small ball are crucifying Moniak for doing so.

            There’s room for improvement as there always is, but he’s now on a 3 game hitting streak and he’s giving us steady defense. That’s definitely a good start to build on.

          2. Guys, I agree his opinion is wrong, for all the reasons you are stating, and I’m a huge fan of Mickey right now and want to see him succeed like almost all of us do. It would be an incredible story. My comment was just that this has always been a site about opinions and Eric D gets his, even if it’s wrong, and he wasn’t insulting to the point that he should be scolded or disciplined, just professionally debated like we’ve always done on this site.

            1. It’s not his opinion that bothers me so much as the way it was presented. Implying that the runs happened because he was on the bench rather than because two of our hitters did a good job is silly.

              Moniak did his job last night. And then Bohm and Vierling came up clutch. It’s fine to have the opinion that Mickey isn’t ready yet or that we have better options. In fact, that’s the exact kind of conversations I like to have on this website. But the way he said it is just silly. It downplays both Moniak and the other two for no real reason.

            2. Hey number on that was not me. Number two MM is batting 188 since he got called up. 1-3 ok yeah he got a hit and had a decent game. He needs to string a bunch of them together.
              It’s still a small sample size yes, and we should wait till the end of the year. But he is a 250 career minor league hitter. He is also a 143 hitter in the majors. Yes small sample size 63 at bats I agree small sample size. Guess JJ and Reagor are your fav Eagles too. Yes it’s hard to get draft pic right. I get it.
              Look it’s ok he made money. I hope and I say this all the time but still just called names and stuff, Yes I hope MM fills the CF hole. Hey if he was a 260-270 hitter for the Phils and was the CFers for 10 years yes that would be great. I want the team to win. But I guess I am not as educated as some here I just don’t see MM as a major league player. Yes I do hope I am wrong.
              Also this is a site for Philly. I grew up there and lived there till recently. It’s a place where you have an arguement with someone then go out for a beer.
              I never meant to offend anyone. I wasn’t looking to get a reaction. Just saying my opinion on a player. Yeah maybe it’s harsh at times but really I seen much much worse in the radio and other sites.

              Jim I was being truthful when I asked if you were ok? You do a great job here.

              Ok go ahead call me dumb and ignorant. Like I said I wish he was our CFer I really do. I just don’t see it.
              Also I was not going to post but when someone else said to PH For MM was a good idea and had gotten jumped on that wasn’t fair too. Look he didn’t say anything too bad. Also guess what you may not agree with him and make excuses about a right vs a lefty
              But he was right and that move helped win the Phil’s the game.

          3. The comment definitely wouldn’t be categorized as offensive on most sites and generally I’d have no problem with it. It just was clearly the type of comment that has Jim exasperated, so that’s why I called it out. Also agree with the commenters below that Moniak wasn’t an issue last night and contributed to the win. Either way, sometimes our frustrations with players or our viewpoints of their competence will come out in these threads, it’s unavoidable.

            Just like me saying Knebel ain’t it in the 9th and they’ve gotta make a switch. DD could’ve done better on the closer market if they were going to go over the LT anyway.

            1. Are we being serious here? There’s an issue with what I said? I’ve been on this site for prob close to 10 years now and am rarely rude or even close to it. If anyone thinks Moniak belongs on the big league roster, I would say look at his ABs (not even the results, they are bad too, but the way he actually looks) they don’t look any different than from when he’s been up here before. He looks over matched and completely lost on anything that isn’t a fastball (not that he looks great on those either). NO ONE can tell me he’s looked any different, with a straight face at least. I have zero against the young man as a person (nor have I ever commented on him personally, never would), I just don’t believe he’s a ML caliber player. Can we not say that? Was what I said hyperbolic, absolutely but I still think he should be in AAA while players who have shown they can hit at the ML level should be the ones manning CF. I’m sorry but i’m not sorry, there’s nothing wrong w what i’m saying here . . . esp when it can be backed up with numbers and the eye test. Dispute me on that, you can’t.

            2. Eric D, I get it. Meant no offense and you’ve probably been a great contributor on here for a long time. I’m mostly a reader, so I’ll just stay out of it. I think I’m just bugged Jim is ending the open discussions, so I said something! Comment isn’t offensive in the least and certainly didn’t offend me. All good, man.

    2. You mean the guy who had a hit and scored the only run of the game for the Phillies heading into the 9th? Granted, in that case against a ridiculously good lefty, pinch hitting a right handed batter made sense. But Mickeys been playing well since Joe left. A Moniak/Vierling platoon in CF would not be half bad.

  52. When does a big time, come from behind road win almost feel like a loss?
    When Corey Knebel throws a wet blanket on it. Time for Ser Ant’ny to close.

    Let the young guys play. Big time homers from Bohm and Vierling!

    1. Yep, shades of “wild thing” thought the 3 bbs would do us in, but didn’t happen. I thought last week that Alec started turning on the ball better, driving it with more authority. Did any of you guys see that in his at bats? Matt did a great job with the backer, maybe they are all going to click.

    2. Agreed 100%
      I was saying this as it was unfolding. I wanted Knuebel for the pen … as the closer in the off-season. I either missed it or his demeanor on the mound has changed. I watched his highlights, which cuts out all the in between pitches body language. When it gets the save great, but when he is struggling, he just looks like he’s going to give up the game tying & winning hits. He needs a better mound presence to be the closer! If I see/feel it, I’m sure some of his teammates do.

      1. Knebel’s issue is that he’s completely unable to throw his breaking ball even close for strikes so every hitter knows a fastball is coming. Ironically, it worked out because he was so wild it’s hard for the hitters to know when an actual strike might happen.

        They need to make a change at closer until he can become a 2-pitch pitcher again.

    3. Hinkie…agree.
      Why not have Seranthony and Knebel rotate the closing for the next a month or so, until the all-star break…..and whoever is the hottest does it down the stretch…well at least until he cools down..

  53. I hope your keep this blog as is. You built the most informative baseball forum I know.

  54. Romus i got to watch more baseball, I didn’t know how great that closer for Brewers was until last night, when they gave his stats, Romus since you are not working and have a big yard, maybe you could host Discussion with Romus on Friday nights, You could do a podcast too, it would be fun, We could all come to your house and swim in your pool, Eat some ribs, and talk

    1. A baseball podcast with you and Romus could very well be the most successful podcast of all time.

  55. I’m in!! Romus will cover our airfare to the City of Brotherly Love and hotel accommodations at a 5 star as well as throwing the biggest shindig at his house. Good idea, Rocco.

    Kudos to those who are calling out others in a civil way to show respect to the players. This might help convince Mr. Jim that we can play nicely with each other and let us continue.

  56. Hat tip to Alec. Big big big hit last night. Had a tough night up to that point but came up huge in a big spot against an elite fastball at the top of the zone. Love to see his fight.

    1. He gave credit to Castellanos who faced Hader a lot. Nick told him you have to try and pull this guy. Alec said its not what I try to do but I trusted him and just got a barrel to the ball

      A couple seasons ago the MLB was trying to promote the league by using the phrasing “just let them play”

      I guess Thomson likes that phrasing too

  57. Let’s get a series win and start to string a few of those together. That is what it is going to take to get this ship back over .500 and keep it there.

    I also see this morning on computer that Phillies are rumored to pursue Bogaerts for 23.

  58. I’m sorry to see the Open Discussion being discontinued but thank you Jim. I can see where it would become a burden over time for the reasons you’ve noted. As a rare poster, I’d like to also express special appreciation to the active participants who inform, educate, debate and commiserate. I’ve followed the Phils since the days of the “other Herrera” … Pancho and learned the game in part from The Richie Auburn Show.

    I’m typing this in Cape Town, So Africa though we live part time in Scottsdale and California. Despite leaving So Jersey many years ago we rarely miss a game (including this past Sunday’s) and never miss Phuture Phillies. Sort of an example of what a hold fandom can have on someone.

    A parting anecdote. A few days ago I happened upon a story about how easy it once was to smuggle beer into the Vet. Well, back in the days of the Hot Pants Patrol one of my friends was dating one of the girls. We would buy Gen Admission tickets and she’d let us into the Picnic Area. But before arriving, we would take my parents’ 3 gallon Coleman jug with a spigot on the bottom and stop at a liquor store and buy a cold case of quarts. Filling the cooler required passing one of the bottles because the other 11 would generate such a big head. Just carried that jug into the picnic area and by the 7th inning would yell “Yes We Can!” at just about everything….

    I wish you all great health and longevity but especially Jim for taking the time and caring to provide this community and forum.

    Oh, and play the kids…what do we have to lose at this point!

    1. I agree with you, Phan…back in the 70s and 80s, even up to the past decade, the nuances of the game were much more integral to how the game was called, played, managed, and evaluated. There’s room for quantifying player performance, ie WAR and such, but the beancounters have stolen the enjoyment of the game to the point that it’s replaced most of the organic with the synthetic, like prime rib with bologna. Harry and Whitey would not have embraced this brand of baseball, or the way it’s packaged. The game itself is still great, if only it hadn’t undergone so much plastic surgery.

      1. Yeah, Romus. That is one of the craziest stories ever. Just the fact that someone even noticed it had been happening is wild.

  59. BTW even though Phils were successful last night I would take my chances any night in the 9th with Hader on the mound. He is very, very good. As I mentioned to Romus, I hope Phils can grab lead before 9th. Brewers have Hader. Phillies do not.

    1. Don…hoping Hader is not available for tonight…he did throw over 20 pitches last night and an intensive inning for him..
      Of his 20 previous games…only 4 times has he worked two days in a row….of course, putting that into proper context…..he was not needed in blow out wins/losses and there were days off where the team did not play or they were on a travel day.
      So hoping he is not available tonight.

      1. Romus…I agree. He is so good most all the time. Knebel is similar to me to Hector in that his best pitch is rarely thrown for a strike. Like Hector hitters can hit the fastball. But it seems Hector is doing great for the Stros.

        I do think sometime maybe sooner rather than later a change will be needed for the closer. Smoltz said if you do not a closer you really do not have anything. Said the last 3 outs are by far the most difficult to get. Seranthony and/or Brogdon maybe down the road.

        Let’s just hope Phils are ahead in 9th and Hader can stay in BP. BTW have you guys seen all yellow catching gear before? I think it was 1st for me. Very cool.

  60. Can someone refresh my memory. Kingery is up. My question is, what happens to him “if” he doesn’t do well over the next 10 days while Maton is on the shelf? What options are left?

    -Refuse assignment, become a FA?
    -Have to clear waivers, back at AAA?

    I believe that it is go or no go time for Kingery & the Phillies

    1. Tac3……Kingery gets DFAed again…..and not sure any team will take on that contract since he can go anywhere he wishes …so back to LHV.

    2. If Kingery gets DFA’d, he won’t refuse the assignment. He has 15 million reasons not to refuse it because if he does he loses his salary this year and next. It was a simple decision for the Phillies to call him up for a week. They know that no other club will claim him and his salary off waivers if he gets DFA’d again.

      This is not really a do or die time for him because they’re married to each other for the next year and a half. While he was struggling with his swing prior to this, he had a bad case of Covid, which messed up his processing. Hitting a 98 mph fastball is difficult enough but when you’re not processing as quickly as normal it’s almost impossible. On top of that, he had shoulder surgery, which zapped him of his strength. The kid has been through a lot and I’m rooting like crazy for him.

      1. Howard: I’m certainly rooting for him. Pretty crazy to see him have that successful period and then lose it. It happened to Dom Brown too. Puzzling. I hope he can be Seguras replacement but will see. He’s got to prove it again.

  61. I’m going to give my opinion and it may not go down well. When discussing the kids in the minors, I’m fine with leaving the gloves on. These kids are playing an incredibly tough game and most of them for little money in tough conditions. But the general discussion is supposed to be about the Phillies and MLB. Most of these guys are making more money in a year than most of us will in a lifetime. Now I don’t see any need for pointless cruel insults or name calling, but criticism, even if it’s very harsh, is part of the job. That’s why they make the big bucks. I love this site and sure wish it would continue. So GO PHILLIES!! ( And make Seranthony the closer NOW)

    1. Tough criticism for MLB players comes with the job. I’m sure you would agree that’s fair as long as it doesn’t get personal.

  62. And on a side note, I had no clue the gen discussion is going away, why? That’s one of the best parts about the site. Why not just get a few people on here who wouldn’t mind being mods, i’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to help in order to keep this active.

  63. Phan_since59 – Sounds like you knew/know how to have a good time! Hope you’ll be flying in for Romus’ party.

  64. Read⤵ for Eric Longenhagen’s very positive report on Andrew Painter. He also has good things to say about Jadiel Sanchez, Jean Cabrera, Yemal Flores, and Nickau Pouaka-Grego.

    1. Funny that Longenhaven’s take on Rojas, “who isn’t hitting”, is out of date by over a week

      1. Just the nature of how he researches. It takes time for him to compile notes from people who see the players live (and/or for him to go see them live himself), as well as to watch video of them. The only time his articles will be fully up-to-date on their season totals is after the year is over.

  65. In my opinion, as long as Harper, JTR, Hoskins, Castellanos and Schwarber are thumping the baseball, and Nola, Wheeler and the other SPs are keeping us in games, I have no qualms whatsoever with playing Stott, Bohm, and Moniak the rest of the season, even Kingery if he shows signs of resuscitation. 2022 is a good opportunity for this team to find out about its younger players in lieu of more experienced, unavailable ones.

    By the way, I take no issue with how Eric D’s comment on MM came across, even though I don’t agree. The kid should get a legit opportunity without fear of getting pulled out of the lineup for an 0-for-4. Let him get his legs until the deadline. If he’s struggling then, and the team is within striking distance of a playoff berth, then do what you must…

    1. mark8:29, spot on. I feel that if the team just gives playing time to Moniak, Stott, Bohm, and even Kingery or Vierling they could show what they may be capable of. But give them at least 5 starts a week for a period of time so they can get in a groove. Earlier in season Stott and even Bohm were playing very sporadically and they were not responding well. But give them a few weeks – as long as they don’t totally flop – we can get a great idea of their playing ability.

      1. Moniak has been in the organization seven years now. Look at his minor league stats, and limited major league stats, remove his name, and you have a middling prospect at best. He needs to earn PT, much less a starting position on a major league team. If you want to know what he can do just look at his stats. Play him once in a while and make him prove he should have more PT.

  66. BTW … Phillies chances of postseason (according to Fangraphs) is up to 28.5%. That’s ⬆ 9% from a week ago.

      1. Saw the HBP on Alonso as it happened and it didn’t look good at the time. He immediately left the game but sounds like x-rays were negative so not a Segura type of situation.

      2. honestly, why not trade Hall to the Mets for something and let him earn some $$$.

  67. Phils traded Austin Wynns for a Minor League pitcher

    I dont think the guy they got in return is anything special, but good for Wynns, dude came to the organization, raked and now hes probably getting a chance in the bigs. And with Marchan and Sands in AAA and O’Hoppe in AA, there was no need for him in the org. Kudos to Wynns, wish him the best, not too late for him to carve out a career as a MLB backup catcher

    1. Also kudos to Phils for scouting multiple good depth pieces at C this off season. You’re right that what we got back for him is probably gonna amount to nothing. But he was drafted by the Mariners, acquired by the Rays, and then acquired again by the Giants. That’s three organizers that typically scout pitching well, so maybe there’s something there.

    2. Sounds like the guy they got in return provides some starter depth at AAA in case of injury to the rotation. Good baseball trade for both teams.

        1. See this is why you should do a podcast, all that knowledge, It would be great, couple eagles cheerleaders, I think i can book George Elder and Art Schallock for our first show, Comeon Romus lets do it,

          1. LOL…..that us good….in the words of Henry Hill…”you are a funny guy”

  68. With Jim shutting down the open thread after this week, perhaps one positive is that we will get more first hand reports of farm talent from those few watching in person or who have viewing options at their disposal. As much as we like to voice our own opinions on the major league club, there aren’t many who can speak with much authority about the minor league teams. So having a more objective source of information on what’s happening developmentally is still a good thing. And maybe Jim can occasionally bring in a local perspective from those insiders in Jersey Shore, Lehigh Valley and Reading. Just a suggestion, not to lay any more work on the brother.

