Open Discussion: Week of January 10th

Still quiet on the baseball front.  One trade and one announcement highlight the week’s activity for Phillies’ fans.  The 2020 international signing period begins this Friday, January 15, 2021, at  9:00 AM EST.

The Phillies traded 2020, 4th round pick Carson Ragsdale to San Francisco for right-handed reliever Sam Coonrod.  He had TJ surgery in 2018 and returned to pitching in 2019 with a 3.58 ERA in 27.2 innings. He posted a 9.82 ERA in 2020 but had a 6-game stretch in late September where he was effective, posting 2 saves and a hold as well as 3 other scoreless appearances before allowing 5 ER in his last 2 appearances.

A lot will likely be made of the Phillies’ trading a young prospect.  Don’t let Ragsdale’s draft position affect your assessment too much.  He was the 116th player selected and was an under slot pick to allow the money needed to sign second-round pick, Casey Martin.  He signed for $225K, more than $270K under slot.  His contract was almost $100K lower than the lowest slot value of $324.1K for the 160th and final slot.  By comparison, $225K was the slot assignment for the 180th pick in 2019, a sixth-round selection, ironically, Andrew Schultz of Tennessee who was selected by the Phillies.

The announcement dealt with the delayed start of the Double-A and Single-A spring training and regular seasons.  I predicted this a couple of weeks ago.  Don’t be surprised if there are further restrictions on ST as I also suggested.

I’m also not convinced that the MLB regular season is going to start on time.  I know we’ve seen that ST and regular season are set to begin on time.  But, don’t be surprised if the start of the season is pushed back.  In an effort to play as many games as possible before live fans, MLB and the MLBPA could agree on 7-inning double headers, ghost runners, and larger rosters to accommodate a schedule that retains a 162-game schedule that runs into October.  I’m not saying this is going to happen, just be prepared for the possibility of some sort of agreement between the parties that pays the players 100% of their salaries and maxes out the number of games played in front of people.

I was distracted by last week’s events and forgot to post the Amateur Draft discussion.  I’ll try not to forget this week.

Since we have no Phillies’ news to focus on, you can continue to vent frustration in the Comments section.  I ask only that you do not resort to personal attacks on each other.

(my vent deleted)

I hope law enforcement is out in force and does a better job at the inauguration.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • January 15, 2021 – Deadline for teams and arb eligible players to submit salary figures to an arbiter
  • January 15, 2021, 9:00 AM EST – Start of the 2020 international signing period
  • February 17, 2021 – Voluntary spring training reporting date for pitchers, catchers, and players recovering from injuries
  • February 22, 2021 – Voluntary spring training reporting date for position players
  • February 24, 2021 – Mandatory spring training reporting date
  • February 27, 2021 – First spring training game v. Blue Jays
  • April 1, 2021 – Opening Day for ALL 30 teams
  • April 2021 – ST for Double-A and Single-A begins
  • May 2021 – Opening day for Double-A and Single-A
  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft

The rosters and lists are up to date as of January 3rd … 322 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

1/09/2021 – Phillies traded RHP Carson Ragsdale to Giants for RHP Sam Coonrod
1/04/2021 – Phillies sign FA C Christian Bethancourt to an MiLB contract with invite to ST
1/04/2021 – Phillies sign FA RHP Neftali Feliz to an MiLB contract with invite to ST
1/04/2021 – Phillies sign FA INF Ronald Torreyes to an MiLB contract with invite to ST
1/04/2021 – Phillies sign FA RHP Michael Ynoa to an MiLB contract with invite to ST
12/29/2020 – Rays traded LHP Jose Alvarado to Phillies; Dodgers traded PTBNL and 1B Dillon Paulson to Rays; Phillies traded LHP Garrett Cleavinger to Dodgers
12/10/2020 – Phillies claimed SS Kyle Holder off waivers from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
12/10/2020 – Scranton/Wilkes-Barre claimed RHP Reggie McClain off waivers from Lehigh Valley
12/07/2020 – Phillies claimed RHP Ian Hamilton off waivers from Seattle

249 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of January 10th

  1. I was surprised to see them trade away a 2020 draft pick in a small deal but it’s clear they’re trying to gather hard throwing arms who don’t cost much for the major league bullpen. Hopefully one or two of these guys break through. Hard throwers often have bad control so the Cotham will be working on control with these guys for sure. A trade for a closer is certainly a possibility as it would save money but cost us prospects. Hader is the name tossed around but there could be others being considered as well.

  2. Jim – is there any promising chatter at all? Each day that goes by without a move or rumor is kind of concerning as a fan. Yes, I know they made minor moves for project bullpen arms but as I see division rivals get stronger, the Phillies seem weaker.

      1. I hope so. Too many holes in lineup.
        Now if the bullpen moves work out, great, but the offense is a lot different as of today than it was this season.

        1. rocco…thanks for that reminder… to get the shingles shot, flu shot, COVID vaccinations when available, pneumonia booster again……am I missing any that seniors need?

          1. My wife got the vaccine Saturday first shot, she is care takers for her sister, I have to wait until july i believe, i think your next romus over 75, then you can go to spring training

            1. rocco……gotcha.
              My friend, a nurse practitioner, got her first shot last mid-week,
              ….she has to wait 28 days before the second (Moderna).

  3. The Money Drought:
    Ken Rosenthal stated that MLB is “bracing for a reduction in TV rights fees in pending ESPN deal,”……..MLB’s previous deal with ESPN was an eight-year, $5.6 billion contract worth $700 million per year. The agreement under discussion would be for seven years and approximately $3.85 billion, reducing the average annual value to about $550 million per year”

    Looks like this may be manifesting itself in the current slow free agent signings.

    1. The MLB won’t be the only sports league taking a financial haircut. The NFL, NBA and NHL are all in line for a significant reduction in T.V rights fees. We’ve discussed the reasons before so no need to re-hash those yet the reality is the golden age of huge salaries that raise all players incomes may be done…

  4. Speaking of holes, time for the old 50 man revolving door routine. Last count we were near full. At this point they have to start subtracting either by trade or waiver. Who are the first 1-3 to go?

    Catcher – ?
    Pitching -?
    Inf -?

  5. V1 – Here is BP’s Top 10 List:

    1. Mick Abel, RHP
    2. Spencer Howard, RHP
    3. Francisco Morales, RHP
    4. Bryson Stott, IF
    5. Johan Rojas, OF
    6. Rafael Marchan, C
    7. Simon Muzziotti, OF
    8. Casey Martin, IF
    9. Luis Garcia, SS
    10. Adonis Medina, RHP

      1. v1,

        Here’s an interesting comment on Abel: ” It’s rare to see a high school pitcher with only a “medium” variance, but Abel has everything you want in a future frontline stud

        On Rojas, who has become something of a favorite here, BP says “questions about the hit tool and approach need to be answered before we pull the trigger. This ranking/report could look very different in a year for good or for ill. ”

        On Stott: “The converse of there being no real carrying tool is there isn’t a particular hole in his profile either. Sometimes that means you only get a fifth infielder, but the reasonable floor here is some kind of major league bench piece. We’d feel more confident about that once he hits in the upper minors”

      2. v1 – Since SWFL already responded, let me add BP’s Overall Future Potential:

        1. Abel, No. 2/3 starter with potential for more
        2. Howard, No. 3 starter who flashes No. 2 stuff
        3. Morales, First-division closer or No. 3 starter
        4. Stott, Above-average infielder
        5. Rojas, First-division center fielder
        6. Marchan, Above-average catcher
        7. Muzziotti, Above-average, glove-first center fielder
        8. Martin, Dynamic bat with some positional flexibility
        9. Garcia, Above-average shortstop, glove over hit
        10. Medina, No. 4 starter or solid reliever

        1. From that list, I see Abel, Rojas and Martin with considerable ceilings.

          Stott, Howard and Garcia profile as solid big league players if not stars.

