Spring Training 2021, Day Six (Mon., 2/22/21)

I arrived at the Complex before 9:30 AM.  There was some action on Bowa Field.  So, I started there.  Pitchers came out early to throw bullpens.  I caught the last groups.  If you follow me on Twitter, I was able to Tweet a lot of today’s action.

From my vantage point behind the LCF fence on Roberts Field

This was the final pair.  I moved back around to see what was happening on other fields.

After finishing their live bullpens, Nola and the other pitchers did PFPs on Schmidt.

Two groups of pitchers were on Carlton.  The Eflin group appeared to be preparing for PFPs.  Another group was tossing in LF.

Outfielders were fielding fly balls launched by a machine on Ashburn.

Infielders were working up on Bowa.  I went over there to check them out before calling it a day.  Mark Wylie was up there shooting a lot of photos.  I will post them in a separate album.

There were more people here today.  Still able to space at the Complex.  Not as much at Bowa Field.  Fewer people but they tend to bunch up on you.  The nits from out of town choose not to wear masks.  I may cut down on visits even more.  I can’t really see much and I’m getting a sore back balancing on a step stool for 3 hours.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Spring Training 2021, Day Six (Mon., 2/22/21)

  1. So, to your knowledge Jim, have there been protocols established by the Phillies for safe separation distance for people outside without masks?

    1. No, there have not. They can keep people away from the fence, but can’t dictate masks or distance from each other.

      They can and do have rules inside the stadium regarding masks and distance. It remains to be seen how much they can enforce them once the games start.

      1. Thank you very much,Jim. I have never heard anything developed anywhere for safe distances for people outside (just that it is generally safe if you are outside) so I guess that isn’t surprising. Perhaps a little disappointing, but not surprising.

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