Open Discussion: Week of April 4, 2021

Real baseball has returned.  And, what Phillies fan could ask for any better start to the season than what transpired in chilly Philadelphia the past 4 days.

The Phillies opened their 2021 campaign with a three-game sweep of the Atlanta Braves.  Their starting pitchers pitched into the seventh inning in all three games.  The bullpen threw 7.1 scoreless innings.  They won Thursday’s opener in ten innings.  They got a combined one-hitter on Saturday.  And, they held the Braves to one run on Sunday.

How great does this look!

  1. Phillies              3-0     1.000        –
  2. Washington    0-0        .000      1.5
  3. New York         0-0        .000      1.5
  4. Miami                1-2       .333       2.0
  5. Atlanta              0-3       .000       3.0

And this!

The Phillies have the –

  • MLB 2nd best ERA 0.96
  • MLB-best WHIP 0.61
  • MLB-best BA against .128
  • MLB-best K/BB 7.00 (35/5)
  • MLB-best lowest pitches/IP 12.86
  • MLB 6th best SO/IP 11.25
  • MLB-best BB/9 1.61

They also have one save and no blown save opportunities.

These numbers are unsustainable for the most part.  But, it’s sure good to see early success against a good team.  Maybe we can get the Marlins to wear Braves jerseys when we play.

The “Allentown” Phillies played the Yankees today in an Alt Site game.  Our starters were –

  • ss, Kingery
  • rf, Moniak
  • cf, Herrera
  • 1b, Hall
  • 3b, Maton
  • dh, Marchan
  • 2b, Brito
  • lf, Jankowski
  • c, Duran
  • p, Christopher Sanchez

Catchers called balls and strikes. Benches called check swings.

The Phillies won 2-0.  Kingery and Herrera had doubles.

Sanchez struck out 6 in 3.0 innings.  Hammer (3K in 1.0 IP) and Feliz saw late-game action.  The home team ran out of pitchers.  So, after Hammer struck out the side in the eighth, Feliz came out to pitch the ninth.  The Yankees ended two Phillies scoring threats by rolling innings, once with bases loaded and no outs.

Reggie McClain and Addison Russ followed the Yankees’ Deivi Garcia and each struck out two batters in their one inning of work.

I wouldn’t make a big deal about Kingery playing SS.  They’re a little hamstrung regarding middle infielders.  Take a look at the Roster.  Listi and Hall are pretty much 1B only. That leaves just Kingery, Maton, Williams, and Brito to handle the other 3 infield positions.

My estimates of …

The Phillies’ running payroll is $190,838,962 $191,091,962.

The Phillies’ salary against the competitive balance tax is $202,201,782 $202,454,782.

The Phillies’ margin under the CBT threshold of $210M is $7,798,218 $7,545,218. (see spreadsheet)

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • April 1, 2021 – Phillies’ home opener v. Braves
  • April 3, 2021 – ST for minor leagues begins
  • May 4, 2021 – Opening day for all four full-season affiliates
  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft
  • October 2, 2021 – Phillies clinch a playoff berth in Miami

The rosters and lists are up to date as of April 4th … 318 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

Found another international free agent signing – Arquedion Muller, a 17-year-old infielder born in the Netherlands residing in Curacao.

In addition, there are 12 players who are not in the Phillies Media Guide who I am not counting in the total for the organization. I’m carrying them in their own section on the sheets.

The players at the Alternate Training Site in Allentown have their own sections on the sheets, too.

So, including Mark Appel (who came out of retirement) and Muller above, there are 318 players in the organization, by my count.

4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Tyler Carr to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Enyel De Los Santos to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Bailey Falter to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Neftali Feliz to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP JD Hammer to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Spencer Howard to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Damon Jones to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Mauricio Llovera to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Adonis Medina to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Brian Mitchell to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Fransisco Morales to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP David Parkinson to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP David Paulino to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP JoJo Romero to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned RHP Ramon Rosso to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LHP Christopher Sanchez to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned C Edgar Cabral to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned C Rodolfo Duran to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned C Rafael Marchan to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned 2B Daniel Brito to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned 1B Darick Hall to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned INF/OF Scott Kingery to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned INF/OF Austin Listi to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned INF Nick Maton to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned 3B Luke Williams to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned CF Odubel Herrera to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned OF Travis Jankowski to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned OF Mickey Moniak to the Alternate Training Site
4/02/2021 – Phillies assigned LF Matt Vierling to the Alternate Training Site
4/01/2021 – Phillies sent LHP Kyle Dohy outright to Alternate Training Site
4/01/2021 – Phillies designated LHP Kyle Dohy for assignment
4/01/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of SS Ronald Torreyes from Lehigh Valley
3/29/2021 – RHP Mark Appel came out of retirement, attending minor league camp
3/29/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of RF Matt Joyce from Lehigh Valley
3/29/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Brandon Kintzler from Lehigh Valley
3/28/2021 – Phillies released INF C.J. Chatham
3/28/2021 – Phillies optioned INF/OF Scott Kingery to MiLB camp
3/28/2021 – Phillies optioned C Rafael Marchan to MiLB camp
3/28/2021 – Phillies optioned LHP JoJo Romero to MiLB camp
3/28/2021 – Phillies reassigned C Rodolfo Duran to MiLB camp
3/28/2021 – Phillies reassigned OF Travis Jankowski to MiLB camp
3/28/2021 – Phillies released C Christian Bethancourt
2/19/2019 – Phillies signed IFA INF Arquedion Muller

290 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 4, 2021

  1. That is unlucky, as of this time, that the Mets come in with their top of the rotation against our bottom due to delay of their start of the season.

    1. Denny…..they are cold however coming in…last time they would have pitched against live hitting would have been over week now. Maybe the Phillies can jump on them early in the games.

      1. Maybe Romus i will get thin> or maybe the Flyers will find a goal tender after 40 yrs of bad ones, .Maybe i will grow hair with my miracle grow for the garden. Maybe jeff laurie will stop trying to be another Jerry Jones

        1. rocco…lol.
          Flyers got their man….but there are more coming.
          Howie will keep Laurie in line.
          Try NutrientSystem…1/2 price second month.
          And just shave the chrome….I did it last summer, a guy at the gym said do it…could not find a barber open with the lockdown… Mr Clean for me.
          And Jim said….play-ffs in October for the Phillies…

  2. Catch – Responding to your post in the other thread. I agree that Haseley has a nice looking swing but it doesn’t (to me, and i’m no expert on hitting thats forsure) look like a swing that’s ever going to hit more than 10 HR, IF that. Again, could be completely wrong tho.
    I dunno, I think I just have the good Herrera in my head and think he can get back to that which is why i’m pushing for him so much.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think Herrera had a chance of making the team. He could have put up Vlad Guerrero, Jr.’s spring numbers and not have made the team. Might have been a tougher decision to explain to one or two writers, but it would have been explained. WIP had more input into the decision than DD’s branch of the organization.

  3. That ump yesterday was awful from the start but at least he was awful both ways.

    Hoskins was attacked early and often. Seems to be a timing issue at the moment so I hope he finds it soon. He’s out over his front foot flailing away trying again to pull everything.

    Neris and Alvardo have to get it together. Too many walks. 159 more to go!

  4. Good point Romus on Mets starters. Maybe Phillies can get lucky and jump ahead early before they settle in. Let’s hope for a second good week and this would be a great start to the season. Weather is warming up. It is to be really nice this week in Indiana. Here is just a general question. I saw on CBS last night that game was off today for Nats. It said they had not had any team gatherings since last Monday I think. Were the Mets allowed to still hold team workouts or were both held out? Just wondering.

    1. Don53….did not read anything preventing the Mets from working out together….they did not come in contact with Nats Jon Lester, Kyle Schwarber, Avila and Josh Harrison.

    2. It’s mind blowing that professional athletes aren’t all getting vaccinated or havent been already. They are expected to travel across the country to entertain us, get them vaccinated already (across the sports world and college as well)!!! There are more than enough to provide it to them.

  5. I did not either. I wonder if they went back to New York. So why did MLB not have Nats go to Alt Site for players? Nats must have had some kind of issue like VCU did prior to arriving in Indy. I may be wrong but I do not remember any ST games being called off due to Covid.

    1. Up to the last week of ST….MLB I believe reported 14K tests ….two positives.
      Now teams have left Florida and Arizona so there may be more incidents or outside contacting..

      1. I am sure Romus the more exposure will have some effect. I would think shortly most players, coaches, and staff can get vaccinated. Here in Indiana anyone 16 and over is eligible now to be vaccinated. Hopefully that will help keep the disruptions to a minimum. I thought that Marlin deal last season put the Phillies kinda behind the 8 ball and they never really recovered. They had a like a week off and then the Orioles and someone else kind of got on them in those first games back.

  6. Maybe Girardi should roll out the “curve ball ” machine out. Lol. After watching the players flailing at the balls in the dirt; i.e. Segura, Quinn, etc.