  69. This is a little off the subject, but I will be attending my first game at CBP on Friday, July 1. It is a 6:05 start against the Cardinals. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations you may have about (1) your preferred means of transportation getting to and from the Park [my wife and I will be staying in the New hope area and will have a car]; and (2) if we wind up driving to the game, where we should park so that both of us and our car will be safe. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide. Go Phillies!!

    1. PhiliesForever……if driving, the parking lots adjacent to the ballpark are safe and the crowds are not sell -outs yet, so it will not be too crowded or inconvenient.
      The fee is normally $20,
      …when we go, we park at the restaurant at Popis near Packer park, and walk down or we have parked down at the Naval Base Industrial Area and ate at a restauants down there, and then walked up Broad Street. The Naval Base also has a shuttle up to Broad and Pattison, which is a block away from the ballpark.

        1. rocco…we left it at Popis a few times, they said it was alright since we ate there………also on the street in Packer Park when we could find a spot….and also down at the Naval Complex…..also did the lakes many years ago, .until they started closing it off at 9PM and we had to jump the sidewalk to get out…now they have huge boulders on the edge of the sidewalks.

          1. i thought they block packer park from people parking, But the walk is 12 blocks at least, to the stadium

            1. Yeah they do…need a Packer Park parking permit….but the last decade the team was bad and the crowds were small….20K or less…they did not bother you.
              They started the parking permits when CBP was sold-out with 40k plus every nite.

    2. First off, have a great time. Even when the team is playing poorly, the park is a fun time. When they are playing well, its a lot of fun.

      I dont know if you have any interest in this, but one of the best parts of going to a sporting even in Philly is the tailgating. Some people pack a grill, I don’t because thats too much work. But pick up some sandwiches on the way. IDK if you are a drinker, but a Primos hoagie and a few beers int he lot pregame is a great time. If you are not a drinker, even just bringing some chairs and playing some music sitting with your wife for an hour before heading in is a good time. I recommend K lot, best for tailgating. And yes,all the lots are safe and the traffic leaving isnt too bad.

      Whether you do or dont take that recommendation, have a good time. Definitely take time during the weekend to walk around Peddlers Village while you are in New Hope as well.

  70. I’ll admit this is not for everyone (I think I am the only city resident who posts here), but I submit that you haven’t really been to a Phillies game unless you’ve taken the Phillies Express subway from Fern Rock. There are several trains before each game that only make a few stops on the way, and EVERYBODY is wearing Phillies gear. Your gameday experience starts way earlier. It’s fantastic on the way back if we’ve won. Best ever was the ride after Halliday’s no-hitter in the playoffs. Being excited by yourself while stuck in traffic isn’t remotely the same.

    1. I don’t live in the city currently, but I went to Temple. So I’m very familiar with the express trips. Unfortunately, it’s less fun when you’re taking it after being eliminated from the playoffs.

      1. I live in the city, If you take the subway pls carry a gun, its not safe

  71. Hao Yu Lee officially on the 7-day IL…his last game was Tuesday May 31st…..the last inning of that game he got plucked with a pitch.
    Assume the injury was from that HBP.

  72. Romus, al
    Thanks for all the tips. I believe I’ll pass on the subway.

    1. I am a Bucks County native and I think your best bet is just to drive. I tend to get off at the Packer Ave/Walt Whitment exit.

      Obvioulsy follow the signs to Packer and bang a right on Packer. Go up a few blocks and you’ll see the Holiday Inn off to your left. The light before the hotel is a good place to bang a left.

      There will be a number of lots on your left and right probably for about $15

      Or my preference is Lot K off of Pattison just across from the Stadium. They have the cool over hangs if you want to tail gate a little and they have plenty of security.

  73. Romus…Kids won 6-5 today. Played better. Team was from Chicago.
    8 bells in the morning.

    1. Don……good news,
      …exciting times are thrilled and so are parents and grandparents.
      Almost game time now for today.
      I remember those early morning games…kids walk around like zombies for awhile.

  74. Interesting story. Padres just signed 1B Kyle Martin who Phillies released from Reading at the end of 2018. He then played 3 years with Winnipeg Goldeyes and in 2021 hit 31 106 .280 . This year he was playing in Mexico and was hitting .364 with 18 HR’s in 152 at bats. Padres put him in AAA.

  75. Torres and Nava sent down to CWater.
    Jersey Shore with another great start, this time from McGarry. Also is it time to get excited about Aiden Anderson?
    And, several CWater relievers are really doing well.

    1. He has a pretty lefty swing very compact and handsy. I’d give him all the starts from here on out. He is the future at either SS or 2B.

      No reason to get in the way of that.

  76. Its hard to imagine Joe G had these guys that wound up but c’est la vie here we go! Color me excited for the possibilities

    1. Joe to me, always catered to the veteran. He prefered the vet, the safe choice. The rookie had to be spectacular and he wasn’t afforded a good opportunity to exhibit his game. An 0 for 10 at the plate and you delegated to the bench or designated as filler.

    1. 2022 NL Rookie of the Year odds, March 10
      Player Odds
      Player Odds
      Mickey Moniak +5500

  77. rocco….Aaron Nola.
    I know you have your doubts about him being a number one or an ‘Ace’, but last night , on six days rest I will admit, he was absolutely ace like.
    Looking at his 12 starts thru the prism of Bill James’ Game Score metric….with 50-55 being an average to middling performance…..Nola has 5 starts above a 60 GSc, 3 absolutely clunkers below 50 (Mets, Mariners and Giants)…..and four in that 50-55 range.
    For the most part, he has held his own as a number 2 in the rotation.

    1. Aaron Nola’s WAR ranking among MLB wide Starting Pitchers:
      – 2022: 15
      – 2021: 11
      – 2020: 13
      – 2019: 27
      – 2018: 7
      – 2017: 9
      – 2017 – 2022 combined: 4th best with 21.5

      I can not understand why people continually criticize Aaron Nola. He has been exceptional. He is a home grown star and a high character dugout presence. He is everything that all MLB teams dream of. Anyone who doesn’t see that needs new glasses. Is he Roy Halladay elite? No. but so what? He is exceptional. He has been everything that is right with this team. We should sign him to another 4 or 5 year deal right now.

      1. ….me neither! Everything you would want. Would you take 5 Nola’s, I would in a heaartbeat. Is he a 1 – 3? It doesn’t matter you need 5 of them

      2. If the argument is that he’s just a top end #2, I can get that. A lot of his value has come from his durability rather than just pure dominance. He generally sits in the 12-15 range of best SP. Some people only consider the top 10 or so pitchers to be aces.

        But anyone who thinks he’s a mid-rotation pitcher or (somehow) worse, I just unequivocally cannot see eye-to-eye with.

        1. And , based on his character, my guess, he will not try to break the bank for his next contract. A contract the Phillies can live with, with savings to further enhance the team surrounding him.

        2. There are 30 MLB teams. Anyone who ranks 4th overall in WAR over a 5+ season range and is top 15 every season is an Ace in the real world. People’s definition of “Aces” are like unicorns. Fictional character that rarely exist in real life.

    2. I think people’s opinion of Nola as an “ace” comes firmly down to definition. Some people define it as the top 5 or 10 pitchers in baseball, in which case I agree that he doesn’t necessarily fit that definition. My own personal definition has always been top-30, though (so, if there was an equal distribution of pitching among all teams, he would be the number 1 on one of those teams), and he fits that criteria.

      Either way, can’t be upset about a 1-2 of Wheeler and Nola (and about the strength of our SP unit as a whole, really).

      1. DanK…..I think you have to differentiate between the term ‘ace’ and ‘number one’
        That being said, every team has their number one pitcher but most do not have that established MLB ace.

        Jim made that distinction in a well authored synopsis he wrote many years ago, based on what the pitchers threw and their performance factors.

        1. Romus i look at his quality starts, last yr he had 12 out of 32 if my math is right, if thats a ace then i am wrong, and sorry

        2. Oh yeah, I understand the distinction when it comes to scouting and talent assessment. Baseball players do have a very distinct bell curve when it comes to that. I just don’t find it to be a helpful representation of the real world. Those attributes are clearly desirable; but depending on the landscape of the league, they aren’t necessary. Cole Hamels may not have been an ace by those standards, but in the 2008 playoffs he was one of the best pitchers on the planet.

          Don’t get me wrong, I think that scale is extremely useful in the identification (and sometimes acquisition) of talent. But I don’t use it to define something as nebulous as the concept of an ace.

      2. As someone who has been critical of Nola in the past last night was an exceptional game by him…I hope it continues and not even to that level each and every start. With any amount of run support he is very capable of dominating most of his outings.

        But it is and has been a thing about his being notorious for the 1 bad inning.

        1. Now he is a ace, he has 11 starts 6 were quality, if that is a ace or good two then they must have change the meaning, If he is signed to a 5 yr big deal, it would be the biggest mistake we could make, That 93 mph fastball will be a lot less in two yr, but you can show me war all you want i go by his starts, and his stuff, He has pitched better this yr anyone can see that, but he isnt a top pitcher, good three,

          1. Well, there are 10 pitchers in the major leagues in 2022 with more quality starts than Nola so maybe the issue is with your expectations and not with his performance?

            Doesn’t matter if he fits your or anyone else’s definition of an ace, he is one of the top 15-20 starting pitchers in baseball right now.

            1. 20 with more quality starts, not 10. Fox sports site I looked at was not updated.

        2. I have also been critical of him in the past, and i dont think we were wrong to be that way, but this season he has looked very good. Still has to avoid the 2 strike straight fastballs like he did last night, but I will be happy to eat crow on my preseason feelings towards him.

          1. just to clarify, i mean he AVOIDED the 2 strike mistake pitch last night, clearly he didnt make one lol

  78. Nola is a gamer. Sure, sometimes he hangs a curve or two that fly out of the park but when he’s on, he’s going to produce a good result. You just have to accept the occasional stinker that comes every so often. He’s a positive force in the rotation, clubhouse, and dugout and he never complains. I’m happy he is on our team.

    And speaking of happy, this (perhaps) final week of the open thread has been (as my 4th grade students used to say) the “funnest” time I’ve witnessed on this site since I have been a part of it. Everyone has paid deserved accolades to Dr. Jimmy, the posts have been top notch, and the trolls have stayed away.

  79. Nola was very good. Looks to me like the Phillies are having fun again. Just seems like the energy level is so much better now. Keep going one day at a time.

    Romus…I made it. Early wake up call for me. Kids won again 2-0. Team from Michigan. You are spot on the 8 o’clock games are usually pitchers games. True today. All these teams are good. Then a few are real good. Grandkid team is now 2-0 so should get a decent seed. But his team lacks the pitching depth. They have used 2 of top 4. I doubt grandkid pitches tomorrow but really do not know. They need win 3 to be seeded at top.

    Here is the scoop on a multi sport kid in Indiana. Probably similar everywhere.
    Summer basketball Monday thru Thursday 11-200. Team at Purdue now for a team camp.
    Thursday are games or team camp to one of the Universities nearby.
    Travel baseball Wednesday thru Sunday. Anywhere from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    Lots of conflicts. He and one other baseballer played this morning so no trip to Purdue.

  80. Just point Johm Smoltz made last weekend. If the Phillies can just get into the playoffs No Team is going to want to face Wheeler and Nola in games 1 and 2 of the playoffs. Phillies just have to figure out a way to be part of the party. This kind off play at this time is sure a step in the right direction. For what it is worth I think both Wheeler and Nola are very good when they are on their game. Let’s hope they are able to maintain that effectiveness.

    1. Don….before Nola gets to throw a pitch in the play-offs,
      his one big hurdle for him to get over is Sept/Oct.
      W-9 L-14 . ERA-4.60…Games-33…WHIP-1.3…he has given up 43 HRs in that month, well more tyhan any month in his career.

      I think around Labor Day they should shut him down for a start…and give him 6, maybe 7, days rest before his next start.

      And good to hear your grandson’s team is moving on.
      Stock up on the food and beverages….you could be sitting in the stands for awhile.

  81. I agree Romus. Nola has faded down the stretch. He has to be pitching in playoffs like he is now for Phillies to probably have chance if they can get in. No doubt about that. The last 2 seasons the Phillies have totally collapsed the final week of the season.

    They played well. I just looked at the standings an hour or so ago. His team was 6th of the
    2-0 teams. Team, they play tomorrow in final pool is presently #1. They are really good. But kind of like grandkids team. They knocked out Bulls Black 2 times in the 1st elimination game and then lost next last year. They have couple stud pitchers but to win this and most tourneys you have to play 7 games and win at least 5 of the 7. Most likely a few 2-1 teams will make the elimination round of 16 teams. In fact, probably both of these will.

    Teams have a predicament in that you have to win in Pool play to make elimination round and then most do not have enough pitchers to go 7 games in 4 days or some will be 3. Some did not play till today. Any kid that throws over 80 pitches today is done for weekend. 3 days rest. Grandson has 4 guys on his team. Then big drop off. Then guys kind of like some of the guys who have been in Phillies BP in recent years. That is why only 3 or 4 teams win almost all the time. They carry kids who only pitch. Most kids want to play rather than sit 5 or 7 games in a weekend.

  82. Right now, his team sits at 8th because they have given up 5 runs. Three were gifts. PB, pitcher drops throw to plate after tag. If they only were at 2 runs, they would sit #2 at the moment. All these teams are really good. Costs $1,500 to guarantee 4 games.

  83. Elfin 96 pitches after 4 innings, I think 76 of the pitches were against Willy Adames. If I’m Eflin, I’d walk him or let him wear one for being a PIA. Betcha, that’s what Pedro would have done, heh, heh.

    1. Skeet- I agree…every time I watched that Adames bat thought the same thing. Just hit the guy ! 75 pitches fouled off !!! Why didn’t the pitching coach tell him to do that ?

  84. So, let me get this right….these midweek afternoon games are scheduled earlier to accomodate teams traveling to other cities afterward. Uh, they’d better start them about 10am.

  85. Herrera needs to be in CF from here on out with Vierling spelling him and the corners when need be. Moniak down to AAA to get consistent at bats.

    1. Eric D – you have made your point on Mickey. We all understand your view. Repeating it convinces no one and it just creates frustration. Please pick a new topic to comment on. We got your point.

      1. No you don’t seem to see his point. MM needs ABs. He does. If he won’t be playing here he should be at AAA everyday getting ABs maybe getting ABs will help him ??

      2. No you don’t seem to see his point. MM needs ABs. He does. If he won’t be playing here he should be at AAA everyday getting ABs maybe getting ABs will help him ??

      3. I’m sorry now I can’t comment on a certain player? How about you commenting on Bohm? Should you have to stop throwing out info on why he’s not the 3B of the future? Please I’ll post what I would like to, unless it’s against the rules (which I don’t believe I’ve said anything disparaging or rude) which it isn’t. But thanx for your concern.

        1. My request that you filter yourself was less about the quantity of your comments and more about the quality. the past two weeks you have made 8 comments and 6 of them have been about how bad you think Mickey is. You have added no new information or data to support your argument. Just the same comment over and over. If you had something particularly insightful to add to the discussions, then it wouldn’t be an issue. But since you keep repeating the same point over and over, that is just trolling. That’s the problem that Jim mentioned. Repeating the same opinion over and over about one player doesn’t add anything to our community. It is exasperating clutter.

          You mention my comments on Bohm. First, I space them out. Second, when I comment on him, I first do research to add something data supported to the conversation. If I can’t find new data to support my concerns, then I simply don’t comment on him. But I always looked at all of his stats before I comment. That’s why people said, “great post” to my comments. Because it isn’t repetitive. I add new information.

          1. Lol you need to get over your self. You do harsh out Bohm all the time saying he is not a 3rd baseman Lol glad it makes toy feel so good someone says great post lol.

            Some seem to agree with him on Moniak.
            But this is a very cliquey place and you all are very selective on who gets to say what with our getting a harsh response
            Great post again Mr v1 half that’s so important to you.

