Updated Roster Information Now That Arbitration Has Been Avoided

With a negotiated agreement reached between Zach Eflin and the Phillies, the Phillies’ portion of the arbitration process is complete.  This update replaces the article that has been pinned on the Phuture Phillies’ site for a couple months.  I’ll leave this pinned for a week.

The Current 40-Man Roster – The turnover of players on the 40 has quieted down.  Five of the players listed below are on the 60-day IL and don’t count against the 40.

  1. Alvarado, Jose LHP
  2. Bellatti, Andrew RHP
  3. Brogdon, Connor RHP
  4. Coonrod, Sam RHP (60-day IL)
  5. Crouse, Hans RHP
  6. Dominguez, Seranthony RHP
  7. Eflin, Zach RHP
  8. Emanuel, Kent LHP (60-day IL)
  9. Falter, Bailey LHP
  10. Familia, Jeurys RHP
  11. Gibson, Kyle RHP
  12. Hand, Brad LHP
  13. Jones, Damon LHP
  14. Knebel, Corey RHP
  15. McArthur, James RHP
  16. Morales, Francisco RHP
  17. Nelson, Nick RHP
  18. Nola, Aaron RHP
  19. Norwood, James RHP
  20. Romero, JoJo LHP (60-day IL)
  21. Sanchez, Christopher LHP
  22. Sherriff, Ryan LHP (60-day IL)
  23. Suarez, Ranger LHP
  24. Wheeler, Zack RHP
  25. Marchan, Rafael C (60-day IL)
  26. Realmuto, JT C
  27. Sands, Donny C
  28. Stubbs, Garrett C
  29. Bohm, Alec 3B
  30. Carmago, Johan 3B
  31. Garcia, Luis SS
  32. Gregorious, Didi SS
  33. Hoskins, Rhys 1B
  34. Maton, Nick 2B
  35. Segura, Jean 2B
  36. Stott, Bryson SS
  37. Castellanos, Nick RF
  38. Harper, Bryce RF
  39. Herrera, Odubel CF
  40. Moniak, Mickey CF
  41. Muzziotti, Simon OF
  42. Ortiz, Jhailyn  RF
  43. Quinn, Roman OF
  44. Schwarber, Kyle LF
  45. Vierling, Matt CF

Contracts (player – details. adjusted salary/luxury tax salary)

  1. Bryce Harper – $330M (19-31). S/T: $27,538,462/$25,384,615
  2. Zack Wheeler – $118M (20-24). S/T: $26M/$23.6M
  3. JT Realmuto – $115.5M (21-25). S/T: $23.875M/$23.1M
  4. Nick Castellanos – $100M (22-26). S/T: $20M/$20M
  5. Kyle Schwarber – $79M (22-25). S/T: $19M/$19.75M
  6. Aaron Nola – $45M (19-22 +23 club opt). S/T:  $15.5M/ $11.25M
  7. Didi Gregorius – $28M (21-22). S/T: $15,013,985/$13.6M
  8. Jean Segura – $70M (18-22+23 club opt). S/T: $14.85M/$14M
  9. Corey Knebel – $10M (22). S/T: $10M/$10M
  10. Kyle Gibson – $28M (20-22). S/T: $7,666,667/$9,333,333
  11. Jeurys Familia – $6M (22). S/T: $6M/$6M
  12. Brad Hand – $6M (22). S/T: $6M/$6M
  13. Odubel Herrera – $1.75M (22). $1.75M/$1.75M
  14. Johan Camargo – $1.4M (22). S/T: $1.4 M/$1.4M
  15. Scott Kingery – $24M (18-23)+24-26 opts. S/T: $6.25M/$4M
  16. Rhys Hoskins – $7.7M. S/T: $7.7M/$7.7M
  17. Zach Eflin – $5.7M w/mutual option. S/T: $5.55M/$5.55M
  18. Jose Alvarado – $1.9M (22). $1.9M/$1.9M
  19. Seranthony Dominguez – $725,000 (22). S/T: $725K/$725K
  20. Ranger Suarez – $730K (22). S/T: $730K/$730K
  21. Sam Coonrod – $717.5K (22). S/T: $717.5K/$717.5K
  22. Alec Bohm – $715K (22). S/T: $715K/$715K
  23. Connor Brogdon – $715K (22). S/T: $715K/$715K
  24. Ryan Sherriff – $708K (22). S/T: $708K/$708K
  25. James Norwood – $706.4K (22). S/T: $706.4K/$706.4K
  26. Nick Nelson – $706K (22). S/T: $706K/$706K
  27. Garrett Stubbs – $704.5K (22). S/T: $704.5K/$704.5K
  28. Jojo Romero – $703K (22). S/T: $703K/$703K
  29. Emanuel Kent – $702K (22). S/T: $702K/$702K
  30. Rafael Marchan – $701.5K (22). S/T: $701.5K/$701.5K
  31. Mickey Moniak – $701K (22). S/T: $701K/$701K
  32. Bryson Stott – $700K (22). S/T: $700K/$700K
  33. Andrew Bellatti – $700K (22). S/T: $654,762/$654,762
  34. Roman Quinn – $700K (22). S/T: $613,369/$613,369
  35. Matt Vierling – $704K (22). S/T: $147,615/$147,615
  36. Christopher Sanchez – $701K (22). S/T: $116,839/$116,839
  37. Bailey Falter – $703K (22). S/T: $94,500/$94,500
  38. Damon Jones – $701K (22). S/T: $67,734/$67,734
  39. Simon Muzziotti – $700K (22). S/T: $52,682/$52,682
  40. Francisco Morales – $700K (22). S/T: $33,867/$33,867
  41. Jeff Singer – $700K (22).  S/T: $3,763/$3,763
  42. Hans Crouse – minor league contract
  43. Luis Garcia – minor league contract
  44. Nick Maton – minor league contract
  45. James McArthur – minor league contract
  46. Jhailyn Ortiz – minor league contract
  47. Donny Sands – minor league contract


