Open Discussion: Week of August 29, 2021

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.  

The Phillies (66-64) went 3-3 last week and picked up a half-game as Atlanta went 2-3.  Gotta feel there was a missed opportunity to pick up more as Atlanta faced the Yankees and Giants.  They are 4.5 games (5 in the loss column) behind the division leaders who hold a game in hand.

The Phillies begin a 9-game road trip with 3 in Washington and 3 in Miami.  Atlanta goes on the road to play 3 in Los Angeles and 4 in Colorado.  I don’t necessarily believe in the schedule difficulty comparison on social media and here, but Atlanta does have to make two trips to the west coast this month.

I expect to get back to normal this week with Recaps starting Tuesday.

There have been quite a few transactions.

In the past ten days, several payers have been released – RHP Chase Anderson, SS Cole Stobbe, 2B Ruben Tejada, 2B Jake Elmore, LF Keaton Greenwalt, and C Mitchell Edwards.

All but seven of the newly signed players have been assigned and made their debuts.  The following players have yet to be assigned – first-round pick RHP Andrew Painter (18, Calvary Christian Academy) was scheduled to make his debut in an FCL game last Friday, but it was pushed to this week.  Fourth rounder RHP Micah Ottenbreit (18, Trenton HS), seventh rounder RHP Christian McGowan(21, Eastern Oklahoma State JC), fourteenth rounder LHP Jose Valadez-Acuna (18, Veterans Memorial HS), sixteenth rounder RHP Ty Collins (19, Glendale College (JUCO)), eighteenth rounder Malik Binns (22, Benedictine University Mesa), and NDFA 1B Matt Goodheart (22, Arkansas).

I caught up on the comments.  Congratulations V1!  We had a similar experience with one of my wife’s cousins.  He was a catcher, too.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Haseley never plays center field in CBP in red pinstripes.  Same for Moniak as long as Girardi is the manager.  The irony of the front office changes is that one of the evaluators had expressed his opinion on analytics and such, vocally in front of players (and me off to the side).  Hard to get players to buy into change when a guy with a lot of influence is so adamantly against it.  Don’t be surprised when the organization has to go through change again in four years.  Mentoring isn’t something the Phillies haven’t tried.  Bonifacio was signed and paid to mentor Brito.  It worked until he collapsed on the field.  Driveline wasn’t forced on anybody, so you can’t tell who failed using it and who didn’t.  I do know that a couple players who eschewed Driveline approached the instructors and asked for help and it turned their seasons around.  But, if the evaluator, who was a poor hitter as a pro, has influence it’ll be gone.  Abel started throwing last week.  He’ll probably never report soreness ever again.  Oh, and “plot” is a funny word to use as there appears to be no plan for the kid.  The traditional baseball guys were NOT driven out of the organization.  THEY chose to not work with the new guys who were brought in, and were let go when their contracts were up.  I spoke with a Padres scout Thursday who said the Phillies had a respected, top-five minor league system under Joe Jordan.  I believe Joe is available.  The scout also spoke highly of sixth-rounder RHP Jose Pena.  Schultz and Schulze are on the IL, one on the 7- and one on the 60- (TJ).  I think the AFL has rules that prevent Latin American players from being assigned without the approval of their country’s winter league teams.  I wasn’t “right” a couple weeks ago regarding the Phillies and the rest of the season.  I did NOT predict anything.  I did say they weren’t going to fool me into believing they could win.  I still watch and root for them.  I’m just not as invested as I was two months ago.  The Phillies were never close to 85% vaccinated.  Put it this way, if there were 100 people in Tier One (players on the active roster, 40-man roster, Triple-A roster, coaches, managers, trainers, and other specified personnel), then the Phillies would be about 25 people short of 85%.  Clearwater did have an interesting roster at the beginning of the season.  But, COVID and injuries throughout the organization took their toll.  I looked at the roster Thursday night and it’s almost completely different.  It is very difficult to gauge the development of players from the 2019, 2020, and 2021 drafts.   Based on past history, the expiration of the current CBA will not prevent teams from trading players or signing free agents after the agreement expires.

Key Dates:

  • July 30, 2021: Trade Deadline (4 p.m. ET)
  • August 1, 2021: Signing deadline for 2021 drafted players
  • Oct. 3, 2021: Regular season concludes

Transactions (last week’s transactions)

8/29/2021 – Phillies recalled SS Nick Maton from Lehigh Valley
8/29/2021 – Phillies placed SS Didi Gregorius on the paternity list
8/28/2021 – Reading sent RHP Kyle Glogoski on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/28/2021 – RHP Carlos A Francisco assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
8/28/2021 – LHP Gabriel Yanez assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
8/28/2021 – LSS Kervin Pichardo assigned to FCL Phillies from Clearwater
8/28/2021 – Clearwater activated SS Kendall Simmons from the 7-day IL
8/28/2021 – RHP Jose Pena Jr. assigned to FCL Phillies
8/28/2021 – C Adony Mejia assigned to FCL Phillies from DSL Red
8/27/2021 – Phillies recalled C Rafael Marchan from Lehigh Valley
8/27/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of RF Jorge Bonifacio from Lehigh Valley
8/27/2021 – Phillies placed 3B Luke Williams on the 10-day IL
8/27/2021 – Phillies placed C Andrew Knapp on the 10-day IL
8/27/2021 – Phillies released RHP Chase Anderson
8/27/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Zach Eflin on the 10-day IL, right patella tendinopathy
8/27/2021 – Phillies recalled RHP Enyel De Los Santos from Lehigh Valley
8/27/2021 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Braden Zarbnisky on the 7-day IL
8/27/2021 – CF Adam Haseley assigned to Lehigh Valley from Jersey Shore
8/27/2021 – C Vito Friscia assigned to Lehigh Valley from Jersey Shore
8/27/2021 – Clearwater activated 1B Rixon Wingrove from the 7-day IL
8/27/2021 – Clearwater sent LHP Jordan Fowler on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/27/2021 – RHP Ben Brown assigned to FCL Phillies from Jersey Shore
8/27/2021 – RHP Alex Garbrick assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/27/2021 – LHP Tyler Adams assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/26/2021 – Phillies activated LHP Jose Alvarado
8/26/2021 – Phillies designated RHP Chase Anderson for assignment
8/26/2021 – Phillies activated RHP Zach Eflin
8/26/2021 – Phillies placed 1B Rhys Hoskins on the 10-day IL,left groin strain
8/26/2021 – Lehigh Valley sent 3B Dalton Guthrie on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/26/2021 – C Nick Matera assigned to Jersey Shore from Reading
8/26/2021 – C Oscar Gonzalez assigned to FCL Phillies from Jersey Shore
8/26/2021 – C Herbert Iser assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
8/26/2021 – Jersey Shore released SS Cole Stobbe
8/26/2021 – Clearwater sent 2B Wilfredo Flores on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/26/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Dylan Castaneda on the 7-day IL
8/26/2021 – C Chris Burke assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/26/2021 – RHP Konnor Ash assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/26/2021 – Douglas Mijares assigned to DSL Red from DSL White
8/25/2021 – Phillies sent RF Jorge Bonifacio outright to Lehigh Valley
8/25/2021 – Lehigh Valley released 2B Ruben Tejada
8/25/2021 – C Colby Fitch assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
8/25/2021 – Reading placed RF Jhailyn Ortiz on the 7-day IL
8/25/2021 – RHP Julian Garcia roster status changed by Reading
8/25/2021 – C Logan O’Hoppe assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
8/25/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP Carlos A Francisco on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/25/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP Chi-Ling Hsu on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/25/2021 – Clearwater sent LHP Gabriel Yanez on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/25/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP Jose Ulloa on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/24/2021 – Phillies activated SS Freddy Galvis
8/24/2021 – Phillies designated RF Jorge Bonifacio for assignment
8/24/2021 – Phillies activated RHP Sam Coonrod
8/24/2021 – Phillies signed free agent RHP Taylor Guerrieri to a minor league contract
8/24/2021 – Phillies optioned RHP Enyel De Los Santos to Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – Phillies sent LHP Jose Alvarado on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – Phillies sent RHP Seranthony Dominguez on a rehab to Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – Phillies sent RF Matt Joyce on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
8/24/2021 – C Colby Fitch assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/24/2021 – RHP Jack Perkins assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/24/2021 – Lehigh Valley released 2B Jake Elmore
8/24/2021 – C Logan Moore roster status changed by Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – RHP Taylor Guerrieri assigned to Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – RHP Zach McAllister assigned to Lehigh Valley from FCL Phillies
8/24/2021 – RHP Adam Leverett assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – Reading activated C Nick Matera from the 7-day IL
8/24/2021 – 2B Sal Gozzo assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
8/24/2021 – RHP Carlo Reyes assigned to Jersey Shore from Reading
8/24/2021 – C Oscar Gonzalez assigned to Jersey Shore from Reading
8/24/2021 – C Herbert Iser assigned to Clearwater from Jersey Shore
8/23/2021 – Lehigh Valley transferred 2B Daniel Brito from the 7-day IL to the 60-day IL
8/23/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP Cristian Hernandez on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/23/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP DJ Jefferson on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/23/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP Gunner Mayer on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/23/2021 – Clearwater sent LHP Rafael Marcano on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/23/2021 – Clearwater sent RHP Rodolfo Sanchez on a rehab assignment to FCL Phillies
8/19/2021 – C Edward Barboza roster status changed by FCL Phillies (suspended)
8/05/2021 – Lehigh Valley released LHP Rob Kaminsky

355 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of August 29, 2021

  1. Glad to have you back Him. Hope you had a great visit with your daughter/ family.
    Interesting prediction that in 4 years there will probably be another major overhaul. Is this prediction due to DD’s age and when he goes then all goes? Will ownership sell out? Or?
    If it’s 4-years of all to the wall then we can expect many veterans to pass thru here will another “retool” after that time.

    1. Not intended as a prediction. Just preparing myself for such when DD leaves whether at the end of his contract or sooner for his Nashville project (for which I would expect he has an opt out).

  2. I liked Jim Jordan but the word was he didn’t buy into any of the new data analytics so that would seem to exclude him from returning now. I expect they’ll hire the #2 guy from another team who has embraced the new model.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know about that. I think the elevation of a subordinate into a position above him that he may have anticipated he was in line for may have more to do with his requesting his release. Sorry if I typed Jim, I meant Joe.

