Minor League Spring Training 2021, (4/16/21)

Game One.  Scheduled against the Detroit Tigers but they backed out expecting rain.  So, The Phillies Double-A and High-A squads, which were scheduled to host the Tigers, faced off against each other in BCB.  The Low-A and Rookie teams, which were to travel to Lakeland, played each other on one of the back fields.   Steve, Mark, and I took up our positions and watched the game.

Shawn Williams’ (Double-A) line up and pitchers

  1. Dalton Guthrie, 2B/DH
  2. Bryson Stott, DH/SS
  3. Cornelius Randolph, CF
  4. Nick Matera/Colby Fitch, C
  5. Hunter Hearn, RF
  6. Arquidemes Gamboa, SS/DH
  7. Matt Kroon, LF
  8. Madison Stokes, 3B
  9. Cole Stobbe, DH/2B
  10. Luke Miller, 1B
  11. Ethan Lindow/Julian Garcia/Jeff Singer/Joel Cesar, P

Chris Adams’ (High-A) line up and pitchers

  1. Luis Garcia, SS
  2. Mitchell Edwards/Vito Friscia, C
  3. McCarthy Tatum, 3B
  4. Keaton Greenwalt, RF
  5. Rudy Rott, 1B
  6. Jonathan Guzman, 2B
  7. Jake Holmes, LF
  8. Corbin Williams, CF
  9. Ben Brown/Kevin Gowdy/Jonathan Hughes/Andrew Brown, P

The Double-A players beat up on most of the High-A pitchers.

  1. Guthrie: 0-3
  2. Stott: 2-2, run, double, triple, RBI, BB
  3. Randolph: 0-1, 2 BB, K
  4. Matera: 0-2, run, K
  5. Fitch: 0-1, K
  6. Hearn: 1-3, run, K
  7. Gamboa: 1-2, triple, RBI, HBP, K
  8. Kroon: 0-2, BB, RBI
  9. Stokes: 1-3, run, HR, RBI
  10. Stobbe: 3-3, run, double, triple
  11. Miller: 1-2, run, RBI, BB

The Double pitchers were very efficient, holding High-A batters to 4 base runners, one hit, 2 walks, and one throwing error.

  • Lindow: 2.0 IP, 0 R, 0 H, BB, K, 2 GO, 2 FO, 29 pitches, 14 strikes
  • J. Garcia: 2.0 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 4 K, GO, 2 FO, 27 pitches, 19 strikes
  • Singer: 1.0 IP, 0 R, 0 H, BB, K, GO, FO, 18 pitches, 9 strikes
  • Cesar: 1.0 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 2 GO, 13 pitches, 7 strikes

The High-A batters made little contact.

  1. L.Garcia: 0-2, BB
  2. Edwards: 0-2
  3. Friscia: 0-1, K
  4. Tatum: 1-3, K, CS
  5. Greenwalt: 0-3, K
  6. Rott: 0-3, K
  7. Guzman: 0-2, K
  8. Holmes: 0-2
  9. C. Williams: 0-1, BB, K, SB

Most of the High-A pitchers labored through the Double-A lineup.

  • B. Brown: 0.2 IP, 1 R, 2 H, BB, HBP, 2 K, GO, 35 pitches 18 strikes, 2 rolled innings
  • Gowdy: 2.0 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 3 BB, 2 K, DP, 2 FO, 38 pitches, 18 strikes
  • Hughes: 1.0 IP, 3R, 4 H, 3 BB, K, 2 GO, 34 pitches, 22 strikes, 2 rolled innings
  • A.Brown: 0.2 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 2 GO, 19 pitches, 12 strikes, one rolled inning

Other stuff.

Matera reached on a dropped third strike in the second and was later forced in as the game’s first run.

Stott and Randolph walked to lead off the fourth inning, advanced on a fly ball to CF, and Stott scored on a passed ball.  CF Corbin Williams seemed to have time to set up and make a better throw on the play.  He got himself flat-footed and took a step back on the catch, sideways to get situated, and a step forward to make the throw.  The ball came in to nowhere special and both runners moved up.  Kudos to the trailing runner.

Stokes homered with one out in the fifth.  Stobbe tripled on a ball that Williams could have had at the CF wall, Miller lined an RBI single, Stott tripled to the RCF gap (just beating the throw).

Hearn reached on an error and scored on Gamboa’s triple.

Gracia walked in the High-A first.  He advanced on an errant pickoff throw but was thrown out on a tremendous throw by Miller.

Tatum was thrown out on a steal attempt on a strong throw by Colby Fitch.

Williams stole second base.  He’s fast, like Quinn fast.  Went on first pitch after a walk.

Stott made a great charge and throw on a soft tapper to short. This a play I saw him throw late on in the GCL.

Stobbe’s third hit was an infield single and the last play of the game.

Ben Brown threw well, just didn’t have good control of his fastball.  He dropped a few curve balls that froze hitters.

Gowdy looked good but also had trouble locating his fastball.  He scuffed balls on the dirt to improve his grip but kept sailing high.

Hughes threw hard and a high percentage of strikes, but the hitters were seeing his pitches well.

Andrew Brown was throwing well, I don’t know why they rolled the inning. Pitch count, maybe?

Lindow benefitted from his errant pickoff throw then pitched strong through his two innings.  He had to face an extra batter in the second Gamboa couldn’t handle a hard, one-hopper off the bat of Gamboa.

Julian Garcia was sharp.  Faced in an extra out in his first inning just to get more work in.

Singer was un-Singer-like with a 4-pitch walk, but rebounded with a ground out and strike out.

Joel Cesar gave up the only hit to High-A’s McCarthy Tatum, but was dominant against his other three batters.

Tomorrow, the Low-A team hosts the Tigers in BCB.  Rookies on the backfields.

I’ll be back at my post, weather permitting.

Mr. Abel, the Threshers will not be streaming video this year.  The last year probably pushed that back to next season, maybe.  They haven’t decided on audio, yet.  Their radio guy moved on during the pandemic.  They hope to get it in place but for home games only.

8 thoughts on “Minor League Spring Training 2021, (4/16/21)

  1. Anxious to see how Casey Martin comes out and plays this season…either at short or 2nd.
    Josh Bonifay was high on him last fall…..” he focused on staying in the zone and swinging at strikes more consistently.”….which is a good thing since he did have a fairly high K rate in SEC play.

  2. Amazing to me how Cole Stobbe is hanging in there. He reminds me of Luke Williams. Both have been with the organization for quite awhile and both coming out there every year.

  3. Can we assume that the players have now been officially assigned i.e. Bryson Stott will start at AA?

    1. We can assume anything we want. The workgroups are still a guarded secret, though. In the past, we were able to audit the people on each of the four fields at the Complex and make a pretty good guess at the rosters after a week or so. This year is difficult with so much action going on where we can’t view it. Today, the Threshers PR manager came over to us and asked us who WE thought would be on the Threshers roster so he could make up their media guide for opening day. Seems the Phillies don’t even tell their own people.

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