Open Discussion: Week of April 11, 2021

The Phillies are 5-3 overall, 2-3 this week before tonight’s series finale against the Braves.  I’ll probably be in bed before the game is over, so I thought I would get this ready to publish around 1:00AM.

In the National League the Phillies are sitting pretty much middle of the pack offensively .242/.321/.373/.694 (5th/7th/9th/7th), 12th with an 8.14% BB%, 14th with a 28.47% K%, and 9th with 3.44 runs per game.

Their pitching is a little better.  They are tenth in the NL with a 9.63 K/9, 4th lowest with a 3.25 BB/9, 8th with a 3.75 ERA.  They have 2 saves in 2 save opportunities.

Just a few comments on comments I saw during the week.

Odubel Herrera will never play for the Phillies.  Let me explain why.

He had one shot (maybe).  Beat out Scott Kingery for the starting job in center field.  He was never going to be a bench player.  Roman Quinn was always going to be the fourth outfielder and Matt Joyce was sure to be the fifth outfielder.

When Kingery faltered, he had to beat out an injured Adam Haseley who played parts of 3 games the first week of spring training and came back to play in 4 games the last week.  Herrera posted a weak .231/.245/.481/.726 slash with 1 walk and 11 strike outs in 53 plate appearances.   He was beat out by a guy who probably hadn’t completely recovered from a hamstring injury.

After Kingery was optioned to the Training Site to work on his swing, Herrera’s best shot was when Haseley was pulled from a game with a tight feeling in his hamstring.  Couldn’t bring Kingery back up, he hadn’t had time to work on anything.  Rather than recall Herrera, they have continued to play Haseley after a day of rest.

It’s clear to me that Herrera will never get the call up from the Phillies.  Even if Baseball Ops felt Herrera could help the team, I don’t believe that the front office would have allowed it.  As it is, Herrera didn’t play well enough this spring.  He probably had to hit .600/.700/.850/1.550 with 8 walks, and 4 strike outs AND flawless defense to make the team.  And, I’m not sure that would have been enough.

Zack Eflin will NOT be traded unless the Phillies get better in return.  The Phillies think highly of Eflin, the return would have to be eye-popping.

They won’t trade Eflin or any of their pitchers is because of the depth they provide.  They could have traded Vince Velasquez in December.  They had offers well into spring training.  But, the uncertainty of how long pitchers can go after a shortened season has a lot of teams holding onto their 6th, 7th, 8th best starters just in case.  Like it or not, he’s a commodity.  And he was better than the guys they released.

Regarding giving guys off days.  I saw someone question giving McCutchen and Hoskins a day off after 4 games.  McCutchen is older and there are two other outfielders on the bench who need at bats.  Cutch was off to a slow start to boot.  Probably not a big deal.  But, Hoskins has been hot and we would have lied to see him play.  However, he is recovering from TJ surgery on his glove arm.  He hadn’t played in 3 consecutive days during spring training.  It’s a long season.  There’s a guy on the bench who needs occasional at bats.  As it was, Hoskins got into the game anyway.  But, I get Girardi trying to give him a break like that.

Velasquez has accumulated enough service time with the Phillies that he  CANNOT be optioned to Allentown without his agreeing to the move.

Quinn is out of options and can only be DFA-ed off the roster.

I was going to do a little blurb on the free agents still available.  Romus beat me to it –  Yoenis Cespedes, Edwin Encarnacion, , Yasiel Puig, Shane Greene, Addison Russell, Anibal Sanchez, Jeremy Jeffress, Felix Hernandez, Josh Reddick, Jedd Gyorko, Brad Peacock, Scooter Gennett, Matt Kemp. Matt Wieters, Tyler Flowers, Zach Godley, Jeff Samardzija, Mike Leake, Rick Porcello, Cole Hamels, David Robertson and AJ Ramos.

He followed up with a suggestion that DD inquire on Cole Hamels, Porcello, Robertson, Shane Greene and at least find out how much they want.

Robertson had a showcase.  The Phillies were among the twenty-some teams there.  None of the teams saw fit to offer a contract.  I thought I heard of a similar showcase for Hamels.  I don’t know if it was actually held or who attended.  I know he’s a sentimental favorite.  But, he got more than double what the Phillies were prepared to offer last year.  I don’t have any intel on Porcello.  Greene was courted by the Phillies this offseason.  But, his $8M asking price was at least double what the Phillies wanted to spend.  He was less necessary after they signed Bradley.  But, I heard the offer remained on the table through spring training.

(Porcello and Hamels were projected to get $5M and $4M respectively by MLB Trade Rumors.  The Phillies have about $7.5M left under the cap.)

Girardi wanted to keep 2 long men – Hale and Velasquez.  I thought one of the beat writers would have reported this.  I heard it during an interview.  Joe explained his reasoning for the opening day bullpen.  Essentially, Hale won a job, he wanted 2 long guys, Romero had options, some of the righties have reverse splits against lefties.

Saw another “Bohm to LF” comment  It’s not going to happen this season.  It’s not going to happen next season.  Until I see Bohm taking fly balls in the outfield some January, it’s never going to happen.  Maybe 1B after Hoskins becomes a free agent.

Players get to make decisions on whether they get the COVID vaccine shots.  MLB has a target of 85% of Tier 1 players/employees before they relax protocols.  Tier 1 includes players, coaches, and some key staff.  I haven’t heard of more than one key player getting the vaccine or speaking in a favorable light about the vaccine.  Anyone hear anything about the Phillies (other than Bradley and Marchan) getting the shot?

Minor leaguers are under similar restrictions.  There is cost incurred by the affiliates if they try to meet the increased intake tests and personnel hired to oversee the protocols (read snitches).  AAA and AA will have 44 Tier 1 employees, A-ball will have 46 Tier 1 employees at each team.  The teams will have active rosters of 28-28-30-30 players.  In the past, teams have had reserve lists that raised limits to 35 players.

That would mean that 180 Tier 1 employees (140 players and 40 staff) will have to be vaccinated.  They need 85% to lower the protocols.  League play may be at risk until they reach that 85% threshold.

Okay, that seems a little convoluted.  It comes down to this.  If MiLB doesn’t reach the 85% threshold, teams have to incur costs they can’t or don’t want to afford.  They may decide to postpone or even cancel MiLB seasons and continue with Alt Sites and Complex play.  Best case scenario might be a one month delay.

It appears to me that willingness to get the vaccine mirrors nationwide willingness.  Eighty-five percent could be a difficult number to reach by May 4th.

The guys in camp will begin playing games against squads from Toronto and Detroit.  Games begin on Friday.  Two squads will stay home and host, two will travel to the other site.  Home games will be played in BayCare Ballpark and at the Complex.

No spectators.

This is the Alt Site Roster.

My estimates of …

The Phillies’ running payroll is $191,091,962.

The Phillies’ salary against the competitive balance tax is $202,454,782.

The Phillies’ margin under the CBT threshold of $210M is $7,545,218. (spreadsheet)

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • April 1, 2021 – Phillies’ home opener v. Braves
  • April 3, 2021 – ST for minor leagues begins
  • May 4, 2021 – Opening day for all four full-season affiliates
  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft
  • October 2, 2021 – Phillies clinch a playoff berth in Miami

The rosters and lists are up to date as of April 4th … 318 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

There are 12 players who are not in the Phillies Media Guide who I am not counting in the total for the organization. I’m carrying them in their own section on the sheets.

4/11/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP JoJo Romero from the Alternate Training Site
4/11/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Archie Bradley on the 10-day IL
4/03/2021 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Mark Appel from the RL
4/02/2021 – SS C.J. Chatham assigned to Reading Fightin Phils
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Tyler Carr to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Enyel De Los Santos to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Bailey Falter to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Neftali Feliz to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP JD Hammer to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Spencer Howard to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Damon Jones to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Mauricio Llovera to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Adonis Medina to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Brian Mitchell to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Fransisco Morales to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP David Parkinson to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP David Paulino to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP JoJo Romero to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Ramon Rosso to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Christopher Sanchez to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned C Edgar Cabral to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned C Rodolfo Duran to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned C Rafael Marchan to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned 2B Daniel Brito to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned 1B Darick Hall to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned INF/OF Scott Kingery to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned INF/OF Austin Listi to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned INF Nick Maton to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned 3B Luke Williams to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned CF Odubel Herrera to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned OF Travis Jankowski to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned OF Mickey Moniak to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LF Matt Vierling to the Alternate Training Site

269 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 11, 2021

  1. Hoping Mark Appel is a success story this season. Even if he just gets a cup of coffee. Any updates throughout the season would be appreciated.

      1. Both are getting their Alt Site game info from Conor Foley (@RailridersTT) who has direct access to the Yankees Alt Site games. He provides in-game action and updates that while mostly about the Yankees do provide info about Phillies players, too.

        The Phillies are selling tickets to some of the Alt Site games in Allentown. Kram tweeted that he got a ticket to the first one (I think). I assume he’ll go to as many as he can get tickets to.

  2. Funniest comment I heard about the play at the plate from last night. Dusty Watham said, “he calculated the length of the throw from the leftfielder, the arm strength, the speed of the runner and he made the decision to send Bohm”. Someone said, “no, he looked over at the on-deck circle and saw Roman Quinn, then yelled to Bohm, “Run like Hel!”.

    1. Miller was set to pinch hit for Quinn but it was against a leftie. We’ll take it of course but I’m still waiting for Bohm to touch the plate….

      1. As Joe said later…..the tip of his very big toe…….ok Joe..
        Phillies were fortunate.
        Drew Smyly said it from his heart….what is the sense of replay when they still cannot get it right.

