Minor League Spring Training 2021, (4/5/21)

Still riding the euphoric high from the Phillies’sweep of the Braves, I went to the Complex.  I got there around 10:00 PM.  Two busses were parked in the parking lot.  Groups were already on the back fields (Carlton and Roberts).  Players were drifting onto Schmidt and Ashburn.

I skirted the perimeter of the back fields, identifying as many players as I could.  Pitchers tossed on Carlton.  Others pitchers performed a drill on Roberts where they threw an object at a wall they stood fairly close to, like 6 feet close.  Position players exercised on both fields.

This is the wall where the pitchers threw a bulky, weighted object at the painted targets.

Infielders took ground balls and outfielders took fly balls on Roberts.  Pitchers took PFPs on Carlton.  When the pitchers broke for running, the position players took BP.

Some pitchers threw bullpens on the seven mounds.  I could only make out Tom Lehman.

Players identified include –

  1. Mitchell Edwards
  2. Abrahan Gutierrez
  3. Herbert Iser
  4. Ben Brown
  5. Blake Brown
  6. Joel Cesar
  7. Julian Garcia
  8. Kevin Gowdy
  9. Christian Hernandez
  10. Jake Hernandez
  11. Jonathan Hughes
  12. Tom Lehman
  13. Ethan Lindow
  14. Robinson Martinez
  15. Tyler McKay
  16. Austin Ross
  17. Juan Santos
  18. Billy Sullivan
  19. Nate Fassnacht
  20. Luis Garcia
  21. Dalton Guthrie
  22. Matt Kroon
  23. Luke Miller
  24. Cole Stobbe
  25. Madison Stokes
  26. Bryson Stott
  27. Cornelius Randolph
  28. Keaton Greenwalt
  29. Hunter Hearn
  30. Rudy Rott
  31. Corbin Williams

These guys, along with Jonathan Guzman, Chris Cornelius, McCarthy Tatum, Jhailyn Ortiz, and, Mark Appel who were seen Saturday, bring the confirmed count to 36 players.


5 thoughts on “Minor League Spring Training 2021, (4/5/21)

  1. @jimpeyton19 I may have a little more info for you if you contact me through email.

  2. Will we be able to resign Chatham?
    Can Scott Kingery be fixed?
    Is anyone ready to come up to play SS or 2B?

  3. I was on Phillies.com looking for transactions and ran across their Top 30 prospects. They list an ETA to reach MLB for each player. Most of the entries are very optimistic, maybe even wishful thinking. I didn’t see who writes their reviews or provides the ETA’s.

    1. My observation is that ETAs for all the various services are basically trite and meaningless. I don’t put any stock in them.

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