2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – June 6, 2022

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held July 17-19, 2022.  You can place videos, scouting reports, or just comments here.  These discussions will be added to the pull-down menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2022 international signing period, too.  It began on January 15th.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a place for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophies.

37 thoughts on “2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – June 6, 2022

  1. I posted these today in the old draft thread. I’ll re-post here.


    And Prospects Live has the Phillies pick Tennessee CFer Drew Gilbert in round one. They also say prep pitchers Robby Snelling, Brandon Barrera, and Dylan Lesko are also connected to the Phils at 1-17.

    1. Rocker could be a fast riser. Imagine if the Phillies start him at JS to start? That would be a crazy rotation! Scouts would be out at every game!

    2. After reviewing PL’s Mock Draft, it feels like they’re overreacting a little to the players in the NCAA Tournament this past weekend (at least those projected in the mid-late 1st). I understand why they projected Gilbert to the Phillies but I don’t see it. Brian Barber’s MO is to go for high ceiling players. Justin Crawford fits that description more so than Gilbert, but I think it’s doubtful he’ll be available. Unless a position player like Crawford falls to the Phillies, I would prefer a starting pitcher but that’s me.

      Whoever drafts Rocker in the first round better have a lot of tenure with their club. The Mets know a thing or two about arm injuries, so when they ran away from him after reviewing his medicals it should make every other team nervous. It’s nice to see him pitch a handful of times before the draft but that’s not enough body of work for me to be convinced. I could see a team like San Diego taking him 39th.

      I might post something about Snelling leading up to the draft. If the projections hold chalk, he would be one of my preferences. I would also be fine with Lesko or Barriera, although I get the feeling that Barriera is more of a smokescreen.

        1. Do not see him going into the 2nd round….Rox and Reds have the comp picks and I cannot see them passing him by.

          1. He is a perfect pick for the Rox or Reds – there seems to be risk to picking him, but he could be those teams 2nd pick yet prior to 2nd round.

            1. Yeah…whether he likes it or not…he probably will not get the money he was hoping for prior to 2021’s draft.
              I guess the Mets thought there were definite medical concerns….he seems to be pitching well now.

      1. Hmm, you may be right, the Mets do know a thing about arm injuries. I would now pass on Rocker.

        1. re: Rocker….I just assumed it was a medical concern the Mets had…just not sure and I could be mistaken.
          And I cannot remember who their actual GM was at the time of the draft…they had so much fluidity with GMs there for awhile.
          And with the money double-digit billionaire Cohen has, i would not have thought it would be a financial concern where Rocker may be asking more than slot.

    1. matt….even Mayo/Callis have Prielipp dropping into the 20-25 area code.
      Have not seen anything definitive on his arm…he had that bullpen session with team officials and scouts looking on
      Something must have come of it that was brought to Mayo/Callis attention…working for MLB and the Network, I just assume they at times may get some inside information from team scouts on the down low and told to keep it close to their chest….then they discreetly re-do their draft projections.

      1. Thanks, Romus, I am sure they have some inside info. I have the other prep Pitchers higher for us than Gilbert, who doesn’t excite me all that much. of course, I am no scout, but I agree with the earlier post about looking for high ceilings.

  2. Drew Gilbert looks like Adam Haseley to me. Both lefty outfielders who also pitch. We know how that went. Can’t see the Phillies doing that again.

    1. I don’t understand this comment. Are you suggesting that they don’t draft a good prospect because he is a lefty hitting outfielder who also pitches?

      That’s not how you judge the quality of a prospect. Gilbert looks nothing like Haseley. His swing path is completely different. His tools are different. A totally different prospect.

  3. In an ode to Prospects Live, the Hinkie Phillies only mock 3.0 features Drew Gilbert at 1-17. As always, I’m not repeating prospects from my previous mocks.⤵

    ROUND 1️⃣ Drew Gilbert … is the straw that stirs the drink for the #1 team in the country. The 5’9″/185 Univ of Tennessee CFer is a “winner”. He’s plus with the glove and the bat. Defensively, he covers gap to gap, and owns a strong arm that limits runners looking to take an extra base. Offensively, the former Minnesota prep star has excellent bat to ball skills/rarely strikes out, has good speed, and surprising pop for a kid his size. In addition, he has a track record of production in the biggest moments. This season, the Volunteer spark plug has slashed .373/.466/.694.
    Gilbert reminds me a lot of Sal Frelick. Frelick is motoring through the Brewers’ system, and looks like a good bet to be a first division regular in CF. Gilbert’s on-field attitude also gets him comps to rock stars right on down to one of my favorite Phillies players of all time (and … No, ciada. It’s not Adam Haseley. LOL)

    ROUND 2️⃣ Nick Castellanos … was signed with a QO anchored around his neck. That means he cost the Phils this pick.