          If Morales (closer?) and Medina can transition to solid relievers, we all should do back flips.

          Marchan (backup C) and Muzziotti (4th OF) as major league bench pieces could be valuable. Yhoswar Garcia didn’t make their list but let’s see if he can climb the ranks in 2021.

        2. I also like Erik Miller (heat) and Ethan Lindow (Glavine-lite) as emerging south paws who could finally give the major league staff some balance.

          1. Morales was up to 97 during instructs….and according to Josh Bonifay hitting his location has improved. Right now they project him as mid-rotation guy.

  6. I have mixed feelings about the Carson Ragsdale trade, not because Ragsdale is guaranteed to develop into the next Craig Kimbrel in his prime, but it seems that the Phillies are going down the same road as the last Front Office group. Trade for relievers with a history of arm/shoulder issues and hope that they can remain healthy/effective enough to solve the abyss that is the bullpen. Good teams can draft well enough to turn to homegrown players to competently fill holes on the major league roster, great teams draft well enough to have some of their homegrown talent turn into all stars, and some teams just continually draft poorly and turn to trading for injured, older players in hopes that they can be effective enough to contribute.

  7. It seems like this year might be almost the same as last if we move the start of the season back. Do you think that means that NL might continue the DH? I am one that is hoping for that.

    1. Not to go off on a football trail, but I liken the Pedersen firing to Kapler’s in this way: Different types of personality and styles of leadership, mind you, but their immediate boss(es) was the bigger problem. Doug P’s success in ’17-’18 was little more than fool’s gold. When Reich and Difillipo moved on, so did the head coach’s M.O. He was mostly a product of their influential presence. Howie Roseman, meanwhile, was a blind squirrel who got lucky one off season out of all the years of his tenure. Yet he remains until now as the owner’s sacred cow. (Hey, that rhymes) Similarly, Klentak is still somebody’s coffee fetcher in the front office at least until his contract ends. Loyalty…to a fault.

      1. …although me thinks a BIG reason for dropping the axe was Carson Wentz. Lurie may have decided between Howie and Doug based on the fact that he didn’t want to eat so much of Wentz’s money and the crow of making that trade in ’16 to jump so far up in the draft and for what, after all. Add to that the disjointed relationship between QB and HC, and that’s that.

        1. mark8;29…you make all good points….also think Doug wanted out…..they ‘parted ways’…..if he really wanted to stay he could have pleaded with Lurie…..and Lurie would acquiesce I am sure.
          I see him heading for interviews with the Jets and Joe Douglas or Miami.
          As for Howie….heard many many years ago from someone who had an insider’s view of the organization, when Andy was there……there is a tie/bond with the owner.

    2. Interesting thing floating around, Doug wanted out, but he didnt want to quit, cause if he did contracts is void, If he is fired, he gets last two years of deal, Laurie really is blinded by Howie, He is the real problem

    3. Romus i love Duce but wonder if he is head coaching material.? He as far as i know never called plays,

      1. rocco…Jon Ritchie said he was the smartest offensive coach he has had…..but you may be correct on calling plays…do not remember him ever calling the plays.
        But he knows the culture, the town and the fans.

      2. Ya I’d like to see someone from outside the organization who has some offensive innovation perspective. Not sure what it was but that 2017 run was amazing. Maybe Duce could be OC under someone like that.

        But the big thing is the injuries and depth. Can’t remember if it was 2018 or 19 but at one point they had 0 running backs, and another was 0 wide receivers, and another was CB’s. This year it was the offensive line, 14 combos, not sure Brees or Brady could survive that.

        1. Lurie likes Andy disciples who were former Eagle back-up QBs…..Mike Kafka…is another name bandied around.

          1. It’ll be Duce. No way does Lurie make this firing without someone in mind. Lurie even tipped his hand.

            1. I will be surprised if Jeff Lurie doesn’t head right back to the same well. Lurie loves Andy Reid. He hired Doug from his position as Chief’s OC. He’ll hire Eric Bieniemy this time.

            2. And with any luck … DeVonta Smith will be available with the 6th pick in the draft. The kid is a stud. He is killing OSU tonight!

            3. Eric will have his pick of jobs for all the right reasons. No way he picks the Philadelphia dumpster fire.

  8. Phillies reportedly interested in Anibal Sanchez, who’s had history with both Joe Girardi in Florida and Dave Dombrowski in Detroit.

  9. Another low cost flyer on a Pitcher. Hopefully, a good player gets brought in sometime. On Doug, it was leaked, so how true it is I don’t know, but if Doug wanted to get fired, giving Lurie his plan of promoting Press Taylor to OC and bringing back Corey Undlin to be the DC, that was a perfect way to do it. There could not have been worse choices. And, I support Doug over Howie, but those choices would have been a disaster. So, maybe his Agent has been talking to people, realized he has some suitors, and if he has to sat out of Coaching for a year, he still is being paid for two more.

  10. Thanks spinRate, “Martin, dynamic bat”. I love that, and they will find him a position. We need more dynamic bats. And, I hope that the sort of lukewarm reports on Stott are proven wrong when he shows that he has one this season.

  11. Liam Hendriks with a 3 yr $54mil deal from White Sox. Quite the deal for a slow moving market.

    1. Love the player, not the deal. That is a boatload of money for a reliever, even one as good as Hendriks. I’m not surprised we didn’t match it. I also won’t be surprised if this turns out to be the Papelbon deal of the offseason and the rest are significantly cheaper.

      1. TBH I had to do a double take when I saw that amount. It was nice to see someone shell out some cash though. Hopefully this moves the market a bit.

  12. I posted this earlier, but the post never appeared. My apologies if this shows up twice. And a second apology if I missed a discussion of Odorizzi in earlier threads.

    I am probably being very unrealistic, but I believe that the Phillies should take a hard look at Odorizzi. I read somewhere (MLBTR?) that he is in line for 3 yrs and between $36MM and $42MM. If DD is looking to compete in what promises to be a very tough division, and if he wants to make the team better for the upcoming season and beyond, then Odorizzi would be nice addition, especially if he can be had for say 3 yrs / $39MM. (Might he agree to $9MM – $15MM – $15MM.) Some of the knocks against him are his fly ball rate and some issues with stamina / durability. That aside, it would be exciting to watch a rotation of Nola – Wheeler – Odorizzi – Eflin – and a Howard / VV tandem.