        1. Romus, With all your connections, cant you get Jim into games, You know Biden, Trump, i thought you told me Trump was your neighbor when you lived in New York, make a call,

        2. I disagree with comment to a degree. I watched the replay as many times as they showed it. Alec beat the throw by far to the plate. There was never a question there on that. Replays appeared to show his foot being shoved to the 1st base side as the catcher applied the tag. As A Rod said none showed for certain he touched the plate. Likewise none showed definitely that he did not. Umpire was in perfect position. If the call was out it would not have been reversed either. There are lots of calls like this one. Harper had one at 3rd on Opening Day. He is still safe but rule out for same reason. There is one thing I thought about and have never actually known. Does the runner have to physically touch home plate? Alec definitely was over the plate before the tag. Kind of a football comparison. Ball only has to cross goal line.

          The thing about the last 2 games. On Saturday the Braves made the plays when they got the lead off double on Bradley. They moved the runner up. Then they were aggressive from 3rd. Philiies did the same last night. Double , Segura moves runner up. Then Didi hangs in and gets fly ball.

          I tell these young travel ball kids all the time to put the ball in play in game winning situations. Make the defense field the ball, throw the ball and catch the ball. Lots of chances they may not do all 3. Last 2 games were examples on that.

          Regarding Roman he did have very good contact on 2 at bats last night. I agree that he does look more comfortable on right side. One last thing I was amazed when announcers said that both Acuna and Albies are 0 for whatever vs Neris. It is still 0 fer.

          1. Don…runner must touch the plate… is not the same as the NFL goal-line.
            But agree….the thought that there msy be ‘conclusive evidence’ to overturn a call almost makes it irreversible.
            Maybe the ump should just throw his hands up and shrug his shoulders and yell out….replay you call the play!
            That is being facetious.
            But there has to be something that gets it right every time when there is a questionable call.

            1. Even with replay some calls are so close you are never going to get it right every time. I was sure that was correct on touching plate. You see a guy step over from time to time. Thanks. I hope Braves complain about this all summer. I did not see them complaining on Harper call at 3rd. Oh that benefitted them. Probably over course of season it balances out for most teams. You win some and you lose some. That is why the initial call by umpire or referee is so important in how most of these are ruled. I do agree with everyone that replay in too many cases take too long and stop the flow of the game.

    2. He sure did Denny….

      Quinn’s swings from the right side look better than the left but I would have done the same thing. It appears to me they did catch a break.

      Did anyone else catch the shot Vasgersian tossed our way with the comment that Philadelphia should feel at home with things being tossed onto the field after the review? paraphrasing…

      As if no other city in the world does that

      1. DMAR … I think Matt Vasgersian is one of the best (and underrated) play-by-play announcers in baseball. I heard the comment, and knew people would get upset with it. At 58 years old now, I’ve grown accustomed to it. It doesn’t bother me.

        On a related note … this weekend, I read this headline on Bleeding Green Nation. I laughed out loud!

        1. I like him too Hinkie maybe that’s why I was so disappointed in the comment…

          At 51 maybe I’m being overly sensitive 🙂 allow me to call out my own hypocrisy for being too thinned skinned.

        2. That’s like saying Rosie O’Donnell eats less donuts than you think, you thought 2 dozen a day, it’s only one dozen.

      2. He is a fool.  I live in NC and at high school games things get pretty dicey here.  But I swear everytime I hear that dissenting voice it has a NY accent.  I am hoping they build a wall just above Richmond, lol.

  3. Bradley said he got the shot and had mild symptoms after. Hoskins said last week that he would get the shot very soon. Neris said he would not get the shot. I think reaching 85% could be hard.
    Sorry Jim about no attendees at the games, that stinks.

    1. I heard that a couple of star players would not get the shot on their off day last week. Wondered if this was common knowledge up in Philadelphia.

  4. Agree with Jim about Alec Bohm. He’s fine at 3B, and the team certainly has no better option to play that position right now. Last season, Bohm had the same experience. He committed two errors in one game, and then (I’m pretty sure) he went w/o a miscue the rest of the shortened season. He may lack some lateral quickness, but he covers extra ground just because of his length. He catches most of what’s hit near him, and he’s got a +arm. If he finally outgrows the hot corner, he’ll most likely end up at 1B.

    About last night:

    * How great was it to see Hector throw a 1-2-3 ninth inning with Freddie Freeman the scheduled fourth batter!

    * LOL at Braves manager Snitker for removing drew Smyly before the start of the 6th inning, and bringing in a RHRP to face Bryce Harper. Harper looked lost vs Smyly to that point. He wasted no time taking Nate Jones deep and putting the Phillies back in front. That was a managerial move that would have gotten Gabe Kapler torched for about a week and a half here. In Atlanta, they’re ignoring it, and instead blaming the umpires and the review team for the loss.

    * Thank you MLBPA for saying “No” to the DH. Even though I liked the DH last season, I knew (and posted a couple of times) not having the rule would hurt the Mets and Braves a whole lot more than the Phillies in 2021. The Phillies DH would be Rhys Hoskins, and he’s a helluva lot better defensively at 1B than either Dom Smith (because Alonso has to play 1B instead of DH) or Marcel Ozuna in LF. If Atlanta has anyone other than Ozuna in LF last night, Bohm is thrown out (or Dusty Watham doesn’t even send him). I’m pretty sure VV has more OF assists over the last three seasons than Marcel Ozuna.

    1. Next year it’s in. We’ll probably need to find a 1b or 3b in the off-season because since we all expect Hoskins to DH. However, my guess is that they’ll rotate guys through DH giving them a day off from playing the field.
      The Phils got the one win in Atlanta that they needed and are 4-2 vs the Braves. They now need to win 2 of 4 in NY. I was very proud of how the team fought back last night. That’s the exact kind of game that playoff teams find ways to win.

    2. The throwing error by Bohm was arguably on Hoskins, who just is bad at scooping balls. The same for Didi’s error last Monday.

      1. If the ball is thrown into the ground, it’s on the thrower. But Hoskins does his teammates absolutely no favors trying to dig balls out. He’s terrible at it. And that’s another reason why his defense is not great.

    3. Smyly was around 90 pitches. Announcers said that is like the Holy Grail for pitchers now. The way Smyly handled Harper does make you think he blew it. Maybe lots of the relievers on the Braves like to start a clean inning. You always hear that comment. Think that has been referenced some when Kintzler has entered with guys on base.

      Personally I think Bohm and Segura have done outstanding jobs at 3rd and 2nd.
      Didi is a little disappointing and Rhys is just not as mobile at 1st as a lot of the great ones. I bet one day J.T. will be an outstanding 1B. He is so nimble receiving the ball and soft hands.

      Hinkie I do feel DH ruling does hinder Mets and Braves more. Lets hope it costs a few games during the season.

      1. Bohm has held him own at 3rd base. As long as he’s not an absolute butcher, his bat will make it for it. It’s still tough to watch though because the Philies have always had decent gloves at 3B: Rolen, Feliz, Polanco, Bell.

        Didi will be fine at SS. He rushed some balls that he should have had.

        Segura has been playing at a GG level at 2B. Pair that with a SS arm and he’s probably top 5 defensively at 2B.

  5. Again……JTR calls for Sam Coonrod to throw a low slider (90 mph) to Acuna with a 1-2 count…a slider that has little break…bam….dead center HR..
    What is wrong with hi-4Smr heat with a RHP vs a RHB.
    Anything waist and below to a guy like Acuna is trouble

    1. My God(!), Acuna was dominant in that series. What a talent! And what a lousy contract he (and Ozzie Albies) signed. Those two guys were taken advantage of not just the Braves, but more importantly, by agents who were afraid the young superstars would flee to bigger agencies before they hit free agency.

      1. Lousy contract?
        There was risk on both sides…..what if they turned out like Herrera and Kingery…start out very good then the downward decline.
        OTOH, if they keep going upwards, the Braves could have waited for their 5th year and traded them both for more prospects, a year before free agency.
        Right now it looks like a Brave friendly contract…..but I bet the Cubs are feel fortunate they did not do the same now with Bryant after 2018.

        1. I get what Hinkie is saying. You have to compare it to Trout’s first extension and his second and Betts and what Tatis/Lindor just received.

          The Braves will have a chance to make things right there with another extension. I’m not sure they will but they should.

          I’m sure a lot goes into a decision like that for Acuna. He probably likes GA close to DR. It’s life changing money ($100 million guaranteed and $124 if they pick up the final two options)

          But yeah how rich are we sitting behind our keyboards thinking he got the shaft. I mean who knows maybe he’s the player he is because he has that kind of security. I’m not sure what the structure of the DR tax rates are but if I had a guess that type of money goes a very long way in that country.

        2. Romus … “Lousy contract?” Is that a rhetorical question? 🙂

          Acuna: 8 yrs/100M
          Albies: 7 yrs/35M

          These guys were represented by agents who were eager to have their clients sign LTDs before they might leave for higher profile agents.

          Do you think Mike Rizzo has any chance to ink Juan Soto and/or Trea Turner to these type of ultra team friendly deals? Soto uses Scott Boras and Turner employs CAA Agency.

          Clubs have more luck getting pitchers (not hitters) signed to team friendly LTCs. Pitchers have to worry about career ending (arm) injuries. Position players don’t.

          1. I should say clubs have more luck getting pitchers (not *established, good* hitters) signed to team friendly LTCs.
            Kingery had never played an inning in MLB when he signed. Acuna and Albies had already played in All-Star games when they got saddled with these contracts.