  3. Welcome back jim. I find, as I usually do, your words most interesting concerning the team, and the different and competing philosophies. To me, Kingery was completely mishandled, and I do not blame the team, because I have no clue who is responsible. Someone, or multiple someones convinced him to concentrate on launch angle, rather than continuing as the line drive, gap hitter, and terrific defensive 2B he looked like he would be. The team moved him all over, and however much that hurt him, that is on them. But, his hitting was totally screwed up. Eflin, we know because he told us so, turned his career around when he stopped listening to the PC. The issues with Haseley, I have no idea about, and to the extent they are personal, emotional or mental, are none of my business. But, he was another player I thought could be a productive line drive hitter. Tour belief that he does not play at CBP in a Phils uniform means, to me, that he won’t. I don’t see the team orchestrating a tear down, so that leaves trades and FA to fix it. A couple of more years, I believe, and either by some really tremendous moves by Dombrowski, the team is successful, or he moves on, and then another rebuild will begin.

    1. Kingery had the worst version of COVID imaginable short of death. I remember seeing him in the dugout after a routine groundout struggling to breathe. He was supposed to be the team’s starting centerfielder. We may never know how much of his game was affected by COVID.

      I know it’s a popular position to blame the Phillies for his hitting woes. But, he was a slap hitter with power to the gaps when he was with Clearwater (2016). He came to spring training with unforetold power after working out with Bryant in Las Vegas during the offseason. No one complained when he hit 26 HRs in 2017 in AA and AAA.

      In spite of an increasing strikeout rate, he slashed .258/.315/.474/.788 with 19 HR for the Phillies in 2019.

      I’m not stating that the Phillies didn’t play a part, but it’s not unusual for players to strike out more often at the major league level. And, we can’t ignore the possibility that health problems exacerbated the problem.

  4. I feel the same about Adam Haseley…..I think Dave D will move him in a trade this off-season..
    He is part of the org…but seems not to be a part of it….almost like Nick Williams was a few years ago.
    I had high hopes for Haseley after his 2019 rush-to-the-majors season. He seemed to be ready to take the next step up in 2020.

    1. Now, this is purely conjectured on my part, but Matt M. told us how rough the fans in CF are on Mickey with the things that come out of their mouths. Haseley came from the ACC and a more congenial UVA. In my mind, it’s likely that he just couldn’t take the insults directed at him and his family from people who are supposed-to-be hometown fans.

      If a reader’s first thought is that Haseley’s not tough enough to play in Philadelphia, then I think that reader and those like him might be part of the problem. I don’t subscribe to the theory that the cost of a ticket entitles a person to say whatever they want during a game.

      Until COVID ended customer attendance at spring training, I was approached by a lot of parents of new players each year who were concerned for their boys playing in front of Philadelphia fans. These were the fans they heard the worst stories all over the country from the people within the baseball community. Of course, I lied and told them the stories weren’t true. That there was a small minority that called into a local radio station who were terrible but not representative of all Philadelphia.

      I think Haseley gets traded to a real baseball town with real baseball fans and plays in the outfield for a St. Louis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, or some other baseball town.

      1. Ok Jim…thanks.
        I know Adam is a very religious, Christian person.
        Read somewhere a few years ago the whole family are very religious.
        So, can see where that could bother him.
        And agree….probably be better for him to be out in the Mid-West somewhere……the Northeast fan base can be difficult.
        Maybe the Phillies, if he is traded, can get back a little more than what they got for another kid who wanted out for greener pastures …..Scott Rolen.

        1. Please keep in mind that this is just conjecture on my part based on Matt M.’s comment and the timing of Adam’s leaving the team. This is NOT a case of my having inside information.

      2. I’ve probably sat in the stands close to the field or outfield bleachers in about 20 different cities in my life, and while Philly fans are t nicer than everywhere else, they are more the norm than unique. Fenway, Citi, Wrigley, San Fran, Comiskey, Pitt, Dodger, and Yankee are all stadiums I’ve heard fan nastiness directly towards home and visiting players alike. I agree it shouldn’t happen, especially to home players, but unfortunately it’s a current reality in our sports society.

        1. Javy Baez will undoubtedly get a very warm and loud applause from the Mets fans at his next Citi Field game. 🙂

  5. Random thoughts as this team is unpredictably predictable, meaning we aren’t sure how they’ll blow opportunities, but we’re pretty certain they will…

    Should Bohm continue to hit well in Lehigh, it’s reasonable to think he’ll man 1b for the majority of remaining games once he’s recalled.

    Once he returns from this injury, JTR’s bat and presence on the field demands he be in the lineup EVERY DAY, even on days when he gets a break from catching.

    As we speculate about trade possibilities in the off season, we won’t know what kind of value Haseley might have since we aren’t privy to the issue that has apparently beset his career. I say this in light of Jim’s comment in this week’s intro. Should Haseley eventually be released, there’s another blemish on the previous regime and another void in what should be emerging major league talent in this system.

    1. So, 1) I guess I could/should know this, but is Bohm playing first base right now? and 2) wasn’t Jim’s comment – which obviously was an opinion not inside information -about Haseley and Moniak that he didn’t think they would play CF for the Phillies again while Girardi was manager?

      1. The speculation on Haseley had nothing to do with Girardi as far as I can tell; just that Haseley was having a rough time with his fan interactions and may want out of town rather than continuing to suffer through it.

        Mickey has had those interactions as well, but his biggest road block seems to be playing time. Because, as has been pointed out by myself and others, Joe leans HEAVILY on “his guys”. And those guys are all vets. There’s seemingly no play time to be had for anyone else outside of multiple injuries (which is how both Marchan and previously Maton found their way into the lineup).

        “Fun” stat of the day. Moniak has been basically available to play all year (no serious injuries or long Covid issues, etc.). He has 11 more plate appearances than Haseley. You know, the guy that hasn’t played since the 9th game of the season? And this for a team that had to scramble so much to find OF help that they brought back a “blacklisted” player in Herrera.

        I’m not saying that Moniak was forcing the issue with his bat when he’s been in Philly, but the poor kid has been called up in two consecutive seasons now and has 50 PAs to show for it. 50??? We can’t get any kind of sense on who he is as a player or what can be improved with that.

  6. It’s funny to me how certain words conjure up certain emotions. Take the words “rebuild” or “tear down” (I know technically 2 words)

    When you hear those words how do they make you feel?

    Personally you only rebuild something that was once good. This team has never been good going back what 10 years now.

    Now let’s look at tear down. A few short years ago my sister bought a house at the Jersey Shore. The house was old and beat up so they raised it to the ground and built a brand new one. As they say the lot was worth more than the house standing on it.

    I suppose there is a 3rd word but you don’t really hear it in sports and that is “renovate”. You tend to renovate something that has good bones but is aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. It basically needs some updates.

    Personally I don’t think this franchise has good bones, I don’t think it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye so pick whatever terminology you want to place on them as they move into another offseason.

    Sure you can slap some paint on it change out the floors and such put some new siding up etc. but the same crappy house will still be standing underneath it all.

    1. That’s why they should have sold at the deadline but it’s not the course they’re charting. They only seem interesting in putting on additions.

  7. The Phillies will have choices to make just because of the existing Phillies contracts (outside of Harper):

    JT: 4 more years
    Wheeler: 3
    Hoskins: 2
    Nola: 2 (picking up option)
    Eflin: 1
    Gibson: 1
    Segura: 1 (not picking up option)
    Didi: 1

    The Phillies need to have to some of their minor league players step up to fill the gap very soon.

  8. Is JT’s injury or injuries going to sideline him and if so how long? Also if he is out and Knapp is out who is in?

    1. JT’s injuries are day to day, but with Knapp on the Covid list, Marchan is the only healthy catcher on the 26 man roster. So I’m expecting the Phillies to call up a catcher from Lehigh, like Heineman, and DFA Bonifacio. Even in yesterday’s game, Marchan got smoked by a foul ball off his mask, and it looked he got stunned for a second. The Phillies need another catcher.

  9. I think I read that Luke Williams is the emergency C. mark, I have great memories of taking my Son to Cooperstown about 20 years ago, when he was 11 or 12. It was really fun watching his reaction to the Abbott and Costello skit. We sat through it multiple times because he enjoyed it so much.

      1. Yeah. Mr. Dombowski has quite a “to do” list that should keep him pretty busy over the next six months.

        ▶ Hire a Farm Director preferably from the Rays or Dodgers. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Juan Castro get consideration as an internal candidate. The club should also interview Dana Parks as the first female Farm Director.

        ▶ Import a Veteran Clubhouse Leader who can still play some ball. Josh Donaldson, Nelson Cruz, Anthony Rizzo, and Justin Verlander are a few guys who could be had via trade or free agency.

        ▶ Improve the Defense. Probably upgrade CF. Could also do something at SS or 3B.

        ▶ Find This Team’s Unicorn: the elusive shutdown closer.

        ▶ and if he can pull off any more of those trades that net the club both MLB help and MiLB talent (like the one he made with Texas at the deadline), that would be pretty cool.

        1. I’ve done a 180 on DD this year. That trade would have been worth it if they only got Gibson. Add an okay closer and a prospect that could turn out to be as good as they guy they traded who, by the way, was kind of damaged goods? Wow. Elite GM territory.

        2. Would include in your list convincing management to exceed the tax threshold for 2022 season. It is not possible for them to be competitive next year without going over so if they are not willing to to go there, then they need to sell/reset the current roster.

          1. 3up … Agree. I’m certain the LTT will increase with the new CBA this winter, but Middleton is going to probably need to outspend other owners to have a chance to overcome the average MLB roster, and weak farm system Matt Klentak left the organization with.

            1. Check that. I probably should have said Klentak left a top heavy MLB roster instead of an average MLB roster.

    1. Luke is but on COVID list yesterday once JT left game after Marchan it would have been Maton or Torreyes as emergency C.

      1. They said Torreyes was the emergency catcher during the broadcast with Williams out for ten days. They also said that Harper “reminded” Girardi that he was a catcher as recently as 2010 for the College of Southern Nevada.

    2. brings back a memory from years ago of young son of friends of ours seeing the skit with us, and saying “Maybe Jim Thome’s on first”

  10. BTW, it was only a replay of the radio skit, so even more amazing to me that he liked it so much, without a visual performance.