          2. I mean if you’d like me to add numbers and the eye test as to why I feel this way I can, and both will my opinions.

        2. VI
          Yes Jim is going to take his ball and gone home and end the game because he doesn’t like what some say.

  86. Romus…you were right on. Phillies sweep Brew Crew. Series wins are nice. Sweeps are even better. Hope they come home ready to go again.

    Mark…good idea on start times. My grandkid played at 8 a.m. Last game in his division tonight begins at 9:45. I think 3 games. Midnight for those kids.

    Romus…off to see the granddaughter now. She is an 11 on a 12U team. A lefty pitcher who throws really hard. She has already beat a couple 15-16 teams this season. I told a couple people other night she is now pitching from 40′ which is same distance in 4 years as a Freshman and 7 as a Senior. Lots of ability but not the dedication of big brother. So time will tell.

    1. WestCoast….it is nice to score 53 runs in the last 7 games, and give up only 19…..that will definitely help that differential count.

  87. One change evident with manager switch is that the new guy is going to be much more structured in how guys are being used, both batting order and bullpen.

    Now maybe it’s a case of don’t change anything to break a streak but it certainly appears that guys are going to have more defined roles moving forward.

    1. 3up – how about this. Lousy relief pitching is used when team is behind – or so far ahead that it can’t hurt. Even though we know the final result, using Dominguez was shooting a squirrel with a cannon . That guy is awesome – can you say closer ? Clearly, Thomson has a better idea of how to use a bullpen as he seems to use the right personnel in the right situations – irrespective of the intended outcome.

      Of course, someone may point out that all this is nonsense given that our team just pulverizes the other team’s bullpen. So even a journeyman looks good…..

      1. Can’t really make any judgments on Thomson’s ‘pen usage yet because most of the games we’ve played with him at the helm haven’t been close. Scoring 7+ runs a a game tends to negate any need for pitching usage strategies.

        But at the very least he didn’t use Norwood or Familia in the couple 1-run situations we had, so that’s encouraging.

        I will say it was kind of odd not to use Seranthony on the 7th (the 3-2 game where we tagged Hader for his first runs of the year). Maybe he exclusively wants to use him to hold leads instead of just keeping the game close? With the exception of getting him work to keep him from getting rusty. But either way, Brogdon wasn’t a bad choice, and if Knebel is his designated closer it is what it is.

        1. So far he has avoided putting Familia & Norwood in any type of situation where a run or two would be the death of the team, and thats really all that we wanted Joe to do. Joe used Famila based on his contract, not based on his current form, which is the quickest way to get on fans nerves.

          Norwood is so bad, Morales had his worst outing of the season last night which stinks bc if he was dominant it may have been the final straw in getting him back up to the bigs. But my goodness, give me Appel, give me Jeff Singer. Kyle Dohy. anybody but ever having to see Norwood again.

          1. Agree that Norwood isn’t good but I’ll give Thomson credit for trying to use him in a couple of situations to finish out blowout wins that appear intended to give him a little confidence and to have that feeling of something good happening when he’s finished.

            Don’t think it will help but it’s about putting guys in positions to be successful.

            1. yessir, agreed. I was hoping he was a late blooming gem the team found, doenst look like that is the case but we need a guy to pitch the games when were up and down big. It is shaping up to be very clear:

              No leverage situation guys (blowouts only basiscally): Norwood

              Mid leverage situation guys (either down a few runs but game isnt out of reach yet, or up a few runs but not a lock to win): Familia, Nelson, Bellatti

              High Leverage: Seranthony, Brogdon, Hand

              Closer: Knebel (for now)

              Sanchez is the interesting one because while he is currently a low to mid leverage situation guy, he also has strikeout stuff so when the situation calls for it, hes very usable in a big spot

  88. just thinking if we move Hoskins for relief help, and bring up Hall, wonder how much of a drop off that would be, Watching hall i think he will hit homeruns, and fields better

    1. rocco…I’m wich ya.
      The other factor……the contract $$$ saving and the avoidance of a hassle and uncomfortable venue of the last year arbitration between the team and Boras.
      Dansby Swanson just went thru it with the Braves.
      He is a free agent after this season…I bet he walks.
      Sometime it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the player, though it is just business.

      1. Nice tag team transition, guys…….. thought I was on a WWE blog for a minute there. Did you pre-plan or orchestrate that over the phone?😄

      2. I actually agree with Rocco that taking offers from teams needing a DH/1B to bolster the bullpen makes sense for Dombrowski. Darick Hall can come up and if he fails, Bohm can shift to 1b since the Phillies should have enough infield depth defensively, not to mention all the passable candidates already on the roster. Glancing across MLB’s crop of 1b/DH’s, not many are producing a lot. And there will be many clubs within reach of a playoff berth to justify adding a solid if not great known commodity in Hoskins, who I can see playing out west closer to his home in southern California.

          1. Thanks for that, Romus…you are Johnny on the spot, as Jonesey and the boys like to say.

  89. I would love for Moniak and Vierling play almost everyday, but Herrera keeps hitting. Herrera should be the steady CF for now. And out of all the CF options over the winter he seems to be the best bang for the buck this year

    1. I don’t mind one way or the other; either play the hot hand or roll with the kids. But I will say, if you’re gonna just let the young guys play now is the ideal time. The team is on a very hot streak and they can cover for any potential lack of production.

      And to Mickey’s credit, he’s actually been pretty good outside his first two games back. .273/.429/.273. Obviously the power hasn’t shown up yet, but I’m perfectly fine with our #9 hitter having an OBP over .400 and walking more than he strikes out.

      Not saying Herrera hasn’t hit even better. Just saying that if we’re trying to build for the future a bit, now is a good time.

      1. Not fair with way on MM too small of a sample size. Even though I am a dummy I like the you guys would like to see them solve the cf situation. They should just let him play all the time and see what happens. He need ABs to improve and show what he has. You can just take away games and say hey 3 for 11 is good. He needs to play every day hit every day see pitches everyday.

      1. Lol I am not Bob. Danny Boy. I know it is very hard for you to comprehend but many don’t think MM has talent.

        1. Anyone who doesn’t think Moniak has talent is absolutely out of their mind. It may not end up translating to success in the majors, but it is an objective fact that he’s immensely talented.

          Sometimes even the most talented players in the game don’t end up having a career. Doesn’t mean they don’t have talent. Anyone who’s drafted has talent. Anyone who makes it to the majors has tremendous talent.

          It’s baffling to me that people think just anyone could go out there and hit even .150 against major league pitchers (or inversely, that they could give up fewer than 3 runs per inning as a pitcher). I genuinely wish there was 1 day a year where random fans got to play a simulated game against the home team. If only so people could see the absolute CHASM of difference in talent between average Joe and even AAAA players.

          1. Lol Ok your so silly it’s amazing he must be your grandson sorry didn’t mean to offend. Lol look at the numbers hey if you take away his 0-8 in fist twin games his three dribblers for hits make him look like such a talented baseball player. Look at the fact gee why is is not playing that much even Phil’s doubt his talent. Oh yes I am a dummy it’s a lefty he can’t bat against lefts. Lol. People don’t think anyone can go out and hit 150 in the majors and if they do they don’t last long. The objective is to get people who can help you win. Also someone who is number one over with a six million signing bonus about be better then a 180 mlb hitter and 250 minor league hitter.
            Yeah you should be proud he got this far and I say it over and over again he should be playing so he gets ABs either her or AAA to see if he can actually hit. Sure he had talent to get this far yes most can’t get to where he is. But he just not look like a player. I also said I wish I was wrong about him. The only way we truly find out is if he play gets ABs and shows if he belongs.
            Hey if you are related you should be very proud of what he has accomplished. He got further then many other have and made some real good money more then most will make in their lives. Plus he can go over seas play make some cash or even go into scouting or coaching. It’s funny the reason you don’t see 150 hitters is that they don’t belong in mlb. It’s baffling you would want that kind of hitter on your team Keep the bar low hey it’s ok

            1. I’m not related to him in any way other than I’m a Phillies fan and follow our prospects.

              I do find it extremely telling that you’ll cite small sample size if people bring up what he’s done well, but then ignore that same argument when you talk about how “bad” he is. The kid has TWENTY ONE plate appearances and you’re acting like it’s definitive and this is who he is. Why are you okay with Vierling hitting .188 in 55 PAs? Why are you okay with Schwarber hitting .210 in 243 PAs? Why weren’t you calling for Castellanos to be benched when he hit .196 for the MONTH OF MAY?

              Oh I know, were you projecting when you said I must be related? Are you a distant relative and are upset that Mickey didn’t share his signing bonus with you? That would make sense since you keep bringing up his money even though he’s making a fraction of what everyone else on the team is making. And it’s clear you don’t really care when other, even higher paid players struggle.

              You also like to conveniently forget that a huge chunk of first round draft picks (and this includes #1s) don’t ever have a MLB career if they make it there at all. The Astros had the #1 overall pick three years in a row. They definitely started strong with Carlos Correa. But how about you ask them how Mark Appel and Brady Aiken worked out? Or does draft position only matter when your initials are MM? Sorry, it’s hard for me to keep up with these pesky goal posts. They keep moving for some reason. But hey, you’re right. We could have drafted Nick Senzel. Surely you’d be okay with with a 27 year old with a career WAR of 0.1. Or maybe AJ Puk. Also 27 with 49 total innings pitched at the major league level. No wait, I’ve got it! Riley Pint! He would be your favorite player in the league, right? Or maybe you weren’t paying attention when people were speculating who the Phils should draft? Surely you were paying attention.

              Finally, you can’t claim to want him to get at-bats if you literally complain multiple times every time he gets at-bats. Regardless of the outcome. So maybe it’s time you find a new hobby. Perhaps knitting. Actually never mind, that would require patience before you could see the final result.

            2. Hahahaha Danny Boy. Yes he needs ABs so we can finally see if he can do it or not. You need to pay attention. Yes I say small sample size and he has had 64 career Major League ABs 9 hits for a whopping 141 average. And a career 250 minor league average. I say he needs ABs to show sure maybe he can show he can hit and will be our CFer. . I wish that will happen. Once again just ignore the fact I say that over and over again to give him a chance. You yourself referred to him as a AAAA hitter. You hear what you want to hear. Yes I say he needs ABs too bad you don’t understand if he gets ABs and hits he can show if he can do it. Not to hard to figure out. Yes I want him to succeed say it all the time. But you don’t want to hear that part. Though looking objectively and looking at the stats he just looks over matched. Sure it may have been a bad draft that year and who cares how other team draft picks perform. It’s the Phillies that matter.

              Oh yeah Vierling was a fifth round draft pick not a number one. He had less expectations and Vierling hit 324 in 71 ABS in 2021 and currently has a 269 career average in MLB only 119 ABS. Small sample size. Plus the team had enough faith in him to have him pitch hit the other night and he came through.

              We can just agree to disagree.

              So why don’t we pick this up at the end of the season? You can not live your life with what ifs and you can’t take away thing or cherry pick numbers. Hey Dan if you picked all the right stocks in the market you would Not have to work. Things don’t work that way you have to take the good with the bad.

              Yes I want MM to get ABs. Yes I want him to succeed.

            3. Dan
              Also Schwarber and Castellanos have both established themselves as MLB players. They were free agents whom many other teams had wanted. I had also said I think they spent too much money on them and yes said they were underperforming I also said I was not High on getting Schwarber, felt they could have used money else where. Lol hey maybe you need a hobby your evaluation of MLB and baseball talent is just not there.

              And I have been saying the same thing you are about MM this whole time that It’s a small sample size in his performance. He needs to play and ABs either here or AAA to show what he can do and how he can perform. Then if he gets ABs you can look at the numbers and judge him fairly. To me based on what I see from him so far I would be happy if he hit 220-240 in MLB or 260 + in AAA.

              The Phillies have been a 500 team for years and have not made playoff since 2011. And I love this team. I feel I am patient.

              Also like I have said before I hope I am wrong about him and would love if he succeeds and would be more then happy to admit I am wrong and I hope he turns into a hitter and player

              I doubt you would admit you were wrong. Have a nice day enjoy your weekend.

  90. I am no herrera fan and I think that a player whos BA and OBP are essentially the same is never a good thing, but gotta give it to the guy, hes hot right now so keep playin him. Eventually I do want to see what moniak can do full time. Hes 23 and i have not given up hope that he can be a ML starter. Put it this way: if i were another teams gm, Id be trying to catch teh Philies underestimating him and getting him in my org for cheap

  91. hard to really complain about anything right now. going to the ballpark tonight and real excited, i was there last friday when this started so im hoping i dont bookend the streak. Gallen is a real good pitcher but so is Burnes and they handled him. The approach yesterday was beautiful. Maybe not for those who hoped to watch a game in 3 hours, but they just made Burnes, a Cy Young candidate, just throw pitches until he had to be pulled, then they did the rest of the damage to the pen. If they can get Gallens pitch count up early, it doesnt matter how well he does, hell be out after 6.

  92. Couple Phillies items and couple kid items.
    Watching Didi’s quest for cycle they showed Phillies list. Not a long list of guys. But my guy Johnny Callison hit for the cycle in 1963. I modeled my stance after him. I also whenever possible got his autograph bat. Not quite as easy in mid 60s. I am not really sure how I got to see him some on TV. Must have been in 64 on the Game of the Week a few times with Dizzy and Pee Wee. That was the only TV game we got in Indiana. Callison held his bat and hands high kind of like Trout was doing last week in Philly.

    2nd Phillies. I put on Bosox and Angels for a few minutes last night. Pivetta was pitching. Announcers said he has done well his last 5 or 6 starts. But then I saw scroller of Braves game. I knew they were going well also but did not realize they have now won 8 in a row. Phillies have actually lost ground to them during this 7-game streak. Wow.

    Matt and Romus and Vi. Kid Mustang team has tough go ahead. 2-0, But 10 seed. Top 16 make championship round. Play #! today. Kid beat them last year. But I doubt he pitches. Injuries. Top catcher has herniated disc in back-out. #3 pitcher in shorts all week. Wisdom teeth. May or may not play this weekend. If both teams throw off today, they risk missing cut.
    13 teams 2-0. Most runs given up is 7 by 13th team. Runs against is 1st tie break after wins.
    Plus, they play 12:45 game in middle of day so no way of knowing what is required. If you have late game, you know what is needed to qualify. Travel ball perils. Then you only need 4 wins Saturday and Sunday.

  93. Wishing him and his team the best, Don. I will keep my fingers crossed. How’s your Grandson been hitting? I meant to ask you the other day, with so much conflict between his Baseball and Basketball schedules, when does he have to choose one, and am I correct to assume that it would be Baseball? When I was a kid, and dinosaurs roamed the earth!, there was not the travel ball like there is today, so the best HS athletes played 3 sports throughout HS. Now, it’s like 1 sport can be a full time commitment.

  94. Thanks Matt. He is not hitting well since he got hit on the left wrist last week. Pitching and defense have been fine. Back to SS on this team. He wears a brace, so I know it is still bothering him. Got hit flush on bone of the left wrist. Pretty decent fastball. Coach thought x-ray might be good, but he chose not to do that. He is a tough kid.

    He is at a 3A school in Indiana. Most likely he will start on basketball team as well. 4A is the big schools. Really good question on the two sports. Baseball is favorite but he is around 6’2″ now and very rangy and gangly. He might get 6’5″ or so. I guess I would say Baseball. They had exit interviews and Baseball coach told him he expects him to be #2 guy pitching next Spring as a Sophomore. But he is a really good shooter in basketball as well. Just have to wait and let things play out.

    I was back in the dinosaur’s day. I quarterbacked an undefeated football team. Held the football scoring records for 30 years. I scored 38 points against the 1970 Mr. Basketball and state runner-up team from Carmel. I hit a home run off an MLB pitcher Tommy Underwood. All of these took place during high school years. I told people when I taught for 30 some years at Carmel that I was not sure I would have liked what sports had become. My order was Baseball, Basketball, Football. But I was only 5’10”.

    It is really hard for kids to play more than one sport today. Even at his school there is a constant tug of war between the coaches. I am sure Basketball guy was not happy he did not go to Purdue for a team camp yesterday. During Summer, Baseball is 1st for him. Both run concurrent for 6 straight weeks so he goes to Basketball when he can.