            1. But…they were not forced or coerced to sign these contracts …they did it willingly. They knew the pros and cons. This is not pre-MLBPA Marvin Miller days. If they are happy…that is all that matters.

            2. Did anyone put a gun to their head to force them to sign those contracts? No.

              Are they fair market contracts? Hell No!
              Did they get good advice? No.
              Did their (low on the food chain) agents get paid as a result of these deals? Yes.
              Would the players have eventually moved on to an agent/agency with a better track record? Maybe (or probably)
              Did the Braves take advantage of the above circumstances? Yes.
              And I’m not blaming the Braves. If they are presented with this opportunity, they’d be crazy not to jump at it. This is a problem with the agents putting their best interest in front of the players’ best interest.

            3. Acuna’s contract…if the Braves exercise their option in 2027 and 2028 …will be 10 yrs/$124M.
              He will then become a free agent going into his age31 season…..he was born Dec ’97.
              Now did you take into consideration the five remaining years of control that the Braves bought out after he signed on April 2019?
              You really need to factor that into the equation for the total monies.

            4. Acuna’s deal could actually max out at 10 yrs/134M if the Braves exercise the two option years. That’s a far cry from the 14 yr/340M Fernando Tatis is guaranteed from the SDP. And … time will tell, but I’d bet Juan Soto makes at least the same money Tatis is signed for (most likely more).

              And the Ozzie Albies deal is an absolute train wreck at 7 yrs/35M, with the possibility he’s locked into 9 yrs/49M. What? Why? That contract may go down as the most anti-player deal of his generation.

              These kids are ball players. They’re not financial analysts. They need to depend on others to understand their value. Acuna and Albies got taken advantage of IMO.

  6. Can we get Herrera up already . . . Quinn and Haseley just aren’t it. Unless they’re going to go out and trade for a CF (Don’t see that happened this early) lets see what he can do.. Won’t be any worse than what we’re seeing now.

    1. Jim says that is never going to happen. I guess my question is why do they still have him then. I am sure they could have traded him. There surely are teams willing to take that on. Or just release him and give some other kid a chance to develop. Several other players have come back from those issues.

      I did not see any ST games but Joe was very positive on his comments on Odubel. He praised his defense and offense at times. He even mentioned late in camp that Odubel faced many lefthanders in those later games.

    2. Herrera isn’t very good, it’s time some of you realize it. He had some early success in his career but has terrible habits and over swings too often. It’s a shame too because he happens to have good hand eye. I dont believe as strongly as Jim does because I think they’d release him if that were true. However he has to significantly outperform all the guys on the 40 to get called up.

      1. Kingery will be called up before Herrera. They did have a trade set up for Herrera. But the position player they were getting in return played his way into a starting role. The Phillies will have to cover all (or most) of Herrera’s salary. They aren’t just going to give him away. They wanted a right-handed utility guy who hits better than Torreyes. That’s a pretty narrow market.

        1. Agree that Kingery for Torreyes is the next non-injury move they will make. Even if Haseley and Quinn don’t hit much they seem to be playing decent defense and Kingery will give them a 3rd option. Herrera had to be clearly better and he wasn’t. I actually expect the team to cobble 2 WAR out of Haseley and Quinn by the end of the year. Not great, but also not the disaster it is portrayed as. A wave of injuries along with open 40-man spots might mean we see Herrera for a bit. Just not counting on that.

          1. 2 WAR total out of Haseley and Quinn? I would take that. The problem is that they haven’t come close to that the last 2 years.

            1. Haseley was worth 1.8 WAR in less than half a season in 2019. Quinn could hit .200 and be positive WAR with his baserunning and defense. It is not all about OPS. It is whether they are adding value to the bench and providing performance a little above replacement level when they start. As a platoon I would venture 2 WAR is probably on the low end of what one might expect.

          2. Never means never. It isn’t a baseball decision. Moniak is on the 40-man roster. A wave of injuries accelerates his rise to the majors after Kingery. Injuries don’t necessarily mean there will be openings on the 40-man. But, if it were to come to that, I believe that Williams would be selected before Herrera.

    3. Also, by “already” you mean after a whole nine games, in which they’re 6-3? Both Haseley and Quinn are working on things. Patience is a virtue… another 153 to play…

  7. Unless major league baseball is for some unforeseen reason cancelled for a second year I don’t see any scenario where a MiLB season isn’t played this year. Tier 1 85% or not..MilB baseball as a game and business can’t survive two years in a two with no season..

    1. The protocols they have to put in place to be compliant with MLB are very costly. Minor league teams can’t support that type of sunk cost. They can go broke playing games or they can go broke not playing games. I did say that a delay would be the most likely outcome. By June MLB protocols may have been relaxed.

      But, from a purely mercenary point of view, MLB could drive teams into bankruptcy and take over all or part of more minor league teams. Doesn’t seem likely, but who would have thought two years ago that MLB would completely take over the minor leagues? Player development wouldn’t be affected. Organizations have their players at Alt Sites and Complexes. Some (most) teams prefer Complex over actual games.

      I only wrote cancelled because even as a remote possibility it can’t be ignored. The two most likely outcomes are enough players receive the vaccine that 85% is reached and seasons start on May 4th or the 85% marker is not reached and seasons are pushed back until it is reached or until protocols are reduced.

      A little history. Minor league owners bought their franchises from the big leagues when it was no longer profitable for the major leagues to operate their affiliated teams. Minor league owners needed more and more support from the major leagues to stay afloat. By the 1990s, minor league owners were making decent profits by marketing minor league baseball as family nights instead of s baseball games. When they started making money, the major league owners started to resent subsidizing the minors. They’ve been at odds since. Their friction finally came to a head before the last PBA discussion. They forced out the president of minor league baseball and delivered their ultimatum which every team fortunate enough to be included accepted. So, I wouldn’t totally ignore the purely mercenary point of view that I concocted in the second paragraph. With anti-trust protection, the owners can pretty much do whatever they want when they don’t have to deal with the MLBPA.

      1. Great information on the history between the minor leagues and major leagues.
        Hope they can work out something agreeable to both sides….and the fans also.

        1. Thank you. I wrote a history of the minor leagues for publication but it didn’t happen. I was going to post it here but never got around to finishing the final months of the old MiLB.

  8. On Bohm and his fielding – none other than Keith Hernandez, the Mets announcer and former multiple GG winner, said during a game last week that Bohm has improved quite a bit and he was impressed by his fielding and his throwing. Keith is a “tell it like it is guy” and doesn’t sugar coat anything – hearing him say that – made me feel quite a bit better about 3B for the time being. It doesn’t really matter where he plays because “the kid” can just flat out hit – and hits when it counts. To me the highlight of last night’s game was – he got that double when the team needed it most – then Segura moves him over, and finally Didi.

    1. AROD gave high praise to Larry Bowa last night as an IF instructor. Said he learned more in 2 years with LB on staff than he had all years prior….

  9. I’m certainly no expert, but Haseley looks like he could become a fine player. His mechanics at the plate seem so much smoother than Quinn’s. I like the idea of sticking with him as the starter, at least for the next month or two.

    1. The CF debate will persist. Something will give way. I don’t think Joe G shares your confidence in Haseley though.

      Hitting in the MLB is a rhythm, its reps, its timing it’s seeing pitchers multiple times. Its getting to know you’re own scouting report.

      As good as Acuna Jr. is he’s not going to finish the season batting 444/462/1.378 OPS which means at some point he’s going to get out of whack. Not that Adam is every going to be Acuna Jr.

    2. I’m not sure why you think Haseley looks like he could be a fine player. Outside of his rookie year, he’s been playing at a replacement level.

      1. Well, here’s the problem and I keep saying this. I don’t know how Haseley will develop, assuming he develops at all, But if he does develop, he will probably be the type of player who develops over a fairly long period of time.

        For example, there’s a player now whose first 5 years of oWAR were as follows: -.3, .5, .1. -.3, 2.1.

        Pretty crappy player, huh? No, it’s DJ LeMahieu.

        So don’t think the Haseley you see today is the same guy we’ll see in 2023 or 2024, Just ask if he can perform enough now that it’s worth keeping him around and waiting for him to develop more.

        1. DJ LeMahieu is an outlier, his career arc is not the norm. And he was playing for Colorado, who think they are contenders, but the reality is, they’re not. So they can afford to keep trotting out players and see if they improve. The Phillies are looking to win games.

          1. I’m not saying they should suffer several .5 WAR seasons in a row with Haseley. Clearly, they need and want to win now. But the question is whether he can play a solid CF and hit enough to justify being in the line-up while he develops.

            As for outliers – there are a lot of guys like LeMahieu who develop over time – Charlie Blackmon was similar, as was Justin Turner. Haseley was a very good minor leaguer and came up and posted decent hitting numbers and excellent defensive numbers. You can project him to be a very nice player.

            1. Then I counter with the Phillies players who got sent packing like Maikel Franco, Domonic Brown (who was once the top prospect in all of baseball), Cody Asche, Tommy Joseph, Darin Ruf, Aaron Altherr, Nick Williams, John Mayberry. And this is only for the Phillies.

              For every LeMahieu, there has to be at least 50 who don’t make it.

        2. I look at it from a sports psychology POV if you’re manager keeps pulling you out of the line-up or pinch hitting for you against lefties how does that build the young man’s confidence.