    1. It has always been my belief that the 2 best pitches to hit are the first pitch and the 2-0 pitch. I have watched Rhys for years now take the fastballs down the middle and then whiff at that breaking ball outside of the zone. He is not alone there. I just think hitters today take too many strikes and swing at too many balls. Most of that has been driven by the belief it is best to run up the pitch count of the starter. I am not sure that is very valid today. Teams bring in reliever after reliever that is really throwing hard. Thus I would like to see hitters be more aggressive early in the count. Against one of the lefties yesterday all 3 outs were called 3rd strikes.. They were all strikes. At least try to foul it off somewhere. Phillies did have a few soft contact hits though so that is a step in the right direction.

      1. Don, Sounds logical.

        I think some of the problems with all the new data is that people who see it almost as a religion don’t apply context, or what some might call common sense.

        The smartest guy in the room with the latest and most data isn’t the smartest guy if he doesn’t apply it in context. The classic case is trying to make natural sinker ball pitcher Zach Efflin into a fastball-high pitcher because data show high fastballs are the best pitches. Likewise the hitters we’ve seen being taught to lift the ball rather than hit through the ball. Roman Quinn? Scott Kingery? Rhys Hoskins?

        Fortunately, Joe Girardi and Dave Dombrowski do seem to recognize that one size fits all is wrong.

    2. Denny – except for that curveball Bohm hit in yesterday’s 7th to win the game. He just waited on it beautifully and drove it over shortstop’s head…..boy ! he is fun to watch – and he had struggled (for him) in games 1 and 2.

  7. Why is Kingery at SS? I know people think he’s cooked, but if salvageable shouldn’t he be playing a position he would actually play at the major league level?

    1. He’s playing all around the IF so he might return as the utility IF. He functions play much IF during ST as he focused on CF.

    2. “I wouldn’t make a big deal about Kingery playing SS. They’re a little hamstrung regarding middle infielders. Take a look at the Roster. Listi and Hall are pretty much 1B only. That leaves just Kingery, Maton, Williams, and Brito to handle the other 3 infield positions.”

  8. I have been thinking about Eflin, lots of talk about an extension, alas I feel there are some durability concerns regarding his back, I also feel that since Howard is still an unknown going into the future, it might not be a bad idea to extend him.

    In an scenario where Howard turns into a stud, maybe Eflin becomes expendable and I think his trade value is higher than ever, maybe a trade is bit crazy given that the team wants to win now, but still it is an intriguing situation.

    1. Eflin is the bridge between an average team here and a good team. You don’t trade him unless: (a) you’re not trying to make the playoffs this year (which you are); or (b) he’s part of a trade to acquire an ace (and I’m not saying they should do this, only that this would be one scenario where I’d understand why this is happening).

    2. Reasons why Eflin will NOT be traded this season:

      1. The team is trying to win.

      2. The Phillies have Moore and Anderson in the rotation. We’re talking about a guy who pitched in Japan last season and the other guy had a 7 ERA. We need all the help we can get in the rotation.

      3. We have nobody to replace Eflin. And the Phillies won’t know if Howard is a stud until AFTER this season, and that’s if he gets to be on a ML roster this season. Unless you really want VV back in the rotation.

      4. The players would absolutely riot.

      1. Guru…spot on.
        Fangraphs had Eflin rated 24th best pitcher in the majors last season by fWAR…perhaps he is now going to take the next step up.
        Do not see the thought on trading him….even 2/3 years ago when he and Vinny and Nick Pivetta were considered the three guys to make the difference on the staff.

      2. I second your thoughts, Guru. To me – if Eflin goes 14 – 9 Phillies make the playoffs even with a 3.95 ERA. He fits in perfectly with the # 1 and # 2. This will be year two removed from those idiots that tried to make him throw 4 seamers up – he is a sinker ball pitcher. He may be hot early and late – with a typical summer swoon – but if he doesn’t have that down period / or he minimizes it – this starting crew will be very good. You can look up the early/late – mid year swoon pattern so says Baseball Prospectus.

        1. I still can’t fathom how those guys were allowed to completely ruin our pitching.

  9. The dream lives!
    162-0! 🙂

    Agree with Denny above. The Phillies catch a bad break having to face deGrom tonite vs Matt Moore. However, Phillies use Nola Wednesday vs David Peterson, so there is that.

  10. You are Mr. Positive Hinkie. I would be elated if Phillies ended up with 100 wins. I think that would be playoff worthy easily. The better start they can get is great. This month schedule is fairly difficult so all of these early wins are positive. Hopefully warm weather will get the bats going some as well.

  11. DMAR….your boy Nick Castellanos had one kind of a weekend…..a ‘ Gordie Howe baseball hat trick’….HRs, RBIs and a fight…….of course he gets suspended by the league…a true hockey tradition.

  12. I love the Angels starting lineup yesterday:

    2B – Flecher
    P – Ohtani
    CF – Trout
    3B – Rendon
    1B – Walsh
    LF – Upton
    SS – Iglesias
    RF – Lagares
    C – Stassi

    You probably have to go back 100 years to see a pitcher batting 2nd. I also wonder when was the last time an American League team started without the DH.

      1. I looked back using Baseball Reference and was surprised that Ruth was hitting 9th as late as 1918 even though he established himself as a hitter. At some point during that war-shorten season, he pitched and hit 4th. I believe that is the year he also started getting into games at 1B and the outfield. I assume 1903 is the last time a pitcher hit specifically in the 2 hole.

  13. BTW, Ohtani was hitting 100 mph yesterday and hit a 451 ft HR. So whose game would you rate higher, Ohtani’s or Wheeler’s?

    1. Wheeler’s – he was way more pitching efficient and got the W – Ohtani has some slight Tommy John command issues to recover from… looked like in time Chisox would get to him despite the heat- I thought.

      1. I agree, and frankly, it’s not even close. Ohtani’s game was unique in that he was hitting 100 mph on the mound and hit a long HR, but Wheeler was dominate with 7 shutout innings and 10 K’s plus a couple of knocks. Of course, neither performance compares to what happened on June 23, 1971.

  14. I only saw him on a baseball card or in a magazine but Matt Moore looks like Curt Simmons. Not style but looks.

  15. “A lot of people on social media wanted to know if I had found my pen.” – Tom McCarthy, 2021

    Thought everyone would like a good quote now and then.

  16. Watching Hoskins swing at DeGrom shows how fast his hands are. 100 mph looks like beach all to him. If he can let balls get in on him from slower pitchers look out

    1. For me Hoskins is the cog in the wheel. If he can just be 280/360/850+ OPS with 30+ dingers, a few less walks, a few more balls in the gaps or over the wall this team will exceed my expectations.

      1. Hoskins put up 246/354/850 in 2018 with 34HRs. Unfortunately, he was playing LF at the time so his WAR was awful. But even then his oWar was only 3.4. If he was playing 1B, his WAR would have likely been around 3.

        He needs to do what Anthony Rizzo did in 2019: 293/405/920. Rizzo actually had negative dWar but he still generated 4.3 WAR.

  17. Salaries for the remaining Phillies finally released – Torreyes ($800K), Haseley ($578.5K), Quinn ($578K), Bohm ($575K), Coonrod ($573K), Brogdon ($571.5K).

    Current Payroll is $191,091,962
    Salary against the CBT is $202,454,782
    Margin under the CBT threshold of $210M is $7,545,218

    My estimates were under by $253K. Torreyes’ salary was quite a bit higher than I anticipated. Corrections were made in the article.

  18. 162-0! Ya gotta’ believe!

    Thank you, Luis Rojas. The Mets manager pulled a Gabe Kapler when he pulled deGrom after just 77 pitches (remember Gabe’s first game as Phillies mgr in 2018 when he lifted Aaron Nola after just 68 pitches).

    1. BTW … the Phillies have won four games. The four other NL East squads have combined to win just one contest (Miami). LOL! #WorldSeriesBound

    2. Darling could not believe he took deGrom out. It was similar to Gabe. Darling also said he had not seen so many triple digit pitches in one game when Alvarado was in in the 9th…It seemed two thirds of deGrom’s were 100 or more.

  19. The Mets are currently 3rd in team payroll for 2021. But looking at 2022, deGrom, Cano and Lindor will make up $94M. How crazy is that?

    As a comparison, Harper, JT, Wheeler will make up $77.4M for 2022.

    1. Guru…add in Conforto’s $20M plus along with Thor’s $20M and now you have at least $135M for 5 players of their 40 roster.
      So they will have an approx pot of $80M under the threshold to divvy up between the other 35 players on the 40.

      1. Conforto and Syndergaard are both FAs in 2022. Conforto is going to walk because his agent is Boras and I’m not sure the Mets can afford to pay him $20M+ per year. The Mets will probably have a better chance of retaining Thor. But Marcus Stroman is also a FA so the Mets will have some expensive decisions to make.

        That Lindor deal is going to haunt them.

        1. In addition to Lindor’s 34M AAV beginning next season, Robinson Cano will be reinstated at 21.6M AAV for a couple of more years. Then there’s Conforto, Syndergaard, and Stroman all hitting the open market next winter. And … last … but certainly not least … Jacob deGrom can/will opt out after 2022. That will increase his AAV from it’s current team friendly 21.7M. Good luck with all that, Steve Cohen. 🙂

          1. Cohen can easily pay them from his own personal account…but that ain’t legal.
            He wants to establish long term contenders…..if the luxury tax is still there after the next CBA….he will be in a pickle…depending upon what the penalties will be…..assume it will still be the combination of actual fines/draft dropping……so once they start losing draft positioning and draft slot monies then they will feel the pinch.

