Minor League Spring Training 2021, (4/13/21)

It’s been over a week since my last report.  I’ll go into why later and provide an updated list of the players I’ve seen at the Complex.  This list has grown to a lot more than the 36 players I reported last time.  But, first yesterday’s observations.  (This could be a long one.)  (It is long.  Look how late it is for a Tuesday report.  Sorry.)

I arrived at the Complex around 10:30, knowing live BP would be held in BayCare Ballpark and on Roberts Field at 12:15 PM.  (I think I’m going to start typing BCB for BayCare Ballpark.  So, heads up.)

From the perimeter, I could see infield workouts on Ashburn and Carlton Fields.  It appeared that similar drills were taking place on Schmidt Field.  And, what looked like a group of about 8-10 players were doing sprints on Bowa Field (the half field).  From Where I stood, they looked like pitchers.  But, the pitchers don’t normally sprint.  They run longer distances around the outfield perimeter, foul pole to foul pole.  Shrug.

I watched the fielding practice on Carlton while recording the names of the players.  They were just taking ground balls, nothing exotic.  A quick check on Ashburn revealed the same, but as I recorded names, the players changed positions – corner to corner and the middle infielders.

I walked around to Roberts.  There was a group doing something on the infield, but I was mesmerized by what was going on in the outfield grass in front of me.  A coach was standing in front of a line of players.  They were separated by short, orange cones and about 8 feet apart.  The coach was about 30 feet in front of them.  He hit one-hoppers to them in random order.  Hard one-hoppers.  Sometimes no hop. The payers bounced on the balls of their feet during the drill.  Reminded me of the way football players ran in place and then did quick turns right or left then turned back, but without the turning.  The group included Carlos De La Cruz, Keaton Greenwalt, Hunter Hearn, Hunter Markwardt, Baron Radcliff, Corbin Williams, and I think Marcus Lee Sang.

Batting practice for the catchers began.  Nick Matera hit several balls over the fence.  We decided it was time to leave.  As I headed back to the parking lot, I noticed there had been outfielders on Roberts, too.

I went over to the south gates on BCB to watch live BP. with my friend, Steve.  Another friend, Ron, stayed behind to watch the live BP on Roberts which would include his grandson.

This is what I recorded. (Real umpires called balls and strikes)

Eduar Segovia pitching, Juan Aparico catching – runner on third base with a coach (Milver Reyes) “playing” third base and coaching the runners.

  1. Ben Pelletier, K
  2. Cesar Rodriguez, RBI single – another runner placed on third
  3. Sal Gozzo K
  4. Rixon Wingrove, K
  5. CDLC, 6-3 – runner “scolded” for not running home
  6. D.J. Stewart, K

Gunner Mayer pitching, Freddy Francisco catching – runner on third base

  1. Pelletier, BB
  2. Gozzo, K
  3. Aparicio, RBI 6-3 – another runner placed on third
  4. Wingrove, BB
  5. CDLC, SF8

Pitchers threw 25 pitches and stopped.  Even if a batter only saw one pitch the at bat ended.  I think this confusion led to the next pitcher starting with no runner on third.  the runner was added after two at bats.

Jonas De La Cruz pitching, Cesar Rodriguez catching – no runner on base

  1. Francisco, single up the middle (or 4-3 if shifted)
  2. Stewart, line drive single – missing runner placed on second
  3. Aparicio, RBI single
  4. Francisco, F7
  5. Pelletier, BB
  6. Gozzo, BB

Rodolfo Sanchez (received from Tampa Bay in trade on 11/5), Rodriguez catching – runner on second base

  1. Francisco, F7
  2. Wingrove, RBI single
  3. CDLC, HR? (with the overhang from the upper deck we lost sight of the ball but didn’t see a ball land in the outfield grass
  4. Gonzalez, K
  5. Stewart, K
  6. Gonzalez, single
  7. Pelletier, K

Brian Marconi pitching, Aparicio catching – runner on third base

  1. Johan Rojas, SF9
  2. Casey Martin, SF8
  3. Nicolas Torres, K
  4. Rodriguez, RBI 5-3 (Reyes had to move into the hole to field it
  5. Logan Simmons, K
  6. Rojas, RBI base hit – looked like a gapper that three-hopped to the wall, that would probably a double for most, triple for Rojas

Tyler Burch pitching, Francisco catching

Brenden Kudlinski pitching,

Maybe another pitcher, I thought I saw one more waiting to warm up.

