2021 Post Draft Discussion; July 14th

As we have in past years, Phuture Phillies will continue posting a 2021 First-Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

So far, I have heard/read the following –

  • #2 Ethan Wilson intends to sign.
  • #20 Cam Wynne has been encouraged to sign by his college coach.

The Phillies’ draft signings are being tracked on our 2021 Draft Tracker. As signings are officially announced, the tracker will be updated.  Be sure to share any information and I will incorporate it into the tracker.

The draft tab on the menu above is active and up-to-date.

The Draft >>> 2021 Draft Discussions and Picks includes all our draft articles for this year and past years, as well as other links.  Some older links may no longer be active.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.  In the past, that has been weekly.

I hope to be able to confirm a lot of signings before the Phillies announce them.  As in previous years, I expect players to arrive at the Carpenter Complex well before any official announcements by the Phillies.  I have just started attending games at the Complex.  It is still closed to the public.  But, they are honoring my Threshers’ media pass and allowing me in on game days only.  It’s a start.

I expect the Phillies to be as active in the undrafted free agent market as they were last year when they signed twelve pitchers after the draft.  The deadline for signing drafted players is August 1st.  The deadline for signing undrafted players runs until they return to school.

As the Phillies sign non-drafted free agents, I’ll be adding them to the draft tracker.

And, finally, I would like to thank Hinkie for all the prospect information he shared on Phuture Phillies.  It was detailed and extensive.  I’m sure everyone appreciates his efforts.  I certainly do.  Prospect information is a subject about which I know very little.  I’m more likely to hear in whom the Phillies are interested than I am to know specifics about the player.  For example, they would very likely have taken Montgomery if he had gotten past Colorado.  Had he, they were certain that he would have reached 1:13.

Hinkie, let me know if you want me to start Prospect threads earlier than I have in the past.  I could publish them weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, year-round, or any combination in which they best fit the prospect season.


147 thoughts on “2021 Post Draft Discussion; July 14th

  1. I have been following the MLB draft for a long time and there is only one thing that I am certain of…I have no any idea if any of these kids will be great MLB players. All that I can really like/dislike is strategy. And I really, really like the strategy of this draft.

    When Alamaraz said that he prioritized command/pitch-ability over velocity, many of us (rightfully) hated that strategy. And here we are, with no real bullpen help or ToR potential starters from our draft picks. No flame throwers to close down games.

    Personally, I love the strategy of taking HS pitchers, with elite stuff early. We know so much more about arm care now than we did 10+ years ago. This strategy might blow up in our face, but the upside of it working are huge. Will be fun to watch.

    1. Can I push back on that a little? Hasn’t the Cleveland strategy been to draft guys without huge velocity and then make tweeks to increase velocity? Cleveland has been one of the best at developing pitching. Maybe that only works if you can, you know, develop pitchers

      1. Yes. Their logic is that it is easier to add velo than it is to add command.

    2. It sounded like there wasn’t a unified vision between scouting staff and player development. The scouts liked a player but it wasn’t neccessarily a player the PD staff could develop or thought would develop. (Based on a Peter Gammons tweet from before DD was hired).

      It seems like Brian Barber is more in line with what the current PD guys from Driveline are looking for in a player. Hopefully that pays dividends.

      Those other organizations all have extensive blueprints and a track record on the kind of players they’re looking for and how to develop them.

  2. Thank you Jim and Hinkie for all the draft coverage and to all the others that have also contributed. This was a fun draft due to this site. Alex McKenney from Maine and is a FA signing, had reconstructive elbow surgery 2 years ago but the U of Maine touting him as one of the best in the country. Any thoughts?

      1. Omg susie is bigger, maybe she can pitch i cant afford the dinner anymore, I love hard throwers, especially for bullpen

    1. I just wanted to echo Denny’s comment. Thanks Jim and Hinkie for all your draft coverage. You both really make it much more enjoyable.

  3. Thanks again to all for your kind words. I love the draft, and I love sharing my thoughts with you. And mucho gracias to Jim for this forum. It is awesome!