    1. Agreed, Odorizzi is on my personal list of targets. He might come even cheaper or on a one year deal because he had a rough (short) 2020. But if he goes for a show-me deal, he probably would let the Twins have the right of first refusal. But he could be a real steal for us.

      Plus I already have a t-shirt for him that I got as a giveaway when I went to see the Twins hah.

      1. I am reading your post to mean,
        If they sign JTR , then they will not spend more than $5M on a player.
        However, if they do not sign JTR, they then will spend more than $5M on a player.

        1. If they don’t sign JT, they won’t spend more than $5mil on a FA. Sorry, was a bit groggy when I typed the post lol

    2. Not that there are a ton of great options out there but a left handed starter would be really nice to see in this rotation….

      I think Rodon is a more likely candidate. He’s quite a mercurial character I’ve been told but possibly gets himself together in a different town.

      1. Does his shoulder issues raise cause for concern? He has made only 9 starts over the last two seasons and his shoulder cost him time in three of the last four seasons. Also, is he available? I thought he had one more year with the Rockies.

  13. Romus, I think it is what Hinkie has said before. If they sign Realmuto, they will spend to bolster the club. If they lose him, they will not sign anyone for significant money, pocket that money, and only bargain basement shop. I have wanted them to spend, and have been totally impatient. But, I would not have signed Hendriks, despite how much I like him, for what the White Sox paid. That is probably surprising, but I was very surprised at the number. I would have claimed Hand, and I would have signed Trevor May. I still like May and Rosenthal and Archie Bradley, and I don’t know if $5M is their limited sans Realmuto, but there are BP arms, good ones, still out there that won’t break the bank and won’t come for nothing. Somewhere there needs to be a medium. Regardless of losing Realmuto or not, failing to try on the part of Middleton this coming season is unacceptable.

    1. matt13…..we really do not know what the new GM intends to do….he likes his b-trading.
      But he did say the pen was a priority.
      So he may want to spend on the BP with all the arms out there…like all those you mentioned by name.
      I had thought this mid-January timeframe would be the period he would make his big moves
      Wil see what happens.

      1. This winter, the pitching market is like the great wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. They’re all lined up along the shore line waiting for the first to jump in and cross the river. Once the first leaps, the rest will panic and follow. In other words, when the first pitcher gives in and takes a well below value deal, they’ll all quickly start looking for a deal/any deal to make sure they’re not left w/o a job. I think they’ll start leaping into the river by the end of January.

        1. I love your description and probably very true.

          Looking out my window staring at the Carolina Blue Skies and started dreaming.

          Sign JT, then sign Desi for SS, then blow the doors off with Bauer and Odorizzi. A Bauer, Nola, Wheeler, Eflin and Odorizzi rotation would be awesome.

          Then try to trade V V, Suarez, Quinn & Segura for a stud Center Fielder, or semi-stud.

          Back to reality.

  14. Hinkie, Hendriks did not sign a well below marker value deal. Rather, I was really surprised at what he got, and the part where he gets $15M over 10 years is almost Bobby Bonilla-ish. This may make the “wait things out to see who signs cheap scenario” last even longer. Maybe that should be the approach with adding a SP, but I still think there are reasonable deals out there, and we can add a couple of BP arms that are good, without waiting for bargain basement prices.

    1. matt … I think right now the FA pitchers are all holding out still hoping for (with no real chance of) the kind of money they had been looking for pre-COVID. At some point (probably later this month) the realization that spring training is knocking on the door will force someone to accept a below market contract. The rest will then scramble to not be left out in the cold. At that point, I expect DD to reel in a couple of arms at discounted prices. I understand your lack of patience, but DD can’t force a SP or closer to take a team friendly deal until the market completely collapses (probably in a couple of weeks).

    2. I think Hendricks was an anomaly. The South Siders recognize their division is their for the taking for the next 3-5 years with that core. But that’s not to say his deal doesn’t spruce up the hopes of the others on the market.

      Bauer will likely be the other that gets a really nice pay day. The rest of the relievers aren’t likely to get those types of offers.

      1. Little surprise they let Alex Colome walk….his numbers were very good…..though he does not have the swing and miss pitch that Hendriks has…. however Colome would have been a lot cheaper.

        1. I do think it was all about the K Rate Romus and additionally the psychological message it pronounces to the team which is this it we are serious about winning this thing.

          In pro sports today one of the hardest things must be flipping that switch on expectations from ok we’re rebuilding so expectations are low to hey we now have a group of guys that can win it all.

          Additionally I don’t think the WhiteSox are done. They have interest in Bauer too

          1. DMAR….yeah I figured they wanted the swing and miss guy pitching in the 9th…do not have to worry about ‘lawn dart’ hits.

  15. I think Hinkie really needs to get a life if he’s sitting and watching wildebeest tumble down a cliff and cross a river for nine and a half minutes.

    Hey, wait. “I” just watched wildebeest tumble down a cliff and cross a river for nine and a half minutes.

    1. And no injuries to report it seems….though was not sure about the one just sitting at the bottom of that cliff………maybe he was counting heads.

      1. Great info from Matt Gelb in this Spencer Howard story:

        Howard lost 10 pounds during the pandemic shutdown. The weight loss was probably a factor in his inability to hold his velo. Hitters batted .118 with no extra-base hits on Howard fastballs thrown at 95 mph or faster. They hit .353 with a .529 slugging percentage on fastballs 95 mph or slower. He’s gained the weight back, and has been doing some hip exercises to help alleviate some stress on his shoulder when he throws.

        I’m optimistic for Howard to have a bounce back second MLB season. Though, the team will have to limit his IP’s.

        And … hello, Mr. H. Hope you and your family have remained safe from COVID. I know it’s been really bad in California.

  16. Encouraged to see Phillies still engaged with DiDi and in mix for Colome. Not sure how hot the rumors and sources are.

    1. I suppose that is good news Romus. Unless I am mistaken though the states and municipalities will have first say.

      My wife works for a Cardiology Group and they just offered the staff $100 and a lift on their travel restrictions to get vaccinated. She’s going to do it for the travel since we have a newborn grandson in CO we want to see.

      I’ve been working from home since 2017 but my corporate office is in One World Trade. Folks up there have been telling me 10-15 people have been coming into the office daily for the last 3 months and that is out of 200+ staff normally on hand.

      None of that has anything to do with anything lol just thought I would share that small steps toward normalcy are occurring.

      1. Slowly getting there.
        I have to wait and see how the Phillies handle season ticket plans…our group gets comp from last year’s cancellations….but I am sure there will be those few in the group who will either give up their tickets or those who will be hesitant about going back into the stands once it is allowed.

  17. Is it worth trying to get Alex Wood for 2-3 mill as long as he is healthy? Give him the chance to be the LHSP so dearly needed. If that doesn’t work, he’d be a good addition to the BP.