          2. If I were DeGrom I would look for a team to win a championship, the Mets are a mess.

  20. I was at the game last night, which I of course enjoyed once deGrom left. A few observations, based on my belief that you see things in person that you don’t on TV (and I watch almost every game the latter way):
    1) Gregorius looks slow in the field, and his throws definitely are not Rollins quality. On the other hand, the throwing error was catchable by a better 1B. I’m not sure he’s a SS beyond this year.
    2) Segura’s bat looks slow ,and I’d already noticed on TV that he’s not driving the ball at all. He’s striking out a lot. He might be done.
    3) Bohm moves very well for someone his size. Another high line drive caught that Ron Cey would not have.
    4) A more general point: there are few players I’ve ever enjoyed as much as Bryce Harper. He plays all out all the time like Utely, but Utley was always so emotionally repressed, ever showing any emotion at all. Bryce wears his heart on his sleeve. I love it.

    1. Great observations Robin. Great that the Mets fans in attendance went home with a large sized wound lol

      Nothing worse in my opinion than a home game where the opponents fans are loud and annoying as all get out.

      1. DMAR….on those Mets fans at Phillies games in the past….in the parking lot, you rarely see New York plates, but plenty of Jersey plates…I am sure a mix of Phillies south Jersey fans, but also a good number of the central and north Jersey (Mercer/Middelsex/Somerset/Monmouth County and above) Met fans.

        1. Haha Romus yeah I know who they are as I used to be in a Princeton Office with quite a few of them. I met even more of them when our office moved out to Freehold

          Now that I work from home I don’t have to be subjected to their nonsense on a daily basis…

          1. DMAR…so you are aware and know their level of obnoxiousness!
            It is so much easier coming to south Philly then up to Citi Field for them….and it is a pain in the butt for Phillies’ fans having to deal with them at times..

      2. How can you only have 10,000+ fans and you can hear the opposing teams’ fans more than the home team?

      3. Lots of Mets fans. They kept chanting Lets go Mets, but we drowned that with boos. They left very quickly after the errant throw to home.

        At least they weren’t chanting Jose, Jose, Jose, Jooooseee

    2. Nice you got to attend the game.

      Didi is not the athlete that some of these young phenoms are. I do think he will be functional though. He has made some nice plays. His throwing may still be affected by the rotator cuff surgery couple years back. He may never throw like he once did.

      I think Segura looks ok at the plate. He is always kinda lunging and taking awkward swings. The Met announcers certainly feel he can play. He has had 40 hits in 2 years against them. Most of any player. Plus 19 are extra base. hits.

      Alec is good and is going to just get better as he gets more experience. I most like one of announcers saying how much he dislikes striking out. That alone means he gets it.

      Bryce is Bryce. He is always going to give you his best.

  21. My SSS observations. Moore is a useful #4 but man there was better out there. He looks like he could really benefit from a good change up. He just doesn’t have a put away pitch and will need a ton of run support to stay in games and give us 6 IP on a regular basis.

    I’m a big Brogdon fan but I have some concerns. The FB command is not good. He left a lot of 95 out over the plate and when these hitters start to warm up look out. I saw a few hitters spit on some of his really good change ups so I hope he is not tipping that pitch.

    Alvarado might just be my favorite roller coaster…

  22. Looks like Alvarado may be a high octane version of Neris. It looked like it might be a 1,2, 3 inning but ended up a nail biter as most of Hector’s do as well. But give the Mets credit with putting ball in play. Lindor was perfect example. He knew if he hit one out they were still down a run. That is good hitting.

  23. I guess if we could live thru Mitch Williams….the Alvaradonator should not be so bad.

    1. Alvarado and Neris are the new Cardiac Kids.

      Meanwhile, Romas, I did not live through Mitch Williams. I died a thousand deaths.

  24. Got a kick out of Rhys analysis of the Phil’s lineup in the post game talk – “after me we have Bryce, JT, ‘the kid,’ Didi, and Segura, etc. – apparently they call Bohm, “the kid.” Meanwhile us phans who are still thrilled by our 2007-11 teams think of him as Jayson Werth….

    1. RU, I also go a kick out of Rhys calling Bohm “the Kid,” given that I still think of Rhys as a kid, though, in reality, he’s a veteran now.

  25. Phillies open the season 4-0… not think I can recall any Phillies team starting out that hot…not even the teams from 2006 thru 2011.

    1. The 2019 team started 4-0. Outside of that, they haven’t done it since 1915 when they started 8-0.

      1. Sweep the last two vs the Mets and then the three vs the Braves and on April 12 they can wake up with a new team record to start a season…….how’s that for a jinx!

  26. It’s been fun, Romus. And, the Pitching has been outstanding. Yes, Moore got wild, and didn’t get 4 full innings in, but the BP was terrific. Alvarado had 2 Ks, then an 0-2 count, and then got wild. He threw some cutter that wasn’t close to the plate, but got the job done. He has outstanding stuff, and if he can keep the wildness down, is a real weapon. Kintzler saved the game, IMO, by getting the DP in the 4th. A bigger Mets’ lead then may have been the end of the game. CF is an issue, and I fear will remain one. I am looking for the rest of the hitters to get hot at some point. Like I said, so far, a lot of fun.

  27. Had Mets not been Covided out, DeGrom would’ve pitched this Wednesday and then again versus the Phillies in New York next week. Good thing is now they only face him this one time.

    1. No, he will stay on turn and pitch Saturday and then get game 3 vs Phillies on Thursday … No such luck!

  28. Romus…your memory is a short one, my friend. The 2019 team started 4-0 in much the same fashion, a sweep at home against the Braves and then a victory against Washington. Those were the heady days of Harper’s first games as a Phillie and most of us thought the Phils were division winning bound.

    Historically, some of the greatest Phillie teams never started the season hot, save for the 1964 team which started 10-2 and kept it up all season till the final tragic two weeks. The ’76 and ’77 teams started slow and the ’80 team pretty much won when Carlton pitched early but lost many of the others.

    The Utley-Rollins-Howard group never had hot starts. Ironically, the best start I can recall as a Phillie phan was the 1979 team, the year they signed Rose and traded for Trillo. My Lord, they were 24-10 and looked for all the world like a dominating team. It all ended interestingly enough immediately following one of the most interesting games of the year, the famous 23-22 win in Wrigley Field. They came home 24-10 after the game and immediately collapsed and to a man the players all said the damage done to the pitching staff that day never really left them emotionally or physically the rest of the year.

    My remembrances of 2019 are what keep me from overreacting to the current 4-0 start. Its a long season and my confidence in DD allows me to believe this team will be better than the prognosticators have projected. However, injuries, age and the covid related potential issues has kept me grounded even though I am certainly enjoying the early success.

    1. CaliDreamin……here all this time, I thought that the Prevagen was working!
      Thank you for that reminder.

    1. Next year for the Bulldogs spin.
      Hard to believe 20 plus years now they they have been good to a great team under Few…… 630–124.
      A little ole school up there in the northwest.

      1. Romus – I find it amazing that a school the size of Gonzaga (about 6,000 undergraduates) can compete at such a high level year after year. Personally, I am not much of a basketball phan. When I interviewed here 8 years ago, I keep my indifference toward basketball to myself in case it was an unspoken prerequisite for joining the faculty.

        1. spin….yes it is amazing what Few has been able to do with such a small enrollment.
          He has put the school on the national map..

          1. That is amazing for a small school and then I look down the road at Duke, they have 6,649 undergraduates. Now I’m not so amazed.

        2. How is this any different from Villanova? It’s amazing what Jay Wright did there and continues to do. Two championships in a 3 year period for a small private school? Incredible. Sometimes we lose sight of the magnitude of special things that are close to us and have become familiar. No offense to Gonzaga (what they’ve done there is amazing), but Villanova, is no less amazing and even more impressive. And FYI – nobody in my family has attended Villanova, so I’m not being homer.

            1. Hinkie….two different scenarios.
              I remember when Villanova had the Howard Porters, Chris Ford, Big Hank S. of the world……my old class mate Tom Inglesby went there……they have had a reputation within the Big Five going back to the 50s.
              They went to the finals vs UCLA under Jack Kraft…then there was the Rollie teams of the 80s.
              So it isn’t like they came out of no where. Their reputation for excellence goes back almost 65/70 years.
              The Zags it has been really only since the 90s that they have burst on the scene.

            2. Well it’s nice the school has a long history but so did laSalle and before Wright got there Lappas had run the program down to middling performance. Sorry but this almost all on Jay Wright.

            3. Lappas…’middling performance’…seriously…6 of his 9 seasons 20 wins or more….I do not even count his first season after Rollie when they really were the worst in decades…..NIT champs his second year…NCAA tourney 4 or the next 5 years…Lappas ended up at 174-110.
              He could not get them over the hump in the tourney
              But I would think better than middling or average.

            4. Romus – I looked back at the record and I think you’re right. He was a good coach and those were good teams, sort of like Seton Hall or Creighton over the last 5 or 6 years, but they were nowhere near close to being an elite program, which they have developed into under Jay Wright.

            5. Yeah Jay Wright has got them over the hump and took them to the next level up.
              Like Duke, until Coach K came along…40 years ago now, they were good but not elite….he brought them all of their NCAA Champions ships…5.