  11. BTW, Luke Williams and Hans Crouse were high school teammates — Crouse was a sophomore at Dana Hills when Williams was a senior. And Crouse’s older brother, Marrick Crouse (currently in high A with the Braves) was the same year as Williams.

      1. He’s on the Covid IL list. No word if he tested positive or if he’s a close contact.

  12. IMO Hineman, AAA catcher can be backup, not offensive but until Knapp or Williams return. DFA Boneficio 0-8 with 1 RBI.

    Joe needs to Use all BP arms just not his OLD Vets that are Tired. Use the BP effectively. Ooops can he

    Love Hall great defensively but K rate👎.

    Phillies need use entire roster not just Joe’s Guys (Bradley said he was Ailing). Got away with it because it was AZ

    1. You really don’t know what you’re talking about all the time, do you. Just what do you think Hall’s K rate is this season? And what do you think is acceptable for a power hitter?

      By the way, you are only allowed to post under one name, so go back to Harvey, and stop using Hank and Seth and Emily and Horace and Hatevey or you will be blocked. That’s a rule that was implemented a couple years ago.

      FTR, Hall’s K rate this season is 20.05%.

      In the 44 games this July and August after making a swing alteration, he is slashing .287/.390/.527/.916 with 9 HR, 21 BB (11.9%), and 32 K (18.1%) in 177 plate appearances.

      He’s also carrying a .997 Fld% with 2 errors and 45 assists in 633 chances in 85 starts at first base in LHV’s 100 games. He also played first base in four other games as a non-starter.

      1. Romus – I always enjoy reading pieces on the Phillies by writers outside of the “Phillies sphere.” I was surprised at just how favorable the article was toward Bryce. I especially liked the final paragraph, “He’s a decade in. There’s at least a decade to go. It’s apparent by now: The numbers will be there in the end, even if the hype won’t be.”

    1. The thing I fear most with Bryce might be the thing I never new existed with Bobby Abreu…

      I guess its tough when you have a really good player who says and does all the right things but then 10 years slip behind you and you haven’t won a thing.

      On the surface you would say they didn’t lose because or Bryce

      Lot’s of guys like that have existed in sports. John Elway and Peyton Manning are a couple of examples that come to mind.

      Clearly they were elite physically compared to Montana and Brady. Why the difference in the number of championships though.

      Again I love Bryce I am glad we have him. I’m sure the Angels fans love Trout and now Ohtani.

      1. DAMR….on the Angels…..for the near future, Ohtani and Trout’s contract totals added up will be staggering……$75M AAV….add in Rendon’s $35M AAV.
        The other 37 players will be scrambling for the crumbs.

        1. Mike Trout is now 30 and this is the first season that he’s been seriously hurt. There are rumblings that he won’t play the rest of the season which means he will have only played 36 games in 2021. He’s had a lot of mileage on his body and he’s owed a crazy amount of money ($334M). The Angels better pray that he stays healthy.

  13. Anyone know anything about 40 man roster spot
    Tyler Phillips 25YO
    ERA AA 7.36
    ERA AAA 9.0

    40 man designation = Player Prospect Protection

    Surely Phillies have more deserving, clarity?

    1. He’s 23, not 25, and was previously a solid prospect for Texas. Seems like missing 2020 hurt him; he fell out of favor and/or was victim to a 40 man roster crunch. Back end starter upside.

  14. Jim
    My apologies.
    Did not intend to offend.
    Hall has been a favorite since 2015 wish him well.

  15. We have a very small chance of catching of catching Atlanta this year and, given the way the rooster is constrained by contracts, almost no chance of beating a healthy Atlanta next year. In either year we would have a snowball’s chance of winning the world series.

    Given that, our next window would be in 2023, let us try and construct a reasonable rooster for that year. As a base we have for non pitchers, Harper, JT and Hoskins at DH. We will need a whole new infield. Internally we have Bohm, Kingery, Stott, and Maton as the current “favorites”. None of them are more than average at third base and Bohm looks like he is limited to first. In the outfield we have Moniak, Haseley, Randolph, and Kingery (perhaps) for two openings. For pitching we have Wheeler and Nola (club option year).

    With that in mind this is what I feel has to be done in 2022:

    1) Extend Hoskins, DH will be at a high demand with every NL club looking for one.

    2) Decide if we want Odubal back – he has played well enough that he deserves consideration, he shouldn’t be expensive and it clarifies the outfield somewhat.

    3) Try and extend Eflin – He should be reasonably priced and is a known quantity.

    4) Put Bohm at first and give him the first half of the year to sink or swim.

    5) Trade Segura at the deadline to a contender (he deserves a shot at a ring)

    6) Find a free agent 3rd base – Would love to have Escobar

    7) Decide which “rookies” will start in spring training and send the rest to Lehigh so that they can get consistent playing time in preparation for when they are called up.

    8) Find a G@# D@!m closer

  16. “Extend Hoskins, DH will be at a high demand with every NL club looking for one”,
    ….will be tricky buying out his last two arb years, and Boros as his agent.
    You definitely do not want an over-payment….which Boras will want…..for a DH/1B
    And now two years running coming up with soft tissue season-ending injuries and surgery.
    Boras will look for 6 years of some sort, with options, and probably somewhere between $20 and $24M AAV.
    I think an offer should be made, out of good faith, but thought this Nov would have been the ideal time, but now with the surgery, Boras will expect a low ball offer and reject it.
    And the Phillies may be hesitant about making any offer this off-season.

    1. LOL U Dub paints a very bleak very dark and morbid picture if we’re actually talking about extending Hoskins at this point and allowing his afore mentioned OFs battle for 2 spots.

      1. DMAR……Hoskins situation is interesting.
        He has seen the Kingery/Herrera/Nola extensions from the previous regime and could be wondering , “what do i have to do to get an offer!”.
        OTOH, Boras as his agent, may be an obstacle in any offering/negotiation, that Dave D wants to put off for another year.

        1. Yup remember the Howard extension 2 years before they had to do it 5/$125

          I’m sure DD also remember Prince Fielder as well. The Cards escaped disaster when the Angels/Moreno made his ridiculous offer to Pujols

          Comparing Hoskins to Goldschmidt isn’t fair but it is relevant in some way. The Cards gave Goldy a 5/$130 which will take him to his age 36 season. A $26 AAV Yes he’s a solid defender and always has an OPS in the 8’s.

          I mean no disrespect to Rhys but I just can’t hand out that kind of coin to him. Not with all the holes in his game and holes on this roster that need to be filled.

  17. I love this blog. Jim thank you so much but it just feels like Ground Hog Day year after year with this team.. The Phillies drain my love for baseball.

  18. Just looking at the gameday pitch location on the internet, yesterday Suarez and today through current inning #2 Wheeler appeared to have a number of pitches called balls that were within the strike zone. Did anyone actually see the game or video, and have an insight on whether catcher framing was part of this?

    1. That ump last night was brutal and he was brutal both ways…

      It’s mind blowing that you could be that bad at your job and still have your job

      1. Sadly, one reason, DMAR…bureaucracy is a drone which slows progress and inhibits sensibility when the wrong people are in decision making positions.

  19. I have been reading comments here and elsewhere saying that the Phillies need a DH next year, or that Hoskins should be the DH. I hope that the Phillies adopt the strategy that many AL clubs are now employing. That is, cycling players to DH as a way to give them some rest but still keeping their bat in the line up. Both Bryce and JT would benefit from DH-ing 30 or 40 games each season. In fact, I’d like to see the Phillies limit JT to around 90 or 100 games behind the plate. That’s about the number of games players like Bench and Piazza caught after they hit their 30s.

    1. Good post. I agree. Use the DH strategically instead of inserting the prototypically slow footed/no glove/power bat. The position is overrated and often overpaid mainly because traditionally those guys have been one dimensional. IMO Hoskins isn’t worth more than $10M AAV as a fully vested player. I’d rather spend that money on a couple bullpen arms.

      1. “Hoskins isn’t worth more than $10M AAV as a fully vested player.”….he will not be here in Philly at that price…….. Boras will have him elsewhere.

    2. I don’t disagree that JT needs more rest but the Phillies are paying JT to play as many games at catcher because that’s where the Phillies have the advantage. They are not paying JT to play 100 games at catcher. If JT is the DH and presumably Marchan at catcher, the Phillies’ advantage at catcher vanishes or even declines. And JT vs Hoskins at DH is a lot closer than you think.

      So giving JT timely rest is good, but he needs to spend the bulk of his time (at least 125+) games at catcher. That’s why the Phillies are paying him the big bucks.

  20. congrats to AJ Alexy, Twin Valley High, getting a win with 5 shutout innings in his MLB debut for Texas.
    noticed the Reading Phils are having a Scotty Jetpacks Bobblehead giveaway on September 2nd.
    I just can’t invest time in watching the Phils for more than a few minutes at this point-even though they are the second closest second place team in MLB. this is shaping up to be a boring September for baseball fans- NL West is the only race and both SF and LA will be in the playoffs regardless. Guess ESPN can spend a month hyping Yanks vs Red Sox wild card game.

    1. Ditto on AJ Alexy. I was a big Alexy fan coming out of HS (Twin Valley). The Phillies drafted Josh Stephen in the 11th round in 2016, and and gave him a 600-thousand dollar (over slot) bonus. 24 picks later, the LADs took Alexy and paid him the same (600-thousand dollar) bonus.

  21. IMO next year is best chance to compete in foreseeable future. Hoskins and Didi at corners hopefully 50-60 homers. Segura and Freddy or signee up the middle. Good top 4 rotation with Eflin as a wildcard with his knees. Try again to fix bullpen with more $$$. Get defensive CF and big bay left fielder. Hope JT can stop falling apart.

  22. I don’t know if Bohm can play LF, Romus, and Patso, and the Hoskins attempt makes me even more leery. I also don’t want to lose Hoskins, as I think his bat plays an important role on the team, and Bohm does not have Hoskins’ power. I don’t know what to do with Bohm. And, my choice for a FA splurge is SS. There are really good ones going to be available, and we don’t have a SS of the future, because I think Stott plays 2B. If I had to choice between SS and LF to spend in FA, it is SS for me.