    1. Yes, Tommy played for Kokomo about a half hour North of me. Played various times against him. He was a year younger. His brother Pat also made it to the big leagues. He actually probably was a little better than Tommy.

      The ProX facility at Grand Park was funded by Tom Thacker another Kokomo kid who played in the big leagues. My son played against him growing up. Thacker was another lefty.

      When kid got hit on left hand in Mid-April, it took him a couple weeks to get back to swinging very well. We will have to see this time His left hand and wrist have taken a beating so far this year.

  95. Here is the rest of the Phillies schedule and how I hope they’d do versus each opponent:

    Arizona 6 games win 4
    Miami 15 games win 8
    Wash 19 games win 13
    Texas 2 games win 1
    CHI 6 games win 4
    SD 4 games win 2
    ATL 15 games win 7
    STL 7 games win 4
    TOR 4 games win 2
    PITT 7 games win 5
    CIN 7 games win 4
    SF 3 games win 2
    HOU 3 games win 1
    NY 7 games win 4

    If my math is correct, that means there are 105 games remaining and if they win 61 of those games, they would go 61-44 the rest of the way and end the season at 89-73.

    Think they can do it?

    1. ciada… that would almost get mine and Hinkie pick of 90 wins. I am all in for that.
      Hope you are right.

    2. These projections vs each team are fairly realistic if the Phillies were to play consistently good baseball the rest of the way, but we should assume they will have at least one more lull in W’s, and we can’t really predict when that will happen. And when a team is not playing well, then any team can beat them. So, assuming they have another hot streak applies equally. But injuries, personal slumps, etc leave a mediocre ball club grasping for whatever they can hang their hopes on. And ours.

  96. Matt – I got to see Underwood pitch for the Yankees in Anaheim on August 24,1980 against the Angels. It was his second year with NY. After a stellar season the year before, he only pitched nine games for them in ’80 and was 1-4. The Yankees won the game 4-2 but Underwood was removed after 4.1 innings. Talk about a soft tossing lefty. Lou Pinella went 3-4.

  97. Romus…you will like this. Yesterday the ump for the game was from Chicago. Kind of ego driven. But he checked the pitchers’ hands like the MLB umps do. He must be a wanna be. That was the first I had ever seen that at this level.

    1. That is so absurd.
      I guess he figured some kids will tack up their fingers.
      Though, willing to bet, opposing managers had made the suggestion.

  98. I have never seen that ever before. No the coaches did not. He checked each kid.
    Kids won today 8-6. Sit 4 now at 3-0 but some other 2s may move ahead. Team that was 1 fell to 15. They may not make top 16. Just so few runs being scored.

    1. Your Grandson’s team playing today, Don? If so, wishing for a big W! They put up an 8 spot. Isn’t that a pretty good amount of Runs to count towards the overall standings?

  99. Ryan Sherriff began his rehab last night in Clearwater. He struck out the side on 13 pitches. Even though it was against low A batters, it’s a start.

    Gotta believe that Norwood will be sent down (if he passes waivers). Sherriff is 32 years old while Norwood is only 28 so you I can see why the Phils might hate to lose him.

    1. ciiada…….IMO, age , when it comes to releivers is not very important…..since majority of relievers within a team’s latest bullpen make-up , ‘live’ year to year anyway. Their motto could be….Have Ball, Will Travel

  100. I heard an interview with Todd Zolecki the other day in which he expressed incredulity that Morales isn’t with the big club.

    1. Before the implosion yesterday? Zolecki really has not been looking at his stuff and command and usage. He has good stuff, poor command. He has never relieved before this year. He has never pitched on back to back days as a pro. He has pitched with only 1 day rest only once (and gave up a run that day). He is just not close to being ready for a major league role. Development takes time even if the surface stats are good.

    2. The best thing for the bullpen right now is Connor Brogdon getting back to form. He gives them another trustworthy late-inning guy while Morales is obviously not there yet.

      Also I wonder what’s up with Sam Coonrod; he was supposed to start throwing live BP a few weeks ago but he’s not ready for a rehab assignment yet. He would be a help if he pitches like he did last season.

  101. Really nice of the Phillies to bring the little guy and his buddies from Sunday to the park today and meet some players and just interviewed on broadcast. Maybe he needs to be at all ball games. Just put a 5 spot on the board. Nice work kiddo.

  102. Naturally, an 8 game winning streak will give you good vibes, but what a difference a new presence at the helm can make. Thomson has steadied the ship, the players have more defined roles, especially the bullpen, the young players have a vote of confidence in that they’ll be given playing time to prove their worth. And the veterans can rest easy that the manager won’t be a hard head set in his ways. Charlie Manuel was by no means tactical genius, with or without a binder, but the players played for him. You can put Albert Einstein in the dugout, but it’s not very likely his team will be successful. Brian Snitker is a prime example of a low profile guy who knows the game, and more importantly knows what works for the roster he has to work with, and not imposing his years long philosophy onto a team like a square peg in a round hole. Hopefully, Thomson understands the same way.

  103. Looks like Ethan Lindow is coming around ..excellent effort last night.
    Abel continues to progress very well also with a very nice performance
    O’Hoppe HR number 13….possibly soon will be at LHV…may catch Hall for the lead in the minors…and Johan Rojas…last 10 games, 38 PAs…..slashing 324/.342/.460..he seems to have found his groove at the plate…and with 28 steals so far this season.

  104. Do you notice how Romus sneaks Hall’s name into almost every post. Only kidding!

    Gibson is drained after five or six innings so don’t let him start an inning after the sixth.

    1. I haven’t looked into it too much, but I’d be curious if it’s fatigue or hitters getting familiar with him.

      Either way, there should be sufficient data to find out when he typically starts to “lose it” and have a quick hook when he gets to that point.

      1. danK….with low velo RHPs, that third time thru the lineup is very telling….hitters actually do a lot better.
        One study:
        PA#1: 91 OPS+
        PA#2: 101 OPS+
        PA#3: 117 OPS+
        PA#1: 4.08
        PA#2: 4.20
        PA#3: 4.57
        Now you do have to take into account…..a pitcher facing a team the third time through is guaranteed to face the better hitters on the team (top of the lineup first) and unlikely to face the weaker hitters on a team the third time through

    2. Ciada…guys showed graph last start that it is actually his 4th inning that has been really bad. Think it was 12 runs and then he gave up some that game. Last night Tom made reference that he made it through 4th scoreless. That has not happened much. I think Tom said last start only once he had pitched 7th but I could be wrong there.

      Did you guys see the kid on the 4-wheeler. That is good PR by the Phillies.
      Also Kruk having the kid show him his autograph. Kruk said his Mom told him if he signed an autograph make it legible so the person can read it. Most do not.

  105. Roman Quinn fans……. if you didn’t catch it, he caught on with the Royals on a minor league deal.

  106. Liked how Thomson brought Dominguez into game to stop the 7th inning rally yesterday. Key point in game. Of course, can’t say for sure that Girardi would have brought in Familia or someone else at that moment but like others have questioned his use of the bullpen.

  107. A little under the radar right now – Andrew Schultz since May 1: 11 IP, 2 ER, 17Ks, 2 BBs

    His overall numbers are still bad because of a tough April but he was coming off of a long injury layoff. This is a guy who was drafted with the potential to be a high leverage reliever/closer if he could harness his control.

  108. I considered the Familia signing a bad addition at $6M. He signed a 3 year contract for $30M right before that. Mets fans weren’t happy. But how happy can Dodgers fans be paying David Price $32M to be a mop up pitcher.

    Fortunately for L.A. the Red Sox are paying half of that this year and the two previous years. Which brings me to: How unhappy are the Red Sox fans knowing that they are paying half his salary? Long term salaries and signings are nuts.

    1. ciada…..lest we forget, to get Mookie Betts, Price had to be included in that 2020 trade….Dodgers did get the Red Sox to pony up half of Price’s remaining salary.

      1. Soon as we mention hoskins, He hits two homers, WOW, Romus it must cost you a lot going to game in gas, Driving that big Ram truck from Bucks county

        1. rocco……I like to see him do that again 🙂
          LOL……did not go to a game yet….may not this season…gave tix away.

          1. i know its hard for you, m8 living on your 8 million dollar net worth, now that you retired

  109. Vierling playing 2B today. Didi has been playing great since he got back from the IL. Is he sitting because it’s a day game after a night game? Or did he re-injure something?

    1. Interesting. I’m not a Vierling guy but I’ll take him over Kingery. I haven’t seen anything about Didi being injured so I’m guessing they’re just easing him back a little.

    2. Matt, I thought I detected him showing a little discomfort on that double play ball where the runner went into him at 2nd base and he needed to go over top of him. Whether that aggravated something, It is just speculation on my part.

  110. See Vierling has played a few games at 1B and 3B but looking back can not find any time at 2B even at Notre Dame.

  111. One of the differences, between Schwarber and Harper is that Schwarber basically has one swing where as Harper adjusts to the count. It will fun to watch if they push each other to 40 plus homers.

    1. Family feuds always sticky and messy.
      Not sure Dave D likes what he hears.
      O’s threatening to move to Nashviile means someday Dave D cannot get a franchise off the ground there.
      But it may be just an empty threat from one of the brothers.
      of course if Angelos decides to move.. he becomes to Baltimore fans as the next hated owner after Bob Irsay.
      Irony of it all…..this year is 30th anniversary of Camden Yards opening.

      1. Baltimore stole my Browns. What goes around, comes around. But I don’t believe teams, especially ones with a rich history, should be allowed to move. And my oldest son lives in Baltimore now.

        1. They had an effort years ago to keep the city’s team’s ‘logo’ name with that original city even though the owners decided to move to another state..
          Not sure that ever went through… in point… NFL Raiders are the Vegas Raiders.

      2. Yeah, you are right very messy………but if there is a sellout, you got to love that lucrative ROI, that should ease a lot of the pain in the family breakup.

  112. Matt and Romus.
    Mustangs win 5-0. Kid throws a 5 hit shutout. 91 pitches. 63 strikes. 5 Ks. 1 BB. 1st batter.
    He had 2 hits and drove in a run and his spot scored. Allow courtesy runners for pitcher and catcher when they get on. So they go to final 8 but pitching now becomes and issue. Only one elite pitcher left and he has been in shorts all week after wisdom teeth. All other top guys have been used.

    Bulls have one team left out of 3. Mustangs 1 out of 4. Those are the 2 best travel teams in Indiana. Both have 4 teams.

    Guys you will like this. GP under the concession behind home plate they have a screen that shows all the info on the pitch the kid has just thrown. You can sit there and watch each pitch.
    Kid was 74-76. Top at 77. Breaking pitches consistently at 67-68. He has a really good curveball. I had not seen that till today. Usually sit behind home plate. This also right behind home plate in shade for us old guys.

    Matt you asked hitting. He hit really well yesterday and today. Hand seems to be fine now.
    Thanks for asking.

    Let’s hope Philies can get 9 in a row. I do believe the little kid needs to be a fixture. Phillies score a lot when he is on the tube. This will be something he will never forget. Said he was a 2nd grader. Good for him. Great for the Phillies.

    1. That’s cool, Don. The kids love getting those readings! PerfectGame events also record velo at each tournament. Bunch of the kids on my younger son’s HS freshman team played their first one over Memorial Day weekend. I got a visual representation of why my kid didn’t get a lot of innings this Spring, lol! — one kid topped at 83 (and was up to 85 in a tournament last weekend), another 82, a third 81. HS team should be pretty good in a few years!

    2. Don…great news….wow, they have all that electronic stuff going on.
      I bet that was fun watching all the pitches and the velo readings.
      Hope your grandson keeps it going.

      1. Romus…they are out of top line pitchers. Must win 3 tomorrow. Maybe others are as well. Mustangs have one really good lefty, but he has been in shorts all week because of wisdom teeth.
        Grandson threw 91 today. He is done.
        Pitcher yesterday threw 95. He is done.
        Thursday threw 123. He is done
        Wednesday threw 78. Maybe for tomorrow.
        All the rest kind off will need to do it with mirrors.
        Romus..I was watching the game but would glance back from time to time.
        Kid on other team was right at 78 most of the game. Little bit faster.
        Romus…if you just want to fool around go to the Bulls site. It is amazing what all is there. Here is another for you. I spoke with the ump at the ESPN field before game yesterday. He was same as last Saturday. I asked if he went home to Virginia. He said no and then said he will be here all Summer. Someone Bullpen tourneys are paying him well. I do know Bullpen foots there lodging.

  113. It was really cool for me. It is on a monitor set up under the overhang of the concession This showed the speed and spin rates and some other things as well. I need to check it out more tomorrow. I had never seen it before at Grand Park. I did notice the other day guys setting something up, but I did not know what it was. Grandson has played at Grand Park since he was. 8. I love that it is about 15 minutes from my house

    Romus threw the link for the Grand Park and Indiana Bulls site. This is a beautiful facility.
    My grandson just finished his freshman. He and 3 other freshmen started for the Varsity team all season. His team should be really good next few years as well.

  114. I have a question for those of you in the know. Is there like a league mandate that any time the Phlliles win the Braves must win as well. I am only kidding but this is unbelievable that they are now at 10 wins in a row.

    On a positive the Phillies are now over .500. We need to hope they continue to leave that number in the rear-view mirror/

    1. This streak has shown the Phillies team we thought we had in 2022 — very strong starting pitching, great hitting (w/power), and defense and bullpen that could be passable.

      Maybe it’s just a complete coincidence, but kudos to DD on making the managerial change!

  115. I agree WestCoast. Baseball is so weird. Last week the kids looked like they had not played any and I think many had not played much. My grandson played 30 Varsity games but only kid to do so. But look so much better. Almost like watching the Phillies 2 weeks ago to now.
    His team has 5 top line pitchers but tough for them to win since you must win 6 or 7 games in like 3 or 4 days.

  116. Sanchez in the ninth, I would never do that with three batter rule,If it was real baseball i would, soon as he gave up a hit he would be done, old school, but when you hot it works, good job

  117. WC Phan – Phillies have made 3 errors during the streak and 2 of them came in 1 game. That’s 7 errorless games in the last 9.

  118. Rocco – When Sherriff is ready, he’ll replace Sanchez. He’s pitched back to back scoreless innings (in low A). Falter also pitched 7 innings of 2 run ball last night at LHV. He’ll be up for the DH on Friday.

    1. Ciada The point i was trying to make is, with the three batter rule, which I hate, You cant put in a guy who is marginal, cause it he gets in trouble up 4 your ace might come in with base loaded no outs, it a bad rule, I Hope they change it, At least make it after eighth inning no three batter rule

  119. Here is a perfect example of a good vs bad manager. Yesterday, Familia comes in, gets 2 outs and looks like it may be a solid outing for him. Not so fast. Granted, some of it was unlucky, but before you knew it bases were loaded. Joe 100% keeps Familia in under the “hes a vet, ill let him see his way out of his own mess” mantra. Thompson doesnt give the players that kind of entitlement due to their status and/or salary. He went out and got him and Bellatti got out of the inning.

    He was not afraid to take out the big money free agent for the guy nobody even blinked when they signed because the situation called for it. Loved that.

  120. Ben Brown – 6 IP, 1 R, 2 H, 0 BB, 11 K’s – 84 pitches – 60 strikes ( 71 % )

    Dudes coming along big time lately. Color me intrigued.

    1. Can also add Falter and Jean Cabrera to the list of pitchers in the org who did well last night.
      Johan Rojas looks like he has turned the corner in June, ala Schwarber….two more hits…in his 11 games in June hitting .341….14 for 41…hits all games but 2 of those 11.
      The warm weather agrees with him.

    2. It’s still a fairly small sample but that’s 5 straight pretty dominant starts. 44 strikeouts to 3 walks in that span. He could see Reading this year.

        1. Your son looks like a natural ball player ! Enjoy every minute of these years – they really go by fast

          1. Thanks. I try to enjoy it all. Good days and bad. Baseball is such a roller coaster but I love every minute with both boys.

  121. v1 – Your boy kind of looks like Jeff Bagwell up there. Get some youtube tape of Bagwell so he can see the similarities.