    1. Great article. Very exciting prospect.

      I also liked the video. Power arms later makes a lot of sense. If one or two of those power arms becomes a relief pitcher then it is a great strategy.

  4. I haven’t read this anywhere. I haven’t heard it anywhere. It’s just a hunch: I wonder if Josh Bonifay’s days are numbered. Dave Dombrowski has used his first year to evaluate the system from top to bottom. He understands the shape the farm system is in. He and Brian Barber just drafted a boatload of really young (high end) prospects. Does he trust these kids to Bonifay?
    Dombrowski is mostly old school. I’m not really sure he jibes with Bonifay, and the Driveline crew. Something to monitor.

      1. My bad, Jim. After I posted it, I thought about that. I’ll re-post it in the Open Thread.

  5. Hinkie Post Draft Top 40

    1 Mick Abel
    2 Johan Rojas
    3 Rafael Marchan
    4 Bryson Stott
    5 Andrew Painter
    6 Francisco Morales
    7 Luis Garcia
    8 Yhoswar Garcia
    9 Ethan Wilson
    10 Mickey Moniak
    11 Luke Williams
    12 Bailey Falter
    13 Simon Muzziotti
    14 Erik Miller
    15 Casey Martin
    16 Christopher Sanchez
    17 Damon Jones
    18 Adonis Medina
    19 Logan O’Hoppe
    20 Jordi Martinez
    21 Jordan Viars
    22 Kendall Simmons
    23 Jhailyn Ortiz
    24 Alexeis Azuaje
    25 Jamari Baylor
    26 Micah Ottenbreit
    27 Abrahan Gutierrez
    28 Christian McGowan
    29 Andrick Nava
    30 Jose Pena
    31 Dominic Pipkin
    32 Ricardo Perez
    33 Erubiel Armenta
    34 Christian Hernandez
    35 Billy Sullivan
    36 Jake McKenna
    37 Griff McGarry
    38 Victor Santos
    39 Ethan Lindow
    40 Gunner Mayer

    Next in line: Yemal Flores, Ben Brown, Joalbert Angulo

    1. Marchan at this moment, is a ton better than Knapp, better arm. better defense, and he in a brief time has shown he can hit a little, Knapp is a career 221 career hitter- 08 war,

      1. I disagree that Marchan is a ton better than Knapp. Yes, Knapp is having a poor season in 2021, but he had a really good season in 2020. Backups, like relievers, are volatile year to year. Anyways, that wasn’t the argument.

        My argument is that Marchan is profiling as a backup catcher, and as such, shouldn’t be ranked #3 on Hinkie’s list. If you think that Marchan is starter level, I want to hear the arguments for him because his minor league numbers say otherwise.

        1. First Guru as usually i mistook the question, Second your looking at a list made up by a 89 yr old poster, give him some slack

    2. Hinke curious on your reasoning for Painter #5 and Wilson #9? Your Top-40 has prospects and players who have appeared in the MLB so this isn’t about projection. Thanks..

    3. The placement of draft picks in a current prospect list is topical. The same stale arguments for the placement of current rostered prospects belongs elsewhere.
      Most replies will likely be deleted.

  6. Alex Garbrick, a Central Mountain High School graduate just like me. Drafted in the 17th round , he was the star of the Keystone Central Little League Team (Lock Haven, PA) of 2011 that finished 3rd in the world. If you remember when Keystone played the attendance was 30,000 which was more than the Phillies were drawing then.

    1. Alex in 2021 with USC Upstate threw 66.1 innings, had an ERA of 3.39, and struck out 74 batters. He finished the season with a 7-3 record. Alex was drafted in 2019 by the Yankees.

  7. Comment from Barber on the expectations of signing the 20 draft picks:

    Halvorsen is one of the few draft picks that the Phillies are unsure they’ll be able to sign. He’s currently pitching in the Cape Cod League will play next season at Tennessee.