    1. matt13…yes I am with you on a FA shortstop….Correa/Seager/Story….not Baez however.
      ……Correa (27).. talking Lindor money and length of contract…ouch,
      ……Seager (28) has issues with durability at times,
      ……Story (29) could be a Coors Field player… a question mark
      But whatever one the Phillies may go after, if they do at all, …. then let the dominoes fall from there….Stott…2B or 3B….Segura’s last year of contract, 2B or 3B….maybe Bohm to LF or 1B, who knows.

      1. My choice for free agent SS are
        1 Story (solid glove, probably cheaper than others)
        2 Semien (on a 2-3 yr deal, affordable compared to younger, higher end SS’s)
        3 Seager is a distant 3rd with his injury history
        I don’t want an overpriced Correa with blemishes from 2017, hard to unsee his HR hiding his device in his shirt)

        1. The Phillies will not be able to give Lindor money to any FA SS, let’s get that out of the way.

          I too would prefer Story because I don’t think he’s going to get the money he wants. However, I thnk Story and Semien will have a QO offer attached to them where as Seager will not.

          Seager also has Boras as his agent but I don’t Seager will get crazy money either.

          I would give a 1 year, $22-25M deal or 2 year, $45M. Whether or not the Phillies are willing to give up a QO draft pick is not my call.

        2. mark8:29….that wasJose Altuve who had the device hidden under his shirt……did not want it ripped off because ‘wife did not want that to happen’ after that HR

    2. Well where has Bohm been playing since they sent him down? I have to think if they thought he could play LF he would have played some games out there by now.

      He’s played 7 games since he was sent down 1 at 1B and 6 at 3B

      1. I wouldn’t read too much into where they have him playing now, he was a total mess when he was up. I believe they are just trying to get him comfortable again, productive and feeling good about himself. Hardly the time to introduce a new position. That will come later IMO.

  23. The continued disrespect of Hoskins as a player on this site is mystifying to me. He’s no magician with the glove, but he’s a hell of a hitter and if he leaves, it would leave a gaping hole in the line-up that cannot be replaced internally – not even close.

    1. Obviously, the team will have to figure out what to do when he becomes eligible to be a free agent, but for the next few years, until a much better option becomes available, he’s hugely important. Guys who can hit 35-40 homers with a .360+ OBP and an .850+ OPS don’t grow on trees.

      1. Agree, while I think 40 homers is beyond his reach he has a power/on-base combo that no one else on the roster, save Harper, offers. Counting on Bohm to replace his production is what a rebuilding team would do, not one that’s trying to win.

      2. As a DH, I think Hoskins could be a 3-4 WAR player.

        As a 1B, he’s about 2-2.5 WAR.

        Can’t put it anymore simple than that. And as he gets older, you figure his defense will get worse (loss of range for one).

        1. Not so – he only played 107 games this year and a few of those were while he was hurt. Still, he ended up as 2.1 bWAR and 2.5 fWAR – so, projected over a full season he’s roughly a 3-3.5 WAR player even as a first baseman and, like Harper, I think he’s improved quite a bit over the last year.

          1. Rhys would only be a 3 WAR player under the most generous scenarios. He’s never posted an oWar higher than 3.4, and as much as you would like to say that his offense would improve in the future, I would submit that his defense would get worse by the same amount as he ages. This is his fith year in a Phillies uniform, and he’s never posted a WAR higher than 2.2. Sure, he was hurt this year and there was a decent chance that he could have reached a career WAR this season. But there’s no guarantee either he won’t be hurt in either 2022 or 2023.

            Nobody wants to talk about Harper’s defense either. He’s 28 and he’s posting the second worst dWar of his career. It’s a good thing though that he’s posting the second best oWar of his career.

        2. Guru…..Hoskins’ bat is critical i the middle of that lineup…..BUT he does have a problem when it comes to ‘ clutch’…as they would say….RISP
          Compare his RISP vs other guys like Harper/JTR/Segura or even Cutch.
          2021………231/.298/.417….that is below average for clean-up hitters.
          Career……246/.374/.486 …early on he took plenty of walks

      3. Jayson Stark’s ear to the train rails tells him that Hoskins may in fact be traded this winter. What can be gotten in return is up for debate, but it seems the “disrespect” for him on this site isn’t derived from a vacuum.

        1. The fact that he might be traded, however, isn’t necessarily disrespectful if they are looking to get some top end prospects back and they will use his money to sign another hitter. But trading him for a few relief pitchers? That’s almost certainly a really bad idea.

            1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but after a year of watching him operate and seeing how masterful he can be, I do too.

            2. I’m still in disbelief as to how he pulled off a trade for Gibson, Kennedy and Crouse, for a struggling young starter who was looking more like a relief pitcher. It’s the best trade (in terms of value traded and value received) that has been executed here in a long time.

        2. Yes. DD is almost certainly going to shake things up this winter. I’ve felt for months that Hoskins is a leading candidate to be traded … not because he’s a bad player, but because he’s a really good (offensive) player who is under team control for 2 more seasons at an affordable price. In other words, Hoskins holds real value. If Dombrowski doesn’t deal Rhys, he could flip Eflin or Gibson for help.

          DD is the guy who traded Prince Fielder after 2013 at the peak of his value (coming off two straight ASG appearances) for Ian Kinsler.

          I’ve suggested (on numerous occasions) a Hoskins for Josh Hader deal. Both players have two more arb years to go before reaching free agency. Hader will probably earn about 30M (thru arb) over that time. Hoskins will likely earn ~22M over that same time.

          I think Oakland is another possible landing spot for Hoskins as part of a Ramón Laureano (or better yet … Matt Chapman) deal. Oakland could be willing to trade Laureano since he was busted for PEDs (and is in the middle of an 80 game suspension which will last into 2022).

          1. Hinkie…avoid guys who’s numbers were really great before a PED bust..for the obvious reason.

            1. Romus … LOL. The bat is just gravy. Give me three years of his glove. Give me three years of that arm.
              There’s probably no way the A’s would even consider trading him if it wasn’t for the PEDs. I’m all in on the risk.

            2. Hinkie…..we do not know when he started the PED consumption or injection……his metrics could be skewed favorably for that reason….but then again…..have you seen his K rate, the PEDs did not help him there……he does have his share of swing and misses.
              I am sure Oakland may move on from him….so maybe he can be obtained at a low cost.

          2. The A’s are not parting with Laureano this offseason because he’s still cheap. Yes, he’s entering arbitration but the PED bust is going to bring down his number. Now when he comes back and if he doesn’t perform, then he might be on the block.

            1. Like I said above … if not for the PED bust, there is no way Oakland would even consider trading Laureano. The smartest front offices (Billy Beane and David Forst are two of the game’s most progressive execs) don’t wait for a guy to regress before moving him. They get out in front of the situation.
              I’m not saying the A’s are going to definitely trade Laureano, but I’d be willing to bet they will be open to listening to offers on him. Chapman, Olson, and Manaea are all going to get salary bumps (they’ll all likely be making 10M+).
              The A’s may not have the financial breathing room to gamble on (post PEDs) Laureano. The Phillies are in a different place. They’re flush with cash, and are desperate to take advantage of the prime years (or years under contract) of Harper/Realmuto/Segura/Wheeler/Nola/Eflin/Gibson.

              Again … I’m not telling you this deal will happen. I’m connecting dots. Rhys to Oakland makes some sense. He’s from Northern California. Oakland needs a DH. The fact that he’s under team control thru 2023 would make him even more attractive to the A’s. The Phillies need a CFer. Laureano and Hoskins make sense as key pieces to a deal between the two clubs.

            2. If the A’s are willing to part with Laureano (or any of the other guys), they will definitely not give them away. Laureano still has 3 years of control left. There won’t be too much of a discount. And if the A’s are willing to part with these guys because they’re getting expensive, not sure why they would they take back Rhys, even if he’s from Sacramento.

              If I’m the A’s GM, I would tell the Philies to keep Rhys Hoskins and trade me Bryson Stott for Laureano.

  24. catch, you said it better than I did! I like Bohm’s bat, and I don’t want to lose him. Maybe he can play LF better than Rhys, but they have to try it sometime. He may start next season in LHV. I don’t have a real good feeling about what they do with Herrera. He has been pretty good in August. Maybe they get a defensive CF? Defense has to be addressed. So, I like Story over Seager, and I don’t want to pay for Correa. Let him go elsewhere.

    1. I’m a pretty big Story fan it was curious why the Rockies chose not to move him at the deadline. Is a QO Comp pick that much better than what was being offered????

      1. Don’t forget they also kept Jon Gray.

        I have no idea what the Rockies are doing. They can’t compete with the Dodgers big money, and they can’t get any good FA pitchers to come to Coors without overpaying. I hate to say it but if I was the owner, I would trade off every veteran player and keep my costs down. Having a payroll of say $125M means nothing when the Dodgers are spending $100M more than you. Keep the payroll at $75M, develop as much prospects as you can, try to make as much money as you can, and hope you don’t lose 90 games every year.

        1. True True and True Guru. I have a son that lives out there and it is a wonderful city and a beautiful ball park.

        2. rockies fans were saying they were done after the Arenado trade, but they sit 6th in attendance anyway.
          if they can pull off a draft like the Pirates did this year, with high picks plus the compensation for losing Story (assuming that still exists) i can see it, based on what the return was for Kris Bryant and Escobar at the trade deadline.

          1. Escobar remains an intriguing option to me. Switch hits and his positional flexibility as well, although 3b would make most sense for the Phillies.

  25. DMAR, I think learning LF is a Spring training task. He has played 1B before, so I understand he would play 1B or 3B in LHV, and then try to learn a new position in ST. If, that is what they decide to do with him. I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to lose his bat. I don’t recall who the DBacks got for Goldy a few years ago, but he was rated higher than Rhys is now, and the headliner in return may have been Carson Kelly. Hoskins is way more valuable to us than what we can get in return, and no one is replacing his 35 HR capabilities, and I don’t think that helps us. Jayson Stark is a terrific writer, and close to sources in Philly, and there may be talk about every player’s trade value, but unless we receive a huge return, I keep Rhys.

  26. I keep reading that the Phillies could get 1 or 2 relief pitchers for Hoskins, seriously??, with the Phillies record of picking relief pitchers people are willing to give up 30-35 home runs a year for pitchers that will either get hurt or be ineffective. Unless we could get an absolute, shut down closer, (not going to happen), I’d rather stick with the home runs and the weak glove for the next two years.