Okay, the sun had shifted and our little strip of shade had shrunk earlier.  Now, the heat and sun were too much and we bailed out.  I remember seeing Martin come to the plate one or two more times, but don’t remember the outcome(s).  He looks like a little guy standing next to the other players.

Some players have beefed up.  Simmons looked bigger, especially in the legs.  Stewart looks like a football player.  His thighs are so big his pants looked like they were painted on.  I think I reported earlier that Luis Garcia looks bigger.  Jonathan Guzman looks bigger across the shoulders.  Kyle Glogoski, too.  Someone told me they saw an Instagram where he had no shirt – ripped, six-pack.  Wasn’t much to do in New Zealand, I imagine.

Ron texted what he saw during the Roberts live BP.

Batter included Luke Miller, Madison Stokes, Dalton Guthrie, Nick Matera, Luis Garcia, Cornelius Randolph.

  1. Ethan Lindow – no hits, couple pop ups, a few ground balls, no Ks, good control.  Umpires arrived after he finished.
  2. Julian Garcia – one line drive by Randolph, a BB, 2 Ks, good velocity
  3. Austin Ross – 3 base hits, 2 BB, 1 HBP
  4. Robinson Martinez – 3 Ks, 1 ground out, 1 fly out
  5. Joel Cesar – 3 Ks, 2 base hits, heater was smokin’
  6. Kyle Glogoski – 1 base hit, 1 fly out, 1 walk, 1 K, 1 ground out
  7. Andrew Brown – one base hit, 3 Ks, great stuff
  8. Jeff Singer – 2 Ks, 1 base hit, couple pop ups, lots of check swings, hides the ball very well, tougher for batters to pick it up.

Thank you, Ron!

Sorry for the long pause between reports.  I received my second moderna shot last Monday (4/5).  Two days later, I fell during my morning walk.  The two events were not related.  Okay, I didn’t so much fall as trip.  This rambles, you may want to skip to the players’ section below.  First, I bragged to Steve how I had always been able to “roll” my ankle but keep my balance and not have any after effects.  Well, within a week that brag was tested.  I started my morning walk and tripped over an uneven gutter.

I’m from Northeast Philadelphia and have lived in Media and Boothwyn, Pa.  I have always experienced streets where the asphalt runs curb to curb and where there are cement sidewalks.  In Dunedin, there are few sidewalks in my neighborhood.  To make up for this the cement trust has the city installing cement gutters and the asphalt runs gutter to gutter.  Hardly ever does the transition from asphalt to cement go smoothly.  My walks start out in my neighborhood, but the bulk of each walk occurs in the deed-restricted neighborhood one block over that has sidewalks.

So, that’s what got me.  A not-so-seamless transition from broken cement to asphalt.  My, my ankle rolled as it usually does, but this time I collapsed and landed on all fours.  I quickly got up and continued my walk as though falling down was a part of it.  I furtively glanced around to ensure that there were no witnesses, turned a corner, and took stock of any injuries.

My ankle was sore, but no more than when these have happened in the past.  I assumed (incorrectly) that it would pass as it always had.  My palms felt like I had fallen on a warning track, but there was no visible evidence of such.  My left shoulder was sore, but I didn’t remember it making contact with the ground so I assumed that was just left-over from the shot.  My knees both hurt.  But, fortunately, only my right knee bore any evidence of the fall.  It was scraped and blood was clotting, but not running.  I sent a photo to my wife for future sympathy and continued my walk for the remainder of the 45-minutes scheduled.  Tracy did offer to pick me up, but I figured I would hold out for some “waiting on me hand and foot” later.  Another miscalculation on my part.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been to the Complex in over a week.

I’ve gone through my notes, Steve’s reports, conversations, with others, photos, and have come up with a list that’s as inclusive as I can make of players who have been seen at the Complex.