    “He’s one who we’re going to have to work on a little bit this summer and let him know how much we’d like him to be a Phillie,” Barber said. “He has a great arm and good stuff and he’s still newer to pitching. This was really his first full year ever pitching. You look at the body, the athleticism, and a guy who’s been up to 98, 99 miles per hour and say ‘Hey, let’s take a chance and see if we can make him become a Phillie.’”

    1. I take it, his thought process is that he can go back into the draft, get a higher signing bonus next year? Vs taking the sure hung now, as in his chance to chase his dream. Thats crazy, but if it I was drafted in the lower rounds, with a small signing bonus, I might take that chance if I feel I could make a significant move up the draft chart next year. Hopefully the Phillies just throw his some cash on the down low to “help” convince him. Not supposed to happen but sure as hell it does.

      1. Tac3……”throw his some cash on the down low”….LOL,
        …shame on you thinking the Phillies are an organization that would do that…Phillies org is not the Braves, Sox or Padres.
        They tow the line….everything above board.
        It is their Little League mantra…it is not about winning or losing, but how you play the game.

        1. In this particular case, he comes back as a 4-year senior and has zero leverage. Even if he does get drafted higher, he’ll likely be a slot savings pick unless he breaks into a top 1-5(?) selection.

      2. What’s to stop a big league team from signing a lower draft pick to slot money and paying him a higher yearly salary?

        1. AF….he will have to be put on the 40 man roster at that point…..way to early for someone who is 18 and never pitched professionally….then his option years start.
          Plus every 40spot is precious…..having a guy on it that cannot contribute the the big club for 2/3 or 4 years is not beneficial.
          Has it ever been done…Rangers did it with David Clyde way back when and brought him straight to the majors as an 18 year old..

          1. The amount of salary does not put you on the 40 man roster. You sign a minor league contract or a major league contract. If you are not on the 40 man and you get called up they need to give you a major league contract.

            1. Ok….a bonus is separate and different than the typical minor league contract.
              I believe he is talking about more than the typical minor league contract to persuade the player to sign on with the team….all minor leaguers get a standard contract with per diem……but giving a prospect for more than the standard amount, does go beyond the minor league contract
              It is a major league contract at that point.he has to be placed on the 40

            2. A player’s first contract has to be a minor league contract. Payouts are defined in the MLR and are hard to get around. The only exception is a player who has a scholarship offer to play a second, different NCAA sport may be offered a major league contract. That’s the only way to circumvent a money issue at signing.

            3. Two GMs lost their jobs trying to circumvent the singing bonus system allotment–and that was in the IFA market, not the Rule 4 arena…..Cherington , just lost his job as the Sox GM, but survived to finally get the Pirates job after a few years out of the loop…..but former Braves GM John Coppolella a year and half later, was banned from MLB for life trying to play those games with bonus money.
              And who benefits…… actuals the Phillie did
              Muzziotti from the Sox and Abrahan Gutierrez from Braves , came their way.

    2. The Vols had one of their best drafts ever I think 5 of their squads guys got drafted…

      Also I believe anything other than Juco requires you stay at school minimum 2 years

      1. Do you mean the Commodores (not Lionel Ritchie’s Commodores)…nor the Tenn Vols?

          1. Ok DMAR….now that is surprising.
            I guess being a SEC school …..MLB gravitates toward SEC players.

      2. DMAR – If a player goes to a 4 year college he isn’t eligible for the draft until after his JR season (unless he is 21 years of age).

    3. Eagle, Phillies expect to sign top ten and 18 of 20 overall. Halvorsen is one they are hoping to persuade. Not sure yet who the other is. Collins, maybe???

  8. Draft grades for what their worth have given the Phillies a B- and B. They love the South Alabama OF. Pitching picks are getting a good to meh’ feedback. Let’s let the players play then see.

    1. He will at least know Casey Martin being a teammate with him at Arkansas.
      Assume he will go to the OF or 1B.
      Like Martin….good pop in the bat….but also his fair share of swing and miss.

  9. Tommy McCollum signed per Facebook
    (gotta insert the “h” at the front of link)

  10. This is a post-draft discussion. If you want to talk about prospects on current rosters, you’re in the wrong place. Don’t be surprised when comments start disappearing.