  18. Phillies84, I saw that in a Jim Salisbury column, and I tend to have faith in him. He is plugged in locally, and it makes sense that they are keeping communications open with Didi. He played very well for us. Of course, it’s a money thing. Colome should, for sure, be on our BP list, but, again, if there are multiple teams in on a player, that raises the price, and we still don’t know what is or isn’t too much for us.

  19. Didi makes sense. Move to third Bohm to first. Sign a SS next year. Trade Stott other young guys for arms. Sounds like Dombroski way

  20. If Jim Salisbury is even speculating that the Phillies might sign both JTR and Didi, my guess is they re-sign at least one of them. The Phillies need more left handed power in the lineup.

    As much attention has been placed on the bullpen, I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of starting pitching depth. I am pretty confident Dave Dombrowski is on it, along with a closer. The rest of the staff will be comprised of low risk lucky shots and reclamation projects. I think Vince Velasquez needs a change of scenery and might pose as a valuable trade chip in a package for a more significant piece, despite the argument that Caleb Cotham could refine his skills. He might even join Nick Pivetta in Boston in a deal for Andrew Benintendi. That’s sheer speculation on my part.

    1. I would put Vinnie in the bullpen as my closer to start the season so there isn’t any doubt to his role with the staff. Let’s see how it goes. Of course, I still think he might be a decent starter as a #4 or #5. A change of scenery is happening within his own clubhouse with multiple pitching coaches since he has been here, so he has an constant change of scenery.

      Sorry for sounding like Mr. Kimble from Green Acres, maybe Vinnie does that to a person.

    2. I still think Vinnie will pitch in tandem with Howard. Neither can pitch more than 5 innings do combine them and see what we get. Howard will have a max number of innings also so Vinny will help there too. It might require a 14th pitcher on the staff and only 4 bench guys but that’s ok, if we stay healthy. We still need a 4th SP though and a closer in addition to C and SS. Still time…

      1. If baseball starts on time with no changes, rosters will likely revert back to the 26-man rosters with a 13-pitcher limit that was agreed upon during the offseason before COVID ended 2020 spring training.

  21. Would you trade Adonis Medina and Mickey Moniak (sorry to post this Matt M) for two years of Andrew Benintendi?

    1. Could happen soon.

      1. Regarding the Cutch dilemma, it wouldn’t surprise me if Dombrowski traded for Benintendi AND signed JBJ if it’s soon decided that the DH is in play. That gives us an all lefty bat OF vs RHPs. Against LHPs, Cutch could start in LF and Joe G bites the bullet with Benintendi in CF, making JBJ a late inning defensive maneuver. Just saying…

        Anyway, when I saw that Benintendi was being discussed by Boston, I couldn’t help but think DD was in the mix, although I would think the Red Sox would target Haseley instead of Mickey, and aim for a major league ready arm…or a project like VV as I suggested.

    2. Hey Hinkie. I saw that last night. Got a text from a phillies fan i met in spring training a few years ago. Mickey’s agent called him last night but nothing since. Last time something like that happened was the Sixto trade a couple years ago. I guess we will see.

      1. Matt … Best of luck to Mickey, whether he’s playing for the Phillies or the Red Sox. He may end up getting a greater opportunity in Boston since it looks like they’re going through a partial rebuild. But … again … I (and I’m certain everyone here) will root for Mickey wherever he plays.

        1. Thanks Hinkie. Yeah it seems like he would have an easier path to stick in the big leagues at this point unless the Phillies traded McCutchen Etc. It would be nice if he stayed with the Phillies but if it means he’s going to play more and sooner than I guess he’ll take it! We will see.

      1. Apparently from the looks….a hot Red Sox social/blogger beat person.
        Founder of ‘Girl At The Game’ blog

        1. Lol definitely noticed the hot

          I hope they sell low! I still think MM has some solid potential. He’s shown flashes. IMO BoSox tap that potential.

          1. Yes I can see that happening as well.
            He was on with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian today and is working very hard this off season. Hope all turns out for the better.

  22. How does Benintendi help us? Disregarding an off season last year, he still seems to have lost enough foot speed to not be a viable CF. Why trade prospects for someone who doesn’t move the needle. I think we should save our prospects for a needle mover, and pass.

    1. If you know and really believe in the player, this is a pretty sharp move in my opinion. Benintendi is going into his age 26 season – an age when lots of players who are inconsistent take their games to another level. If this works out and he plays left field (you’d have to move Cutch or relegate him to mostly DH duty) and has a big bounce back year or two with the bat you’ll look like a genius for at least a couple of years and the cost that was mentioned is very affordable.

      1. Cutch can’t be moved, there is no DH this coming year, and Benitendi can’t play CF. We need better defense, not worse defense. We have to pass on this guy.

      2. Buy low. That’s usually a pretty good strategy. This policy is, IMO, especially astute after a COVID shortened season. The Red Sox are selling Benintendi after posting a .103/.314/.128 slash line in 2020. The thing is he only had 39 AB’s. He’s a career 273/.353/.435 slasher, and still just 26 YO. The Phillies need another LH bat in their lineup. While I hope (and think they will) bring back Didi, that is not a sure thing.
        He’s a league average defender. He can split time in CF and LF when Andrew McCutchen (who is now a defensive liability) DH’s. BTW … Girardi should give Adam Haseley more PT in 2021.

        Bottom line on this one for me: I’ll trust Dave Dombrowski. He saw Benintendi up close and personal while running the Red Sox.

  23. I haven’t followed Benintendi’s career but isn’t he basically what we hope Haseley is? Seems like the same player but 2 years older.

    Also and I’m sure this has already been asked and discussed so my apologies but what would our equivalent package be if we were to have traded for Lindor/CC? Seems like they didn’t really give up THAT much.

    1. EricD.. Phillies .need to find out why A. Benintendi loss speed and some pop last two seasons….what is going on with him physically.

    2. Eric….me thinks the Dodgers will still make a play for Kingery…..they want someone like him to fill in for the departed versatile Kiki.

  24. I don’t believe either Moniak or Medina are real prospects so I seriously think of making that trade if Medina is the triple A arm. Would much rather have Seabold than Medina. Wonder if we can somehow get him back.

    Moniak is going to be pretty much a throw-in in any type of trade so the question is can he and one or two others bring something better than Benintendi.

      1. No. That’s too much.
        It will probably either Mickey Moniak and Adonis Medina or Mickey and Ranger Suarez IMO.

  25. For those following the Adelaide Giants of the Australian Baseball League,
    and Phillies players on the team, here is the revised schedule:
    10 games in 7 days.


    THURS, JAN 14…12.30pm – Giants vs Bandits

    …………7.20pm – Adelaide Giants vs Perth Heat

    FRI, JAN 15…7.20pm – Giants vs Bandits

    SAT, JAN 16….7.20pm –Giants vs Perth Heat

    SUN, JAN 17….10.30am – Giants vs Bandits

    ……..2.30pm – Adelaide Giants vs Brisbane Bandits

    MON, JAN 18….2.30pm – Giants vs Perth Heat

    TUES, JAN 19….2.30pm – Giants vs Bandits

    WED, JAN 20…10.30am – Giants vs Perth Heat

    ……2.30pm – Adelaide Giants vs Brisbane Bandits

    1. FYI:
      Those are local Aussie times…they are approx 15 hours ahead of Philly time.
      All games in the Adelaide Hub will be broadcast on FOX SPORTS and streamed on Kayo Sports in Australia while also being shown on a number of Regional Sports Networks across the US.