Knowing that 150 players were supposed to report, the players identified so far include (alphabetically)  –

  1. Abel, Mick
  2. Adams, Mike
  3. Anderson, Aiden
  4. Antonac, Yoan
  5. Aparicio, Juan
  6. Appel, Mark
  7. Barber, Albertus
  8. Baylor, Jamari
  9. Bettencourt, Trevor
  10. Brown, Andrew
  11. Brown, Ben
  12. Brown, Blake
  13. Burch, Tyler
  14. Castillo, Starlyn
  15. Cedeno, Jose
  16. Cesar, Joel
  17. Conley, Jack
  18. Cornelius, Chris
  19. De La Cruz, Carlos
  20. De La Cruz, Jonas
  21. Dipre, Guarner
  22. Eastman, Colton
  23. Edwards, Mitchell
  24. Eichler, Jaylen
  25. Evanko, Ethan
  26. Fassnacht, Nate
  27. Fitch, Colby
  28. Flores, Wilfredo
  29. Francisco, Freddy
  30. Friscia, Vito
  31. Gamboa, Arquimedes
  32. Garcia, Julian
  33. Garcia, Luis
  34. Garcia, Yhoswar
  35. Glogoski,Kyle
  36. Gonzalez, Oscar
  37. Gowdy, Kevin
  38. Gozzo, Sal
  39. Greenwalt, Keaton
  40. Guthrie, Dalton
  41. Gutierrez, Abrahan
  42. Guzman, Jonathan
  43. Hearn, Hunter
  44. Hendrickson, Josh
  45. Hennigan, Jonathan
  46. Hernandez, Christian
  47. Hernandez, Jake
  48. Holmes, Jake
  49. Hughes, Jonathan
  50. Iser, Herbert
  51. Kroon, Matt
  52. Kudlinski, Brenden
  53. Lee Sang, Marcus
  54. Leftwich, Luke
  55. Lehman, Taylor
  56. Leverett, Adam
  57. Lin, Hsin-Chieh
  58. Lindow, Ethan
  59. Lozano, Fernando
  60. Made, Alejandro
  61. Made, Edgar
  62. Markwardt, Hunter
  63. Marcano, Rafael
  64. Marconi, Brian
  65. Martin, Casey
  66. Martinez, Robinson
  67. Matera, Nick
  68. Mayer,Gunner
  69. McArthur, James
  70. McKay, Tyler
  71. Mezquita, Jhordany
  72. Miller, Erik
  73. Miller, Luke
  74. Mora, Raymond
  75. O’Hoppe, Logan
  76. Ortiz, Jhailyn
  77. Pelletier, Ben
  78. Perkins, Jack
  79. Phelan, Corey
  80. Pipkin, Dominic
  81. Radcliff, Baron
  82. Randolph, Cornelius
  83. Rodriguez, Cesar
  84. Rojas, Johan
  85. Ross, Austin
  86. Rott, Rudy
  87. Sanchez, Rodolfo
  88. Santos, Victor
  89. Schulze, Brett
  90. Segovia, Eduar
  91. Simmons, Logan (Kendall)
  92. Singer, Jeff
  93. Skirrow, Noah
  94. Stewart, D.J.
  95. Stobbe, Cole
  96. Stokes, Madison
  97. Stott, Bryson
  98. Suarez, Ranger
  99. Sullivan, Billy
  100. Sutera, Tom
  101. Tatum, McCarthy
  102. Tols, Josh
  103. Torres, Nicolas
  104. Tortolero, Jose
  105. Valerio, Christian
  106. Warren, Zach
  107. Williams, Corbin
  108. Wilson, Riley
  109. Wingrove, Rixon
  110. Woodward, J.P.
  111. Zabala, Aneurys

I’m pretty sure that during earlier visits that I saw –  catchers: Victor Diaz, Andrick Nava, Christopher Burke, and Micah Yonamine; outfielders: Marvin Matos and Jadiel Sanchez; and pitchers: Nick Fanti, Manuel Silva, Jordan Fowler, Sam Jacobsak, Keylan Killgore, Mark Potter, Cam Beauchamp, Brendan Bell, Carlos Betancourt, Engel Estevez, Maikel Garrido, Jamie Sara, Chase Antle, Eudiver Avendano, Dylan Castaneda, Dallas Dyar, Josh Gessner, Buddy Hayword, Connor Hinchliffe, Jake McKenna, Christopher Soriano (?DSL Red), both Carlos Francisco’s, Chris Micheles, Jose Ulloa, Spener Van Scoyoc, Victor Vargas, and Braden Zarbnisky.

But, I’m starting to not trust my memory.  I can visualize watching these players on the back fields, but could I be remembering the few times I went to Instructs?  I don’t know.  Some of these guys wouldn’t have been stateside for Instructs, so I’m going to assume I saw them recently.