  122. Before the thread ends, I want to give a shout out to eastern Connecticut baseball and softball. I live a mile from the new UConn complex and got to see the men and women play a lot this spring. The women won the Big East regular season but lost to Villanova in the Big East tournament and weren’t among the 64 teams for the NCAA tournament. I got to about a dozen games.

    The UConn men won both the Big East conference and tournament. They were a 3 seed in the regional and went on to beat Maryland, the host team. Now, they are playing in Palo Alto and beat Stanford, number 2 in the country, last night in the first Super Regional game. They led 13-6 into the bottom of the ninth and held on for a 13-12 win. The Cardinal hit EIGHT home runs in the game. I got to see 7-8 games during the season.

    The Eastern Connecticut State University, my alma mater, baseball team won the division 3 World Series this past week. I live about 8 miles from the complex. They won the Little East title, swept through the conference tournament, the 6 team regional, the super regional, and the World Series. They ended up with a record of 49-3. This is their 5th title. Steve Bedrosian pitched for them back in the early nineties.

    The ECSU women also won their conference title, swept through their conference tournament championship, lost the first game in the regional, and swept the super regional. They lost the first game at the World Series, won the next two, and were eliminated in the next game. I was fortunate enough to see all the tournament games played here as I did with the men. They ended up being ranked number two in the country and finished 44-7. I’m a proud alum.

    1. How on earth do you go 49-3, i dont care how much of a talent differential there is between you and the other teams, that is still ridiculous haha!

  123. Nice hit, v1, by your Son. Really sweet stroke! Don, thrilled your Grandson pitched so well. Thanks to you both for keeping us in the loop, I enjoy it! Kudos to Vierling for his really nice defense yesterday at 2B. Question? Is this thread going to shut down, or will we be able to post here?

    1. read this too and not really sure why if knebel has still arm, sanchez is the guy going down? Sanchez has shown me enough stuff-wise that Id like to see him hang around for awhile

  124. Romus – I don’t think Broadhurst will be drafted but some team will sign him. His defense at third base is not that good. Check the stats on ECSU’s John Mesagno. He plays LF, hits for power and is a good defender. He’ll sign as an undrafted free agent. The team they beat in the super regional, Rowan University, has a good big catcher named Hunter Wroniuk. He should be another undrafted signing somewhere.

    1. ciada…hah…..Rowan, …..south Jersey school
      I think that is cross-checker Hinkie’s scouting area.
      He may already have eyes on the kid….. 😉

  125. Well, if we were going to end the streak, do it in spectacular style, showcasing every wart that got us 8 under to start. Terrible D, Awful ABs, kerosene BP, shaky SP. it was all on display. They need to just wipe this game out of their minds and win this next series.

  126. Fifth inning, down 4-1 and the Phillies load the bases with one out. Castles and Realmuto both strike out. There is the game right there. Realmuto goes 3-4 but Ks in his biggest at bat.

    1. Looks like the parent club and the four Philly farm teams will take it on the chin today.
      Johan Rojas is still smokin’…two more hits today with a HR.
      Ethan Wilson and Aussie Rix Wingrove also continue to mash.

      Andrew Painter’s Hi-A debut is a little different than his CLW debut….it is a good learning lesson for him.

      1. Wingrove starts the season smashing the ball, then fades, lets see if this season is different

      2. Since this is last day of Open Discussion, If you need to get in touch with Romus, you can send your carry pigeon to his roof top, he raises pigeon,

          1. You are “cunning”, tricking us into thinking we are eating capon, when it’s squab camouflaged by Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy! You’ll never get that by Rocco, he’s much too savvy for that trick!

            1. ……besides, I could never send my precious carrier, “Alfie” into that hostile environment.

  127. I know it’s all good I am just messing around. Yeah stinks they went down like that. I am worried about Miami they always have issues with that team.

  128. I know it’s all good I am just messing around. Yeah stinks they went down like that. I am worried about Miami they always have issues with that team.

  129. “Momma said there would be days like this.” Start a new winning streak tomorrow..

  130. In case this is the final day for Open Discussion I just want to say thanks to all of you who have made this so much fun. I found the site years ago and checked the post over the years. A year and a half or so ago I got the courage to make a post. I had no idea how I would be accepted or not. But everyone has been so nice. I think all know by now I have been a Philies fan since the Johnny Callison, Jim Bunning, Chris Short days long ago.

    Matt13, Romus, Vi, WestCoast and anyone else who has accepted the comments on the young kid. Thanks. A final update on the week for the Mustangs. Lost this morning in the quarter finals. Team ran out of pitchers and literally ran out of players. Hard to figure. Team began with 15 but 2 decided recently not to play. 4 are hurt already. Back, teeth, ankle, arm.
    13-4 = 9. Leading 2-1 in bottom of 5th kid running to 1B is tossed on a bizarre call. Last 2 innings only 8 kids available and of course ball found that space. But 4-1 for the weekend. That is about as good as they can do with kids they have. Two of semi teams were teams they played. Beat one. Lost this morning Still lots of fun to watch. Hopefully some can get healthy before Wednesday. Matt13 it is Nashville. 5 games in 5 days but just a showcase no elimination. Hopefully that helpf.

    Thanks again guys and I still hope the Phillies can get to 90 wins. I think that will make playoffs. If no longer have a great Summer. Finally, Jim thanks again for all you have done to make this happen over the years. I have enjoyed.

  131. Don, Hoping you have a great time in Nashville! If we stretch things a bit and consider your Grandson and v1’s Son as prospects, maybe we could be able to get updates through one of the prospect threads? I know why Jim is shutting down the GD thread, wish he didn’t feel it was necessary, but I would still like to know how everyone is doing.

    1. Matt, I am not going to Nashville. I actually have to start working this week. The wife and I have concessions we do at fairs and festivals during Summer and Fall here in Indiana. We had 3 but sold 1 this Spring. Still have 2. We start one of the fairs this week. Kind of June thru October. I may catch a game now and then of the kid but mostly on Game Changer now.

      The Trackman analysis is pretty cool at GP. It does every pitch. I took some pics so I could list if anyone wants to know. Some I am sure already do. But speed, spin rate was a couple I remember. I think there are like 8 things it shows.

      Funny your comments on the kids. I think maybe both have a nice future ahead. There are so many things that can happen, and both are still very young. My grandson goal right now is to get the chance to play in colllege down the road. But if he grows another 3 or 4 inches he may lean more to basketball. He has 3 more years to see what happens and hopefully can avoid injuries.

      Take care. You are so nice. Good luck to Vi and son as well. It is a fun time.

  132. It was pleasure reading you guys, thank you for sharing knowledge and comedy with me.

    1. all i can see is the box score:for this Jersey Shore start: 3 innings pitched, 3 earned runs, 3 walks, 4 SO definitely not dominant, but not completely atrocious!

  133. Player Highlights

    Rixon Wingrove Age 22 now playing in high A Jersey Shore. His last 28 days 353/431/1.019 OPS

    K rate is a lofty 34% but if you want a silver lining his BB rate is 10%

    Hao Yu Lee 33 Ks to 23 BBs he’s just 19 and carrying an 857 OPS is giving me every reason to be excited he can play at the MLB level. This is what they look like.

    On the pitching side I believe Abel and Painter are a legit 1-2 punch in 2-4 years.

    And I think it appears Lindow was moved to Lakewood after 4 starts in Reading to convert to a BP arm. So far so good .94 WHIP 13.7 K/9

    1. DMAR… far no update on H.Y. Lee’s injury after getting HBP on Tuesday May 31st, assume he is healing ….still on IL, .shame, last inning of that game when it happened..

    2. DMAR, not sure about your comment on Lindow. He started at Lakewood in the bullpen and then moved to Reading where he has started the last four games.

      In his 4 starts, he’s averaging about a K/inning … he had one really bad start that has inflated his ERA, in the other 3 he was at least decent.

  134. This is just for anyone like me. I do not know all the analytics on Trackman screen. I also do not know how to post pic from my Android phone to here so I will just list. There are 9 items.
    1. Release speed. MPH
    2. Exit speed. MPH
    3. Bearing. Degrees. No idea on my part.
    4. Spin Rate. RPM. Grandson has a really high spin rate on his pitches.
    5. Horizontal Break. Inches.
    6. Distance. Feet-Inches. Not sure. Maybe stride or where lead foot lands.
    7. Induced Vertical Break. Inches.
    8. Exit Angle. Degrees. No idea on my part.
    9. Vertical Release. Degrees.

    All the diamonds in the complex have Trackman attached to concession and then the monitor underneath where anyone can look at it between pitches. For those who already know all of this just bear with me and those who may think this is kind of cool. Just adds another feature.

    Only thing I know is the grandson ball moves a lot and he is able to miss barrels most of the time. He is not the hardest thrower. Topped at 78. A kid on team they beat Friday topped at 84 yesterday on same diamond. So same machine. I have no idea how accurate Trackman is but kind of fun to check out. I tend to watch the field but some behind were talking about some of the items.

  135. Roster composition of the big club is very interesting, I think. No backup infielder save for Vierling. His experience at 2b, though he made it through the game unscathed, appeared like an outfielder to me playing 2b. How long can they carry the extra pitchers?

    1. Skeet….do you think Girardi would have played Vierling at 2B?
      Perhaps Thomson is a little more of a risk taker and goes by his gut reaction, knowing Vierling is a very good athlete and has been in the infield before, though limited at 3B and 1B.
      The most difficult part of 2B…is making the pivot at the bag on the double play.
      That he may have difficulty with.

      1. No, I don’t think Joe would have done that. I think Thomson looked at his roster and thought maybe Vierling can do it in an emergency and then became pro-active and stuck him in there for a game to see if he could.

        I believe Thomson is more inclined to think outside of the box. All those years of being a bench coach and thinking, would I have done it that way or what if I did it this way instead might be surfacing now that he has the opportunity.

        1. Skeet…..I can see that.
          He may be one of those managers who does think outside of the analytical Cracker Jack box.
          When those type of maneuvers work he looks like a genius::when they don’t, oh boy, , the wrath of the fans will come down on him.

  136. Just a quick FYI. CBS Power Ranks.
    Mets -2
    Phillies-14. That is up 3 spots from last week.
    We can hope they can continue this climb.
    One of the things that strikes me so weird with baseball is last 2 Phillies games.
    Basically, same players on the field for both teams.
    One team wins 4-0.
    Another team wins 13-1. less than 24 hours later.

    1. Don, everything that we do wrong was on display. And, I know this seems minor after a 13-1 drubbing. But, Ranger got ahead of the lead off hitter 0-2, who happens to be hitting about a buck 65. He then walks him. I hate that nibbling around. That started things off on a real negative. Be aggressive and throw a Pitch right by him. Don’t nibble, hoping he swings at something in the dirt or over his head. The guy is hitting .165. Then, we can’t catch the ball, or we don’t have game awareness, so don’t tag the runner going to 3rd running right by you! Don’t know before the ball is hit what you are going to do? So, hesitate and get no one out. Little things that should be ingrained in Ballplayers from Little League. And, Castellanos “hasn’t felt right all year”? What is going on with him? He should start by not swinging at pitches down and away or just plain away, 2 feet off the plate. 11 BBS! Alvarado clearly didn’t get his command back, maybe he needs another month at LHV? Add all that up, and you get a 13-1 disaster, after a 4-0 game.

      1. All good points. I have gone over with grandson over and over regardless of where you are playing to anticipate the ball coming to you and you know before it does what you are going to do. He is so smart that rarely does he make a bonehead play. But he did Saturday. A really high pop up halfway down the 1B line. He knows that is !B ball every time hit that high. Both go over and semi collide but !B held on. His Dad was so pissed he went over to dugout. Jarrett said !B kept saying all the way in “yours Jarrett” over and over and then at last second said “mine”. But they did catch it.

        The area with Nick I have been most bothered is his failure to hit the cut off man most of the time. Several games early on he gave teams extra runs and bases simply by that failure. That is another Little League teaching.

  137. Really hoping Jim reads the comments in here and decides to keep the discussion going. In the event that he doesnt, does anybody here post in any good Phillies discussion forums? Reddit?

  138. I echo all the comments thanking Jim for the forum. Hopefully we can continue in some way. Maybe restrict it to comments on minor leaguers rather than the Phillies overall? It just seems like a good place to discuss prospects (and the previous night’s game in absence of a daily thread). Thanks again for this place to talk.

    1. Just heard that 4.44 pm The open discussion will go to test pattern, good bye all

  139. Any updates down on the farm? Seems like our top 11 is really heating up, excluding Crouse and Garcia.

  140. Can we just keep commenting here? The scrolling is cumbersome but it’s better than nothing

  141. They just did what many of us have been asking for for awhile now: Norwood DFA’ed

    Michael Kelly called up tho, not Appel. Little disappointed, wanted to see Appel get his shot, but hopefully its coming. Kelly is a pretty good story in his own right; finally makes it to the bigs

    1. Yeah, not sure why Appel won’t get a chance. He can’t be any worse than Nelson!

      1. If I had to venture a guess, they chose Kelly instead of Appel because they have a couple relievers coming off the injured list soon (Coonrod, Romero, Sherriff, etc.) and Kelly would pass through waivers as soon as he’s DFA’d, while Appel would likely be claimed.

  142. On Kelly:

    The 28-year-old was selected No. 48 overall by the Padres back in 2011, though he’s never made it to the majors. He spent the 2018 season in the Orioles organization before pitching in independent ball in 2019.

    Interesting story. You could definitely tell in the spring that the team sees something here; they pitched him with the ML team more than I expected. Well see what hes got.

  143. Nikau Pouaka-Grego is really hitting in the FCL. Won’t turn 18 until September. 25 AB’s and only 2 k’s. Ten hits with four doubles.

  144. Dodgers may be in the market for another starter ….Walker Beuhler is out with flexor strain for three months….which is usually a precursor for something more ominous, and he has already have had one TJ in 2015.
    For the Dodgers…next man up….assume Bobby Miller and Ryan Pepiot move up the rung.

  145. James Norwood has been DFA and Michael Kelly has been selected to take his place. Marchan has been taken off 60 day and optioned to LHV.

  146. I see that LHV has 4 starters and they are all left handed with right handed Hans Crouse on IL.

  147. Appel’s ERA is half what Kelly’s is but he has only struck out 19 in 23 innings. Kelly has struck out 27 in 18 innings. I guess they’d rather have the power pitcher. Tough going tonight against Alcantara.

  148. Longtime reader, rare poster. No open discussion, no minor league forums for a Few weeks. I guess this site is dead now. Where will everyone be going for discussion? Enjoy reading the posters comments here. Would like to continue. Thanks

    1. The lack of daily minor league threads is baffling. I agree it seems like the site is being abandoned. I hope not. Would be great to get an update on the plans.

      Jim – if you don’t want to run the site anymore, maybe see if one of the regulars wants to take it over. I nominate Hinkie. You can still keep control. Just add Hinkie as an Admin.

      1. Yeah, exactly. Jim, who I have nothing but respect for considering all hes done for the site til now, comes out with his big post about how were not going to do the Phillies weekly discussions anymore. Fine, a lot of us expressed our desire to keep the thread and asked him to reconsider, but if he wants this to be a minor league discussion site only, thats cool,

        But then, you know, post minor league discussions. There is enough interest overall here and enough regular posters that letting the site die would be a huge shame. if Jim has do desire or time to do this anymore, that is 100% cool and understandable, but I hope he would pass the reigns on to somebody who does. Just like when Matt W decided he couldn’t do this anymore, so he passed it on to Jim

      2. A new draft post was added yesterday, so not sure I’d say the site has been abandoned.

        We just need to wait for Jim to communicate what, if anything, this site will be moving forward.

      1. Adequate, had 1 nice play that stood out. Fielded a swinging bunt that he didn’t have a chance on and had the presence of mind not to do anything with it. Other than that I would deem it ordinary.

  149. Nice win. Good team effort. Nice job by Nola, Brogdon, and Seranthony and two big hits by Vierling and Rhys. I have to say also, that was the best job that I saw by an umpire behind the plate this year. You guys all take care!

