Spring Training 2021, Day Six (Photo Album)

All photos were taken by Mark Wylie.

These were all taken on Bowa Field.

Travis Jankowski
Moniak and Haseley
Dave Dombrowski and Bowa
Bohm and Girardi

More Bohm. Note some with regular glove, some with smaller black glove, and some with a paddle glove.

Bohm, Maton, Miller, Kingery

Some Bowa

Dave D. acknowledging
DD and Joyce ?
DDand Maton
DD approaching Haseley, Moniak, and Jankowski
Girardi checking Twitter

More Haseley

Haseley and Jankowski
Haseley, Moniak, Jankowski
Hoskins and ?
Hoskins, Segura, Miller

Medical tent check-in.  Looks like Ortiz in black and Luis Garcia in red hoodie.

Joe and Dave

Josh Bonifay

Joyce and Bowa
Joyce, McCutchen, Quinn, Bowa
Kingery and Maton
O’Hoppe (no cap)
Maton, Bohm, Miller, Kingery

McCutchen and Joyce
Moniak and Haseley
Pitchers over on Ashburn

Hoskins and Segura


22 thoughts on “Spring Training 2021, Day Six (Photo Album)

  1. Pictures are great. Any observations? Does Cutch really look like he’s running better? Anyone look different than last year physically?

  2. Joe G said Bohm has got bigger up top….he does look bigger…also O’Hoppe looks like he tips the scales now at 200 plus lbs.

    1. We’re all old and retired. We used to be able to move from field to field on an inside perimeter. Now, we have to cover much more distance on an outside perimeter.

      The players are working out in much smaller groups. They arrive at staggered times. So far, it looks like the mini campers are working out in the afternoon. I arrive before 9:30 and still miss most of the bullpens on Bowa Field. I leave at 12:30 and the campers are just starting to long toss. I understand that groups are still working out at 2:00.

      We used to be able to rest, leaning against a fence, sitting on the stands, sitting on the chairs we brought with us, AND still see the section. Now, if we sit, we can’t see anything but a fence with a mesh covering. I have to balance on a step-stool to watch. What used to happen in less than 4 hours is being extended past 6 hours. It’s tiring. My back, neck, and legs ache.

      Sure, I love the mini campers. But, three hours is about all I can endure.

      1. I was told that things are being run very efficiently and many protocols are in place. Staggered report times and no hanging around. Players come in, do their thing and leave. Only complaint, boxed lunch….no buffet.

        1. Hah….boxed lunches….reminded me when I was young and in the USAF, that was the standard issue meals on the flights……and they loaded them up with plenty of sandwiches, goodies and always the apple..

      2. Jim, I meant photos. I appreciate what you have to go through to just get the information you do. Seems crazy MLB/Phillies can’t set up an area with a mask requirement for people
        To observe practice. Thank you!!!!

    1. … and BTW, I appreciate the fact that Dombrowski promoted from within, instead of bringing in former cronies. DD may only be here for four or five years, but his acumen and his knowledge of the league should carry on with Sam Fuld and Jorge Velandia for many years after his departure.

  3. Correction: That’s Johan Rojas in the red hoodie in the photos with Ortiz. Garcia had mistakenly reported to the wrong entry point at the Complex and walked back to the correct entry point with a friend of mine. So, he is here, just not in the photos above.

    1. Good to hear both (Rojas and Garcia) are in camp.

      BTW … Jim, are you opening the next draft thread? If not, I can just post in the open thread.

      1. They go back almost 5 years when Dave D. and Mike Hazen drafted CJ Chatham in the 2nd round for the Sox.

  4. I found answer on web site. 2,200 fans per game. Did not see any distinction if someone has had both Covid vaccine shots. Is there anything in place for those who have at this point. All else looks very similar to what we have here in Indiana.

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