So, that adds another 35 players to the 111 players above –

  1. Victor Diaz
  2. Andrick Nava
  3. Christopher Burke
  4. Micah Yonamine
  5. Marvin Matos
  6. Jadiel Sanchez
  7. Nick Fanti
  8. Manuel Silva
  9. Jordan Fowler
  10. Sam Jacobsak
  11. Keylan Killgore
  12. Mark Potter
  13. Cam Beauchamp
  14. Brendan Bell
  15. Carlos Betancourt
  16. Engel Estevez
  17. Maikel Garrido
  18. D.J. Jefferson
  19. Jamie Sara
  20. Chase Antle
  21. Eudiver Avendano
  22. Dylan Castaneda
  23. Dallas Dyar
  24. Josh Gessner
  25. Buddy Hayword
  26. Connor Hinchliffe
  27. Jake McKenna
  28. Christopher Soriano (?DSL Red)
  29. Carlos A. Francisco
  30. Carlos M. Francisco
  31. Chris Micheles
  32. Jose Ulloa
  33. Spencer Van Scoyoc
  34. Victor Vargas
  35. Braden Zarbnisky

Expecting 150 players, and only accounting for 146 players, I would have expected all of the players from Williamsport and above to be invited with a lot of GCL players and a smattering of DSL players.   This would certainly exceed 150, but some players may be on rehab that we don’t know about.  Anyway, players I haven’t seen yet  and players I expected to be invited would include:

  1. Simon Muzziotti (because he missed ST. Visa problems might delay him until July)
  2. Josh Stephen (I’m sure he’s here, I just haven’t seen him)
  3. Andrew Schultz (I heard he might be injured and with the rehab group)
  4. C.J. Chatham (although I expected him to go to the Alt Site)
  5. Tyler Adams (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  6. Samuel Aldeghari (well, coming from Italy, maybe not)
  7. Gabriel Cotto (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  8. Chi-Ling Hsu (well, coming from Taiwan, maybe not)
  9. Jordi Martinez (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  10. Andy Reyes (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  11. Carlo Reyes (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  12. Manuel Urias (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  13. Camillo Brazoban
  14. Nick Lackney (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  15. Juan Miranda
  16. Luis Pacheco (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  17. Nicoly Pina (he might be in rehab group)
  18. Dalvin Rosario
  19. Jaylen Smith  (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  20. Daniel Vilchez (Maybe I just haven’t seen him)
  21. Leonel Aponte
  22. Anton Kuznetsov (well, coming from Russia, maybe not)
  23. Gabriel Yanez
  24. Jefferson Encarnacion
  25. Alexeis Azuaje (he’s at the Dominican Complex, coming later)
  26. Bruce Wang (well, coming from China, maybe not)
  27. Edward Barboza

Maybe some of the Latin players above are coming to the second round which is the equivalent of XST for the short season leagues – just the GCL now since Williamsport was a victim of contraction.  With a limitation on spots, it doesn’t make sense to bring GCL players who they know are going to repeat GCL.  Just spit ballin’ here.

Anyway, this gives a pretty good idea of who might be in minor league camp.  I generally cheat and assume that the coaches working with a group are the coaches who will manage that group.  It’s not 100 percent, but it’s close.  For instance, all the players I covered in the live BP at the top of this saga were coached by Milver Reyes who is going to be the manager of the Low Single-A Clearwater Threshers.  I can see most of those kids being on that roster.

35 thoughts on “Minor League Spring Training 2021, (4/13/21)

  1. Thank you for all the news, love reading about the players, and of course love seeing my Grandson Gunner Mayer mentioned.

    Your articles are very enlightening and I lke your style of writing, Thank you!!!

  2. Great reporting as usual Jim. I’m hopeful these young men will get to play some games in the near future. I’m sure it gets to be groundhog day after a while.

    Nothing like some competition or a trip to get the juices flowing

    1. Games start This Friday. Two teams travel, two play at home. One in BCB and one at the Complex, probably Roberts. So, we’ll cover from the gate or from beyond CF.

  3. Mr. Jim – When Phyllis Diller rolled in her bed to turn off the alarm clock, she fell out of bed and when she landed, she broke her wrist. She said from then on that she was going to sleep “over a net” like they lay for high wire walkers. Maybe you should look into something like that.

