2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #21 Prospect

On to the vote for the #21 prospect in the organization.  There are 32 players listed in the poll below.

Jared Carr has been removed from the poll.

The number twenty spot has been awarded to Lee Hao Yu who received 14 votes.  Kendall Simmons finished second with ten.

  • Christian McGowan received nine votes,
  • Kyle Dohy and Jamari Baylor  got five each,
  • Alexeis Azuaje and Erubiel Armenta got four each,
  • Rickardo Perez and Casey Martin got three each,
  • Dominic Pipkin and Micah Ottenbreit got two each,
  • Ben BrownNicolas TorresAndrew SchultzChristopher SanchezChristian HernandezFreylin Minyety, and Gunner Mayer received one vote each
  • and Jared Carr received 34 votes.

Yes, we had one of those friends and family votes where Carr went from one vote to a bunch.  Only two of his votes were cast by people who had voted in the previous poll.  One had voted for Carr, the other had voted for McArthur who had won the previous poll.  The rest, well … we’ve seen this before.  This is a Readers Poll.  It is not a mechanism for the friends and family of a player to hijack a ranking.

Maybe, I shouldn’t have removed this section.

Features of this poll include –

  • To be eligible for a prospect list, a player must still have rookie eligibility.
  • The names will be in alphabetical order.
  • The Other option will be OFF.
  • You can choose ONE prospect.
  • Repeat voting is blocked.
  • Results will be hidden and revealed after the poll is closed.
  • I reserve the right to set aside any outcome if I think anything irregular occurred.


The Top 30, so far:

  1. Bryson Stott
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Andrew Painter
  4. Logan O’Hoppe
  5. Johan Rojas
  6. Luis Garcia
  7. Matt Vierling
  8. Hans Crouse
  9. Yhoswar Garcia
  10. Erik Miller
  11. Ethan Wilson
  12. Griff McGarry
  13. Jhailyn Ortiz
  14. Simon Muzziotti
  15. Francisco Morales
  16. Mickey Moniak
  17. Jordan Viars
  18. Damon Jones
  19. James McArthur
  20. Lee Hao Yu


32 thoughts on “2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #21 Prospect

  1. I have Jared Carr at #29 on my personal list, but I agree with you, Jim. The whole PP top 30 usually goes sideways when the “Friends and Family” plan is allowed to stand.

    I’ve been voting for Christian McGowan for a few days now. That won’t change. I’d rank Azuaje after McGowan. I’d then consider Andrew Baker (another top 5 JUCO player from last year’s draft) after Azuaje. So … if you could add Baker to the next round of hopefuls, Jim, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Jim, I agree with removing a player when there is obvious ballot box stuffing. I know how to deal with this has been a difficult issue in the past, but removing the player may be the best solution by taking away the game from those who abuse it.

    1. Removing the player was a little severe. But, the polling app will run out of “signals” in a few more polls. After which, I’m going to have to finish the process by counting votes in the comments section. Allowing such frivolity reduces the number of polls I can run before going manual. I can’t restrict who receives votes then. But, I will still have the tools necessary to distinguish between readers and non-readers.

      1. Mr Peyton, I was unaware that it was a readers only vote and I do read your articles weekly. I do feel it is a little harsh to remove Jared from the poll when he had nothing to do with it. I apologize for the misunderstanding it was not intentional.

          1. Your comment is unnecessary. I handled the situation. Beth Carr apologized. What more do you expect from the mother of a new player? This is a rhetorical question. I neither expect nor want a reply.

          1. Your comment is unnecessary. I handled the situation. Beth Carr apologized. What more do you expect from the mother of a new player? This is a rhetorical question. I neither expect nor want a reply.

        1. I don’t think you and your family need to apologize for supporting your son (?). We can all understand that. It’s just that this seems to happen every year, and it kind of throws the integrity of the poll into question. Not saying Jared doesn’t deserve consideration at this point of the PP rankings. As I mentioned above, he’s #29 on my personal list.
          Best of luck to Jared. Here’s hoping he becomes the next great 13th round draft pick. Ramon Laureano, Albert Pujols, and Jim Thome were all selected in the 13th round.

          1. Your comment should be unnecessary. Apparently, based on other comments, it isn’t.

            It is more in line with how the thinking should be among the Phuture Phillies community. Parents should be proud of their sons and daughters. And, we should be more supportive. We’ve received the benefit of parents commenting here for years. This was just a mistake by a parent new to the community.