    1. ROUND 3️⃣ Jacob Misiorowski … is a long, lean RHP with big time velo and big time spin rates. The 6’7″/190 JUCO arm sits in the mid to upper 90s and touches triple digits. He supplements the heater with two breakers. His SL travels (on two planes) at 88 MPH (and at 2,800 RPMs), and his CB is more a work in progress. The sky’s the limit for the former Missouri prepster. Who knows how dominant he may become when he fills out his frame? The main knock on the 20 YO LSU commit is his ability to throw strikes. This season at Crowder CC, Misiorowski went 76 IP, 50 H, 45 BB, 136 K.

      ROUND 4️⃣ Tyler Locklear … is a bat first performer at VCU. The 6’1″/220 RH hitter has been mashing for the last two years. During that time, the Maryland native has posted a .376/.530/.746 line. He went berserk for a .402/.542/.799 profile this season (Wow!) The bat will have to continue to shine because Locklear’s glove is below avg. He’s played a lot of 3B for the Rams, but has limited range. He’ll likely end up a 1Bman/DH/LFer(?) as a pro.

      1. ROUND 5️⃣ Gabriel Rincones Jr … is a 6’4″/225 LHH OFer @ Florida Atlantic Univ. He grew up globetrotting. Rincones spent parts of his youth in Venezuela and also in Scotland before ending up in Florida where he played in HS. This kid was barely recruited as a prepster. He went to JUCO, and crushed it at St. Petersburg College: .421/.520/.657 during two seasons there, and was named top junior college player in state of Florida. The Padres liked the JUCO All-American enough to draft him in the 19th round last summer. Rincones declined to sign, and shipped off to FAU where he’s been having another dominant season (.346/.451/.662, 19 HRs). IMO, he sort of resembles Nick Williams in stature, setup, and swing. He’s more than adequate with the glove. Plays mostly RF, but can/has played CF too.

        ROUND 6️⃣ Zach Dezenzo … is a big (6’4″/220) 3Bman @ Ohio St. He’s an intimidating offense force despite a funky setup in the batter’s box. Dezenzo begins with the bat held high above his head and tilted down at a 45-degree angle. He’s somehow quick enough with his hands to get the barrel through the zone in time, and with enough speed to produce loud contact. The former HS SS has put up a .326/.423/.700 (17 homers) line in his fourth season as a Buckeye. The 22 YO made a good impression during last summer’s MLB Draft League when he went .339/.393/.732, 6 HRs in 61 PAs, but went undrafted in the new 20 round affair.

        1. ROUND 7️⃣ Xavier Cardenas III … is a tall, projectable RH prep pitcher. He’s a top 10 prospect in California. Cardenas towers on the mound at 6’6″/215. He already sits 93-95 (T97). That feels even hotter because of his extension. Cardenas also mixes in a CB and CH. Each of those offerings are avg, but like the FB should blossom as he gets stronger. He’ll be 19 by draft day. If things don’t go his way next month, Cardenas will pitch for San Diego State in the fall.

          ROUND 8️⃣ Eric Reyzelman … is a sturdy 6’2″/210 RHP @ LSU. He transferred from U of San Francisco. The California native only pitched one season of HS ball so he wasn’t heavily recruited. Reyzelman has a quick arm, and features four pitches: FB hits upper 90s/sits 92-95 & has plenty of arm side life, a low 80s SL, upper 70s CB, and mid 80s CH. This kid opened eyes on the Cape last summer when he avg 13.7 K and 2.3 BB per 9 IP. This season (his first at LSU), he’s at 42.1 IP, 32 H, 18 BB, 66 K all of it out of the BP. Even though Reyzelman has worked as a reliever as a Tiger, he’s got the four pitch mix to start. As a matter of fact, he did mostly start at San Francisco for two years, and on the Cape last summer.

          1. ROUND 9️⃣ … Spencer Giesting … is a former two sport (basketball) Ohio prep star who is now focusing solely on baseball at Charlotte University. The 6’3″/205 LHP features a three pitch mix: low 90s FB, mid 80’s CH, and an 80 MPH breaker. The CH is a real swing-and-miss offering. Giesting is sophomore eligible, and won’t turn 21 until the beginning of July. He’s been used as both a starter and reliever as a 49er. This season, he averaged 12.6 K/9 and 4.8 BB/9.

            ROUND 🔟 Brandon Pimentel … is a 6’3″/215 LHH nomadic COFer (LFer). Pimentel kicked off his career at Howard College where he was named a 2nd team JUCO All-American. He boasted a .458 BA, and launched 17 bombs there. The former El Paso prepster then took his talents to Mississippi St. He spent two seasons there playing in a limited role (and earning a CWS ring) before landing at Texas Rio Grande Valley this season. Pimentel has a simple setup in the box that has allowed him to dominate the WAC this season to the tune of .377/.427/.619. He’ll turn 22 this summer so he’s a candidate for a bonus saver/senior sign.