  26. For years, the rap on Vince Velasquez was that he couldn’t go deep into games. He was a five-inning pitcher at best. That probably isn’t going to change. But baseball is changing. Maybe moving his way. Tampa Bay, for example, seemingly is happy with five-inning starters.

    Wouldn’t it be a heck of a turn of events if the Phillies traded VV to a team that respected the five-inning starter and he became one of their stars?

  27. Seems like the Astros signed Pedro Baez for 2 years plus and option at a low total cost (being reported as between 12 and 14M). Could be the start of the stampede that Hinkie predicted earlier.

    1. Baez was a great get for the Stros. I was really hoping we had a shot at him. The flip side of that coin is if the Dodgers weren’t eager to re-up with him what’s the whole story…

      1. From DodgerNation:
        “Baez wasn’t the best reliever for the Dodgers, but he was sort of just always there. … signed by the Dodgers as a third baseman out of the DR… in 2007. He converted to a pitcher in 2012 and eventually made his debut ….in May of 2014. Since then, Baez has compiled 355 appearances/356 innings… a 3.61 ERA, struck out just over 9 batters per 9 innings pitched, adding in 3 saves. He was slightly less effective in the postseason,…. posted a 3.99 ERA through 31 appearances. Even worse, he allowed 10 of 17 inherited runners to score over 9 outings.”

        Assume they figured they can do better in the play-offs with someone else.

        1. Can’t argue those metrics but maybe they weren’t putting him in the best situations to succeed. Lots of pitchers perform better starting a clean inning.

          1. Yeah…..perhaps that was the case…Roberts and their PC made all the calls
            Even Kenley Jansen has been inconsistent these last two years.

  28. Of all the prospects we have Yard Barker says the one to watch for a 2021 impact at the big league level was Nick Maton

    Additionally if you’re simply a baseball fan beyond Philadelphia there are a number of exciting rookies on the way and a former Holy Ghost Prep star Nolan Jones.

    Would you bring Jose Ramirez here to play 2B? Obviously the Indians are going in a different direction and for them keeping Ramirez doesn’t make a ton of sense.

      1. You may be able to watch live coverage….ROOT, COX or AT&T Sports… streaming if you can get it.
        Time difference is a bit confusing…..for example they are playing in Adelaide hub…(assume their equivalent of the bubble) is 7:20PM local South Australia time…that is the second game of today’s double-header..
        I just assume watch the recaps.

        BTW…Randolph looks to be in great shape….slimmed down considerably….and Kendall Simmons looks more muscular.

        1. Yeah I have a small window to watch TV usually 5-9 at night. I have comcast I don’t do much streaming because I am technically challenged and probably lazy lol

        2. Randolph’s trajectory has been really puzzling. His GCL season he walked as many times as he struck out 32/32 in 212 PAs.

          Then comes his age 19 season where he goes 28/60 BBs to Ks. Age 20 seems like a water shed moment when he goes 55/125 in 510 PA’s. I suspect and it was pretty well documented that someone got into the kids head about power.

    1. Wingrove looks like a beast. At the end, he is jumping around with the Team celebrating the win, and looks like a high schooler around the elementary kids at the playground.

      Randolph looks a lot smaller than I thought he was.

      Thanks for this link.

      1. Wingrove really is a big boy and he’s only 20 and Randolph is in the best shape since he was drafted. He understands I guess that this next season is a put up or shut up year for him.
        Boy, were there ever a lot of ugly swings at offspeed pitches. That’s what missing a year does to them.

  29. I often wonder how many players careers were destroyed by launch angle fanatics….

    I’m sure its helped a few but…

    1. Kingery’s 2017 season at Reading really may have been the turning point in his approach at the plate.
      Up until then, he seem to be a line drive gap-to-gap hitter.

      1. Maybe, but I just think he has a really tough time staying on and hitting breaking pitches. If he can make the adjustment, he’s still got a ton of ability, but we will see.

  30. Dombrowski has history with Porcella and Lester. What do think the chances are of him signing one of the two?

    1. ciada – I too would not be surprised to see Porcello on the team as he is an innings eater and had a dreadful 2020 season = low pay. I think most teams are going to have to employ 7-8 starting pitchers.

      1. Porcello has a history of 1 good year 1 bad year and so on. But as you said when he is on he can give you IP and over 162 games that’s valuable. I’d be ok with him on a cheap 1 year deal.

        I’m not sure that DD has a history with Lester though. He came up through the Red Sox system and was gone before DD got there. His numbers have been trending in the wrong direction so I’d pass on him.

        I see Rodon/Paxton as high risk high reward guys. If you just want to play it safe with a lefty to try and get innings Quintanna is also a pretty safe bet.

        But at some point you have to ask yourself what do the Phillies really hope to accomplish this season. They are so far behind the Braves and now Mets these types of signs almost seem pointless.

        1. Rodon had the TJ in May 2019…..maybe he came back a little too early in 2020 and had the shoulder strain in August.
          But he is still rather young and has plenty of stuff and perhaps two years removed from TJ will see a better pitcher.
          He can have an unpredictable personality but what the heck….I would give it a go on a reasonable two-year deal if he is receptive to only the two, or even one year deal.

  31. I think, DMAR, that it all rests on Realmuto. If they sign him, then they may also sign Didi, and I think, most certainly, a legitimate Closer. Without Realmuto, there is no path to Playoff contention, and I think all they do is continue to add bargain guys, and hope that one turns into something. Even with Dombrowski, my fear, all along, has been that there is no Plan B, except to punt 2021, and try again for 2022. I know that seems illogical after hiring Dombrowski, but I think that is the Plan that he agree to.

      1. that was good, Romus, you really made me laugh! I remember your pre-off season plan to sign McCann and Bauer, and that could have been a path to Playoff contention. But without Realmuto now, do you see one?

    1. These videos you posted, are they guys the Phillies are signing for international period?

      Looking like some solid potential

      1. Phillies84, according to Jim Salisbury, we are in on those 2, plus C Ricardo Perez, 2B Leonardo Rondon, and SS Marcos Soto

        1. Perhaps some power hitters in that bunch? I haven’t really kept up with this year’s class

  32. Saw the Phillies are eying Galvis. Hard pass. He does nothing for the team and would signal bargain bin

  33. While Bradley is another upgrade to the Phillies BP, they’re paying him 6M, and I’m not even sure he’s really a closer. He’s been more effective as a setup guy IIRC.

    1. Hinkie, when I saw it, I didn’t even think he would be the Closer. I still think if we sign Realmuto, we will get one. Otherwise, it could be a committee

      1. matt13…he was the closer for the DBacks in 2019 in the final two months…August and Septemeber… he has done it…..just not as much as the others.

