2021 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – January 13, 2021

The 2021 international signing period opens this Friday.

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held in about 6 months (July 11-13, 2021).  You can place video, scouting reports, or just comments here.  You can reference these weekly discussions on the menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2021 international signing period, too.  It begins on January 15, 2021, and runs through June 25, 2021.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a space for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophy.


28 thoughts on “2021 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – January 13, 2021

    1. Ricardo Perez..catcher…6’…180 lbs… …Ven…from MLB.com
      “One of the top catchers out of Venezuela and in the entire international class, Perez is a left-handed-hitting backstop with lots of tools and plenty of upside.
      ……….the athletic Perez has been praised for his receiving skills, solid footwork and quick release. He shows average arm strength and accuracy now and both are projected to be plus tools as he matures and adds more strength. …….On offense, Perez shows above average bat speed and consistently makes hard contact. He has a chance to be an above average hitter and already shows flashes of power to all fields. He has a chance to make an impact on both sides of the ball. Scouts love his makeup and his game experience. He starred in Venezuela’s Liga Central de Desarrollo — one of the country’s top leagues for prospects — and has fared well against top competition. He trains with Yasser Mendez, a member of MLB’s Trainer Partnership Program, in Valencia, Venezuela. The Phillies are the favorite to sign him.”

  1. Hinkie, in addition to them Jim Salisbury had us in on the CF, Heredia, 2B Rondon and SS, Soto. Any word on them? Also, we will get to see last year’s big signing, Yhoswar Garcia this year, hopefully.

    1. wow, my 14 year old looks older and bigger than a couple of these kids. best wishes to them all.

  2. Vanderbilt gets a lot of attention for their stable of pitchers (Kumar Rocker, Jack Leiter, Hugh Fisher, Luke Murphy) available for this summer’s draft. However, there is another college program with a group of arms to maybe rival them. Mississippi State features a trio of throwers who could all go in the top two rounds in July. As a matter of fact, It’s not out of the question that Eric Cerantola, Christian MacLeod, and Will Bednar could all be first rounders.

    Eric Cerantola has the highest ceiling of the three. The 6’5″, 220 lb right handed Canadian packs a FB up to 98 MPH, two high spin breaking balls (hammer CB & hard biting SL), and a workable CH. Cerantola would be a lock for a top 10 pick if he could do a better job of throwing strikes. At Miss. St., he’s totaled 31.1 IP, 25 H, 22 BB, 42 K.

    Christian MacLeod has the highest floor, and is the most accomplished of the three Bulldog arms. The 6’4″, 225 lb lefty was a freshman All-American in 2020. MacLeod gets some comps to Rays’ prospect Brendan McKay for his plus command of a low 90’s FB, and his wipeout CB (both from the same tunnel). MacLeod’s CH is currently an average offering, but works to keep batters off balance. Last season, the southpaw registered 21.0 IP, 9 H, 6 BB, 35 K.

    1. Will Bednar is sort of the combination of Cerantola and MacLeod, his stuff is almost as electric as Cerantola and he almost matches MacLeod’s pitchability. The 6’1″, 220 lb RHP packs a four pitch mix: 94-96 FB with lots of life, sharp SL, knee-buckling CB, and solid CH. He has a limited track record at Miss. St (15.1 IP, 9 H, 6 BB, 23 K), but (according to reports) he looked fantastic in the fall.

      1. BTW … all three pitchers are young-ish for the class. None of them will turn 21 YO until the spring.

        1. Hinkie…maybe all three could be there for the Phillies in the 2nd round…..I think right now, they have a 2nd round pick this year around the mid-40s.
          MacLeod as the lefty would be an ideal pick

          1. Their 1st round pick will be #13. Their 2nd round pick could land anywhere between #46 and #49 (depending on who signs Bauer & for how much). Their third round pick should be at #84 (assuming JTR re-signs with the Phillies).
            I actually thought about doing a Phillies only mock draft, and having them take a Mississippi State pitcher in each of the first three rounds. LOL.

            1. Denny….you do know Paps was probably one of the greatest Phillies relievers , if not the best in that short period he was here….7.1WAR in 3 and 2/3rds years, with 204 saves…..that equates to almost $57M value…..and he signed for $44M.
              That could be one of Ruben’s best signings as the GM in Philly.

              His personality is another thing

            2. Very true, I was going on the personality on a bad team that needed a closer like I need a Speedo.

            3. Speaking of speedos….rocco will walk down Broad Street in one, when the Phillies win their next World Series……..he also better have his mask on.

  3. Looks like the Phillies released this list yesterday.

    Also found this about Garibaldi. Strong eyebrow game if nothing else.


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