  11. Last two season virtually all free agents signing prospects have been pitchers….and RHPs….OFer/INFer Goodheart and LHP Jake McKenna being the lone exceptions.
    The strategy appears to be pretty obvious. I wonder if other clubs are doing the same.

      1. Indians do seem to do a better job developing arms….or maybe its me just thinking that way.
        Phillies drafted 14 of their 20 selections as pitchers…..I think Hinkie said Acuna will be developed as a pitcher. Hopefully many arms develop.

          1. Now that is pretty amazing….all selections one position.
            And virtually all college….talk about drafting for need.
            I think Ruben came close to that one year…2014….drafting virtually all college the first 25 rounds….wanting that quick ascension to the majors…only got the two..Nola and Rhys

            1. Romus the arms in Reading and LHV are getting hit, Maybe thats why so many arms. I Love the idea of getting pitching cause i hope to get couple of relief pitchers out of this crowd, Paying millions for washed up relivers is crazy. Take a shot on these kids with maybe one or two good pitches out of college, worth the money,

      2. In the NL-East…the Phillies drafted the most pitchers….the Mets were second drafting 12..Nats, Braves and Marlins, all 10 apiece.

          1. Romus … the team must have saved more money in rounds 1-10 than I originally thought. Acuna had the Texas Tech commitment, and Andrew Baker (11th round JUCO1 RHP) had an SEC scholarship waiting for him at South Carolina. I would think Baker is getting at least 250 thousand dollars (could even be a good deal more). Acuna might get (maybe) 200 thousand(?).
            It will be interesting to see the signing bonuses for this class.

            1. Yeah Hinkie….have no idea how they are working the money angle….but it seems to be working….maybe just the one will slip thru that there was talk about yesterday…Seth Halverson.
              But he is college so who knows..

  12. A rumor that 7th rd. pick Christian McGowan wants 3rd rd. money or he’s going to Texas Tech for his third year.. If true that means some draft slot haircuts are in the mix to fund this pick..

    1. Dont know how they give him that much, They should save on one kid, but maybe they go to 400.000 from saving on Mc Garry 4 yr senior,

      1. That shouldn’t be unexpected. McGowan was the top ranked JUCO player available. I previously (near the top of the day three thread) predicted he would get 750-thousand dollars. That is third round money.

        1. BTW … don’t sweat the top 10 picks. If Brian Barber picked them, he knew what their asking price was, and is set to pay it. The only way a top 10 pick doesn’t get signed is if something funky shows up on an MRI. That’s when a pre-agreed-to-bonus could go up in flames (team will want a discount/player and agent will balk).

          Also … here were my guesstimates on bonuses I mentioned above.
          I usually miss way more than I hit, but it does (hopefully) give some sort of ballpark figure of what type of money the player could ask for/get.

          1. Andrew Painter 4.2M slot … bonus guess 4M
          2. Ethan Wilson 1.51M slot …. bonus guess 1.51M
          3. Jordan Viars 722-thou slot … bonus guess 600-thou
          4. Micah Ottenbreit 507-thou slot … bonus guess 750-thou
          5. Griff McGarry 375-thou slot … bonus guess 150-thou
          6. Jose Pena jr 284-thou slot … bonus guess 600-thou
          7. Christian McGowan 222-thou slot … bonus guess 750-thou
          8. Jason Ruffcorn 177-thou slot … bonus guess 50-thou
          9. Gavin Tonkel 156-thou slot … bonus guess 125-thou
          10. Logan Cerny 146-thou slot … bonus guess 146-thou

          8.681M bonus guess

          Phillies bonus slot total $8,300,100
          5% overage allowance $415,005
          Grand total ……… $8,715,105

          * Just a note: I already believe that these numbers are off because I would expect 11th round pick Andrew Baker to demand something closer to 250-thousand dollars. He’s already 21 YO, but he has a fallback option of pitching in the SEC next season.