    2. Hopefully Alvarez can handle the closing…..but Bradley is still young …in reliever years…so it may just be a matter of time to he gets that exposure.
      But he did have 18 saves for the DBacks in ’19 when they needed him to go out there late in the game when Holland could not do it.

  34. The Archie Bradley signing is, at first glance, a very good signing for the bullpen. He is under 30, and has been healthy. Now, let’s see if he can avoid the Philly curse, and provide stability for the bullpen.

    1. One side note to the Archie Bradley signing: Bradley is an Oklahoman. This can’t hurt with a JT Realmuto reunion. Bradley was a year behind JTR in HS.

      Also … to reiterate what I mentioned above … I’m not certain, but I believe Bradley has had more success as a setup man than a closer. IMO, Neris has the better stuff to close. Bradley can be the 8th inning guy, and close if/when Hector (who has a better K%) slides into his annual mid-season slump.

      1. That’s right, Romus. Temporarily forgot about Alvarado. If he stays healthy, he has the best stuff, and should close.

  35. Love getting Bradley! I’m a fan of all 3 moves so far! I’m gonna continue to be patient, believing there’s more good moves to come.

  36. As for the SS possibilities….

    I like Didi in every way…bat, leadership, decent glove, lefty pop…but I don’t think he fits the payroll should JTR re-sign.

    Freddy Galvis would be an okay pickup, fairly cheap, but I don’t think he’s the final choice. Perhaps DD put it out there to leverage negotiations with available upgrades.

    Andrelton Simmons would nail the IF defense down nicely, but he does little to enhance the offense.

    Jean Segura doesn’t excite anyone as a SS. He’s more exciting as a salary dump, and it wouldn’t surprise me if DD included him in a package for a good arm.

    Which brings me to the guy I think Dombrowski will ultimately grab…Marcus Semien. I’ll say 3/$36M gets it done.

    1. I prefer Simmons for shortstop and move Segura to second and see what you can get for Kingery in a trade.
      Segura’s contract prevents his movement…unless the team brings back a similar expensed contract..
      Plus Segura has a legitimate bat…..OPS+, five of the last six years, over 105.

      1. I might have to agree with Simmons fans. I prefer Semien as I think he has higher offensive upside

        and that is if we can’t get Didi to come back

        But Simmons D is premier at the position and with Bohm still the 3B that added range will surely come in handy.

  37. Great signing, I still think another reliever is coming. Maybe someone like Colume on a one year deal to close. That would set up the pen nicely. They’re now talking to Galvis though as a cheap SS option. I think it’s clear that they can’t afford to sign JT, Didi, 2 relievers and a 5th SP. SS might be the place they save money and wait for Stott.

  38. Anyone else find it crazy that barring something unforeseen, Galvis will end his career with 100 plus career HRs and not outta the realm of possibility that it’s closer to 150 than 100.

  39. I like Freddy … but … IMO, signing Galvis to replace Didi is taking a pretty serious step backwards. However, if they do sign Galvis (or any SS) to a one year deal, I think it could indicate DD may be readying to make a run at a guy like Trevor Story next winter. I think Stott is more of a 3Bman than SS.

    1. Oh I wasn’t trying to make an endorsement to sign him, i’m hoping we can resign Didi. Prefer a few others over Galvis as well.

    2. Btw would you trust signing Story? I’m almost positive his home/away splits are pretty drastic.

      1. Eric … Yeah, the home/away splits are pretty significant. I wasn’t aware of the difference until you posted, and I researched it. However, pretty much all Rockies players post big splits. But, IMO, if the guy is a premier player, his game is going to translate pretty much anywhere he plays, especially in a hitter’s park like CBP.
        Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu had pretty wide home/away splits as Rockies. Yet, they each went on to be All-Star caliber players in Toronto and NY.
        Also … Trevor Story (in a SSS) has had excellent career numbers at CBP (.310/.356/.586).

        1. Murray … I originally thought the same thing (if DD signs JTR, that would preclude them from inking one of the FA SS’s next winter). However, after the NYM’s traded for Francisco Lindor, I looked into their payroll situation. They’ve got deGrom under contract already at 21.8M AAV (plus there’s talk they may want to extend him this year). Robinson Cano (24M) will return from suspension in 2022. They’ll also have to sign Lindor, Conforto, and Syndergaard to LTC’s. In addition, there’s still (a slight) chance they sign George Springer now. The Mets haven’t indicated they were looking to exceed the cap.

          I’m pretty sure the luxury tax threshold will jump a good bit for the 2022 season with a new CBA. I think a 220M cap is a reasonable expectation (could even be a bit higher).

          Here’s what the Phillies (and their payroll) could look like in ’22:

          C … JT Realmuto (24M)
          1B … Alec Bohm (580,000)
          2B … Scott Kingery (4M)
          3B … Bryson Stott (580,000)
          SS … Trevor Story (30M)
          LF … Andrew Benintendi (9M) via a trade this weekend
          CF … Adam Haseley (580,000)
          RF … Bryce Harper (25.4M)
          DH … Rhys Hoskins (7.5M)

          SP1 … Aaron Nola (11.25M)
          SP2 … Zack Wheeler (23.6M)
          SP3 … Zach Eflin (7.5M)
          SP4 … Spencer Howard (560,000)

          That totals 144.55M
          The BP could be staffed with a number of inexpensive arms: Alvarad (~2M), Ser-Ant’ny (~1M), Arano (~1M), Coonrod, JoJo, Brogdon, Dohy all at minimum.

          Dombrowski could buy or trade for a closer who makes decent coin, and even bring in a guy like Justin Verlander (if he’s healthy) on something like a one year/10M deal to fill out the rotation and provide leadership. He could still build a 14M bench, spend 5.5M to buy out Andrew McCutchen and Odubel, pay ~18M on the rest of the 40man and player benefits, and still stay under the cap.
          BTW … in this scenario, the club trades Jean Segura after this season. He should be easier to move (provided he has a pretty good 2021) because he’ll only have one year left on his deal.

          To be clear … I’m not guaranteeing DD signs Trevor Story (they could sign Didi to a multi year deal this winter). I’m just saying they could fit Story (or Baez or Correa [don’t think Lindor or Segar will make it to free agency]) if they want him. And I do believe Middleton and Dombrowski will want to field as good a team as possible for the next three seasons to take advantage of the prime years of Harper, Realmuto, Hoskins, Nola, Wheeler, and Eflin.

            1. Always great to hear your thoughts. Not sure this site could survive w/o you chiming in every few weeks.

  40. I think Freddy’s possible signing was done to warn the SS they really want that there are other options – for any other team that may not seem legit – but because he was a Phillie, who is to say the FO would like a reunion ? I have to think Semien is the pick in the end.

  41. Like the Bradley signing – but I think there is more to come in the way of a closer + other setup pitchers. Bradley can do both. There are still lots of viable depth at low prices. We are beginning to see these relievers sign…Baez, and now Bradley…..