    1. Agreed. It’s the height of foolishness – what really bad teams do. You don’t trade middle of the order sluggers for relief pitchers unless it’s one of the best closers in baseball. Absolutely foolish. Also, you probably won’t even have to worry too much about the bad fielding for much longer – the NL is likely to get the DH next year and Hoskins will probably get at least half of his ABs or more as a cost-controlled DH. The Phillies have a lot of problems and holes – Rhys Hoskins is not among those and they don’t have the internal options to replace him. In fact, because they are going to need another big bat (either at first or DH), they would be looking to add, not subtract, a big time hitter.

      1. Hoskins is a first division regular and middle-of-the-order hitter. He was ranked in the top 10 by MLB Network at first last year, and that was a pretty fair assessment. He’s a damned good player, he’s cost-controlled and he he’s not someone you give away for relievers or take for granted. That’s all I’m saying folks.

  27. I was thinking one of these older left fielders u can sign to a one year or two year contract that might hit 25 to 30 homers. Because I think the guys that want to tear it down will get their wish after one more year.

    Bohm I would trade this off season at least test the waters or carry him as back up outfielder very pt 3b & 1b. The longer u hold onto less he is worth cause he is almost positionless.

    Hoskins maybe best person in Philly as far as athletes go

    1. “older left fielders u can sign to a one year or two year contract ”
      the list has plenty of veterans……..Brett Gardner …Marwin Gonzalez ….Joc Pederson…..Tommy Pham ……Eddie Rosario….Kyle Schwarber ……Chris Taylor …..Jorge Soler……Nick Castellanos, if he opts out with the Reds contract, but he will not settle for a 2 year deal.

      1. If you could replace McCutchen with Schwarber, I’d sign up for that. Between the power and the OBP and the fact that he’s still pretty young – that would be great. It will be interesting to see how the market develops for him. I have no idea what kind of contract he will get. I wouldn’t be surprised with a 4 year deal or a pillow contract or something in between.

        1. I would also.
          Plus Schwarber has been thru play-off and WS pressure situations….a very useful experience, something most of the Phillies current players have not experienced.

          1. I’m on board with signing Castellanos and trading (as Hinkie suggests) Hoskins for Hader as main principles in an extended deal, I would expect, not even up necessarily. Nicky Castles can flat hit, and for average, ok for LF and certainly DH.

            1. Castellanos is going to opt out because he thinks he can get paid more money. Again, another 4 years, $75-80M is likely in his sights.

          2. Agree with both of you. Kyle Schwarber would make sense for the Phillies as a FA LFer/DH/1Bman this offseason.

            1. Kyle Shwarber is looking to get paid. He’s still only 28. Somebody is going to give him something like 4 years, $65-$70M.

            2. I’d strongly consider Schwarber at about $16 m per year for 4 years. He’s a nice impact bat in the middle of the line-up and, as we saw earlier this year, when he’s hot, he can carry a team for a month. Not too many of those guys floating around.

            3. With CF not being a great FA market this winter, perhaps getting a premium bat in LF/DH makes more sense. I’d love to get either Marte, preferably Ketel via trade but Starling is probably more realistic if Dombrowski wasn’t going after a SS. We’ll see….

            4. All in on Schwarber although Red Sox have a mutual option on him don’t they? I think they need a big lefty bat to hit behind Hoskins and I’m not counting on Gregorious to come into form. Really think that 60 game season was just a mirage last year.

            5. Sox have that mutual option for $11M……he probably rejects it and try free agency knowing because of his season this year, he can stand to get a multi-year higher AAV contract..

            6. Romus is right. Boston/Schwarber have a mutual option, which pretty much means no option because one side will almost always opt out. If the player is coming off a good year, he opts out. If the player didn’t have a good year, the team opts out.

        2. Hunter Renfroe is an option too – he slips under the radar, but he’s got quite a power bat and is fine in the field. If it’s a low dollar signing, he could be a steal.

          1. Of course, he’s not on the market – duh – would have to pry him from the Red Sox – good luck with that.

            1. But you know who could be on the market…Dodger Bellinger.
              Still under control for two years (2024 free agent)…..but wants a bump up in arb 3…..and Boras is his agent.
              And he has slumped again for two years r in a row….mainly because of a bad right shoulder….required surgery 10 months ago…now he is having soft tissue issues with his hamstrings, but still yuong turning 27 next season…….a risky gamble for anyone trying to get him from the Dodgers.

    1. ….probably as insurance for Howard 🤣
      (Just funnin’)…still wish the best for Spence.

    1. Vierling is up today to play 1b tonight while Jankowski is on paternity leave. My guess is that Vierling stays up when Janko returns and they add an arm, maybe Phillips?

  28. Wow, the Blue Jays traded for Brad Hand and now they have now DFAd him. He was -0.6 WAR for the Blue Jays in 11 games!

    1. And the WSox may be regretting trading for Craig Kimbrel from cross-town Cubbies…..Craig Kimbrel does have an issue when pitching in pressure situations that have popped up later in his career..

      1. Holy smokes, Kimbrel has been a disaster for the ChiSox. His WHIP doubled! I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

  29. Hinkie – Depends on which Corbin shows up tonight. And to Guru – Was at Coors about 15 years ago with a friend. We got tickets for way, way, way out in CF called “The Rock Pile” for $5 each. Because we were 55 years old, the tickets were a dollar each. The players looked like ants. Stayed there an inning and then moved to better seats.

  30. Muzziotti played today…CF for Clearwater.
    Hope he can get in some quality ABs before the close of the season,
    …..maybe also winter ball somewhere later.

  31. looking at Gameday pitch location tonight, I am reminded of a paraphrase of Harry Kalas “Ball, right down the middle”

  32. If Moore is going to stay in the rotation, do the Phillies really have a snowball’s chance at October? He faced tougher lineups than this one tonight when he was pitching in Lehigh. What’s the deal with Joe not using Falter for 3 or 4 innings when Moore won’t go longer anyway?

    1. LOL. I came here to post the same thing, mark.
      It’s going to be next to impossible to make up 3.5 games on the Braves, or 3 games on the WC this late in the season when the club is giving one game away every fifth time through the rotation. Not only did Matt Moore allow 5 runs (in 3.1 IP), but he cost the Phillies’ offense a run when he failed (miserably) to get a bunt down in the third inning. Galvis followed with what would have been a sac fly.

      Please, No Moore Matt.

      1. Agreed. Look, I don’t blame the Phillies for signing Moore – he has a fairly good arm and it looked he like he was ready to turn things around based on his time in Asia. Others – although mostly hitters – have done the same. It was a decent risk to take. And I wish everyone would stop complaining about what a “risk” the team took in releasing Cole Irvin. We saw nothing in Cole Irvin at all that made him look special or even like a “5” which was his only projected role. Good for him for having a decent year, but there was no objective basis to believe he was going to turn into a good major league pitcher at the time. At least I couldn’t see one.

  33. It seems pretty disingenuous to call the lineup (including SP) tonight a major league team. Seems more like a AAA game with a couple rehabbing vets (Bryce, Segura, Cutch kinda, and Soto and Bell on the other side). Regardless of the outcome, I’m genuinely sorry for the fans that paid full price to see this.

    It also brings up my next point; if we’re essentially punting the game by having this lineup and starter… why not just bring up one of the young pitchers instead? Moore’s money is a sunk cost as-is, and the young pitcher might not be better… but he won’t be any worse. If we’re gonna lose anyway, at least we can learn something in the process.

    Moore isn’t in because he gives us a good chance of winning; he’s had 2 quality starts ALL YEAR. He’s not in because he eats innings; he’s averaged slightly over 4.1 IP per start (I ignored all his innings as a RP). So what is he here to do? Be a warm body?

    I get that our pitchers are also slim in the minors, but I’d still bring up Medina. He’s not had a great year by any stretch, but would it really deflate his confidence more to give up 5 runs per 9 in the majors than in AAA? And there’s the chance that the vote of confidence gets him going and/or working with the guys in the majors helps him out. We’re also getting to the point where he needs to start showing the ability to be in the majors or he’d be better off trying somewhere else (just based on how long he’s been with the organization and his seeming stalled progression with us).

    All of this to say: Phillies, I’m begging you. Please stop subjecting me to Matt Moore.

    1. Moore should be DFAd after the game. There’s absolutely no reason to keep him. I would rather see Cristopher Sanchez.

      1. With the extra arms in September, it’s a bullpen game for Moore’s spot. (Which it usually is).

    2. Crazy to think that going into tonight Moore had -0.5 WAR and Cole Irvin had 2.3 WAR, so the difference is nearly 3 Wins — and the Phillies are out of first place by 3.5 games. Imagine losing the division over that swap (Phils sold Irvin to free up a 40-man spot so that they could sign Moore)

      1. This is. an interesting tidbit, but it’s all hindsight. How many of us were upset when the Phillies parted ways with Cole Irvin? Irvin had some chances with the Phillies and showed very little. I didn’t think Matt Moore would be as bad as he’s been in 2021, but at the time I had no issue with the Phillies releasing Irvin to acquire Moore.

  34. Sports in America is soft like many Americans are becoming. Complain about everything. What the hell happened. Load management and all this leap. Where have u gone Ernie Banks.

    1. Soft how? There’s literally nothing wrong with load management. It’s about protecting health. Just because we know more about how to protect the human body now than we did 40 years ago doesn’t make people softer. It makes them more informed. And it’s silly to ignore medical and scientific advancements just because you liked how things were when you were growing up.

      Things change. They will continue to change. What we do now will be outdated, maybe as soon as next year. Embrace change; it is inevitable.

      1. Being more informed doesn’t necessarily make one softer, but in certain ways people in this society have done so. After all, one of the goals of science, beyond simply using empirical methods to acquire knowledge, is to use that knowledge to advance our lives in measures of efficiency and convenience.

        Also, as change is inevitable but not always good, we should therefore embrace progress, not change for change’s sake. History is littered with cases of devolution.

  35. When Marchan homers, you know that even this Phillies lineup is salivating to grab a bat against a fading star in Corbin. Child’s play.