            Beth, I’m sorry if my action was severe and my phrasing harsh. But, as Hinkie states, we’ve had this happen before. And, the comments from the PP community were harsher when it happened and directed at the player, too.

            I watched Jared with the Threshers and at the Complex. He looks like a fine player and had a superb college and summer ball career. (side note: I spent time at the NCC in/near Martinsburg.)

            I agree with Hinkie that Jared deserves to be considered in the top thirty and will place him in the next poll.

            I hope you continue to read the articles here. Unfortunately, they haven’t been as informative as they were before the pandemic. Until I get access to the Complex again, I can’t provide the level of reporting that a lot of families enjoyed. In most cases, I was providing more information than they received from their sons on their “too short” phone calls.


            1. Thank you Mr. Peyton. You are absolutely correct about trying to stay informed about Jared’s play. When Jared was drafted, I found your website and watched your Twitter feed hoping to find information on the Threshers and hopefully get some insight on how Jared was doing.

            2. There are a few players here on their own (catchers) who have been working out in the stadium. I expect some minor leaguers will begin attending mini camps the middle of next month. The first group will likely be those who would have been non-roster invites at major league spring training. I expect they’ll be working out in the stadium, too, until the group overflows back to the Complex.

              And, call me Jim.

      2. I guess if there is a poll where there is 2 obvious players leading over the others you could add those two in the next spots.

  3. Obviously it is a difficult situation. If for example, a consensus #2 or #3 candidate from industry polling received what appeared to be a number of bogus votes, removing that player from the year’s poll entirely might appreciably reduce the entire results accuracy

  4. Baseball Prospectus posted their Phillies top 10. Nothing too outlandish except Griff McGarry is #4, Ethan Wilson #6, and Muzziotti #10. Seems McGarry is riding the helium bullet lately.

    1. Wow….number 4!
      BP must think he has corrected his control issues.
      Call me a ‘Doubting Thomas’
      I remain skeptical until after I see it this season.
      If he can get that BB/9 <4…then I will believe.

      1. #4 – wow! That tells you he has #2 starter upside if he figures this control thing out. But I think the raw ability is at a very, very high level. So happy with that draft pick.

        1. Catch, they project him as a three, four or late-inning reliever.

          Here’s one of their comments: not your traditional projectable prep pitcher or major college performer. Something changed for McGarry in his pro debut, though. Okay, the walk rate is still pretty high, but more manageable given the bat-missing stuff he showed. His fastball sat in the mid-90s, touching higher. He utilized both a four-seam and two-seam, and the two-seam can move—and be used—like a changeup (although he also flashed a proper change as well). McGarry throws two different breaking balls, with the curve ahead of the slider at this point, showing plus potential with sharp two-plane break. Given the short track record of even fringy control and command, the profile contains a lot of reliever risk. However, like the top two arms on the Phillies list, there is a very plausible high-end outcome with McGarry. You just have to squint a little harder.

  5. I have Armenta here based on his intriguing (some might say astronomical) strikeout success at three levels last season. He struck out 49 batters in 23 innings so 49 of the 69 outs were recorded by strikeout. He started in Clearwater and recorded 17 of the 20 outs by strikeout before a promotion to Jersey Shore where he proceeded to get 30 of the 43 outs on strikes.

    1. Same here.
      This guy could be a lights out reliever.
      Assume he starts in Reading, where he finished last season, and hopefully works his way to LHV and finally to Philly before the close of the season.
      I want to see if he can keep up those K/9 metrics….and maybe lower those BB/9

  6. Kendall Simmons or is it Logan, is a surprise here for me. His BA, over 3 seasons, is .230. He’s never hit higher than .234. He’s consistent here. He takes some BBs so his OBP, over the 3 seasons, is .335. He has some power, 25 dbls, 5 trpls and 21 HRs among his 95 hits. He’s a 50/50 base stealer. He’s only 21 but his past stats don’t reflect a top 30 guy to me. Are people expecting improvement as he moves up?

    1. It is Kendall. He has used Logan in the past and his MiLB page and B-Ref show him as Logan. But, he switched back to Kendall a couple years ago.

      I like Kendall both as a player AND as a person. He had an 18-game stretch at Williamsport that seems to still drive his popularity in these polls. That stretch may be what he is capable of attaining or just be an outlier. My concern is that he hasn’t played more games at Williamsport (51) and Clearwater (46) the past two seasons.

        1. Yeah, that was the year he lost to the pandemic. I hesitated to mention it because he would have been better off staying home than posting the anemic numbers he put up there. Plus, Curtis Mead was there.

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