  29. I told a few people after watching the Stanford women play Sunday night not to be surprised if Gonzaga struggled in the final. Teams that have to exert so much physical and emotional energy have a really difficult time. Stanford limped to the title only because Arizona just did not have the horses. Baylor had the horses and a lot of men to ride the horses last night. For all practical purposes game was over in the first 3 minutes. I am big IU fan so they are still last but it would not have bothered me. Until the UCLA game I really thought Gonzaga would breeze to the title. A really nice team and Coach Few has done an excellent job there.

    1. Don – Apparently, Few turned down more money to go elsewhere. But then $1.8 MM goes al long way on the eastern side of WA.

  30. Hinkie odds:

    * 75% chance Phillies start 5-0
    * 70% chance Phillies start 6-0
    * 47% chance Phillies start 7-0
    * 25% chance Phillies start 8-0
    * 3% chance Phillies start 9-0

    1. Hinkie – where did you get those odds. A 70% chance to go 6 – 0 is surprising.

      As I understand it, 4 – 0 was done four times in Phillies history. Do you know what their best start to a season has been?

      I image that 162 – 0 has about a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance.

      1. These are my own odds. I’m not a mathematician (don’t even play one on TV). This is just the way I see things.

    2. Since the Mets are the listed favorites tonight, the odds to go 5-0 are like 40%. The rest go down from there.

      1. Buddy – You got that right. And you might as well throw in Klentak as well. If a probability could go negative, his would be.

  31. If 40% chance of winning each game v Mets then probability of winning both equals 40% X 40% = 16%

      1. They do seem to find some good pieces in trades and free agent signings…at frugal pricing also.

  32. I have a thought. Phils get win 5 tonight and then we can pick odd for win 6.
    Actually just saw Nats put 10 on IL. Not a good way to begin a season. I am kinda perplexed on this after MLB did so well in ST. I know Romus mentioned Florida and Arizona but I am sure the same protocols are in place for each team in their home city. Oh well lets hope Phillies can stay out of it.

    1. Don…..and now this…too many players are hesitant.

      “As the Mets sat idle for four days while their opponent, the Nationals, was sidelined by the coronavirus, they distributed a survey among players about whether they’d take the vaccine. The results and the general ambivalence reflected in comments by Davis and outfielder Michael Conforto certainly caught the ears of club president Sandy Alderson and new owner Steve Cohen. They have set up additional player education sessions ………….there has been some hesitation on the part of some players and that is why we set up the education,” Alderson said on a conference call ……. “Unless we had 100% buy-in, education was appropriate and probably appropriate, anyway. We want to get as many players vaccinated as possible.”

      1. I saw that Romus. I get to some degree what the players feel. If they do test positive most likely minor symptoms for them personally. I am surprised the teams have not made this more of a priority. Just because of situation like Nats. I wouuld think team probably came to DC on same plane. But once home like Dan says some got careless. May be a wake up call for others.

    2. A couple of thoughts immediately come to mind:

      1) Team regulations are less strict than MLB regulations, so once they got out of ST some of the players decided it was a good time to party.

      2) They got unlucky and caught a flight home with someone who had Covid and it spread on the plane.

      Just two of many potential possibilities. I doubt we’ll ever be told how it happened. But if it’s just that the players were being irresponsible, then I don’t feel bad about the Nats having to deal with it. If a player makes a mistake on the field, their team pays for it. Same for off field gaffes.

  33. Sad situation for Vinny. He looks unhittable one inning and the not anywhere near the plate the next. We have all seen this movie before many times. I am not sure how many more episodes there will be in Philly.

    1. The leash has to be short with VV. I mean, even if you’re the long man, you can’t be walking 4 guys in an inning. And some of those pitches weren’t even close. It’s his 7th year in the bigs, and he’s still walking guys at a poor rate. It’s flat out embarrassing.

      1. It’s time for Vinny to be gone from the Phillies. Enough chances. If he becomes an all-star elsewhere, so be it.

        1. Put Vinny in LHV and bring up JoJo. We need another lefty and let VV become a starter in the minors to either get ready for a call up, if he straightens himself out, or look good enough to become an asset for trade.

          1. Nobody is trading for VV unless it’s for pennies on the dollar, because if he was any good, he would be in the rotation or not a mop up guy.

            People need to realize that if a player is not performing for the Phillies, not only do we see it, but EVERYBODY else sees it too. So we won’t get anything of value for a non-performing player.

            1. Guru…that is why I say, give him a few more chances and see what he has…and not get hung up and enamored by a resurgence if it should occur..
              Then try to move him to a team that needs a reliever …Rays are hurting right now. But he really has lost his mojo from what I can see.

  34. The LU last night was perplexing was it not? I get giving Cutch a night off but Hoskins? And again will you please just play Haseley for a straight month 100-120 PAs and see what happens.

  35. I have had it with Vinny, I just hope we have a big league left handed in the minors to replace him,

    1. rocco……….JoJo Romero was a man who thought he was a loner….but he knew it wouldn’t last.

      1. Look, Velasquez and Hale are the 12 and 13th men on the pitching staff who finished a game started by the 5th starter (who did just fine, by the way). These two guys are going to be given a few weeks to a month to see if they can be solid. If not, they are going to be replaced and may even be replaced if they are okay because at some point, the team wants to promote Romero (who could use a little polish in the minors) and Howard (who needs to develop a little more and save his innings for later in the year). This situation should work itself out if the team doesn’t suffer too many pitching injuries.

        1. Agree Catch. That was the least of my concerns about last night. I mean how do you let him walk the bases loaded….

          Don’t want to nit pick Joe too much this early but he left one of his best hitters on the bench and another who so far is better than his replacement.

          Sure get guys rest into the season, keep your bench guys sharp but put your best LU on the field against division opponents. Save that logic for out of division games or much weaker opponents.

        2. IMO, I would give Vinny a few more chances….only to showcase him.
          His post-game comments indicate to me he has lost his confidence and may accept and welcome a change of scenery.
          He naturally did a heartfelt mea culpa, and blamed himself for the loss.

          1. As much as we think we’re sure how this is going to turn out for VV, we really don’t know that yet (although its more likely than not that it doesn’t turn out too well). Also, saying that Cotham worked for the other pitchers but not VV is a little premature. Maybe you could say that in late June – but after his first appearance of the year? C’mon. Now let me add a little bright spot. His pitching that first inning was the best I’ve seen him throw in a couple of years. It doesn’t make up for the bad pitching the next inning, but it’s worth noting and maybe something he can build on with the pitching coach.

            1. Agree with catch. If VV had only pitched one inning, everyone, today, would be talking about how good he looked. I’m not guaranteeing VV becomes an integral arm for the Phillies this summer, but you shouldn’t write him off for 2021 after one bad/pathetic inning either.

  36. Romus, I agree with the idea of sending Vinny to LHV. Let him try to work things out there. At some point results count. I didn’t understand why both he and Hale were kept. Hale looked just like last year. And Haseley needs those 100 ABs. Roman is, if anything, a bench player/pinch runner. CF looks to be a big hole. Hoping MM shines at LHV and he is the CF in July.

    1. Vinny’s post game presser was just too difficult to watch….I felt sorry for him.
      He is a broken person. I think Dave D. may move him for his own good.

    2. Also, this notion that, after 100 ABs we will know who Adam Haseley is going to be – yeah, I’m not buying it. Yes, agree we need to give him 100-150 consistent ABs to determine if he’s a decent option and better than Quinn and Herrera right now, but I don’t think those ABs are going to tell us really the kind of hitter that Haseley is going to be 2, 3 or more years from now. He reminds me more of guys like AJ Pollock, Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu where he could continue to improve his power numbers and hitting over a 3 plus year period. So, for me, I want to see how well he can play now both on offense and defense to see if it’s worth waiting on his development as a hitter.

      1. ………then, let’s play Haseley every day lefties and righties notwithstanding. Play him until Memorial Day so we get a true idea of what we have instead of preconceived ideas that probably aren’t true anyway.

        Herrera should be up, but he has leprosy (you know what I mean) so he doesn’t get a chance. If you are rich, you can pay a guy millions for doing nothing just to prove a point.

        Kingery, I don’t want too see up until after Memorial Day and he needs to be tearing the cover off the ball and hitting line drives in the gaps. I would prefer he gets all his time in the infield, but they’ll keep screwing with him.

        Quinn, I really don’t care what they do with him……..he is a “K” machine. I don’t think he is worth anything or for keeping. Release him, put him on waivers whatever……….time to move on. Yeah, I know he has such great speed!

        MM………….. let him prove himself at 3A, bring him up, when you can play him every day or 3 to 4 times a week at minimum. If he rakes at 3A, bring him up on the 4th of July🇺🇸.

        Package all the refuse we’ve been keeping for years in the hope of production, jettison it and purchase a journeyman OF.

          1. FYI – if he’s healthy I find it hard to believe that Cole Hamels is not good enough to be our 4th or 5th starter. Just saying.