            1. Any thoughts about Bryson Worrell, a 5th year senior CF (now 23) from ECU who plays well in the spot light? He could be affordable and move quickly through our system. He had his second 4 hit game this week, this time against Texas. ECU’s coach loves Worrell’s game and attitude. At least one umpire does not (failed to appreciate BW’s slow trot while admiring a HR).



  4. .

    10. Cam Collier
    12. Brock Porter
    13. Dylan Lesko
    18. Justin Crawford
    19. Kumar Rocker
    20. Gabriel Hughes
    21. Drew Gilbert
    23. Robby Snelling
    24. Brandon Barriera
    37. Connor Prielipp

    1. Hinkie……whoa…BA with Prieilipp down to 37!
      MLB.com has him falling….in the mid-20s.
      Something must be off with his recovery.

      Where does KLaw have him?

      1. Thank you, Garett.
        Romus … KLaw had Connor Prielipp at #15 on his last list (May 5). Kiley McDaniel had him ranked 19th (April 27). Prospects Live have him at #27. And BA just updated their rankings; they have Prielipp @ #37.

        1. Duh. I repeated BA’s ranking from just above. BTW … BA uses the injury and lack of a long track record as the reasons they dropped Prielipp from 22 to 37.

  5. Drew Gilbert didn’t endear himself to MLB clubs tonight, as Tennessee lost to Notre Dame 8-6. He got tossed after cussing out the ump over a strike call and is now suspended for tomorrow’s game.

    The attitude of Tennessee’s coach has permeated the program and this isn’t Gilbert’s first incident. Blade Tidwell was run out of the game after three innings, giving up three homers. Ben Joyce throws really, really hard but his arm is a ticking time bomb. Jack Brannigan, the 3B from ND I featured a couple weeks ago, had a HR and three RBI’s tonight.

  6. Hinkie – Just saw the highlights of the UConn-Stanford game from Saturday night. If Brock Jones is around (and he probably will be), he gets my vote for the Phillies pick. He hit 3 taters last night. The kid has got some power. What do you think?

    1. ciada … Jones has really spent the past month and a half rehabbing his draft status. He gave up football to concentrate strictly on baseball this year. He had top 10 buzz before the season. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t a great start to 2022. However, he’s picked it up over the last seven weeks (.388/.483/.853). The glove and the arm are good. I think he’s moved himself into the back half of the first round. I don’t think the Phillies will pick him. IMO, there’s more Adam Haseley risk in Jones than Gilbert. I could be wrong. You may be right, but that’s the way I see it.
      BTW … Stanford does have a number of other players I really like: Quinn Mathews (2022), Drew Bowser (2023), and Braden Montgomery (2024).

  7. Howard … the more I see of your guy Jack Brannigan, the more I like him. What a big HR to knock out Tennessee yesterday. I like him on the dirt and on the mound. Thanks for pointing him out.

    1. Hinkie, I’m starting to wonder if he’s playing his way out of the possibility of being around when the Phillies draft in the 3rd round. High character kid and will blow teams away in the interview process once the College WS is over.

      He checks a lot of boxes defensively and as you can see, has been clutch offensively in the first two weeks of the NCAA Tournament. The scouts still prefer him as a pitcher but he’s making a case for allowing him to start his professional career at 3B. If he can dial in as a consistent hitter to go along with his 6.3 in the 60 speed, he’ll be a good one.

  8. All this talk of Tennessee players — how do we feel about taking Ben Joyce if he’s there in the 3rd round? I’ll take a 105 mph fastball in the bullpen, no problem.

    1. I’m really interested to see which team picks him but I think he’ll be gone before the 3rd round. I think a playoff caliber team will be the likeliest destination (somewhere between the late first or second round) and that he could arrive to the majors as quickly as anyone in this draft.

      I thought he was impressive on Friday night. From what I understand, he’s a hard worker and keeps himself in great shape. But he’s pitched very little over the past couple years and already has one Tommy John under his belt. Combine that with throwing 103 mph on average and the odds are not on his side to have a long, sustainable career. Some scout equated him to drafting a RB. If you can get 3-4 good years out of him then you’re doing well. Anything beyond that is gravy.

      I also question his ability to consistently throw strikes with an MLB strike zone with the run he gets on his fastball. But most flamethrowers have the same affliction.

    2. The plus for Joyce, under Tenn’s PC Frank Anderson, he seems to have found some control…he went from 6-BB/9 in the past, down to 4-BB/9 this season.

      1. I think Tennessee will have five players go in the first three rounds – Beck, Gilbert, Joyce, Lipscomb, and Tidwell, not necessarily in that order. But in my opinion, their best overall prospect is Chase Dollander, who will be a first rounder in next year’s draft. He’s got top of the rotation stuff.

        1. Yeah…Tennessee has a dominant program with premier recruits and players.
          The SEC is such a strong conference….even Vandy, a perennial powerhouse, is under .500 in the conference.

  9. I take back my call to draft Brock Jones. He can’t seem to hit left handers. He was compared to Joc Peterson who can’t hit left handlers.

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