          1. I also think my Viars guesstimate could be off. I now think he might be more likely to get full slot.

  13. Keith Law’s recap:

    The Phillies took a high school pitcher in the first round for the second year in a row, which, if you’re reading this, you probably know is not a strategy supported by evidence from draft history. Right-hander Andrew Painter (1) is 6-7 but with great coordination to allow him to repeat his delivery, which is smoother and easier than is typical for kids that size. He’s up to 96 and pitches comfortably at 93-95 with a mid-70s curveball and power changeup. He certainly looks the part of a frontline starter, with projection left and room to improve both secondary pitches as he matures. Ethan Wilson (2) hit 17 homers as a freshman for South Alabama, but lost that power this year, instead becoming one of the toughest hitters to strike out in this draft class; he’s shortened up his swing a little but it’s not a huge difference in his swing or stride, and there has to be some way to get him to drive through the ball again as he did in 2019 without losing all of that discipline at the plate. He’s a left fielder, so he has to hit for some power.

    Texas outfielder Jordan Viars (3) was a real surprise in the third round; he’s a good athlete with a plus arm who won’t turn 18 until next week, but he’s maxed out already and limited to a corner outfield spot. Right-hander Micah Ottenbreit (4) is a typical projection high school arm, touching 94 but mostly sitting 90-91, without much power to his curveball yet.

    Griff McGarry (5) started the year in Virginia’s rotation but couldn’t throw enough strikes to hold the job; he returned to starting at the end of the season for two dominant outings in the postseason (14 IP, 5 BB, 18 K, just 3 hits allowed). He’s up to 98 in relief with a plus slider, and if those two outings indicate anything at all, he has No. 2 starter upside, too. Right-hander Jose Pena (6) has a fringy fastball now with projection to both the body and the delivery, the latter of which doesn’t generate any power or rhythm and could be a quick fix to get him some more velocity. Right-hander Christian McGowan (7) was on my top 100 because he has a three-pitch mix, including a fastball at 93-97, with a delivery that might let him stay a starter. He was a third-year player at Eastern Oklahoma State JC, and committed to Texas Tech.


    1. That is the most positive KLaw has been for any Phillies draft from what I can remember..

        1. That is how KLaw does all his evaluations.
          A note of sarcastic optimism, if there is such a thing
          I liked to see how he mocked the first round…..actually .his last mock.
          I am wiling to bet whoever he mocked for the Phillies at 13….and if it happened to turn out that way….he would be singing high praises.
          I am sure Painter was not at 13 on his mcok.

            1. Ok……thanks.
              Curious…what did he say about Tigers’ and Madden at the 32nd selection?

  14. But, he might be grown in size, but certainly not in skill level. He just turns 18. Looked at as a “steal” by other analysts. I read Klaw’s stuff, and I did when he was at ESPN, but stopped when it cost to read him. I didn’t subscribe to the Athletic for him, but read it. I have always found that unless he liked a kid prior to the draft, he is much less objective after. It’s very easy to say Painter is a HS Pitcher, and they historically don’t work out very often, but the kid looks like a terrific pick. Wilson, touted as the hardest batter to K in the draft class, gets knocked because his power dropped. I happen to like a player who doesn’t strike out, and I think he was another really good pick. Sorry to belabor the point, I think there are a lot of draft analyst who think our draft was much better than KLaw does. I find even his compliments to be lukewarm. I am much more interested in V1 and Hinkie’s analysis!

    1. matt13-KLAW has a snarky sarcastic and condescending presence both when he writes and when he speaks, if interviewed. I find his reviews interesting but always leave with the feeling that he is just a “smart-xxs kid.” Amusing, but I think his prejudices somehow come through.

    2. Disagree that KLaw isn’t objective. Law just isn’t a sunshine pumper, which I can appreciate. His comments above about the Phillies draft are completely reasonable IMO. If you actually read all the comments, Law has good things to say about Painter; he just leads off by stating that drafting HS pitchers doesn’t have a great track record overall and thus is risky. It’s a fair (albeit obvious) comment.