  37. There is one thing we all know now on Vinny. He is as consistent as it goes. No one knows from one pitch to another what is going to happen. In the 6th inning last night he looked as dominant as back in the rookie start when he had 16K. Romus, you have to have something on the confidence or focus or something. Just watching him leave the field was painful. The inning before he was being cheered and then booed roundly a few minutes later. It has to work on your mental outlook. Personally I do not think a trip to LHV would do any good. I think you would get exactly the same performance maybe slightly poorer. If their is no one better at this time you just roll with it and see if Cotham can find some magic in a bottle. One thing is certain everyone is frustrated.

    I tend to agree on the day off. Season is not a week old. Plus you are playing a team most figure will be a contender in your division. I have said this many times. A game in April counts just as much as a game in September. You have to play each game to give yourself the best chance for a win.

    It does look like CF is going to be a challenge. I realize this thought is not popular here but of the 4 options I think the team would have got the most production from Odubel. I know and respect why those are down on him but Hasely, Quinn, and even Kingery just have major flaws in their game. If not Odubel I do agree you pick one and go with them at least for a few weeks. Maybe by then Moniak will prove he is ready. Who knows.

    1. I’m not down on Herrera its just clear he is not part of the future. I’m neutral on Haseley. I don’t really know what his flaws are. All I know is we took him 8 overall and he performed well at all his stints in the MiLB.

      This is the perfect season to find out if he is an everyday MLB player. This is just my opinion but the only way to find that out is to run him out there every game and stop yanking him around. Let’s see if he finds himself.

      I think it does a lot for a young players psyche to know they are going to be in the LU everyday and they don’t have to worry about a single game’s performance.

      Cutch is gone after this year and next years OF FA class is thin and nothing really available as a CF option.

  38. It appears that Vinny has accumulated enough Service time that he must agree to go to LHV or be reinstated to the Major League squad or released. So, I don’t think that LHV idea, that a number of us share, is realistic. What if, instead of Matt Moore and Chase Anderson, we had traded Vinny, for whatever, then used his $4M and the salaries of One of Moore and Anderson? Who could we have acquired that would be a better #4 SP, thereby lessening the team’s belief that they needed 2 long relievers? Was there anyone?

  39. I think the Phillies had 2 long relievers because they weren’t sure what they would get out of Moore and Anderson. Anderson gave us 5 innings, and Moore obviously didn’t.

    There’s a reason why back end starters (#4 or 5 starters) are replaceable. Best case, you hope they go 5 innings and keep you in the game (like Chase Anderson did yesterday). Worst case, he gets blown out early and your bullpen gets taxed.

    At the minimum, you need at least 1 long man. But even then, long men are supposed to eat innings and not get blown out either.

  40. Like the fact Joe G wastes no time with his pitchers…once he feels the momentum changing….out they come.
    Though today Nola was over 90 pitches in the 5th.

  41. This could be a 4 hour game today….Commissioner would be disappointed.
    After 6 innings…3 hours.

  42. Almost. Good start for Phillies winning the first 2 series. Hope they can go on the road and do well. Plus, fact Nola had an off day and still pulled out a win.

    Romus, I have a question I am sure you know or can look up quickly. I was just wondering how many of the total BP guys from last year for the Phillies are presently on ML rosters? Of course, Neris and Brogdon are for Phils. I think a couple others are but I have forgot who.

    1. David Hale-Phillies
      Jose Alvarez-Giants
      Cole Irvin-A’s
      David Phelps-Blue Jays
      Brandon Workman-Cubs

    2. Don – I know Phelps is with Toronto; Workman is also on a roster; Embree is injured but was signed by one team.

      1. Thanks guys. Forgot Hale. Amazing that all the guys the Phillies got at deadline landed on their feet again this year after the way they pitched those last few weeks.

  43. Another general for anyone. I see lots of kids at these games. I realize this week probably is Spring Break. How are the Phillies distributing the ticket allotments. I saw number was raised to 11,000. Just wondering.

  44. Hi Don – from what I see

    Alvarez – Giants – on 26
    Irvin – A’s on 26 (hit around in first appearance)
    Phelps – Blue Jays – on 26
    Pivetta – Sox’s – on 26
    Workman – Cubs – on 26 – picked up were he left off in 2020 by getting hit around in 2.2 innings

    Davis – Pirates – on 60-day IL

    As far as I can tell, the pitchers below are not on their team’s 40-man roster:
    Cleavinger – LAD
    Guerra – A’s
    Hembree – Reds
    Hunter – Mets
    Kelley – Cubs
    Parker – Indians
    McClain – NYY
    Morgan – Cubs

    1. Awesome Spin. Incredible the number of pitchers. Alvarez should be able to stick. It will be interesting to see how the others do. Thanks.

    1. The relief pitchers they had last year were just comically bad and they all were different variations of the same non-dominant pitcher – so none of them had intimidating stuff and it was easy for batters to adjust from pitcher to pitcher. Klentak really did not have an eye for talent or team building and, at the end, he just got desperate. He also got a little unlucky but as DD has shown, luck is the residue of design.

      1. The Klentak-McPhail era was unfortunate.

        Rookie managing partner John Middleton was convinced by other MLB owners that McPhail was baseball aristocracy and hired him. McPhail, in his manner, hired a protege in Klentak.

        McPhail had already mentally checked out and retired. Hiring him was a mistake. Klentak, a super-bright and nice guy, did not have either 1) ability to judge talent whether players or coaches and 2) ability to make strategic or roster-building decisions.

        Middleton’s mistakes were 1) hiring them in the first place and 2) sticking with them so long.

        However, all of that is history. We now have a team run by baseball people, and if early indications prove out, they are the right baseball people.

  45. Lots of folks here concerned with CF. The reality is that the 8 hitter in our lineup only needs to provide good defense and sprinkle in some hits. Haseley should be starting most days so we can find out what he is. In addition, I love Quinn on our bench. Don’t minimize how his blazing speed might win us a few games this year off the bench. I expect Kingery to return sometime in May to take the Torreyes spot. My guess is that our starting CF in Sept will be someone not in our system today, if we’re fighting for a playoff spot. Let’s Go Phils! First place!!

    1. Right you can’t complain about anything unless your trying. 5-1 and against the NL East I’ll take that.

      Cutch isn’t hitting the ball yet but his OBP is 364. Hoskins appears to have found it and Harper and JT are most always going to hold up their end of the bargain.

      All is well.

    2. Agree….let Haseley play fulltime…enough with the platoon.
      He has hit at every stop since HS….and also pitched until the Philles drafted him.

      1. That said Romus let’s say we get into late June early July and the team is playing really well and looking like they could actually take the division but Haseley still isn’t rising to the occasion a few names to watch would be Ketel Marte or Starling Marte who for sure gets traded at some point this season.

        Ketel would cost a big package. He’s 27 and signed to a very reasonable deal through his age 30 season or 2024. Starling shouldn’t cost much but is probably just a half a year solution.

        A third name I’ll throw out there but I don’t know how good of a CF he would be is Whit Merrifield. He seems like a guy you can play anywhere on the field and he would be above average. Merrifield is essentially who many dream Kingery will be but I don’t think its ever going to happen.

        One thing is for sure in the playoffs. Everyone has good pitching so you’re going to need a really deep line-up especially to take down the Dodgers in 7 games.

        1. DMAR….understand.
          I guess the Phillies will have a decision to be made when they have to cross that bridge it it comes down to it.

          1. Hi Matt not a big fan of him either because there really is no strong track record of him being able to hit well either. Yeah he’s off to a good start in KC and maybe I change my mind come July if he’s still OPSing over 800

            But in a number of seasons he is a sub 700 OPS player

            I do like him from the standpoint of defense and that he has WS experience.

      2. Romus Looking At Haseley i cant see him more than a 260 hitter with limited power, and not a elite outfielder, just average

        1. There is something about Haseley’s batting style and the way he reacts to the pitch. He is a defensive hitter or something. I’m not a pitching coach and haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn Express for awhile but he needs to be more aggressive, maybe it is his personality but he needs to do something different. IMO.

          1. He can’t hit high heat. And … what has happened to his defense? Two seasons ago, he caught everything hit his way. He went over walls (on a couple of occasions) to save runs. It looks like he has lost all confidence in CF.
            Having said all this … it’s still very early (in the season and his career). The team needs to give Haseley more of an opportunity to turn things around.

            1. This might sound crazy, but it might help Haseley to bat him ninth (have the pitcher hit 8th). Haseley would see better pitches batting in front of Andrew McCutchen.

            2. Wow, that might be a great idea Hinkie. Hopefully Joe G is reading this, lol, but I hope he is. Especially with Wheeler, he might be a better 8 hole hitter.

              I remember the 60’s and 70’s where a team can win with a SS and CF’er like Bud Harrelson, Tommy Agee, Concepcion/Geronimo, Blair/Bellanger, Wills/Davis, Oyler/Gates Brown, etc.

            3. He doesn’t look like he enjoys his job. He looks very intense and might think too much. For his size I expect more line drives/extra base hits.

        2. rocco…..I say…..give him an extended chance this season at least.
          Sure he will not be a 25/30 HR guy….but he can get the 12 HR area…but it is ISO that you want……he may be able to chalk that up with more doubles down both lines..
          But Joe has in the 8th hole……he will not be the reason they will miss the play-offs if it happens. The 7 other guys above him have some culpability.