          LOL I mean what’s the difference between Bohm and Haseley? If you just looked at Bohm’s numbers thus far 235/270/623 OPS 10 Ks to 2 BBs 9 Starts to 36 PAs batting middle of the LU

          If you’re Adam aren’t you looking at it like “hey wow the kid is the darling he can’t do any wrong they don’t believe in me maybe I’m not good enough to be here”

      2. Guru……last season was a wash for Haselely…no sooner than three weeks in he had that left wrist injury and was put on the IL…..and when he came back in August he was not even right, just hitting .167 in 18 ABs only.
        He picked it up after that in Sept slashing 273/.359/.327
        I do not see how one can even make any thorough evaluation on his abilities from last season’s truncated efforts.

        1. The issue here is that the Phillies are looking to win, so they can’t afford to have Haseley play at a replacement level. If the Phillies weren’t contenders, then I wouldn’t have a problem trotting out Haseley for 700ABs and see if he improves.

          1. For a guy hitting 8th in the lineup….and has the potential….I do not see an issue with him getting >550 PAs.
            If the Phillies fortunes depend on an 8th slot hitter….then they probably are not contenders.
            Check out the 8th hole hitters for the contenders thru the league….many have their share of warts.

            1. Here’s the Phillies depth chart for centerfield – Haseley, Quinn, Kingery, Moniak, Luke Williams, Muzziotti (if he ever arrives from Venezuela), Jankowski, Vierling, Randolph, Stephen, Rojas, Corbin Williams, Carlos De La Cruz, 70 feet of sludge, and then anybody not named Herrera.

          2. All the Phillies need out of CF is replacement level. If in September, we’re blaming a centerfielder for not making the playoffs, it will really be because 1 or more of 8-9 other players did not play up to their contracts.

    1. Nerluis Martinez is at the Alternate Site as a coach. He’s been carried as a “player-coach” the past 2 seasons. He was even activated in 2019 when a rash of injuries struck the organization’s catching corps, but never got into a game. He was placed on the IL when a catcher returned. Limitations on the number of players got him signed as a coach this season.

  10. Got back to Storrs from WPBch last Tuesday after getting Moderna dose #2 the day before. Went to the campus to see UConn baseball on the new facility that they opened this season a year late. The ENTIRE field is artificial. The infield is brown but it’s completely fake. Can’t imagine the guys enjoy sliding on it.

    That brings me to the old Cincinnati field. Was that field completely artificial except for cut outs of dirt at all the bases? Anyone remember? If so, is that one of the major reasons Dave Concepcion was the best fielding SS all those years or was it Bowa? I know they disliked each other a lot. Who can tell me why Bowa called Concepcion “Elmer”? I’m sure a couple of you other dinosaurs remember.

    1. Larry Bowa, once asked Concepcion if his first name was Elmer why….because every time he looked in the box score, it read: E-Concepcion. That is Larry Bowa…they were always compared to each other defensively.

      1. That is what all these new baseball complexes are. The big one here near where I live the fields are all turf. The mounds are turf. Kids seem to do fine on them so I doubt college kids have any issues. The reason these fields are completely turf is because they can play games almost any time. Where my grandson plays a majority of the time on LIGHTNING causes delays. It rained all day steady here yesterday and every game was completed. Rain, wind, cold, snow they play.
        Lightning they pause 30 mins at minimum. $$$$$$$ is why these fields are turf. BTW for my buddy Romus Scott Rolen is the coach of one of the 13U teams at complex. His son is on that team.

        1. Don…funny you mention Scott Rolen…when ciada brought up the artificial turf topic…that was his complaint with the Vet and why he had back issues. If you ever get to talk to him, you can ask him what he thought about those artificial turf days….I think these days they are more forgiving then 20 plus years ago.

          1. Romus, Players back in the 70s hated the turf fields. Many felt their careers were shorter because of the wear and tear of the all turf fields. Andre Dawson was sure it impacted his knees. I have not seen any studies on the long term effects. That might be something interesting to look into some day. I am referencing the young people. That is all my grandson has played on. When they go to a tourney somewhere that has grass it is foreign to the kids.

            I have not seen Scott there. My grandson is 14U. They play at separate locations. There are like 28 baseball and softball diamonds. They are in pods of 4 to 6 diamonds each. My grandson is now up to the big boy fields just like the high school and colleges play.

            Grand Park I believe is the largest complex in the Midwest. Teams come from throughout the Midwest area to play here. It may be one of the largest in the country. The nice point is it is 15 minutes from my house and they play probably two thirds of their games there.

            I wonder if Scott has had that conversation with his son. I did get the opportunity to speak with Dan Held a few years back. I told him I was a big Phillies fan. He was in charge for a few years. I believe he is now coaching at IU.

      2. Romus, Phillies might have a couple more flags hanging in CBP if not for those Big Red Machine Reds of the mid 70s. That was my time. I got to attend a few in Cincy during those days.

  11. Okay, now, who said this about artificial turf: If horses can’t eat it, I don’t like it. Also, who remembers what two teams opened the Astrodome first in exhibition games and then the regular season. When the Astrodome opened, the surface was grass. Eventually, they had to replace it with “AstroTurf” because the grass couldn’t grow indoors under a full time non retractable dome.

    1. 1. Dick Allen and 2. the Yankees..exhibition……no clue on regular first game….I will go with the Phillies.
      Who was the Astros announcer?

  12. You are correct, sir, on all three counts. I think The Mick hit the first home run there. If I recollect, Chris Short shut out the former Colt 45s 2-0. Politically incorrect in today’s world like the old Baltimore/Washington Bullets. No idea who the Astro’s announcer was.

  13. Braves announcers have been complaining about the call last night for the last 10 minutes.
    I hope they complain all year. They are hoping that there is not a 1 game difference at the end of the season. I hope there is a game difference. They are now into the 2nd inning complaining. They are blaming New York. Now they are bringing in their sideline gal into the complaint.

    1. What were they saying 10 years ago when the Braves were the recipients of one of THE WORST calls ever at home plate: the infamous Jerry Meals (Meals On Wheels) 19th inning walk off.

      Maybe they should spend a little time discussing the logic of Brian Snitker’s decision to lift Drew Smyly one batter too soon. That played a big part in Atlanta’s loss last night.

  14. In northeast if ur playing college baseball and field ain’t turf ur not playing a heck of a lot of games.

    Look at this weeks weather.

    Was big Phils fan back mid 70’s and Cincinnati crushed Phils a lot. Although a Bowa fan I remember biggest difference they compared Bowa and Concepcion was their range. Supposedly Concepcion got to a lot more balls than Bowa. In fact I think Bowa s range was considered not very good.

  15. Braves starting pitcher tonight is Michael Ynoa. He has 7 Ks in first 3 innings. Is this the same kid Phillies released end of March?

    1. His first name is Huascar not Michael and is 22 years old, our Ynoa is about 30 years old.

  16. Pretty high on the Big clubs start. They have not faced, I think, a 4 or 5 starter in any of the games. Yes the K’s are high but the pitching they have faced has been just as high. Just a thought.

  17. Ynoa has different first name. My mistake. Strange to have two pitchers with an unusual last name like that.

  18. Kingery…from Jim Salisbury’s report.
    Phillies officials receive daily reports from the alternate site. What’s Girardi hearing on Kingery?
    “We want to see consistent at-bats and a change in his mechanics a little bit, using the whole field,………e’s been OK,….. there’s been some good at-bats and then there’s been some other at-bats. He’s used the whole field more down there. It’s been OK. We feel like it’s going in the right direction.”

    Phillies officials have asked Kingery to lose the launch and level his swing. Any progress?
    “Yeah, I think so,” Girardi said. “And the big thing is (hit the ball) all over the field, that’s the important thing.”

    …….this sounds like a broken record going on two, maybe three years now. if one counts the second half of 2019. I really do not get it…Driveline is there to help him.

  19. Anyone catch Pedro last night on MLB Network. I could listen to that guy talk baseball all night. His baseball IQ is off the charts and his candor is like a breath of fresh mountain air.

    Pair him with John Smoltz and be prepared to learn some things you never knew. At least on the pitching side of the game. But last night the subject of Wil Myers came up and I was intrigued.

    Myers in a shortened season did something he had never done before. He OPSd over 900. In fact he had never OPSd over 800 before. Wil Myers is now 30 if you can believe that and he is off to a torrid start for the Pads.

    The question what changed and the answer is complex but has to do with making more contact and leveling out the swing path. He had back to back seasons where he hit 28 and 30 HRs so it wasn’t as if Myers was a disaster. Mind you he K’d 160 and 180 times in those seasons.

    Maybe that can happen for Scotty not the 28 HRs but a turn around to a 100+ OPS player.

    1. Wil Myers is a former top prospect (at one point top 10 overall) who torched the minors on the way to the majors. And he’s a big guy: 6’3 207lbs. And he had mutiple seasons of 100+ OPS already. Myers is getting better now, but he’s barely starter material most of his career. And he’s getting it done now for his second team.

      If Scott Kingery follows this trajectory (which I doubt), he’ll be playing his best for a second team and NOT for the Phillies.

    1. Who knew an ump elected to the HOF can reap $250K per year for appearances…

      that said it appears LoDuca fabricated the story or that the way he told it on air couldn’t be supported by evidence.

      1. Billy Wagner’s version should have matched….that was all that was needed…more than likely Wagner reneged when he was asked to testify…..I tend to believe LoDuca and not West.
        I can bet Wagner said that to LoDuca in the dugout….wheter or not it was true is another thing…Wagner could have been punking LoDuca and just never set it straight.
        LoDuca’s attorney should have checked Baseball Reference for specific games, and the dates and teams….before spelling out dates and games…..well over 10 years had lapsed and his memory probably mixed things up.