  150. Brogdon and Seranthony might be late-inning one-two punch the Phillies have long sought.

    Hard to believe this was Rhys’ first walk-off hit. Many more to come, I hope. I really liked his comment on the post-game radio show that in the past he was either too passive or tried to do too much in those situations. Recognizing that he was too passive could be a big step forward for the guy who historically has taken too many strikes.

    1. Wonder what was going on with Brogdon in March/April. I was really worried when he was throwing 90 mph. Whatever it was, he took care of it, now he looks like the Madson-esque guy we thought he looked like at times last year.

  151. Better Thomson should sit JTR for a game, or move him down in the line-up…cannot count how many RISP he has left on base in the last 3/4 games.

  152. Agree about sitting Realmuto for a game or two but it won’t be tonight against a left handed pitcher. They already have 3-4 lefty swingers in the line up and Stubbs would just make it easier for Rogers.

    1. Yeah…..perhaps move him down 2 spots or so in the lineup.
      i know managers like that L-R-L-R combination in the hitting order, so that may mean moving a Bohm higher if he does drop JTR.

      1. How are we winning with three guys hitting under 200 at bottom of lineup and Nick C not hitting, Wonder is the better defense with vierling stott making that much of a difference?

        1. Schwarber in his Last 7 days 310/375/996 OPS out of the lead off spot is a big reason. Last 14 298/410/1.111 OPS even better.

          Then you have Stott who his hitting 280/333/890 OPS in his last 7 days.

          Combined with the outstanding pitching from Wheeler Nola and Eflin and you have your cute little winning streak.

      2. Its hard to watch JT struggle at his price tag when you know you have O’Hoppe waiting in the wings…

        Man I love Mickey and want so much for him to succeed but that K against Bass was just awful. Not that it was a K but the pitch recognition. All of those sliders or curves were pretty much balls out of the hand.

        I didn’t see much of that in ST but it seems to be rearing its ugly head up here.

        1. On the bright, the young core crop of top prospects – namely O’Hoppe, Painter, Miller, and Rojas (who I think could be quite a weapon if he can get on base) – pose to harken back 20 years of Utley, Rollins, Howard and Hamels. Pretty confident Stott will settle into his major league legs, both bat and glove (though I still think 2b is his future, especially if Trea Turner is in DD’s sites this winter). Bohm strikes me as a slightly immature kid who over time will grow wiser and power, similar to Jayson Werth, offensively, eventually at 1b.

          As for Phuture Phillies, who knows how long I or many others here will continue to post. But all in all, it’s been a good place to share our love for and frustrations over the greatest game in the world. Naturally, many thanks to Jim Peyton. It’s been real!

          1. Trea Turner……or Carlos Correa, he will probably opt-out.
            Didi comes off the books, Rhys may be moved, Segura also.

  153. This is just a weather update for you guys. Extremely hot here the next 3 days. Upper 90s with heat indexes above 105. Most likely will be your way by the weekend. Just a heads up.

  154. Bohm is pretty easy to figure out. He is a terrible fielder now and will always be a terrible fielder since he lacks instinct, range, quickness, etc. He has to hit enough so teams will put up with his terrible fielding. If Bohm was a below average fielder it would be different. There are lots of below average fielders in MLB that start. But Bohm is far below a below average fielder. so his bat needs to be outstanding. If he can’t hit well enough for 3B he sure can’t hit enough for 1B. To be determined.

  155. Moniak to AAA. Yairo Munoz up and playing 2b tonight. Segura shifted to 60 day.

    1. Infielder/outfielder, 27 years old. Bats R. Has played in majors for St Louis and Boston. That’s all I got…

        1. rocco…something spooked him two years ago…..jumped on a plane at spring training and left the Cardinals camp and flew back to the DR…..was it the COVID scare? …who knows… they released him. Not like he was a home-sick 17-year old. Though he did claim he had a hamstring issue…..but did not want to see the docs or medical staff. He also later said he was not happy maybe he wanted more playing time. Cards however were counting on him in 2020.

  156. NL – All you need to write is that you feel there’s not much of a future for Bohm with the Phillies or any other team. You don’t really need to dump on the kid for your entire paragraph. This is exactly what Mr. Jim is lamenting. We all got your drift in the first two sentences.

    1. This is ridiculous . . . These are professional baseball players. We are allowed to criticize, they aren’t children. Such a product of the time we live in with participation trophies and everyone walking on eggshells around each other worried that they’re gonna hurt someone’s feelings. No one is saying he’s a bad person, they are saying what they feel he is as a player.

      1. Eric, I Might be way off, I believe. Jim gets close to a lot of these kids families, Tells them about Phuture Phillies, Then they come on here and see there kids get blasted, its different to say his glove is not what we thought, compared to saying his gloves stinks he wont be a anything, Which i have done, and now thought about it, and realize the position it puts Jim in with people he knows and might like down there, Watching Hoskins and his glove work is not good, That attempt at a bad throw wasnt what i expect from a first basemen, He wasn’t even in the right position as i saw it, These games that should be won are the reason, the Braves and Mets are so much better, Defense and bullpen

        1. Well Rocco yes I see your point. I also blast MM at times but I also always say I wish he would succeed and alive then cf problem and as someone stated earlier not trying to be harsh be doesn’t seem to be a major league player lots of Ks
          I also agree with Eric this is a direct product of the times we live in where everyone gets a trophy and You can’t says anything to anyone with out them getting upset.
          All I know is that Jim and the players relatives should stay away from CBP lots of boos there lots of bad comments made to the players. It was so bad at CBP that a play was caught on camera saying “I hate this place”. They are much more harsh and critical of the players at the Park then here.

        2. Word craftmanship is everything LOL. Writing while emotional can have drastic consequences

          I know I’ve been guilty of it on more than a few occasions.

          Your honor I strenuously object

    2. He has a future if he can hit enough to make up for his bad fielding. Otherwise he could still have a lengthy career but will bounce around from team to team. His hitting was fine in 2020, awful last year and pretty mediocre for a 3B this year. Not sure how anybody can argue otherwise.

    3. Saying stuff about Bohm dose not upset Jim he does not seem to protect him or know his parents. It’s MM that is not allowed to criticize here.

  157. I am looking for a big night for Castellanos tonight. I know he “hasn’t felt comfortable all season”, but the day off, and a Left Handed SP tonight, I am predicting a big night. Just decided to take my crystal ball out of storage.

    1. Nice Matt. That crystal ball would melt here in Indiana. Let’s hope Phillies can put another in the W column.

  158. I thought Yairo should have been brought up a month ago. He was super utility for Cards in 2018 playing 40 games at SS, 26 at 2B, 24 at 3B and 22 in OF. He hit 8 42 .276. Not a bad year.

  159. Eflin getting smoked in the first inning, 4-0, 2 bombs, 4 hits in a row, a long night ahead.

    1. JT has over 1 WAR so far this year. That isn’t terrible. But perhaps it is a philosophical shift by the org, perhaps a personal thing, however his called game does not seem to involve changing locations and speeds between pitches.

    1. Wow, Knebel threw 16 pitches, 4 strikes. He looks scared to throw his curveball for a strike. This is a meltdown of gross proportions. He needs to be removed for Hand after this game. You can’t have a game like this and expect to keep your job.

      1. The best relievers:
        Domiguez 24 Innings, 16 hits, 7 BB, 32K, 1HR, 1HB, 16 IRS
        Brogdon 14.1 Innings, 13 hits, 5 BB, 17K, 2HR, 0HB, 11 IRS
        Hand 18 Innings, 14 hits, 10 BB, 20K, 0HR, 3HB, 17 IRS
        Sanchez 15 Innings, 12 hits, 6 BB, 15K, 2HR, 3HB, 7 IRS
        Bellatti 19 Innings, 15 hits, 10 BB, 26K, 4HR, 0HB, 16 IRS
        Knebel 25 Innings, 21 hits, 16 BB, 23K, 2HR, 1HB, 6 IRS
        Familia 22 Innings, 26 hits, 10 BB, 21K, 4HR, 0HB, 9 IRS
        Nelson 30 Innings, 28 hits, 15 BB, 29K, 1 HR, 2HB, 9 IRS
        IRS = Inherited Runners Scored (which is bad)
        Dominguez, Brogdon, Hand and Sanchez have been decent to good. If it wasn’t for the spike in walks Knebel would have been decent. Bellatti had a good start and has faltered recently with an increase in HRs. Familia has too many hits and HRs. Also Brogdon’s stats look even better if we removed his first handful of games before his demotion early on. But basically there are 3 who are dependable at this point. Even Gascan Geary was better than some we have now.
        *Bellatti, Familia, and Knebel can still flip things as they at times show promise.
        *Sanchez and Falter are backup SP, but they have decent to good control.
        *Team needs to add another RP
        *Team could add a SP too, and move Suarez back to bullpen but he has not been a bad SP and he may still take it to the next level yet.

        1. Bob…………Gascan Geary as you call him, needs to be afforded the utmost respect IMO. That was criminal what the Phillies ask him to do. He might have been the only guy to earn his salary in 2006, when he participated in 81 games that year. That is half of the year.😎

          1. His shirts were custom made after 2006. The left sleeve was 30” and the right was 36”!

  160. Agreed, Knebel is struggling. Phillies have been streaky for years now. To avoid the same mediocrity of past years they need to keep the gains of the past two weeks and keep building. The role of the trustworthy closer should go to Seranthony.

  161. The Phillies (like the Bears) are who we thought they were (plenty of offense, bad defense, and a questionable BP).


    Dombrowski/Fuld/Velandia/Kilambi need to lock themselves in a room, and redo the BP on the fly. Maybe Ryan Sherriff comes up soon, and helps. They’ll most likely have to swing a deal. Hopefully, they do that sooner rather than later.

    And … man, JT Realmuto reminds me of Roy Halladay with the way he has fallen off a cliff. Sometimes, it happens fast. He’s suddenly a shell of his old self. At one point, between the end of last night’s contest, and the start of tonight’s game, Realmuto came to bat three straight times with the bases loaded. The results: ground into DP, ground into DP, fielders choice. Then there is his defense. A couple of days ago, he botched a home to first DP when he couldn’t hold on to a throw from Ranger Suarez. That cost Ranger a run. Tonight, in the 9th inning, not only was his attempt to throw out Luke Williams on a steal feeble, but the dropped pop up was the difference from a tie game to Marlins lead/win.

      1. rocco….over a 145 game season (which he achieved once in his career in a season)…that projects out to 2.6WAR
        Good, not spectacular.

    1. Not trying to pile on JT either but I agree Hinkie something is up with him. Not only did that dropped foul ball cost them but wheel back to the AB by Chisolm…Dominguez had him 1-2 I believe

      Why call FB down the middle. He went 1st pitch change swinging strike; 2nd pitch FB up called strike. 3rd Pitch CU ball then heater down the middle

      For me last night is pretty much on Familia and then JT. Familia is cooked IMO and must go.

      Yeah we can put a heap on Knebel too but he’s just not a closer so that’s on DD.

  162. Agree, Hinkie! Realmuto has to catch that foul pop and he admits it, Hoskins deserved the error, not Bohm, and maybe, after having to sit a couple if days because of shoulder issues, Knebel shouldn’t have been back at Closer. Can’t leave out Familia’s brutal effort, giving up 3 runs after we took an 8-4 lead. He can be released today and I couldn’t complain.

      1. rocco……cannot be sent down, no options, has to be DFA and hope he clears waivers if the Phillies want to keep him in their system,
        …..which with his contract , age and recent performance will be no problem since IMO, do not expect any team to put any claims in on him.

        1. Id prefer him not stay in the system because that may tempt the organization to call him up again at some point

          1. I do think we all can agree on that.
            That decision by Dave D may have been his worst off-season move.
            A FIP of 5 for a reliever is abysmal, any way one can cut it.

            1. It was one of those signings that every single fan knew exactly how it was going to play out the second it was announced. Mets fans immediately made jokes to us on Twitter. One of those moves that make you wonder if DD has watched baseball for 3 years

            2. A FIP of 5 for a reliever is
              extremely bad; appalling.
              “the quality of her work is abysma any way one can cut it

  163. DFA Familia today. Bring up Appel. Knebel can get some work in 7th inning low leverage situations, or if hes hurt, DL him. Give JT a few days off.

    Overall the last 1.5 weeks have been good, so no reason to get super angry, but you have to start holding some of these guys accountable.

    JT is one thing, hes built enough good will over the last few years. But between the GIDPs with bases loaded and the fielding miscues, something is up there. He isnt going anywhere this year, but maybe give him a break.

    The other 2 guys, Knebel and Familia, we owe nothing. A few million of a billionaires dollars is all we owe them. They can pack their bags and get out.

    To be fair, Brogdon/Seranthony/Hand and even Belatti have been pretty good. And I am fine with Nick Nelson as the Clay Condrey guy to be honest. Bellatti really basically got out of a huge jam last night, not his fault JT had his talent stolen by the monstars out of nowhere.

    Sheriff is coming back soon. Coonrad as well. Hearing JoJo Romero is coming along too. No need to keep these guys if they are going to walk guys and give up bombs to AAA caliber players.

        1. Seriously, Romus….saw a good tweet today about how much more momentous Brad Lidge’s perfect ’08 was in retrospect. This dumpster fire should put him in the hall of fame.

  164. I think it’s quite ironic that JTR and Christian Yelich -close friends and roommates back in the day with Miami – are seeing their careers fall off a cliff. What up!

  165. Where do the Braves keep coming up with these guys. They pick ’em and groom ’em into quality major leaguers. Michael Harris is the latest. The kid comes up and the Braves get Ozuna off of the field and Duval goes to a corner where he can now concentrate on offense rather than defense.

    And to boot, they beat all of the teams they are supposed to beat. In the streak they played AZ, COL, Oak, Pit, and WS with the Cubs coming up this weedend. You know, I think I’m changing allegiances and I’ll become a Braves fan. If only I could. How could I possibly stop being a Phillies fan.

    1. Since the 90’s and the Maddux-Glavine-Smoltz-Jones days, the Braves have simply been a sound organization, consistently producing quality major league talent…a top 5 MLB club in that time span. You might say it’s in the clubhouse water cooler and air conditioning.

        1. True. Point is they are perennially relevant. Never doormats. Them, Cards, Dodgers, Yankees, Rays more recently, seem to keep themselves in the dance.

          1. Romus told me the Cardinal are consider small market get more draft picks, which is terrible

    2. Alex Anthopoulos…very underrated GM. He’s built an organization with tremendous synergy top to bottom

  166. Jayson Stark, in today’s Athletic, “in high leverage situations, Familia, 11 for 30, with 5 walks, an OBP of a robust .457, and Knebel, 13 for 45, with an unbelievable, my emphasis! 13 BBs, and a .448 OBP. The late innings are going very well for the Phils!” Again, we can look at the defense, with justification, JT HAS to catch that pop up, but the game was lost by Familia and Knebel, the 2 guys we acquired to fix a broken BP. DD needs to do much better, and this cannot wait until the end of July. I would release Familia today.

    1. No argument here Matt. I do think down the road that Seranthony and Brogdon can maybe be the back end. But still some guys needed. How do some of these teams simply find no name guys who simply get guys out late in the game. Rays!

  167. Knebel has officially lost his closer’s job as the Phillies will go with a committee. You figure that it will split between Dominguez and Hand.

  168. Guys I mentioned long, long ago that the Biggest concern for me going into the season was the BP. For some reason it seems the Phillies constantly load up on guys that very few or none of the other 29 teams want any part of for their BP. Who was beating down any of these free agent guys doors? Probably not many. I have mentioned earlier that Knebel is simply Hector 2 for the Phillies. I do not think he is the answer.

    I turned it off after top of the 7th. I had seen this movie many times before. Simply a team cannot lose a game leading 8-4 going into the last 3 innings. Simply inexcusable. For a long time I have not been a big fan of JT’s game calling. I do not know if it is him or the dugout. I did see the Seranthony pitch. But that is the 1st home run he has given up in a long time.

    A game they should have won. That is all.

      1. It is right now Dan. Hector is doing well. Even at the beginning of the season I wondered how effective Knebel would be in the long run.