  46. Ironically Hoskins has yet to take a BB this season in 24 PAs that ball he hit out to RF yesterday I believe was ball 4

    1. This has been one of my thoughts on Rhys for last couple years. He has in my opinion taken way too many pitches early in counts. Mostly fastball strikes. I am super glad to see him more aggressive. I am aware for years taking pitches has been the idea to run up the pitch count of the starter. Not sure that is as big a deal today as it used to be. Just my take. I have always been a proponent of getting your best pitch to hit early in the count.

  47. I’m increasingly concerned with this. They say it wasn’t intentional but clearly Kuhl was trying to throw up and in

    I’m in favor of immediate ejections of pitchers that hit batters in the head. You wanna pitch inside fine do it from the shoulders down.

    1. That is a tough call. It is easy to tell on some cases but others are difficult. An example. Take the pitch that Moore hit Davis with Monday night. I am sure he was not throwing at him but that pitch kept riding in and it ended up fairly high when it hit his hand. I totally agree if it intentional. Careers and lives are at stake as hard these guys are throwing. I am forgetting who but someone got hit in the front of the helmet other night. He just turned enough at the last minute. Someone will know. It was in highlights. It did not look like pitcher was throwing at him. But DMAR if a pitcher knows up front what happens it might greatly reduce the pitcher trying to go up and in with the pitch. So maybe a positive could come from this.

      1. For me its simple you hit a guy in the head its pretty cut and dry. No trying to measure intent. You’re day is done just walk off the mound and get a shower.

        Again I am not trying to take pitching inside away from the pitcher. But as you mention if its a rule it should deter some of it. Go ahead run it in on the hands and body below the shoulder but know the head is off limits.

        If you don’t have the command to avoid the head maybe you shouldn’t be out there.

  48. A random thought – SI did a story last month on the baseball and how MLB was going to a ball this year with less flight and not knowing what the impact will be. Korea apparently had a big drop off (20% less) when they changed balls. It’s early in the year and still chilly but it “seems” to me that I’ve seen balls hit that I thought were going out but were caught. Obviously the balls that should go out will still go out but it’s a storyline to follow as the season goes on. I’m tired of seeing “one handed” homers by middle infielders.

  49. Wayyyy too early to get too get excited about the Phils quick start but it was questioned a few days ago about previous fast Phillie starts and its worth noting that two of the franchises greatest teams both had fast starts. The ’93 team started 8-1and was in first place all but one day all year and the 2011 Halladay-Lee-Hamels-Oswalt team also started 5-1 and was in first place EVERY day of the season.

    By the same token, and in a probably long forgotten season the 1995 team started red hot and on June 25 stood 37-18 with a 5 game lead in the East. They started their collapse the following day and finished 69-75. That was yet another strike shortened season [Phils have NEVER done well during strike seasons.]

    One more thing I couldn’t help but contemplate as I studied the first 6 games of the season. I suspect DD is already perusing other teams major league rosters and trying to figure which CFers might become available his summer. I know Kingery or Herrera are potential replacements but my guess is that DD is thinking bigger and better than that. At the Realmuto press conference he mentioned how important he thought the middle of the diamond was, both defensively and offensively and I can think of few contenders historically whose CFer routinely hit 8th in the order.

    1. On that CF note….Hinkie brought up a name a month ago…Rays 31-year old Kevin Kieirmaier …. exceptional defender….plus maybe a little too pricey now for the Rays. And a free after after ’22.
      Does not hit well at all…lifetime slash 247/.306/.412, so there is that decision to be made if acquiring him.
      Rays look to be sacrificing this season and loading up for 2022 and forward.

        1. Well, to tell you the truth, not sure Trout is currently available, maybe at the trade deadline! 🙂
          Seriously……Marte….the Marlins or DBacks version, could cost prospects since that is what those teams would want come July.

        2. Kiermaier definitely moves the needle for me. He’s phenomenal with the glove (and arm). Defensively, he’ll probably save the Phillies more runs than any of Quinn/Haseley/Odubel will add with their bat. The Rays would more than likely be excited to trade two years of KK for one year of Odubel. It would save them ~13M.
          The one problem is KK is currently on the IL. Don’t have the details of why. But if he’s healthy by the summer, I could see DD adding Kiermairer. BTW … he is a winning type player. Would be an excellent clubhouse dude.

          1. Hinkie.. quad injury.
            He was trying to beat out a double-play grounder and appeared to get down the line slower than usual. Their manager said he thought that was when Kiermaier felt his quad tighten up

    2. Yep CD just posted above that Ketel Marte fits a DD type of player. Just 27 and signed through age 30 pretty cheap. Don’t know if the D-Backs even entertain moving a player like that.

      I imagine it will sting a little to get that type of player but I’d probably do it and move Haseley to 4th OF for the rest of this year and LF to replace Cutch next. Or maybe he’s part of the trade to get Ketel.

  50. Pssssttttt…….,……DD the Fish are looking for outfielders! We have 1 (persona non-gratta) and 1 that is faster than a meteor and we can throw in a pitcher (long man) tentatively, that has really good stuff, just not sure where his stuff is going. See what you can get, A, AA, AAA player, couple bags of balls (can be the new dead ones) players have to be live though, we have enough of the other variety.

      1. Don’t need a reason to hate the Mets, just them being the Mets is reason enough! Heh heh.

  51. If batters are allowed to wear elbow pads, they are going to lean over the plate. He was hit and the pitch was a strike.

    1. How soon we forget,
      …Chase Da Man was the master of getting HBPs…without blinking an eye and some times just making one gyroscopic movement to at least show some intent of evasiveness.

    2. If I was the Marlins I would use an opener the next game against the Mets. And I would plan on him making it to the fouth better. This could get ugly. Like The Kris Draper Revenge Game ugly.

  52. U get hit in elbow pad a ball if not over plate. Any normal human being moves elbow out of way if ball coming at it. Elbow pad a disgrace to game of baseball

  53. Anyone know if they’re are any alternate site games going on now? If so; how do we find results?

  54. On DD and the CF search – would rather have Manny Margot than Keirmaier but doubt they would trade him. Great defender and also has SB talent. Marte is a building block for Snakes team and it would take a king’s ransom to get him. Oakland looks like they could have a rough year – at least this early – maybe some players there ? Depends if Bean really leaves for Boston sports franchise program ?

    1. RU … I’d unload half the farm for Ramon Laureano if Billy Beane were to make him available. I love that guy!

        1. BTW … Not saying I expect the A’s to deal Laureano (he hasn’t even begun his arb years). Just saying he’s soooo good, there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t give up to acquire him.

          1. Hinkie – watched the A’s – Astros game last night (in a bar/restaurant) and saw Laureano make an incredible running catch on a ball hit well over his head, and he did it like nothing. I thought the same thing you have – will the A’s be bad enough to “sell off” — he would be the first guy I think DD should go after. I looked up his stats in Baseball Prospectus – and he gets an outlandish defensive rating. He also steals bases ! Good call !

          2. I have always liked Laureano, you might think that if DD makes an upgrade it could be an OF bat or another reliever.

      1. Laureano plays with an edge. I like him too. But I don’t think Beane is involved in baseball ops in Oakland anymore. I thought he bought into ownership with the Red Sox thus meaning he had to leave Oaklands front office.

        Not sure on that but David Forst is listed as GM

        The legend of Billy Beane a guy who still hasn’t won the last game of a season will be forever the most famous GM in baseball. 🙂

          1. Romus they used to say that about me. But i listen to you and shave my head, now they call me Budda

            1. rocco……feels good though, right?
              However, this winter I had to wear a skull cap outside at times…head got cold.

  55. Murray mentioned above the new baseball may not be traveling as far. On the Baseball Tonight podcast, Paul Hembekides reported that the average distance of a fly ball during the first week of the season was 307.1 ft, compared to 316.2 during the first week of 2020, 316.3 in 2019, and 316.0 in 2018. He also said that barreled balls defined by statcast as a ball hit with an exit velocity of at least 98 mph and launch angle of 26 to 30 degrees resulted 59% of the time in a HR and .750 BA, both were considerably lower during the first week than in previous seasons. He did not quantify “considerable.”

  56. I hope someone will clarify this for me. I was under the impression that if a batter was HBP, he took first base only if the pitch was not a strike. If that is not the case, what is to prevent batters from doing it intentionally?

  57. I think Nola has a lot to prove if he want’s to be the ace of this staff. Going back to his last 2 starts in 2020 that cost us the post season and this year’s first 2 starts, he has not looked like an ace. Yes he pitched great on opening day but an ace does not throw a strike with an 0 -2 count to a washed up free swinger. Having said that, if he and Wheeler & Eflin make at least 30 starts each, I say they make the post season.

    1. Inexplicably Nola’s career Septs are poor…7-12….ERA 4.2…just not 2020.
      May be a case of over usage and being worn down.

      1. I’ve felt the same for some time. He doesn’t seem to have the fire of an ace. Is that fair to say based on body language maybe not but its my impression.

      2. i said it many times he isnt a ace, When he is at 94 and above really good pitcher, but not a ace,

        1. You are right Rocco, if the FB is at 94 he is a different guy, if it’s not, he’s not!

  58. Did I also see last night that Soroka is dealing with a Shoulder issue?????

    You guys that saw a path for the Phillies to win the division might have been on to something.