      The comments about Wilson’s lack of power in 2021 are also reasonable, particularly if Wilson projects to LF. Note that Law is complimentary of Wilson’s plate discipline.

      Overall, most everything Law states about the Phillies draftees looks to be pretty accurate, both good and bad. I’d say it’s an honest, fair, and at least reasonably well-informed assessment, which is about all you can ask for.

      Also, Andrew Painter is not a “steal” at 1:13, at least relative to the draft rankings. Painter was rated anywhere from the #18 to #29 prospect in the rankings I saw. Not a reach or a head-scratching selection by any means, but not a steal either. Painter has high upside (and associated risk as a HS pitcher), so we’ll see how it works out. But a draft steal for the Phillies would have been selecting Khalil Watson, who has star potential and was rated top 5 in every ranking I saw. It will be most interesting to see how Painter and Watson develop.

    1. That’s a pretty big signing.
      I wasn’t expecting any big over-slot picks on day three (because I believed the first 10 guys would eat most of the pool). It’ll be interesting to see Baker’s bonus. He’s a JUCO prospect. However, he’s already 21. But he had a South Carolina (SEC) scholarship to fall back on.

      1. Hinkie…what chances do you have that Painter goes under?
        And if so by what amount?
        I think the team can get him for a straight $4M……$200K under slot.
        Which is probably not a really big savings….but could help a lower drafted guy a bit more.

            1. Romus … just noticed that Painter is represented by Scott Boras (at least I think). That probably means the chances he accepts < slot is not too great.

            2. Great!
              Hope Middleton can call in some favors on Boras….namely one big one like Harper

          1. If painter wants over slot, I aint paying it, If 4 million isnt enough let him go to college and see if he can get better offer, in 4 yrs, chances are he wont

  15. With some of these kids signing now, I assume a few will end up in Clearwater since there’s only 1 team in rookie ball now so I figure they wouldn’t want 20ish or however many it ends up being all going to one team.

    1. I think you are correct.
      Mix them up between Clearwater, FSL and then those who just work out and train for awhile at the Complex.
      Though Ethan Wilson, if he can handle FSL and Low_A, could go thru a faster ascension over the next month or so to Jersey Shore.

      1. Makes you admire Al Kaline so much more when these big draftees need such training to move up into lower talented leagues than there were in the early’50s.

        At 20 he hit 27 homers, 100+ RBIs and hit .340. Amazing+.

  16. Acuna hit .293/.366/.552 with 26 homers as a 20 year old. Trout hit .326/.399/.564 with 30 shots in his age 20 season. It still happens when you have an all-time great.

    I doubt we have a player of that ilk in this draft, but we can certainly hope Viars and/or Tonkel prove me wrong. Or maybe we go the other way and Painter makes Pedro look like a genius for his praise.

  17. Back to Keith Law saying Viars has maxed out. How is it possible any young man not yet 18 years old has maxed out? Defies biological laws of the human race, unless Law by mere observation can tell which male human beings will no longer grow at that young age.

    1. I think he was salty about not guessing the pick, plus like everybody said this is the nicest he has been to the Phils

    2. Pretty common thing to say about players who don’t appear to be able to add much healthy weight as they get older. I do question if it’s just one of those old school sayings that doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. It’s possible that he wouldn’t see much benefit from the number on the scale going up or from growing in size but there are other ways to measure physical attributes that make more sense.

      1. The term “maxed out” simply refers to the fact that a prospect appears to already be fully grown and thus will be unable to benefit from any future growth in size/weight. It doesn’t mean the prospect can’t get stronger or become more skilled.

        Given this meaning, it’s appears very likely that KLaw is correct about Viars in this respect.

  18. Exactly, SWFL, How much taller does he need to be than 6’4″?, and strength can’t be anywhere close to “maxed” out, and his skills can certainly be developed, and neither KLaw nor anyone can gauge that. It made no sense, at all.

  19. Keith Law is an obnoxious douchebag who never got picked on a single sports team in his life. No reason to put any stock into his analysis whatsoever.

      1. If his hit tool is that advanced, he can definitely start at JS. He’s already 21. Unless he starts raking, he can probably start 2022 at JS also.