  42. Romus i just woke up and read, we got BRADLEY take that Mets one move and we are the favorites in division, great job

  43. Brantley is still out there and would be a big production upgrade in LF. Strange that he and Cutch signed the same year. One is going to Get $20 million for 2021 plus $3 Million buyout.

    Smack my face emoji

    I don’t know what Brantley is going to command or if he has a QO attached to him but my gosh if we didn’t have money tied up in Cutch and Segura we could really do some things.

  44. I dislike the Mets as I do all of the teams in our Division, but the Mets have sure improved themselves. I wanted Hand on the 1 year/$10M deal, so whatever they signed him for, I would have done. DMAR, I have always been a Cutch fan, but there were certainly those who thought that Brantley was the better signing. I think there was an injury concern, not sure, and I don’t think we had the league’s best GM at the time. But, using 20/20 hindsight, signing Brantley would sure have been the better move. And, the whole Segura deal, which was to dump the Carlos Santana contract, another ill advised move, wasn’t Klentak’s finest hour.

    1. At the time I was a Brantley proponent. The Cutch signing came out of LF LOL

      I like Cutch but felt Michael was the more productive player. Both are class acts.

    2. Carlos Santana signing and trade just keeps hurting the team. Not that Santana was a bad player, but he was not an ideal fit on the team. Moved Hoskins to LF for a year, which in turn led to the trade to eliminate an extra 1B. Traded away Crawford who is turning into a good young player with him. Got Segura who keeps Kingery displaced from 2B or puts Segura at less than ideal positions of SS and 3B and on top of that has a rather pricey contract. Klentak’s big mistake was trying to add players into the wrong positions. Santana and Segura are good players just the wrong fit on the roster with expensive contracts.

      1. BobD….” Klentak’s big mistake was trying to add players into the wrong positions”…what happens when you listen to a rookie manager and you need for him to succeed, since you let a more experienced manager loose, without the full endorsement of your boss..

  45. I believe the Phillies signed McCutchen instead of Brantley because he is/was a better defensive player and that they wanted a right handed hitter to offset all the lefties they had in the outfield. The mistake was giving McCutchen such a lucrative contract. I think he even said when asked why he signed with the Phillies, “Did you see how much they paid me!”. It was another blemish on Klentak’s tenure.

  46. Mets are close to a 2 yr deal with Brad Hand, LeMahieu and NYY also close. But biggest news is Nick Williams signed a minors deal with the Chisox.

    Looks like the market is picking up the pace. What have you got for us today, Dave? Good day to pull the trigger on the Benny trade. I’d hopes that Mickey Mo would emerge to big league status as a Phillie, but regardless, I wish him well if he’s in the package to Beantown. Regards to Papa Matt as well…don’t be a strange should the deal go down, Matt! You’re always welcome here…

    1. That deal isn’t close. Rosenthal corrected himself. That made me nervous. Mets made it a point to get better by a long shot. They will challenge the Braves for sure.

      If Phillies trade for Andy B and re-sign Didi and JTR, I love their chances to challenge Braves and Mets.

      Payroll will still be less than last year.

  47. One of my issues with the International Signing period is the age they can sign these players… 16 years old? I know they head to a training academy after being signed that also doubles as a school but I’ve heard very mixed reports on the education side on many of these academies. The problem is for every Tatis Jr. or Juan Soto there are thousands of kids who never make it and they’ve missed the last two years of high school and are now without an education and the signing bonus money is gone.. I would like to see the education standards and goals increased and laid out by the MLB for their international players… Maybe a test they need to pass before they can come to the U.S. for the minor leagues??

    1. Your points are excellent – baseball’s version of exploiting third world cheap child labor. Baseball, ’m sure has a long line of rationalizations for this treatment (it’s better than what they were experiencing at home, blah, blah, blah) but they are treating foreign kids (or allowing them to be treated) in a way they would never dream of treating American kids. It’s disturbing for sure.

      1. Catch, would you know if while at these academies players get their health and dental handled by the MLB? Also insurance policies for injuries that halt their careers?

        1. I don’t know – but I’ll bet it’s the former (health) to some degree and not the latter (may be exception for negotiated deals with blue chip prospects), but those are just guesses

      2. MLB could end the whole J2/international signing of 16 YO’s if the MLBPA (specifically the Latin players in the union) wouldn’t object. Adding all kids (domestic and foreign) to the same draft at the age of 18 (or above for college kids) would be ideal.

        1. Should have noted the Latin players in the union are against any changes of the system (from what I remember).

          1. Hinkie…Bingo….voted to strike 5/6 years ago if a MLB instituted a draft for the international kids……I do believe a draft process is now in the works…maybe a coincidence maybe not,
            but seems the FBI investigation almost two years ago on the RICO charges must have spurned the league and Latin Players Caucus to come together .

    2. When you visit the DR and talk to the folks, they’ll readily tell you that baseball is the only way off the island to get a better life. For better or worse, these kids and their families chase baseball as their only possible salvation for them and their family. This desperation also allows the teams to treat the kids poorly once they’re in the states because where else can they go. The Phillies have been trying to teach the kids English which is a great way to help the kids ease into this country. If you’ve been to spring training, you see how many of these forward born young kids are there. They’re almost always very nice and very polite to any fans who approach them. You want to root for them to make it but the numbers aren’t in their side.

    1. Luke Williams seems to be on the cusp of being an average player that could play years as a utility player in the majors. He made a great play at SS to end the game. I have seen him play almost every position except P and C. If Sean Rodriguez can play 10 years in the game so can Luke. Maybe he needs to get a friend to be a manager.

  48. Question for Jim/anyone: What ever happened to the PTBNL from the Pivetta deal with Boston? Did that just evaporate into cash or nothing? I assume all of those trades had to be resolved by now, correct?

    1. Feb 20th will be six months from the trade…that is the deadline…if they go by the normal MLB rules….but COVID now, so who knows what the rules may be now.
      …..assume it was cash.

  49. Not sure the sources as I could not read the whole article
    Via the athletic Jayson Stark reports Phillies have made 5 year offer to JTR, just north of $110mil
    $22mil a year not bad
    Hope this is legit and hope he takes it

    1. JTR wanted to break Mauer’s AAV….he can still do it…..$25M for the first three years, opt out after the 3rd and 4th yr….or 4th and 5th yrs @ 20M and 15M respectively.

    2. The source is anonymous, so it’s about whether or not you trust Stark.

      Nothing about this would surprise me, so I’d lean toward believing it. Unless he ends up signing for less somewhere else, then I’ll think this was to keep fans from getting pissed off at the FO.

  50. Jayson Stark is as good an MLB reporter as there is. Realmuto may sign in Toronto tomorrow, but this is the most optimistic I have felt since the season ended. And, you don’t get much more pessimistic than me. After the LeMahieu signing, I think this works.

    1. Wouldn’t be crazy if he signed elsewhere and the report was floated to save face with the fans.

      I’m optimistic though

      1. There is some truth for such cynicism. However, not toward the Phillies. Several of the accounts I follow made remarks that the Blue Jays MO was to come in second on the top free agents so they could tell their fan base that they tried. If true, maybe we can scratch one more JT landing place.