  169. no harm done in the 2nd inning of today’s game but I’m pretty confident Mickey M catches that double to center field. Not that Herrera is a trash defender, but….

    1. Happy to see Mickey go to LHV, and not sulk. Just hit your way back to Philly.

      1. Nice to see, but unless I am mistaken, that was off a fastball. The issue that MM had in the majors was recognizing and hitting (or laying off) the slider/curve. We know from spring training that he can hit fastballs. He has to show that he can be productive off off-speed pitches to stick in the show.

        1. I just saw that Mitch and Kruk made the same point. I noticed this tweet after I posted mine.

          1. Dave Kingman, as I recall, was in the bigs for quite some time w/o being able to hit a fastball. But perhaps the Phillies desperately need is a good defensive player with great range in CF to make their outfield workable. Not all rookies can enter the league and bat as well as Michael Jack Schmidt did his rookie year, after all!

  170. Last night I was watching the Red Sox game and Pivetta was pitching in the eighth inning and working on his second consecutive shutout. Now, if that’s not bad enough, I’ve got to endure their play by play announcer and Dennis Eckersley speak dumbfoundedly about how the Phillies could possibly give up Pivetta AND Connor Seabold in the trade. Then, on top of it, they each mockingly added that Workman and Hembree weren’t even in MLB any more. Yes, I realize Pivetta probably was never going to be any good in Philly but as trades go, it was an embarrassment.

    1. Yes! You are totally right, Ciada! And he had that scintillating start last year. But wasn’t the usege of PIvatta with the Phils such that he was sulking and absolutely didn’t want to play for them, or at least Girardi, anymore? Though it is painful to see What Might Have Been, we got rid of Pappelbon in that trade so it will always be a winner for me, personally!

  171. Blown Saves:
    Not sure this is a relevant metric, however, Phillies are in that 20ish area
    Rays, Red Sox, Angels-13
    Braves, WSox, Cubs-11
    Padres, Rangers, Mets, Blue Jays and As-10
    Giants, Reds-9
    Yanks, Brewers, Twins, Marlins and Pirates-8
    PHILLIES….Mariners, DBAcks and Royals-7

    1. Teams with fewest Blown Saves…Baltimore and Detroit…..4
      Makes sense…..rarely have leads at the end of games.

  172. Good info Romus. It sure seems like more than 7. Just seems the Phillies have left several wins in the loss column for whatever reason.

    1. both. But only because they made a nice comeback! IMO the cup is definitely more than half full.

  173. …..okay….well it seems the Phillies may have had their hot streak of the season. Hope we all enjoyed it.

    I turned it off…is Rhys still standing at 3b?

    1. woulda had an inside the parker if he didnt star admiring his hit for the first 5 seconds

  174. Yes, mark, Bryce grounded out to 3B, so Castellanos thought that was such a great idea, he did the same, and then Didi grounded out to 2B, Rhys didn’t move an inch. Sorry, Bryce has been great, but how can he hit a ball to 3B with a runner there when he can’t with no one standing there? Castellanos still looks awful, and my crystal ball from yesterday belongs in the dumpster.

    1. the most disturbing part of the streak was not that the same players that got the prior manager fired were able to do it but that during all of it they gained absolutely no ground on the Mets and watched the Braves go on one of their own LOL

      as I write that a 9th inning rally is happening

  175. HaHa. DMAR, my wife just said she’s happy for the little guy.

    The walk off was great. The bat spike was even better!


    And … congrats to Dave Dombrowski on the under the radar trade that brought Stubbs here for last year’s 10th round draft pick Logan Cerny.

    1. Stubbs is a great story. Jayson Stark said earlier today that JT is simply playing too much, on pace to catch 140 games. I agree. Stubbs should catch 2 of the 5 games in DC this weekend, maybe 3, and have JT either DH or play 1b for one of them. I wouldn’t write him off just yet. But whoever is bringing the juice, Stubbs in this case, needs to be playing. A loss to the Marlins today would have made that 9 game winning streak a vague memory. But now 11 of 13 sounds so much better.

      1. Mark8:29 – I agree with you on J T. He plays too much. He is so banged up and tired = and he is beginning to look it. I was at the game today and Stubbs plays with alot of energy and grit. Never mind his walk off – he had a nice hit in his first AB. My buddies and I agreed – before the game – it would be good to see Stubbs play today and give J T the day off. Sometimes…even a blind squirrel finds an acorn…

  176. Great win for the home team! Let this kind of baseball continue in D.C. The Phils need to go into Washington and win 3 out of 5 at least. Four of the five would be stupendous.

    The Nationals play the Braves tonight. Thus far they are 2-3 with Atlanta, 2-8 against the Mets, and incredibly 1-8 versus the Marlins so it is imperative the Phillies do the same.

    1. In the good ole days of the ’08 team era…..Phillies fans were denied buying tix to Nationals Park when the Phllies were playing down there…..GM Rizzo said any fan from zip codes from PA and NJ could not purchase tickets…not sure about Delaware..
      I think he has rescinded that now.

      1. I remember the announcers talking about that at the time. Plus, the Nats were not very good at that time.

        1. Yeah Don,
          ……it was the embryonic stages of the Zimmerman/RendonStrasburg/Harper years
          And they were tryng to learn to win.. I was able to .get there thru my sister who lives in Alexandria VA and she purchased the tickets.

          1. Nice job Romus. Use the back door. Those were good Phillies teams to watch.
            I have always thought the game that changed the Phillies fortune was the Cliff Lee game where he was ahead 4-0 in game 4 I think and announcers stated he was like 44-1 or something to that affect when leading. Phillies lost that game 5-4 if I recall and then Doc lost 1-0 the next night and the rest is sad history. Plus Howard got hurt. I think the Cards won in 2011. I know the Giants went 10, 12 and 14 champs.

            How far is it to Nats stadium for you? I think you have told me CBP is like a half hour. I do have a ? How much do the tickets right behind home plate at CBP sell for nightly? Those look nice but at this stage of life my chair in living is like front row as well.

            1. Don…..actually CBP for me, when traffic is moving pretty good on I95 is less than 20 minutes. Going down to DC……it is about a 2 to 3 hour drive also depending on traffic thru Baltimore…sometimes I will go down 95 thru Balt…other times take the Parkway into DC which is more scenic.
              My son and his wife went last night to CBP…Hall of Fame are $68 apiece.($136 for two)
              He said the crowd is nowhere near like the sell-out days….so getting to concession stands and bathrooms was not a hassle. I remember the sell-out days… could be a real pain for sure.
              Agree with yuo….I may give up the plan next year…..we started with a group of 7/8 guys for the season tickets for the Hall of Fame area about 15 years ago….it is now down to just four of us.

  177. It is incredible that during this winning streak the Phillies have lost ground to Braves and gained little if any vs Mets. But the thing all needs to keep in mind is the 6th best record in NL should be the goal at this point. Anything else is great. But 6th makes the field.

    That is what was most disturbing to me last night in the 7th was not that they scored 4 runs. These guys are MLB guys. It is the fact that Stallings was the #9 hitter. There is a reason he hits 9th. Those simply are the guys you cannot let beat you when you are ahead.
    I have told my grandson for a long time you cannot let up to those guys. I am sure over the years over half of the hits he has given up have been to the bottom 3rd of the lineup and most often with a 0-2 or 1-2 count and throwing something soft. Familia last night threw something off speed on the 3-run homer.

    1. Don53. I didn’t see it live but I am guessing he threw the pitch that was called, probably WHERE it was called to. Wouldn’t you? I commented on THAT earlier. That said, please let me suggest that even an MLB 9 hitter is probably a really, really, really good hitter – superstar in college – just not as good as a MLB #3 hitter.

  178. Braves injury report………Ozzie Albies suffered a fractured left foot during the club’s 9-5 win over the Nats, an injury that will sideline him for a good chunk of the summer. Albies will be out until at least mid-August after the club placed him on the 60-dayIL…they , selected the contract of former Phil INF Phil Gosselin to fill in

  179. Romus and Matt13. I just saw a term on ESPN about Astros being 1st team this season to have 2 Imaculate Innings. I do not think I have ever heard that term before. Made me think granddaughter had 2 or 3 of those in her 6 innings pitched in last week tourney. But coach kind of botched it. He always uses one of the 12s to start but they are wild as in BBs. Then brings the little lefty in to finish. He lucked out in semi. Only got down 2-0. Won 7-2. But in final got down 5-0 after 1st and lost 6-5. Now I know an Imaculate inning reference.

    1. Don, how many grandkids do you have? It’s got to be tough to get to everyone’s games! I understand that the “immaculate inning’ is a new concept. There is a better chance our BP throws 9 straight Balls. Is Nashville this weekend?

  180. what a massive upgrade stubbs represents over knapp as a back up catcher, both offensively and defensively! dombrowski got this one right.

  181. Romus…are the Hall of Fame the ones I can see behind home plate on TV.? Going to a game at Cincy or Chicago would be like the Nats deal for you.

    Gosh I remember the sell outs. Did that last for several years there during the glory days? I remember the announcers always saying what number it was.

    1. Yeah, CBP technically sold out every game for multiple years in the golden age. We actually held the longest sellout streak in the NL (and third overall in all of baseball) at the time. 2009 until 2012. We missed a few games in early 2009, otherwise the streak would have started in 2008.

      Granted, not every seat was always occupied in those sellouts. But in the Lee and Halladay era, there was no place better to be in Philadelphia. So yeah, those days were crazy.

    2. Don…HoF tix are between first base around to third base….at a level ABOVE the lower bowl seating.
      They are not the seats you see on TV…those are the lower bowl seating.
      And those seats, seen behind home plate the view from the CF camera….are basically the Diamond Club ticket holders.

      1. Diamonds usually are expensive. Are those mostly corporate seats? Seems different people all the time. There was an attractive gal one night a week or so ago to the right side of the camera.

        I get MLB Extra Innings for I think now $119 a year. It was $180 when I started so $30 a month for almost all games. I have always felt best money I spend. I have got to where I look in on the channel with the 8 games on at a time if that many are ongoing. See what different guys are saying. That is where I caught Pivetta other night. He was good. One other thing Phillies broadcast are not on every night. No idea why early on they were not available. Weird. Maybe they wanted to keep BP guys from wanting to come to Philly.

  182. Reference – the bullpen. Does anyone see Ian Kennedy making a “U” turn back to CBP ? as a 7th inning pitcher ? And don’t look now – Dave Robertson, late of the Cubs and famous for collecting a Phis check for sitting on the IL for 2 years – is absolutely a top notch reliever again. So much so – that he is probably the best reliever available – check his numbers.

    I think the bullpen is short. They need at least two more effective relievers – in the vein of Brogdon and even Belatti. Familia has great stuff but can’t control it – his sliders / cutters don’t get called for strikes and then he throws a fastball and bingo – gives up runs.

    1. I agree. I did not trust BP to begin season. What happened to Alvarado. Like nothing now. Nowhere near home plate most times. Why would a guy want to come to Philly unless it is to get $$$$s. Guess that would be ok.

  183. Wednesday night was another 0-4 result for the system. The hitting just isn’t there at any level. It’s getting real bad. We have lineups with 5 or more guys under 200. The new development system isn’t shush for results yet.

    1. I believe you could throw darts at the prospects board and do better than this team in drafting, If they could draft a little, you wouldn’t need to sign two outfielders, at 20 million a piece, who cant field, if you could draft a outfielder who can play, Randolph is at Kane County Cougars and my neighbor is out hitting him and is a way better fielder, Jimmy wasn’t even drafted, Look at the arms at Leigh Valley, and Reading Your telling me we cant at least draft a reliever Spending money on those stiffs,,

      1. rocco…..all thru the minors the hitting is down. It could be the balls that are niow being used.
        Look at the top prospects and check their ‘stats’ category for 2022.
        Only a few of the top 20/30 position players are hitting well…..Mets catcher Alvarez is an exception and doing very well.

        If it is the balls….then look to the K rates of the player, along with their BABIP…if the K rate is low, and also the BABIP is low, then the player is making contact and the balls are either dying on the warning track or finding shifted defenders’ gloves.

  184. RU – If Kennedy and Robertson (and you might as well throw in Phelps) U turn back to the Phillies, they would probably revert back to their woeful results while they were in Philly the first time. Seems like when guys who were pitching well out of the bullpen for other teams were traded to (or were signed by) the Phils, they were snake bit or the pressure got to them. Philadelphia is where relievers come to die (figuratively) and then move on to succeed.

    1. ciada….I like to think Philadelphia is a ‘bridge’ to success for relievers.
      Unfortunately for Philly fans is a bridge too far.

      1. Nice one Romus…

        I don’t think DD needs to jump out and make and big moves just yet. This part of the schedule affords him some time to plot a course.

        But really what would you be willing to trade to get a legit closer? I’m not trading any of my best prospects for a closer which means O’Hoppe, Abel and Painter are untouchable in that type of deal

        Now if Cherington wants to create a package of Reynolds and Bednar hmmmm

        1. I would be interested to see what you would be willing to give up for Reynolds and Bednar, both are still under arbitration. If O’Hoppe, Abel, Painter are NOT part of that deal, you’re not getting those type of players. You have to give talent to get talent.

          1. The most obvious trade chip the Phillies have is Rafael Marchan. He’s blocked by JT and O’Hoppe has more power. What could the Phillies get for Marchan?

          2. Very true Guru. I think the Bucs best prospect is a catcher so not sure how interested they would be in our catchers.

            Honestly I think I would stand pat and try to piece it together as best I can. I watch the Yankees and the Dodgers to some extent and think to myself this team is not on that level even with a closer. Keep my powder dry for now.

            I value Marchan quite a bit but not sure other clubs feel the same. For me he’s a legit catch and throw catcher with a decent enough bat to play everyday and at a great price.

            1. You are correct, convincing other teams that Marchan is starter level right now will be tough. So we want Marchan to perform well at Lehigh, so that he could be a trade piece in the offseason. Because right now, he’ll bring back maybe a mid-high leverage arm, somebody like Cristopher Sanchez.

    2. ciada…it seems that way. I saw something yesterday online that the Phillies should bring back Robertson. How did that work out 1st time. It is really weird. Phelps was doing really well before he touched down in Philly. Whew.

  185. Additional backup relief help could be on its way. Sherriff and Coonrod would an upgrade over at least a few, and Sherriff has had a good start in his rehab so far. Emmanuel is likely to be stretched out as a starter, so he will be grouped together with Sanchez and Falter in AAA who have had decent showing in majors and Falter a very good showing in AAA – especially with low walks. JJ Romero is one to really keep an eye out as he has started his rehab and with mid 90’s fastball already.
    Others include: Morales – high strike out and limits hits/HRs, but has a high walk rate. Appel – limits hits and has a low walk rate. Appel could be next man up right now.

    1. Bob…they just need to find some guys who can get 3 outs when their number is called. It is really kind of simple in theory. Once they are in game, they have to face 3 guys unless end of inning. I am all for anyone who can do that on a consistent basis. I have not paid attention this season, but it seems the Rays always have no name guys who simply get outs game in and game out.

      1. Don…Rays this year do have their own BP issues.
        Cash use to use the ‘ opener’ for a few years …not sure if he still does that as often as in the past.

  186. Getting back to what Mark wrote about giving Realmuto more rest, he is correct in my mind. I think Stubbs will catch 2 games this weekend. One will be in the twin bill Friday and Saturday or Sunday depending on which day a righty pitches.

    MLB Trade Rumors is saying that the Marlins want to get Laureano. Not surprised it came up again after seeing Bohm’s ninth inning hit drop in front of Sanchez. I believe Laureano would catch that ball easily. They also write that the Phils want him, too.

  187. Romus – If Philly is the bridge to success for relievers who stop by, then Philadelphia is trouble water for them so it’s the “bridge over troubled water”.

    All four affiliates lost last night. Clearwater was no hit. Morales continued to struggle in LHV. McGary struck out ten in six innings but gave up 3 ERs.

    And Jay Groome pitched 7 scoreless against Reading. The Red Sox are sticking with him. He, along with Puk, were possible picks when MM went #1.