  20. I was in my car yesterday, and heard Brian Barber on the radio between games one and two. He mentioned many of the draft picks were in Philly going through medical exams, and the team was working to get them signed. So, I’d expect this to be the first of many signings this weekend.

  21. Romus, regarding that 40% of slot value comment. i didn’t know about that. how did the Cubs get away with singing their 6th rounder to $1,000?

    1. Not sure how the Cubs got away with it….other than the fact the player did not file grievance thru the MLBPA against the team…he accepted the offer
      In Stewarts case….he filed a grievance in 2018/2019….with the support of the MLBPA claiming ‘the Braves had failed to make a minimal offer and that he should be declared a free agent’;
      The ruling by the arbitrator in Jan 2019 ‘that the Braves’ offer met the minimum threshold of 40% of slot value and dismissed the grievance as a result”
      Stewart then went to Japan on a six-year contract…electing not to go into the 2019 draft…
      Not sure if it 40% for all picks in the first ten rounds… or just for the first round picks.
      Cubs pick Martin was a college guy so not much leverage to begin with…but his slot of $264K should have been something for him to shoot for at least.

      1. As far as I’m aware, you only need to offer 40% of slot in order for you to receive a pick next year if they don’t sign. You’re allowed to offer any pick any amount you want, but that stipulation is to prevent clubs from ridiculously gaming the system to stockpile high round picks in one draft.

        1. DanK….thanks for that info…makes sense.
          I could not find anything in the CBA concerning this…then again Ruke4 guys are not professionals until they sign, so there should not be anything in there I would think concerning their circumstances…..though MLBPA did come to Stewart’s aid via Boras’ requesting.

    1. Hard to believe with Scott Boras as Painter’s agent….if in fact he is.
      But nevertheless…it is a great sign.

  22. It’s not really hard to believe. Painter was rated #18 and #19 by a couple prominent rankings, and #29 by another. It’s that not surprising that Painter and the Phillies agree to to a deal for, say, around the #15 slot value (just shy of $3.9M). This is more than Painter might have otherwise received, and saves the Phillies about $300k relative to slot, so it’s a reasonable compromise for both parties. This type of advance arrangement isn’t unusual, even for Boras clients.

    1. Man almost 4 million at eighteen, To start life with that kind of money is great,

  23. draft tracker obviously has an error in signing date! Not that it makes a bag of beans diff!

    Hinkie’s comment that Barber would have the first 10 rounds signing details arranged for proves prescient… again!

  24. Very happy to see that they signed all first 11 draftees, many of which were high schoolers. Shows they were well organized and well managed by Barber.

    1. I’m surprised so many high schoolers signed. I’m not sure if this is a COVID thing and the ‘rankings’ are such that the Phillies think their ‘scouts’ found guys who were ‘better’ than what the national services ranked them at and took advantage to sign them because those players bought into where they were ranked nationally as well.

      1. The HS draftees are probably more apt to sign now because (IMO) the draft has dwindled from 50 rounds to 20 rounds so if you don’t sign now you might not get drafted in the future. Money is one thing, but also the legend of being drafted is with you forever.

        1. One of the main reasons the Phillies/many clubs took a lot of prep players is because it was more easy to scout the HS players than the college players the past year. Not only was the college baseball season cut short in 2020, but there was no Cape Cod League last summer. There was also no Collegiate National Team. Those last two events are important for clubs to get a book on the college players. Meanwhile … the HS summer showcase events were played. So MLB amateur scouting staffs actually gained more looks at the prep kids than the college kids leading into 2021.

          1. i kind of like the twenty rounds and then go after free agents, Love the short window to sign,

    1. Of all the bonuses announced, Jose Pena’s is the one that really shocks me. I figured he’d cost ~600-thousand. Instead, he agrees to an under slot deal.

      1. Agree. It’s like Pena really had no interest in college baseball (or college in general) and the Phillies knew it. Even still, you’d expect that Pena would get slot at the absolute minimum, Strange.

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