        1. So you’re saying there’s a chance (in my best dumb and dumber impression)?

          If so, I’ve fallen victim to reports that Middleton was going to not spend etc.

          If Phillies sign JT…they may be one piece away from being playoff bound or more.

          They were only bad because of their bullpen and perhaps in a normal season all of that stuff equals out

    1. I suppose you could sign Springer for CF and trade for Cubs Willson Contreras…that is another option. Both are plus defenders and Willson has had some good offensive years.

      1. I think Ricky was poking fun at us for wanting JT instead of an older more expensive OFer that cheated.

      2. Also, I don’t think the team is interested in Springer. Losing Realmuto may result in a trade for Contreras, I don’t know, but, again, trading costs players, and I am sure Jed Hoyer wants a big package for Contreras. That is a cost. To me, spending money is the much better alternative than spending players.

  51. Someone please help me out. I want to follow the Adeline Giants in the Australia League. They play a doubleheader on Sunday and their website has it posted as a 10:30am Sunday start is that their time or ours? I presume it is their time so the DH would start here on the East Coast of the USA at 6:30 pm tonight, Saturday. I think we are 16 hours behind their time.

    Just looking for verification. Thanks guys!

    1. Denny…I did post some details on the ABL for DMAR three days ago…up above somewhere…….it is local time for them…South Australia….about 15/16 hours ahead of US EST as you mention…don’t forget, not always on the hour-to-hour differences…. but sometimes on the half-hour or 1/4 hour…that is the way they work it down under.
      And yes Giants back in action against Brisbane….Sunday doubleheader in the Adelaide hub…. at 10.30am local time with the second for 2.30pm.
      …. hub games broadcast on FOX SPORTS and streamed on Kayo Sports in Australia. and the US on somer Regional Sports Networks ….AT&T SportsNet, ROOT SPORTS, Cox Sports Television, NBC Regional Sports Network.

      1. Thanks Romus and I check previous posts and will be watching DH starting at 6:30 this evening Eastern Time.

  52. Ricky, Springer is 31, and I don’t think CF is as big a need as C, plus it cost Sixto Sanchez to get Realmuto, so I don’t know if you were being sarcastic or not, but to me, it’s not close. Realmuto over Springer.

  53. Has anyone seen any preliminary numbers for what Kluber is signing with the Yankees for? I’ve heard two years but not the dollars. I thought he would be a nice addition to the Phillies at the right price.

      1. It’s 1 year $11m according to reports.

        Decent gamble to take, but not sure one I’d make in this market (with such a ridiculous number of options).

        1. So much for two years. 1/$11 million for the Phillies was probably too rich for their tastes.

          1. It’s a lot of money for a 35 year old who is two years removed from a good season. Especially in a market with a LOT of bounce back candidates and another ace in his prime coming off an excellent year.

            Could be a bargain if he gets back to his 2018 form, but it IS a gamble. He’s not only competing with natural decline due to age, but also recovery from injuries. It’s especially risky because he’s a power pitcher who hasn’t yet regained his velocity.

            So yeah, in a normal year I’d say this is a deal the Phils should have been on. But in this market, I don’t think it’s particularly cost effective.

            1. I like Kluber a lot, but I’m not sure I would have done that deal given the risks. I thought $11 million guaranteed was too much. I would have offered an incentive-laden deal, but my suspicion is that someone probably did and he opted for more of a high base pillow contract.

  54. A couple years ago, I was begging the Phillies to trade for Kirby Yates. Now he’s a free agent and he’s reportedly narrowed his suitors from a dozen to 5. Granted, last year was mostly a washout due to elbow surgery but in 2019 was 9th in Cy Young voting. The Padres seem to have moved on from him with their active off season. Signing him would to me be another feather in Dombrowski’s hat.

  55. It’s a gamble that the Yankees have no problem taking. Despite their desire to stay under the LT, it’s only 1 year, and they and the Dodgers, even in pandemic times, print money. I would have preferred the 1 year $10M gamble on Hand for us, and one of the many SPs still out there who will end up taking 1 year deals for less than $11M. Odirizzi, I think, gets multiple years, but Paxton and Rodon and Quintana and Happ, and quite a few others will get 1 year deals. Could we be one of the 5 finalists for Kirby Yates?

    1. matt13….Yanks are only a few million under the threshold….they are notch over $205M now.
      DJ LeMa ‘s contract was a life saver for them…$15M AAV for six years was a steal for them.

      And, I am willing to bet if a team came knocking and asking about Jean Carlo… is a done deal…as long as that contract is gone off their books, with Judge probably getting Arb4 $20M in 2022 or a LTC to keep him from being a free agent..

  56. Estimate is 30 million more to spend.
    Option#1 Sign JTR and 1 reliever(Yates,Colome)
    Option#2 Sign DiDi, 1 starter Quintana/Walker, and one reliever
    Which do you do?

    1. If $30M is the space, and JTR is getting $22M, then $8M remains for a Yates, maybe a Colome. Or moving a Segura or Cutch would open up wiggle room in a trade for a SP or closer.

  57. Is JA Happ worth 5M for one year? Would the Phillies do it? Would Happ do it? Would you do it?

    1. I was watching the game on replay on YouTube but got bored and then just watched the highlights. The players mainly are club players, out of age college guys, some MLB minor leaguers and semi-pro guys. Most guys batting below .200 and pitchers throwing in the ’80s.

      Made me upset after spending many years playing in all these levels except the minors and wishing we had all these opportunities back in the ’70s and ’80s. Sorry “Glory Days” playing in my head.

      1. Phillies do have 6/7 player there….Mitch Edwards with a slam ‘ today’.
        Taylor Lehman pitched a one hitter for four innings.

        But it is good for guys like Simmons, Wingrove, Edwards, Fitch, Williams and Randolph to get ABs.
        I would say the level of pitching is somewhere between low-A and Hi-A caliber.
        They may not all have the hi-velo 90s, but many do have the breaking stuff…which is characteristic of winter league play, with the exception of the AFL

  58. I hope Springer signs in Toronto, takes him away from the Mets and hopefully leaves us with JTR. A deal would be very much appreciated in the next couple of days. Yes, I take Realmuto and some pitching help in response to the earlier post.

    1. matt13…Sandy Alderson has to consider the fact….Lindor will not leave NY…he is staying under a LTC…..betts money.
      So what you will have in 2022……DeGrom @ $37M……Lindor @ $33M plus…..Conforto @ $22/24M…..and Thor @ $24/25M.
      Four players….half the threshold tax….excluding Cano who comes back at 420M plus.
      Springer would really throw their payroll out of whack…..unless he agrees to a DJ LeMa similar contract that the Yankees gave…….long term…8/9 years maybe $20M AAV,

      Bottom line…I think Springer wants the Mets but with Lindor there now…..things can be tough to get him signed for what he envisioned when he started free agency..

  59. JTR fan but I think DiDi and possibly two more relievers and a starter > JTR and one pitcher.
    If all in JTR, DiDi, starter, and at least one more quality reliever needed

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