  20. Just a disaster 1st inning for Chase Anderson. He walks lead off man (Nimmo). The last two pitches weren’t even close to the zone. And serves up a FB (with no movement) right over the center of the plate. 2-0 that quick.

  21. Quinn starting against RH pitcher instead of Haseley, and, of course, Ks swinging

    1. Once Springer gets back for the Jays…Randal Grichuk may become expendable for them….maybe he would look better in CF.
      He has some pop….but not much of a hitter for any average or OBP measure.
      But he could produce more than Roman.

    1. Hear we go with the Pivetta talk, I Said he had a big arm, but even i soured on him, last game 5 innings 4 runs isnt a great start, or do you just look at wins,?

  22. Oy vey… What is it with the Phillies and road trips? They were 9 – 19 in 2020, 36 – 45 in 2019, 31 – 50 in 2018. Collectively, that is a 0.400 winning percentage, and they appear to be picking up where they left off the previous three season and the one win was a gift.

    The only thing I dislike more than seven innings games, is losing two of them on the same day. They still must face DeGrom and his 0.64 ERA on Thursday. I will try to find solace by the watching the Marlins beat up the Braves.

  23. The bats have been pretty disappointing so far.
    11 games. 10 HRs. 7 of the 10 have been solo shots.
    It’s just too arduous for this club to string together multiple hits in an inning. Need to see more big flys with men on base.

    1. Agreed Hinkie. Cutch was holding his own early because he was drawing walks and keeping a respectable 350 OBP. That’s since bottomed out.

      Hoskins in the 2 hole drew his first BB yesterday and I don’t want to be a flip flopper I want him to swing and do damage but he is chasing the past couple of series and that’s not good either.

      Harper as good as he is, is still not an MVP player. He’s not Freddie Freeman, He’s not Soto. Teams that go far in the playoffs have that guy or a guy that has that type of season.

      I allowed myself to get excited after those first 2 series at home but the helium is back out of my balloon.

  24. The outfield has been a disaster. I guess this happens when you make left hand hitting OF’s your first round pick three straight years and they produce nothing for the big club. Somebody needs to make a giant leap forward.

  25. On a positive note Brogdon had a coming of age moment in the first game. Neris unfortunately had one of his Sybil moments in the same game….

      1. Romus i really hate to say this, but I HATE NERIS, He is the right hand version of Mitch WIlliams but not as good

        1. Neris just isn’t closer material – he’s a 7th inning guy. They need to figure this out – CF too.

        2. Bradley could work it….did it for the DBacks….but he is now down for the count …at least 3 weeks or more.

  26. I just don’t buy that Herrera isn’t going to get called up. Matter of fact, I bet he gets called up prior to the end of the month if not sooner. The CF position is a black hole that seems to be imploding on itself again.

  27. Everyone was excited this Spring on the BP. It is better. But I have watched Neris for 3 or 4 years now and you get the same. He is a 50/50 guy. Sometimes he is good and sometimes he is bad. A closer just has to be better. Nice that Romus is already on the BS clock.

    Darling for the Mets was commenting that he was impressed that it looks like the Mets for once have guys capable of putting the ball in play. That is how you get on base and that is how you score runs. Plain and simple.

    Phillies as everyone knows just have too many swing and miss guys on a consistent basis.

    Hasely is really having a difficult time on balls hit at him. Now those are the most difficult to judge but if you are a ML centerfielder you should be able to do that. He has allowed two very catchable balls to drop right in front of him. Hitting to me he seems to have a defensive swing at most pitches. The swing looks different than in the past.

    An area that really needs to get better is the SS to 1B plays. Didi seems to just be taking way too much time and then again Darling pointed out in those last innings of game 2 that first Rhys did not stretch for a throw on and close play and then in the last inning Miller was even worse. Both were close plays. Both could have been outs. Both were safe. Forget if both scored but both extended the inning longer.

    Darling pointed out in the beginning of game 1 that the throw Didi made on Acuna on Sunday was the hardest throw he had made in several years to 1B. The issue is his footwork. He is just taking too many steps before he releases the ball. Maybe he needs to come in a step or so to see if that might help.

  28. Before we beat up too much on the center fielders, let’s remember that the team except for Sunday night has not hit at all the past five games. And Nola did not help himself at all when he hit Nido with that pitch in the three run inning.

  29. I hate to say this about Adam Haseley, and I still believe he needs to be given more time to prove himself … but … the young CFer is pretty impotent offensively. I mean so far, he’s impacting the baseball like Ben Revere impacted the baseball.

  30. Unfortunately, Hinkie, Quinn is even worse. The whole team strikes out too much. They seem to be guessing so often. Bohm’s AB, and he has been our best contact hitter, with runners on, was not good. He didn’t take the bat off his shoulder. Stroman was dealing, yes, but we have to put the bat on the ball. Something is not right with Nola. He does not look like an Ace, at all. And, I agree on Neris. When your best pitch is out of the strike zone, and the other team knows it, you better be able to throw something else to set guys up. Brogdon, OTOH, was impressive.

    1. I long for the Lenny Dykstra days in CF and also for that one at bat when leading off and working the pitcher..

      1. Agreed. I loved Lenny Dykstra during his playing days (he’s been a complete mess post career). BTW … Sal Frelick is getting some Lenny Dykstra comps. Unfortunately, he’s playing so well, it looks like he’ll get drafted before 1-13.

        Speaking of the draft, I’m heading over to the draft thread right after I post this to share some video of Chase Petty. If you have a minute, check it out. Amazing!

      2. It’s easy to work the pitcher when you,are blackmailing the umpires. Between that and the ‘Roids his day his playing days not just his post playing days were a mess.

        1. Always remember what Andy Van Slyke use to say about the Vet and going out to CF after Dykstra was out there…..’it was like a toxic waste area’

    2. I wonder if a Sal Frelick can be a Lenny Dykstra style guy…..short athletically-compact lefty and former hockey and football player who has a mean streak about him with a 60 hit tool..

    3. The Quinn/Haseley experiment is probably going to be given another couple of weeks, but it’s hard to imagine that Odubel wouldn’t be much better than both of them right now. I would feel a LOT better with Odubel at the bottom of that line-up. Heck, I think he’s a better hitter than Segura, so I’d be tempted to have him bat 7th after Gregorious.

        1. Why not just roll the dice with Mickey Mo!
          He would be part of the future…..Doobie is probably gone after next season.

          1. Bc I just dont see Moniak as anything more than a 4th OFer at best. Herrera has shown he can play at an all star level.

            1. i have a daughter, I Dont want a women beater playing for me, Maybe you just dont get it, they dont want him on the team. He is done playing for this team,

  31. CF a problem but far from biggest problem. CBP to Phillies is Coors field to Rockies. Fly balls that are home runs at cbp are just that fly balls almost everywhere else especially nl East parks. One of bigger problems with this team is ability to win mainly one way offensively. Watching first game it was just so much easier for Mets to score in extra innings. Rhys an killed Phils. He had couple pitches to hit

  32. I’m going to stick up for Neris….think he has pitched well so far for the Phillies. He has pitched well in 5 relief appearances and last night was stuck with a runner on second (not his doing). I didn’t see any hard hot balls against him and the game winner is a fly ball to left for and out in normal circumstances. I get it, top relievers shut down the opposition in tough circumstances but I still think he has done well so far in 2021.

    1. Look, it’s not Neris’s fault they are asking him to close.

      Hector Neris has a plus splitter that is going to keep him employed as a major league pitcher until he’s almost 40. He’s decent and he’s a legit 7th or sometimes 8th inning guy, he’s just not a closer and he’s never a good guy to bring in in extra innings because he puts men on base.

      If Brogdon continues to develop and can make his change-up consistent (that pitch comes and goes for him a bit, but when it’s on, he’s virtually unhittable), he will become the prime set-up guy along with Alvarado and could grow into being a closer. He is a massive find for this team.

      1. Agree Brogdon may eventually be the man to close it out.
        Have to assume Joe G. is just not there yet with him…confidence wise.

        1. Romus … I give you major evaluation props. You were telling me (probably two years ago) Brogdon could end up closing in MLB. I never saw this coming.

      2. I’m probably one of the Neris’ boosters on this site, but I have to agree here. When he gets guys on base, his effectiveness plummets. So when he came into the game with a guy on 2nd, that didn’t bode well. He starts picking at the corners and his control is not the greatest.

        1. I thought Neris’ “splitter” was as active as it has been all season. Pete Alonso (during the first few pitches he saw) looked like me trying to swat a fly out of the sky in the summer. It was a 1-2 FB up and out over the zone that Alonso lined to LF that marked the beginning of the end.
          Neris needs to throw FBs to succeed, otherwise hitters just lay off pitches knowing most of his “splitters” will dive out of the K-zone. He just has to do a better job of commanding the FB.

          1. The problem, is main reason why you can’t trust Neris as a closer is that his FB is down several ticks from a few years ago when he was sitting 94 and 95 and touching a little higher. Now, he either needs nearly perfect command with the FB or just the surprise element, but his stuff isn’t as good right now. He’s still a decent pitcher, but he doesn’t have closer stuff right now. Perhaps it will tick up again. Who knows?

  33. Sitting at 6 – 5 after an exciting 5 – 0 start is huge let down. But I can’t be too hard on the team. Coming into the season, the Braves and Mets were the teams to beat in the east. (I think that the Mets are the team to beat.) The Phillies had to face Fried, Morton twice, Andersen twice, deGrom, Peterson, Stroman twice, Smyly, and Walker. Stepping back for perspective, 6 – 5 is not so bad. (Okay, 11 – 0 would have been nicer.)