  59. The point of replay is to get it right. The idea that replay could only confirm Conforto!s elbow guard was grazed, but not that the pitch was a strike is dumb. I know Kulpa said he should have called him out. But that doesn’t fix it. Amazing that in a sport that generates so much money, simple things can’t be fixed. The batter was out on strike 3. It doesn’t matter if he was hit, it was a strike. So replay should not have even been allowed. But, once it was the rules should be simply “ get the call correct”

  60. Can the Dodgers survive and thrive in the wake Bauer leaves behind every where he seems to go? It appears he’s at it again calling out the MLB for their silly ball inspectors.

    Not that he’s wrong he’s actually right. How do they know if a ball with a sticky substance on it didn’t come from a bat or some other mitt?

    If you’ve ever managed a team before you know there are super talents that can be so toxic they become a net negative.

      1. I’m with you Hinkie on great pitchers and their movement and the way they can control that movement in and out/up down. It does separate the great from the good and so on.

        I don’t know what is right or wrong about grip substances. My knee jerk reaction is don’t make it obvious as in the Michael Pineda incident of yore and everything is fine.

        Not sure if bat corking is still a thing but is it an equivalent? I’m not sure. Obviously if you break a bat during a game and cork splinters all over the field you’re toast.

        1. I remember back in the late 80s Kevin Gross getting canned for the small emery board in the pocket of his glove…think it was Revlon, the board not the glove….:)

            1. Denny, I think that’s where Stuart screwed up, he actually needed Velcro as I recall.

          1. Romus, trying to think who that guy was all day today. I remembered him getting chucked that day. He had a slit cut in the glove as I recall for the emery board to protrude to scuff the ball. I wonder if Cooperstown would consider a section where all the illegal conventions of the past (Ty Cobbs file for his cleats), Vaseline, tar, bats stuffed with super balls, cork, etc. would be an interesting exhibit.

  61. We were on this last week and as I was listening to announcers for the Cards Brewers game yesterday talk about how they DIDN’T like the 3 batter minimum rule and how that was supposed to speed up games but hasn’t I wondered:

    Why are games longer with this rule than without? After Catch brought it up about in between pitch antics of both batters and pitchers I’m buying into the pitch clock but only if they revamp replay

    Smoltz and Showalter said maybe the replay needs to be revamped to allow it only on scoring plays and make everything reviewable for game ending plays.

    If there is a close play at 1st in the 4th inning is it really worth 3.5 minutes of delay. From my naked eye watching these replays over the years I feel more often than not they get it right and in many cases its so close you can’t overturn it.

    1. Everyone wants to target the batter or pitcher for the delay between pitches…I put the onus on the catchers.
      After a pitch is thrown and called ball or strike, throw the ball back…..then immediately give the next sign to the pitcher… not sit back there and gaze up and study the hitters stance, and make sure he is not looking back down into your crotch to steal the sign.
      Pitchers seem to have to wait for signs…and if the batter is not set up in the box, oh well.

        1. Agree, catcher, pitcher, batter. Just play, already. Have the umps use their authority to move the game along. If there is a hitter or pitcher whose style is cramped, tough.

          Also agree with Denny, use the same ball until there’s a reason not to.

  62. Bleacher Report…recommends Phiilies trade Scott Kingery to Gabe and the Giants.

    “If there’s such a thing as a trade that’s both a change of scenery for a former top prospect and a salary dump, we might see it if the Philadelphia Phillies move Scott Kingery.
    The Phillies signed the 26-year-old to a contract extension in 2018 before he had even debuted in the majors, and he actually had a solid season a year later. Yet he’s been worth just 1.1 rWAR in three seasons, and he didn’t make the club out of spring training this year.

    There’s obviously nothing stopping the Phillies from holding on to Kingery. But if Dave Dombrowski, the club’s new president of baseball operations, sees him as an unwanted relic of the previous regime, he might look for takers for Kingery and the $18.8 million he’s guaranteed through 2023. If former Phillies manager Gabe Kapler puts in a good word for Kingery to club boss Farhan Zaidi, the San Francisco Giants might be game to deal. Kingery would work well as a super-utility guy on the Giants roster, and they could lower his prospect price tag by absorbing some of his remaining money”

    1. Wishful thinking. No one is taking that contract. This is either a total loss or a reclamation project right now.

  63. Michael conforto quoted in ny post. I lean over plate when I get in battle mode. Forgot to mention with my protective armor. As Lloyd Bentsen once said Conforto I knew Chase Utley and you are no Chase Utley

  64. I think the Phillies still believe (hope) that Kingery could still be a solid major league player. That year he mainly played shortstop, after a month or so he did a really good job. That was also his most productive year at the plate if I recall correctly.

    As far as speeding up the game, I don’t think anything will work. That’s just the kind of game baseball is. The batters step out all the time and that is so they can focus more. When a pitch is coming their way at 90+ miles an hour, it’s not so easy to hit.

    I like to watch softball at the UConn campus even more than watching a good Huskies baseball program. Why? The women’s game moves along so much more quickly. Why? For one main reason: The base runners cannot lead off of the bases.

    In baseball, with players taking their lead, the pitcher has slowed to a turtle’s pace. He has to constantly look over to the man on base. He then needs to toss it over to keep him close. That’s just the game. There isn’t a whole lot that can be done to speed things up.

    1. True but the game is the same. In the 70s, a Carlton vs Seaver game was done in 2 hours. We’ll never get back to that though. Pitchers don’t have that control now, batters are consumed with taking pitches and working counts, and so many more relievers are used.

  65. I really hope Girardi gets the same energy that Kapler would have got after his mental lapse last night. This would be all WIP or the Fanatic would be talking about if it was Kaplers mistake. Keep the same energy. (Also this is the 2nd time already that this team has simply not known what was going on – can’t remember which game but there was a 3rd out made and no one knew it)

    1. Eric D…not sure it would have made much of a difference with the way Acuna played last night ….at the plate and in the field when he made that catch saving a few runs and keeping it from becoming a different ballgame.

    2. He should have taken Wheeler out before that last batter started anyway. Wheeler was done. Kintzler came in mid at bat but hit the out. No damage done.

  66. Not sure is same for other teams but pretty much can count on Phils coming up small after they put up a decent number game before. This lineup still lacks consistency to put up runs every game. Too many strike outs sprinkled in to keep rallies going.

    1. Patso….correct…..too many swing and misses in the lineup…especially top 5 positions in the batting order…
      So far early in the season, for the team, 28% K-rate.
      A far cry lower than MLB leader Baltimore at 34%, but still fairly high.
      League average is 25%.

      But compared to the NL -East.,…..they are just below the Braves..
      Mets -20%
      Braves- 30%
      Nats-26%…but SSS

      1. Come on, look at the pitchers they’ve faced so far. They’ve faced one guy who wasn’t a top pitcher and they rocked him. You have to take that into consideration. The Phils’ top 11 pitchers have been very good also. It will be a tough division, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. They need to win one of three in Atlanta and try to get two of four in NY. That would be a successful trip after going 5-1 at home.

        1. It doesn’t get much easier…….they still have to face AL-East pitching, though I really do think NL-East pitchers on a whole…all five teams and their 25 starting roatation pitchers…match up on par or even better than any other division in MLB..
          Would be great if they could face 4th and 5th rotations guys a lot more often.

      2. All are just too high. It is so much more enjoyable when balls are put in play. Oh well.

  67. This infield defense is going to be a real problem. Rhys has trouble catching the ball which seems to be an issue for a 1B. It’s not Todd Zeile, Juan Bell, Juan Samuel, and Ricky Jordan bad, but it’s not good.

  68. Free Agents Still Out There Unsigned:
    Yoenis Cespedes, Edwin Encarnacion, , Yasiel Puig, Shane Greene, Addison Russell, Anibal Sanchez, Jeremy Jeffress, Felix Hernandez, Josh Reddick, Jedd Gyorko, Brad Peacock, Scooter Gennett, Matt Kemp. Matt Wieters, Tyler Flowers, Zach Godley, Jeff Samardzija, Mike Leake, Rick Porcello, Cole Hamels, David Robertson and AJ Ramos.

    Dave D. should at least inquiry on Cole Hamels, Porcello, Robertson, Shane Greene and see what it may take $$$$, down the road if they may need any of them.

  69. This isn’t complicated. The Phillies need much more production from CF. There are four internal candidates. Quinn, Haseley, Moniak and Herrera. Only one has given past production. Herrera. I believe only one can give future production. Herrera. Herrera should be called up and made the everyday CF.

  70. To truly compete the infield will need to be revamped. Bohm IMO will need to go to left. Just not reliable enough for even 1b. Rhys always seems a tick off fro being a reliable enough hitter to be DH. Now people see why they tried him I left. Didi below avg SS can get away with him at third for year and segura ok 2b one more year. Need a first baseman and shortstop by next year.

    I have no clue on Phillies vision for drafting players but the hit tool without an ability to play a position needs to at least be looked at. Can’t put them all in left field.

  71. NL I agree 100%. It also seems that the number 8 batter in the lineup has had some key at bats early in season.

    Here are my thoughts after 5 games vs Braves. Phillies are going to need to be ahead going into the last 3 innings. It is obvious to me that when the game becomes a BP game the Braves have a huge advantage over the Phillies.

    They have a much better defense. Hinkie will say Ozuna is weak. But if no ball is hit that way you can hide him.