Bryce Harper and Jean Segura have full no-trade protection.

JT Realmuto and Jean Segura have a $1M assignment bonus for each trade.

The Phillies reached agreements with Seranthony Dominguez, Rhys Hoskins, Jose Alvarado, and Zach Eflin to avoid arbitration for the 2022 season.

According to the Gibson deal, “Rangers pay undisclosed portion of money remaining on contract”.

Disposition of Contracts and Players After the 2022 Season

Five players are under multi-year contracts (guaranteed) –

  1. Bryce Harper – $330M (19-31). S/T: $27,538,462/$25,384,615
  2. Zack Wheeler – $118M (20-24). S/T: $26M/$23.6M
  3. JT Realmuto – $115.5M (21-25). S/T: $23.875M/$23.1M
  4. Nick Castellanos – $100M (22-26). S/T: $20M/$20M
  5. Kyle Schwarber – $79M (22-25). S/T: $19M/$19.75M

Three players have options/buyouts –

  1. Aaron Nola – Option/Buyout: $16,000,000/$4.25M
  2. Jean Segura – Option/Buyout: $17,000,000/$1M
  3. Zach Eflin – Option/Buyout: $15,000,000/$150K

Seven players are arbitration eligible –

  1. Rhys Hoskins (arb 3 of 3) – $7.7M. S/T: $7.7M/$7.7M
  2. Jose Alvarado (arb 3 of 3) – $1.9M (22). $1.9M/$1.9M
  3. Johan Camargo (arb 3 of 3) – $1.4M (22). S/T: $1.4 M/$1.4M
  4. Seranthony Dominguez (arb 3 of 4) – $725,000 (22). S/T: $725K/$725K
  5. Ranger Suarez (arb 1 of 4) – $730K (22). S/T: $730K/$730K
  6. Sam Coonrod (arb 1 of 3) – $717.5K (22). S/T: $717.5K/$717.5K
  7. Roman Quinn (arb 2 of 3) – $700K (22). S/T: $613,369/$613,369

Twenty-four players are pre-arbitration and under team control –

  1. Andrew Bellatti – $700K (22). S/T: $654,762/$654,762
  2. Alec Bohm – $715K (22). S/T: $715K/$715K
  3. Connor Brogdon – $715K (22). S/T: $715K/$715K
  4. Hans Crouse – minor league contract
  5. Kent Emanuel– $702K (22). S/T: $702K/$702K
  6. Bailey Falter – $703K (22). S/T: $94,500/$94,500
  7. Luis Garcia – minor league contract
  8. Damon Jones – $701K (22). S/T: $67,734/$67,734
  9. Rafael Marchan – $701.5K (22). S/T: $701.5K/$701.5K
  10. Nick Maton – minor league contract
  11. James McArthur – minor league contract
  12. Mickey Moniak – $701K (22). S/T: $701K/$701K
  13. Francisco Morales – $700K (22). S/T: $33,867/$33,867
  14. Simon Muzziotti – $700K (22). S/T: $52,682/$52,682
  15. Nick Nelson – $706K (22). S/T: $706K/$706K
  16. James Norwood – $706.4K (22). S/T: $706.4K/$706.4K
  17. Jhailyn Ortiz – minor league contract
  18. Jojo Romero – $703K (22). S/T: $703K/$703K
  19. Christopher Sanchez – $701K (22). S/T: $116,839/$116,839
  20. Donny Sands – minor league contract
  21. Ryan Sherriff – $708K (22). S/T: $708K/$708K
  22. Bryson Stott – $700K (22). S/T: $700K/$700K
  23. Garrett Stubbs – $704.5K (22). S/T: $704.5K/$704.5K
  24. Matt Vierling – $704K (22). S/T: $147,615/$147,615