    As I mentioned above, I am concerned by their inability to win on the road. A .400 winning percentage since 2018 when they played approximately 500 ball during that time is mind numbing as is their September record during that time. The Phillies aren’t going anywhere unless they can play 500 ball away from CBP.

    1. It’s the hardest starting schedule I’ve seen in a while. The first 13 games is against the top 2 teams in the NL East, with the Braves being a likely playoff team and the Mets a contender for the wild card.

      The Phillies could easily have been 4-9.

  34. Someone hit it on the head earlier in the comments. Three top 15 picks spent on outfielders and none of them hit. That’s just killer for an organization.

    1. Unfortunately, that happens more often than you think. Getting a starter out of a draft is hard. Getting an elite player is even harder. You don’t normally get those every year.

      1. Guru……but when all three were top ten picks…..should not be the case.
        The Anthony Hewitt/Larry Greene days of drafting in the 20s is one thing.
        But I am sorry, not top ten picks.

          1. Dang commissioner wants to mess with everything….except will not make one change in the draft to make it more appealing…like the NFL, NBA or NHL….trading regular round draft picks

            1. They move that mound back, They have to start all new record with a asterisk. Meaning done with mound moved, it will make it a little easier to hit, While are they ruing this game, 7 inning games so stupid

        1. It should not be the case, but it has happened a lot. I’m pretty sure I posted a lengthy statement in the past about how poorly some teams draft.

          2010 #4 Christian Colon 1.1 WAR
          2011 #5 Bubba Starling -1.8 WAR
          2012 #5 Kyle Zimmer 0.6 WAR
          2013 #8 Hunter Dozier 0.6 WAR

          2013 #4 Kohl Stewart 0.4 WAR
          2014 #5 Nick Gordon no WAR
          2015 #6 Tyler Jay no WAR

          I’m sure there are a lot more like that.

  35. MM gets the call to the show. Hopefully he finds success and stays. Haseley goes to restricted list for some reason. Hope all is ok.

  36. Moniak recalled, Haseley to Restricted List for personal reasons. This type of move to an RL for personal reasons is usually for a 3-day minimum (or maximum, don’t remember).

    This indicates to me that the Phillies don’t want to mess with Kingery’s working out his hitting woes too early. They would rather have Moniak sit behind Quinn for a few games, and should probably play him.

    While this supports my “depth chart” comment that I based on a line from Money Ball, I am curious if the Phillies would have made the same move with Moniak or a 40-man roster move involving Herrera if Haseley were to be out for 2-3 weeks.

    1. Or if this were COVID related and the move did not require a 40-man spot? Would Herrera have been recalled in that situation? No idea. I doubt Moniak is ready for the long end of a platoon role yet. Hope Haseley is OK and this is just a few days.

      1. Joe wouldn’t let himself get pinned down to how long, but eventually slipped and it might be lengthier than I assumed above. He didn’t know about this until this morning. Moniak, in Joe’s mind, is the best choice right now because of his ST and recent at bats although Alt Site at bats aren’t a good measure in Joe’s mind. Mickey will see game time against RHP and Joe will go from there. Sounds like Quinn is still the 4th outfielder. It sounds like if Mickey settles in around .240 with good defense and continues to exhibit the good plate discipline he has developed he could be here to stay. I think this effectively shuts the door on any chance Herrera had of returning to the Phillies short of a team catastrophe.

        1. There is absolutely no reason to bring up MM instead of Herrera. So what Jim says must be true, Herrera is in the doghouse and won’t get out until the Phillies decline his 2022 option. In my opinion, this is petty. If Herrera is not in your plans, then just cut him and let somebody else take his spot. Having him spend the year in the minors with NO shot at coming up? What are the Phillies waiting for, a COVID outbreak like the Nationals had? Herrera has done all the Phillies have asked him to do, and he’s still in the doghouse? Basically, he’s won’t be on a ML roster for 2.5 years. He deserves a second chance.

          1. 2022 option…more than likely will be declined.
            However, maybe he wants to showcase his return and his ‘resume’ by having some minor league time in LHV for his resurgence.

            1. What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. Once Herrera didn’t make the team out of ST, his 2022 option wasn’t likely to be picked up. So you might as well get as much playing time out of him as possible. Having him get ABs in the minors doesn’t really help him and certainly doesn’t help the Phillies when they have an opening in CF, his primary position. Unfortunately, the bar has been set really low for CF by Haseley and Quinn. Are you saying Herrera can’t play better than that?

            2. His spring training was abysmal, especially against pitchers that were MLB quality the last two weeks of ST….his 2018 and 2019 were no better…together- .1bWAR
              Yes…..he has not shown the ability in the last 2 plus years to play better.

          2. “Deserve” has nothing to do with it. Baseball is a business. If the Phillies release him it has to be for cause. If they feel they have cause, any team can pick him up for league minimum while the Phillies pay his full contract. Why should they pay him to play for another team while getting nothing in return? They have tried to trade him and haven’t been able to close a deal. They don’t have to give him away AND pay his contract.

            If the Phillies have to bring him up at some point (and, I would expect them to concoct any trade for a breathing CF to avoid that), they would take a beating in the public’s eye. The WIP crowd started in the morning of the day the Phillies were supposed to make their final roster decision. The small portion of baseball fans they cater to was vehement in their reaction to a decision that was never made. I don’t think the Phillies will go against even that small bit of public opinion.

            1. The Phillies are on the hook for Herrera’s money this season whether or not he stays in the minors or gets cut. That money is sunk. I guess the Phillies can try to trade him, but if he wasn’t traded by now, not sure why teams would trade for him during the season. I mean, what would the Phillies save? Maybe $1M, if that? If they felt that Herrera wasn’t in their plans, why even have him at ST? The minute he got reinstated, you cut him, and you eat the rest of his contract and you move on.

          3. Well Moniak is on the 40 and Herrera isn’t so thats also a big factor. They would have needed to make a roster move to add Herrera to the 26-man.

  37. We can add Randolph to the list of draft mistakes. But, I am not there on Moniak or Haseley. I am still holding out hope for both of them. My fandom for Roman Quinn, however, since he was drafted, has dissipated. I do not like his approach at all. And, his results speak for themselves. We have to beat the Braves and the Mets, and the Nats and Marlins, if we are going anywhere. So, worrying about their quality Pitching doesn’t help. What helps is our hitters doing a better job. And, maybe it would be nice if the other teams worried about facing our Pitching. I don’t know what is wrong with Nola.

  38. What can meaningfully be said this early in the season? Not much. Saying that our hitters need to do a better job – well, every team in the east’s fan base can say that about their team.

    As of yesterday, the Mets in all of 7 games seem to be doing the best job at the plate with a 350 OBP and a 23% K-rate. But there doesn’t seem to be any stat that really stands out, except for the Braves’ 16 HRs and the 31% K-rate of the Phillies. In 2020 they struck out at a 21% rate and 23% in 2019.

    Mets .236 .350 .356 . 707 97 4 60 / 259 = 23%
    Phillies .241 308 377 685 90 10 107 / 348 = 31%
    Braves . 218 286 415 701 82 16 104 / 391 = 26%
    Nats 266 324 371 695 92 5 68 / 284 = 24%
    Fish 236 312 375 686 89 7 92 / 382 = 24%

  39. Oops, the numbers in the table got squashed together. Maybe this will work.

    ………………BA……OBP…..SLG…..OPS…..OPS+… HRs….. K / PA %K
    Mets…….. .236 …..350……356……707…….97………. 4…….. 60 / 259 = 23%
    Phillies…. .241…… 308……377……685……90……….10 …….107 / 348 = 31%
    Braves ….. 218……286……415……701…….82………16 ……..104 / 391 = 26%
    Nats ……….266….. 324……371……695…….92………..5 ………68 / 284 = 24%
    Fish ………..236….. 312……375……686…….89……….7 ………92 / 382 = 24%

  40. I just hope that Haseley has not been reading all the bad press about his hitting woes and his sudden lack of confidence playing center field. Easy to see how something like that would eat away at a player. That was pretty much what derailed Appel.

    1. A player can avoid what’s written about him. He can’t not hear what’s said when he’s on the field. (double negative intentional)

  41. The official word is that Adam Haseley has left the team for personal reasons. That doesn’t sound good.

    1. Guru…maybe a family issue….he is married and may be his wife is expecting.
      Hopefully nothing seriously wrong.

        1. Isn’t that post-delivery….suppose the wife is having issues earlier on in the pregnancy. Just saying…purely speculating at this point. Then again…maybe not the wife….could be a parent.

  42. Salisbury just wrote: “With Haseley going on the restricted list, the Phillies freed up a spot on their 40-man roster, so they could have added Herrera or Jankowski.”

    1. From what you said, it sounds like Jim is right. If they had an open spot on the 40-man roster and passed over Herrera, then he’s never getting a shot with the Phillies.

  43. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but this is at least the second time and possibly the third time that Haseley has done this in the past 2-3 seasons.

      1. Yes, TIL on August 25, 2018. Missed the final games of Reading’s season. And, people here not only speculated on the reason why but thought they had an absolute right to know why. That is still incorrect. Do you remember? That’s the first thing I thought of and tried to derail with my earlier post.

        2018 was personal reasons, too. I know what they were. And, we don’t have a right to know.

        1. As for the Restricted List….saw this little note:
          “A player on the restricted list cannot be signed by another team, unless compensation is paid to the team who placed him on the list”. [Baseball Reference]

      1. My heart goes out to the Haseley family. I agree Jim I have no right to know nor will I make any kind of effort to try and find out.