    They can bring 5 lefties and 5 righties from BP. Even Glavine was kind of taken back last night that the Braves have 10 BP arms. Most throw very hard. At least the lefties. This was one of things Costas would change.

    The Braves have much more speed in a tight game at the end and can manufacture a run much easier than the Phillies. Take last night, who on the Phillies besides Quinn would have had a chance to score from 3rd. Braves have at least 3 or 4 more who would have had good chance of scoring.

    Finally the Braves in situations where you need to put the ball in play do a better job than the Phillies. So many times the Phillies strikeout in the same situation.

    Going forward I just see the Braves as a really difficult matchup for the Phlllies. It is nice that Phillies got 3 in the win column last weekend.

    One final point. Announcers hit on this constantly. Phillies have led in 7 of 8 games so far at least. I forget if they ever led in the one loss to Mets. But Phillies led in 49 of 60 last year and only won 28. I know last night when the Braves went up 5-4 I did not feel that the Phillies would tie or take the lead. You do not get same feeling if situation reversed.

    1. Don…..Joe’s fascination and allure for Roman Quinn is reminiscent of Charlie Manuel’s three year fascination for Michael ‘Mini-Mart’ Martinez ten years ago.

        1. rocco…remember what Fritz Ostermueller said…”Home run hitters drive Caddies….singles hitters drive Fords”
          You are a HR hitter. 🙂

      1. Romus. Roman and Billy Hamilton are almost the same player. Roman may be a notch better defender. Neither player is ever going to figure out what their strengths are. Exciting IF they ever get on base. I am sure all managers fall into that category on certain players. Apparently Hale is a favorite as well. But the bottom line is do they produce. Watching Hasely and Quinn last night it was obvious that neither came to the plate with the confidence that they would get a hit. They were hoping they might get a hit. Both lack confidence. I do not say Odubel is the ultimate answer but of the four options they have at this time it is a slam dunk he should be the CF. At this time the Braves pitchers feel not threat with the 8 spot. Odubel would at least do that much.

        I kinda think Bohm has been ok at 3rd. I have been disappointed with Didi. I thought he would have a good year and he may. He seems to be letting the ball play him in many instances instead of him playing the ball. He was really lucky on the double play they turned. Personally I think Segura is a good 2B. Rhys does not have the fluid body movements at 1st to ever be really good. Adequate maybe.

        1. If the NL gets the DH Quinn can be our Herb Washington, 105 games in a career 0 ABs and 31 stolen bases.

  72. People need to realize that the Braves are a top 5 team, a likely playoff team. Everybody knew that the Phillies have a rough starting schedule. I mean, if you asked people that after the first 6 games against the Braves, at worst, we would be 3-3, I’m sure everybody would have agreed to that. And guess what, we’re headed towards that.

  73. We all know what Roman Quinn is by now, so I don’t think we need to rehash it.

    The growing book on Haseley is not good. He may have tinkered with his batting stance, but he’s not driving the ball at all. Teams are clearly not scared of him and they’re feeding him more breaking balls than ever before. If this continues, it’s only a matter of time before he gets sent down and Odubel gets sent up. Odubel proved in ST that he’s still a streaky hitter but he has the power to make a difference. You can’t be lazy throwing cookies at Odubel.

    1. In a way, this is the great thing about baseball. If you’re good, over time, it’s going to be hard to deny someone a chance (although it’s harder when that person is buried at a remote site and not able to play in games to showcase his talent), but if you’re bad and just can’t hit, you can’t hide that either. This is going to play itself out over 4-8 weeks to begin with. If Quinn and Haseley don’t hit, Odubel will almost certainly get another chance.

  74. The Braves are one of the best. They came very close to being in World Series.
    Maybe they can sneak a 4th win in tonight and split with Mets. I think anyone would take a 3 and 4 trip. No doubt the schedule is difficult.

    Regarding Odubel it was stated that Joe was also very pleased with his defense in CF. I do hope he is given a chance to see if he can make a difference. I agree on the cookies.

  75. As fan find it much more satisfying when club is built with young players and then wins it all. Like Schmidt Bowa Phils teams. Although they had hard time breaking thru against Reds and Dodgers. And Utley Howard Rollins Phils who may have won more than one if ownership had been astute enough to keep Jimy Williams around.

  76. In a long term sort of way, it may be better for the Phils to show DD their warts early so he can make the appropriate moves by this summer rather than wait till the fall. Let’s face it, he was not that aware of the team coming in [he was focused on getting a franchise to Nashville] other than their bullpen was the worst in baseball and needed to be overhauled. And in that he moved quickly and efficiently.

    I always prefer when the team wins, I like players like Harper, Nola, JT, Hoskins and Eflin and want them to be successful but when they lose, especially when they play poorly, I remind myself that Dombrowski is for the first time seeing precisely what we have been witnessing for several years and he, unlike us, is in a position to do something about it and given his track record, do it quickly.

    My guess is that the team we are watching in August will look vastly different than the team we are watching today. Oh, most of the rotation will still be there assuming they stay healthy and he has already laid his stake down on the bullpen. But I will not be surprised if 3-4 position players are supplanted. I simply cannot see him not making a move on a center fielder, will replace McCutchen as the end of his contract gets closer and will make at least one infield move, probably at 2nd base.

    My other guess…he will look to make a multi-player deal so he can potentially take care of two problems with one move. Keep an eye on Marte in Arizona, he may soon become available in trade and would be a very solid addition to the Phillies.

    1. It seems every year, we have discussions about the Phillies trading for a rising player. Here’s why Ketel Marte WON’T be traded to the Phillies:

      Marte is still only 27, with a lifetime .792 OPS. Even though he plays at Chase Field, his splits are not crazy different. He also has a very favorable contract for the next 3 years (max $30M). I have always said it before, you have to give talent to get talent. In order to trade for Marte, it begins with AT LEAST 1 top 50 player, if not top 25. The trade BEGINS with Spencer Howard and at least 1 of Mick Abel or Bryson Stott. And before anybody mentions it, Haseley would be filler in any deal, and NOT as the main component.

      1. Just for kicks decided to look up Ketel Marte’s scouting report from his Mariners days as a 20-year old.
        not too impressive….highest he got in their org was their 8th spot.
        Hit: 45…Pwr: 30…Run: 65… Arm: 50… Fld: 55….Overall: 45
        Pushed aggressively, Marte reached the Class A Advanced California League in 2013 at age 19. The Mariners think he can develop into a top-of-the-order catalyst in the future. Marte’s best tool is his speed, and he has more than enough to be a threat on the basepaths and to give him range up the middle. The Dominican switch-hitter’s actions and his arm are good enough for shortstop, but he’s also seen time at second base thus far in his pro career. Marte has no power to speak of, relying on making contact and using his speed for his offense. Some added strength and improvement of his on-base skills will certainly help him down the road. If the bat can come along, Marte has the chance to be an everyday shortstop, though a career as a speedy and dynamic utility type is nothing to sneeze at.
        ….so basically he came on as a late comer.

        1. Ketel Marte really came on out of nowhere. He wasn’t ranked as a prospect and his career minor league OPS was .731. And he was playing in the PCL for most of it.

  77. Still fairly early to make judgements on most of the players and their future with the team.
    I would think the same thing applies to the Brave’s lineup……two players batting over .200…Acuna and d’Arnaud. But like some of the Phillies….after 6/8 weeks things should correct itself for many in the starting lineup.

  78. Nick Pivetta’s start today: 6 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 1 HR, 4 earned

    That line looks better than some of his starts for Philadelphia.

    But the funny thing is the damage was done by our old friend Maikel Franco with a single and a 3 run HR.

    1. Franco seems to have resurrected his career after the stint woth KC lastyear in that 60 game season.

      1. How so? He’s hitting .229 with a .656 OPS. Sounds a lot like the old Franco to me.

  79. Another indicator why the baseball draft is difficult:

    Adam Haseley, drafted 8th overall in the 2017 draft, his career WAR is 1.5. Haseley has the most WAR of any first rounder in 2017. Jo Adell, drafted #10, was a consensus top 10 prospect at certain points the last few years. His WAR is -1.5.

    I believe Griffin Canning (2.4 career WAR), drafted in the second round, has the most war of all players drafted in 2017.

    1. Yep…hard to determine who will emerge out of the MLB drafts.
      I am still optimistic with Haseley, but will have to see how he does when given an extended chance.
      I do not care if he becomes a defensive hitter with two strikes, by trying to put the ball in play, because anything can happen then …..but do not want to see him become a defensive hitter when he is ahead in the count.

  80. As the announcer just said, “routine ground ball to shortstop” and they let Acuna beat it out and it changes the entire complexion of the inning. Gonna be a long ugly game.

  81. Mr. Hamels – please come back. We are going to have an opening for a starting pitcher.

  82. Great win. Looked from here that Phillies got a huge break on call at home.
    But you need to get some luck along the way.

  83. I think the Phillies got lucky for tomorrow’s game. The Mets game should have been postponed from the beginning, and Stroman threw 9 pitches before the game was suspended. If the game was postponed, Stroman would have pitched tomorrow’s game against the Phillies.

    1. Oh crap, I stand corrected. If Stroman was pitching tomorrow, then the Phillies wouldn’t get DeGrom on Thursday. Damn!

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