Threshers’ and Affiliates’ Recap – 6/18/2021

Thanks to a couple of makeups, the teams played six games last night.  They went a collective 3 and 3.  of particular note, five of the six starting pitchers went at least five innings.  Clearwater split with Dunedin, Rixon Wingrove homered in each game.  Lehigh Valley lost.  Reading pitched a shutout.  And, Jersey Shore split with Hudson Valley.

(On a side note:  Lehigh Valley’s Bailey Falter was solid again against the Giants.  He pitched three innings of one-run ball (a Brandon Belt HR) on 2 hits and no walks.  He struck out five and threw 40 strikes in 49 pitches.)

Clearwater (20-20) split a doubleheader in Dunedin, losing 3-2 and winning 4-1.  Rixon Wingrove homered ib each game.

Game One:  Rafael Marcano pitched five innings and gave up 3 runs on 4 hits.  He walked none and struck out four.  Gabriel Yanez pitched one scoreless inning and gave up a hit and a walk.  He struck out two.

The threshers scored their first run in the fourth inning on Wingrove’s solo HR (4).  They scored another run in the sixth on Abrahan Gutierrerz’ RBI single.  Luis Garcia (1-4) and Casey Martin (1-2) had the Threshers’ other two hits.

Yhoswar Garcia started in right field and had an assist at second base.

Game Two, the makeup game:  Jordi Martinez (2.59) pitched three innings, and threw 55 pitches.  He gave up one run on 2 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out four.  Fernando Lozano (2.45) picked up the win with four shutout innings,  He allowed one hit, walked one, and struck out five.

The Threshers opened the scoring with 2 runs in the second inning on a wild pitch and a ground out.  They added a run in the third on Wingrove’s solo HR (5).  And, an insurance run in the sixth on Yhoswar Garcia’s RBI single.  Yhoswar Garcia (.281) went 2-3 with a walk and stolen base (8).  Casey Martin went 2-4 with a run scored.

Lehigh Valley (19-21) lost to Worcester, 5-1.  All the runs scored on HRs.

Matt Moore lost his second game.  He pitched six innings and gave up 3 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out seven.  He did throw 92 pitches, 61 strikes.  Julian Garcia pitched the other two innings.  He gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and a walk.

The IronPigs scored their only run in the fifth inning, tying the game on Ryan Cordell’s solo HR (7).  Kingery (1-4) and Haseley (1-1) each had a hit.

Reading (13-26) beat Harrisburg, 2-0. 

Jack Perkins tossed six, shutout innings on 83 pitches.  He gave up 4 hits and 2 walks.  He struck out five while earning his first win.  Brian Marconi followed with two, two-hit shutout innings.  And, Braden Zarbniskey earned his first save with a 1-2-3 ninth inning.

The Phils scored their runs in the first two innings on Brack Stassi’s RBI single in the first and Jack Perkins’ solo HR in the second.

Jersey Shore (17-22) split a doubleheader with Hudson Valley, winning 6-2 and losing 2-0.

Game One:  Kevin Gowdy got his first win.  He pitched five innings, threw 75 pitches, and gave up 2 runs on five hits.  He walked none and struck out four.  Aiden Anderson picked up his first save.  He pitched two scoreless no-hit innings, walking one.

The BlueClaws scored four runs in the first inning on DJ Stewart’s RBI single and Jonathan Guzman’s 3-run HR (1).  They added insurance runs in the fifth on a wild pitch and the seventh on Logan O’Hoppe’s sacrifice fly.  Stewart went 2-3.  The BlueClaws stole 4 bases – Ortiz, Stewart, and 2 by Markwardt.

Game Two, the makeup game:  Jonathan Hughes pitched five innings and gave up 2 runs on 5 hits and a walk.  He struck out four.  Mike Adams pitched a 1-2-3 inning with a strikeout.

DJ Stewart went 2-3 with a double.  O’Hoppe (1-3, double) and Guzman (1-2) had the BlueClaws other hits.

GCL Phillies East and GCL Phillies West (runs 6/28 thru 9/12)

DSL Phillies Red and DSL Phillies White (starts 7/12 thru 10/2)

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of June 18th … there are 308 players in the org

Today’s Transactions

6/18/2021 – 3B Dalton Guthrie assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
6/18/2021 – Jersey Shore activated RHP Mark Potter from the 7-day IL

67 thoughts on “Threshers’ and Affiliates’ Recap – 6/18/2021

  1. Good to see Stewart start to find his footing at Jersey Shore with 2 hits in both games. Also great to see Gowdy and Perkins both get their first wins. Perkins had the game of his life with six shutout innings while hitting a homer. A pitchers dream game. Also, I’m starting to get excited about Y Garcia. He hasn’t played much in a couple of years but he’s come out of the shoot hitting pretty well with serious speed. I’m pretty confident that someone in that CWater lineup will be traded in July but we have to hope that it’s a smart trade for more than just a half season.