  44. Joe Girardi notes that MM will be getting a lot of playing time as the season continues. This means that we shouldn’t be expecting Haseley back anytime soon. Good luck to him.

  45. Wheeler doesn’t have his command tonight. 30 pitches to get through the first inning. And Rhys looked at two hanging breaking balls in the zone that he should have hit 500 feet. Rough start tonight.

  46. Watching Alec Bohm, not sure if he’s trying to hit with more power but he’s been rolling over the ball lately. He’s also chasing more balls out of the zone.

  47. I’m not sure what’s going on in this Mets series, but the Phillies are playing like they don’t want to be there. They faced Taijuan Walker in game 1 and they looked shell shocked. I guess you can give them a small pass because the shadows were crazy. But it was the second time they saw Stroman and Peterson and the Phillies made them look like Cy Young. It’s absolutely brutal. The amount of strikeouts they have piled up in this series is mind boggling. It’s like they haven’t seen a slider or high fastball before.

  48. The hitting has really gone in the tank. 6-6 and so we start back from square 1. Have to get those bats going. Long season but it’s a shame, they had a chance to get off to a good start but they couldn’t handle their early success.

  49. Deja Vu………..14 K’s again! Hinkie you came up 6 short. I don’t think it’s Driveline or the hitting coach………I suspect it’s the guys holding the bats.

  50. i hope to get a line on strikeouts per game for the philllies, You can retire on betting they go more than 10 a game, 200 million for a team, That has bad infield defense, Weak outfield defense, poor team speed, weak arms in outfield, bad bullpen, and top starters who arent top of line pitchers,

  51. Didi’s defense is concerning. Hoping it is just an early season slump. Not that he is washed up. But it is concerning.

    Cutch is done. Washed. Not even a DH. But at least this is the last year of his contract.

    The center field issues have already been well documented and discussed.

    I have zero concerns over Bohm. The league is adjusting to him and he will adjust too. He is a good hitter with a great approach. He will be fine.

    But what does frustrate me the most is our complete lack of organizational depth. what a disaster the prior regime’s rebuild was. Wasted pick after wasted pick. We need a Complete restructure. DD has a good reputation, but let’s all be honest. Our farm is no where close to being able to supply MLB players above replacement level. We need two starting caliber OFs this next off-season. And if Didi can’t play shortstop anymore, then we have another year of a bad contract. I guess he could DH. Maybe Stott is ready next year but that’s unclear too. Just frustrating that after all these years this is the mess that we have.

    1. I was just thinking–as bad as Haseley and Quinn are playing, they, along with Moniak, represent our *best* OF draft picks over the past decade, given that Quinn was drafted in 2011.

  52. So they had Theo Epstein on last night trying to sell his “move the mound back” proposal to Leiter and Plesac. Interestingly Al’s son Jack is going to be a high pick and he wasn’t having any of it.

    The sell is that K’s have risen at an alarming rate. In 1996 they were roughly 15% and today they exceed 25%. Three true outcomes has also risen to 37%.

    Moving the mound back lowers velocity provides more reaction time thus lowers Ks provides more balls in play. True… possibly. But why select pitchers from the launch angle mess and selectively try to make them pay for getting better and exploiting that.

    Al finally said why not just ban shifts so hitters can go back to NOT trying to hit over shifts. Al also made an interesting counter that almost $300 million at one point last year in pitchers salary was on the IL

    If pitchers are always chasing velocity how will this not lead to more injuries.

    I am on board with the double hook DH rule.

    1. I’m all for banning the shift . . . why have positions if you can play where ever you please? I know thats kinda a loose argument but still would be in favor of it. If you’re playing 3B or SS you have to be on the left side of the inf, same if you’re playing 2B or 1B – but obviously have to stay on the right side. If they want a 3rd inf, move the RF or LF in as shallow as possible but then give up the OF space.

      1. Data folk hate the idea lol but I liken it to the NBA banning zone defenses to increase scoring and the NFL giving WRs more room to work to increase scoring.

        I think its more likely too that the MLBPA would sooner agree to banning shifts than they would moving the mound back.

        Let athleticism reign

        I also don’t think hitters are striking out more because of velocity. Its always been said you can’t throw hard enough for MLB hitters. They K more because they are actually rewarded for it so long as their other numbers are up.

        They also should be careful what they wish for. They haven’t solved the length of game issue and from my POV adding even more action/offense is going to lead to longer innings, higher pitch counts and hence longer games.

    2. TTO result of deep infield ‘RF; shifts.
      Players have to hit the ball over the heads of the fielders ilo of between them on a line.
      Move the dirt /grass line out 5 ft from 95 to 100 ft from the mound…and keep all infielders on the dirt…defense and offense may be happier.
      Commish needs to stop tinkering with the mound and all that other nonsense he conjectures up…..pitcher’s arms will fall off.
      You think TJ are bad now!

      1. How about playing the game like they used to, shift i bunt or hit it to other side, Fundamentals are bad in the game, Start bunting and putting runners on and see how they stop the shift, Banning the shift is imo dumb, beat it by playing the game the right way, like they did years ago, Said this before i remember the shift on Hebner he bunted like four times in that game

        1. Rocco, good points. But players are paid and coached not to do those things anymore. People who are under 40 really do not even know what fundamental baseball is. I watch it each weekend with the youth travel leagues. Kids have no idea what basic fundamentals are because they are not being taught what they are . I get very frustrated watching but it just the way it is. Every once in awhile you will see a team that is fundamentally sound. Guess what they do? They win consistently. There are 3 or 4 organizations whose teams are always well rounded and they usually end up winning at the end. When I say 3 or 4 I am speaking of the entire Midwest. The vast majority have no clue how the game can be played.

          1. I’ve coached HS baseball (and legion) for several years now and have seen this first hand (fundamentals win). Hamilton Post 31 and Steinert HS ALWAYS have kids who can play but they also ALWAYS have kids who play fundamentally sound baseball – even when they lack the upper tier talent (when I was in HS they had 2 pitchers get drafted Matt Sweeney and Chris Neyland and their number 1 Michael Rodgers had a full ride to NC State – insane outta a public school), they win, because of the fundamentals.

        2. rocco……valid point.
          I see no reason to ban the has been around 100 years.
          I do see modifying the dimensions of the field and ensure if a teams shifts…then make it with some restrictions.

  53. Think this team as presently constructed is just going to be a very frustrating team to watch. If two weeks ago it was said the Phillies would be 6-6 after 12 vs Mets and Braves I think most would be thrilled. But is is how they arrived at the 6-6 that is concerning.

    One thing I have noticed watching is that the Braves and Mets are much more enthusiastic in the dugouts. It is as though they do want to be there.

    Guys do not have to be striking out 14 times a game. They choose to do that. Peterson had to be licking his chops each time Torrez and Quinn came to the plate. Have you noticed that when a guy is struggling the count seems to always be 0-2 on them.

    I would have no issue banning the shift. I have said this before and got blasted for this but these guys can hit opposite the shift if they want to do so. There has been some of that by lots of teams this year. But for the most part they choose not to do it.

    I think one is looking at a team that will be around 500 or maybe slightly lower as constructed. I do think one will see DD make some changes in the near future. You do not have to wait till June or July to figure out what direction this train is headed.

    I do find it disappointing that with the 3 top pitchers going in this series the lack of effort. Pitchers have not been perfect but the Mets have only scored 4, 4, and 5. Those are not gaudy numbers. What I really like about the Mets is their ability to put the ball in play. Last night when the Phillies were at 12Ks I think the Mets were at 4 or 5. That is several more balls in play.

    These 2 series kinda resemble those last two at the end of last season. That has to be very concerning to Girardi.

  54. I don’t know what the issue with Adam Haseley is, and it is none of my business. I just wish the young man well, and I had hopes for a break out year for him. Now, I just hope that he is ok. If I was running the team, Moniak plays every day. I have seen even Roman Quinn, and unless he changes his entire approach to hitting, he is not going to succeed. And, that should be done in the Minors. I don’t think he has an option left, but I have seen enough. But, the biggest uptick needs to come from Rhys and Bryce, both of whom have a lot of improvement that is needed. Watching those ABs was painful yesterday, and there is not the “we faced such great Pitching” excuse. They failed at the plate because they did not hit strikes and got themselves out either by swinging at pitches out of the zone, or standing and looking at good pitches. Hoskins’ first AB was awful.

  55. I hate the shifts but learn to hit the other way. Those of us who have played at any level know it’s not impossible to hit the other way. Yes you sacrifice power. I think stats and salary numbers are the reason players don’t. Chicks aren’t the only ones who dig the long ball. So do those folks settling arb cases plus those paying the salaries. And why do so few players know how to bunt? Baffling. And why does Quinn not bunt down the 3rd base side? Bizarre. With his speed, a good bunt is a hit. Every time unless they come in to little league depth

    1. Murray, to answer your question on bunting is easy. Kids on these travel teams growing up are not taught how to bunt and move runners up a base. Therefore when they reach the higher levels they still cannot bunt. I have mentioned before that if Quinn bunted each at bat he might get on half the time. Even if they move in. Someone did him a grave injustice not teaching him how to maximize the gift he has. Oh well. I do not see him ever changing at this stage.

        1. Think that is much higher than his 1 for around 20 at bats now. Point is. If he gets on 1st with less than 2 outs he most likely can steal his way to 3rd. 35 in 126 games is kind of a waste of his best asset. IMO

          1. Do not have his minor league stats handy…but you are correct his best tool/asset is not fully utilized.
            And whatever happened to the Richie Ashburn drag bunt!