    1. Remember when Corbin was a FA and we were arguing about whether or not the Phillies would sign him? I remember saying that I’m not giving him 6 years. The Nationals did and they’re stuck with him. He’s still owed $83M for the next 3 years.

    1. I stand corrected. Knapp shouldn’t be the backup next season, Marchan is opening some eyes in limited time.

    2. I’m definitely excited to see what he can do. Always been a believer in the glove, but I doubt he’ll be able to keep up this streak in terms of hitting.

      But his glove is enough to keep him in the majors. Let em play, Joe.

    3. Marchan now has 2 HRs. Count em 2 in his entire pro career. Both are MLB. Both are clutch and 1 from the left and 1 from the right.

      He’s a red light player who’s likely bored in the minors.

  36. I disagree flexibility is out muscle mass with weak tendons is in . Quick fix protein over eating right. Learn to throw 95 cause we can replace ur tendon vs learning to pitch instead of throw it by somebody. Cheat with drugs cause you’ll get paid anyway. Sorry can’t think of second baseman Mets signed been caught multiple times but taking in millions. My opinion

    1. Ah yes, I yearn for the days of drug-free baseball. How I miss my pure athletes like Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, Tom House, Wally Joyner, Palmeiro, Pettitte, A-Rod, Manny…

      Can I stop, or have I provided enough names to prove you’re talking nonsense? Cheaters have existed as long as baseball has. Ask the Black Sox. And if you think current players are inflexible… I don’t actually think you’re watching the game. It’s not increased muscle mass that allows players to throw 95. Otherwise DeGrom would be sitting in the high 80s (the dude is pretty lanky, as far as professional athletes go). And if you think it’s about eating right, John Kruk would like a word.

      So all in all, your opinion is based on nothing.

      By the way, you’re thinking of Cano.

  37. Phillies have 5 backups playing. Better to have players that are hungry than players going through the motions.

    1. We just have to be careful not to overestimate their abilities for what they’re doing against a team with very little major league talent (especially on the pitching side).

      I definitely would like to keep riding the hot hand with Vierling, though, and Marchan is far-and-away our best catching option outside of JT.

      Would Maton be better than Galvis at SS (they’re both probably better than Didi at this point…)? Or can any of these guys play CF? I’m not sure. Perhaps the most interesting position is LF, though. Cutch is having a good night, but can he keep it up? His numbers for the year are not pretty, and we definitely have guys on the bench who could at least upgrade our defense out there (which might help mitigate some defensive issues in center).

    1. They need to flip Falter and Moore. Had he not contracted COVID, Falter would have been the starter anyway. They can start him at 3-4 innings and build from there. In my opinion Falter has a very bright future.

      1. One more thing – how much of a treat is to watch Bryce Harper? They’ve screwed a lot up, but they nailed that one. He’s going to have 40+ WAR to end his age 28 season – that’s what a HOFer looks like. And if the team makes the playoffs, he’s looking like the favorite (or co-favorite along with Tatis) to win the MVP.

        1. 100% agree on Harper, leads the majors in OPS! He really made some adjustments on his swing and what he swings at, really locked in. Its a shame Hoskins got injured because he was swinging the best I’ve seen him since he was first called up.

  38. They surprised me tonight. Overcoming that pathetic performance from Matt Moore with that injury plagued lineup. Rafael Marchan … You are the man!

    … and it’s been 137 days since the Phillies have had a positive run differential. They’ve whittled it down to -8. Let’s see an 11-2 win tomorrow.

    1. I am completely good with having Marchan as the backup catcher next year. Knapp played himself out of a job and I agree it appears that Marchan is an elite defensive catcher who pairs great with Realmuto, who will need more and more breaks as he ages. I also do not worry about service time with Marchan because the odds that he develops into a really expensive player down the line are minimal. I don’t expect him to develop into much of a hitter, but if he becomes average in that area (as Carlos Ruiz ultimately did), that’s just a bonus. Catchers often develop as hitters late and I like Marchan’s build – he looks to be pretty strong and stout (but nimble), which means he could really start to hit in a few years. In a perfect world, about 3 years from now, the Phillies will be in a good position for the future – able to choose between O’Hoppe (I love that guy) and Marchan as JT’s long term replacement

  39. Phillies pay David Robertson 23M for a handful or innings. Now TB has called him up to the majors. Watch him become again what he once was.

    Marchan is going to be as good as Ruiz was……I hope. He has the same size (not as squat) and will be better defensibly and switch hits. Just give him time.

    1. LOL – we independently said almost the same things about Ruiz and Marchan – I like the kid a lot. I’d make him the backup next year and just let that play out over time – no rush. I think he’s already better than Knapp, who has some power, a good eye, and the world’s best swing (it is a thing of beauty), but really poor contact skills.

      1. I’d honestly rather he repeat AAA next year and let a veteran backup (not Knapp) handle the spot behind JT. There’s really no reason to rush a guy into a backup role when he can’t OPS over .500 in AAA. I think Marchan has some upside but needs more seasoning.

        1. Remember Willians Astudillo?
          Marchan basically same offensive player…..good contact, little swing and miss…bat-50…Power 35 or 40.
          Where Marchan has him beat…defensively…. Field 55, Arm 55 and though not considered fleet afoot, as are most catchers not named JTR, …Marchan could beat Willians in a race.

            1. I’ve actually seen Astudillo run. He’s no slouch. I saw video of him playing CF in the winter league a couple years ago. I’ve also seen Marchan run. I think I would bet on Willians.

            2. Hey I’m no slouch either. I came in third in the 3- legged race at the last senior center’s May Day.

      1. All kidding aside, I would only trade Marchan in a package for a significant front line piece…CF like Ketel Marte or a TOR. His value even as a backup C is far greater to the Phillies than for acquiring another supplemental piece.

        1. If dave D decides to offer him, I think a team like the Royals , with Perez in his early 30s now, may have an attraction for Marchan towards their future ..and they have an abundance of young arms in their system.

        2. After watching K Marte play center last weekend I do not want him on a team. He’s a terrible defender.

          1. Ketel Marte is not a plus defender in CF that is true. But he was a 2B before moving to CF and I imagine he would be better in LF. His bat plays just about anywhere.

            He’s 27 and has OPS’d over 900 in 2 of his last 3 seasons. He does have some injury history

            but his value is in his control years and expense. You’d control him through 2024 at a pittance of $26.4…which in the same breadth might make it very difficult for the D-Backs to part with him.

          2. Ketel at 27 strikes me as a guy who could improve his defense with a little coaching. He was a 2b. In any case, with that offensive skill set, I’d take my chances.

            1. Yeah…probably not the greatest example…though Mickey Mantle was a shortstop before moving out to CF

  40. We can all get behind Bryce as an MVP candidate against Tatis but the latter probably has the edge due to the sexiest stats and support from the national scribes. Should the Phillies make the playoffs and San Diego not, that might tilt the scales toward Harper.

    1. Agreed – for him to be MVP, they probably need to make the playoffs and his September needs to look a lot like his October. That said, other than an off May, where his OPS was low, out of the 5 months thus far, his OPS was .947 and over in 4 of those months and over 1.000 in three of those months. That’s phenomenal.

      And I don’t think this is just about Harper having a good year for him (although, clearly it is). His approach has changed – he is just hitting the ball where it’s pitched and he’s not trying to do too much. I think the changes are fairly permanent and I expect his age 29-33 seasons will, if he can stay healthy, be epic.

      1. In fact, he was hitting like this last year until he got injured the last month and was clearly not healthy. This is now a 2-year phenomenon.

      2. Key statement is the approach has changed and its fairly permanent.

        A season or two ago he was so often trying to beat that shift at all costs by going over it…

        Truly matured as a hitter to become an exceptional hitter!

        1. And he still likes to do his trademark bunt down third, where no one is playing.
          I think he would like to stretch them into doubles if he can get it on the OF grass.

    1. Gives Nola and extra days rest….hopefully that will help him, as we enter into his kryptonite month.

  41. Reds lost first game of their DH with St Louis this afternoon.
    Phillies now just 2 GB Cincinnati in WC race.

    Padres –
    Reds .5 GB
    Cards 2 GB
    Phils 2.5 GB

    Padres’s remaining schedule is a monster. There’s no way they’ll make the playoffs.
    Cardinals have a very tough schedule as well.
    Reds have an easy schedule.
    Phillies still have MLB’s most favorable schedule.

    IMO … the WC race will come down to the Reds & Phillies/Braves.

    1. Soooooo exciting. Now back to watching my newly painted wall dry. Sorry, appreciate the info but I sure miss 2007-2011.

    2. Hey, it’s much better than nothing, but the big prize, obviously, is the division crown. You win the WC and you get the pleasure of playing SF or LA for one game away. Pretty daunting. Win the division and you get HF advantage in a longer series and get a bye essentially from the WC playoff. A much superior position.

      1. I thought the first round now (wild-card round) is a best-of-three played entirely in the home park of the higher seed

        1. Nope. I’m not sure if they explicitly said that there’s only one game, but there’s only a single day for each of the AL and NL wildcard series. The Division Series starts the day after the second (NL) wildcard game.

          1. I see that now..Oct 5th for the AL and Oct 6th for the NL.
            And yes…Wheeler going for the one game could be decisive.

            1. Denny … we went ~40 years between the Schmidt/Luzinski/Bowa/Boone teams to the Rollins/Utley/Howard/Hamels era. I’ll probably be dead before we see the next great, young, talent laden homegrown squad again. So … I’ll take what I can get.

      2. I wonder about that. Are we more likely to beat the Dodgers/Giants in a one game series or a best-of-five? I’d argue we’re more likely to beat them in the one game series, because we’ve proven we can beat anyone when Wheeler is on his game. Currently, our rotation is aligned in such a way that Wheeler would be able to pitch on his scheduled day in the WC game. BUT we also have 2 days off so we could potentially give him an extra day off, too, if we wanted.

        But then even if we won the playoff, we’d get the OTHER west coast team in a full series after that. Probably the best-case scenario for us is we win the division, then the WC2 team beats both west coast teams in their series. That would leave our path to the WS to be beating the Brewers as the away team (still a tall task) and then beating the WC2 as the home team (much more doable, based on our record). Low odds, to be sure. But that’s what we need to hope for, I guess.