    1. “Y Garcia……..serious speed.”‘
      Eight games, eight SBs.
      The league leader, Nasim Nunez, has 23 SBs, but in 31 games.

    1. He has been hitting well lately. I think the Phillies want to see how he handles AAA pitching. He is following in the footsteps of Maton and Williams, also players who are having break-out seasons.

    2. His numbers say that he doesn’t deserve to be promoted, but he’s already 25. Perhaps he’s depth at Lehigh because Maton is up.

    3. Denny, I posted this response to one of Romus’ comments a few days ago.

      “Romus, the Phillies have a plan for their top prospects. I don’t know the specifics, but I know that promotions of the top guys will happen at the beginning of a month. I don’t think they will accelerate the promotion of a top prospect because of an injury. That’s why they have “filler” and why they sign guys like Elmore, Cumana, and Stassi. Conversely, if they deem a player not ready for a promotion, he’ll spend another month at his current level.

      Now, beyond the obvious, I don’t know how many are considered top prospects. But, I can sure spot the “filler” when certain promotions occur, especially following an injury.”

      I don’t want to sound harsh, but this was just a “filler” move. They did not want to disrupt the development of any prospects for whom they have a plan.

    4. Most likely moving an older non-prospect around so the better prospects stay at the right level.

  2. Wingrove does have some power….and always seem to have fun playing.
    Now just 1 HR behind the leaders in the Low-A-SE

      1. yeah….when they originally signed him in Apr 2018, the word was his bat was a little slow thru the zone…..does certainly look like he has corrected that.
        Last four years, since he was 17-years old, he has player winter ball in the ABL…and that tends to help playing against players in the mid-20s for the most part.

  3. Matt Vierling had his contract purchased. Marchan has been recalled. Joyce to the 10 day IL, Knapp to the 7 day concussion list.

    1. Says a lot about how they feel about the OFers at AAA, namely Moniak and Haseley.

      1. I think they want Moniak and Haseley to play every day instead of sitting on the bench. It’s always great to hear someone getting called up to the big leagues for the 1st time.

      2. We’re not happy with those guys and neither are the Phillies. They got opportunities because they were first round picks, but now it’s time for them to consistently produce. They need to show whether they are starter level, bench players, or filler.

  4. Is it possible that putting a guy on the concussion list opens up a 40 man spot for up to 7 days?

    1. It’s Anderson’s spot on the Covid list that allows them to add a 40 man. They’ll need to remove someone soon.

  5. Man, that was one of the worst pitching performances by Nola. He couldn’t command the fastball, he was hanging the curveball, he had nothing today. It was brutal to watch.

    1. Hopefully it is not a Foreign Substance Withdrawal Syndrome…now that would be a real kick in the butt.

      1. If you have SWS, usually the baseball will fall out of your hand when you are rotating it behind your back, prior to the pitch. If you have a chronic case, you will drop it when you are on the rubber and get called for a “balk”. It is real easy to spot!

  6. Great to see Vierling get his 1st major league hit today, and he stole a base then came around to score on Rhys’ double.

  7. Multi-hit games last night for Stott, Brito, Casey Martin, DJ Stewart and Yhoswar Garcia…..refreshing to see that.

    1. Off a lefty no less….good sign.
      His career….though SSS (74 PAs-63 ABs) vs LHP is not great…..BA of .222 with over 30% K-rate.
      But that includes his draft year stats from 2019…..he may be turning the corner some.

  8. Romus……Brito and Stott on a tear, each with a dinger! …….. but I think Hall is done, what do you think?

    1. Hall should have hit somewhere last season vs good pitching….it has adversely affected him badly this year.
      Brito , Williams, Randolph, and Simmons all played in the off season winter leagues….and they came back strong at the plate.

  9. I think it might be time to call up Feliz before he opts out. He’s had a great year. Let’s see if it’s real. Can we find a 40 spot for him? Of course. Lots of candidates.