These guys are all under team control.  Minimum salaries were set at $700K in the new CBA.  The minimum salary rises $20K ( 700, 720, 740, …) each year of the contract.

Six players become free agents at the end of the championship season –

  1. Didi Gregorius – $28M (21-22). S/T: $15,013,985/$13.6M
  2. Corey Knebel – $10M (22). S/T: $10M/$10M
  3. Kyle Gibson – $28M (20-22). S/T: $7,666,667/$9,333,333
  4. Jeurys Familia – $6M (22). S/T: $6M/$6M
  5. Brad Hand – $6M (22). S/T: $6M/$6M
  6. Odubel Herrera – $1.75M (22). $1.75M/$1.75M

Note that Scott Kingery’s 2023 salary is $8.25M with a club option in 2024 ($13M) and a $1M buyout.  There are also club options in 2025 ($14M) and 2026 ($15M).

Forty-four minor league players are eligible to become minor league free agents after the 2022 season –

  • C – Edgar Cabral, Austin Wynns
  • 1B – Aldrem Corredor, Darick Hall, Josh Ockimey
  • 2B – Daniel Brito, Ali Castillo, Wendell Rijo
  • SS – Jonathan Guzman, Drew Maggi, Kevin Vicuna
  • INF – Yairo Munoz, Nicolas Torres
  • LF – Dustin Pederson, Josh Stephen
  • RF – John Andreoli, Justin Williams
  • OF – Jorge Bonifacio
  • RHP – Mark Appel, Aaron Barrett, Cam Bedrosian, Trevor Bettencourt, Andrew Brown, Joel Cesar, Tyler Cyr, Nick Duron, Julian Garcia, Joe Gatto, Ofreidy Gomez, Michael Kelly, Dillon Maples, Michael Mariot, James Marvel, Jake Newberry, Corey Oswalt, Tyler Phillips, Bubby Rossman, Rodolfo Sanchez
  • LHP – Nick Fanti, Jonathan Hennigan, Scott Moss, Braeden Ogle, Ricardo Sanchez, Jeff Singer

The following are eligible to become minor league free agents if they are not on the 40-man roster at the end of the 2022 season –

  • Andrew Bellatti, Kent Emanuel, Bailey Falter, Rafael Marchan, Mickey Moniak, Francisco Morales, Simon Muzziotti, Nick Nelson, James Norwood, Jhailyn Ortiz, JoJo Romero, Christopher Sanchez, Donny Sands, Ryan Sherriff, Garrett Stubbs

Rule 5 Eligibility this Offseason – 

  • First Time Eligible
    • Catcher: Edward Barboza, Arturo De Freitas, Freddy Francisco, Vito Friscia, Herbert Iser, Logan O’Hoppe
    • 1B: Rixon Wingrove
    • 2B: Wilfredo Flores
    • SS: Chris Cornelius, Sal Gozzo, Albert Jerez, Kendall Simmons
    • 3B: McCarthy Tatum, Wilson Valdez
    • CF: Hunter Markwardt, Johan Rojas
    • RF: Jeff Encarnacion
    • LHP: Gabriel Cotto, Maikel Garrido, Josh Hendrickson, Rafael Marcano, Brian Marconi, Jordi Martinez, Erik Miller, Sergio Sanchez, Spencer Van Scoyoc
    • RHP: Aidan Anderson, Albertus Barber, Starlyn Castillo, Carlos A. Francisco, Kyle Glogoski, Adam Leverett, McKinley Moore, Nicoly Pina, Dominic Pipkin, Carlo Reyes, Andrew Schultz, Brett Schulze, Eduar Segovia, Manuel Urias
  • Second or Third Time Eligible
  • Catcher: Jack Conley, Oscar Gonzalez, Nick Matera
  • SS: Dalton Guthrie
  • 3B: Matt Kroon, D.J. Stewart, Will Toffey
  • IF: Madison Stokes
  • CF: Chris Sharp
  • OF: Carlos De La Cruz
  • LHP: Kyle Dohy, Ethan Evanko, Jakob Hernandez, Keylan Killgore, Taylor Lehman, Ethan Lindow, Jhordany Mezquita, David Parkinson, Zach Warren, Gabriel Yanez
  • RHP: Carlos Betancourt, Ben Brown, Colton Eastman, Luis Gomez, Cristian Hernandez, Tyler McKay, Jack Perkins, Austin Ross, Matt Seelinger, Tom Sutera, Victor Vargas