        1. Winning the division gives you a bye from the WC round and therefore automatically increases your odds enormously.

    3. Hinkie, I hope you’re right. But their predominantly AAAA-AAA line up probably will catch up with them.

  42. When it rains, it pours … especially when you are the NY Mets.

    Remember the GM they hired last winter had to be fired after it came out he had a history of sexual harassment.

  43. We added Bedrosian and Rosso to the active 28. Hoskins on 60 day and Gregorius on restrictive list. We now have 43 on 40 man list (3 have COVID) 3 will need to be removed when the 3 COVID people come back.

  44. Romus – You are the go to guy for stats. It seems to me that Wheeler pitches much better in the afternoon (games that begin at 4 pm or earlier). Is that the case?

    1. ciada….what I found is broken up Day/Night
      Day games:
      10 games slash against…..165/.201/.251
      Night games:
      …….17 games….slash against……251/.305/.375

      So you are correct….he pitches better in the daylight…normally hitters do better in daylight, so that is pretty different reverse splitting.

  45. Just watched David Robertson pitch a 1-2-3 8th inning against the Red Sox. He had two Ks and threw15 pitches. I can’t stand it.

    1. David Robertson was hurt during his tenure with the Phillies. It sucks but it happens.

      The Blue Jays gave 31 year old George Springer 6 years, $150M. He has been pretty healthy his whole career. Boom, he’s lost half the season due to injuries. My buddy, the Blue Jays fan, is worried that his injury woes could be a recurring theme during his contract.

    2. like with Charlie Morton ciada, you sign them, they get injured, do you want to keep them on your team and hope they will recover and still be an asset? If their replacements had starred, we likely wouldn’t glance back….

      1. Busts that are FA signings aren’t as bad as trading for a bust; i.e. Freddy Garcia, Lance Parrish, etc, and giving up Gavin Floyd, Gio Gonzalez, Willie Hernandez.

  46. I was very happy to watch the Dodgers complete their sweep of the Braves tonight (yesterday for you east-coasters). Phillies are now 2 back. The Braves go to Colorado for a four game series, and while the Rockies overall record is not good, they play very well at home. They are 21 games over 500 at home and 32 under 500 on the road. The Phillies have a shot to wake up Monday morning in a tie for first.

    1. spinRate … I stayed up to see that game too. Still trying to figure out why Dave Roberts removed Max Scherzer after just 6 IP & 76 pitches.
      Nonetheless … 2 GB is a pretty remarkable position for the Phillies to be in with this rag tag lineup they’ve been running out there of late.

      1. Well Hinkie…….Roberts was smart enough to know now not to pat Scherzer on the butt after a good outing!.

        1. I’m surprised Max (aka Francis) didn’t tell Roberts when it would be OK for the manager to lift him from the game. I kind of doubt he was fine with leaving that early.

          1. Hinkie….should the Phillies go after MadMax in the off-season…if so…what would it take…2/3 years…AAV $25M..or more?
            And no QO can be attached to him.

            1. Romus, I’m not sure MadMax likes Philly at all, for one…and if my memory serves me, he’s not the biggest Harper fan, either. I would target younger, more congenial arms.

            2. Lately however…WS teams are getting and relying on those mercenary later-aged star pitchers signed for a year or two just to get them over the hump…..someone like a Verlander and now the Yankees are trying it with Cole Gerit…Nats used Corbin, though their own aged pitchers of Strasburg and Scherzer did the trick in 2019

        1. They don’t make hamstrings like they used to. I don’t think Babe Ruth, John Kruk or Smokey Burgess every pulled a “Hammie”.

  47. Hinkie, I saw your earlier post on the timeline between the Schmidt/Bowa crew and the Utley/Rollins Crew, and the point you raised about how long until the next great group. Even further, if we take Bob Boone and Chooch as the next tier of those teams, both terrific and very productive players for us, who is the next prospect we have that is even at that level? I would be thrilled if a Stott would be as productive as either of them.

    1. I second that on Stott, matt. I have such a good feeling about his IT factor. A lefthanded bat with serious pop, serviceable glove, and the Vegas connection to you know who. Not a star, per se, but a solid piece in the 5th or 6th spot in the batting order. Maybe a .275/.350/.475 slasher with 20-25 HR power.

          1. Nettles had a career. 248 hitter and maybe Stott’s higher average will make up for some gold gloves if he is a pretty good fielder.

            1. Nettles was a great hitter too. Low average but lots of walks and power. He is a borderline HOFer with a lifetime 67 bWAR. He was better than a LOT of guys who went to the HOF. We can only hope Stott turns into Nettles. He was superb.

    2. “Schmidt/Bowa crew and the Utley/Rollins Crew,”….there was the contingent of Juan Samuel , Dutch, Ricky Jordan Chris James and Julio Franco (who begat Von Hayes) somewhere between

  48. I know Luke Williams can play multiple positions so who would you rather have on the roster next year if you could only have one: Williams or Vierling?

    1. Vierling has a higher ceiling while Williams offers flexibility. The former probably projects to having a better MLB career, if given the opportunity. 4th OF/backup 1b type. Maybe a solid bench piece moving forward….

    2. If you’re looking for a potential starter level player, I would lean towards Vierling because of his power. If you’re looking for a bench player, I would go with Williams for his positional flexibility.

  49. Well, ciada, if we are lucky, and Vierling can really hit at the ML level, I am certainly not suggesting he comes close to his performance so far, but, if he can hit, then his ceiling is higher. It depends on how much he plays. If some else wins the starting job, then, for next season, Luke’s flexibility is probably a better Roster fit. Romus, Sammy was a really good player and Dutch was one of the best leaders in Sports, but that talent level is exactly the point I am making. We better be able to get a Ricky Jordan talent, but I am happy if we have a Boone/Chooch talent coming from the Farm. I am not looking for Schmidt or Utley. You bring up a memory, also Romus. Once upon a time, we turned down a trade deadline swap of Julio Franco for Dave Stieb, still a very good Pitcher at the time. The very next off season, the “untouchable” Julio Franco was part of the infamous 5 for 1 Von Hayes deal. One more classic misstep in the annals of our GMs.

    1. Matt for the next 5 seasons after that trade VH OPS’d 796 and JF OPS’d 734. For the next 5 seasons after that VH OPS’d 721 and JF 794

      Of course VH was out of baseball after the 92 season and Franco went on to play a staggering 14 more seasons in the MLB.

      Another fact is that both players were the same age at the time of the trade 24.

  50. I say they play JTR at 1st when Knapp comes back and have Knapp and Marchan platoon.

    Been impressed by Vierling as well

  51. The umpire behind the plate in game 1 is horrible. Quit showing the box. If balls and strikes are an arbitrary thing and balls a foot outside are going to be strikes 😠 ….turn off the box!

  52. Wanna stop a Phillies win streak? Simple…just pull Joe Bagodonuts off the farm and have him throw one junk ball after another, as long as he doesn’t have 90mph stuff.

    1. …and however you define mentally tough, Aaron Nola is not. He’s got it one turn then he’s flopping them up there the next. Can’t seem to pitch around when he doesn’t have his better stuff. DMAR, your assignment is to see what you can get for him this winter…

  53. It has been a majorly disappointing year from Nola. I expected much more, and this isn’t exactly the Nats team that won a WS.

  54. mark, still a bad outing by Nola when we needed a good one, and he needed a good one to get that September swoon stuff out of his head. Kudos to the team coming back and winning the game. Good BP work even thought they made it a bit scary. Cutch got us back in the game after we were down 6-0, and some less than stellar Washington D did the rest.

  55. Johan Rojas, Luis Garcia, Griff McGarry promoted to HIgh-A.

    Muzzioti and Baylor are playing for low-A.

    1. I like for them to jump Muzziotti straight to Reading after he gets a few more swings in at the Complex. He already has had the Hi-A experience in 2019 and maybe he can get a few swings in at Reading in their last 12/13 games after Labor Day..

      1. Lucky thing the Phils were playing the Nationals today. They would have lost to almost every other MLB team.
        That said … a win is a win, and 6 in a row sounds good.
        Their schedule is set up so that two more 7 game win streaks (after this one) are possible.

        1. Braves at the ROX….braves better be careful.
          ROX have one of the best home records in the majors.

          Split.. W… L…… W-L%
          Home 43… 22…. .662
          Road 18… 50…. .265

          And take away April and May…. they were a total of 20-34..they would be fighting for a play-off spot now.

  56. Velasquez pitched 3 innings with 1ER , 2 BB, and 3 Ks at LHV. Would you rather see Moore or VV start or maybe Falter?

    1. Wow – that’s like asking … do you want to be hit across the knee caps with a 2 by 4 or have your toes smashed with a ball-peen hammer.

    2. Would be unfair to ask Falter to start, Joe has used him sparingly and short relief situations, stamina from the Phillies conversion to reliever. Still think he’d step up if he got the chance but Moore is Joe’S Guy

      1. Harvey….Falter could retain rookie rights thru this season (<50 innings pitched)….he could be the Paul Owens Pitcher of the Year nominee

  57. It seems to me the 1993 Phillies played some pretty dreadful baseball through much of the season before they came on, won and became the much beloved team of memory. Maybe this crew can do the same and in future years we’ll talk about Cutch and Harp and gritty Ranger and upstarts Marchan and Torreyes and characters like Brad Miller.

    Then, they can slip into history like the 1993 team did and we can wait a decade-and-a-half for a legitimate contender to make it.

    Of course, we have DD now as GM, so maybe we won’t have to wait as long.

    1. SWFL Frank – Eagleye5 is correct. The 1993 Phillies started off 8 – 1 and were in first place the entire season except for one day- April 9, when they lost to Cubs and dropped into 2nd place. They finished April 17 – 5 and spent the season with a lead of between 3 and 11 games. There was only one team that they struggled with – SFG.

      As an aside, on October 8th, the Phillies headed to Atlanta and with the playoff series tied 1-1, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution ran the headline: HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN ATLANTA: AMERICA’S OTHER TEAM IS COMING TO TOWN.

      I also recall sitting in my car in Drexel’s parking lot listening to the bottom of the 9th of game 5 with the Phillies up 3 – 0. After a single and an error, Shilling gets lifted for Mitch Williams who promptly allows 3 runs to score. Fortunately, Dykstra homered in the top of the 10th and the Phil’s went on to win the game 4 -3. Ahh, the memories. I have to admit, I miss Philadelphia.