    1. ciada… incidentally ….wondering about Johan Rojas…noticed he wasn’t in the lineup last night, and was not even on the MiLB Game Day roster.
      Still on the BlueClaws website roster however….but sometimes that is not kept current.

    2. The Red Sox are doing the same thing with Groome as the Phillies are doing with Moniak. Putting a high pick on the 40 man and hoping that they turn it around.

      Did you know that Puk is already 27?

      That 2016 draft was abysmal. The top WAR players are Tommy Edman (6th round) and Shane Bieber (4th). There’s not 1 player drafted in the 1st round with 10+ WAR. None.

      1. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why so many high round successful in the minors players have been failing to transition themselves to the MLB level. Its not really just a Philly problem if you take a deep dive around the league you will find many

        Some came up and had nice spurts only to falter slightly there after. I’m not talking about age old sophmore slump type issues (or maybe I am in some cases)

        Madrigal in the minors 307/370/765 OPS MLB this year 222/298/513
        Kelenic MiLB 296/369/908 OPS MLB 176/253/596
        Kieboom 281/377/836 OPS MLB 197/307/597
        Hiura 309/384/922 MLB 237/318/766
        Kiriloff 324/379/826 OPS MLB 242/290/684
        Adell 290/354/892 MLB 216/260/618

        Our own Alec Bohm 291/367/835 to an MLB performance of 268/322/697

        One has to ponder if at the MLB level its information overload killing these young talented players careers

        Sure there are others who are doing well Vlad Jr, Bichette, Tucker, Lewis when healthy holds his own etc…

        1. It’s an easy explanation. The gap between AAA and the bigs is large. At the ML level, the pitchers are the best of the best, who have dynamic talent and the skill to get the job done. Most of these hitters will never see Wheeler’s fastball or Nola’s curveball in the minors. It’s just not easy being a hitter in the bigs.

  188. And finally (three posts in a row), Sherriff pitched another inning on Tuesday and Kent Emanuel started his rehab so maybe one or both of them will come up to the big bullpen.

  189. My only thought on Robertson compared to the others who came here and were terrible, Phelps, Workman, Hembree, is that he was injured. He hadn’t been before in his career, and I thought his signing was a good one. Didn’t work out that way, but I would bring him back if the cost is reasonable.

    1. Matt…I think he pitched like 6 innings before being injured. Bad luck? Phillies jinx? Who knows. Plus, I think back then he did his own deal with the Phillies. He has always been good other than the 2 years with Philly. Kind of the Charlie Morton clone. Charlie got hurt running out a bunt. He has been really good ever since that injury. Bad luck? Philly jinx? Wow.

      Who is former Braves guy some are promoting for Phillies BP?

  190. DMAR/Guru – Reynolds is starting to heat up in Pittsburgh after a really slow start. He got his 11th home run yesterday. And Bednar got an eight out save in the same game. Who does he think he is, Goose Gossage?

    I was always a big Jorge Alfaro fan when the Phillies got him from Texas in the Hamels trade. I was excited and hoping the best for him. He’s at .284 with 5 and 16 for SD. He also has 3 passed balls to his record.

    Before I get jumped on, I’m not saying that the Phils shouldn’t have traded him for Realmuto. All I’m saying is that I liked him as a player while he was here. He had his flaws for sure but he was a really tough kid.

    1. I liked him too Ciada. At the time I thought he was serviceable and cheap which is how I like my catchers LOL also was still believing Sixto was the real deal. Hindsight though and Klentak perhaps won that one

      With regard to Reynolds he is a blue chip player. I can’t imagine what it would cost to get him. He’d be great in Philly if we had the depth to get him. If you told me O’Hoppe for Reynolds and then some other players not named Abel or Painter sure…

      we can’t deplete what we do have just for him though

    2. I would offer Abel, Rojas and Ranger to Pittsburgh for Reynolds. Painter is untouchable IMO, and O’Hoppe is probably of little interest to the Pirates. Otherwise, they can have any another prospect along with the three I mentioned.

  191. Few things:

    1. Yeah, Marchan and O’Hoppe are definitely our best trade assets, but unfortunately the Pirates will have zero interest, as their top prospect is a catcher. I would say Abel and Painter are 100% untouchable. Doesnt seem like there is a fit there unless they would want a guy like Rojas and I dont think that is enough for anything of quality.

    2. Sheriff/Coonrod/Romero are three pretty solid pieces to get back. Probably the same level of the guys wed trade for. Neither are a blue chip closer though. Don’t get your hopes up on Emmanuel, of all the guys, hes a soft tossing lefty, hes more of a AAAA caliber starter. Best case for him is a guy who can come up and start or pitch long in some DH’s. I have been wrong before, but of all the guys, hes more organization filler. Reminds me of Brett Oberholtzer

    3. Can we please at least get an update on the future of this site? Are we going to be chatting in this June 5 week discussion thread for the next 4 months? I really hope that Jim saw the outpouring of support and changes his mind about ending this, but if hes just abandoned everything, we should find somewhere else to go as a group. I really enjoy daily chats and minor (and major) league recaps. This site is part of my daily routine and Ive impressed many a friend with my Phillies system knowledge thanks to this place, and would hate to see it go. No disrespect to the powers that be, but were not even getting minor league recap posts. Why not pass the reigns on to somebody else?

  192. If Jim decides not to update this thread/site again, one easy way to continue reading/commenting is to just search for the day’s date and then you have all of the most up to date posts. I’m sure some of you are doing that, but it at least makes it tolerable to see what’s new haha.

    I concur, though, an update would be good. I’ll be bummed if this site/open discussion ends. Jim seems like a man of his word, but I hope he’s reconsidering!

    1. I don’t recall him saying he was closing the site. He mentioned no more general discussion thread. He did put out a new draft post this past Monday.

      Remember, he also said he was having health issues as well, he didn’t commit to when he would have minor league posts.

      I also hope the site continues.

  193. Do any of you guys use an alternative site to get the daily affiliate news other than the official MiLB sites?

    Seems a shame to abandon such a good community of phans. I get it though, I’m sure the work can be pretty laborious and non gratifying at times, not to mention the compensation.

    1. Over on the right margin:
      Scroll down to 3. Phillies Blogs
      Steve Potter’s site has pertinent Phillies minor league information .
      There are no commenting

      3. Phillies Blogs
      The Phillies, a Fan’s View

        1. Yes…he is pretty thorough in his coverage…..he also does interviews with prospects and asks them direct meaningful questions

    2. Yes I have been reading Potter’s blog since last year, he gets his minor league updates posted extremely quickly.

  194. When Wheeler was with the Mets, the Nationals usually gave him a tough time. I know that most of the old Nationals are no longer with the club but sometimes guys just tend to have a difficult time with certain teams. Hope that’s not the case tonight.

  195. What’s the story on Niko Paulo- Grego? The kid is only 17 and he’s crushing the ball in the FCL. He batted 3rd today too while he hit his first homer.

    1. Assume 13th ranked catcher in the minors, if logic dictates, there are 12 ranked ahead of him in the top 100.

  196. The Phillies don’t have a City Connect uniform yet. The Brewers have just revealed theirs, and the Padres will debut one next month (it’s still not been seen).

    The Hinkie top 3 City Connect Uniforms⤵

    #1 Marlins
    #2 Angels
    #3 Rockies

        1. If I was John Middleton, I’d ask Nike to go green in honor of the Phanatic. I’d also use the Phanatic in the logo. You can’t go wrong with the Phanatic. He’s loved by all Phillies fans (almost all baseball fans). Bryce Harper gets mad props when he wears anything Phanatic related. As an aside, the green might even remind some fans of the old Eagles kelly green uniforms (who doesn’t love those?/Jeff Lurie is bringing them back as alternates in 2024).

          1. I think they should let Philly born and bred, rocco moffo come up with the design!

  197. Hinkie….looks like Nats GM Rizzo is positioning his team and himself for the next generational player he wants to select in 2023…..Dylan Crews out of LSU.

    1. Yeah, Romus. I was thinking the same thing. Rizzo can sniff out those “special” 1-1’s. He is all in on the #Lose4Crews strategy. Crews is probably a level below Harper and Strasburg, but he is definitely a super 1-1 in an upcoming draft that should be more talent filled than any of the past few.

  198. Lucky we are playing the Nats, that top of the 7th inning was brutal. 3 – 17 with RISP. Ranger can look so anemic at times. Like, man “I don’t know if I have the energy for this”. Well a W is a W. Stubbs calls a good game.

  199. Mark Appel in his last 17 and 2/3 innings in AAA:

    ERA: 1.02
    BAA: .177
    16 K, 6 BB
    WHIP: 0.96

    Next man up?

    1. Yes he should be. Sherriff and Romero may not be too far away either. Coonrod should start a rehab assignment very shortly too.

    2. Only issue I see with Appel, other than not being on the 40-man, is that he’s been pitching on a schedule all season. Basically every 4-5 days and hasn’t pitched on fewer than 3 days rest.

      Obviously he can’t be in the major league ‘pen with that limitation and I’m not sure what the team’s plans are with that schedule. Hopefully they take the training wheels off sooner rather than later.

  200. I’m honestly surprised Jim only has the draft blog going… To me the draft happens this has always been a yawner. I wish Jim would just copy and past the weekly Open Discussion with the new date and let the self-moderation take over.. I’m not scrolling down in two weeks through 1,800 posts.. I will be gone..

    1. You can put in your email address and be notified on new postings…..scroll to the bottom of the site and put in your email address.
      Not sure if it is still activated but you can try.
      If it is, this way you will need not have to scroll thru each time you open the site.

    1. As a Vierling non-believer, the homer off soft-tossing Espino didn’t impress me much but catching up to Rainey was really good to see.

  201. This team badly needs a closer and DD has a well documented love of closers. If we are still in the hunt at the deadline, I expect him to mortgage the farm to get Bednar. Imo Painter is untouchable. I would love to keep Abel too. But I fear that Abel is the price for Bednar.

        1. It’s exciting to think what Dave Dombrowski may do this summer. He was hired to win now. He has a long history of impactful transactions. He smells blood in the water. Anything can happen.
          Before the Red Sox started winning recently, I was imagining the Phillies POBO putting the full court press on Chaim Bloom for Nathan Eovaldi. Dombrowski loves Eovaldi. The RHP practically carried the Red Sox to the WS title in 2018. Dombrowski rewarded him with a 4/64M contract. Eovaldi is in the last year of that pact. He can be a dominant starter or reliever (did both in the 2018 postseason). He would give the Phillies lots of options. Maybe Eovaldi joins the rotation, Ser-Ant’ny closes, and Ranger joins the BP as a fireman.
          Anyway … like I said … the Bo Sox have climbed back into contention so the Eovaldi idea may be on life support right now. But the point is … anything is possible this July (if not sooner).

    1. If DD goes after Bednar, he might as well find out what it’ll take to get Reynolds as well. A pretty fair chunk of prospect talent to lose, but acquiring a bonafide closer and a top CF for years to come would fill major voids. I’m not saying it’s likely, but this major league roster would officially be stacked with those two additions. Perhaps Abel, Rojas, Ranger, Jojo, Miller and Moniak would at least keep the lines open?

      1. Take out Ranger. Can’t give him up. Then we have a SP hole to fill. That doesn’t make sense. I would include Bohm in that package if they see value in him. If not, then maybe Vierling.

  202. Looked like our boys caught all the breaks last night. Appeared to me that Hoskins was the one who initiated the contact on the base path. Feel bad for the Nationals….a little.

    And did Gregorius realize who hit that ground ball to him? After he caught it, he probably could have run to first base and still beat Nelson Cruz there.

    1. Let’s not be too sorry for the Nats, or Rizzo who’d love to lose for Crews! Plus, they’re the Gnats, 2nd only to the NY Mess for our divisional derision.

      1. Rizzo needs to worry about the As, Royals, Reds and now Tigers ‘catching’ his team and getting that numero uno pick…or vying for that lottery pick in the lottery drawing if that is the new draft policy.

    2. Yep, Didi could have come to a complete stop, made the throw and still beat him by 2 steps. We won 2 games yesterday and 2 wins are great, but we played some pretty sloppy baseball in doing it.

      Anyone think Falter can be a SP with a 90/91 mph fastball? Stott needs to stop trying to golf everything this isn’t “cricket”. When Camargo comes up, does Stott go down?

      1. Skeet…Falter’s velo is misleading.
        As Ruben mentioned yesterday…his release point at 7’4″ is the second longest/furthest for pitchers in the majors… the velo measured out of his hands at 91 comes up on the typical batter a tick or two faster ….he said possibly equivalent to a 93/94 FB.
        Fangraphs did their own study on him…equivalent to 95MPH

        1. People keep saying this and maybe it’s true, but major leaguers don’t seem to be flummoxed at all by his overall stuff. His fastball command hasn’t been good enough to survive with his overall repertoire.

          1. Yeah…..with a little over 50 innings in the majors he may still have to develop his stuff to effectively challenge MLB hitters, especially after they see him for their first AB thru the lineup.
            He could work on his change-up…rarely throws it, so assume it is below a 50 grade.
            All in all, his expectation is probably a back end of the rotation guy…4 or 5 or reliever.
            If he comes up with another quality pitch, like improvement of his change-up, I like to see how he does.


  203. Relatively small sample size, but there’s an up-the-middle Phillies prospect who, in 85 PAs this year across multiple levels, is hitting .297/.357/.473 for an OPS of .830. Worth checking in in a month or two to see how he’s doing — as I’m sure you would all agree, 84 or 85 Plate Appearances is not enough to draw any conclusions about a prospect.

    As an example, I recall many on here were fairly certain that JP Crawford, after 225 Plate Appearances as a 22 and 23 year old, couldn’t and wouldn’t hit in the majors. He’s on track for over 6 WAR this year (using the Baseball Reference version). Side note on that — I believe the Phillies’ record for highest WAR season by a shortstop whom they drafted is JRoll’s 6.1 in 2007, his MVP year — Crawford could break that record this year.

    1. I was wrong on JP. It to be fair, he struggled at AAA too. So wasn’t just the MLP PAs.

      Who is the prospect that you referenced?

      1. Moniak. The 85 Plate Appearances this year include MLB, AAA, AA, and A.

        His career MLB Plate Appearances total 84.

        1. oh come on…you know that minor league stats are irrelevant. come on WCP. No one looks at a stat line across minors and majors combined.

  204. Mark – You’re correct about not feeling bad for Washington. I went to Baseball Almanac back to 2019 when the Phillies went into D.C. to play a 5 game series from Sep 23-26. The Phils were still in it and were coming off a 1-10 loss to Cleveland.

    Corbin beat them 2-7 the first night. Then Ross pitched the first game of a DH that the Phillies lost 1-4. Scherzer hooked up with Nola the second game and neither one really had it and the final score was 5-6. The next day Anabel Sanchez beat them 2-5. The beat down ended that Sunday with a 3-6 loss to Strasburg. That weekend series probably lifted the Nationals to what was to come. The Phillies ended up 81-81.

    I think that Falter is going to be a good back end starter. Got to remember that all he is doing this year is spot starting and that can’t be easy. His stats at LHV are excellent which brings me to believe that with a steady routine in Philly, he’ll be fine. I just hope they don’t do to him what they did to Irvin because I think Falter is better.

    Now, if they need to include him in a package with others to the Pirates to get Reynolds/Bednar, count me in on that one.

  205. WCPhan – Chances are if Kingery went to Seattle, he might’ve been fine and possibly thriving with the Mariners while Crawford would still be floundering with the Phillies. That’s kind of what the Phillies do when it comes to patience and development of their young players, isn’t it?

  206. Does anyone remember the last time the Phils won a double-header? It seems like a very long time ago.

    1. It’s their second sweep in their last 28 DHs, I also felt like it had been forever.

  207. The state of this site is a real shame, with not even any minor league threads going. I wanted to point out that Rafael Marchan has 9 XBHs in 62 ABs in AAA this year.

    He had 8 XBHs in 242 ABs at the same level last year and they were all doubles. Two are homers this year.

    I was doubting his future after the line he put up in 2021 but there are early signs that he’s taken a real step forward offensively.