Players on the major league 40-man roster are “protected” from the major league portion of the Rule 5 Draft.  Players placed on the Triple-A roster, up to 38, are “protected” from the minor league portion of the draft.  The Rule 5 Draft will be held at MLB’s Winter Meetings in San Diego, December 4-11, 2022.  

The draft is usually held on Friday afternoon which would be the ninth.  Teams can only select players during each portion of the draft if they have openings on their 40-man rosters and/or their Triple-A rosters.

The cost of a selection during the minor league portion is $24,500 per pick.  There is no restriction on which level a player can be assigned.

Money left under the Luxury Tax Limit.  The three sites I follow don’t agree on payroll, so I’m not going to provide my calculations.  Let’s just say they are somewhat similar.  The Luxury Tax Limit is $230M.

Estimates 2022 Payroll 2022 Luxury Tax Payroll Paid Out Over the Luxury Tax Limit
FanGraphs’ Roster Resource $232,782,628 $236,337,116 $6.337,116
Baseball Prospectus’ Cot’s Contracts $228,740,514 $237,131,015 $7,131,015
Sportrac $224,655,294 $240,734,815 $10,734,815


7 thoughts on “Updated Roster Information Now That Arbitration Has Been Avoided

  1. Phillies will be strapped with underachieving
    and overpaid players for the next few years. It’ll be another 5 years of no playoffs.

  2. I think that one concern this offseason will be SP. Gibson is a FA, Nola has a club option, and Eflin has a mutual option. I suggest that if they can’t negotiate extensions with Nola and Eflin that they make the club option on Nola and QO Eflin if that still exists and if he voids the mutual option. (The QO goes away if the MLBPA agrees to an international draft.)

    I also considered accepting Segura’s option, but the Phillies can play Kingery at second base next season and save Segura’s salary for something else.

    I haven’t been able to find out what “Rangers pay undisclosed portion of money remaining on contract” means in dollars this season.

    But, I would not be surprised (if the Phillies still suck come mid-July) if Middleton tells Dombrowski to get under the LTL and one or two big-ticket players are traded to avoid the tax this year.

    1. If the Phillies need to save money, I guess declining Segura’s option would be one way to do that. But expecting Kingery or Maton to replicate Segura’s production would be a tough sell.

  3. Of the 5 on the 60-day IL…assume JoJo and Marchan come off in June sometime and go onto the 40….Emmanuel and Sheriff possibly get DFAed once they come off the IL…..and Coonrod….just not sure in what direction the Phillies will go with big Sam once he comes off.

  4. I believe the QO will be a thing in MLB whether or not the union agrees to an international draft or not. As far as I know, clubs will still be able to slap the QO on FAs. If the players say “OK” to an international draft, the penalty (losing a draft pick) will go away. Teams who sign those QO FAs will no longer lose their second pick. However, clubs who lose the player will still receive compensation. The compensation depends on the contract the player signs for, and whether or not you are under/over the LTT. So if Dombrowski uses the QO on Eflin (and he should), and Eflin declines and signs a deal worth at least 50M, the Phillies would get a draft pick after the 4th round (if they stay above the cap thru the end of the season).
    And that 15M mutual option pretty much means nothing. Almost always, one side will decline the option. I can’t ever remember (although I’m sure it’s probably happened a couple of times) both parties opting in.

    1. Hinkie……IMO, the Philies do not decline the Eflin option if he continues to pitch like he has been so far this season…..$15M is a friendly contract for one year.

      Now there is that possibility he could decline it and then in that instance the Phillies will probably let him walk…why have a disgruntled player on the active roster.

      And you are correct….Phillies QO him and hopefully get a compensatory pick.

      1. Yeah, Romus. Most likely, the Phillies are all in on the 15M salary for 2023. One year deals are never really too risky/terrible. Eflin is most likely going to decline the mutual option. He’ll look for a multi year deal (especially with his knee(s) history). He’d even get ~4M more waiting for the Phillies to tag him with QO, and accepting.
        Now if Eflin were to get injured before the season ends, the club would more likely be the ones to decline the option year (depending on the severity of the injury).

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