      1. That was a story book season I remember it fondly. My second son was born in May93. I was 24 and still thought I had a chance LOL. I believe I watched every game…

        They were a grit filled group. Pedal to the metal all the time it seemed. Which also meant it wasn’t going to last. But magical year for sure.

        Dykstra was my favorite player from that team. Sadly as they say never meet your heroes.

    2. Frank, if what you’re saying is the Phillies played mediocre ball during the middle portion of that year, I think that’s correct. But that team caught fire early on and and captured the town’s imagination almost from the very beginning of that magical year. It’s not like it took a hot late year run for the city to take notice of the 93 Phillies.

      1. Catch, you’re right. That had a rough stretch and lost some tough games. I didn’t mean their performance for the whole season. However, if my comments engendered fond memories, I glad.

  58. The Braves make some incredible moves. Who needs Ozuna when they can get Duvall who is just as good with the bat and a superior defender than Ozuna. And they get Soler to boot.

    It’s going to be difficult for the Phillies to continue their seven runs per game streak. They typically don’t score much in the Miami cavern. At least they don’t see Alcantara this time.

  59. I have a problem with Nola complaining that he’s tired of hiring about September. You know how to stop hearing about it? Pitch better! Don’t stink in September, and no one will ask you again. But, continuing to pitch lousy, and complain about the questioning means that it is getting into his head, and he is the only one who can fix it. He can’t pitch in meaningful games until he proves that he can. Simple. Complaining about the questions just makes it worse, and shows a lack of mental toughness, which may be the problem in a nutshell.

    1. matt … Nola has been off-then-on this year. I expect him to be good his next time out (Tuesday in Milwaukee).

  60. I sure hope so Hinkie! I will root for them, and him, until they clinch or are mathematically eliminated. I just don’t like when a player complains about questions unless they are over the line. A perfect time to throw a good game will be in Milwaukee, after we win this Series vs. the Marlins.

    1. Yeah … and after Monday’s game (vs the Brewers), when they should get shellacked w/Matt Moore on the mound.

    2. matt13….well at least when Joe was critical and said it, about his Sep past performances. and he needs to get it straight…….he did not do a Ben Simmons and declare he wants out and follow in Carson’s, Nolan Patrick’s and now Simmons’, foot steps……..yet

  61. Keeping my fingers crossed, Romus! From all accounts Nola has worked on his craft. Ben?, still waiting for him to learn he is right handed, and have someone, not his Brother, re-make hi Foul Shot! Just that, no 3’s, no mid-range game, I just wanted that, but…

  62. Sorry Dan K may be little older than you my favs were Clemente Ernie Bank. Started not liking game as much with steroid era.

    Maybe you didn’t read my post or just didn’t comprehend.

    The game has steadily fallin behind other sports because less about a game and more about strength throwing hard as you can and hitting far as you can.

    Pitchers throwing harder comes from the pitching factories now just muscle mass.

    Your right to disagree but no need to take shots there skippy

  63. Is it amazing how awful we are vs the Marlins? Can’t score from third with no outs. Gibson, sho has been so good for us gets treated like a batting practice Pitcher. Their guy, with an ERA around .8, can only be hit by Matt Vierling, and we play overall like that Bishop Sycamore football team that scammed ESPN.

    1. Also that relay throw to 3rd was playable and he let it go by. Chisholm would have been put by a couple steps. MLB player should be able to pick that.

  64. In an earlier post lamenting poor home plate calls on balls and strikes, I advocated turning off the box. Tonight, I’m following my own advice, I’m turning off the box. This is pathetic, when we play bad no one can compete with us, no one! On the positive, time to send Logan to the Pigs!

    1. McGarry has always had “stooopid” stuff (aka dominating). His problem has been finding the strike zone. During four year college career, he averaged 1 BB per inning. In fact, just five months ago, UVA benched him for about a month. He did rebound/discovered something that helped him finish his season with a bang (2 starts … 14.1 IP, 3 H, 5 BB, 18 K in Super Regional & CWS).
      As I mentioned, his stuff is phenomenal. But … McGarry will be an excellent test case for the Phillies new Director of Player Development (and his staff) whenever he/they are hired. BTW … Dombrowski/Fuld/Velandia have met to introduce names of candidates they each know/like/respect. That trio will begin interviews this month.

      Finally … I’m not sure how bold David Dombrowski will be in making the Farm Director hire. But (and I mentioned this name a week or two ago) … if he really wants to make a statement … he should hire Dana Parks. Not only would she become MLB’s first female Director of Player Development, she would be one of the youngest (maybe even the youngest). She is smart, knows the system well (because she already works for the team), and came here after two years working for the Tampa Rays (scouting/developing). The Rays (and LADs) develop prospects better than anyone. Make it happen, Dave.

        1. He sure does look like a future MLB pitcher, probably a closer when it comes down to it…..with either that nasty curveball or slider, whatever it is…..and if he can keep his velo in a 95-97 mph, range and maybe touch 98/99 on occasion……and also with some control, does not even need much command with his extreme breaking stuff….he could be a real gem.

          1. Romus … He’s upper 90s in short stints. Mostly 94-97 (w/lots of life) as a starter.
            Phillies gotta run him out there as a starter until he proves he can’t do it. But … yes … McGarry has closer stuff to fall back on.

  65. Phillies need to take these next 2 games vs Marlins or it’s another missed opportunity, regardless of what the Braves do. Hopefully they lose 1 more to the home happy Rox, and we’d be within a game on Monday morning.

  66. mark, Ranger and a a BP game. We need a top shelf Ranger performance, and maybe that offense can show up again. So, the Marlins Park is tougher to hit HRs in, how about a few Doubles? We are giving Wheeler an extra day off.

  67. Phillies offense in Miami, Hinkie? Ranger did his job. Why only 5 and 72 pitches? Archie is tonight’s goat, Neris and Brogdon gave an inning each, and maybe Neris should be back to the 8th? Bradley has been much less than hoped for. But, the offense is awful, again! Cutch hits a HR, and Ranger knocked in the 2d run. What happened to JT and Bryce?

  68. Pathetic job by the Phillies offense, and Joe Girardi. What the hell was he thinking? There was absolutely no reason to lift Ranger after 5 innings and 70 pitches. That decision led to a chain reaction that put Archie Bradley on the mound in the 8th inning. Bradley had given up runs in 3 of his last 4 appearances (and 4 of his last 6).

    1. LOL @ Girardi for that dizzying explanation of why he had to take out Ranger after 5 IP, 2 H, and 0 R. If Gabe Kapler had done that, fans would be marching on CBP with torches.

      1. Took out Ranger after 71 pitches and replaced a guy who has literally gotten on base half of the time with Brad Miller.

        Can we just fire Girardi now instead of waiting for us to be mathematically eliminated?

      2. weird indeed Hinkie, because Girardi definitely has erred on the side of the late hook…. as you defended with him leaving Wheeler in a few days ago, and he has always done going back to the days of Josh Beckett. But, on the other hand, isn’t it totally awesome how R. Suarez has performed this year??????

        1. I❤PP … Yes. I’m ripping Girardi for the same reason I defended him when he stuck with Zack Wheeler vs Tampa. This is not a very good BP, and they have a history of blowing leads/games. When you add the fact that Sunday’s contest is going to be a BP game, his decision to remove Ranger after just 5 IP & 71 pitches is just boneheaded.

          1. With the Covid seasons last year and this one. Along with everything else. I’m think I might be ready for cleaning the slate of manager and coaches and start “a new in 2022”.

          2. yes, you were totally consistent. but an early hook is so out of character, Hinkie. One almost wonders if he is pulling a Doug Pederson and trying to get himself fired so he can keep his money and find a new position?

  69. Seriously! No reason to lift Ranger! None! Wouldn’t have needed Bradley at all, who has been just ineffective lately. The whole pre-game talk was about how Ranger was stretched out and we needed a long outing from him because tomorrow is a BP game. So, he pitched great and we pull him after 71 pitches? Why?! Who has DD had a history with to replace JoeG? He has been far short of what I had hoped he would be!

  70. Today I read that Ranger had triceps tightness and that is why he came out. Did anyone hear that post game?

    1. Yeah, it was all over social media from the reporters who attended the post-game press conference. But, the source is Girardi. However, Matt W. was reporting that Suarez’ FB velocity was down. So, …

  71. Once again… WHY BENCH THE PLAYER WITH A .500 OBP??? I get it’s not sustainable, but let him play until he comes back down to Earth at least.

    Girardi is absolutely infuriating.

  72. Someone please explain to me shy Bryce sacrifice bunts Realmuto to 3d, up 3-2, so we score nothing? I get it when we are down and he is trying to get something started. It’s a BP game and we need runs. How about another HR? Or pound the ball somewhere from our best hitter? I need him to knock in runs, not show Bailey Falter how to bunt, who’s attempt was pathetic!!! And as I am typing this, Miller botches a routine grounder!

    1. matt….this team is infuriating to watch
      And I was a big Joe G guy….but some of his moves are so Kapleristic ….did Gabe leave a copy of his operating manual here!

      1. Watching the Phillies is rough. They are so inconsistent offensively, and the defense has been an issue all season

    2. Really. How many position players have been unsuccessful in sac bunt, Torrey’s the latest. Having to bunt when you have not batted in the minors for 5 years because they have a DH. Minor League Development Issue oh no let’s blame the player.
      MLB explained thoroughly about DH/sac bunting in minors
      Know the Story and facts

      1. Sorry. There is no excuse for not being able to bunt. Aaron Nola and Zach Eflin came through the same farm system, and they’re capable bunters.

  73. Good teams take advantage of the gift of a 9th inning leadoff BB (in a tie game). The Phillies … not so much.

  74. I am out of my mind! I was actually yelling with excitement when Kennedy struck out that last batter! We barely one one out if 3 against a pretty poor team, but I did not want to get swept. It’s a W, so I will pass on complaining about all the fundamental mistakes we make, and just enjoy the Win.

  75. I’ve been writing it all year, no matter where you play Miller he is a defensive liability. And don’t look now but the Mets are starting to heat up.

    1. Yes the Mets are coming alive.
      Winners of 7 of their last 8.
      Marlins, Yankees and Cardinals are their next series opponents …then the Phillies.
      So beware the Mets.

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