  10. Hopefully, Jim is just busy. 4 teams went 2-2 yesterday. Reading win big behind a good game by Stott (homer and double) and McArthur who finally had a good one with 5 shutout innings. FYI – leading off for other team was Tocci, hitting under 200. Clearwater with a nice win also. Abel gave up just a solo homer in 4 innings and everyone had a hit.

  11. Let’s hope Jim and his wife are ok.

    Stott seems to want to get to the majors this year lol, he is 24 tho.

    1. No, Stott is 23 and with the missed season, exactly on track. He’s not an “old” prospect

      1. We will see how it all plays out but I’ve been pretty happy with how they’ve drafted since Bohm – around the time Johnny A began to lose his power in the organization. He was the worst guy to run the draft process while the team tried to rebuild. It was an epic failure and one they are still digging out from under.

    1. Yes……..remember Jon Villar….out of nowhere in the system, Ed Wade picks him up in a trade, then eventually becomes a pretty good MLB player.
      I think Brito can do the same thing.

    1. Bad news. Don’t know how all these kids will get innings. There are a zillion kids in the organization now plus draft picks coming in. So no Williamsport and no second GCL team. I feel bad for a lot of kids that will never get a chance.

  12. Wow, Dylan Cozens is going to try his hand at football now! Giving up baseball, trying out for NFL. Good luck!

    1. Interestingly, without Martin, Garcia played 2B and Simmons got his first start at SS.
      Lots of interesting prospect happenings at the two lower levels, not much at the two higher levels though.

  13. Meanwhile…..@ Reading, no runs, no hits and one error 😟☹️😒😞😕😢

    1. Francisco Morales had a gem for Reading in the loss. Hopefully he’s starting to figure something out.

  14. Abrahan Gutierrez, Luis Garcia, Casey Martin and Rix Wingrove all with good games at the plate….that is encouraging.
    Even Francisco Morales seems, hopefully, to be headed now in the right direction.

    1. I try to keep an eye on guys who have jumped levels or are being forced to start at low A due to their missing short season ball last summer. They should be expected to struggle a little bit for the first month or so given the lost season last year.

      Baron Radcliff is fascinating. He would have been well served starting out in the GCL last year, but that wasn’t available to him. So I give him a little pass (not full pass) for not hitting much yet, but he’s coming around. And he’s a base on balls demon. He’s hitting like .137, but his OBP is .410. He is drawing walks at a record pace.

      It looks like he has some real power and the bat is coming along, but he’s interesting at least. He’s like Martin and Simmons and Rojas – lots of risk but also a big possible reward.

      1. Yeah…Radcliff does have 60 power with the usual swing and miss that a lot of those big power guys have.
        Even at Georgia Tech he had some swing and miss issues….but his ISO at close to .300 is off the charts during his last season there..

        I would really hope some of these guys play all the way thru next spring…..send as many as possible down to the ABL…I know the ABL has limitation rules about foreign born players, but try to max out American born participation for the position players. . Many of those players after coming back to the states seem to be better off. And no need to worry about guys like Burke, Wingrove, Glogoski et al…they are native born to the league and will be down there playing anyways.

    1. I’ve read these posts every day for years now and love them for the most part, I recently read an article in the athletic about Luke Williams and know he’s been the source of some negativity on this site by some. Nobody truly knows what he will ultimately be and maybe the 3rd round was a little high but, he has more than held his own and been a very valuable piece so far. Power obviously won’t be a part of the package but he runs, plays anywhere and makes contact and it’s a nice story for sure. I guess I just love to see good people prove others wrong. Fingers crossed I’m not eating my words in a month? Over and out

  15. I also see that Falter was the 5th round pick in that draft and what a nice surprise as well. High school players take time and his minor league numbers have been excellent minus the strikeouts. Trying to find some silver lining here

    1. Last point or comment I’d like to make, but it looks like JP Crawford is becoming the player he was thought of when he was drafted. Sure Segura is a nice hitter but hasn’t really helped us win while costing us money. Crawford on the other hand has won a gold glove now, is a borderline all-star this year at a premium position. Now I’ll go back just “observing.”

      1. Not a great guy if you are trying to build clubhouse chemistry! I believe, that was the reputation he had.

            1. Really, had not heard that as much about Crawford, oh well you guys would know more than I would

            2. I think it was more of a ‘philosophical difference’ between Gabe Kapler and a few….him, Nick Williams and Maikel were all in Kapler’s doghouse for awhile back 2018.
              They did not appreciate being shuffled in and out of the lineup.

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