  4. Jim, Thanks for such a thorough report.

    A couple of thoughts on the personal part of your post:

    1. Glad Tracy is healthy again and you’re tripping is the most serious medical problem in your family

    2. Boothwyn. My first girlfriend lived in Boothwyn.

  5. Jim, great report. Much appreciated. I am very interested in hearing about Mick Abel once the games start happening.

    1. Me too:). Does anyone know if the Threshers games will be live-streamed? Would be cool to watch if Mick gets there at some point this summer.

      1. Me three … and I’m not even related to him. 🙂

        Best of luck to your son. Would love to see him reach his potential, and be the Phillies next Aaron Nola or Cola Hamels (two other first round arms).

      2. Isn’t the assumption that he’ll start this year at Clearwater, which is now Low A? Or does he, and you, think they’ll hold him back to start in the GCL? I would expect Clearwater after missing last year.

        1. Your guess is as good as mine. Like I mentioned a while back, I learn more from this site than I’ve ever learned from the Phillies.

          1. Let’s hope the Phillies never find that out.
            They tend to keep things pretty close to the vest…as they say about loose lips and boats. 🙂

            1. Romus, it’s actually loose lips and ships, not loose lips and boats. But I suppose you’re too young to know that.

              Nonetheless, you’re a heck of a great baseball analyst and I’m just a picky writer.

              Most important, we’ve got Neil posting in Jim’s Home for PhuturePhillies. Welcome, Neil, we will root for your son and for you.

      3. No it doesn’t look like Clearwater will have games live streamed. I’ve had Milb.tv for years and they never had a camera, the best you can hope for is to get some road games. So far on Milb.tv’s website they haven’t updated it yet to show which teams are live streaming this year as they usually do but when I look at the schedule they don’t have any Threshers games until they are in Bradenton in July.

        1. Daniel,

          I got notice today of renewal of my MiLB subscription. It says it will stream games of 90 teams across the four levels. Hopefully, that includes Clearwater.

      4. Mr. Abel, the Threshers have never live-streamed any of their home games. They have offered live “radio” coverage on the internet. The link’s posted on their home site during the season.

        I’m going to talk to the PR guy tomorrow, time to see about my media pass and any new restrictions. I will ask what their plans are this year. They might be able to do coverage the way some of the MLB teams did this spring, using fixed-site cameras around the park. I’ll also find out if they are going to have radio coverage. I don’t know if their guy, Thaddeus, is still with them after losing last season to COVID or if they even want to incur the cost.

        I’ll let you all know what I find out.

  6. Got mt 2nd Moderna shot on Tues April 13th and Wednesday I was sicker than Ive been in years. Fever, chills, headache, back pain, nausea. I also tripped on a curb/asphalt combo on a busy street in my town(2 weeks prior to shot). I was walking the dog, someone did not drop her leash. My was a trip, multiple stumble, to a 3 point fall. Quickly got up and acted like nothing happened.

      1. FYI

        I got my shot Monday at 5 p.m. I was fine on Monday night. Tuesday I felt tired and beat up and under-the-weather (sore arm), like you feel after you’ve been really sick but no longer have a temperature. I was able to work but it was a strain. I felt kinda yuck on Wednesday morning, took 2 extra strength tylenol and felt fine right after that (I took tylenol the rest of the day on Wednesday and Thursday morning, but probably didn’t need it after Wednesday morning).

        1. I’m about the same as Catch. Got my 2nd shot on a Saturday, was stiff and tired on Sunday with some lingering into Monday but a couple of Advil helped.

        2. I got my first Pfizer shot last Friday. Other than some minor soreness in my arm (lasted maybe 12 hours), I was fine.

          Eagleeye … I had COVID last March, and I had most of the symptoms you posted above (high fever, followed by lower fever, bad back aches, and a 2 week cough).

          1. My friend says on your second shot …buy a bottle of Airborne…..and take it when you get your second shot. She had no problems at all….and she has a mitochondria disorder, which gave her some apprehension before getting the shot.

  7. Eagle eye 5 – And when you got up, I’m sure you said, “I meant to do that” like Pee Wee Herman did when he crashed his bike.

  8. @Catch, 3up, Hinkie, Romus, Thanks for the info about the covid shot. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I will get it. I’ll probably warn my boss that I might take some vacation/sick days afterwards if I become sluggish.

      1. Ha ha, I don’t think my boss would like it if I took a nap after lunch because of it!

        1. Yeah…that might not look too good.
          He might not buy a Pfizer-power nap as an excuse.

    1. FYI – I think most people were talking about the second shot (I was). The first one barely slowed me down. But, clearly, all worth it!!!

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