            1. Romus, that is how I was taught. I batted left handed even though I am right handed. I rarely was not successful on the drag bunt. I did seem someone do that in one of the games recently. They were easily safe. I forget who. I have the Extra Inning package so if Phillies are not on I flip over to other games. If anyone would be interested and can get that I saw they are promoting a $21.99 price for season a month. I think mine is $29. Still best money I spend.

              Romus, I coached for 20 some years. I have watched grandson now from 8 to 14. The coaches just do not teach them. I did something I probably should not have. I mentioned to his travel coach that I would volunteer to teach the kids how to run the bases. Kids have no idea how to get leads. The absolute worst in off of 3rd base. His team plays close games and they have given away 3 or 4 runs already not coming down the baseline. Oh well.

            2. Don….hah…I did some coaching also …sons teams….but when they got to HS it was hands off.

      1. FYI – I coached for many years and I can tell you my kids could bunt. My son could even place his bunts left and right. It takes teaching and practice. I thought it was amazing that JRoll once admitted that he couldn’t bunt. That’s hard for me to imagine. Put the ball in play and make the defense make plays. 10 Ks per game won’t get it done.

  56. It is frustrating watching Didi and Cutch smoke the ball up the middle only to ground out to a guy who doesn’t move 6 inches either way to field the ball. I’m against the shift, but if you are going to have it as part of the game, how about a rule that each team gets 3(or whatever number makes sense) shifts per game.

  57. I am in favor of the rule that requires 2 infielders on each side of 2d base. Iam also in favor of Roman Quinn bunting. We get a break today with the rain out. Face DeGrom another day. Come home, and get back in some positive offensive groove.

      1. BTW Hinkie….I may have been spot on Brogdon….but only 50% on the total call….also had St Augustine’s LHP Zach Warren , with Brogdon, both coming on to be impactful relievers.
        I really did think Warren would make his move this season in the majors..

  58. Braves, Nats, Yanks, Cubs, Twins, and As all struggling.
    And Mattingly’s Marlins look to be making an early charge, as long as they keep playing the Braves
    In New York, tabloids are in panic mode.

    1. Romus, you can add the Phil’s to the list at the moment. Phillies did get break on deGrom except the fact that the Mets usually find a way to lose his starts.

  59. Yeah…..Warren can still make the jump. but like to see the Phillies put him on the Alt Site Roster however.

  60. To add to what has been discuss about changes to the game, the use of sabermetrics shows that the sacrifice bunt is a suboptimal strategy. The run expectancy with no outs and runner on first is 0.867, the run expectancy with one out and a runner on second is 0.680. So by successfully bunting a runner to second decreases the run expectancy. Similar decline is seen moving a runner up a base (first to second or second to third) via a sacrifice.

    Those numbers are based on a “league-average hitter.” What would be interesting is if anyone has data on the profile of a hitter that causes no change in run expectancy. My suspicion (a.k.a, wild arse guess), is someone hitting below the Mendoza line.

  61. In regards to a post I left in this thread before the last game: I apologize for hitting the send button two days too soon.

    1. A lot of clemency is being granted these days. Consider yourself acquitted of making false prognostications. 😉

  62. Got to watch the Phillies last night because it was the free game on MLB. It was also a “free” game for the Phillies. I’m glad that they won but the Cardinals played such shoddy defense in that second inning. If they make those two plays, the game probably goes into the seventh inning scoreless with the way Martinez was pitching.

    1. What I’m seeing so far is that outside of Jacob deGrom, the opposing pitchers are attacking the Phillies with non-fastballs. It’s almost like they are pitching in reverse, non-fastballs early and then throwing fastballs on the edges to get the hitters to chase.

  63. It looks like we need another starting pitcher. Remember when I posted after the first Monday game about Moore? He’s done.

  64. I can’t argue with you Robin, I can’t go to Vinny and don’t know if Spencer can do it yet, so where is that SP coming from?

    1. Damon Jones, Ranger, Medina, Rosso, Llovera all currently on the 40 who were starters at one time or another.
      Someone like EDLS would need to be place on the 40….and someone DFAed.
      Unless Dave D decides time to make a trade.

  65. Whew…………………this is ugly stuff, think I’ll watch Julia Child reruns. JoJo isn’t ready for the big time.

    1. His fastball is decent, but his slider (I think that’s a slider) does absolutely nothing. It just hangs out there waiting to get hit. He needs to tighten it up because RH hitters are seeing it too well.

    2. JoJo had a chance to prove his worth with Bradley out an extended period of time. Now, somebody else will likely get that chance once he goes back down. Who’s that going to be?

  66. It’s time for Moniak to play everyday. We need to know if he can be starter level for next year since Cutch will be a FA next season.

  67. Looks like the Phillies have their second lefty in the bullpen (with Romero going back down). That will probably be Matt Moore after one or two more starts. I hope Velasquez is ready.

    1. VV is not a starter, nor will he be. Today his pitch count was 63/34 over 2.1 innings. It is the same mo for him that it has been since he’s been here. 3 walks to 4 k’s. It is time to divest ourselves of some of these guys that continue to put up lackluster performance every time they are called upon. Instead we resign and pay them millions. Enough!

  68. I know it’s early in the season and just one weekend but we can all hope JTR plays like Molina at 38. There’s a reason Cardinal fans call him the “immortal.” He’s caught over 2,000 games with no serious knee, elbow or shoulder issues. Unbelievable. The dude is a HOF first ballot lock.

  69. I tried to tell you guys that Bohm isn’t ready to be in the middle of the line up (which wasn’t a shot at him) and got laughed at or told “glad you don’t make out the line up”. Said Segura should be batting 2nd . . . Welp, I’m right so far. Just saying.

  70. was excited to get down to my first MLB game since ’19, but that was pure agony to watch. 120 pitches between both teams to get through 3 innings- the Moore-JoJo-Vinny combo was just torture- i was proposing a rule change that we just start every hitter Vinny faces with a 3-2 count since we eventually get there anyway- i think game may have set an MLB record for 3-2 counts.
    Felt a little strange with the 25% capacity- seemed like mask compliance was pretty good- though i felt bad for the ushers with nothing to do but hold up their “Mask up” signs- one was especially driving herself crazy bothering guys sipping beer in their seating pod with their masks down for too long.

  71. Bohm is a good hitter, i dont care where he hits, but he is what 50 at bats into the season and he is a flop funny

    1. Not a flop, he’s gonna be just fine (although the strikeout numbers are kinda concerning, 36k in 160AB last year and has 18 in 51 right now). My only point was why put unneeded pressure on him by having him bat in the middle of the line up? I would have penciled him in the 7th spot and let him move up when he does well.

      1. He is third pick in the draft, has shown he can hit, Why do you bury him 7th ? He should be able to handle the pressure He played high level college ball, If you watch him hit you see a kid who can hit to all fields, works the count, Only question i have is how many homeruns he will hit,

  72. 1. Makes big difference where u bat in order. Batting 7th he’ll see more hittable pitches with 8 and 9 coming up. Makes sense for younger pitcher.

    2. I’m older but they may seriously have to think about moving mound back. My reason is because of the ease and regularity with getting Tommy John surgery. We now go beyond our bodies limit because it can be fixed and you’ll be back pitching with new tendon that has no wear on it. Not that long ago guys were pitchers not throwers cause they wanted their careers to last. N Ryan, bob Gibsons were once a generation guys. Guys like JR Richard Rob Dibble flame out in year or two.

  73. He would see less to hit, they rather face, quinn or hasley knapp, at bottom of order then Bohm, he wont see as many good pitches,

  74. if the mount is moved back, doesn’t it stands to reason that we would see more walks.

  75. Nola was terrific and we take the series. Bryce hit a bomb! We still need to hit much better. The numbers from our starting CFs are just mind boggling. Kapler comes to town and I woukd love to sweep them!

  76. Any reason why the Phillies skipped Anderson? He usually follows Moore in the rotation.

  77. Eflin…bWAR…NL Leaders…tied for 10th
    WAR for Pitchers
    1. Burnes • MIL 1.0
    2. deGrom • NYM 1.0
    3. Musgrove • SDP 0.9
    4. Garcia • MIA 0.9
    5. Stroman • NYM 0.8
    6. Kershaw • LAD 0.8
    7. Miley • CIN 0.8
    8. Gray • COL 0.8
    9. DeSclafani • SFG 0.8
    10. Eflin • PHI 0.7
    Marquez • COL 0.7
    Ross • WSN 0.7

  78. Ciada, I believe I read that the team wanted to break up pitching Moore and Anderson back to back because if the toll it takes on the BP. This was an opportunity to pitch Nola on regular rest because of the rainout. We are going to need another SP and some answer for CF. The complete lack if any production can’t continue.

    1. I had hope Dave D would go after David Price of the Dodgers…..but of all the Dodger pitchers right now, he is off to one of his worst starts.

      1. LOL, Romus! I was hoping DD would sign James Paxton. He gave the Mariners 1.1 IP before he blew out his elbow. He’s now on his way to TJ.

        OTOH … I liked Carlos Rodon, and he has been light out.

    2. Matt,

      I also like the idea of getting an extra start or two over the course of the season by Nola and maybe by Eflin and Wheeler if they go every fifth day and the Four and Five fill in afterward.

      Also, while I am not sold on Haseley, Quinn or Moniak, the centerfield position will produce more offense eventually. Production will return to normal, though normal might be lower than we’d like.

      If the Phillies have a good shot at the playoffs, I’d like to see a trade for a proven centerfielder. Otherwise, we’ll root for these guys to come through.

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